Seriously? My Own Website Can Help Me Find A New Job?

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Finding a new job is never simple. In fact, it is one of the most complex and frustrating things any adult can go through. Firstly, you have to beat the competition to an interview, and then you have to impress during said interview. Finally, you have hope that no one is better qualified. It can take weeks and months to secure a new position the old-fashioned way, so why not try a new age method? Yes, your own website can be a great help, and here are the reasons why.


It Makes A First Impression


As soon as an employer comes across the site, they will make a judgement. And, if it’s a positive one, it will stick in their minds like mussels stick to rocks. Think of a website like an artist’s canvas where you have the freedom to express yourself how you please. All you have to do is express yourself in a creative and unique way and the employer won’t be able to say no. So, start with a quality web design company because the looks matter. Plus, you don’t want a site that is similar to thousands of others on the internet. After all, how is that unique? Then, pick your best pieces of work which you think shows off your talent. A tip: always go for a variety of different genres and styles.



Better Than A Resume


When you think about it, a resume is a lot of words on a page. There is no way to know whether the words mean a candidate is the best fit for the company, yet that’s how businesses think. Sure, a great CV will get you through the door and into an interview, but a great site will get you the job. Because the website hosts all of your work, you can show a potential employer what they will get if they choose you. Employers love this as it lowers the risk of hiring someone who isn’t for the role. All you have to do is give them the URL and wait for a phone call.


Networking Potential


The savvy among you will notice that the first two steps need you to be on a firm’s radar from the beginning. That is to say; you need to find a way to get them to your site as they won’t stumble across it out of luck. Or will they? Thanks to social media platforms like LinkedIn, employers are seeking out employees more often than ever before. As you can network and show off your skills, there is no need to go running to job sites and job agencies. What you should do is create an excellent profile and converse with any interested parties. Indeed, you never know when one will offer you the position of your dreams.



Also, don’t forget that it shows employers that you are a modern job seeker. Searching for jobs isn’t the same, and you have to demonstrate that you understand the process to stand out from the crowd.

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It’s Easier Than You Think To Propel Your Career Forward

When it comes to jobs, we can all sometimes feel as if we’re in a rut. It’s that feeling you get when you’ve mastered something, but you don’t see any opportunities to move onto the next challenge and the next pay grade. The wheels are spinning, but the rubber isn’t hitting the road.


According to a study by David Neal and Wendy Wood called Habits – A Performance Repeat, our careers are actually defined by our habits. They say that 45 percent of the time we spend at work, we’re doing things that involve habitual, or everyday behaviours, and that it is these habits that define our success or failure in the workplace.


These so-called career habits take up roughly 3.8 hours a day for men and 3.5 hours a day for women and so getting a handle on them and putting them to our advantage is essential. From the website we look at when we’re supposed to be working to our willingness to look for new jobs; it all makes a difference toward how far our careers progress.


Here are some habits that can boost your career and take you to where you want to go.


Always Arrive 30 Minutes Early


According to a study conducted by YouGov, around 19 percent of workers are late to work at least once per week. Unfortunately, arriving late to work simply won’t cut it anymore, thanks to increased competition in the labour market.



This is why so many people are beginning to arrive at work 30 minutes early, giving them time to plan for the day ahead and making sure that they don’t turn up after they are supposed to.


Search For Alternative Jobs In Your Industry


It’s a common feature of working for a specific company that your pay will rarely rise more than the rate of inflation. Companies aren’t keen on increasing the pay of their existing staff, often because they assume that they won’t take the plunge and leave for another company. Therefore, it’s worth asking yourself a question like: “what are jobs near me paying?” Usually, you’ll find that by simply moving company, you’re able to secure a pay increase over and above what you’d be able to negotiate with your existing firm. If you want your pay to increase rapidly during the first few years of your career, keep looking around for new opportunities and businesses willing to pay you a higher salary.


Add Excessive Value


The whole point of going to work is to add value. You need to create revenue higher than your income to justify your employment in the first place. The greater the difference between what you earn and what you bring in the better as it puts you in a far better bargaining position. Those who go above and beyond and bring in double their salary in revenue are often in a good position to ask for a pay rise, especially if that pay increase will incentivize them to work even harder and bring in even more money for the company.

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Job-Hunting Myths Debunked!

Like most people, you’re probably approaching your current job hunt with a firm set of beliefs as to how the process works, and the things that will or won’t be effective. However, a lot of these common beliefs are completely wrong, and won’t do anything other than hold back your job-hunting activity. Here, I’ve debunked some of the most common myths that hold people back in their job hunts.

Your CV Isn’t That Important



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First impressions count for a lot in every aspect of life, and this is certainly true when it comes to job hunting. Your CV and cover letter are the first impressions that prospective employers will get of the kind of person you are. With this in mind, you can’t afford to let any interviews slip through your fingers by sending out shoddy CVs. Make sure you tailor your personal statement and the way you word your work experience to the job you’re applying for. Take steps to ensure the whole document is completely free of spelling and grammatical errors. Remember to explain why you took on any extra training and applied for previous positions. You don’t have to meet the standards of professional CV writing, but you should be striving to get pretty close!

The Interview Is About Convincing the Interviewer to Hire You

It can be easy to think that the interview process is all about getting on the good side of the interviewer, and convincing them to give you the job. However, if you dig slightly deeper, you’ll find that it’s more about figuring out if you’ll fit neatly into the position, and how much you really want the job. Obviously, we all need to keep roofs over our heads and food on our tables. However, if you neglect to think about what comes after the interview process, you can easily wind up in a position that you’ll struggle with and eventually become miserable in. Think of the interview process as a two-way communication channel, rather than the interviewer putting you under a microscope. This will always result in a better outcome.

If You Don’t Follow Up, They’ll Think You’re Not Interested



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Yes, this may have been true at one point in the past. However, it’s 2017 now, and these calls don’t help in the majority of cases. In fact, they can sometimes hurt your chances of getting the job. The modern job market is pretty saturated. There are going to be dozens, if not hundreds, of other applicants aside from you applying for the exact same position. If they wanted every single applicant to follow up, the employer would have to spend all day fielding calls, rather than going back over interviews and applications. If you have reason to believe that there’s been some kind of mix-up with your application, then go ahead and make that call. Generally though, once you apply, you need to accept that the ball is in the employer’s court, and it’s up to them to decide whether or not they want to speak to you.

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Want to See The World? Why Not Work in a New Location?

Seeing the world is an ambition for many people. There is nothing better than exploring new places and learning new things from new cultures. If all of that sounds appealing to you, you need to find a career that allows you to move around and see new things. Here are some ideas for you to consider.


Travel Writing


Travel writing is not an easy profession to break into. But there are opportunities out there if you’re willing to start small and work your way up the ladder slowly. You’ll need to have a flair for a story and the ability to find the right angle for each piece you right. You’ll see all kinds of new places that you’ve never been to before, the stranger and more obscure they are, the better your work will be. People want to read about places that they don’t know much about.


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Fly in, fly out work is when you go to a particular location to work for a company. These locations are usually in remote spots. Many people who do this kind of work are employed in different locations at different times, so you can move around a lot if you want to. FIFO workers have to be willing to live in a new location for weeks or months at a time. So, you have to be willing to move away from your home for relatively long periods of time. But it can be great for people who want to travel.


Cruise Ship Working


Cruise ships are always moving around and stopping at new places. If you work on a cruise ship, you get to see all kinds of different places. You will see the world when you have time off during breaks when the ship stops. And there are all kinds of interesting jobs you can do on a cruise ship. You could be a manager, an entertainer or you could work in the kitchen or bars. That’s just a few of the job types that are required on cruise ships.


International Teacher


Teachers are always required all around the world. If you already have a background in teaching, you might want to become an international teacher. This is when you take time away from your ordinary work to teach children in other parts of the world. English language teachers are always required, especially in Asian countries. And if you have a specifications that is in demand, you should be able to find work in the vast majority of countries you want to visit.


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Tour Guide
Tours guides operate in parts of the world that tourists usually flock to. You can show people around and get to know a certain part of the world. When you get bored with that place and that job, you could move to a new location and become a tour guide somewhere else. It’s the kind of job that allows you to move around and do lots of things and learn things too. It’s a career you should definitely consider if you want to see the world.

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These Incredible Careers Will Give You A Sense Of Purpose

There are so many choices when deciding what you want to be in life. It can be hard to narrow it down to one particular option. But, if you want a career where you get the sense that you’re changing the world or making a difference that does narrow the board down a little. Here are some of the best careers that will give you an incredible sense of purpose.


Teach Me Something


Yes, it’s true being a teacher might be hard work, but it’s also incredibly rewarding. You can impart knowledge onto the next generation and help shape the new world of students who will soon become adults. You can work with the little ones just as they are starting to grow or help kids through their teenage years. It’s entirely up to you.


Incredibly Close, Impossibly Far


Or, how about heading to a country where people are really in need? You can work a charity officer in some of the most dire places across the continent of Africa or the middle-east. There, you can help build houses, provide water supplies or even teach English skills. There are so many jobs available out there, at least one is guaranteed to match your skill set.


Delivering New Life


As a midwife, you’ll be delivering babies into the world. You’ll be there when the miracle happens, and it will be your responsibility to make sure the baby is delivered safely. This is one of the most incredible experiences in life, and you’ll see hundreds of births through your career. You can learn more about this in the infographic below.


Created By Staffnurse Midwife jobs


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Networking & The Hero’s Journey: Overcoming Your Fears




Making connections and learning to network is a vital part of any self-development process. As part of the hero’s journey, it’s necessary to encounter other people who could play an essential role in your growth – which is where networking comes in. Whether you are trying to increase the number of clients you have, are pushing for a promotion at work, or even just looking to create stronger, better relationships with those that can help you, a little networking with the right people can go a long way.


The trouble is, not everyone is comfortable with the idea, and the prospect of standing in a roomful of strangers making small talk is a nightmare for many. There are some who love it, of course, and to whom networking is a natural act – and it’s these people who tend to get ahead in life, even if they are less well-equipped or skilled than their introverted rivals.


It’s one of those things in life that isn’t fair, but nothing is going to change soon. In short, you have to overcome your fear of networking and get out there and make a noise – so here are some ideas for you to get started.


Research attendees


It’s OK to do a little research on the attendees of a particular event to find out who they are and what they do. Take a look and see what you can find out about your prospective contacts, to ensure that there is a valid reason for attending, whether for business or self-development reasons. LinkedIn is the ideal place for this, and there are plenty of event sites that include listings of attendees and guest speakers. You might even find that setting up an event group can help you meet people online before you arrive.




Sharpen up your small talk


Small talk doesn’t come naturally to most people, but it’s a learned skill – anyone can do it if they practice enough. It’s a good idea to catch up on some industry news before you go to a business event, and also some general stories from the newspaper. It’s advisable to keep politics, religion and other potentially awkward subjects off the table when you meet people for the first time, so look around for five or six other topics you can use as conversation starters.


The open-ended technique


OK, so you have built up enough confidence to start some conversations. But, all you ever get are blunt ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answers, which leaves you feeling even more uncomfortable than you were before. So, practice asking open-ended rather than closed questions. Give people a chance to expand on answers, and you will find the conversation starts to flow naturally.


Target groups


It can be overwhelming for shy, nervous, or introverted people to enter a room full of people and get talking straight away. But it doesn’t take much to get involved in a discussion. Look for groups of people talking, rather than individuals – when you approach a group, one of them is more likely to offer their hand and welcome you to the discussion.


Start your own networking night


Starting a networking night yourself is a great way to put yourself front and centre in people’s minds. And it’s a lot easier to deal with your fears, too, as people will come to you to do the talking. Yes, you will be feeling a lot of pressure to arrange a great night, but not all networking events have to be full-on – perhaps you could design a gentler occasion that better suits your personality, and will attract others that feel similar?




Hold a golf event or function


Golf and business go together hand in hand. Many a deal has been struck on the fairways, and having a focus for the event is a great way to take the pressure off you. The great thing about golf is that you get a lot of time to spend with particular individuals, and it’s a more intimate occasion than holding a huge party in a hotel function room. You can buy some golf trophies to add a little competitive spice, and even arrange a regular event which targets different types of attendee or client.


Be wary of alcohol


There is often alcohol at business events, and when you are feeling nervous, it can be tempting to go for some Dutch courage. Try to avoid overindulging, however, as it will backfire. A small drink at the beginning of the event will help you relax a little, but if you overdo it, people will notice – and it can be incredibly damaging to your personal brand.


Be nice


It’s easy for your nerves to get the better of you when you are attending a networking event. It’s why you see so many serious faces at these types of conferences – everyone is so desperate to make a professional impression that they end up looking cold, stern, and unfriendly. So, be nice – and smile. It will instantly mark you out from the other attendees, and more people will want to come and say hello and find out more about you and your business. Friendliness costs nothing, and there are plenty of people who actively seek out a winning smile at networking events.


Enthusiasm wins


One thing you must do at a networking event is to be enthusiastic about what you do and why you are there. This can be harder than you might think, especially if you don’t like praising yourself, or feel worried about discussing problems and issues you might be having. The trouble is, if you don’t wear your passion for what you do on your sleeve, no one else will believe you have it either – and they will instantly lose interest. If you are struggling with this tactic, concentrate on coming up with an enthusiastic one-line pitch which explains what you do and why you are there – and always say it with a smile on your face.


Have a goal


Finally, have a goal in mind before you go to a networking event – something like collecting as many names as possible, or talking to a particular individual whose work in self-development you admire. Doing something like this will force you to get out there and be chatty and communicative. If you set yourself targets in life, you are more likely to achieve them, and networking is no different to anything else. Good luck at your next networking event!

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Careers That Are Endlessly Challenging and Completely Rewarding at the Same Time

Are you looking for a new career? If your current job simple doesn’t give you the satisfaction and rewards that you’ve been looking for, considering a change might be a really good idea. It will give you a shot at a fresh start. But which career should you opt for when you’re considering a change? If you want something that is going to challenge you and offer you that rewarding feeling that can keep you motivated, there are some suggestions below. Each of these career options is difficult, so it won’t be easy. But they certainly will be rewarding.


Charity Work


There are few things more noble or positive than working in the nonprofit sector. You can do work every day that helps people who are in a less fortunate position that yourself. There are so many different sectors within the nonprofit industry too. And there are lots of different roles you can take up in it. Whether you want to work as a fundraiser, an advertising executive or a missionary out in the field; you will be doing positive work. The reward you get is seeing the help that is being given to some of the most in-need people out there.


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Nursing is a tough profession. If you want to get involved in this career, you will have to first do lots of training. You can’t just walk in without getting the right qualifications first. But when your training has been completed and you’re on the road to success, you will see the effect your work is having first-hand. It’s often the nurses that do the small things that matter most. They care for patients, make sure that they are kept healthy during their stays in hospital and given help when they need it. If you do want to do this job, as well as the qualifications, you will need help with finding hospital scrubs.




Teaching children is one of the hardest careers you can go into. Every day will be unique, and some of those days will be unbearably stressful. But when you finally get through to a child and teach them something, it all becomes worthwhile. You have the ability to shape young people when they’re still growing and developing as people. That’s a real honour to have, and comes with great responsibility. You have to know how to handle it and what kind of approach to take. That’s something that you will learn to do as the time passes by, though.


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Journalism might not have a great reputation among many people. But the work that is done can often be for the public good. When big stories are broke, they can hold the powerful to account and inform the population of important things. Of course, not all journalism are good, and neither are all journalists. But there are plenty of great ones out there, and uncovering an incredible story is always hugely rewarding. It’s something to consider if you want a challenging but rewarding kind of job.

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