Personalized Gifts for Stationery Addicts

We all have that person in our lives who love kitschy pieces of stationery. Unicorn and mermaid theme just swept the globe in a big way. However, sometimes when it comes to gifting, sometimes it is nice to get them something a bit more special. You’ll find some seriously cool ideas below.

Get a plain notebook and print some scrabble style letters off. Write the name of your intended recipient, their course number, a special message or even a memorable date on the front. This is thoughtful and doesn’t take long or cost a lot either. Some glue and hour or so is all it will take.

If you don’t trust your creative flair, you can find many sites online that produce and sell some beautiful notebooks. From the trendy marble design to ultra cool Superheros you can be sure to find one for every taste.

Stickers! A super simple way to give someone the gift of personalization of anything they like. Although decals like this were something many people left behind in the 80s and 90s, they’ve had a massive surge in popularity over the last few years and are once again something the cool kids have, find a custom sticker maker and get designing.

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Pens and Pencils. If you know an artist or designer, their pens and pencils will be a much loved and used item, getting something personalized to them is a nice gesture and also very useful. You can get graphite and mixed color pencils for a couple of dollars online. If you want to get something a bit more fancy, search for high end/luxury personalized pens and you are going to find something gorgeous and meaningful.

Perhaps you know someone who writes a blog or has a website. Often online spaces can get a bit neglected and end up with stray HTML coding, broken widgets and a standard theme. If you know that they would love to spruce up their internet space but aren’t sure where to look, hit up Fivver, Upwork, Creative Market and Envato to see if you can snap up a designer or a theme with a lot of options for them. At first glance, this might not seem personalized. However, it is allowing them a lot more control over their internet space and with a lot of options they can tailor it to what they want. Lovely.

Thank you cards. When birthdays and Christmas/The Festive Season roll around, having personalized note cards allows the recipient to write a note and not have to sign each one – if they don’t want to.

To go with the note cards, envelopes with initials embossed are a lovely idea.

If you happen to have a friend who is starting up a business or already has something running, you can find things like invoice sheets, car decals, banners and business cards online too.

The idea behind giving someone something personalized is that it has a little bit more thought and effort involved. While getting any gift is a special moment, you can elevate it with a few extra dollars and some time.

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Finding Inspiration for Your Next Weekend Out

Have you ever sat at home staring at the clock, watching it tick by as you sit on the couch and do virtually nothing? Have you ever left work on a Friday night surrounded by excited coworkers detailing plans, feeling bad because you’ve got nothing lined up and you’re actually looking forward to working again on Monday?

Don’t worry–everyone’s been through similar periods.

Whether it’s a lack of motivation to go out or just being stumped on ideas, we’ve put together a couple of handy tips to help you find inspiration for your next weekend out.

Source: Pexels

Explore and Travel

You don’t need to go on holiday to explore what the world has to offer. For example, check out this post at for some good road trip ideas. It’s a cheap and cheerful travel experience that your friends and family can also join in with, and it’s based on exploring and seeing things that you don’t normally experience.

Of course, nothing stops you from actually going on holiday over the weekend either. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with a weekend break and you’d be surprised at how fulfilling and exciting a 2-night trip can be. You’ll need to plan it in advance and there are probably some concerns such as the cost, but even taking a small break to another town every other week is a fantastic way to unwind and relax.

Just take a look at some travel magazines and blogs or act like a tourist and search for things to see in the city. There’s nothing wrong with booking a fancy hotel in the city you live in either. Sure, you could just stay at your home and travel out for the day, but getting to experience the luxury of a hotel is a great way to unwind and experience something new.

Look for Local Deals

There’s probably a lot going on in your city and surrounding ones, but not everyone knows where to look for inspiration. Thanks to sites like, it’s actually relatively easy to find cheap experiences such as concerts and sports games. It’s a fantastic way to catch up on all the latest events going on around you and you can even pick up some deals to make it an even more enticing idea.

Why not find something interesting and invite your friends to go with you? Whether it’s a sports game with their favourite teams or going to see a singer live, there are many fantastic ideas and it’s easy to inspire yourself if you know where to look.

Just remember that you may need to travel a little to get to an event, but this shouldn’t put you off. A slightly-longer bus journey or even asking a friend to drive shouldn’t be a huge problem and it’s generally worth the added effort, especially if you get to experience something new and exciting.


So to conclude, if you’re willing to look around there are plenty of places to search for inspiration. These are just two ideas that are guaranteed to work, but everyone has their own interests and ways of looking for inspiration for a weekend out.

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5 Fun Furniture Finds For Your Family Room

Family rooms are often the heart of the home when you have small children. It’s a great space to gather and watch a movie together. It’s also the perfect place to play games and spend quality time with a family. Kids love snuggling with mom and dad to read a book. This has to be the most comfortable room in the house so that you can ease into an afternoon with the children without getting achy. So what’s the best furniture to buy for a room like this?

Big is better?

While seating is important, sometimes what you really need is a little versatility in the room. When the kids want to hang out with you, they want to feel comfy and cozy. That’s not always easy on an expensive settee or sofa.

You might find a set of bean bags keeps things a little less formal. They’re great because they’re so portable. You can move them closer together, or push them away to another part of the room. Of course, a bean bag sofa means you can all hop on and enjoy an afternoon cuddle. Perfect for some quality family time.

Quality family time together. Picture source

Recline In Style

If you use your family room for movie marathons, you might prefer a totally immersive experience. Leather recliners can come with speakers, much like the high-end gaming chairs. Electric recliners allow you to find that perfect point of recline to keep you comfortable throughout the entire movie. Some even have a rocker frame so you can gently bounce yourself to a whole new level of relaxation. There aren’t nearly as many color options as bean bags might offer so matching to your decor choices might be more tricky. Still, with a sofa or armchair offering this level of deep comfort, a few shades astray won’t matter too much.

What’s on your coffee table? Picture source

Coffee Table Puzzles

Coffee tables are enormously useful in the family room. They provide the perfect perch for your pitchers, a stylish sill for your snacks, and a resting rostrum for your remotes. The best type of table for this space is one that includes plenty of storage options. Extra drawers give you perfect little cubbies to hide away candies, magazines, games and puzzles. Why not swap board games out every week so the kids can discover something new each time?

Cable Tidy

If you’re not too keen to wall-mount your TV, it might be worth finding a cabinet or TV stand that includes a cable tidy. These often run down the center of any stand. You can carefully tuck each cable inside, feeding it up toward the TV. At the bottom, they can then be fed toward the next device or the power sockets. It gives a great impression that the whole entertainment center is wireless plus you can have much more fun without the hazards of cables in the room.

Toy Chest

These come in so many designs that you might want one for each of your children! Pirates, princesses, animals and character themes make these big boxes lots of fun to play with. Of course, their primary purpose is to house all of the toys that come out at the weekend. What goes into yours?

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5 Reasons to Keep Watching Christmas Films Into the New Year

During Christmas, we usually watch classic festive films such as Home Alone (the first one and only the first one!), Die Hard and The Polar Express, and for a day or two those films can feel magical, exciting and joyous even though we’ve seen them at least once a year for the past decade. But why should the excitement and joy need to stop there? Here are a couple of reasons why you should keep on watching those Christmas classics even after New Year!

  • They’re everywhere! – Thanks to cheap DVD prices and even cheaper on-demand video subscription services, it’s so easy to find a great Christmas film to watch with your friends and family and you won’t spend ages trying to pick something that everyone can enjoy.
  • They’re actually great films – Most Christmas films are classics for a reason. They’re usually filled with heartwarming moments, exciting scenes or they’re just so bad that they’re brilliant.
  • They’ll remind you of happy times – Many Christmas films have festive messages weaved into the story that will keep your mood positive throughout the holiday season.
  • And also remind you of chaotic times – But many Christmas films also have chaotic scenes (see Gremlins) that remind us of the mayhem that comes with the holidays.
  • To keep the magic going – Christmas magic is a unique feeling that you only get during the end of the last month of the year, so keep it going for longer to boost your mood and keep you happy.

To give your kids something to do – Kids love Christmas films and it will keep them entertained throughout their school break.

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Baroque Of Ages: Music, Its Health Benefits (And Drawbacks)


Music is many things to many people, as well as it being the “food of love”, “it’s medicine”, to quote Kanye West. But also for all of its benefits, there are a couple of drawbacks, so let’s give you a rundown of why music is great for you, but how it can be bad for you.

A Major Key: The Benefits

There are many benefits to music, almost too many to list. Listening to music, especially classical music has been shown to improve the study habits of school children. In addition to this, taking music or singing lessons at a very young age can have a positive effect on academic performance as well as raise their IQ. It has a fantastic effect on stress, and this has been evidenced in people who listen to heavy metal music are actually more relaxed than the average person! Music also has the power to help you process information, have you ever listened to a song and been instantly catapulted back in time to a specific moment? That’s the power of music! It’s also been beneficial to those with Alzheimer’s. There is a non-profit organization called Music and Memory who are using music to help patients with dementia or in cognitive decline to remember a certain part of their life by being played a specific song.

A Minor Key: The Drawbacks

For all of its positives, there have to be a few negatives to listening to music. Mainly, the issue lies in listening to too much music, especially in how you listen to it. The one main problem with listening to too much music is that it can severely impact your hearing. There have been many cases of rock and pop stars who now suffer from tinnitus, such as Chris Martin of Coldplay, Will.I.Am, and Pete Townshend from The Who. For those that don’t know much about tinnitus, you can look at these tinnitus FAQs, just in case you suspect you may be suffering from tinnitus or a related hearing problem. Preventing hearing loss can be achieved by listening to music at an appropriate volume, as well as making sure you are not overexposed to loud noises and don’t listen to music at loud volumes through your earphones.

We all benefit from music in so many different ways, and this is merely the tip of the iceberg when it comes to getting the benefits of listening to your favorite artist. But in enjoying your favorite artist, it’s always beneficial to listen to it at a safe volume, but also it’s a fantastic well of information. From the mathematically complex structures of baroque and early classical music, all the way through to densely layered information via bands like Radiohead and Manic Street Preachers, music is one of those things that you can get constant gratification from. You can find new things every time you listen back to a song you’ve heard a million times before. And that’s one of the wonderful things about music, not to mention the fact that you can dance to it!

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Gift Ideas for Final Fantasy Mega Fans

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Final Fantasy is a media fantasy and science fiction franchise, which centres on a series of fantasy role-playing video games. With more than 130 million units sold across the world, it is one of the best-selling video game franchises of all time. So, it’s really no surprise if you have a Final Fantasy mega fan in your life. If you do, they will certainly love a Final Fantasy based Christmas gift, and you can have the peace of mind that you have chosen something that appeals to them. So, let’s take a look at some good ideas…

  • Final Fantasy soundtrack – The Final Fantasy XV Collector’s Edition Soundtrack is a great choice. Not only do you get the full soundtrack from this series, but you will also benefit from some added extras too. This includes a booklet, which has interviews with the composer – Yoko Shimomura, as well as a behind the scenes Blu-ray with Florence + The Machine, and a special assortment of piano versions from the game. It is a real treat for any fan.
  • Final Fantasy game – If your friend or family member is a Final Fantasy fan, they probably have all of the games. So this may seem like a stupid suggestion. However, there are plenty of other games on various platforms, for example, the Final Fantasy mobile game. You can find out more about this at In fact, if you do a quick search online, you will see that there are many different games to choose from, so you should be able to find something that your loved one does not have.
  • Figurines – This is a gift for someone special in your life, as they can be rather expensive if you buy figurines directly from Square Enix. However, this is probably where any Final Fantasy will want to their figurines to come from – the real deal. So, only go down this route if you are prepared to pay $100 or more. They are real collector’s items, though, and so they are bound to make an amazing impression.
  • Yoshitaka Amano art books – This is a really unique present, which shows you have put a lot of thought into the gift. Yoshitaka Amano is the famed concept artist for the Final Fantasy series. The ethereal artwork Yoshitaka has created is breath-taking to say the least. You can find many compilations of his work, some of which only focus on Final Fantasy. This would make a special gift for anyone who loves the gaming series.
  • Final Fantasy trading cards – If you are looking for a Final Fantasy based gift that is not going to cost a lot, this is a good suggestion. There are many different creature and characters to choose from with the Final Fantasy trading cards that are available. If your loved one doesn’t have any cards already, why not purchase the three starting decks? Each deck comes with a different theme, i.e. Final Fantasy X, Final Fantasy VII, and Final Fantasy XIII.
  • Plushies – If figurines are too expensive, or don’t sound like the recipient’s type of thing, why not buy a plushie? Or, in other words, a soft, squidgy toy! There are plenty of adorable options, and you can buy them directly from Square Enix too. Plus, you can pick up one of the characters for a fraction of the price of a figurine. From cute versions of stoic characters like Lighting and Cloud to iconic mascots like the Chocobo and Moogle, there is something for everyone.
  • Gaming tech – Make your loved one’s gaming experience a more exciting one by purchasing some exciting new tech. If you don’t know where to start, check out our blog post for more information: You will find out about the recent progressions in PC gaming tech, which will give you a good basis to do your shopping based on.
  • Clothing – Last but not least, the final suggestion is to purchase Final Fantasy clothing. If you take a look online, you will see that there are plenty of themed garments available, with T-shirts being the obvious choice. Or, why not go for a backpack or beanie hat instead? You could even get your own unique T-shirt printed. The options are endless.

Hopefully, you now have plenty of suggestions regarding Christmas gifts for the Final Fantasy fan you have in your life. No matter what option you go for, you can’t fail by choosing something based on the media fantasy and science fiction phenomenon.

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Why Do Games Need So Much Power?

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When you look at the back of a modern games box, the recommended specification list you’ll see is much denser than those in the past. As machines have gotten more powerful, the games being played on them have been able to reach to new heights, becoming much larger and a lot more realistic. Of course, though, what exactly makes a game use so much power? Video, which appears to be very similar, can be run on mobile phones, and it often doesn’t make sense that you would need such powerful machines for your gaming needs. To help you out with this, this post will be exploring the resource usage of a modern video game.


  • Calculations


For every action, event, and thing happening in the video game you’re playing, there will be a huge list of calculations which have to be done along with it. In most cases, programming languages are simply expressing logic, and a large part of this is mathematics. Of course, though, why would something like firing a gun take so much power? This sort of action doesn’t seem very complex.

In reality, though, it is. The very first stage of the gun firing will be an event triggered by the user, like a key press, which will have to be processed by the computer. From there, the gun will have to fire, with the computer calculating direction, speed, and damage all at the same time. If something gets hit, this will have to be picked up, too, and another sequence will run. During the gun firing, the computer will also have to pick and play an animation, sound clip, and even a vibrate command to a controller.

With all of this work going on, it could be easy to assume that you need the best processor on the market to deal with your game. Fortunately, though, this isn’t the case, and you will usually be able to get by with a mid to high-range option. At the moment, the Core i5 7600k from Intel and the Ryzen 5 1600x from AMD are some of the best contenders. This sort of chip will have more than enough power for your games.


  • Graphical Rendering


Next, it’s time to think about the other side of the work your computer has to do when you’re running a game; showing you the visuals. Unlike a video which is preprogrammed and the same every time, a video game has to be stitched together on the fly, with over a hundred new screens every second in some cases. A normal processor isn’t very good at this sort of work, though, and a specialised device needs to be used to handle the work.

This is where a graphics card comes in. Equipped with a special processor called a GPU, this sort of product can drive a TV or monitor much better than the one already in your machine. Nowadays, there are more and more options becoming available, and you have loads to choose from when you’re buying a card for your machine. In a lot of cases, you will only need the very top-end if you are gaming in ultra HD or 3D. For the majority who are stuck in the past, something a little less expensive should do the trick, though.


  • Storage (In-Out)


When a game is running, it isn’t one file which is simply being displayed. Instead, your games are built from hundreds of different documents, ranging from scripts and code to 3D models and the images being used as textures for them. Being able to access these assets quickly is very important when you’re playing some games. So, nowadays, most gaming computers will use SSDs instead of traditional hard drives, as they will usually be a lot faster. This sort of resource can make your experience a lot better.

Even knowing exactly what your computer is doing when it is running a game, it can be hard to decide on the best one for you when you’re at the store. There are loads of companies making machines out there, and a lot of them will charge too much for what you get, or won’t give you the product you deserve. Finding a quality desktop PC for gaming is just a matter of doing some research. Most people will be able to find options which appeal to them, even if you have to search for a long time to find it.

Hopefully, this post will inspire you to start working harder on the time you put into choosing your next gaming computer. Running a game isn’t a simple task, like running a video. Unfortunately, when so much has to be done on the fly, your computer need to be able to hack the heat, or you won’t have a very good experience.

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