What Can Ruin Your Summer Fun?

It’s possible to have a fun time at any time of the year, but it does seem like summer is the season that presents the most opportunities to have a good time. With the days long and bright, and people generally enthusiastic about having fun, the period between June and September usually stands out as a highlight of the year. However, while there’s plenty of potential for summer to be fun, it’s far from guaranteed. There are plenty of things that can derail your fun. In this blog, we’re going to run through a list of the many things that can take the edge off your summer. Some are trivial, and some are serious, but in any case, you’ll want to avoid them all.

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Everyone wants to get a tan, sure. However, it’s important that you’re trying to bronze yourself safely. Often, people are too enthusiastic when it comes to the sunshine and fail to take the proper precautions. If you’re not staying safe, then you could end up with sunburn — and that can cause both short- and long-term problems. On a short-term basis, it’ll impact your appearance and make sleeping a lot more uncomfortable. And also, it’ll require that you stay out of the sun. On a long-term basis, it can cause wrinkles and even skin cancer.

Overly Hot

The weather is what makes the summer months so fun. However, if things are too hot, then it’ll come as no surprise if you’re not enjoying the season as much as you could do. While there’s usually a week or two where it’s “too hot,” if it stays that way for longer, then it’ll be a miserable time. There are various things you can do to limit the negative impacts of the heat. For example, you can engineer your home so it can remain a cool and relaxing place to be, no matter how hot things get outside. Beyond that, it’s all about hoping that the temperatures dip a little!

Failing to Cement Plans

People tend to get pretty excited for the summer months when spring rolls around. After a long and cold winter, the warmer weather reminds people of all the possibilities of life. And so, people tend to make a lot of plans. The problem is that they only make half plans. They don’t progress beyond the idea stage. And that’s problematic, because, of course, you can only have fun if you put the work into organizing for real! The summer can come and go pretty quickly, so it’s a good idea to get your plans locked in. You’ll only regret it if you don’t! 

Bug Issues

Humans aren’t the only creatures that like the summer months. It’s a favorite for bugs, too. If you’re going to visit the outdoors — which we do recommend — then you’ll have to be prepared to share the space with some bugs. Mostly, they’ll be harmless, but they can be annoying and also itchy, in the case of mosquitos. There are some pretty good bug repellent sprays available, so you can consider stocking up before a camping trip. You’ll find that the less humid it is, the fewer the number of bugs, too. 

Trouble With the Law

Summer should be fun, but it should also be safe. Sometimes, people can become a little too excited and end up doing things that don’t just pose a danger to themselves but also other people. For example, drink driving. While it can be nice to enjoy a beer or glass of wine during the summer, you should never combine that activity with driving. If you don’t, then you may need the services of a DUI Defense Attorney. Your summer will most definitely be one to forget if you get in trouble with the law! So when you’re planning to consume alcohol, make sure you have a plan to get there and home that doesn’t involve driving. 

Unhealthy Living

There’s a lot of value in letting go and having fun during the summer months. However, it’s a good idea not to take this idea too far. You’ll likely have worked hard to get into good shape for the summer months, so you may as well keep things going. Otherwise, you’ll only have to get started all over again when you want to get fit in the future. So look at building some exercise into your schedule. If you’ve been avoiding it because of the heat, then look at going first thing in the morning. You can also keep your health in check by watching what you eat. There are plenty of delicious and healthy salads to enjoy! 

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Not Investing In Your Yard

You won’t want to always go exploring when the sun is shining. If you’ve invested in your yard and made it a fun hangout spot, then you’ll have the option to enjoy the summer warmth right on your own property. All you really need is some outdoor furniture and a BBQ, and you can live well. 

Travel Delays

Summer is the best time to take a trip elsewhere. Alas, when you’re leaving the safety of the comfort of your own surroundings, then you have to be prepared for things to go wrong. Travel delays can put a dampener on your trip. But of course, there’s very little you can do about them, except choose a mode of transportation that will make them less likely (such as driving a car or motorcycle). 

A Lack of Ambition 

Finally, let’s just say this: one thing that can lead to a pretty poor summer is a lack of ambition. As we said at the beginning of the article, there is just so much potential when it comes to the warmer months of the year. But if you don’t see the possibilities, then you won’t make the most of it! You’ll likely have to spend many a month curled up inside during the winter months. When the sun arrives, get outdoors and make things happen. You’ll be happy you did once the dark nights return!

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Is It Really A Good Idea For Your Business To Go Cashless?

Cash use has steadily been declining in recent years as new technology like contactless and mobile payments make it easier than ever to get by without physical money. The COVID-19 pandemic saw a lot of businesses move to a completely cash-free model and it looks likely that many will stick to the new way of doing things in the future. But is this really a good idea? 

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People always talk about the benefits of going cashless, like faster payments and saving time on cash handling. However, there are a lot of downsides you should consider before deciding to do away with cash altogether. These are some of the reasons why businesses shouldn’t go cashless. 

You Alienate Certain Customers

The younger generation are good with technology and have no problem using contactless cards and mobile payments. They manage their budget by tracking their spending on a mobile banking app, but that’s not the way that the older generation do things. Many older people don’t like using new technology and they prefer to take out cash so they can monitor their spending. Some people might not have a bank account at all or they may be paid in cash. If you switch to a completely cash-free model at your business, you alienate these customers and you could lose a lot of sales. 

You’re Reliant On Credit Card Systems 

Technology is great when it works, but what happens when it goes down? If you only accept card payments and your system breaks, you can’t make any sales until it’s back online again, which is a serious problem. But if you take cash, you can continue operating while things get fixed. If you install a cash machine and use a good ATM service and repair support company, you can ensure that your customers always have access to cash to spend at your business. This means you can avoid expensive downtime and prevent any frustration from customers. 

You Pay More Credit Card Fees

The fees on credit card transactions can be as much as 3 or 4 percent and, over time, this cost quickly adds up. A lot of businesses struggle with this, which is why many small companies only accept cash and some places will charge you an added fee for credit card payments. However, charging a fee to the customer can annoy a lot of people and it doesn’t usually cover the full cost anyway. So, your business is still losing a lot of money through credit card fees. If you decide to go cashless and force everybody to make card payments instead, that loss will only increase. If you are looking for ways to save your business money, encouraging more cash payments is one of the best things you can do. 

There are a lot of benefits to offering a wide range of payment options and taking card payments does make things easier for a lot of customers. However, there are still a lot of people out there that like using cash and it does have its benefits. So, now may not be the right time to go completely cashless. 

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Keeping Your Vision In Peak Condition

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Most people would agree that their eyesight is one of the most important senses they have. No matter who you are, it’s likely that you rely on your vision each and every day. This makes it crucial that you work hard to keep your eyes in good condition, ensuring that you are able to see clearly and make the most of life without having to make compromises on the things you do. There are loads of ways to make sure that you keep your eyes in the best shape you can, and this article is going to be exploring some of them. Let’s dive right in.

Eye Health Tips

It can be all too easy to damage your eyes when you don’t treat them correctly. For some people, this will mean too much exposure to bright lights, while others will experience eye damage when they don’t wear protection at work. This makes it crucial that you follow the right eye health tips when you want to make sure that your eyes are always in peak condition. Thankfully, there are loads of resources around the web that can help you with this process, and you need only search them out.

Wearing Glasses/Contacts

Many people don’t realize, but tools like glasses and contact lenses can actually help with your eye health. If you need enhancement to get the best vision, it’s likely that failing to use these tools will strain your eyes and cause damage to them over time. Likewise, wearing glasses or contacts will also provide an instant improvement to your eyesight. This is well worth it, even for those who find glasses uncomfortable. It won’t take long until you are used to wearing something on your face.

Using Medication

Much like using glasses or other vision-enhancing tools, medication can also be a powerful tool for those who are worried about their eyesight. Products like ptosis eyedrops can solve issues like low-lying eyelids, ensuring that you don’t have to live with physical conditions that will impact your ability to see the world. Likewise, you can also find medication that will directly improve your eyesight itself.

Professional Help

There are a lot of professionals in the world who can help you with your vision. This sort of role can be crucial in the modern world, giving you the chance to ensure that your eyes are as healthy as possible without having to rely solely on yourself in the process. You can find eye doctors in most cities and towns, and it will be worth having regular appointments with professionals like this throughout your life to keep your eyes in good condition. 

As you can see, there are loads of ways to make sure that your eyesight is in peak condition. The effort you put into this will always be well worth it, giving you the opportunity to ensure that your vision is always at its best. This can be hard when you try to tackle the issue completely by yourself.

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The Benefits of Following Your Passion When Choosing Your Career

The Benefits of Following Your Passion When Choosing Your Career

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Few things can be more draining than pursuing a career that you don’t desire. Unfortunately, that is the case for many people in the working world. According to CBS News, 51% of people have careers they have no interest in. For that reason, their work engagement level is based on monthly earnings and other financial benefits. Moreover, a Forbes survey revealed that people wish to exchange their passionless careers for other interests but cannot due to certain factors. Are you stuck in a job you wished you could change? Regardless of your answer, find out what the benefits are when you follow your passion when choosing your career.

Self-motivation remains high

Usually, people perform below expectations when they lack the motivation to do so. Inspiration to work must go beyond your monthly paycheck. Instead, it should be your willingness and commitment to give more of yourself in the job or profession you’re engaged in. Moreover, several research papers support that personal interest in a job is directly linked to performance and turnover. When your career is aligned with your interests, you can set higher professional goals. Experts say doing what you love predisposes you to an inner desire to go above and beyond.

It helps you utilize your best strengths

A CBS survey revealed that persons engaged in their chosen careers tend to be less frustrated. Indeed, it is natural if you do not display great mastery over every assignment. However, the tendency to give off your best strength is highest because of a personal drive to succeed at what you do. For example, if you choose to become a health coach because of your passion for helping people attain their fitness goals, you will most likely succeed and receive greater fulfilment.

It is a psychological drive usually exhibited by individuals who turn their passions into a career. People know they are good at what they do, but the urge to show their best is greatly diminished when in the wrong environment. However, it’s almost impossible to feel frustration over a challenging piece of work in the right environment.

A consistent drive to meet high standards

Have you ever wondered why certain people can meet high standards consistently? Indeed, hard work, determination, commitment, and other personal values contribute to this result. However, many fail to realize that these individuals achieve consistently high standards because of their love for their jobs. Indeed, work is more enjoyable when your passion is closely related to your career choice under the right conditions. For this reason, you can set new and higher goals for yourself and improve your skill-set simultaneously.

Fortunately, you will continue to set, break records and reset higher standards for yourself. That is the joy of linking your passion to your career. Furthermore, consistent standards drive innovation, and if you have employers, you will become a valuable employee. If you own and run a company, that means business growth. Hopefully, you’ll consider these benefits as you decide on your future career path. 

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Home Sweet Home, Shed Sweet Shed

You already know the usual ways to use an outdoor Custom Shed. People park their vehicles inside to protect the car from wind and rain or they store garden tools inside. But when it comes to your storage shed, you’ve also got a variety of creative options to consider.

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Sometimes we can’t find the quiet space we need to concentrate in the house. Whether you need a contemplation space to pursue a hobby or, you want to watch television without arguing with anyone about the remote. Here are some innovative uses to sneak into your special hideaway:

Work from Home Office

Recent global events necessitated this transformation. Sometimes we just don’t have office space in the home. Transform your shed into a quiet space where you can escape to do your work.

A She Shed

Whether you want to create a relaxing oasis to unwind or pursue a hobby, this is a woman’s answer to the popular man cave. The items offered on the she shed kits site can address a variety of space needs and modifications for existing spaces.

The Art Studio

Turn your shed into a quiet place to paint or complete your glass blowing project. This is a great place to keep your creativity flowing.

The Man Cave

An area outside for the boys with their expensive toys. Perfect to set up a dedicated space for all the sport memorabilia.

Sheds don’t always need to store items to keep them away from the elements. If you are ready to free up outdoor storage space from dirty work, consider some of the uses of sheds that will bring more fun to your family.

Kids Playground

Give your children a safe place to store their toys and play. Use your shed outdoors for boosting their imagination.

Boys Hideout

Create a zombie hideout or spooky space for ghouls and goblins on Halloween Eve.

The shed can be an extension of your home if you know how to use it efficiently. Your imagination is the only limit to how you use storage solutions. Why not use it to complete some extra to-do-list items?

Outdoor Gym

Forgo expensive gym memberships and use free weights or even treadmills in the backyard to create your playground.

Bike Repair Shop

Don’t want to get your motorcycle repaired in the heat? Put your studio in the shade and create your bike shop.

If you come up with the right game plan, you can add electricity to your shed and any convenience you want. Downsizing to save money is becoming more and more popular. Whether for you or mankind’s best friend, here are some creative ways to embrace shed life.

Tiny Living

The tiny house movement is very popular now because more and more people want to downsize and challenge themselves to live a humble life. It is not for everyone, but it is a new way for people to get out of debt.

Animal Shelter

Why not make your outdoor shed an ideal place for your furry friends? Some people add comfortable sofas, fans, or even air conditioners as a separate resting area for their pets.

If you want to store more things in a shed than ordinary outdoor equipment, you’ll have a second place to call home.

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8 tips for saving money on your next home renovation

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Looking to cut costs when renovating your home? Home renovations are arguably the most costly home projects you will ever undertake, and so many homeowners end up going over their proposed budget. Here are eight tips to ensure you save money and don’t overspend during the renovation process, so keep on reading to familiarise yourself with them. 

  1. Establish needs over wants

At least initially. If you’ve got a damaged roof, there’s no point wasting your budget on some fabulous new worktops while your roof is left to deteriorate further. This will only result in you needing to pay more in the long run so make sure you prioritize mandatory renovations first. If you’ve got money left over once the issue is fixed then you can get those new worktops. 

  1. Way out the pros and cons 

Before starting anything, consider whether this renovation is going to up the value of your home. This is particularly important if you ever plan on selling or renting out your property in future. 

Consult your real estate agents to gather insight into what potential buyers are looking for in your area, and act accordingly based on that information. You could also speak with an architect to find out if the spatial layout of the property can be upgraded without you having to increase the square footage. If you move internal walls and doors around you could be able to achieve a better flow. 

  1. Plan your renovation 

Renovations never run smoothly if you just go with the flow. Effective planning is important for working out how much the renovation will cost you and for staying within a set budget. Ask yourself questions such as:

  • What is most of my budget going to? 
  • Will my budget cover all the renovations I want?
  • Can I afford to go over my budget a little? 
  • Is the renovation worth it?
  1. Invest in a professional, affordable company

No, that is not an oxymoron. It is possible to find both a professional and affordable renovation company. You need to source out a reputable business that can get the job done for you, but you must look for key things. For instance, if you plan on getting a window replacement renovation opt for a company that specialises in that field and that has experience, good customer service, and affordable rates. American Vision Windows is a good example of a company like this. 

  1. Get a minimum of three quotes

You don’t want to plan your renovations to what google said you will pay because you may be shocked when you find out that the cost is actually a whole lot more. Try and get a minimum of three separate quotes in order to compare prices. Remember to study the quote so you understand what exactly it entails.

There are opportunities to save money with quotes. For instance, some companies provide discounts if they are doing multiple renovations or are completing projects in stages. 

Don’t opt for extremely low prices. You’ll be disappointed in the end result and will need to hire a professional company to fix the damage that the amateurs did. 

  1. DIY

Obviously, we don’t suggest you try a DIY roof renovation (that’s silly) but anyone can do simple things like putting up wallpaper or adding a lick of paint to a room. You’ll save a lot of money by doing some renovations yourself – and it is super fun too! Read more on DIY home renovations. 

  1. Stick to your budget

Once you’ve planned your budget – stick to it. We know it can be tempting to buy one of two affordable things here and there, but this becomes a habit and it certainly adds up. Therefore, it’s best to avoid overspending at all. Create a chart or list so you can keep track of where your money is going and what funds remain in your budget. 

  1. Utilize second-hand goods

Second-hand doesn’t necessarily mean low-quality. There are plenty of unused building materials on eBay that are just as good as new. You can also get your hands on an entire showroom kitchen at a fraction of the retail price because former showroom kitchens are often put up for sale when they are no longer needed in the store.

What to do after renovating
When you’ve saved a bunch of money on your home renovations by implementing these helpful tips, what do you do with it? Well, we suggest you read ideas on what to do with your extra savings.

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Proven Steps That Remove Bugs from Your Yard

The backyard is more than simply a garden. Bugs come in various sizes and shapes. The unfortunate part is that they might bite you as well as damage vegetation. Red spider mites, for example, are prevalent in backyards. They drain sap from plants, producing yellow mottling. Bagworms, for example, feed on trees and evergreens. They’re moth larvae. If you adore flowers, you will discover bugs devouring their petals. You will also see fruit deterioration. Codling moths, which like to burrow in apples, may be to blame. While some bugs are innocuous, the majority devour your flowers, fruits, and veggies. So how can we get rid of them or at least decrease their numbers?

Get Rid of Standing Water

It is essential not to allow water to collect in any containers you might have lying about in your garden. Drain them as often as you are able. This is because standing water is one of your most formidable adversaries in decreasing the number of pests in your garden. This is a popular gathering spot for mosquitoes, where they may breed and lay their eggs.

Standing water can also be a contributing factor to the presence of the bloodsuckers in your home. After you’ve drained them, continue to apply insecticides or treatments to the area to control the infestation. It would help if you kept in mind that mosquitoes are not only bothersome insects that may bite you, but they are also carriers of diseases such as Dengue fever. Keep standing water away from areas where they may deposit their eggs as a result. In

Keep the Yard Clean

It’s always a good idea to include places that attract flies and ants in your plan for controlling pests. Whether they’re kept empty, kept clean, or covered, that’s why it’s so essential. Rubbish, trash cans, and compost pits are common in these locations, and so are abandoned vehicles, dilapidated buildings, and rotten wood. Additional cleaning should include the following:

  • Lumps of various kinds of wood
  • Unkempt grills
  • Seed and kibble for the birds
  • Lanterns and spotlights
  • Door sweeps are missing
  • Patio or patio lights
  • Scratched or cracked screens

Let the Bats Handle It

Bats are fierce bug eaters. They may be your natural bug eliminator. Every night, they eat 6,000 to 8,000 insects. They’re worth billions of dollars to the pest management industry each year. They are excellent pollinators and perform an excellent job of distributing seeds. Additionally, you’re supporting species that are both beautiful and the environment. The purpose of supporting these animals is to help them construct homes for themselves.

Leave It to the Birds

Bats can frighten you, so if you’re terrified of bats, go with birds. The use of birds for pest management is as practical as that of bats. Cute is a definite bonus. Your backyard gets a boost in beauty when you have a garden. Use low-maintenance twiggy plants and bushes to attract birds. Other styles of birdhouses are also possible. Birdbaths and fountains should be installed, as well as bird feeders. You may have cheery guests who like to eat insects but who also love worms.

Trap the Bugs

At this point, you should consider calling in theprofessionals to control ticks, mosquitoes, and other bugs. Another option is to make traps for them. Instead of spraying pesticides, build a bug trap that will help preserve the environment while reducing the risk of health issues for both you and the ecosystem. You don’t have to buy anything extra. You reuse a plastic bottle and add the solution of your choice to attract the bugs you want to get rid of.Mosquitoes even become attracted to water, which you can use to entice them.

The red-wine vinegar attracts fruit flies if you have issues with them. To safely cut off the top twoinches of the bottle, you have first to trim off the top twoinches of the bottle. Instead of making the top sit in the bottle, you flip the bottle and tape the neck to the opening. When you have done that, you should put the correct solution in there.

If you are confronted with stink bugs, lure them using a glass container and a light. You’ll also have to cut off the top two inches of the bottle to accomplish this. To keep the bottle at the same height as the neck, you’ll also have to flip it and tape the neck to the opening. Next, you utilize a battery-powered flashlight that’s the size of a flashbulb.

The yard may be a lovely living space where we can spend quality time with our family and make cherished memories, but it is not always that way. The unfortunate reality is that we are not the only ones who find them to be amusing. The yard is also a haven for a diverse range of bug species, both helpful and sometimes harmful. Keep in mind the techniques for keeping their population under control so that you can keep your yard looking beautiful while also keeping you and your family safe from harm.

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What to Do with Your Extra Savings During the Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic is not just a global health crisis, but also a financial one, which means people have to be more vigilant about what to do with their money. This seems to be the case for a large portion of affluent citizens in Singapore who are saving more since the pandemic. The same goes for the U.S. population, where the personal saving rate reached 33% during the first months of the pandemic. It also includes small businesses that can easily apply for business loans because of their healthy financial statements.

Amid the economic havoc, it seems that the current situation has made people better at handling money. The shift in consumer behavior caused by COVID-19 has been a complete surprise. The quarantine season has curbed people’s spending, allowing them to put more money into their savings.

As finances remain stuck on lockdown, people turn into force savers, with their inability to splurge on restaurant dining, socializing, and holiday costs. It also gave way to ‘fear savers’ who are too restricting with their budget over concerns on the pandemic’s financial consequences.

Nevertheless, having more savings doesn’t equate to sitting on piles of cash. How you want to spend your personal savings depends on certain circumstances. If you’re one of the lucky ones who saved a great deal of money during the pandemic, here are ways to put those extra savings to work.

Put your money in a certificate of deposit

A certificate of deposit is a savings account offered by banks and credit unions that holds a fixed amount of money for a fixed period. In exchange, the issuing bank will pay the interest. The interest rate is often higher than what a regular savings account offers. So, when you redeem your CD, you obtain the money you previously invested with additional interest. But this will only apply if the rates are good enough.

Interest rates today are quite low, but other banks have rates that aren’t higher than the regular savings account. The most ideal CD rates are typically for longer periods, from five- to 10-year CDs. But if you plan to register for a CD, consider applying for a shorter term (at least two years).

Set aside six months of basic expenses

Having bigger savings in the bank serves as your safety net in case your business shuts down, you lose your job, or your company cuts down your work hours because of a recession. Although you may think that it’s unlikely to happen, it’s better to have extra savings in case something worse happens or you get laid off.

If your current savings have reached six months’ worth of daily living expenses, the first thing you should do is to put in a bank account. Losing a job would mean you’re qualified for unemployment benefits, but chances are, you won’t receive the money right away. We have heard of stories from people who have to wait for weeks to several months before receiving their benefits.

Having savings to support your living expenses during emergency situations can give feelings of empowerment. Thus, an emergency fund will support your basic needs until you get yourself out of that situation.

Put aside only six months of living expenses, nothing more and nothing less. When we talk about essential expenses, these are non-negotiable expenditures necessary for maintaining good health and basic daily living such as food, water, rent, electricity, and medication.

Work on your retirement contributions

Check on your employer-sponsored plans, individual retirement accounts, and retirement savings. If you haven’t contributed much to your workplace retirement plan, this is the best time to do it.

Be sure to contribute enough to maximize sponsored plans offered by your employee for the retirement contributions. This serves as free money which will eventually increase in the longer term. You may also consider setting up an individual retirement account (IRA) beside your employer-based plan. With an IRA, you can pay taxes with your money and enjoy tax-free benefits on your retirement income if you meet its requirements.

Once you have all retirement accounts ready, boost the amount of your contributions or max out your savings for an entire year. Once you reach the age of 50 or higher, you can add extra money to catch up on your contribution.

In these uncertain times, more people are struggling to make both ends meet, so if you’re in a better position to save more money, you’re ready to face any financial challenge head-on. While having extra savings can bring peace of mind, make sure to monitor your expenses and spend money wisely.

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4 Genius Ways To Get More From Your Commute!

There is so much talk about working from home right now, especially after the Pandemic. However, it is important to remember that not everyone can do this. Indeed, there are still many of us that have to brave a commute of around or even over an hour every day! However, the good news is that even if you do need to travel to and from work each day, some tactics can help you get the most out of this time. Keep reading to find out what they are. 

Read or listen to an audiobook/podcast 

For a long time, the chief activity for commuters was to read. Indeed, it was commonplace to see people on trains and buses with a book in their hand. Of course, reading is still popular during commuting time, but sadly it’s not suitable for those that are driving. 

There are some additional options to consider though. The first of these is audiobooks, where a professional actor reads the book to you. While the second is a podcast. The good thing about podcasts is that there are so many on just about any subject you like, which means it almost guarantees you can find one that will be suited to your likes. 

Of course, because audiobooks and podcasts are audio-only, they are much better suited to those driving. Although anyone commuting can enjoy them. 

Download some videos to watch 

For those commuting to work by bus, train or tram It’s a fairly common practice to watch videos. Unfortunately, streaming them can burn through your data allowance at quite the pace, which means come to the end of the month, you could find yourself stuck! 

Instead, why not make use of things like the Vidmate app which will allow you to download videos from a range of platforms online including youtube, TikTok, and Instagram, and watch them at your leisure. The best thing about this is that it’s free so you can save money too! 

Learn a language 

Have you ever wanted to learn a language, or maybe you are looking to brush up on that Spanish, German, or French you learned in school? If so, then your commute is the perfect time to do this. 

Indeed, there are several options to consider here. The first of these are audio recordings, which are more suitable for those that are driving, as they can keep their eyes on the road. Alternatively, there are apps like Duolingo, which make learning a language fun by presenting it in a more interactive form. The latter being suited for those on buses or trains. 

Play some games 

Another great way to spend your time during your commute is to play games. Fortunately, mobile gaming is a big thing now, which means there is a huge selection of titles to choose from. 

Additionally, if you are a dedicated gamer you may wish to invest in a portable system like the Switch for your journeys. Although, it bears repeating that gaming is only an option for those that do not need to be in control of a vehicle (including pedestrians). 

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Should I Buy My Kid A Drone? The Pros and Cons of Drones For Kids

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Drones have become a highly popular birthday or holiday gift for children who love technology. More and more parents are using drones as a way of helping their kids engage with tech  as a new hobby, but are there downsides to this new toy and tool?

Many parents are having this exact dilemma: should I buy my kid a drone? There are so many contributing factors in terms of the effect of drones on all people, both good and bad. In today’s blog, you will learn the pros and cons of drones for kids. 

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Let’s get on the road to answering the question: should I buy my kid a drone?

The Pros of Drones For Kids

Let’s start with some positives. How can drones be good for kids?

  1. Drones help kids get to grips with contemporary technology.

The next generations of human beings are going to need to understand technology. Fact. While older citizens might be able to get away with being dense around technology, for youngsters, that simply isn’t possible. The world of work, as well as the social side of life, is already dominated by tech – and it’s increasing every day.

By giving your child access to a drone, you show them the responsibility, as well as the ins and outs, of using technology in real time. 

  1. Drones encourage your kids to go outdoors.

Drones can increase your child’s outside time, especially if they are a gamer and like to stay indoors. You can’t fly a drone in the house, so if your child wants to play with their amazing new toy, they need to head to the great outdoors! For parents of kids who love to hide under the duvet, a drone is a great solution that will encourage them to get some sun on their face!

  1. Drones can give your kids valuable photography and tech skills for the future.

As we mentioned before, the world of work is dominated by technology. If your child spends time filming using their drone and gets a good knack for it, it will build skills that will make them employable in the future. If your child has a passion for filming and photography, buying them a drone can nurture that in a very helpful, positive way!

  1. Drones can bring the family together.

Drones are usually not flown solo – you can enjoy them as a whole family. Especially if you take your drone on vacation with you, you’ll get a new perspective of a new place, and be able to use the drone as a great bonding experience with your kids.

The Cons of Drones for Kids

  1. Drones are not 100% safe.

Just like all complex technology, drones aren’t 100% safe. Drones can overheat if they are flown for too long, or are sent up in very hot weather conditions. This can run the risk of fire or burning if you pick up a drone that has overheated in an extreme way.

When you buy your child a drone, you need to be aware of the safety concerns and make sure to teach them how to use the drone responsibly. In addition, you might need to supervise them during their first tries with the drone.

  1. Drones are an expensive gift for a child. 

Drones start at a few hundred pounds or dollars, and can soar into the thousands depending on the type and size of drone you choose. This is an expensive gift for a child, especially if they are unsure of how to fly a drone themselves. If the drone crashes and breaks, it’s a lot of money down the drain! You need to be sure your kid is up to the task of taking care of their drone.

  1. Drones are illegal in some places, and need to be flown with caution. 

If you fly a drone into a zone where they are illegal, such as over a prison, or in certain countries, you could incur a hefty fine – or worse, a criminal conviction. As the parent of the child flying the drone, you’ll be responsible for this; you need to make sure you check out the area in which you are flying the drone and be safe while flying it.

Final Thoughts…

Ultimately, drones are a great tool for teaching kids responsibility and tech skills. Be careful of the downsides and make sure to do your research!

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