6 Tips for Planning a Good Family Road Trip

While the temperature is getting warmer, many of us might start to think about road trips for the family. We have been restricted at home for a long time due to the ongoing pandemic. Going out and breathing the fresh air becomes an essential part of relieving stress. However, even if you don’t have to book air tickets, you still have tons of things to take into consideration. Here are some tips you can use.

Budget wisely

Oftentimes the money is the source of stress. It is important to enjoy the precious moment with family and friends without worrying about spending too much money. In that case, we need to plan well, decide the budget and execute it accordingly. To start with, you might need to set apart the amount of money into a specific account as the travel fund. If you realize that you will need more money that you currently have, you should encourage your family to start to save for the trip. More importantly, when you start the road trip, you should remember the rules you established before.

Check routes and weathers

When you need to travel with kids or even lovely dogs, you need to take them into consideration. For example, it might not be a good idea to go camping with kids and you also don’t want to travel to extreme cold places with your little kids. Moreover, you should make sure that there are appropriate lodging facilities, convenience stores, or gas stations along the routes as kids might need more frequent breaks during the trip.

Maintain your vehicle carefully

The most important tool for a road trip is your vehicle. It is crucial to check every part of your vehicle to make sure that it is in the best condition. For example, if you have been procrastinating on quarterly maintenance, you should definitely do it. Also, if you find any worrying signs on the tires, replace them with affordable and reliable new tires. Find a good auto body shop to do a complete checkup for your vehicle and you will rest assured that it will provide the best protection for your family on the road. Some people even install a dashboard camera to record the road trip.

Pack well

While none of us want to carry a lot of luggage for a road trip, we have to make sure that we have the essentials. For example, emergency tools like bandaids, flashlights, chargers, blankets as well as snacks for kids. Also, don’t forget to bring some cash.

Book the appropriate lodging

When we are on a trip, we always want to rest well. So it is essential to look into the lodging choices on the road. You can just search on Google, and check the options that have good SEO rankings and web designs. It might help if you can read the reviews and compare the pricing and conditions thoroughly.

Secure home before leave

While it is exciting to leave for the fantastic road trip, you still need to run a checkup at home to make sure that everything is secured. For example, the entry door and windows need to be appropriately locked and it is necessary to turn off home appliances. If you find anything malfunctional,it is better to find a professional appliance repair technician to fix it before your trip to avoid possible risks while no one at home to take care of the faulty appliance.

Planning a road trip might be stressful and happy at the same time. Just take the time to discuss with family and friends and you will be all set!

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The Excitement of Dating Sites

In previous years, you could only date in person. You’d probably be set up by a friend, or perhaps even a parent. You would go on a few dates, start courting and then get married. Today is a totally different story! The dating pool today is far larger than ever before. Of course, you can still be set on a blind date, meet people in a restaurant or even find the love of your life in church, but that’s not the only place you can now find love. Since the development of the internet, you can find any kind of lover you’re looking for with the click of a button. That’s right, you can find your one true love on the world wide web and it is very easy to do so.

Primarily used to find love, dating sites are all the craze. There are so many different sites out there depending on what kind of preferences you have, so it’s almost guaranteed that there will someone out there for everyone. For example, if you were a believer in faith and Christianity, then there are dating sites designed for those beliefs. This is a great way to keep your dating life and beliefs in line with one another. If you were to have specific sexual needs, perhaps you were into BDSM, then there are sites where you can discover people with the same likes too. Plus, with todays’ more relaxed approach to different sexual orientations, online dating is a breeze.

Using a dating site allows you to discover so many different people and potential partners, which is incredibly exciting. Never before have you been able to see so many different relationship possibilities in one place. Even if you’re just looking for a little bit of fun, perhaps even a sugar mama or sugar daddy, you can find the right person out there for you. One of the best things about dating sites is that you don’t have to commit to one person. You can do exactly what they’re designed to do, date. You can encounter multiple people and find the right person for you, rather than settling on the first person you meet. Plus, dating apps allow you to express yourself in whichever way you wish, so you can have people get to know you pretty quickly without even having to meet. On any dating profile, you could even disclose your intentions if you wanted to, so that you can meet the right people. If you wanted a steady relationship, say that. If you want to be a sugar baby with a hunky sugar daddy, then say so. You don’t want someone pining after you if they’re not the right fit. If you wanted a hunky sugar daddy, you certainly don’t want a lovesick man pestering you. Say what you mean so you attract the people you desire.

When using dating sites to find love, you have to let is happen naturally. There are a lot of people on dating sites and most are there looking for a good time. That’s okay. It’s really important to let things develop naturally, you don’t want to scare off any potential lovers. Many people who want a relationship will be clear about their intentions, but not all. That’s why you need to take it slow and not demand a ring on the first date. Meeting lots of different people is meant to be an exciting time, don’t worry too much about commitment and lifetime relationships. If it’s meant to be, it’ll be.

One of the most exciting things about online relationships is that you can really put yourself first. There are so many people out there who put their all into a relationship without getting much in return, and that can be incredibly frustrating. With online dating, you can put your own needs and desires first and test the waters. If someone is instantly rude over a message or perhaps doesn’t have the same personality as you, you can move on. You don’t even have to meet them first! Saving you so much time in the long run. It’s truly great being able to put your own needs above anyone else’s.

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Easy Sports Betting Strategies Explained

Sports betting is hugely popular in countries all over the world. Moreover, thanks to the widespread availability of the internet, bettors are able to partake in this classic pastime via the web using a computer, smartphone, or tablet. This enables bettors to join with fellow gambling enthusiasts from across the globe. For example, when it comes to Online Betting Thailand based bettors can gamble alongside sports fans from the USA and vice versa with ease.

However, when it comes to making the most of sports betting, developing a strategy is crucial. That being said, there are so many unique betting strategies out there that choosing the right one can be tricky. Furthermore, while some betting strategies work well in combination, others are best used solo. So, let us shine a light on some of the easiest to use sports betting strategies of today.

Basic Value Betting

Mastering the art of basic value betting is a crucial step for any sports betting enthusiast. Provided that you have an understanding of the fundamental concepts of value and probability, and a generous level of sporting knowledge, you can make a start on identifying wagers that offer positive values. Comparatively, wagers that do not offer value are those that will eat away at your finances.

Put simply, in sports betting, value can be thought of as the link between the odds of a selection and the probability of that selection winning. If the probability of a selection winning is greater than implied by the probability of the odds, then a positive value exists. Correspondingly, the implied probability of odds can be calculated using simple formulas and odds conversion tools. Sports betting does not need to be difficult to understand and while calculating exact probabilities is impossible, bettors can use sporting knowledge to assess the likelihood of possible outcomes and create estimations of probabilities.

Arbitrage Betting

This powerful strategy is a smart way to bolster your profits. Essentially, by exploiting natural pricing discrepancies in the betting markets, it is possible to benefit from risk-free wagers. Consequently, when two or more bookmakers or online sportsbooks offer different odds and  lines on the same outcomes, it is time to employ the arbitrage betting strategy.

Arbitrage sports betting takes place when bets on all outcomes for an event are placed at odds that guarantee a profit, regardless of what the final result will be. Rather than gambling which carries higher risks, sports arbitrage betting is more of a low-risk and medium-yield investment opportunity. Chances to take advantage of this strategy are not always obvious and so in order to use this strategy effectively, taking your time to understand the underlying concepts is vital.

Winning or Losing Streaks Betting

Some sports betting strategies are based purely on momentum, and streaks betting is no different in this respect. By identifying teams and players that are on lengthy winning streaks, it is possible to place bets that can turn out to be incredibly profitable. Backing a winning team is almost always an informed way to bet. In theory, teams and players that are on good form and have momentum are usually more likely to succeed.

On the other hand, by identifying teams and players that are on lengthy losing streaks, it is possible to back their opponents to win, with the expectation being that a losing streak will continue. Unfortunately, winning and losing streaks can come to an end unexpectedly, so while betting on streaks can be profitable, it is important to be cautious and assess each situation individually. It is for this reason, that streaks betting is often combined with other sports betting strategies like basic value betting.

Ultimately, it can be incredibly tempting to think that the most complex strategies are best when betting on sports. While advanced strategies certainly have their merits, consistently using simpler strategies to make small profits can help to take your winnings to the next level. Above all, although no sports strategy is going to work all of the time, if you are still learning and developing your betting skills, then focussing on some of the strategies mentioned can help you to make more effective choices.

Which sports betting strategies do you use most?

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Ways to Enjoy Playing Live Roulette

Casino games might seem as if they are games where the odds are heavily stacked in the favour of the casino, but there are tips & tricks for live roulette that can be adopted. Knowing how to get the best out of the game is something that can make it even more enjoyable. So, this article will look at the ways the roulette experience can be enhanced for all those who play it, from amateurs to professionals. 

Strategies or Tricks

If winning is from what you find enjoyment, then there are strategies and tricks that can be obtained from the internet to improve your chances of winning at roulette. With regards to the latter, the above link will go into more details. In terms of strategies, there are progressive betting strategies, such as Martingale, which involves increasing a bet to compensate a loss with a higher bet. Low rollers will use non-progressive strategies and bet depending on how they feel at the time, not in accordance with any pre-set plan. The best low-risk roulette betting system is D’Alembert. Conversely, those wanting big wins, will adopt Labourchere. Fibonacci it the best strategy for a big betting range. The James Bond strategy is an interesting one, and one adopted by Ian Fleming, the writer of the James Bond series of books. In the movie of Casino Royale, Fleming’s secret agent creation will cover over half the numbers on the roulette table, using a system of simple flat betting, to increase his chances of winning.

It should be noted that the probability of any number landing on the roulette wheel is 2.70 per cent. Low-risk bests are considered the best because of their increased chance of a winning. Then, enough favourable ones, will result in a very successful evening.

It is a certainty that betting on more numbers at the same time will increase your chances of winning at roulette. To play safe, instead of receiving 35 to 1 on a single number, you can put your faith in 6 number choices and instead receive odds of 5 to 1. Better still, choosing the wheel to land on either odd or even, red or black, low or high, might just double your stake, but will significantly increase your chances of the roulette wheel favouring you.

Save Money on Drinks

By playing at home, you are saving money on the drinks that you might have bought in the casino you would otherwise have visited. You can drink you own choice and make sure that they are non-

alcoholic drinks, so that your betting judgements are not impaired. The temptation inside the other kind of casino is to buy alcoholic drinks to keep up with your associates and prove that alcohol will not impair the judgement of someone so good at gambling. This kind of peer pressure is eliminated with live online casinos. They are purely about the kinds of focus that have potential to lead to enjoyment by results. The thrill of playing will be experienced to the full, not lessened by the effects of excess alcohol.

Home Advantages

By playing roulette at home, you can enjoy it more because of being able to play it in comfortable clothes, at a time that is convenient, and without anyone around you that is likely to annoy or distract you from your strategy.

In addition, any money saved on travelling can be used to increase your stake in the hope of achieving greater gains.

To put more of a mathematical spin on it, the attached article may help further with roulette strategies.

So, some ways to enjoy roulette, by having a plan with regards to how to beat the odds, not spending valuable gambling money on drinks and travelling, and by being able to play the game in the comfort of your own home surroundings in a more relaxed way.

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Making The Perfect Driving Playlist

If you are in the middle of planning for all of the places you are going to see as soon as possible, then you might be considering a few long drives. 

Read a great post on planning a road trip here: Planning The Best Summer Road Trip Ever.

What is something that makes a road trip something you never forget? The right weather, great company, and an epic playlist. 

We all have different tastes in music. Some of us like heavy metal, and others love classical. Yet, there are some essential planning tips that can make your playlist something to rival even the master playlist curators from your most-used streaming service. 

Photo by Francisco Gonzalez on Unsplash


You are most likely going to use your mobile phone to Bluetooth your music to your car stereo. Or plug something into your AUX. One of the critical things to remember is that you might hit areas where you don’t have a signal or use up your data. Downloading your entire playlist when you are at home will help avoid most issues. Spotify has the option to download the playlist. 

Before you head out, you must make sure your speakers are up to the task. There is nothing worse than speakers that hum or buzz as you are driving. Check out this informative buyers guide to make sure you have the 

Two Lists

If you have two genres that you enjoy, use that to create two separate lists. The first step is to put in 20 of your favorite songs in each genre. But don’t try and rush it; take your time. It’s a great idea to have a notebook around, and when a song pops into your head or write it down, this will help you create your base list. 

You can then find songs that go with this to give you an excellent and easy to listen to playlist.

Ideally, you want between five and seven hours of music on each playlist. This can amount to hundreds of songs when you consider that many songs are around 3 to 4 minutes long.

It also decreases the likelihood of having to skip too many songs or a song that keeps repeating.

Creating two lists can also give you two different driving experiences—one for cities and one for the countryside or early mornings and late evenings. 


There are some classics that everyone can enjoy and sing along to. 

  • Fleetwood Mac – Go Your Own Way / Rhiannon
  • Eagles – Take It Easy
  • Lynyrd Skynyrd – Sweet Home Alabama
  • Kansas – Carry on Wayward Son
  • Boston – More Than a Feeling

You can also check out the playlists for driving curates by some streaming services for some inspiration:

  • Apple Music Driving Playlist
  • YouTube Music Driving Playlist
  • Spotify Driving Playlist

TimeOut magazine published a great list of 50 of the best road trip songs of all time, which are worth checking out!

The songs that you choose to accompany you on your long drives can make the surrounding environment even more interesting and enticing—listening to 70s and 80s classics on a long stretch of clear open road, with the warm summer sun? – There is nothing like it.

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Videos Games You Should Try

Coronavirus is taking the nation by storm and causing a lot of disruption to our day to day lives. Unfortunately, you may have to quarantine for 14 days if you travel to a country that requires it. This is the perfect time to get on your games console and try a new game you may want to try. With the new Xbox and PlayStation due to come out in the coming weeks, so are a few new games that you may want to try. Below we have put together five games in different genres that you may enjoy playing.  

Image from Pexels: https://www.pexels.com/photo/person-holding-silver-and-black-camera-3945656/ 

Call of duty Warzone

One of the most successful launches in 2020, Warzone, has been a fan favorite that has taken the gaming industry by storm. Free to play on the game stores, you can simply download it on your games console and play straightaway. Warzone is a free for all, battle royal game where you all drop into one map and fight to the death; different gameplays are available, from a solo game to a four vs. four and everything in between. In-game purchases are available to speed up your progress, should you want to.


A favorite for any sports fans out there, FIFA is a football game where you can compete online, locally with your friends, or win the league offline. Released in October 2020, FIFA 21 was a huge success, quickly appearing at the top of the gaming charts. All the top teams are available to play with; alternatively, you can make your ultimate team and compete to be the best online.

Forza Horizon 4

A hugely popular racing game, Forza has been a fan favorite outselling many other racing games. Launched in 2018, it has all the most up to date cars for you to take on, race, and become a formula one champion. The challenge is unlocking the fastest car in Forza Horizon 4 and completing the race tracks in the fastest times. Forza is available with the games pass if you want to try it out instead of purchasing the game outright.

Spyro Reignited Trilogy

Spyro is a classic which has been recreated throughout the years to be made better and look great on modern-day tv. Spyro is perfect for families to enjoy with their children. Enjoy roaming around as a little dragon collecting eggs and taking on the bad guys. Over 100 levels are to be completed with hours of gameplay for you to enjoy.

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

Due to be released in November, the Assassin’s Creed franchise is very popular with multiple games in the market and a film released in 2016. The newest game to be added to the mix is Assassins creed Valhalla, an open play game based in the Vikings era. This advanced RPG will have you exploring the Viking world, taking on newfound enemies. You’ll have to grow your settlement and take the world on. Online gameplay will be available as well as offline gameplay.

What games do you enjoy playing? Let me know in the comment box below. You may also enjoy Five Hobbies that will make you feel good

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5 Hobbies That Will Make You Feel Good

Life is full of stress for most people. We work all day long, and we try to fit in the time for a family and a social life. In all of that time, we have to find at least an hour a day to do something for ourselves. We’re told that self-care is important, well, a hobby is the best self-care there is!

Hobbies give you a place to be at a certain time. They give you fulfilment around everything else that you do in your life – something that’s for you! Whether you enjoy reading about the Nissan Sileighty or watching it race on TV, or you plan to take up skydiving in your spare time, you need a hobby that will interest you and ignite passion in your life. Below, we’ve put together five hobbies that will make a difference to the way that you feel about your time.

Man playing guitar on rough terrain

Image Source: Pexels

  1. Learn To Play An Instrument

Music soothes the soul, so why wouldn’t learning how to play an instrument enhance your cultural education? Playing music has so many benefits for the mind as much as your body, and it creates a huge sense of achievement when you learn how to play something new. You can watch YouTube and self-teach any instrument if you know what you are looking for, too! Dance party, anyone?

  1. Study A Language

Learning a language in the pursuit of travelling the world and actually using it can help you in so many ways. You get to widen your knowledge while widening your perception of the world around you. You can meet new people and know how to communicate, and you can even download language learning apps on your phone to learn on the go.

  1. Put Your Fitness First

Often in men, skincare, health and fitness are a big deal. What is lacking in physical health almost always translates to something lacking in mental health, too. It’s so important that you know where to turn when you need a break from all of the pent-up stress, and pouring energy into running or other physical activity will flood the brain with happy hormones. Stress-busting can begin in the gym for you!

  1. Start Cooking

The percentage of male celebrity chefs to females is higher for a good reason, and it has nothing to do with skills in the kitchen. Men and women can cook as well as each other, but that doesn’t mean that men can’t be the best! Get your creativity out onto the table – literally. Learn to cook. Hit some cookery classes and baking classes and get out of the house. Once you pay for a course like that, you can spend time really enjoying yourself and pushing all of your pain into food. It’s worth it, with delicious consequences.

  1. Go Back To School

It doesn’t matter if you are in the peak of your life, there is always room for learning. You can go back to school and get another degree or learn a new skill, and add to your bow!

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So, You Want To Make Some Music?

Image Credit Pixabay.com License CC0

Making music can be very therapeutic and enjoyable. The catharsis of creating music can be greatly beneficial in your life, and if you have a passion for music, making sounds that excite and inspire you might be a hobby worth pursuing. 

If you are thinking about getting into creating your own music, either for your own personal pleasure or as a professional sideline, you may be wondering where to start. 

Decide What You Want To Get Out Of It

Do you just want to make music for your own sake? Are you looking to create, record, and perform with other musicians? Or, are you looking at creating your own studio space, using your own equipment such as a Graham Slee HiFi – phono stages platform, and creating music that you can share and maybe even earn money from? 

There is no reason why you could not do any of these things if you apply yourself. Decide what you want to get out of your music and pursue that avenue. If you just want to play for your own sake, do it. When it comes to working with others, look online for bands to join. Once you have jammed with the right musicians, you might find a connection. 

Starting up your own studio space at home will involve buying the right equipment. 

Buying The Right Kit

Whatever you decide to do in order to make music, you will need the right equipment. This may mean instruments, amplifiers, or recording software and microphones so that you can turn your spare room into a studio. 

Whether you are reading focusrite 2i2 reviews or looking for opinions on which specific Fender guitar to buy, other people’s experiences with specific musical instruments and equipment can be invaluable when it comes to deciding on your next major purchase. 

Make a shopping list of all of the things that you will need, and then go and read as many reviews of different products as possible. With some purchases being quite expensive, you will want to be sure that you have made the right decision. 

Promoting Yourself

If you have decided to start a band, or are making your own music from home that you would like other people to listen to, you will need to promote yourself. There are plenty of avenues that you can explore when it comes to self-promotion. 

Firstly, get yourself a profile on the major social media sites. Make sure that you create an image that suits your musical brand. Think carefully about what you want people to know and focus on. Secondly, get yourself signed up with as many music promotion sites as possible. Think about using sites like Bandcamp or SoundCloud to promote yourself. 

Share your music online as often as possible. Sites like YouTube can be very helpful, you will need to create some great videos to share. 

Make sure that you are active on all of your profiles. The key to building a name for yourself will be interacting with anyone who pays your music any interest.

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Steampunk Books To Add To Your Reading List


If you are looking for a new set of books to add to your reading list this year, we want to share a genre with you that you may not have thought about before. Today, we are going to share with you some of the top steampunk books you should read this year to take you away to another world and show you some incredible adventures. 

But, what is steampunk? Well, steampunk is a literary genre that is similar to sci-fi in tone. It is a genre that brings together science fiction alongside 19th century industrial themes. If you have ever seen any steampunk artwork you will notice an emphasis on cogs and machinery, and this is where the industrial inspiration can really be seen. But today we are sharing with you some of the steampunk books you should definitely read. 

Boneshaker –  Cherie Priest 

If you love the zombie genre and you are looking for a new take on it, this is the right book for you. It combines what we know about zombies and pulls it into an alternate version of Seattle. During the Civil War, there are rumours of gold in the frozen Klondike that attracts many towards it. Russians endevour to create a large drill to drill through the ice and find this treasure, anf the titular Boneshaker drill is born. However when using this drill for the first time, gold is not discovered, and instead a torrent of gas is released that turns the population into zombies. 

Against the Day – Thomas Pynchon 

For an introduction to the steampunk genre there is nothing better than Against the Day. This is a book filled with complex themes and beautiful literature that gives you a wonderful entry into this world. It is set at the Chicago World’s Fair in 1893 and follows a team of balloonists who go on all manner of adventures. It is a unique read and one you should consider this year. 

Frankenstein – Mary Shelley

What? You may be wondering. Although the steampunk genre didn’t exist back in the early 1800s, this is a great example of an early work in this world. As we all know, Dr Frankenstein tried to build life from deceased body parts and machinery, and what comes of this is the iconic character we know today. 

Agatha H and the Airship City –  Phil & Kaja Foglio

This couple have created a story that is filled with wonder and awe, and it has a very cyberpunk inspiration throughout. During the industrial revolution there is a lot of conflict, and this story follows 18 years after a group of adventurers called the Heterodyne Boys went missing. We follow a young student called Agatha as she struggles to build anything that works. Over time she adapts and we follow her adventures through a world overrun with mad scientists. 

Lady of Devices – Shelley Adina

Our main character Claire finds herself out on the streets of London after her father gambles his entire estate and loses. Claire however is a nifty woman and soon she uses her knowledge of machbinery and devices to succeed in this underworld life. A new leader emerges known as the Lady of Devices, and soon she realises her talents could be put to amazing use for the greater good… if only she lives that long.

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DIY Jokes To Get You Through Your Project


DIY is one of those skills we all have to learn when we become adults and own our first home. Home projects can often be fun and exciting, but others can also be arduous and stressful to complete. If you are looking to build the house of your dreams this year you’ll need to get to grips with how to do many simple DIY tasks such as changing light fittings and wallpapering. 

When it comes to installing Interstate Dry Wall, ripping up carpets, and drilling holes in the walls we could all use a little bit of motivation and encouragement. That’s why today we are going to share some fun DIY jokes to get you through the work…

God walks into a DIY store in Lancashire looking for an ornamental well for the garden of Eden. Not sure where to look, he seeks a cashier for directions…

Before God says a word, the cashier recognizes the big guy and says “well, I’ll be!”

God replies “I thought I was the only one with superpowers?! Thanks.” and off he goes to the second isle.

I’m not very good at DIY but I managed to attach a piece of wood to another piece of wood.

Nailed it.

Went to a DIY store and asked for a plank. Since I’m a cheapskate I asked for 20% off.

The salesman came back with a plan.

Why does Sean Connery suck at DIY?

A lack of shelf awareness.

I wrote a book on DIY.

It comes with a free pen.

My wife told me if I went on the lads holiday to Vegas leaving her and the kids behind I’ll come home to find the locks changed …Good. My key has been sticking for months, it’s about time she did some DIY.

I think my new idea for DIY orthodontics is going to take the world by storm.

brace yourself

A man was doing some DIY work on his gas stove

When it all of a sudden blew up and sent him flying through his roof and up into the sky.

On his way up he passed a man falling down from the sky and asked him: “Hey, you know anything about gas stoves?”

The guy falling responded, “Nope, you know anything about parachutes?”

My friend told me that his DIY liquid rocket made it to space…

I told him to quit being hypergolic.

I’m addicted to DIY repairs.

I can’t stop thinking about my next fix.

I’ve had a bad day…Not only would the toilet not flush but I’ve been banned from the DIY store.

A DIY kidney transplant…

…is a home renalvation.

The worst thing about living next door to MC Hammer is the constant DIY noise.

I shouted ‘Stop!’ but if anything that made it worse.

I went to the DIY shop and bought a curtain rail. The shop assistant asked if I was putting it up myself. I replied “no you dirty sod. I’m putting it up in the dining room”

I wanted to buy some literature on DIY shelving

Sounds easy, but try going into a book store and asking if they have “any books on shelves”

DIY Holy Water…You take ordinary tap water and boil the Hell out of it.

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