Is a Technical Career Right For You?

Technical working is about getting to grips with the nitty gritty details of computing, engineering or another technical industry like those. It could be the kind of job that’s right for you if you’re not yet sure which job is the ideal one for you. There are some things that you should think about and ask yourself before you decide that a technical career is right for you there. We’re going to discuss some of those issues and details right now, so read on.

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Are You Good Under Pressure?

Many technical jobs involve working under pressure. If you’re handling heavy machinery or creating things that are going to be used in practical situations once the products are sold on, you need to get things right. There are often many dangers, not just to yourself but to others too, that you have to be aware of. If you think you can handle that pressure, that’s an important first step.

It’s a Good Move if You’re Bored of Your Desk

If you’re the kind of person that’s been working an office job but if find it completely boring and unfulfilling, it might be a good idea for you to explore the technical and hands-on options out there. By stepping away from your desk, you could discover all kinds of new and interesting possibilities that will help you to make the most of your work life.

Talk to Business and Professionals

It’s worth looking at what other businesses do so you can understand exactly what goes into doing a technical job. There are places like that offer plenty of specific information about working in a particular niche. Do as much research as you can, and then talk to people doing the jobs you’re interested in and approach relevant businesses too. It’s a good way to learn more about what these jobs are all about.

Seek the Right Training or Qualifications

For many technical careers, you’re required to seek training and certified qualifications. These are what companies in particular industries look for before hiring people. It not only helps them to make sure that they are hiring people with the right skills and abilities; it also helps them fire people who can do the work safely.

Keep on Discovering

Finally, you need to try to keep discovering new things and new ideas that might serve you well in a technical career. Never stop trying to learn about where you go next and how you go about achieving more. If your mind is closed off to all of these interesting and important things, you will only cause yourself more difficulty when it comes to making this career switch.

If you’re convinced that your career lies in a technical vocation, you should go for it. Why spend your working life tied to a desk when there are so many other things you could be out there doing and enjoying a whole more than your current office job. You can make this happen if you want to.

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Travel-Focused Jobs That Will Enrich Your Lifestyle

Out of all the jobs in the world that you could take, travel-focused jobs are arguably some of the most inspiring and exciting. This is because a travel-focused job can take you virtually anywhere in the world. One day you might be in a metropolis like London, and another night you could be in the snowy north of Finland. If you love to explore and want to enrich your lifestyle through your career, then here are a few travel-focused career choices to explore.

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Driving Jobs

While driving a taxi or for a private transport company might not take you far, a truck driving job will. You can search for trucking jobs nearby and you’ll likely come across dozens of jobs that take you across long stretches of highway from city to city or even state to state. It’s perfect for drivers that enjoy long-distance driving and the solitude you get is perfect for listening to podcasts, music or even catching up on an audiobook. Because the drives usually take you to new places that you’ve never been, it gives you some time to explore and soak in new sights, sounds and smells that you haven’t experienced before.

Travel Blogging

A dream job that many aspire to is travel blogging. You essentially go travelling (be it on a plane, hiking or even a road trip) and then you write about your experiences. You take plenty of pictures, you might even record videos and you basically keep your followers up to date on where you go. You essentially get paid to travel around the world and record your findings with some with, humour or even science. Of course, you’ll need to be able to write well and create a following, but this is made much easier thanks to social media. To coincide with travel blogging, you could also take up photography. This gives you an additional source of income and can help inspire you to pick new locations for your travels.

Flight Staff

Flight attendants travel virtually 100% of the time. They spend a lot of their time in different countries and on board planes, meaning they’re always in motion and there is never a dull day. Training to be a flight attendant involves being professional, courteous, safety-focused and adaptable due to the conditions you are placed under. There are plenty of travel and flight benefits involved too, making it a brilliant overall career choice for people that love to be constantly moving from one place to another.

There are plenty of other travel-focused jobs that you could give a try, but these are just three common examples that aren’t necessarily difficult or stressful to achieve. There are other roles such as business CEO or global sales representatives, but they don’t travel as often and it takes a long time before you can reach those kinds of positions in their respective industries. Hopefully, this article has given you some idea of how you can travel yet still make a living and explore the world at the same time.

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Is a Tech Career Realistic For You?

Whether you’ve just left college and want to explore career options or you simply feel like it’s time for a change for you in your career, the tech industry is an enticing prospect. We hear a lot about Silicon Valley, but tech jobs aren’t confined to that area. They can be found in pretty much every corner of the globe, so no matter where you are, a tech career could be a real possibility for you.

The question is, do you really want a tech career? Is it the right destination for you right now? It’s very possible that this is the right fit for you, but there are some things that you should give some thought to before you actually make your final decision. You don’t want to be in a position of making a big decision like this only to later realise that it’s not the right fit for you at all. There should be no rush when making these kinds of calls.

We’ve prepared some information and things for you to consider before you push towards a career in tech. Read on and enlighten yourself, before making a fully informed decision.

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Consider Your Background

Your background doesn’t have to stop you from seeking out a career in tech. Plenty of people are leaving jobs in unrelated sectors in order take up tech positions, so there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be able to do the same. You should definitely think about your related and transferable skills that you developed over time working in your previous position. It could help you to clinch that first role if you’re clever about it.

Learn About the Available Careers in Tech

There are so many different niche areas of tech, and that’s something that should definitely play to your advantage. When you’re able to look at many different areas that you could be interested in, you will see how limitless the tech landscape really is. Companies like Global App Testing work on the mobile side of things. But you could go into AI, medical tech or a million other different options that are out there.

Find What Really Excites You

If you’re making a big career change, you want this to be something that you can stick with and be passionate about for the rest of your working life. That’s why it’s important to find the tech niche that really gets you excited. If you find that, you will have found the job that’s right for you. There’s nothing better than being able to get out of bed each day excited for the day ahead because of your passion for the job you do.

Speak to People in the Industry

If you’re still not exactly sure about whether a career in tech is right for you, you should think about talking to people who are already working in the industry. They should be able to give you the inside track on what it’s like to actually work in that kind of setting and how it might be for you when you decide to eventually get involved. They’ll tell you things that no amount of other research would have been able to turn up.

Compare Pay Scales

Many people worry about making a career change because they don’t want to end up earning less than they’re currently earning. This is perfectly understandable, and it’s something that you should definitely be giving some thought to if you haven’t done so already. Compare the pay scales of the role you’re in and the role you want to take up. You might have to work for a few years before you match your pay from the previous job. Are you prepared for that?

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Don’t Assume You Need to be a Coder

When some people think of tech jobs, they immediately think of people sitting at desks furiously typing out code. Sure, that might be one side of what tech careers look like, but it’s not the reality for the vast majority of tech careers. So you definitely don’t need to know how to right code in order to build a career in this industry.

Remember That This Industry Has a Future Where Others Don’t Necessarily

One of the things that you should think about are your future job prospects. Because of trends like automation, many jobs that exist right now will simply not be there in the future. However, if you get involved in the tech industry, you can be sure that the job you’re doing will have a real future because this is an industry that is only on the up right now. It makes sense to jump on board sooner rather than later.

Never Stop Learning

If there’s a particular niche of tech that you’re really interested in, it makes sense for you to keep learning about it. Your transition into this industry will be so much smoother and easier if you’re able to build your knowledge before starting the job. Sure, it can be daunting and difficult but you’re going to have to show intent if you want anyone to hire you in a job you’ve never really done before.

Make Contacts and Clinch the Job You Want

It’s a good idea to start making contacts in the industry if you’re serious about switching to it. Once you know people inside the kinds of companies you want it eventually work for, you can learn about opportunities that might be coming up in the future. You know what they say, it’s not what you know but who you know. When the time does come for you to start applying for positions, grab the opportunity with both hands.

Tech careers are not particularly hard to come by these days. They’re more prevalent than ever and the number of them is increasing all the time. It’s all down to the fact that technology organises our lives on a day to day basis; there’s no getting away from it. If you want to get in on this, you shouldn’t hesitate to find the right tech career for you.

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Where Could An Armed Forces Career Take You?

There are so many careers that are just so popular. To name but a few there’s freelancing, marketing, finance, customer service etc. But the one career that doesn’t get enough credit is a career in the armed forces. A lot of people would go against something like this due to the travelling and being away from home, and the potential dangers. But we’re now seeing a career in the armed forces becoming ever more popular due to the opportunities it creates, not only whilst actually in the armed forces, but once deciding to leave as well. Plus, the travelling should be one of the advantages, and it is definitely going to be one of the ones we list today. So, if a career in the armed forces could be on the cards for you, or even if it is something that you’ve never considered before, here’s why we think it’s one of the best careers that you could go for.

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Travelling Opportunities

It’s no secret that a career in the armed forces could potentially take you around the world, and it should be considered one of the biggest advantages to the career. Yes, you might be travelling there on work, but that doesn’t mean you won’t get some downtime for you to be able to take in the country you’re visiting. It allows you to become such a cultured person purely due to the fact you’ll see so many different places. As a bonus, most of the bases that you’ll visit will be in tropical and hot countries, meaning you could be in the sun more than you think. For women especially, this should be one of the things that attracts you to the role. The people you meet in the armed forces will become some of the closet friends you’ll ever meet, so travelling the world with them whilst working is one of the best things you can do. Don’t be afraid of the homesickness. This is what can put a lot of people off about the travelling side of things. Whilst it is hard to be away from your loved ones for long periods of time, especially if you have a family, there’s also the sheer joy you’ll feel every time you’re able to go back to them. A lot of the time you can also take your family around the world with you to stay in the army bases. Whilst this isn’t ideal for some people, it might be better than having to wait a few weeks or months to see them! You’ll also get the privilege of doing tasks such as humanitarian aid in countries that are so desperate for it.


It doesn’t matter what sector of the armed forces you enter into, or what role you chose to do, progression is everywhere. This is something that a lot of civilian jobs lack. You’ll find yourself always stuck at the bottom with little else in the way of progression. But prove your way in the armed forces and there’s only up for you to go. The more you progress, the more money you’re able to make, and money motivates everyone! Don’t get us wrong, it is hard to progress just like it would be in any other role, but knowing that the option to move on up is there is comforting for a lot of people. The longer you stay in the armed forces, the further you’re likely to go. But it’s important to remember that you are signed into a contract that keeps you in the armed forces for at least 4 years. Anytime before that and you’d have to try and pay your way out of the contract which can sometimes be very expensive. Even things such as starting a family doesn’t make you exempt to leaving.


As we’ve already said, the bonds you’ll make with the people you work with in the armed forces are some of the strongest friendships you’ll ever be able to create. But that is no surprise considering you’ll be spending weeks or months at a time with them, and only them. A lot of squadrons that you’ll be based with do things such as military coins as memorabilia for the time you’ve spent with the people you’ve spent it with. More info can be found here about the value of military coins and how much they can mean to the people serving. Make no mistake, being forced to spend months at a time with the same people can also have its cons. There will be arguments, especially between the girls, but they resolve so much more quickly than they would in the real civilian world. It takes a certain type of person to go into a career in the armed forces, and one personality trait that’s essential is the ability to let things go and build bridges if things do go wrong. At the end of the day, the people you’re spending your time with are the people who will have your back no matter what, so it’s important to make sure you’re keeping friendships as strong as they can possibly be.

Challenges & Skills

You’ll face so many different challenges and learning curves, but they are what makes you grow as a person. One of the biggest challenges you’ll face is adjusting to the regimented lifestyle. You won’t have as much freedom as you would from your average 9-5 job, but that isn’t to say you won’t have the time to enjoy yourself every week. One big skill you’ll have no choice but to learn is time management. There won’t be any leniency if you’re late, and there will always be consequences. In the military, if you’re told to be somewhere for a certain time, you get there 5 minutes early. You’ll also learn how to problem solve on the spot to make sure you’re making the right decision. The lives of others could potentially be in your hands, so it’s important that you go into the military with the skill already, and let the military help you grow your knowledge.

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Four Ways To Make Yourself More Employable

In a job economy that is incredibly competitive and there are multiples of people applying for the same job, then it pays to be doing something to make yourself stand out from the crowd. Having something unique on your resume or doing things to improve your skills are going to make you memorable and much more employable. But all of that is easier said than done, right? What are some of the things that could actually make a difference?

If you’re wanting to change career or just get your dream job, then here are some things that you could be thinking about.


Work Placements

It can be hard to get a job in a field that you have little or no experience in. However, it can be easier to get a work placement or work experience in one of those roles, as they’re not expecting you have lots of experience. So applying for a work placement, where you can learn on the job, gives you some vital experience for your resume, as well as gets you some connections in the industry.

Use Your Initiative

When it comes to working, then many people would prefer to work for themselves. So if you’re not managing to get a job in the field that you want, then why not make your own job? Working for yourself can be hard work but incredibly rewarding. It doesn’t even have to be something too complex. For instance, how about looking up ‘semi auctions near me’ on an online search, and start getting into transportation and logistics? It can be a fairly straightforward business that can mean a steady income. Retraining or looking for different things to be doing in the meantime are great ways to show your initiative whether to work for yourself or for an employer.

Volunteer Work or Overseas Work

If you have evidence on your resume of working abroad or volunteering, then it can make your resume stand out by a mile! There can be so many skills and qualities that are developed or learned when you do this kind of work, that it can look really positive to an employer. So if you have the chance to do any of this kind of work, then doing so even for a little while can be a good idea.


The term ‘network’ can seem a little cringeworthy, but when you’re trying to get your foot in the door, it can be a good way to go. Meeting new people, especially the ones that are in the field you want to be working in, means you have a face to the name and someone to call upon for advice. Even if it is the small thing that could land you an interview, it is going to be worth it.

There are many opportunities out there for you; you just need to know how to hone your skills, and your resume, to make you shine. And don’t underestimate the power of working for yourself, either.

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Bored Of The 9 To 5? These Jobs Will Fix That

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For most of us, going to work is as simple as sitting behind a desk and working at a computer for eight hours a day. There’s nothing wrong with that, of course, and most people enjoy earning their income this way. However, for some people, the 9 to five workday can become a bit of a drag. When the boredom becomes too much to bear, it’s time to look for a job that isn’t confined to the usual work hours.

Do you think you are ready to free yourself from your office desk? Here are some great career alternatives to the boring old nine to five.


If you are sick of being stuck behind your desk every day but don’t mind working full days during the week, then you might want to think about becoming a teacher. Most teachers don’t work nine to five anyway, so you aren’t trapped to that schedule anyway. Teaching is a really inspiring job and you’ll find that it’s really easy to feel motivated when working with kids and helping them achieve their future goals. There are plenty of guides on how to get into teaching later in life online.

Freelance Writer

Maybe the main thing you dislike about your nine to five is your boss? If so, then you might want to consider becoming a freelancer. That way, you can work for yourself and you won’t have to worry about anyone senior to you. Freelance writing is a great contracting job to get into. You might want to start a blog so that brands and companies start to notice you. If they like your tone of voice and writing style, they might want to reach out for collaborations!

Construction Worker

If you are really against the whole idea of working at a desk every again, you might like the idea of looking for a job that keeps you on your feet. There are always plenty of construction jobs out there, so you might want to apply to one of these. When you start working as a construction worker, you will be mostly working outside in laboring roles. It’s definitely hard work but is also very rewarding!

Park Ranger

Do you love the great outdoors? If so, then you might want to consider becoming a park ranger. There are two options with this job – first of all, you could simply be a ranger at your local park. Alternatively, if you want a bit more of a challenge, you should see about becoming a ranger at a national park. There will be more ground to manage, but you will be able to see a lot more exciting wildlife. This is a great opportunity who already has some outdoor experience or enjoys a spot of gardening!

You don’t have to work behind a desk in a nine to five forever. If you feel like it could be time to move on, it’s definitely worth taking the plunge. You’ll end up in a brand new and exciting career!

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Reduced Risks and Timesaving Tricks: How To Catapult Your Career

You want to make a change to your regular working life. The nine to five office job and unwanted emails are getting on your last nerve. The problem is, you’re not a huge risk taker and you don’t have the time to make a drastic life transformation. The truth is you can do anything you want to do without altering your daily routine too dramatically. Take on a little extra responsibility and you might see surprising results. If you find balancing your work and social life difficult, this shouldn’t make life too hard for you. We all want to boost our career without becoming a social recluse, so here’s where to start.

Feel Good and Volunteer

If you could work for any company in any industry what would it be? Now ask yourself, what might be stopping you from doing this. It might be that the company you want to work for is extremely competitive and seemingly unattainable. Forget the obstacles ahead of you and just go for it. Offer to volunteer in an industry you have real interest in. The chances are you will love it, so won’t actually mind working for free. More often than not volunteering jobs can lead to full-time job offers, so make a good impression and you’ll be winning. You only need to take a day out of your week for a plan like this to work, so go for it right now.

Extra Education

You might be stuck in an office, but you have bigger dreams in your mind. If you haven’t quite got the qualifications you need to get that promotion or apply for a new post, there are many ways you can get there. Join your local college and take an evening class which will help you to gain the skills you need. You may only need to attend one class each week and there might be a chance to take classes online. You could also consider an online mba program, which will be sure to capitalize on your expertise in a chosen field. Adding an extra qualification under your belt will help you to take that step further in your career. Small spouts of hard work is a sure-fire way to take your education to the next level.


Build A Business

You have complete freedom when it comes to starting your own freelance business on the side. Keep your daily job and spend a little time at home in the evenings planning out a new business venture. This might be your ticket to success if you plan it out well. Having your own business to fall back on is an amazing way to guarantee financial security and you will have the freedom to work whenever you want. Start small and then grow as you go!

Choose these low risk and time savvy methods to give yourself a career boost today. Your confidence will soar and you will soon feel free from the confined walls of your current career. Be your own boss and have everything you have ever wanted!

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