Customer Retention: Why Loyalty Counts For Your Business

Finding new customers is tough.

In fact, it’s one of the most difficult aspects of being in business. Given that you need to sell products or services to ensure your business is successful, all business owners are well aware of the need to appeal to new customers to help keep the balance book looking good. The ability to appeal to new customers is the driving force behind so much business advice– until now.

Instead of talking about yet another method that will allow you to drive new customers to your company, let’s instead focus on the customers that you already have. The customers who have made a purchase; who already know you exist, and are hopefully well aware of what your company can offer to them. It’s these customers that you should be focusing on, at least as much as you are thinking of attracting brand new ones.

Why Is Customer Retention So Important?


To put it simply: because there is a finite source of new customers. There is a point at which your company will have captured all the customers it is realistically going to. The smaller your business is, the more important that customer retention is, especially if your business is particularly niche. There is a point at which everyone who wants to use your business will have– so customer retention is vitally important.

A business cannot survive on new customers who shop once and then never return. That strategy might provide the occasional funding boost as new customers flock in as the result of an advertising campaign, but it’s not sustainable. Returning customers, those who are loyal to you, are worth their weight in gold.

Is It Possible To Control How Often A Customer Returns?

You can’t exactly hack into the minds of your customers, but that doesn’t mean you can’t drop hints. Changes to business technology and usage of social media give you an opportunity to constantly be nudging customers in the right direction.

One of the most effective ways of ensuring a customer will come back for more is to offer them a discount code. Send through a small card with their first order, which entitles them to between 10-20 percent off the next time they shop. The code should expire within two weeks of being issued. Everyone loves a bargain, so this will encourage them to come back sooner rather than later. Setting a time limit on sales and deals is always a good way to encourage customers to return.

How Can You Keep Your Business Fresh In Customer’s Minds?


Social media is the best way of ensuring customers never have the chance to forget that your business exists. Offer incentives for ‘likes’ and ‘follows’ for your business pages; most companies offer a 5 percent discount code as standard. This is well worth it, as you’re then able to use social media to encourage your customers to come back. Yes, some might get the code and then block/unfollow you, but the majority won’t– meaning you can insert your company into their general social media usage.

Why Do Some Customers Shop Once, Then Never Again?

There’s no doubt that it’s frustrating when you have a one-time-only customer. You’ve likely incurred some expense to draw them to a purchase; lead generation, advertising, marketing etcetera. It’s nice that all of that worked and brought a customer to your site, but a one-off purchase doesn’t quite return your investment.

If you find single purchases are happening often, then you’re going to need to investigate why. Asking your customers is the single best way to achieve this. Look for customer satisfaction survey software, create a few questions pertinent to your business, and then ask all customers to complete it. Of course, some won’t; some people aren’t interested in giving feedback and simply will refuse to participate. That’s okay, because others will participate, especially if they’re incentivized to do so.

You need to go through the results of this survey and see if there are any common, negative themes. Maybe your site is too slow or the order process was too fiddly; if you see the same criticism in numerous pieces of feedback, then this is an area you need to improve. It’s these small problems which might make customers reluctant to return, so fixing them is a priority.

Of course, some customers may shop with you just once, and the reason they haven’t returned is nothing to do with your business at all. Customers might have been buying a gift or needed a product for a single purpose that they otherwise don’t require. So don’t assume all one-time-only customers are a bad sign for your business; sometimes, it’s just circumstance. There’s relatively little you can do to draw these customers back, so don’t lose too much sleep over them.

How Can Former Customers Be Enticed Back?


So what about the other type of one-time-only customers; the ones who fall into the gaps? What about customers who do have reason to continue shopping with you, but elect not to do so– and don’t explain why on a feedback form?

There’s relatively little you can do to retain these customers. The issue might be that they just didn’t like what they bought, or they have found a competitor that they prefer. Harsh truths, but ones you have to follow.

Of course, that doesn’t mean you just have to accept they’re gone forever. Market direct to them, even consider outright calling customers to tell them about an exciting new offer. Any technique that can create a buzz around your business is beneficial; this strategy might just be enough to bring back those customers you had once presumed lost.

Understanding how customer retention is key to your business is vital. Shiny new customers are all well and good, but in the long run, it’s the loyal returners who will do the most for the health of your business. With your mind focused in their direction, you can be confident that your business is able to flourish, thanks to the loyal support of the customers who already know and love your company.

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Is Driving Even Worth It?

The majority of kids go through their life desperate to get to the driving age. To them it screams freedom, and to be honest, nothing does give more freedom than being able to drive yourself around. No more relying on parents for a lift, or even worse, public transport. There’s nothing better than that first drive on your own, picking up your friends, and just driving round for hours. Now, whilst to some people this is the dream, others put off driving for a few years, and they have good reason to. Whilst there are many highs, there are also many lows. This article is going to explore a few of them.



The obvious main positive of driving is the freedom it gives you. You’ll have spent your whole life relying on lifts, various methods of public transport, or walking. As soon as you get your first car you’re free to drive wherever you wish. You’ll be able to visit different parts of the country you never had before, and pretty much gain complete independence. In the beginning, it’s all about road trips and driving round with friends. But as time goes on, you’ll realise how easy simply popping to the shop for a snack is compared to when you didn’t drive.

Another positive is the job opportunities it’ll open up for you. More companies nowadays ask whether you’re able to drive as you’re more appealing to them if you have your own method of transport. There’s less risk of you being late to work with driving, compared to if you were catching a bus or train. It also means you can travel a bit further afield for a better job opportunity if needed. There are also so many job opportunities out there that require you to drive. E.g. delivery driver, carer, chauffeur etc.

You also become a really good helping hand for the people who have carried you through your entire life, namely your parents. They’ve given countless lifts over their time, it’s nice to be able to offer one back in their time of need. You can run errands for them when they don’t have the time, and generally make life a bit easier for them.

The technology being developed towards cars is also incredible. There are now self driving cars being manufactured to improve all round safety. This includes features such as automatic breaking when the car senses you need to e.g. if a car is harshly breaking in front of you. Within the next 50 years, it is predicted nearly all cars will be driverless, and will be a lot safer than if a human was in front of the wheel. Yes, you have to purchase an extremely expensive car to have this technology. But the safety features in cheaper cars is also improving. So if you are ever in a car accident, you’re less likely to gain life threatening injuries.


The main con is the sheer expense of driving. Firstly, you have the cost of a car. Most people choose to go for a cheap but cheerful one to begin with. This is fine, but then comes the old age issues that will inevitably creep up. Other people prefer to go for a flashy new car. This will either be an outright payment of thousands of dollars, or it’ll be finance. Financing a car is a whole new issue. You’ll have the complete cost of the car, plus a hell of a lot of interest. If you can’t afford your monthly repayments it’ll enter you into a whole new world of trouble. Effectively putting yourself into debt from a young age by financing a car is risky, but so many young people choose to do it. Then there’s the rocketing prices of insurance. For any young driver, insurance prices will be through the roof. If at any point they have an accident, they’ll go to nearly impossible to afford. Prices only really start dropping after the age of around 24-25, and as long as the no claim bonuses have built up. Add on the prices of taxing a car, and driving really is just one big expense that sometimes just isn’t worth it.

Driving is so dangerous. It is the most dangerous method of transport in the world, claiming around 40,000 lives per year. If the accident is not fatal, you’re more than likely to either be injured or very seriously injured during a collision. At some point in every drivers life, they’re bound to have an accident at some point no matter how small it is. Most of the time, accidents are down to careless driving from another vehicle. But it is sometimes very hard to prove this. It’ll be down to a car accident lawyer to help the non guilty driver through a court case. If the accident was your fault, you’ll have to live with the physical damage, and the mental damage if you’ve injured someone else. Drink and drug driving has also been on the rise as of late, further increasing the risk of an accident.

The general annoyance that driving can bring is another con. Getting stuck in traffic being one of them. Highways are the worst for big pile ups, meaning delays of likely 30 minutes or more per journey. Streets can be just as bad during rush hour. This can create a lot of issues, especially if you’re travelling to work or an important event. Then there’s the issue of breakdowns. Most of the time, your car will decide that an hour into a three-hour journey is the perfect time to break down. You’ll rarely be lucky enough to have your car break down from the comfort of your drive. Having to wait for a tow truck to arrive, and paying the large fees for the tow, and the repair is annoying.

So driving seems to be just a necessary evil for the most part. It might give you all the freedom you need, but it definitely does cause a few to many issues.

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Trying To Be Wonder Woman? Here’s Why You Should Be A Wise Woman Instead

It’s only natural, and you’re definitely not the only one, but as women, we often feel like we have to do it all. Have it all. Experience it all. It’s not just enough to do one thing or be one person. We have to do everything and be everyone. But when you’re trying to do just that, you may find that you’re heading down a slippery slope to burn out. Or, you’ll start to age. Because trying to be Wonder Woman and have it all can make you ill. Instead, you need to start shifting responsibility and ask for help – for the sake of your own sanity. It’s so much smarter that way.

House Chores

So, you’re a mom, an employee, a wife, and also a cleaner. Aren’t you exhausted? Wouldn’t you prefer to drop at least one of those titles? Namely, the cleaner! When you’ve got a full-on schedule, and you’re a busy working mom, you could use house cleaning services to help you breathe a bit easier. And even if you’re house proud and enjoy the cleaning process, just think about the extra time you’ll be able to spend with your kids when you’re not vacuuming and scrubbing. You may even get to take a candle lit bath once or twice too!


Okay, so it’s highly unlikely that you’re going to want to actually hang up your mom uniform, but at the same time, you might want to loosen your leash a little. If you’re at home with your kids 24/7, or even if you’re the primary caregiver, you may need to take a break every now and again. You might not want a full-time nanny, but a babysitter twice a week or one of your own parents taking the kids off of your hands and hour here and there could give you a moment or two to get yourself together.


Work is called work for a reason. And even if you love your job or even run your own company, you might want to think about stepping back or balance things out a little. When you’re a mom, your kids will always come first. You may have loved the long hours once, but now’s the time to commit to your family. So offload some of your workload onto others, cut your hours, or even hire an assistant and give yourself a break.

Running Errands

If you constantly feel like you’re running errands, you’re not the only one. Sometimes, they can even take up the entirely of your day. And when you’ve got a lot going on, this is the one thing you could often do without. So do without it. Get someone to run your errands for you instead. You’re probably wondering why you didn’t think of this sooner!


And then, of course, there’s also cooking. Now, you may love it (you may also hate it), but with everything else you’ve got going on, trying to come up with incredible, tasty, and healthy meals, shop for them ingredients and then cook these delicious dinners is often too much for the modern family. So, go for a home recipe box instead. You get the ingredients, the recipes, and more often than not, everything is super easy to make too!

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And The Safest Car Of 2017 Is…?

Before it’s revealed, think for a moment about what you think the safest car on the road would be in 2017. You might not know the name but consider some of the features that you believe it might have. You might go completely futuristic and determine that the safest car on the road today is obviously going to be one that is autonomous. Actually, with all the talk around autonomous tech, that idea might not even feel that futuristic. It could feel perfectly normal and almost expected.

Autonomous Cars

Pic Via Flickr

After all, it makes sense, doesn’t it? You might be aware that ninety percent of accidents caused on the road are due to human error. So, you could assume that by cutting the human out of the equation you have one of the safest cars ever built. But there’s a few reasons why this isn’t the case, and no, the safest car of 2017 is not autonomous, although it does have adaptive cruise control which is perhaps a step in the right direction.

Why isn’t an autonomous car the safest on the road? Well, there are a few reasons. First, one could argue that completely autonomous tech doesn’t actually exist. The most advanced form of the autonomous vehicle tech comes from Tesla. However, you have to make sure you keep your hands on the wheel for Tesla tech to work. In fact, a recent update means you have to apply pressure too. So, you’re driving…without actually driving.

Besides, even if you could drive an automated car with no hands, they’re not that safe. Almost every version of automated tech on the market today has crashed at some point, leading to severe injuries and even fatalities in certain cases. We just haven’t reached the point yet where this tech can be considered a safe bet and even if we could it’s not really that affordable. So what other ideas did you think of when you were picturing the safest car on the market?

Luxurious And Costly?

Pic Link

Yep, perhaps you thought that the safest car in the world would be one of the most expensive. After all, there are stunning sports cars and incredibly powerful cars packed with every luxurious feature such as massaging chairs and every soft material imaginable. But that doesn’t make them safer and luxury car developers don’t actually pay that much attention to safety because they know that’s not what their target audience is looking for. They want the fastest not the safest. They want the comfiest seats, not the ones that will keep them completely free from injury in a crash. The most expensive cars in the world are actually quite odd and can be found on

In contrast, cars for the masses are developed with safety as one of the most important priorities. That’s why the safest car in the world is not the most expensive. It’s actually available on the market for a cool thirty grand. That’s a darn site cheaper than most other cars on the market. How about who it’s designed for? We bet you thought it would be a car for families.

Family Saloon

Pic Source

You’d be right, the safest car of the year is a family car. In fact, it’s clearly designed with families in mind to the point where almost every unique feature benefits families as well as ensuring that it’s one of the safest cars on the market.

It provides plenty of room for shopping and luggage and enough leg room in the back for a full family. As such, you can guarantee that your family won’t be disappointed with this purchase and neither will you. It’s also highly fuel-efficient, and that means it’s going to save you a lot of money. Since it’s a hybrid you can even run it purely on electric for up to 65kms and 1433km in total. So which car are we talking about? Well, you can read all about it on

Introducing The Car Of The Year: Toyota Prius

Pic Link

Did you guess? There are numerous reasons why this is the safest car you can buy right now. Statistically, it received flying colours on all the safety tests it was put through and had a 92 percent safety rating for adults and 85 for children. While that might not seem great, it’s a darn sight higher than most cars on the road and available to buy today. It also had a rating for pedestrian accidents of over 75 percent. While that sounds odd, it essentially means that the odds of injuring a pedestrian when traveling at the legal speed limit are slim.

While we did say that this car doesn’t have any autonomous tech built into it, that’s not strictly true. It does have reverse AEB or autonomous emergency braking, but it’s important to put that in perspective. Essentially, this means that if you’re about to hit something like a pedestrian behind you, the car will brake for you and prevent the incident. The car won’t be able to avoid other people hitting you though, and if that happens, you’ll need a site like They’ll help you get the compensation you deserve from someone for damaging your super safe car!

This isn’t the only cool feature the car offers of course. It also has warnings to tell you when you are over the speed limit and it can even alert you of dangers on the road. So, while not autonomous it’s certainly heading in that direction, and with an 85 percent assist rating, it could certainly help you avoid an accident.

Of course, the reason why this car gets such a high rating and has been named the safest vehicle for the roads is that all the features we’re talking about are standard. It’s common for additional safety features to cost extra for the buyer but with the Prius, all the features are built-in. As such, it’s completely affordable for a family to have the safety they deserve on the road with this vehicle.

So, will you be purchasing a Prius this year? You can learn more about how to on Or, are you hoping another vehicle will blow it out of the water in 2018?

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The Secret To Finding The Best Spot At Trade Shows

Trade shows and expos are a brilliant opportunity to meet a lot of customers in a short period and showcase your company. If you do it right you can come away with a lot of good contacts but if you get it wrong you’ll waste a day standing behind a table doing nothing. Your presentation is key and you need an eye-catching stall that draws people in, but the thing that will really make or break your expo experience is the placement of your stall.


You might be hoping for a definitive answer to the very best place to set up but the truth is, there isn’t one. There are spots that are better than others and certain places you should avoid at all costs but it often depends on your own needs. Experts disagree on the importance of your location; some claim that location alone won’t stop you from drawing people in while others say it’s the biggest factor.

Either way, you need to know where to place your stall because there’s no point getting event popup printing companies to create an amazing display for you if nobody is going to walk past it anyway. You need to be somewhere that gets enough foot traffic as well as offering enough space for you to set up your presentation materials properly, but how do you find that magic spot?

Know What You Want

It might be tempting to go for the biggest stall you can get but it doesn’t always work. The thinking behind it is that the bigger your stall, the easier it is to notice so you’ll get more people coming in. The thing is, if you haven’t actually got enough products or displays to fill the space, it’ll look empty. Having a stall that’s way too big makes you look unorganized and immature as a company so people won’t trust you.

There’s also no need to go for the same sized space at every show you go to. You’ll see a different set of customers at each one so make sure you’re tailoring your stall each time rather than just getting the same thing.

Study The Floor Plans

The best way to choose the perfect spot at a trade expo is to study the floor plans and work it out for yourself, don’t choose based on the price. One of the first places to avoid is the entrance. Some people think that they’ll get more traffic because everybody has to walk right past them on the way in. However, people are reluctant to stop at a stall before they’ve had a bit of a walk around. That means most people won’t come to your stall on the way in and when they’re leaving they aren’t likely to either.

Check the layout of the room and see if you can have a guess at what the natural flow of people might be. Then you can place your stall along that path and hopefully get more foot traffic. It’s also a good idea to look for any obstacles like pillars that will restrict people’s view.

Location, location, location is an old cliché that usually applies to real estate but it works just as well for trade shows.

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Wise Moves To Make Growing Old A Little More Comfortable

None of us can escape the physical impacts that time will have on our bodies. Frankly, those deteriorations are sure to erect new obstacles and challenges as you get older. While you cannot stop the effects, you can at least reduce their influence on your daily activities.

They say we get wiser as we get older. Prove it once and for all by taking these simple steps to a more comfortable future. You will not regret it.


Adapt the home: Once you reach retirement age, there’s a good chance that you’ll be spending more time in the home. Even if this isn’t true, bathroom upgrades and other jobs built for your comfort can make a world of difference. In some situations, you may find that relocating to a ground floor apartment is best. Alternatively,y downsizing to an easily managed property could be the answer. The solid foundation of a good home environment truly can set you up for a far brighter future.

Look your best: Growing old will take its toll on your skin and natural features. But this shouldn’t be an excuse to ignore your looks. Adding a little color to your skin with the right makeup can work wonders. A winning smile, natural or otherwise, can have an equally telling impact. Meanwhile, the fashion choices available on the market are far greater than ever before. Looking good makes you feel good no matter how old you get. Do not forget it for a second.

Get the right help: Retaining a sense of independence is high on the agenda. Nonetheless, there is nothing wrong with seeking a helping hand in life. This could range from finding the right hearing aid to gaining financial support. Assistance is often available, but you must take the first steps by actively seeking it. Those little pieces of help could make everyday life a lot less stressful too. After the amount of people you’ve supported throughout your days, it’s the least you deserve.

SPOKANE, Wash. (Aug. 8, 2008) Rear Adm. James A. Symonds, commander, Navy Region Northwest, visits with a resident of the nursing home care center at Spokane Veterans Administration Hospital. Symonds is in Spokane to celebrate Spokane Navy Week, one of 22 weeks planned across America in 2008. Navy Weeks were designed to show Americans the investment they have made in their Navy and increase awareness in cities that do not have a significant Navy presence. (U.S. Navy photo by Senior Chief Mass Communication Specialist Gary Ward/Released)


Stay social: Loneliness is a major problem among older citizens, especially when far away from family members. Thankfully, there are plenty of opportunities to meet new people. Whether it’s signing up for local community events, attending bingo events, or connecting online doesn’t matter. Furthermore, it’s never too late to fall in love, which is why you should always remain open to this. Whatever you do, human interaction is a key ingredient in the recipe for health and happiness.

Learn to rest: Taking care of the body and staying active is great. Nonetheless, the body cannot do the things it used to do. Following exhausting days, it’s especially important to get a good night’s sleep. Creating a bedroom fit for royalty should be a key item on your home upgrade list. Meanwhile, getting to bed a little earlier gives your body and mind a chance to wind down. The reward of waking up fresh and ready to take the day ahead will surely vindicate those decisions.

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Stop Neglecting Your Home Renovation Project

You don’t have to be an interior designer or a construction expert to know when your home needs a good makeover. There comes a point at which you can’t neglect the peeling wallpaper or horrendously tattered and dated couches in the living room. You might have been stubbornly making do for years but a home should feel cozy and welcoming; you shouldn’t have to make do. It’s time to stop neglecting your home renovation project and put your builder’s hat on.

Picture Source

Draw up the design plan.

Put down the hammer or paintbrush. Before you get started with this renovation project, you need a detailed overall plan so that you know what you’re doing. There’s nothing worse than getting halfway through a project and realizing that you don’t have enough money to finish, you’ve made a huge structural mistake by biting off more than you could chew, or you simply hate the way something’s turned out in reality.

You need to walk through your home and make notes about the things you’d like to change and then draw up a rough sketch of the way you want things to look. You could do a little research online to get inspiration. The goal is to compartmentalize the project into lots of mini projects so that you can make gradual changes to your home and see whether you like the way your ideas have turned out when actualized.

Picture Source

Declutter for that minimalistic look.

You need to aim for a minimalistic look if you want your home to feel fresh, modern, and spacious; clutter has never been fashionable and it never will be. Of course, the goal isn’t just to tidy up your home today and then have to do the same thing in a few weeks when your kids mess up the household again. You need to aim to make the home more organized so that maintaining the home’s level of tidiness in the future is far easier. Keep this project simple because minimalism is all about simplicity. Even colors can achieve this effect; aim for a neutral palette to really open up rooms and make them feel more spacious and bright. Mirrors can help with this effect too; they reflect sunlight and naturally brighten rooms.

Putting up shelving units is a great way to store all those loose items that you’d ordinarily leave lying around on countertops or tables. You could even get custom magnets for the fridge that list everybody’s chores for the week so that you never fall behind on keeping your house clean. The point is that you should be aiming to keep your house looking minimalistic and tidy; find a way to make maintenance and regular tidying easy in the future. Reduce the risk of your household becoming unclean and messy in the first place.

Picture Source

Remember the comfort factor.

Whilst aesthetic is very important for a home renovation, you mustn’t forget the practical objectives of the project. The goal is to make a home in which you can relax and feel comfortable. You need to strive for an elegant yet cozy aesthetic. Instead of leather couches which look great but feel cold and uncomfortable, you should opt for soft pillows, throws, and other furnishings which are colorful and attractive but cozy at the same time. Don’t neglect comfort for the sake of a nice interior design.

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