Getting Into Your New House In One Piece

Moving house is stressful, there’s no doubt about that. Your entire life is in upheaval, hopefully in an attempt to make it better, and everything you own is packed up in boxes and unable to reach. The idea of that alone can cause some people to panic, so it’d be a good idea to find some ways to make this time feel a little bit safer for you.

Of course, that’s hard to do for a variety of reasons. When you’ve got an entire household to ferry back and forth, and all the possessions to accompany them, a disaster could be around any corner. So it’s time to be prepared, which goes a long way to making your new life smoother. Let’s look into some of the best ways to get everything into your new place in one piece, and cut down on the amount of hair you might tear out.

A new door to a whole new house of possibilities… don’t let it be a stressful time. (Image)

Get a Trusty Vehicle

Having the right vehicle on your side to get all of your possessions back and forth from your old house to your new one is more important than you might think. Because of that, make sure you have the best car or truck on your side to keep everything safe and strapped in, and make as many journeys as you need.

If you don’t have the right vehicle of your own, borrow a friend’s or even look into getting some professionals to help you; the cost of which is going to be plenty worth it when all your boxes and big furniture pieces are set down in your new place with no scuff marks or damaged corners on them. If you have a vehicle you could very well use on your side, namely a spacious truck with a good bed, look into the best tonneau covers and invest in one to make sure no weather damage strips your items of their color or soaks them beyond recognition. That’s the last thing you need right now!

Pack with Material in Mind

Seeing as you’re likely only using cardboard boxes to pack everything up properly, make sure you’ve got all the right packing material to accompany your items inside of it. Namely, for anything you’re taking out of the kitchen, make sure it’s padded and protected from any transit damage, and make the first dinner in your new house a time of celebration rather than disaster.

At the same time, make sure you’re not putting any incompatible items together into the same boxes. Anything that has a liquid form to it, and thus is flammable or possibly leaky, shouldn’t be carted along with anything else to accompany it. So keep those deodorants and those battery packs separate, and don’t bother trying to put them into a professional mover’s vehicle without expecting a mouth full from them!

Your new house is a new start, don’t poison it with these bad associations!

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Slashing Your Home Budget

Do you live paycheck to paycheck, struggling to pay your household bills, never mind having any left to save or enjoy? Do you find yourself worrying about money almost daily or terrified of an unexpected expense shattering your fragile financial situation? Well, you are most certainly not alone. It’s thought that 76 million Americans are struggling financially, or only just getting by. All of these people are worried and stressed.

Unfortunately, in the current economic climate, there’s no quick fix. Many of us have debts to pay off, a significant amount of us will never be able to buy our own home, and as the cost of living continues to rise, even working full time you can struggle to save enough to improve your own situation.

But, there’s little help coming from anywhere else either. If you want to ease your financial concerns, reduce your stress levels and give yourself and your family a significantly improved quality of life, you need to do something about it. While there’s no quick fix, there are a few ways to slash your household budget and save yourself money.

Make a Budget

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The first step to slashing your budget is making one. Most of us are aware of how much bills are and how much we earn but utterly unaware of the smaller details of our finances. We check our bank balance and find ourselves wondering where our money has gone.

Sit down, use a simple household budget spreadsheet template, and enter all of your figures.

Look at your last few months bank statements to make sure you include everything. When it comes to things like food, fuel and luxury expenses, set a budget and make sure you stick to it. If you want extra, you’ll have to save elsewhere on your budget.

Make Some Cuts

Now you’ve got everything written down in front of you; you can spot patterns and problems. Are you paying for anything that you don’t use or need? Perhaps a gym membership or a subscription service? Cancel anything that you can manage without. Remember, it doesn’t need to be forever, you can always go back once you’ve got the funds.

Then, within the things that you keep, look at some cuts. Do you use all of your minutes and data on your phone contract? Could you reduce your internet speed?

Make Some Switches

Most of us could save a lot of money every year by switching some suppliers. Take a look at your energy providers and your insurance company. Cheap car insurance can save you a lot of money, without diminishing your cover. Use comparison sites to make sure you are getting the best deals. If your providers are the best, look into changing tariffs so that you are only paying for what you need.

Start Clearing Debts

Debts are a vicious cycle. We get into debt because we need to, but then repaying the debt and the insurance costs makes our situation much worse and means that we can never save. Focus on paying more than the minimum to save yourself money long-term.

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Lt. Columbo –Signs To Watch For When Your Child Goes To College


University is a fantastic experience for both parent and child. Finally, the student gets the freedom to leave the house and spread their wings. At college, they get the opportunity to meet new people, party and learn. Although parents are often scared and sad, they’re also happy to see their baby grow up into an adult. Plus, it finally gets them out of the house. Hooray!

Jokes aside, higher education is the aspiration for families around the States. It’s a highway to a better life. So, why do some students fail and end up worse off than in the beginning?

Sadly, the freedom and independence can be too much for young minds to handle. As a result, there’s a chance they may make bad lifestyle choices at a very early age. Even though they aren’t in the house anymore, they’re still your child and the parenting role hasn’t finished. Here are the things to watch out for when they leave for college.


Bullying is wrongly associated with younger children, usually high schoolers and middle schoolers. It’s as if an imaginary line gets crossed when a kid turns eighteen and scuttles off to university. The reality is far different. The people who targeted victims in the 10th grade will do the same in the freshman year. No one is saying that your son or daughter can’t stick up for themselves, but it’s important to remember that bullying doesn’t discriminate. Signs of bullying include physical and mental scars, as well as an unwillingness to be vulnerable. If your child once loved being involved in social circles, the fact that they are now skeptical is a warning sign. Try and broach the topic if possible and let them know that they are not alone. They may not talk straight away, yet it’s healthy for them to have an outlet regardless.


It’s tempting to think that the younger generations have nothing to worry about because they are not old. At college, they can party, socialize and learn in a safe environment without any urgent responsibilities. At least, that’s how people view education after high school. The reality is very stark. Universities are by no means safe places because that goes against the fabric of what they represent. Students have to be challenged on a daily basis to learn and grow and leave a better person. So, the competition is fierce. Also, never forget that their short and long-term future rides on their grades. As a result, the pressure to hit deadlines and targets can be nerve-racking. Stress manifests itself in different ways, yet be on the lookout for depression. After all, this can accelerate into full-blown mental issues.



Now that there is no one there to ground them, the shackles are off and they are in charge. Do you want to come to a kegger tonight? Hell yes! Who wouldn’t?! Look, blowing off steam and having a few drinks is by no means the end of the world. Teenagers will always want to let loose and in many ways, a party is a perfect outlet. However, this culture can lead to problems. For one thing, studies often take a hit as they are too tired and hung over to go to class. As worrying to parents is the link between millennials and substance abuse in society. Millennials are not addicted across the board, yet studies show that prescription pills are a problem. Mixed with stress, drinking too much can lead to health problems.

Slacking Off

Sometimes, the reason for coasting at college is quite simple – because they can. Let’s face facts and admit that teens aren’t the hardest working bunch. Granted, they did well in high school but they had their parents pushing them to succeed. Now, there is no one to answer to but #1 which is very dangerous. Students have blown off going to classes because they assume they can coast by and still graduate with a high-class degree. They can’t unless they are Rain Man smart. Symptoms include a blasé attitude to work as well as constantly watching TV and never studying.

The Wrong Choice

Every parent wants their kid to go to school and graduate with honors. Although it’s the dream, it’s not always how life plays out. There’s a chance that your child may hate university and want to drop out and do something else. They may never bring it up, though, out of fear of your reaction. If they are unhappy, ask them why and promise them you won’t get mad. Dropping out may be the best thing they can do depending on the circumstances.

How is your son/daughter coping at college?

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100 Ways To Improve Your Health

Health and happiness go hand-in-hand! We should all try to live a happier and healthier existence, and here are 100 ways you can do so.

  1. Set yourself small and manageable goals. We often fail when we give yourselves a mountain to climb.
  2. Focus on what you can do, rather than what you can’t.
  3. Take a bath. Baths can soothe dry skin while also helping you to relax so that you get a better night’s sleep.

  1. Start the day with protein.
  2. Sit up straight. This can increase serotonin and lower your stress hormones, as well as ensuring you do not suffer from any posture-related problems.
  3. Go on holiday – and make sure it is a relaxing one! We all need to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life now and again.
  4. Eat whole grains.
  5. Ban all electronics in bed.
  6. Practice deep breathing.
  7. Stop eating in front of the television. You will eat more if you have distractions because you are not focused on what you are consuming.
  8. Find a workout you enjoy. There are so many different ways you can work out, from dancing and cycling to cross-training and playing a competitive sport. Find something you love and you will be more likely to stick to it.
  9. Go to the dentist once every six months.
  10. Learn how to read food labels properly. Just because something says ‘low fat’ does not mean it is good for you.
  11. Don’t eat after 9 p.m.
  12. Make your own salad dressing.
  13. Stop judging others and you will be less judgmental of yourself.
  14. Discover your stress triggers (so you can avoid them!)
  15. Stop frowning. It makes your skin age!
  16. Try yoga. You do not need to be flexible in order to do yoga. Give it a try – you might be surprised to find that you enjoy it.
  17. Learn your family medical history.
  18. Stop being afraid to ask for help.
  19. Reduce your sugar intake.
  20. View every difficulty as an opportunity. If you have made a mistake, find out where you have gone wrong, and learn from it.
  21. Don’t be afraid to have a good cry. You will feel much better once you have let it all out.
  22. Bulk out pasta dishes with greens to make sure you don’t eat too much of it.

  1. Find time to socialize.
  2. Schedule in your workouts to ensure that you have time to do them.
  3. Create a budget. This will help you to understand what you have coming in and going out every month so that you do not live beyond your means.
  4. Stop over-planning.
  5. Make time every day to relax. It doesn’t matter whether you simply chill out for five minutes or have a long bath; you need to have some you time.
  6. Try acupuncture.
  7. Post motivational quotes around the house.
  8. Start listening to your body more. Eat when you are hungry. Rest when you need it.
  9. Try meditation.
  10. Figure ways to work smarter, not harder. To achieve more, you do not need to put more hours in. You need to look at your current processes and find ways to improve them.
  11. Choose quality over quantity when you are indulging. A good quality chocolate bar comes with more nutrients, more flavor, and more antioxidant power.
  12. Follow your heart. You only get one life, so start doing the things that you really want to do.
  13. Smile more.
  14. Learn something new. This can be anything from learning a new language to learning how to change a tire.
  15. Cut out the negative people in your life. If you have ‘friends’ that aren’t supportive and always try to bring you down, are they really friends?
  16. Follow healthy living blogs.
  17. Change “I can’t” to “I can’t do that YET.”
  18. Play more brain games.
  19. Acknowledge bad thoughts, deal with them, and let them pass.
  20. Stop drinking your calories with sugary drinks and creamy coffees.
  21. Organise a date night with your partner. It is important to make your relationship a priority and schedule precious time together.

  1. Be realistic.
  2. Watch a funny movie.
  3. Wear sunscreen daily – yes, even when it is cold outside.
  4. Try interval training.
  5. Get more vegetables into your diet by blending them into sauces and soups.
  6. Create to-do lists to stay organized.
  7. Take a first aid training course. Head to for more information on this.
  8. Stop being so harsh on yourself. This is something we are all guilty of. You need to cut yourself some slack. We are all human!
  9. Say yes more…
  10. … but also learn how to say no.
  11. Don’t weigh yourself more than once a week.
  12. Support a good cause. Find a cause that appeals to you. Whether you want to support an endangered species or a charity that deals with bullying is your choice.
  13. Let someone else do the legwork for once.
  14. Be proud of your achievements.
  15. Track what you eat. This doesn’t mean you need to calorie count, but it will help you to get a better understanding of what you are consuming so you can avoid overeating.
  16. Take a multi-vitamin.
  17. Cut out meat one day per week.
  18. Use your slow cooker more.
  19. Remember that you are unique and that is your power.
  20. Clear your credit card debt. Debt creates a lot of stress and worry. If you owe money to credit card companies, make a plan so you can start paying it off today.
  21. Grow indoor plants. Not only do plants look beautiful and, therefore, enhance your living environment, but they also increase airflow within the home, providing a more comfortable place to live.

  1. Start each day with a green smoothie so you can get lots of vitamins into your body before you leave the house.
  2. Pack a first aid kit.
  3. Do nice things for people. Little acts of kindness are great for your well-being.
  4. Focus on how far you have come.
  5. Give up smoking.
  6. Switch to natural beauty products.
  7. Do a mini workout whenever there is a TV advert on. After all, these are regular three-minute intervals of our lives that are usually wasted.
  8. Carry hand sanitizer with you.
  9. Create. Creativity triggers happy chemicals in the brain.
  10. Stop putting things off.
  11. Enter a race.
  12. Take regular breaks throughout the day so you can re-energize and refresh.
  13. Drink one less cup of coffee per day.  
  14. Watch the news – it stimulates your mind.
  15. Get off the bus a stop earlier and walk the rest of the way.
  16. Throw away your microwave.
  17. Find out the recommended serving size before cooking.
  18. Stop buying processed foods.
  19. Get a pet.
  20. Set yourself challenges, for example, see how long you can hold a plank or how many squats you can do in a minute, and try to break it.
  21. Embrace your faith.
  22. Make sure you have healthy snacks available at all times.
  23. Talk to yourself. It helps you to become more self-aware.
  24. Snack on nuts. There are many reasons why nuts make a great snack. Not only are they a great source of many nutrients, but also they are filled with antioxidants, can help you lose weight, lower triglycerides and cholesterol, reduce inflammation, and they are high in fiber.

  1. Hang around people that make you feel better about yourself.
  2. Make a list of the things that make you happy.
  3. Write grocery shopping lists.
  4. Use lavender oil, especially if you struggle to get a good night’s sleep.
  5. Express your feelings more.
  6. Drink more water. Add fruit to bring some flavor. have some great tips on how to make water more exciting.
  7. Make a list of your goals so that you can be more focused.
  8. Keep a journal. Writing down your thoughts at the end of every day can help you to get them off your chest so that you feel revitalized and less stress the following day.
  9. Laugh often. The best piece of advice saved until last!

So there you have it: 100 ways you can start living a happier and healthier life. Follow some of the suggestions that have been provided and you will notice a significant difference in your mind, body, and soul. Let’s all start being happier and healthier today!

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Get A Gorgeous Garden Without The Backbreaking Work

If you have ever spent an hour or two outside pulling weeds, painting the garden fence, or laying some decking, you will know that keeping your garden in tip-top condition can be an exhausting activity! In fact, with all that bending over and heavy lifting work it can feel like it’s backbreaking. However, there is a way to have a gorgeous garden while minimizing the work you have to do to keep it that way. Keep reading to find out more.

Fake grass

Now, some folks are dead set against using fake grass in their garden because they think of it as cheap looking and rough. However, there has been some real improvement in this area recently, and you can now get a product that is soft and realistic looking, as well as easy to maintain.

After all, there is no mowing or weeding that needs to be done if you have fake grass, and if it gets dirty for any reason a quick hose and brush down is all it takes to look perfect again. Then there is the advantage that no matter how hot the weather, your lawn will always be that lush shade of green, making it something that low maintenance gardeners should consider.

Coat your deck

Next, those with decks in their garden will know that there is nothing nicer than to sit out on them as the sun goes down, and enjoy a drink. However, those folks will also know that maintaining a deck is a lot of work.

The main reason for this is the decking is made from wood, and this means it is vulnerable to weathering, rotting, and becoming unsightly and unsafe because of its position outdoors.

Luckily, there are things like asphalt coating that can be applied on top of a deck to seal and protect from the elements. Such coatings also come in a range of colors can be used to cover over unsightly weathering, making them a valuable weapon in the fight for an attractive yet still low maintenance garden.

Use seed mixes

The glorious burst of color that flowers produce in your garden can be a real joy. However, the back-breaking work of kneeling down to dig out the weeds and plant them in can be something that puts many gardens off this activity.

Picture source

Happily, there is something that can make planting way easier, and its to use a seed shaker that contains a mix of flowers. These come in all sort of varies and even in particular colours way that you can match to your garden design. All you need to do is plant them, and then sprinkle some compost and water over the area! Easy!

Install irrigation

If lugging heavy watering cans or dragging weighty hoses around your garden of an evening isn’t your idea of a good time, then why not consider getting a professional to install some hidden irrigation?

Such a device can make gardening so much more straightforward because not only do you escape have to do the grunt work yourself, but you can also program it to be done automatically even if you are not home. This is an advantage that will certainly help you to create the most gorgeous of gardens with the minimum of work.

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Increase The Value Of Your Home Before Selling With These Ideas


Do you plan to relocate your family during the next few months? Are you keeping your eyes open for the perfect new property? Then you probably want to make sure you get as much money for your current house as possible. Sometimes that requires you to make some small investments, but it’s worth the expense if you achieve your asking price at the end of the day. So, take a moment to read through some of the ideas on this page, and then use some common sense to determine which is going to work best for you. You can then contact real estate agents and place your home on the market straight away. With a bit of luck, lots of potential buyers will want to come and view your house before making an offer.

Spruce up the exterior

The first thing you need to do is make sure the front of your home looks as attractive and appealing as possible. That is the first thing most people will see when they approach your property, and you need those folks to form a favourable impression. If you have dirty brickwork that needs some attention, it makes sense to invest in a pressure washer or something similar so you can clean all that grime away. You should also think about painting your guttering. Anyone who wants to go a step further should think about giving their front door a new lick of paint. Hopefully, that will ensure anyone who approaches your home feels impressed rather than disappointed.


Improve your front garden

As mentioned a second ago, first impressions count when you’re trying to sell your home. So, it makes sense that you should do everything within your power to enhance the front of your property. That could mean heading down to your local garden centre and buying some new flowers. You can then plant them in the garden and ensure it looks as lively and vibrant as possible. You also need to ensure you keep the grass trimmed and looking smart. Some families choose to add a water feature or something like that. The final decisions are down to you. Whatever happens, make sure that your front garden becomes a focal point and helps to sell your home when the right buyer comes along.

Remove family photographs

When people come to view your house, they will need to imagine their families living inside. That is always going to become challenging if you have lots of photographs of your children all over the walls. Storage units are not going to break the bank, and so it’s sensible for you to hire one as soon as possible. Remove all those photographs and place them in the storage unit until you are ready to relocate. You can then use the images to make your new property feel as homely as possible. That said, it’s wise not to leave blank walls, and that is why you might think about getting some modern art prints or something similar. They are not going to cost a fortune, but they should help to improve the aesthetic.


Convert your attic or garage

Adding more usable floor space to your home is always going to increase the price people are willing to pay. If you have three bedrooms at the moment, it’s possible you could convert a garage or attic to create another. That could add thousands of dollars to your asking price and make your home appeal to an entirely different demographic. Bear in mind that you might have to apply to your local authority for planning permission, and you might need to spend a few thousand dollars to get things right. Still, it could help you to earn a tidy profit if you’re smart.

Erect a carport

If your home doesn’t have a garage or you choose to convert it into a bedroom; you might think about erecting a carport on your property. Most people understand that leaving their car outside is going to cause it to deteriorate much faster than it otherwise would have done. However, building a new garage on your land is going to cost a lot of money. So, you can solve the problem by taking a look at some of the most popular carports and choosing one suitable for outside your home. Any potential buyers will appreciate the extra structure that will help to protect their vehicles from the elements and keep them out of sight. One of the best things about carports is that you don’t have to apply for planning permission because they are classed as temporary structures.


Paint in neutral colours  

Lastly, it’s sensible to give every room in your home a new lick of paint. However, you need to avoid following any interior design guides or trying to create something that follows the latest trends. Instead, you need to invest in some neutral paints from your local DIY store and plaster them all over the walls. Whites, greys, and similar shades tend to work well. The goal is to make the house appear clean and sterile while also creating a blank canvas onto which potential buyers can project their ideas for the property. If you need any assistance when it comes to choosing the best neutral colours for your home, there is a wealth of information online that should point you in the right direction. So, search Google when you have a spare moment.

Now you know how to increase the value of your home before selling on the open market, it’s time to put some of these ideas into action and give your family the best chance of success. With a bit of luck, anyone who follows this advice will end up with the perfect new house for their loved ones within only a couple of months. The last thing you want is for the property to remain on the market for more than six weeks. If that happens, you are doing something wrong, and you need to reassess your approach. Good luck!

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The Practical Side To Living On Three Or More Floors

When it comes to buying your dream house, space is always going to be a big and important consideration. Because we all want to make sure that the property we pick to be the base of our homes is somewhere that is going to facilitate our lifestyles. Yes, design and style matters, but when you’re trying to find the perfect place, you have to be practical. This is often the reason that many of us choose to live in houses with lots of floors. Single or double story homes can often come with enough space if you have the square footage, but sometimes space can be limited, so we tend to go up rather than out. However, when you’re living on three, four, or more floors, there are some key practical considerations to take in to make your life a little easier.


First of all, you’re going to want to get your head around the layout. Whether you’re moving into a place that is already done for you or you’re looking to renovate, when you’re living across a range of floors, you need to work with a layout that suits your lifestyle. A lot of the time, you won’t find that your living space or your kitchen is on the same floor. But that can be okay. Splitting your main living areas can work out as long as your bedrooms are well located. This can be essential when you have small children and want to ensure that your rooms are close to each other. Sometimes, you’ll want to rejig the layout to make sure it works a little better for your family’s lifestyle.


From here, you then need to make sure that you’re utilizing as much of the space as possible. If your home does have the basement and attic converted, you’ll want to make use of them. However, if they aren’t currently converted, it’s often a smart idea to do this so that you can create more space on all floors. This is also a great way of adding on bedrooms.


Of course, for a lot of people, living across three or more floors can be a concern in terms of moving through the house. Minimizing stair usage, installing dumbwaiter installation services by Lift Works, or a full lift itself, can be a smart solution here. If you have issues with mobility, this can be a way of reducing the amount of movement or heavy lifting you have to do between floors.


You also have to get pretty smart with your storage too. When you’re spread across a range of floors but limited by your square footage width wise, you’ll need smart storage ideas by Apartment Therapy to really maximize your space.

Outside Space

Another concern is also your outside space. We’re mainly looking at homes that are compact, and won’t necessarily have acres of space. As with your interiors, you’re going to want to think about doing a lot with your small space. Limiting grass and opting for a tidy outside lounging or dining area can be the best way to make the most of the space you have.

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