You’ve Got A Friend In Me: Finding Customer Loyalty Through Investment Schemes

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It’s no secret that customer loyalty is an essential part of business. Drop in customers are all well and good, but those who return make your company. These are the ones who spend the most with you over their lifetimes. They’re also the people who spread the word about you. And, as can be seen from sites like, word of mouth marketing is a pretty big deal. So much so that you’ll struggle to get going without it.

It’s no wonder, then, that most new businesses go out of their way to attract customer loyalty. This can involve anything from loyalty schemes to mailing lists and special offers. Whatever keeps people coming back. In truth, though, to build loyalty, it may be worth thinking outside of the box. After all, why should customers pick you if you aren’t doing anything different? Instead, it’s worth considering loyalty schemes other companies aren’t using.

One fantastic option here would be to encourage customer investment. It’s a well-known fact that we care most about things we’ve invested in. It gives us a personal reason to want that thing to succeed. And, an attitude like that could well boost your company, To get you started, here are a few investment ideas worth considering.

Sell stocks and shares

As well as providing you with some backing money, selling stocks and shares is sure to promote loyalty in your customers. To get yourself started, here, visit sites like, and find out what you need to do. Then, don’t hesitate to get going. If customers put money into your business like this, you can be sure they have a vested reason to care how well you do. As such, they’re more likely to sing your praises and point their friends in your direction.

Personalized installments

Another fantastic idea would be to work on installments funded by your investors. Something like the engraved brick projects found on sites like would work fantastically here. This way, customers pay for personalized bricks to go into whatever installment you’re creating. To spread goodwill even further, you could donate the money made to a charity. Either that, or you could use it to improve your operations for all. Either way, this is sure to get people on side. It’ll also guarantee they return time and again, even if it is only to see their bricks in place!

Ask for help

Sometimes, it’s also worth flat-out asking for help. With the use of Crowdfunding and other platforms, you can get financial backing straight from customers. This can help them feel as though they’ve played a role in your business, and that’s sure to instill great loyalty. That said, you may need to develop a decent customer base before this becomes a possibility. Look at Amanda Palmer, for instance. She hosted the most successful Crowdfunding project to date, all thanks to a fiercely loyal fan base. But, she did have to build that relationship on platforms like Twitter before asking for money.

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