Don’t Let Summer Make Your House Feel The Heat

In an ideal world, our summers would consist of little beyond long evenings of BBQs and relaxing outside with our friends and family. For the most part, we’re able to do that. However, it being summer doesn’t mean we have a free pass to neglect our other duties. While our homes are under less of a strain than they are during winter, hot and stormy summers can still have a negative impact on certain aspects of our humble abode. With summer coming up quicker than we realise, here’s a useful guide to making sure your chilled vibes aren’t interrupted by a housing disaster.


Electrical Crisis


Your house is so much more than just four walls and a roof. It’s what’s inside the house that matters, and specifically your electrical items, which are probably a pretty big deal when it comes to your home running smoothly! Unfortunately, during the hot summer months we can sometimes ask a little too much of our electrics, putting them under a pressure than that can’t always handle. Your fridge will begin to falter should the temperatures exceed what they can handle, so if the thermometer is inching north make sure you have a cooling system in place. Also, make sure that you’re keeping on top of the maintenance of your air conditioning units – if you look after it it’ll keep you cool all summer.


Storm’s a Comin’


The hot weather is nice, but there are few things better than an epic summer thunderstorm to let you know that you’re really subject to the elements. While it can be nice to watch a storm rolling along from afar, if they’re overhead then you run the risk of having your home damaged. Our roofs are in particularly danger of suffering during a storm, especially as they can act like magnets for the lightning! While you can’t prepare for a storm, you can repair the damage by getting in touch with a company like Texas Star Roofing. Also, don’t forget to make sure you’re somewhere safe inside your home when the storm hits!


Pipe Concerns


Most people think that their pipes are only at risk during winter. While winter poses a bigger threat, your pipes aren’t completely safe during summer, especially the parts of the system that are on the outside. This is because things like heat and UV light can cause pipes to become weaker – and thus more prone to breaking. Also, the same thunderstorm that affects your room can also affect your pipes. Get a pipe expert in before summer if you’re concerned about how your pipes will cope during the summer months.


Gone Fishin’

The biggest summer threat to our home is actually…ourselves; or more specifically, when we’re not there! If you’re going away during the summer for an extended vacation, make sure you have the security systems in place so that any would be burglars don’t target your home. Take the proper precautions and your home will be in the same state when you return as when you left.

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Getting Your Car Ready For A New Arrival

Sometimes a good car can feel like a member of the family, and getting rid of it doesn’t seem like an option. But if you’ve got a new arrival on the way, it might be time to ditch your two-seater for something a bit more practical. There’s no way that you’re going to be doing the school run without a decent sized vehicle. You also need a safer car, as you don’t want to put your new child in danger. You won’t be turning heads as you drive through the streets anymore, but it’s time to leave that part of your life behind. There are a lot of different cars on the market, and it can be difficult to know which ones are best. If you’re taking your first step into the world of family cars, here are some tips on helping you choose the best one for you.

A Holiday Extras family in their car.
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This should be your first thought. Making sure that your new baby is safe, is vital. At the very least, your chosen car should have airbags and latch systems for car seats. You should also look into the safety ratings for various cars, as this will tell you how likely you are to be injured in the event of a crash. The alarm system on the car also makes a big difference. Once the baby arrives, you’ll need that car every single day, so if it gets stolen, you’ll be a bit stuck.




You’ll need to make sure that you’ve got enough space in the car for everything. Your new baby will come with a lot of luggage, so think about whether you can fit a stroller, a changing table, a car seat and whatever else you’ll need to take with you. In the future, you might decide to have some more kids. If you get a big enough car now, you won’t have to worry about upgrading again in the future.


Running Costs


Raising a family is expensive, so you need to watch your finances carefully. Getting a car that is expensive to run is only going to add to that strain. Check the cost of insuring the car before you decide to buy it. It is also a good idea to take defensive driving traffic school online as it will massively reduce the costs of your insurance, and make you a safer driver.

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Check the fuel consumption as well, with gas prices so high, an uneconomical car can really pile costs on top of your budget. If the car ever breaks down, you’ll be paying out to fix it. The parts for some cars are much cheaper and more readily available. Don’t end up getting a car that will cost you a stupid amount to get fixed. If you can afford it, look into buying a hybrid, they will be much more expensive initially, but you’ll earn that money back over the years due to the much lower running costs.  
If you follow these simple steps, you can get yourself a great car that will keep you going for years to come. Click here for a few ideas on the best family cars on the market.

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The Ultimate Home Gym Studio: Sweat With A Smile

Staying fit and healthy is a priority in everyday life. Not only does it matter for your self-esteem – who doesn’t want to like what they see in the mirror? – but it is also a basic health requirement. With gym memberships increasing regularly, it seems that gym is the way to go to stay on top of your health. However, recent surveys have found that almost 75% of gym goers are guilty of bad gym etiquette. Not bringing a towel, grunting loudly as your exercise, and showing off your muscles are only some of the regular complaints about the gym. In short, while it’s a practical place to get fit, it is also the most dreaded place for most people. So why not look at a way to get your own gym studio at home and without breaking the bank?


The Practical Gym Room

When you decide to exercise at home, you will need more than just motivation – although the motivation is essential to it. You’ll need a space that is dedicated to your workout. While most people try at first to accommodate a gym bike or a treadmill between the sofa and the TV, you need, to be honest from the start: If you want to exercise at home, you need to take it seriously and to start a home improvement project. The preferred solution to get your home gym is to use a steel building _ which is easy and quick to build, and extremely energy-efficient. The main reason why most homeowners turn to steel gym buildings is that it is the most practical use that they could make of their backyard. While this can sound a little lame, it is in truth a great way to make the most of your space for a good cause.

A home gym studio by the pool

Fitness Gear That Doesn’t Break The Bank

Building your own gym gives you one advantage: You can focus on your workout, and you don’t need to spend a lot on your fitness gear. Why not? Because making use of the space that a room gives you is a great way to exercise. For example, using only a kettlebell, you can burn up to 800 calories per hour. You can even find workouts that don’t need any equipment, but that you wouldn’t have been able to do easily in a crowded gym. If you are into tracking gear, you might want to try the health tracking functions of your phone before investing in specialist gear. When it comes to fitness, motivation matters more than having the latest gadget. And motivation is exactly what a clean and private gym studio gives you.

Fitness Weights Training Kettlebell



Why It Works

You may wonder why working out at home should be better than at the gym. The reasoning is very human. Your home offers a place for exercises that fits into your daily program, and that helps you to concentrate. You don’t need to suffer from any of the usual lack of gym etiquette: There is nobody to flex his or her muscles in front of you and destroy your mojo; the equipment might be sweaty as you use it but it’s your own sweat. So, beat the 75% of bad gym goers and get your own studio!

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Does Your Small Home Leave You Feeling Claustrophobic? Changes Things Today Without Moving House

Are you starting to feel like your home is a little too small and compact for you? Maybe your family is expanding and you’re not sure whether the space you have available to you is enough. It can be tempting to start thinking about moving house, but who wants all that hassle and hard work on their plate? It’s not ideal for anyone to have to move.


There might be an alternative, though. There are actually lots of small steps you can take to make your home feel a little more spacious and a lot less claustrophobic. You just need to think logically and understand the tricks that really do make a difference. It’s not necessarily as difficult as you might imagine it to be either.


Below, you will find 12 ways in which you can make your small home feel bigger. Each of them will be discussed in-depth, and then you decide whether they could work for you and your situation. So, without further ado, read on and start learning how you can fix your home and avoid the trouble of having to move house.


Start by Rearranging Your Existing Furniture


Sometimes, changing things around and rearranging the furniture in your home can be a really big deal. It can have more of an impact than you imagine. When you have a small space to work with, you have to be prepared to think outside the box and come up with unusual ways of making it work for you. That means arranging furniture in a way that gets the most from the space that you have on offer. It could mean switching items around, pushing things back and testing completely new arrangements until you find one that seems to work well.


Cut Back on Non-Essential Furniture Items


Another thing you might want to do with your furniture is cut back on it a little. When you’re willing to do this, you can find that you get rid of the things that you don’t really need and keep the things that are actually useful. You’ll be surprised at how much extra room can be created simply by cutting back and getting rid of a few things that you don’t really need or want anymore. Take a very pragmatic kind of approach to this. If you’re not getting any use out of an item, why not make use of the space that it’s currently taking up? It makes sense.

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Think Vertically


You might be running out of floor space in your home, but have you thought about how the home’s vertical space could be put to use? This is something that many people don’t even stop to think about, but they really should if they want to make the most of the space that they have in their homes. You could use storage fixtures that attach to the wall in order to free up floor space. There are all kinds of creative ways in which you can use the vertical spaces in your home to your advantage.


Try to Get Double Usage Out of Furniture


If you have one item that can do two things, it will save you space because you won’t have to own two separate items. When you’re organising your furniture and trying to get as much out of your home’s space as possible, this can be a really positive move to make. You could have a chair that also doubles up as a small storage space, for example. And there are many other examples out there that you can find too. It makes perfect sense to make the most of this, so don’t limit the usage of the furniture you own.


Expand Into the Outside


If you can connect the inside of your home to the outside space you have, you can make the whole home feel a little less compact. You certainly won’t feel claustrophobic anymore if you do this. If you have some money to spend, you could think about installing some new patio doors at the rear of your home. They can then open out onto the garden, creating a point of easy access for the garden. During the summer months, the home will feel much more light and airy. And that can make a really big difference when you’re trying to make it feel like enclosed and dull.


Open Up the Space by Not Enclosing Rooms


Are your rooms too enclosed and shut off from one another? If that’s the case, don’t worry, there are some simple things that can be done to save the situation. For example, you could keep doors open more often; you can get simple items from superiormaker that can help with this. Or you could even come up with a more open plan design and knock down some of the dividing walls in the home. If you choose to do that, just be careful and ensure you’re not knocking down any supporting walls. It might be best to hire professional help.


Swap Curtains for Blinds


This is one of those small changes that really can have an impact on how big or small a home feels. When you have curtains covering your windows, they tend to be quite big and cumbersome. They make the room feel a little smaller and more cramped. That might not be such a big deal for some people. But if you want to make the room feel more spacious, it makes sense to embrace blinds. They are much smaller and they don’t hang down as far, creating the appearance of more space being taken up. That’s exactly what you want when you’re trying to make the most of every square inch.

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Unify Your Colours


Chaotic design choices can really hold you back when you’re trying to make your home seem bigger and more spacious. The small homes that looks biggest are the ones that have a clear and unified approach to design. And most important of all is the colour scheme that you choose for the home. If it’s all over the place and there is no clear through line, it will simply look messy, and the home will feel even more cramped and uninviting. That’s not what you want, so make sure that you think carefully about the colours you choose for the home.


Choose Artwork That’s on the Smaller Side


Do you like to have some works of hard hanging on the walls of your home? If so, it might be a good idea to choose works of art that are on the small side. This will help to make sure that you don’t take up too much of the wall space and make the room feel smaller and more cramped than it is. Art can definitely add something to your walls and your home, but you need to make sure that you make your choices carefully. Big portraits are fine for big homes, but smaller pieces should always be used when the space on offer is smaller.


Make the Most of Mirrors


Next, you should try to make the most of mirrors. We all know that mirrors create the illusion of more depth in a room, even if we know that they are not actually showing us ma reality of more space. They also help to reflect more light around the room, helping it to reach every corner. You should try to use at least one mirror in each of the rooms that you want to make feel bigger. That way, you can be sure that you make the room appear as large as it possibly can.


Change Up the Lighting


The lighting arrangements in your home might need to be tweaked as well. Darkness is linked to a perception of limited space. If you can’t properly see every part of the room lit up, it will appear smaller in our minds. That’s simply the way in which our eyes and our brains work. So, if the lighting you currently have in place is a little dim and doesn’t offer as much coverage as it could, you need to think about changing things. Buy more lights, choose LED bulbs and make your home brighter.

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Try to Keep Your Surfaces as Clean as Possible


Keeping things clean and tidy can make it much easier for you to make it seem like your home is larger and more spacious. You just need to make sure that you keep surfaces clean and clear. Don’t let things pile up on them because this is an immediate sign of a lack of space in the home. Instead, you should make sure that every item in your home has its own place where it can be stored when it’s not in use.
Your small home might not seem like it’s ideally suited to you. But your fears and worried could be allayed if you make some of the changes discussed above. They’ll make your home feel a little more spacious, and that could be enough to make all the difference.

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Great Living At Home Made Easy

We all want to live a life at home which is as happy as possible, and yet this can often seem surprisingly hard to achieve. If you are someone who is very keen on being happy in the home, you will probably also be keen on finding as many ways as possible for how to do this. In this article, we are going to look at many of the major elements which can easily lead to a more fulfilling, comfortable and happy home life. As long as you bear the following in mind, you should find that you have a much happier home life, and probably in no time at all. Let’s take a look and see what you can do to make your home somewhere you will enjoy living in much more.

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Take A Look At The Design


If you have the opportunity to actually the change the overall design of the home, then it is well worth making the most of that opportunity and doing so. Often, doing this will bring up a surprising array of differences which you can apply, and usually these can be altered to make for a much better home to live in. Something that is always going to help the way in which you live in the home is the nature of the floor plans. If they are craftsman house plans, for example, they will be well designed for easy living, and you will really notice the difference in your day-to-day life. Of course, in general you will need help with these kind of aspects of the home – but as long as you have it, you will find that this makes a huge difference to how you feel in your own home. It is well worth looking at this before you move on to any other aspect of the home.


The Comfort Levels


When it comes to enjoying life at home, one of the first thing that people generally think of is the level of comfort, particularly in the main living or shared areas. Achieving comfort in these spaces can often be surprisingly challenging, ut with the right approach you will find that you can easily make your home considerably more comfortable in no time at all. Let’s take a look at some of the main functions of achieving comfort in the home.

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First of all, you want to make sure that you have a decent amount of comfortable furniture, and that it is spaced well enough apart so as to create the feeling of comfort in the air as well. This is something which can take a lot of trial and error, but it is definitely worth putting all your effort into trying to make it happen. As long as you have the right furniture, there is no reason that you can’t feel comfortable in your home for as long as possible. Of course, it’s not all about the furniture, and there are many other elements which go towards making a space more comfortable. If you really want to feel more comfortable in the home, you should also make sure that you have the ability to control the temperature in your home, otherwise you might not be able to find the level of comfort that you’re really looking for. As long as you can control temperature – and ideally, humidity – you will find that you feel much more at home and much more comfortable in your own space. This is something that it is well worth looking into if you are not entirely comfortable in your home at present.

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De-Stress Areas
Something that every home should have, but which relatively few actually do, is a decent de-stressing area, or several de-stressing areas. We all know how stressful everyday life can be, and having a space at home in which to unwind can be hugely important as a part of achieving peace at home. The truth is that it is relatively easy to find a decent space for such a purpose – all you need to do is set aside a specific area and make sure that it contains nothing which might stress you out or trigger you. Then you can fill it with comfortable furniture and so on, and perhaps make sure that it is as light and spacious as possible. You might be surprised at what a difference it can make to the feel of a home when you have this kind of space to unwind in. Try it out in your home and see how much of a difference you feel.

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What Do You Need When Your Family Is Getting Bigger?

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We all have a pretty good idea of what to expect when you’re expecting, but there’s something of a lack of information for exactly what it is you need when your little bundle of joy actually arrives. The thing that a lot of books and movies seem to forget is that as hard, uncomfortable, and exhausting as pregnancy and birth can be, they’re the easy part! The hard part is when you’re suddenly expected to take care of this tiny, fragile person, often with absolutely no idea what you’re doing. It can be a terrifying experience that can often get in the way of what you really want to be doing, which is revelling in the joy of the new addition to your family. To help you avoid falling into a total panic, here are some things that you should think about before your new addition arrives.


Do you need a new car?

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You might be incredibly attached to your car. Maybe it’s one you’ve had for years and has always taken care of you, or maybe you saved up and finally bought the sports car of your dreams. Sadly, when you have a baby, your priorities are going to have to change a little bit. You beloved old heap of junk may not seem so charming when safety becomes a serious issue, and your sports car isn’t going to do much good if you can’t fit anyone into the back seat because the engine has taken up half of the car. An SUV is often the car of choice for many families because of the space and comfort it offers. Cars like the Ford Escape are perfect for families who want to be able to drive in comfort and style, with plenty of space for all the stuff that you need when you’ve got a little one. See if you can find any Ford dealers, or any other dealers with high-quality SUVs near you and give one a test drive. Hopefully, you’ll find one that is stylish enough to take away the pain of having to say goodbye to your beloved sports car.


Is your home ready?


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You might assume that baby proofing isn’t something that you’re going to have to worry about for a while. After all, when they’re first born, babies aren’t able to do much other than cry and look adorable. However, those first few months have a nasty habit of racing by and before you know it your little one is going to racing around causing all kinds of trouble. Even before they can crawl, babies are able to roll to where they need to be, and you’d be amazed what skilled climbers they can often be. For your own peace of mind as much as their safety, make an effort to baby proof all the cabinets, keep anything unsafe out of their reach and lock away anything that they might be tempted to put in their mouths. Spoiler alert: babies will be tempted to put everything in their mouths.

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Educating Yourself Without Spending A Penny

Educating yourself is one of the best things you can do if you want to improve your life. By educating yourself, you could make sure you get that promotion at work, start your own business, and do a number of other things. At the very least, it’ll make you a wiser, happier person! But usually, educating yourself means spending a fortune on higher education. Not anymore! Now, there are so many resources you can use to learn without spending a penny. Read on to find out how!


Use Online Courses

Online courses are your friend when you want to educate yourself. Some of them can cost a bit of money, but this will be nothing compared to what you’d spend on a course at a college or university. Some of the courses online you can find for free. There are many different sites you can find these courses on, but two of the most popular are Udemy and Skillshare. With Udemy you can find free courses and buy courses one at a time, depending on what you want to do. On Skillshare you sign up and pay monthly, where you can then access every course on the site. It’s up to you how you want to do it! With many courses you get support and people who are also doing the course, so you can share ideas and things.


Make YouTube Your Best Friend

YouTube is another fantastic resource. Whether you want to figure out how to make something from scratch or build a business from the ground up, YouTube has some inspirational content that could help. Why not listen to a video while you get ready in the morning, or watch something while you’re on a treadmill at the gym?



Read As Much As Possible

Make sure you read as much as possible to educate yourself, from self-help books to interesting current events articles that will keep you up to date with the world. If you struggle to read or you don’t always have time, downloading podcasts and audiobooks to listen to can be just as beneficial. You can listen to these before bed, in the car on the way to work, or while you’re running/walking. If you utilize this time to listen to a podcast or audiobook, you’ll improve faster than you realize!


Do Things To Support Your Learning

Make sure you do things to support your learning, and you’ll retain this information and improve at a much faster rate. There are lots of studies out there that can clue you in, but a few of the things you should be doing are as follows:

  • Sleep – getting at least 7 hours a night will make you more creative and productive the next day! Get into a good routine.
  • Mediation – learn how to observe your thoughts rather than entertain every one of them and you’ll be less stressed, as well as able to learn new things much faster. You might just find yourself brimming with new ideas too!
  • Eating – eating nourishing foods will strengthen your body and brain. When you eat junk, you’ll feel like junk. This will make you reluctant to sit and do what you have to do to learn!
  • Exercise – exercise will give you confidence and make you feel happier in everyday life. You can double up your exercise with podcasts and audiobooks, or you can just sit down to study after a sweaty session. You’ll likely feel more focused!

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