Invite, Inform, Intrigue: The Three I’s That Make the Perfect Business Website

If you didn’t already know that you need to take your business online, then take this as your warning: get with the times and take your business online! More to the point, get with the times and make sure your business not only has a website but has a website that is inviting, informative and intriguing. For advice on how to achieve these three I’s on your business website, make sure to read on.

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Making your business’s website inviting

The first I that you should be focussing on when it comes to your business’s website is inviting: simply, your website must be inviting because, if it isn’t, nobody will want to stick around long enough on it to learn anything about your business. So, make sure it is inviting!

The first thing that you should do when seeking to induce an inviting feel on your website is to treat it like your own home. You want guests to your home to feel invited and welcome whenever they step through your front doors, right? Well, you should be translating this desire to your business’s website. More to the point, you should be translating the desire on your part to have guests in your home feel invited and welcome as soon as they enter your home onto your site: you should want the traffic that is led to your site, through or for whatever reason, to feel welcome as soon as they click on to it. And, the best way to do this is to ensure that your website’s home page, generally the first page that is seen on a site, is in no way outdated or hard to navigate. You see, if your site’s home page looks as if it has come straight out of the 1990s, or if it is hard to get to grips with or use in general, then there will be no inviting feel to it. And, with this lack of an inviting feel comes an increased desire on the part of the traffic that has come to your site to leave it just as quickly as they accessed it. And, if the rest of the site follows suit after a bad home page, then you can be sure that whomever it is that has logged on to your site will not be staying around on it for too long. So, make sure you are working closely with website application development companies to ensure that your whole website is as up-to-date and as easy to use as possible. By doing so you would be able to be sure that your website is as inviting as it can possibly be.

And something else that you should be doing in order to induce an inviting feel on your website is to put as many faces to as many names as you can — and yes, this means putting a face to your own name, too! You see, when a consumer who is scouring your business’s site for information on it can see evidence of who it is they are dealing with, especially you, the boss, they are more likely yo feel invited and welcome, and thus they are more likely to bring you their custom. So, make sure photographs and even small personal bios of you and your team are uploaded to your site. Just hope that when it comes to photo day that you’re having a good hair day!

Making business’s website informative

Once you’ve reeled potential customers in with your inviting website, it’s time to start solidifying them as fully fledged customers. And, the best way to do this is to make sure your website is as informative as it can be — and that is why informative is the next I to be covered.

Being informative is something your website simply needs to be and simply needs to be taking seriously. Now, this could mean hiring a professional in the field of writing, such as a freelance copywriter, in order to write up your website a bio for all those who access the site to see — by doing so you would be able to be sure that the writing would be informative, straight to the point and, most importantly, error free. Or, this could mean making a live-chat feature available on your site in order to allow the potential customers who access your site the chance to gain real-time and active information whenever they access your site — by doing so you would be able to be sure that no customer will leave your site without finding out exactly what it is they need to find out.

You see, if your site isn’t informative and doesn’t provide your potential customers with the information they need to be turned into fully fledged customers, how is this going to happen? And, if this doesn’t happen, where are your customers going to be coming from in this ever-changing, technology-driven world of business that we live in today?

Making your business’s website intriguing

The third I, intriguing, is just as important as the two that came before it. Yes, it is important to make sure your customers feel invited when they access your site. And yes, it’s even more important that they leave it with all the information they need from it. But, making your site intriguing is important because that is what keeps your customers on the site while they are on it — and that time is the most precious time of all.

To keep your site intriguing, the first thing that you should be doing is becoming well versed on what is done to achieve that. To do this, try reading popular blogs or other websites created by the other businesses in your market. By doing so you would be able to see what works and what doesn’t in regards to enticing customer attention and, more importantly, keeping this attention intrigued. Something else that you could try is actually asking your customers what it is about your site that is, one, already intriguing, and two, what can be done to it to make it more so. You see, customer feedback is the best kind of feedback you can receive on your business, in all parts of it, so you should have no qualms in asking for it in relation to your site. Something else that you could try, or maybe even should try given the direction the world of the Internet has taken in recent times, is blogging. You should do so because when a business’s website has a blogging area the possibilities are endless as to what sort of information can be found and stored there, and guest bloggers could even be tasked with the job of writing blog posts for you that will speak directly to the audience you are targeting. Or, something else that you should be trying is making sure your business’s website always features links to the news and posts of the day to show your business to be forthcoming and to be one that always has its finger on the pulse of the latest trends.

So, as you can see, when you make your website inviting, informative and intriguing you give it the best chance possible of drawing in and keeping potential customers and then ultimately turning them into fully fledged customers. So, make sure to remember the three I’s above, and make sure to make your business’s website the best site in town (or in your market, at least)!

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