5 Tips for Keeping Good Oral Hygiene while Traveling

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 The summer and wintertime are the two biggest times of the year where everyone is out traveling. Whether it’s visiting family, going on vacation, or celebrating holidays in a fun way. Regardless of what your travel plans are, one thing that you cannot neglect no matter where you’re at in the world would be your oral hygiene. Traveling tends to mean that people let their health slack off a bit. This can include not brushing your teeth enough, eating more junk food than usual, less sleep, consuming alcohol, and moving around a lot less. Oral health is what tends to be neglected the most! These tips will help you stay on top of your oral hygiene when traveling.

Keep a close eye on your toothbrush

Believe it or not, your toothbrush needs to have some ventilation. Most of those toothbrush holders that people pack when traveling tend to not have air holes. Your toothbrush will stay moist which can grow bacteria such as mold. If your toothbrush needs to be enclosed, try to keep it in a larger container, and maybe even leave it out on the counter when not in use. Having to throw out your toothbrush because it smells bad or looks molded is not a good way to start a vacation.

Look at what your mouth needs before traveling

If you’re having to travel, it’s best to try to take care of some things before traveling, especially if you think you’ll be gone for a while. If you’ve been looking into getting full-mouth dental implants, then it’s best to jump-start this far in advance before your big adventure. But this can go for anything dental or health-related really. You want to make sure you feel like you’re in tip-top shape before exploring the world.

Think about the way you sleep

Did you know the way you sleep can affect your dental hygiene? This can include snoring causing problems and even teeth grinding in your sleep. It’s best to just lay on your back and sleep like that if you can. If you’re picky about how you sleep, then you can always try bringing your own pillow.

Cut down on sugar

When it comes to trips, it’s always tempting to just want to eat and drink whatever you like. It’s completely understandable too. Having the opportunity to travel means you’re getting to try new things, eat foods you usually don’t have the chance to do, and just allow yourself to indulge in the finer things in life in general.

This is all fine, but you should try to cut down on it a bit. Junk food, alcohol, basically, those unhealthy things are okay as long as it’s in moderation. Sugar-loaded treats do a lot of harm to your teeth, gums, not to mention your immune system too. So if you want to avoid tooth decay, just consume these things in moderation.

Drink healthy

If all possible, look into drinking things that are good for your health and teeth. As stated above, sugar can be harmful to your teeth and immune system. So try to drink water, green tea, and avoid drinks that will state your teeth such as coffee. You can even look into getting a teeth whitening kit to help you out.

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Snoring Causing Problems?

Do you suffer from destructive snoring? Or perhaps you have a family member who does? Did you know that a dentist Stevenage can help with managing snoring as a symptom and often address the root cause? Depending on the severity of chronic snoring, it can often be the long-term result of obstructive sleep apnoea. And, although you might see it as no more than a slight inconvenience, it is best to nip it in the bud as soon as possible.

What is snoring?

Snoring is caused when the soft tissues at the back of your throat extend out into your airway where they are vibrated every time you inhale or exhale, creating that oh so distinctive sound! A more advanced version of this is called obstructive sleep apnoea; this is where the softer tissues collapse entirely blocking your airway. This can cause several seconds of you involuntarily holding your breath before violently gasping, pushing the soft tissues out of the way and allowing you to breathe again. People with obstructive sleep apnoea do not necessarily get disturbed but end up with this sporadic sleep gasping and periods of holding their breath throughout the night. These result in waking up exhausted and finding sleep unsatisfying for you, let alone anyone with whom you may share the bed.

If you have developed full-blown sleep apnoea, you may find a sleep apnoea machine helpful next to the bed, but there are options for you to have treatment before you end up there.

Possible treatment options

At dental surgeries, a set of personalized mouthpieces and throat expanders can be produced to prevent the lower jaw from dropping back into your throat as you sleep, holding it in a comfortable neutral position. Not only does this immediately prevent the snoring and relieve symptoms in the short term but it also allows the soft tissues of your throat to develop in their new positions rather than being constantly pushed and causing the quantity and volume of snoring to increase, as you progress towards sleep apnoea.

There are similar devices that can be purchased off the shelf at your local pharmacy. The advantage of a custom-made piece from impressions taken at a dental surgery is that you get a perfect fit. This is important since, if the device slides during the night, not only can it aggravate any snoring, but it could also disrupt you and result in broken sleep. Moreover, hardy mouthguards have a longer lifespan, unlike the cheaper, off-the-shelf alternatives.

Lifestyle choices

Certain lifestyle choices will significantly affect your snoring and how it may develop. The largest of these is smoking. If you are a smoker, you should seriously consider quitting. Drinking alcohol before bed can also seriously aggravate snoring as many of the muscles around the throat will be overly compliant. Your weight is another significant factor, with sleep apnoea being far more common in those who are overweight. Fixing all these lifestyle choices will take time to improve your snoring but this is the best long-term solution.

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Understanding the Need for Invisalign St Albans

It should be recognised that there is a common dental issue that is easily treated amongst the adult population of the UK; misaligned teeth. Fortunately, there is now a growing number of adults, who may have refused to engage with treatment at a younger age, choosing to seek treatment to have their teeth aligned correctly.

Within the population of the UK, there is a greater awareness of the need to have good oral health and hygiene, and this has led to a greater understanding of the most common dental problems and the need to deal with them. More and more people now research the options available to them, when it comes to dealing with common dental concerns; this includes ways to resolve misaligned teeth.

For those seeking a discreet solution to the matter of misaligned teeth, Invisalign St Albans may be the right answer, for many reasons.

Not the alignment treatment we think we know

Invisalign is not like the alignment treatments that many people may have been made aware of earlier since the wire and metal braces we all grew up knowing have now been replaced with a twenty-first-century alternative. In their place is a modern over-the-teeth aligner that is clear, rendering it practically invisible to the eyes of others around the wearer.

These new aligners were designed in Europe and take into consideration all the needs and requests of the potential wearer. By creating a see-through aligner, the biggest hurdle to having people engage with this as a treatment option has been overcome as they would not have to worry about how their teeth look during the treatment.

Made from two layers of strong, durable and clear plastic, these aligners are designed to sit comfortably over the wearer’s teeth and can be easily removed by the wearer for a short period, should they experience any discomfort.

Clear aligners have reimagined the treatment of misaligned teeth and added something new to the orthodontic toolbox that helps to broaden the range of treatments they can offer to their patients. Due to these modern aligners, more adults than ever before have now started to engage with tooth alignment treatment and enjoy a heightened standard of oral hygiene.

Solving the issues that are common with misaligned teeth

The main concern associated with misaligned teeth is poor oral hygiene, and this can lead to the development of other common problems such as tooth decay, plaque build-up and gum disease, all of which can create deeper issues if left untreated for a long time. For patients with misaligned teeth, the reason for having poor oral hygiene issues is the fact their teeth may be difficult to access correctly with a brush or flossing thread. Having their teeth realigned to resolve this issue and give greater access to their teeth should help to improve the oral health of any patient.

Today in the UK, there is no need for any adult to live with misaligned teeth because treatments are more widely available than ever before.

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What are Invisalign Clear Aligners?

Invisalign clear aligners have provided over four million happy smiles for patients both nationally and on a worldwide scale and could easily be argued to be the largest brand provider of clear aligners within the field of modern dentistry. Despite their undeniable popularity, however, many potential patients may still feel unsure of what to expect pre-treatment.

Clear aligners are made of transparent plastic, which makes for an invisible, hassle-free, and far more comfortable wearing experience. If you are a patient considering Invisalign as a treatment option, then you may be asking yourself: ‘why don’t I get in touch with an Invisalign dentist near me?’

What can an Invisalign dentist offer you?

When searching for an Invisalign dentist to receive your new aligners, you may be wondering whether visiting an accredited Invisalign dentist is worth it; so, let’s answer that concern. Accredited Invisalign providers not only use the highest standard of dental materials and equipment but also embrace the latest advancements in dental technology to ensure a convenient treatment journey. In addition to providing a superior standard of care, accredited Invisalign providers also ensure complete peace of mind for their patients.

So, what are the benefits?

Bespoke Invisalign treatments produce effective dental results in as little as 6 months. Along with their impressive treatment times, Invisalign providers also offer accurate digital scans as well as the option for patients to see their smile with ‘ClinCheck’. This service allows patients to get a sneak peek at their potential post-treatment results, motivating them on their treatment journey!

What are patients saying about Invisalign clear aligners?

Within the world of dentistry, patient reviews speak volumes and can be the difference between choosing a treatment or not. With this value in mind, many dental clinics now provide a wide array of past-patient testimonials on their websites, which can help potential patients decide if Invisalign is right for their smile. Just one example of a happy Invisalign patient states they would ‘highly recommend’ the Invisalign treatment to any individual who searches for both a comfortable and discreet way to straighten their smile.

So, what makes Invisalign so unique?

The world of modern dentistry has a lot to offer. With constant technological advancements being made, the many orthodontic options now made readily available by clinics worldwide may cause patients to feel overwhelmed. Despite more conventional orthodontics proving to be undeniably effective when amending some of the most serious misalignment cases, Invisalign serves as a modern solution to orthodontic dentistry.

Looking to transform your smile?

If the answer to the question above is yes, then Invisalign could be a suitable treatment for you! Invisalign is described as a revolutionary technology that allows patients to transform the appearance of their smile and boost their self-confidence too!

Could Invisalign work for you?

Invisalign clear aligners are a fantastic choice for any patient looking to straighten their teeth without opting for traditional metal appliances.

A dental treatment that works for you.

Invisalign aligner trays not only look great when producing effective results but can also be removed before eating or attending a special occasion. This makes Invisalign a treatment that can fit well around your life.

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FAQs About Orthodontic Chewies Answered

When you start looking online for things that can help you with your invisible aligner treatment, you may come across chewies.

And as popular as these quite clever additions to an aligner are, there is surprisingly little online about them, what they are and how they work.

In this article, you will be provided with a brief introductory guide to chewies, to help you explore whether or not they are required for your use of Invisalign Clapham.

What are chewies?

Physically, chewies look like a mix of an earplug and a drinking straw.

They are made from a soft plastic called styrene copolymer, width-wise, they are similar to a standard pencil or a pen.

They are designed to help with the fitting of an aligner; when it comes to invisible aligners, you will usually have a set of 14 to wear in a succession and when you change between them, the newer aligner is unlikely to fit snugly. With the use of a chewie, you can ensure that the aligners are fitted right next to the teeth, thus enabling them to work faster and quicker.

How do you use them?

You simply place the chewies in your mouth and bite down on them.

They should be used twice a day (if you need to use them more, speak to your dentist) until the ‘chewy’ element of them disappears. At this time, switch to a newer one.

Chew them for between 5-10 minutes per day; as you wear invisible aligners to bed, it may be best to attempt to use them before you put your nighttime aligner in.

Do they speed up treatment?

As mentioned earlier, chewies help your aligners to fit your teeth correctly. And while that doesn’t ‘speed up’ treatment, it certainly helps it to stay on track. They also help the aligners to be more effective at straightening your teeth.

Are there any alternatives?

While chewies are effective at fitting the aligners to your teeth, some people find their taste a bit unpleasant.

And so, if you are looking for an edible option, there is a brand of chewie based mints called Movemints which can be used as a suitable (and tasty) alternative.

Is there anything else I should know about chewies?

As they are reusable, you may need to wash them every day.

But as they don’t need to stay invisible like your aligners, and as plastic can taste a bit horrible for some people, you can wash them or soak them in mouthwash to keep them fresh.

Remember, that they do become worn out, and you should look for signs such as lack of elasticity before switching to a new chewie. When you chew these tools for 5-10 minutes per day, you may also experience discomfort in your jaw, which is to be expected. But if it becomes unbearable, talk to your dental provider.

When it comes to invisible aligners, it can be tempting to assume that a lack of tracking (or fitting) is normal, especially at the start of a new aligner but if it is persistent, then you need to talk to your dentist.

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