Four Ways To Make Yourself More Employable

In a job economy that is incredibly competitive and there are multiples of people applying for the same job, then it pays to be doing something to make yourself stand out from the crowd. Having something unique on your resume or doing things to improve your skills are going to make you memorable and much more employable. But all of that is easier said than done, right? What are some of the things that could actually make a difference?

If you’re wanting to change career or just get your dream job, then here are some things that you could be thinking about.


Work Placements

It can be hard to get a job in a field that you have little or no experience in. However, it can be easier to get a work placement or work experience in one of those roles, as they’re not expecting you have lots of experience. So applying for a work placement, where you can learn on the job, gives you some vital experience for your resume, as well as gets you some connections in the industry.

Use Your Initiative

When it comes to working, then many people would prefer to work for themselves. So if you’re not managing to get a job in the field that you want, then why not make your own job? Working for yourself can be hard work but incredibly rewarding. It doesn’t even have to be something too complex. For instance, how about looking up ‘semi auctions near me’ on an online search, and start getting into transportation and logistics? It can be a fairly straightforward business that can mean a steady income. Retraining or looking for different things to be doing in the meantime are great ways to show your initiative whether to work for yourself or for an employer.

Volunteer Work or Overseas Work

If you have evidence on your resume of working abroad or volunteering, then it can make your resume stand out by a mile! There can be so many skills and qualities that are developed or learned when you do this kind of work, that it can look really positive to an employer. So if you have the chance to do any of this kind of work, then doing so even for a little while can be a good idea.


The term ‘network’ can seem a little cringeworthy, but when you’re trying to get your foot in the door, it can be a good way to go. Meeting new people, especially the ones that are in the field you want to be working in, means you have a face to the name and someone to call upon for advice. Even if it is the small thing that could land you an interview, it is going to be worth it.

There are many opportunities out there for you; you just need to know how to hone your skills, and your resume, to make you shine. And don’t underestimate the power of working for yourself, either.

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Bored Of The 9 To 5? These Jobs Will Fix That

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For most of us, going to work is as simple as sitting behind a desk and working at a computer for eight hours a day. There’s nothing wrong with that, of course, and most people enjoy earning their income this way. However, for some people, the 9 to five workday can become a bit of a drag. When the boredom becomes too much to bear, it’s time to look for a job that isn’t confined to the usual work hours.

Do you think you are ready to free yourself from your office desk? Here are some great career alternatives to the boring old nine to five.


If you are sick of being stuck behind your desk every day but don’t mind working full days during the week, then you might want to think about becoming a teacher. Most teachers don’t work nine to five anyway, so you aren’t trapped to that schedule anyway. Teaching is a really inspiring job and you’ll find that it’s really easy to feel motivated when working with kids and helping them achieve their future goals. There are plenty of guides on how to get into teaching later in life online.

Freelance Writer

Maybe the main thing you dislike about your nine to five is your boss? If so, then you might want to consider becoming a freelancer. That way, you can work for yourself and you won’t have to worry about anyone senior to you. Freelance writing is a great contracting job to get into. You might want to start a blog so that brands and companies start to notice you. If they like your tone of voice and writing style, they might want to reach out for collaborations!

Construction Worker

If you are really against the whole idea of working at a desk every again, you might like the idea of looking for a job that keeps you on your feet. There are always plenty of construction jobs out there, so you might want to apply to one of these. When you start working as a construction worker, you will be mostly working outside in laboring roles. It’s definitely hard work but is also very rewarding!

Park Ranger

Do you love the great outdoors? If so, then you might want to consider becoming a park ranger. There are two options with this job – first of all, you could simply be a ranger at your local park. Alternatively, if you want a bit more of a challenge, you should see about becoming a ranger at a national park. There will be more ground to manage, but you will be able to see a lot more exciting wildlife. This is a great opportunity who already has some outdoor experience or enjoys a spot of gardening!

You don’t have to work behind a desk in a nine to five forever. If you feel like it could be time to move on, it’s definitely worth taking the plunge. You’ll end up in a brand new and exciting career!

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Reduced Risks and Timesaving Tricks: How To Catapult Your Career

You want to make a change to your regular working life. The nine to five office job and unwanted emails are getting on your last nerve. The problem is, you’re not a huge risk taker and you don’t have the time to make a drastic life transformation. The truth is you can do anything you want to do without altering your daily routine too dramatically. Take on a little extra responsibility and you might see surprising results. If you find balancing your work and social life difficult, this shouldn’t make life too hard for you. We all want to boost our career without becoming a social recluse, so here’s where to start.

Feel Good and Volunteer

If you could work for any company in any industry what would it be? Now ask yourself, what might be stopping you from doing this. It might be that the company you want to work for is extremely competitive and seemingly unattainable. Forget the obstacles ahead of you and just go for it. Offer to volunteer in an industry you have real interest in. The chances are you will love it, so won’t actually mind working for free. More often than not volunteering jobs can lead to full-time job offers, so make a good impression and you’ll be winning. You only need to take a day out of your week for a plan like this to work, so go for it right now.

Extra Education

You might be stuck in an office, but you have bigger dreams in your mind. If you haven’t quite got the qualifications you need to get that promotion or apply for a new post, there are many ways you can get there. Join your local college and take an evening class which will help you to gain the skills you need. You may only need to attend one class each week and there might be a chance to take classes online. You could also consider an online mba program, which will be sure to capitalize on your expertise in a chosen field. Adding an extra qualification under your belt will help you to take that step further in your career. Small spouts of hard work is a sure-fire way to take your education to the next level.


Build A Business

You have complete freedom when it comes to starting your own freelance business on the side. Keep your daily job and spend a little time at home in the evenings planning out a new business venture. This might be your ticket to success if you plan it out well. Having your own business to fall back on is an amazing way to guarantee financial security and you will have the freedom to work whenever you want. Start small and then grow as you go!

Choose these low risk and time savvy methods to give yourself a career boost today. Your confidence will soar and you will soon feel free from the confined walls of your current career. Be your own boss and have everything you have ever wanted!

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Natural Born Carers: The Ideal Career Path For Those Who Care

If you consider yourself something of an instinctive carer, then you might at some point decide you want to make that your job. The good news there is that there are many ways in which you can do just that, and get paid along the way. The number of caring careers is ever-rocketing, and in many cases the vacancies are too. There has truly never been a better time to get into caring as a career, so take a look at the following and see if you can find a career path that seems to work for you personally.

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Perhaps you want to go all-out and become a fully fledged doctor. There are many huge benefits to being a doctor, most of them obvious. For a start, you can be sure of a decent salary from the beginning. However, that will only be after many years of being in training, and that is something that you should feel prepared for if you want to be a doctor. It’s not just the salary, however. Doctors enjoy some of the highest rates of rewarding work, and they tend to be able to get quite a lot out of the job. Of course, you should also be prepared for quite a high level of stress, as well as the likely possibility of working long hours.

You might also want to think about specialising in a particular area. Most doctors will need to do this, so the earlier you work out what you are most interested in the better off you will be, as you will be able to make the most of the education you are receiving. Whatever particular doctor role you might end up in, however, this is a job which is always bound to serve you well. It is a noble profession and something which the society as a whole needs badly. It will also be a fantastic way for you to be able to express your genuine care in your career life.

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There are many reasons why someone might choose to become a nurse rather than a doctor. For a start, you might not want to be in school for that long. While nurses do need to receive extensive training and medical education, it is no quite as extensive or long as that of a prospective doctor. It is also, for many people, much more appealing as a job because it appears to be more hands-on, and in many respects nurses do most of the real patient care work in the medical industry. If you consider yourself hard-working, eager and particularly caring, then nursing could be the ideal role for you.

As we have seen, it will take plenty of training to get to the point where you are able to practise as a nurse, but it’s important too to remember that not all training is made equal. Where you get it from is just as important as that you get it at all, so it’s worth looking around at some less conventional forms of nursing qualification as well. Take a look at this article on What Makes Our Lady of the Lake Online RN-BSN Nursing Unique? to see just one example of the kind of qualification you might choose to go for. As well as the necessary training, you should be prepared for extremely long hours and some difficult days ahead. But you’ll also feel hugely rewarded from time to time, and you should feel proud to be doing some hugely important work. Nursing is for many the optimum caring career path.

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The truth is that mental health is just as important as physical health. If you genuinely believe that, and you know you are a caring individual, then you might benefit from becoming a therapist rather than a nurse or a doctor. Of course, you might also be a doctor in psychology or psychiatry – but this is not necessary merely to be a therapist.

Something to bear in mind is that there are so many kinds of therapy, and so many routes to take to become a therapist. You will need to spend some time discovering the route and the role that seems best for you, so that you can be sure to end up doing exactly what you want to do. However you do it, being a therapist is a hugely rewarding and hands-on profession, if a little emotionally laboring at times as well. You will need a very particular kind of caring attitude to succeed in this line of work, but if you have it then you can achieve some wonderful things. There are few more exciting things than helping others to genuinely understand themselves better, and so lead happier and more fulfilling lives. Being a therapist can change their lives – and your own – and is definitely worth considering.

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Home Carer

Perhaps you feel you have a particular affinity for the elderly, or for those who for some reason cannot look after themselves very well. A great job for such individuals is that of domiciliary care worker. With this kind of care, you visit people in their own homes once or twice a day and help them to take care of themselves. You might be helping them to wash, relieve themselves in the bathroom, eat, or just go about their daily lives. Those who get involved in this kind of work are often energetic, keen and easy to get along with just about anyone. If you think you have those qualities, or can at least develop them, then this might be the job to go for.

Most of the time, you will be working with an agency, which has the benefit of meaning that you might well be caring for a number of people. This diverse approach to caring can be particularly enjoyable, and it is something that can lead to a very positive way of life for many.

Natural carers can find many job roles to suit them, and doing so will make the most of those skills, while also making the world a little better too.

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If You Love to Work With Your Hands, These Are the Jobs For You

Some people simply can’t do the kind of work that keeps you chained to a desk, staring at a computer screen for hours on end, and there’s nothing wrong with that. There so many proud and reputable professions out there that are based entirely on working with your hands, and you should explore these if you’re looking for a career move that will satisfy your needs. Here are just five of the best jobs that will allow you to work with your hands each day.

Baking and Cooking

Baking and cooking jobs are relatively easy to come by if you’re willing to start at the bottom and work your way up the ladder over a period of years. It’s a surprising lucrative career once it starts to take off and you move into higher positions too. And you’ll most definitely be working with your hands every day of the week.

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Electrical Maintenance

In order to do this job, you will first need to attain the correct levels of training. Electrical maintenance is not for everyone but if you enjoy learning new things and want to carry out a highly skilled job using your hands, it’s definitely a career path that’s worth considering. It’s also a very well paid job to take up; experienced electricians can earn a lot of money and they’re always in demand. If you’re starting out, you’ll probably begin in electrical maintenance before eventually moving on up.

Construction Labouring

The construction industry is always looking for new labourers to come on board and work hard on all kinds of building projects. As a result, good labourer jobs are pretty easy to come by, and there is plenty of choice out there. At tiring work that can put a strain on the body but if you’re up for that, this could be the career that you’re best suited to.


Carpentry is one of the oldest and most highly regarded professions in human history. It’s thanks to carpenters that we’ve had furniture and all kinds of other items that have motored human progress through the ages. These days, carpenters are as in demand as ever as people look for unique and highly crafted furniture for their homes. Carpenters can also do work on repairing furniture that’s broken or damaged in some way.

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Welding is similar to carpentry, except you just switch wood for metal. It’s all about creating metal items by securely joining together multiple pieces of metal. It’s a precise task and requires a very steady hand for the best outcome. It can be a rewarding job too though, because you see the product of your labour right in front of you as soon as you lift up that welding mask and take a closer look at what you’ve done.

It might take some new training and a new interest, but there is nothing stopping you from switching to one these careers and fulfilling your dream to do a hands-on job each day.

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Best Paid Jobs for People with a Biomedical Engineering Degree

If you have always been interested in science and would like to put your biology and chemistry skills into good use, helping people in the future, you can look for career prospects with great work-life balance, and job satisfaction. If you are qualified, and focused on one particular area, you will be able to secure a high starting salary, stable job security, and a rewarding career. Find out more about the best paid biomedical engineering jobs below.

General Biomedical Engineer

“NIAID Vaccine Research Center Lab” by NIAID is licensed under CC BY 2.0

If you are qualified, you can become a biomedical engineer with a starting salary of around $70,000. You might be working for a research hospital, dealing with patients who have rare diseases, provided that you have acls certification. You will need a bachelor or masters degree in biological engineering, and a traditional degree, in chemistry, or mechanical engineering. You will never get bored, and might even change the lives of hundreds of thousands of people suffering from a certain condition.


150616-N-PO203-107 WASHINGTON, (June 16, 2015) Naomi Delgado Cruz, a mechanical engineering senior at the Polytechnic University of Puerto Rico, and physics major Derick Buckles, from Morgan State University, participate in a 10-week summer research program at the Naval Research Laboratory for students from Historically Black Colleges and Universities and Minority Institutions (HBCU/MI). This year, 26 students were selected through a competitive application process to conduct work on research projects currently underway at the Navy’s corporate lab. (U.S. Navy photo by John F. Williams/Released)

“150616-N-PO203-107” by Office of Naval Research is licensed under CC BY 2.0

If you love research, you can start your career in microbiology. Many people with a degree in biomedical engineering spend a few years in this field, so they can understand the different aspects of health care and patients’ needs. You will need to learn more about the disease before you are able to design a cure or a treatment. You might be able to take part in a large-scale study, and transfer your research skills to your future career.

Drug Developer

If you secure a job at a large pharmaceutical company’s research center, you can get a highly paid job working in a team discovering new drugs that will help people with rare or little known conditions. You will need advanced research skills, as well as strong knowledge of evidence based approach, administering trials, and ethics. Drug development is a popular option for biomedical engineering graduates, as it allows them to learn from more experienced team members, and get recognition for inventions and patented drugs.

Research and Development

If you would like to learn more about the industry and get experience in research, you might apply for a job in a large company’s research and development department. You can find a job in any industry; fertilizer or pesticide manufacturers, medical device companies, and health and beauty giants. You can gain experience as a researcher and project manager in any field and later utilize your biomedical engineering knowledge. You can work on your own on developing new projects, and if you have additional qualifications, such as project management, you can find your future career in any industry.

Investing long years in a biomedical engineering qualification is rewarding, no matter which field you are looking for work in. You need to remember that starting in a research team as a newly qualified engineer might be a good option if you don’t have the confidence yet to work on your initiative. You will also need to improve your research and project management skills before you can manage different developments, but as a qualified biomedical engineer, you are going to be paid a high salary, gain recognition, and have the satisfaction of helping people and making thousands’ lives better through your skills and knowledge.

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Dangerous Jobs For Thrillseekers

What do you look for in a job? Flexible hours, good salary, light workload? Or maybe you’re after something a bit more exciting. Maybe you’re looking for a job that will keep you on your toes. There are some jobs out there that do exactly that. They aren’t the kind of jobs that involve sitting around in an office all day. Some of these jobs can land you in real danger every single day, but you’ll get paid a good salary in return. If that sounds like a good deal to you, here are some of the most dangerous jobs in the world.



Fishing doesn’t seem that dangerous, it’s just a load of guys sitting around waiting for a bite. It might be like that when you go fishing in a river, but commercial sea fishing is a different game. It’s so dangerous that there’s even a TV show about the guys that head out to sea to catch all of the fish that we eat. The weather out there gets pretty crazy and it’s so easy for you to be thrown from the ship in a storm. Once that happens, you don’t stand much chance of surviving. There’s also loads of heavy machinery around that can easily cause injury. It’s a tough life living out there, but there’s lots of excitement to be had if you’re up to it.



There are a million ways that you can get hurt on a construction site and it’s made all the more dangerous when people ignore health and safety regulations. If people are operating heavy machinery like cranes without a rig mat from somewhere like, you risk the whole thing toppling and landing on the workers below. There’s the risk of electric shocks, burns from all the nasty chemicals floating around, falling hazards, injuries from heavy lifting. Those are just a few of the plentiful ways that you could do yourself some serious damage on a building site.

Garbage Men


There can’t be that much danger in being a garbage man surely? You just chuck the garbage in the back of the truck and go on your way. What you’ve got to remember though is that there is a lot of heavy crushing machinery back there and if you ever get caught up in it, you’re in big trouble. On top of that, you never know what you’re going to come across in the trash. There could be all sorts of dangerous chemicals or other things lurking in there.



This is a pretty obvious one. When roofers are up there fixing the roof of your house, they risk falling down and injuring themselves. But that isn’t very likely actually. Roofers know the dangers of falling and they take measures to avoid it. The sun is actually a far bigger problem for roofers who might not always realize the danger. Being so high up, especially in the summer, means you’re getting blasted with the sun all the time. It’s very easy to get sunstroke while you’re up there and make yourself incredibly ill.

If you think you could handle these jobs, they pay you well for the danger they put you in.

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