A Few Good Reasons to Get a Boat and Spend Some Time in the Water

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We live in a pretty cool time, today. There are all sorts of interesting and exciting hobbies and pastimes available to us that the average person even a few short years ago would have had no access to at all.

Without too much trouble, assuming you have an Internet connection, you can get yourself involved in hobbies ranging from mountain climbing to tabletop gaming, to historical re-enactment, to wood-whittling, to all sorts of DIY projects, to amateur web design and blogging, and more.

The thing is, with all of this choice available, many people find themselves a bit perplexed on where to start, and end up following the path of least resistance. And the path of least resistance tends to be passively consuming media and entertainment content, ad nauseam.

There’s nothing wrong with watching some shows on Netflix, playing video games, or any of that sort of stuff. But when these pastimes make up the majority of the way you spend your free time, you may be missing out on some more fulfilling hobbies.

The academic and author Cal Newport writes in his book Digital Minimalism that in order to remain balanced, happy, and healthy, it’s important to find the time for forms of recreation that get us physically involved in the world around us. He is especially fond of “old-fashioned” pastimes, of the sort our grandparents would have been familiar with.

Fishing and boating are some of the oldest forms of recreation around – and developed directly out of lifestyles and cultural practices of the past that were necessary for survival. Thanks to the wonders of the Internet, finding out about what these pastimes entail, and even sourcing replacement parts for a boat, such as via Marine Battery Guy’s boat battery reviews, is also easier than ever before.

Here are a few good reasons to get a boat and spend some time in the water.

Fishing and boating are primal, ancient pastimes

Many of us these days feel kind of disconnected and detached from the natural world around us, and the “primal” and essential elements of life. If in doubt, you only need to look at the popularity of recent movements such as the Paleo movement, and the popularity of hobbies such as historical re-enactment, to confirm this.

There’s a good argument to be made that getting “back to basics” can help us to orient ourselves in the world more productively, feel better about ourselves, and simply have a better time.

Fishing and boating – as mentioned at the start of this article – are primal, ancient pastimes. When you’re out there in a boat, on the water, you’re engaging in an activity that humans have been engaging in since at least the Mesolithic era.

Just like camping, hunting, and woodworking, engaging in this ancient pastime can help you to feel “alive” in a way that surfing the web might not.

It’s a great way of experiencing space and calm, in an increasingly packed and busy world

We live in very busy and “noisy” times. Virtually no matter where you go these days, you’re going to be “on the grid” and will be bombarded by billboards and adverts, the latest celebrity gossip, the latest world news, and the latest updates from all your friends on social media.

There’s some evidence that being constantly bombarded in this way can erode people’s psychological health and sense of well-being. The mindfulness and meditation movements are a direct reaction against this “always on” phenomenon, and serve to encourage people to take a deep breath, find a bit of stillness, and relax for a while.

Boating and fishing are excellent ways of achieving this. When you’re out there on the water, even if only on a narrow river, you have a real tangible sense of being “away from it all” and are able to relax with your own thoughts, and the gentle lapping of the water against the hull.

A boat is a great way of exploring and seeing the world in a different way, through a different lens, and at a different pace

Things just look and feel different from a boat, in a way that can be truly breathtaking in its own right.

When people go on vacation and travel to new places, they are largely looking to experience the unfamiliar, and to see the world in a new light.

Since we spend the vast majority of our time on land, getting out onto the water offers a similar experience to getting away to a new country. It’s a great way of exploring, and seeing the world in a different light, through a different lens, and also at a different pace.

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5 Ways to Encourage Your Child to Play Sports

We all know that playing sports is healthy. Not only does it encourage social skills and friendships, but it also gets children active which is a huge part of a healthy lifestyle. The good news is, there are lots of sports to choose from, so it’s likely you’ll find something your child enjoys. Here are a few ways to encourage your child to get involved in sports.


Don’t Force Them

With the rise of computer games, social media and devices for children, it can be harder than ever to tempt young minds into playing sports. The important thing is not to force them into doing a particular sport. Even if you’re a keen football supporter or you’ve been watching tennis since you were a child, your own child may choose something entirely different. Allow them to explore the options, but only invest in equipment when you know your child is serious about playing.

Grace Under Pressure

Every sport is competitive, and competition can take its toll on children. When a child loses a match, it can feel like failure, even when they played their best. In most sports, children aren’t given trophies just for taking part, so learning to lose gracefully is part and parcel of playing sports. It’s also a great life lesson – being a sore loser won’t get your child very far. Teaching your child that losing is okay, as long as they have done their best will set them up for playing any kind of sport.


Give Them What They Need

There are many sports that require parents to make an investment. Sports classes often cost money in themselves, but you may also be required to buy equipment and clothing. For example, youth baseball jerseys aren’t always cheap, but they do make a child feel like part of the team. Having the right equipment isn’t just about looking and feeling good; it’s about giving your child the best chance at succeeding in their chosen sport.

Lower Your Expectations

It’s easy for parents to put pressure on their children without realizing it. It’s important to allow your child to develop at a normal rate, rather than pushing them to achieve things sooner than anyone else. The only role you need to play is that of a supportive parent. Make sure your child attends practice as often as possible and he is surrounded by individuals who will encourage him to do his best.

Choose a Good Coach

Many child athletes stick with their childhood coaches well into adulthood and through their careers. Finding the right coach can take some time, but once you have a good one, they’re worth their weight in gold. Your child’s coach should have a proper teaching technique but also be able to distinguish the differences between each student. Knowing what a student needs and how to bring the best out in them is a talent only few coaches possess.

Remember that your child needs down time while playing any sport in order to create a balanced life.

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Overload Principle: Training with Purpose

How do you know you’ve hit a plateau?

Have you trained for countless hours with sparse results? Strict dieting with little to show for it? Strength training without the ability to increase weight? When was the last time you hit a PR, anyway?

Plateauing happens to athletes at all levels. It’s good for training regimens to become a way of life, but doing those sessions over and over again can become like mindlessly checking a box. Inputs remain the same–which can be detrimental to increasing performance outputs.

Incorporating overload principle into training may be one of the steps you need to get off that plateau.

A runner sitting on a plateau overlooking a vista

Building Muscle–How it Actually Works

Overload principle states that in order for muscle to increase in size, strength and endurance, it must be regularly challenged to produce an output that is as near as possible to maximum capacity. The technique pushes the body past its limits, further breaking it down to force adaptations that lead to performance gains.

Skeletal muscle is composed of fibers that contract when our muscles are put to work. During high intensity, challenging exercise, muscle fibers are broken down. These small breakdowns are called “microtrauma,” and cause the muscle to rebuild stronger, overcompensating to protect itself from other breakdowns with new muscle-building protein.

The rebuilt fibers increase in thickness and number, resulting in muscle growth. To support this, we need enough dietary protein to ensure the rate of muscle protein synthesis is greater than the rate of muscle protein breakdown; this is how our muscles grow.

The same process happens in all of the muscles of our body. The heart muscle also gets bigger with training, enabling more oxygen to be used by other muscles. An exercise-induced release of vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) stimulates the formation of blood vessels, leading to the capillarization of the muscle, allowing increased blood flow, oxygen, and nutrient delivery (which is a critical factor in muscle growth).1 More enzymes are also produced that are utilized in energy production.

A woman squatting in the weight room using overload training, which says that muscle fibers and broken down during exercise, then muscle growth is a result of the fibers increasing in thickness and number

Interestingly, when it comes to muscular hypertrophy (the building of muscle), the exact mechanisms aren’t totally understood; there are likely many factors at play. Current hypotheses include some combination of mechanical tension, metabolic fatigue and muscular damage.

But with training adaptations like overload principle, there can be results like slower utilization of muscle glycogen, greater reliance on fat oxidation, less lactate production during exercise, and adaptations to skeletal muscle.2 To produce muscle growth, athletes must apply a load of stress greater than what those muscles have previously adapted to.3

The idea of overload principle is rooted in how muscles grow–and it begins immediately after exercise, but can take weeks or months to actually manifest.

Practice Before Overloading

Before introducing heavier weight or adding more miles to an exercise program, it’s essential to have the correct technique for those exercises cemented. Muscle memory and the repetition of techniques with proper form are crucial for executing an exercise flawlessly.

Normally, these skills are best learned when fatigue doesn’t impact an athlete’s ability to perform the movements correctly.

But once introduced on top of a good skill base, overload principle can be a powerful tool to reducing the overall risk of injury.

Implementing Overload Principle

Without overload principle, fitness level is less likely to increase; training programs might not yield strength gains because the body adapts to static repetition.

There are two basic components of overload principle: the overloading, and the progression. Overloading is what we’ve discussed above, the adding of stress, weight, etc. to achieve greater fitness.

Progression is the way in which the overloading should be added to training. This can be achieved through an increase in frequency, intensity, time of exercise, or a combination of these.

There’s lots of misinformation online about the best ways to exercise. We’re setting the record straight by analyzing the latest scientific studies–so you don’t have to.

Are You FITT?

The FITT principle is a way to approach overload training strategically and safely, by overloading these different aspects of exercise.

Frequency: How often physical activity is performed, which is normally about three to five times per week.

Intensity: How hard a person exercises during physical activity, which can be measured in different ways and is different for everyone. Heart rate is one way to monitor intensity during endurance, while weight can illustrate intensity of strength training; however, neither of these measures something like flexibility.

Time: The length of physical activity. Again, time varies depending on the person and fitness goal. Stretch-training for flexibility may take 15 minutes, but the minimum for aerobic activity is about 20 minutes of continuous exercise.

Type: The specific physical exercise one is training to improve. Someone trying to improve strength might overload weight and reps; a runner looking to improve endurance might overload distance and time.

By using the FITT principle to understand overloading, this may also help with burnout. Often, we seek performance gains, increasing intensity wildly in the hopes of achieving our goals. This can lead to overly fatigued muscle and even injury.

Compartmentalizing overload training, and already knowing the movements on which you’ll overload, can help reduce some of the dangers of pushing your body past its limits.

How to Overload

You probably already have a training plan. It has days with long runs and short runs, rest days and strength training days.

But do those workouts all look the same, week after week? If so, you may be treading in workout water. It’s time to budget overload training into your workout plan.

A note: if you’re serious, it may be worth getting help from a coach. You can’t keep overloading the same thing over and over–that defeats the purpose of overload training in the first place. Always increasing the same element, like volume, may lead to another plateau. It’s important to mix it up, looking at your training plan like a journey: there will be peaks and troughs to keep the body guessing.

A runner using overload principle, which stats that runners should increase distance, increase intensity and increase speed

When Running

Running with overload principle in mind applies the same techniques as strength and resistance training: increase difficulty (in some way) systematically.

Adding intensity to your workouts is a good place to start. Speed workouts and hill training can help improve muscle strength, overall speed and eventually, race day performance. These intense workouts should come twice per week, incorporating things like interval training, tempo runs, hill workouts or lactate threshold training (which could serve a dual purpose as being both a difficult workout and help you improve your lactate threshold).

Adding duration to runs is also an essential way to overload. One long run per week should be added to a training plan. Many runners prefer to conduct these long runs on weekends (specifically Sunday), because Monday is a popular rest day. You can even add mileage to this run over the course of several weeks.

There are also tools that can help overload training. A weight vest can be added while running or walking to increase lower-body strength and endurance. And running with a training mask on can make your respiratory muscles work harder, which increases respiratory compensation threshold (RCT) and can improve endurance performance.5

Ample recovery time is also important; muscles need time to recover. Work in a rest day after a day of overload training. Since you’ve just pushed yourself further than you’re used to going, recovery will help encourage those gains. If resting isn’t an option, try alternating hard training days with easy training days.

When Weight Training

You probably already strength train or cross-train between regular workouts–these strengthen muscles and joints, decreasing the risk of injury.

The type of strength training varies by athlete depending on their goals. Many employ circuit training, weightlifting or plyometrics training. In general, overloading would include increasing the number of sets or increasing weight used in this training.

The safest way to overload is first to increase reps or sets, getting as comfortable as possible with the exercise, then increase weight.

For example: let’s say you’re doing three sets of eight reps of bicep curls with 10 lb dumbbells. When overloading the following week, jumping to 15 lb dumbbells would be a 50% jump in weight–which is too much to overload. Instead, overload by increasing the number of reps or sets. Try for three sets of ten reps or four sets of eight reps before increasing weight.

On the flip side, someone pushing 100 lbs on a bench press would likely be able to increase weight to 105 lbs–that’s only a 5% jump in weight. For exercises with larger muscles, the overload increment can also be larger. Still, it’s best to focus on increased reps or sets before jumping up in weight.

To approach overloading systematically, make sure you keep a training log to track each increase in weight for all your exercises.

A woman lifting a barbell using overload training, which states that lifters should first increase the number of sets and reps, then increase the weight when the movement has been mastered

Overloading Outside of Exercise

Even though overloading happens in the gym, building muscle happens outside of it. All that overloading might be for naught if you don’t recover properly.

We’ve outlined the best supplements for runners to take, but here’s a high-level look at what can help increase muscle and improve recovery.

BCAAs: These branched-chain amino acids provide the body with building blocks to maintain lean muscle mass.6 The body breaks down protein into these amino acids, which then are sent throughout the body to be used again in protein building–and thus, muscle-building. One study even showcased they alleviated skeletal muscle damage.7

HVMN Ketone: Can be used before, during and after workouts. HVMN Ketone has been shown to increase the efficiency of working muscle by 28%,8 and in testing, athletes went ~2% further in a 30-minute time trial.9 For recovery, HVMN Ketone decreases the breakdown of intramuscular glycogen and protein when compared to carbs alone,9 while also expediting the resynthesis of glycogen by 60% and protein by 2x.10,11

Protein: Whey, casein and soy protein are the most popular choices here, and all should be taken post-workout. Whey is a great source of BCAA, and is absorbed the fastest by the body. It’s largely considered the most effective protein for building muscle.12 Casein protein is slower to absorb, so it can be taken before bed. One study showcased consuming it before bed led to a 34% reduction in whole body protein breakdown.13

Overloading to Measurable Gains

Overloading may be the best way to break the body out of its routine and spur the growth you’ve been looking for. By pushing the body past its limits, even for a set or an extra mile, your body will adapt to be able to handle that stress during the next training session.

It’s important not to over-overload. This can lead to injury and be detrimental for your overall training goals by putting you on the sidelines for a few weeks. Measured overloading is the best approach, tracking the increases to understand how they’re helping work toward your goals.

Take it one step at a time. Before you know it, you’ll be off that plateau and on your way to climbing a whole new mountain.

How do you get off the plateau? Share in the comments below.

Marginal gains?

You train, you work hard, you put in the hours–you should be seeing results. We’re developing more resources to help you get the most out of your workout.

Authored by Nate Martins •
September 25, 2018

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Bring Out Your Inner Big Kid

Everyone deserves to bring out their inner big kid. You have to admit, there is one bubbling away inside of you that you just can’t fight sometimes. The weird little dances or voices that you do, the silly things you think in your head, and the desperation to have the imagination of your children as you sit and watch them babble away to themselves. But sometimes, you really do realise that life is just getting too serious. You’re always thinking about things that you need to do, purchases that you probably shouldn’t have made, and bills that you’re going to have to pay. It’s a stressful time to be an adult, and at any point if you were to try and let out your inner child, you might feel a ton of guilt that you’re not living up to your responsibilities, or that you might regret it later. This is something that we have drilled into our own minds, due to the expectations of society. But you really do only have one life, and you only have one chance to go and live it before it runs out. If you’re going to live your life, you really do need to think of ways that you can bring out your inner kid, and we’re going to talk about a few of them today!

Image Source

Toys & Gadgets

This is one of the most underrated ways that you can let out your inner big kid. There are so many different toys and gadgets out there, and despite what some people might say, they’re not just for children. Adults can have endless amounts of fun with the gadgets that are out there today, and they really can help to bring some light into your life when you constantly feel as though you’re doing the same thing. So, gadget number one on our list for those of you who are looking for some fun, is a hoverboard with bluetooth and lights. Hoverboards were a big craze not so long ago, especially with the younger generation. They can be used both indoors and outdoors, and there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be able to have some fun with one. Even if it’s just taking one around the street, or using it to get around the house, it’s still all good fun. Because you’re doing something different, and using such a cool gadget to whizz around even the smallest of places like your home, you do feel like your inner big kid has been let loose!

Another gadget on our list of cool things to have, is a VR headset. Now, this one is really easy to get sucked into, because you’re entering yourself into a virtual reality, and you never know, you might like it more than the reality you’re in at the minute. VR has been around in its most basic form for a while now, but with poor graphics, design, and all round use, people weren’t too bothered about it. But now all of the tech giants are getting involved, everyone seems to be excited about it. There’s just so many things you can do with them, from playing a game, to watching a movie, to feeling like you’re lying on a beach sunbathing. It all depends on what you like to do, and what experience you want to get from it. But one you put the VR on and get plunged into that virtual reality that you might not have experienced before, we just know that you’re never going to want to come out of it!

Doing Something Totally Crazy

If you want to bring out your inner kid, doing something crazy is definitely the way to do it. Doing something that makes everyone say to you ‘ I can’t believe you did that’, because being crazy just isn’t the norm for most people. But when you do something totally crazy and out of the ordinary, you’re going to feel amazing for it. You’ll feel as though you’re taking yourself out of the circle of life that you’re used to, and it just feels so exhilarating to do it. It could be something you’ve always wanted to do, and it actually could be pretty mundane in the grand scheme of things. But for you to do something that’s out of the ordinary for you, it makes it crazy! One thing you could do that’s definitely not the norm, and is definitely a bit crazy, is going to do something like skydiving. It’s rare that people actually go and do something like this, although you do hear of a lot of people doing it for charity. Whether you do or don’t is up to you, as you really would only be doing this to bring out your inner kid. But if the thought of jumping out of a plane thousands of feet off the ground is too much for you, then you could do something a lot safer, such as indoor skydiving. It’s fun, you’re contained to only falling a few feet if you ever had to, but you still get that crazy feeling of skydiving. Whatever you chose to do, just make sure it’s something away from the norm for you, but it helps you feel alive!

Holidaying With Friends

This is one of the best things that you can do if you want to bring out your inner kid, because when you go on holiday with your friends, something in your mind just changes. All of the sudden you really do feel like you’re a big kid with no responsibilities. The only responsibilities you have are eating too much, drinking too much, and soaking up too much sun. No matter what age you are when you go on holiday with your friends, you’ll always turn into giggling people who care about nothing more than having fun. To truly bring out your inner big kid on a holiday with friends, you’re going to have to think about doing things such as quad biking, or renting a scooter, or going to the water park. Whatever age you are, all of the above are fun as long as you’re prepared to let your hair down and go with the flow.

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Staying Safe On The Beach This Summer

There is no summer with a sunny beach by the sea – or the ocean. For a lot of people, the most exciting thing about summertime is the chance to spend an entire day at the beach without feeling guilty about it. Just picture the scene: Sea, sand, and sun; it’s the ideal paradise to soothe your burnout syndrome and refuel yourself with new energy before heading back to work or school. But every year, millions of holidaymakers suffer from sickness and injuries on their way to the beach or on site. Coping with accidents and illnesses during your vacation isn’t fun, to say the least. It could dramatically affect your peace of mind, without mentioning that it could get expensive too. Thankfully, there are some steps you can take to protect yourself while you’re going on a beach holiday. This summer, aim for sea, sand, sun, and above all, safety.  

Active on the beach  

It’s the perfect excuse to get active

If you’ve been trying to motivate yourself to get active, spending some time on a beach resort will give you plenty of opportunities. Don’t be fooled into thinking that beaches are only for lying down. In fact, you’ll come to appreciate an active lifestyle if it means walking along the wet sand to watch the sunrise every morning. You can also choose to jog in the water – you might need rubber shoes to keep your feet safe from rocks and shells – in the evening: It’s a fantastic mixture of cooling sensation, resistance training from the water and cardio. And all that goes without mentioning the primary sport in the sea, swimming! You can challenge yourself to swim into the distance and back if the water is quiet. There is only one thing you need to remember to make the most of your active sea vacation. You can’t afford to forget to bring waterproof sunscreen cream.

The traffic to and out the beach can be bad

If you find yourself renting a villa a short distance away from the beach, you might prefer to drive down every day with your equipment and sports gear. Be careful, though, as beaches attract plenty of vehicles. An accident can happen quickly, as joyelawfirm.com team knows. So keep an eye on the road and avoid sun glare as a driver. Additionally, do remember to make yourself visible if you are a pedestrian walking on the road. Traffic is terrible on the sea as well. If you’re a surfer, look out for collision with less experienced holidaymakers.

Sea, sand, sun, and WATER

If you’re planning your entire day on the beach, you need to stay hydrated. Booksurfcamps.com has provided a handy reminder for all beach lovers. You can lose up to 50 ounces of sweat in an hour when you’re active on a sunny day. So, it’s important to pack some water in your bag. A cucumber contains 96% water, while you can get 92% water from a slice of watermelon. Coconut water and sports drinks are great to rehydrate after a workout.

Don’t let the warning note scare you. Beach holidays are fun. But, you need to look after yourself to make the most of it!

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Personalized Gifts for Stationery Addicts

We all have that person in our lives who love kitschy pieces of stationery. Unicorn and mermaid theme just swept the globe in a big way. However, sometimes when it comes to gifting, sometimes it is nice to get them something a bit more special. You’ll find some seriously cool ideas below.

Get a plain notebook and print some scrabble style letters off. Write the name of your intended recipient, their course number, a special message or even a memorable date on the front. This is thoughtful and doesn’t take long or cost a lot either. Some glue and hour or so is all it will take.

If you don’t trust your creative flair, you can find many sites online that produce and sell some beautiful notebooks. From the trendy marble design to ultra cool Superheros you can be sure to find one for every taste.

Stickers! A super simple way to give someone the gift of personalization of anything they like. Although decals like this were something many people left behind in the 80s and 90s, they’ve had a massive surge in popularity over the last few years and are once again something the cool kids have, find a custom sticker maker and get designing.

Image from RawPixel

Pens and Pencils. If you know an artist or designer, their pens and pencils will be a much loved and used item, getting something personalized to them is a nice gesture and also very useful. You can get graphite and mixed color pencils for a couple of dollars online. If you want to get something a bit more fancy, search for high end/luxury personalized pens and you are going to find something gorgeous and meaningful.

Perhaps you know someone who writes a blog or has a website. Often online spaces can get a bit neglected and end up with stray HTML coding, broken widgets and a standard theme. If you know that they would love to spruce up their internet space but aren’t sure where to look, hit up Fivver, Upwork, Creative Market and Envato to see if you can snap up a designer or a theme with a lot of options for them. At first glance, this might not seem personalized. However, it is allowing them a lot more control over their internet space and with a lot of options they can tailor it to what they want. Lovely.

Thank you cards. When birthdays and Christmas/The Festive Season roll around, having personalized note cards allows the recipient to write a note and not have to sign each one – if they don’t want to.

To go with the note cards, envelopes with initials embossed are a lovely idea.

If you happen to have a friend who is starting up a business or already has something running, you can find things like invoice sheets, car decals, banners and business cards online too.

The idea behind giving someone something personalized is that it has a little bit more thought and effort involved. While getting any gift is a special moment, you can elevate it with a few extra dollars and some time.

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Finding Inspiration for Your Next Weekend Out

Have you ever sat at home staring at the clock, watching it tick by as you sit on the couch and do virtually nothing? Have you ever left work on a Friday night surrounded by excited coworkers detailing plans, feeling bad because you’ve got nothing lined up and you’re actually looking forward to working again on Monday?

Don’t worry–everyone’s been through similar periods.

Whether it’s a lack of motivation to go out or just being stumped on ideas, we’ve put together a couple of handy tips to help you find inspiration for your next weekend out.

Source: Pexels

Explore and Travel

You don’t need to go on holiday to explore what the world has to offer. For example, check out this post at https://lifespaceblog.com/ for some good road trip ideas. It’s a cheap and cheerful travel experience that your friends and family can also join in with, and it’s based on exploring and seeing things that you don’t normally experience.

Of course, nothing stops you from actually going on holiday over the weekend either. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with a weekend break and you’d be surprised at how fulfilling and exciting a 2-night trip can be. You’ll need to plan it in advance and there are probably some concerns such as the cost, but even taking a small break to another town every other week is a fantastic way to unwind and relax.

Just take a look at some travel magazines and blogs or act like a tourist and search for things to see in the city. There’s nothing wrong with booking a fancy hotel in the city you live in either. Sure, you could just stay at your home and travel out for the day, but getting to experience the luxury of a hotel is a great way to unwind and experience something new.

Look for Local Deals

There’s probably a lot going on in your city and surrounding ones, but not everyone knows where to look for inspiration. Thanks to sites like https://www.theticketmerchant.com.au/, it’s actually relatively easy to find cheap experiences such as concerts and sports games. It’s a fantastic way to catch up on all the latest events going on around you and you can even pick up some deals to make it an even more enticing idea.

Why not find something interesting and invite your friends to go with you? Whether it’s a sports game with their favourite teams or going to see a singer live, there are many fantastic ideas and it’s easy to inspire yourself if you know where to look.

Just remember that you may need to travel a little to get to an event, but this shouldn’t put you off. A slightly-longer bus journey or even asking a friend to drive shouldn’t be a huge problem and it’s generally worth the added effort, especially if you get to experience something new and exciting.


So to conclude, if you’re willing to look around there are plenty of places to search for inspiration. These are just two ideas that are guaranteed to work, but everyone has their own interests and ways of looking for inspiration for a weekend out.

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