Travelling Around The World

Travelling is so exciting, and with the new year in full swing, it’s time to start your travelling plans. How many of you reading this have always dreamt of just being able to go and travel the world? And how many of you know people who have just packed up and gone backpacking? Well, it should be a few of you. Getting out there and exploring the world is just so popular now, it isn’t even that expensive either! There’s so much more going on out there than the town you’re living in, this year is the year of exploring it. Here’s how you can get your travelling around the world dreams started.

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Where To Go

There are so many beautiful places in the world for you to go. All of them are waiting the be explored. You need to try and come up with a plan of where you’d like to go, and in what order you’d like to do it in. Just like shopping in the supermarket, you need to be methodical. There’s no point flying from one end of the earth to the other when you could do it in an order that makes sense. For example. If you really want to go to America, Hong Kong, and Australia, you wouldn’t go to Hong Kong, to America, to Australia. Not only will the flights be incredibly expensive, you’ll also be wasting a lot of time flying. Once you’ve created your list, put them in order and start checking for flights! A really popular destination that you should put on your bucket list is the Thailand.


This might be the one thing holding you back. Money is always going to be tight when you’re going travelling. A lot of people save for years and years to be able to do it. But all you need to do is start being a little frugal with yourself. The more you cut back on, the more likely it is you’re going to go sooner. If you want to just pack up your things and go now, you could always look into a short-term loan. All you’d have to do is make sure you’re doing a bit of work along the way to help pay it back. If you’re struggling to sort a loan, there are short term loans for poor credit. If you’re only going travelling for two or three months, this might be a really good option. The minimum payments won’t be too much, so as long as you have some money aside to pay them back, it’ll be the boost you needed to be on that plane in no time. You can easily go back into work and pay it off when you return home.

When To Go

You need to be pretty sensible with your decision here. There are some countries that have really bad weather at this time of year, such as Thailand. You’ll end up spending most of your days under an umbrella. You want to pick the right time of year to match all the different climates. All you need to do is a bit of googling to find out.

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How to Save Money Fast

When you’ve got a lot of money, it’s easy to save more. You set some aside each month, you invest and find other ways for your money to make more money and your savings pile continues to grow. But, when you haven’t got much, or you are living with debts and no savings at all, it can seem impossible. You may watch your savings account rise by such tiny amounts each month, and it never seems worth the hassle. Some people are happy to save at this rate, putting little bits aside whenever they can. But for others, perhaps those with a large amount to save, for a mortgage or a new car, it can feel like it’s going to take forever, or that you are never going to hit your targets. But, there are ways to save more quickly. Here’s a look at some of the best.



Many of us are spending much more than we need to. We think we need to make more to be able to save more, but that isn’t the case. Sit down and look at all of your outgoings. Literally every cent that leaves your account. Then, look at anything that can be cut. Can you spend less on food if you use meal plans? Can you save money on fuel by walking more? Do you use that gym membership enough to make it worth the expense? Cut anything you can, then look at your new number. If your outgoings add up to $800 a month, and you earn $1500 a month, you should be able to save $500 and still have a buffer. A few months without luxuries will all be worth it when you’ve saved what you need.

Use a Credit Card


Debts are expensive, and if you want to save long-term, you should pay off what you have and avoid further debts. But, in some cases, looking at the best low-interest credit cards to pay for large unexpected expenses can help. As much as we love to think that nothing will ever go wrong, it does. Having a backup could save you a fortune and allow you to keep your savings. Just make sure you pay it off as soon as you can.

You can also use credit cards with cash back bonuses to earn while you spend. As long as you pay these bills off in full, and don’t ever buy things that you wouldn’t normally anyway.

Use an App


There are some fantastic apps out there to help you save. Some, help you budget and show you detailed breakdowns of what you can afford and what you are spending. Others can help you to save by taking money out of your account for you, so you don’t get chance to spend it. Then, some help in other ways. Money Box, for example, rounds up all of your purchases. So, if you spend $3.75 on a coffee, the app will put that extra 25 cents into your savings account straight away.

If you want to save faster, the best thing to do is use a combination of methods. Just make sure you find a high-interest account for your savings.

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Tie Up Loose Ends Prior To A Traveling Adventure

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Have you been struck down by itchy feet now that 2018 has emerged? If you have and your feeling a little perplexed as to how to make your dream of a traveling adventure a reality, you need to take a step back and assess whether you are in a position to take a jaunt overseas. With the responsibilities of modern life, it can be hard to see how you can take a break from work, sever family ties for a little while and embark on a traveling feat of a lifetime. However, you can. It simply takes some planning and preparation.


If you’ve been working in the same desk job for a few years and you feel that your professional life is becoming a tad stale, a sabbatical may be the best option for you. Make enquiries with your boss and see if he or she will grant you some unpaid leave. Seeing your enthusiasm for your travel adventures may result in the company you work for offering to keep your job open for you for six months or so. If after that time you are still gallivanting around the world, you may find your role has been offered to somebody else.


Just because you own your own little patch of bricks and mortar doesn’t mean you have to be chained to it forever. You have to think outside the box and work out a way to make your asset work for you while you are away.

First and foremost you need to make your humble abode safe while you’re gone. Install a security system and make your trusted neighbors aware that you will be out of the country for a few months. Give them your contact details and ask them to check on the house every so often.

If you’re tempted to let out your pad while you’re halfway across the globe, employ the services of an agent to look after the maintenance duties and act as the landlord. They’ll take a small cut of the rent, but at least you won’t have to fly back from Costa Rica or call plumbers from Malaysia if the washing machine breaks down. You will be able to travel knowing that you have a monthly sum coming into your account that you can ration on your travels. It could be the difference between a hostel and a hotel.


With young kids in tow, traveling probably isn’t the wisest or easiest option (although it has been done.) You should plan one last foray of adventure with your other half before starting a family or after the kids have grown up a little bit. Toddlers and babies on long-haul flights don’t tend to be the perfect combination. Other family members should support your thirst for travel and will look forward to the presents you bring back!

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Heading off on a travel adventure needn’t be seen as reckless or selfish. You are simply trying to quench your wanderlust thirst, and you are doing so in a responsible way, sorting out your job prospects and making money from your largest asset. Choose your destinations, set a budget, make a plan and enjoy your trip of a lifetime.

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Make Steps Towards A More Comfortable Life In 2018

Why not make the new year a groundbreaking one? It is just two years before the turn of the decade, and what a decade it was, most definitely an eventful one, that’s for sure. So, in order to stabilize a little bit, why not think of some ways in which you could provide yourself with a slightly more comfortable life? As nice as it would be, we are not going to discuss how to control the universe and bend it to your will, but we are going for the next best thing, namely, financial stability. Now, money isn’t everything, but not having money just might be, especially in the current day and age. Money still makes the world go round, and it still pays the bills as well as put food on the table, so it does not seem like we are letting that business model go away anytime soon. While we’re here though, might as well make the most of it.

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Finally start up a business

No one ever got rich by working for someone else. At least that’s what some say, but the truth is that working for someone else is usually an important stepping stone on your way to the top. Well, if that’s where you’re aiming for anyway, but since you probably still have quite a few years left on this planet, why not? Before you start deciding on which direction you would like to push onwards in and open a business, make sure a few things are in check so you do not find yourself running into any avoidable shortcomings when trying to finally start up your business. Are you debt free? Is your credit rating in check? There are quite a few things worth sorting out before you start on any major undertaking. If your credit score has seen better days, then you should think to yourself “how to improve my credit score”, then do some appropriate research. Are you currently financially indebted to someone? If so, try to put aside money to pay off your debts first. After that, the world is your oyster, with a clean slate and pure profit to be made.

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Learn some career changing skills

Starting up your own company is not the only way to work for yourself. Rather than working in a job where your progress is more or less stagnating the longer you stay there due to the fact that you aren’t even learning anything while being there, why not try picking up some other skills? Be it through some courses, online or other, or just studying and learning in your own free time, being able to do something which will actually be able to make you money on its own is not only impressive but incredibly useful. Whether you want to get into photography or programming, resources for both exist, with some even being freely available online to get you started. Being able to work as a freelancer or just making some extra money on the side can prove to be that extra financial boost you needed to feel at peace and buy all those things you’ve been denying yourself all this time.

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The Unvarnished Facts About Life After Military Service

Military service is one of the most demanding and important callings in life. It’s the acid test of a man or woman; pushing them on a daily basis to be the best that they can be. It’s an enormously fast paced and stressful environment in which only those with a particular mindset thrive. Military service requires a physical and mental toughness, discipline and fortitude that many civilians just don’t “get”. When you make the transition back to civilian life, it can be tremendously rewarding as you have more time than ever to spend with your family and friends but it can also take a psychological toll in ways that nothing can truly prepare you for. Whatever you face in your civilian life, it’s important to remember that you are not alone…

Pfc. Jordan Wagner, an infantryman with the 82nd Airborne Division’s 1st Brigade Combat Team, greets loved ones during a homecoming ceremony Sept. 9, 2012, at Pope Army Airfield, Fort Bragg, N.C. He and fellow paratroopers are returning from a six-month deployment to Afghanistan’s Ghazni Province. (U.S. Army photo by Sgt. Michael J. MacLeod)

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People may see you differently

The unfortunate truth is that people have odd preconceptions about veterans that haven’t been helped much by such pop culture stereotypes as Rambo and The Punisher. They may ask questions that you find hurtful, insensitive or offensive. They may throw the term PTSD around like a frisbee without much thought of what it means or the very real effects that you’ve likely seen manifested in men and women with whom you’ve served.

If you’ve been injured in service, it may take time for people to look past your injury or service connected disability. Try not to take it personally, this is just a paradigm shift that they’re behind you in adjusting to. Be open and honest about your feelings and experiences and above all be yourself. Then you’ll see people’s anxieties just melt away.

Family interactions may feel weird at first

You will arrive back home attuned to a very different rhythm to the rest of your family. If your kids were born after you served they will be unaccustomed to living with you full-time and (because kids are kids) they may be resistant to the change. Don’t beat yourself up if you feel estranged or distant to your family. This is a perfectly natural reaction and one that will pass as you attune to domestic life. No relationship is without its problems and that goes as much for civilian relationships as it does relationships among veterans and civilians.

You will likely experience anxiety and depression

When you get home, you’ll have had a huge chunk of your life taken away from you and that loss may manifest in different ways. Statistically it’s likely that you will encounter anxiety and depression and it’s vital that you attack them head on. Be social, avoid isolating yourself and resist the urge to look at the bottom of a bottle for solutions. Turning to alcohol invariably causes more problems than it solves. Remember that help is out there and that even though they may not show it in the ways you expect, everyone is glad to have you back.

Although the road ahead may be hard, you will in time experience a kind of peace and fulfillment that comes with knowing that you served your country and played your part in making it a safer place. Whoever you are, wherever you are… Your country thanks you!

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5 Services Every Self-Employed Person Should Embrace

The self-employed life can be exciting, chaotic, unpredictable, and unstable. But for those that do it, they wouldn’t have it any other way. Because one of the most exciting things about being your own boss, is that you’re in control. You’re the person that gets to make the work decisions, control the finances, and even dictate your working hours. And that can be pretty great. However, it’s also hard work. Because you have to wear so many hats to get your job done. And when you’re busy keeping track of your finances or promoting your work, it can all start to feel too much. When this happens, it’s always a really great idea to think about hiring a service or two. So let’s take a look at some that could help you.

A Tax Advisor

Up first, we’re going to talk about your finances. Because you have them, and you need to manage them, but you definitely can’t start to dedicate all of your time to finances. And when tax season comes around, you often end up having to put everything else on hold to get your taxes done. But this is something that will only stress you out. So instead of attempting to take on your taxes, or the rest of your finances, bring a tax advisor or an accountant in to help you.

IT Support

On a similar note, there’s IT. And we all know that we need IT to run our businesses, but the last thing we want to do is spend hours trying to fix any IT issues that we’re faced with. So this is why you should look to work with managed IT services, such as, instead. When you have a team keeping an eye on your IT, and at the end of the phone when something goes wrong, you won’t have to breakdown whenever something happens.

An Assistant

From here, you’re then going to want to try and make your everyday working life better. You have admin to do, as well as emails, but you can’t spend all day working on them, because you need to actually do your job! So, this is why you’re going to want to find a virtual assistant. They can work on your admin remotely, leaving you more time to work on your projects.

Marketing Support

Similarly, it’s often a really great idea to bring in some marketing support. Because, like with admin and emails, your marketing needs to be done, but you don’t want to spend all day doing it. Whereas hiring a marketing support service will mean your business is still being promoted, just not by you.

Office Space

Finally, you may also want to make use of an office space service too. When you first get started, you may not want to hire a huge office, although this tips will come in handy for that. So, you could also consider renting a desk in a larger office, or even in a serviced office suite.

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10 Services To Hire When You Want Life To Feel Easy

Wouldn’t you like life to be easy? Okay, so maybe you wouldn’t want it to be too easy, so that it kind of doesn’t feel like you’re living at all. But you’ve probably always wanted to lead your life in the most simple, efficient, and stress-free way as possible, right? And you’re definitely not the only one. Because who would want their life to be hard? But, even with that in mind, it’s really not that easy to work out what you can do to make life feel that bit easier. You know you have to work on self-care, and you know you want to keep stress to a minimum, but how can that contribute to an easier life?

Well, that’s what we’re going to walk through in this post. Because trying to do a whole lot of stuff on your own and looking for a calmer, less chaotic, and more enjoyable lifestyle just isn’t going to happen. Instead, you have to really work on streamlining your currently lifestyle. When you’re able to work on the areas of your life that tend to take the most work, or cause you the most stress, you’ll start to notice a difference. And one of the best ways to do that is to delegate, or outsource, whichever you want to call it. Because when you’re bringing the right help and services into both your personal and your working worlds, it takes some of the burden off of you to get it all done. So let’s take a look at some of the services you could turn to when you want to streamline your life.

A Cleaner

When you’re trying to keep track of a busy life and you want your home to still look and feel put together, it can be a challenge. You’ll often find yourself trying to get chores done first thing in the morning, while dinner cooks, or even right before bed. And that’s never fun for anyone. So one of the first services you should think about hiring is a cleaner. Because when your home stays spotless, you can just get on with your job and social life, and now have to try and do everything at once.

Laundry Service

And where are you even meant to start with laundry? When you’re working super long days trying to get your business off the ground, or climb the corporate ladder, nobody has time for washing, folding, sorting, ironing and such. It’s safe to say that you’re going to be pretty excited to start sending your laundry out.

Food Service

At the same time, you may find that you never get around to grocery shopping. And as nice as it can feel to eat takeout (for the no-cooking part) this can get both expensive and unhealthy! So, instead, you’re going to want to look to meal subscription boxes. Not only can you get all of the ingredients you need delivered, often in the right quantities and measures too, but they’ll be super quick to cook too. And that’s exactly what your streamlined life needs.

A Nanny

As much as you may love your kids and spending time with them, sometimes you just need a bit of time to get your work done. While there in school, this can often be your savior, but if you have kids that are preschool age, you should think about the benefits of a nanny vs daycare. Either way, childcare can help you to stay focused on what you need to get done.

An Assistant

So now we’re going to start blending your home and work life requirements – and an assistant is often great for both. When you’re just so busy and barely have a minute to eat, it’s probably time to hire an assistant. From diary management to errand running, you may find that hiring someone to help you manage the basics can help to save your sanity.

An Accountant

Another huge business savior (and a personal one too) is an accountant. Because even when you’re great with numbers, it can get real hard to stay on top of your finances when business booms. But by bringing in an accountant, not only can they keep track of everything for you, but they can provide you with valuable financial advice that can make your business better.

A Lawyer

You may wonder why you would need a lawyer on speed dial, but you’d be surprised how convenient it is to have a lawyer behind you. Just think about it. Not only are they needed for things like contracts and after a car accident, but they provide you with great advice too. And if you want to grow in business (and stay protected in life), the right attorney is great to have in your corner.

IT Support

Another biggie in the business world is IT. Because nobody wants to spend time dealing with issues. Ever! It can slow you down and even cost you money. There are many benefits to hiring a managed IT service, but those two are the biggest. Need we say more?

A Dog Walker

If you have a dog, you know that it will need walking. But again, when you’re running around trying to run your business, grow your business, have a social life, and still get some sleep, something has to give. And while you may like to do long walks on the weekend, you may not be able to do the whole twice a day thing – and that’s where a dog walker comes in.

A Gardener

Finally, you’re going to want to get yourself a gardener. We probably don’t really need to convince you on this point either, but if you’re on the fence, just think about it. During winter, this may not seem like a big matter, but as soon as spring comes around and you’re faced with grass that just won’t stop growing, and you have absolutely no time to do anything about it, a gardener is great!

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