Changes That'll Free Up Your Time as a Business Owner

When you’re running a business, there are so many things that can start to take over your time and prevent you from focusing on the things that really matter to your business. If you’re serious about making a success of your business, you need to get your time back and stop being bogged down by things that are not really important. Here are some ways to do that.

Stop Checking Your Emails All the Time

We’re all guilty of checking our emails too often and it’s a trap that you should do your best not to fall into. When you spend half your day checking emails, it seems like a never ending task and it takes your attention away from other things that really matter in the office. Of course, you need to stay on top of these communications, but they should never take over your day.

Banish Procrastination

Procrastination is the biggest time killer for professionals in all sorts of industries. When you let it get the better of you, you simply end up spending time doing nothing when you should be getting your business to where you want it to be. If there are certain things that you know distract you and take your mind off the things you should be doing, it’s important to remove those distractions.

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Let Someone Else Take Care of IT

If you’re tired of dealing with IT problems that you don’t even really understand, you should think about using a company like IntelligIS, Inc. By outsourcing your IT needs, you can focus on things that really matter to you and things that you actually understand, which is a key part of this. It’ll save time and improve your approach to IT.

Automate and Make the Most of Technology

There are so many little ways in which you can automate tasks these days. Be sure to make the most of these things and try to show people that not everything has to be done by a human these days. It can be a tough transition for some people, but it saves so much time for you and the rest of the people working for your business, so why not make the most of it?

Trust Your Employees More

Your employees are talented people and many of them just want a chance to show you want they can do. So, rather than running your business as if it’s your baby that you can’t trust with anyone else, you should put a bit more trust in your employees and make sure that you delegate to them rather than doing it all alone.

There are lots of things you can do to free up your time in the office. It might seem like an impossible mission but it really doesn’t need to be. There are people out there who can help and there are things you can change in order to regain some of that lost time, so make the most of the ideas above.

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Buying A Drone For Professional Reasons

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When you hear the word drone, you will probably be thinking that they are a big boys toy. Well, you may be right to some degree, but there are lots of great uses for drone technology from a business point of view. If you are someone who has a passion for gadgets, owning your own drone could turn into a lucrative business opportunity for you with a number of areas of business that have a need for this type of technology. 

Drones are exciting! They can fly to reasonable length away from their controllers, they can shoot high-quality pictures and videos which you can look at in a live view either from your controller or from your smartphone. Many come with GPS so you will get greater control over where they are, and some even have the ability to fly themselves to some degree. 

They differ from other remote control flying technologies in the fact that they are a lot more stable. Having four flat rotor blades all working independently of each other means that they are very accurate when it comes to manoeuvring them, and, they can stop still on one spot for any length of time. This makes them ideal for any job that requires aerial photography as you will be able to get a great shot without having to worry about moving the controller around and trying to trigger your camera. 

Drones And The Law

Of course, you will probably have heard a great deal about drones in the news. From many angles, drone technology can be quite controversial. There are a number of safety concerns that center around the use of drones. The most significant of these is using drones near the flight paths of planes. It is against the law to fly a drone near to an airport. There have been many instances now where drones have caused massive disruption, and on one occasion, a London airport was brought to a standstill for 33 hours at a cost of 50 million pounds. The risk to lives when a drone gets too close to a plane is unreal, and as such there are strict laws covering drones and property that everyone who owns one has to adhere too. Even away from airports, there are situations where drones could easily come into contact with planes. For example, many farmers use planes for crop dusting, and these will fly considerably lower than commercial jets do.

You will need to get a license to use your drone, this will ensure that you are registered and understand the restrictions that the aviation authority has set on the flying of drones. 

There is another concern that you should be aware of when getting a drone, and that is the use of them in built-up areas. If you have a camera mounted on your equipment, there are obvious security and privacy concerns and you will need to take these into consideration when using yours. 

Learning To Fly

If you are buying a drone for professional use, then you will certainly want to ensure you know how to fly it first. Drones are obviously very expensive and the last thing that you would want to do is send you new expensive professional piece of equipment hurtling to the ground, to be smashed up. 

One thing that you might want to think about doing is buying a cheaper hobby model to practice on. This will get you used to the basics of flying without the risking a product that will cost a great many times more money. 

You may want to look into getting some flying classes from a drone school. This is a good way to get some expert help and learn all of the tips from the pros. You will learn in a safe environment and in a measured manner. 

What To Look For In A Drone

Shopping for your drone may be a bit of a minefield. You may have heard of some of the top makes and models such as the DGIs. But when it comes down to the nuts and bolts of the issue, you will need to get a good handle on the differences before you part with your cash. 

The distance that a drone can fly to is going to be very relevant to you. Some can only go up to a few hundred metres, which is fine if you only want to do photography and video work of the area that you are stood in, however, if you are needing to take your drone further away, for surveying for example, then you will want something with a range of a couple of kilometres. 

Battery life is going to be a concern, and many people are shocked at how drones don’t stay up in the sky for that long. They require a great deal of battery power to run all of the motors, cameras, and GPS systems, and as such you will generally be looking at the twenty to thirty-minute time span before you will need to bring your drone to the ground to change the battery. Many have an automatic return to base function so that when the battery is low, it doesn’t just drop from the sky. Buy plenty of spare batteries whichever model you go for. Having lots to swap between while you are out will mean that you won’t run out of power!

The next thing that you should check for is the availability of spare parts. There may be times when you do happen to have an accident. A bad wind could knock you off course, or you may misjudge your position. A cracked blade will be enough to ground your drone until it is replaced, so make sure that you can freely buy spares. 

Lastly, and maybe most importantly the camera is of huge significance if you are to use this professionally. Don’t just go by the amount on megapixels the camera has, find out about the lense and if it has features like a zoom. If the camera is not good enough, find out if it is possible to upgrade this.

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Fiscal Responsibility: The Tedious But Necessary Route To Business Success

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As a passionate entrepreneur, you probably love to focus on innovative new ideas for your small business. Maybe those ideas work, too. Maybe you make sales and gain clients. However, taking the step from a small company to a large company can be a real challenge. That’s because it’s considerably more difficult to achieve long-term business success than it is to achieve short-term business success. It involves planning. It involves more than sales. Getting your business finances in order requires more than simply selling a lot of goods. It’s about the money that remains for the future. After all, your company needs funding to grow. That’s how it’ll expand into a large business over time. Fiscal responsibility is the key to success. In this article, you’ll find useful advice to help you get your small business’ money in shape and achieve long-term growth.

Research your target market constantly.

You should research your target market constantly if you want to create a successful business. Financially, this is incredibly important because research will help you to ascertain the best ways in which you should invest your profits. Rather than wasting money through a process of trial and error, talk to consumers in your target market. Talk to your existing customers and potential customers in your industry. Use social media to spark a direct conversation with people. That’s how you’ll start to find out what changes your target consumers want to see in your industry. As a result, you can make smart investments that will help you to fill gaps in the market and build a more successful company.


Outsourcing is another valuable way in which you could manage your business’ money more effectively. It’s a very fiscally-responsible way to increase your company’s daily output. Hiring new employees will help your business to grow, of course, but outsourcing is more cost-effective. You’ll still be getting help from professionals but on a temporary basis. Given that you and your small team of workers might only be skilled in certain areas, this could be very useful. You might want to do some research to see more information about this. An outsourced help desk could really help your business to grow in a cheap yet professional manner.

Use your time and money wisely.

Productivity isn’t just a buzzword used at training seminars. It’s one of the most essential ingredients for long-term business success. You need to use your time and money wisely if you want your company to run more efficiently and put more funding towards necessary investment opportunities in the future. In the first point, the importance of market research was discussed. This will help your small business to decide how best to invest your money.
However, pinpointing great investment opportunities is only one side of managing your company’s finances more efficiently. You also need to reduce unnecessary costs. After all, if your overheads are too high, then you’ll be unnecessarily eroding your profit margins and giving your business less money to put towards worthwhile investments. Make sure your employees are as productive as possible. Automate services to speed up operations, for starters. And spruce up the workplace because pleasant surroundings can increase productivity, too.

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What To Do When You Don’t Know What To Do Next

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As a business owner, it’s your job to work out what the next steps for your business will be. This means that you need to keep your eye on the ball, watch the competition and spot opportunities when they arise. 

But what happens if you are new to the entrepreneurial lifestyle? How do you know the difference between a great opportunity and something too good to be true? What happens when you simply don’t know the answer?

Ask for Advice

When you don’t know what you’re doing, you should always ask for advice. Whether you turn to a friend or a fellow in business or you decide to approach other professionals for advice in a specialist area such as IT Consulting Services, asking the question is what counts. 

Remember that when you ask for advice, you are starting a conversation. This isn’t just about you – you should also keep your ears open for ways you might help your advisor. The more people you talk to, the more you will learn but it’s also worth recognizing that this is a networking opportunity too. If the person you ask doesn’t know of a solution or can’t advise you further, they might be able to recommend someone who will. 

Relax – Consider Your Options

One of the main reasons that entrepreneurs get stuck is that they allow anxiety to be a driver rather than creativity. When this happens, it can be difficult to see the wood for the trees and while opportunities could be everywhere, you stall because you don’t know how best to consider your options. 


A calm mind has much more room for creativity and as an entrepreneur, you need to be creative! A good way to do this is to write down your goals. Next, consider all the different ways you could achieve those goals or, even better, write down the stepping stones to get there. When it’s all laid out in front of you, it’s a lot easier to see which option is best and what to do next. 

Run an Experiment

Experimentation is a major part of business and you should be experimenting all the time. Marketing is a great example of how businesses experiment but you should also be looking at different ways to push your business forward. If nothing else, experimenting allows you to explore new ideas without the same level of risk that adjusting the whole business would bring. 

So, if you have a long list of options and you’re still not entirely sure which way to go, it might be worth splitting your cash and experimenting with two of your ideas. The key is to set up goals and clearly define what success means in each case. This way, you can see what might happen on a small scale and make a more informed decision about the direction you want to go in later on. 

When you aren’t sure what to do, it’s usually because you haven’t got all the information clearly presented to you. Your job is research in any way possible and once you know better, you can decide with confidence. 

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Three Things to Try if You Hate Your Job

Feeling frustrated in your career? If you wake up every morning feeling like you’re stuck in groundhog day and wondering ‘what’s the point?’ It’s time to make a change. When we spend so much of our time at work, if you’re highly dissatisfied and unhappy here, you’re never going to be fully happy in your life overall. Here are a few things you can do.

Try and move up

One of the reasons people start to feel trapped and dissatisfied within their job roles is that they become stagnant. They’re no longer learning new things, their earnings are limited and it all starts becoming very boring and samey. If the reason you dislike your job is because of this, have you considered moving up the ranks? If there’s scope for a promotion then take steps to try and achieve it, it might involve doing some additional education and training but could be so worth it. A higher position will often mean more money, and you’ll be doing things that challenge you again which can help you to feel more satisfied. 

Change careers and start from the bottom

If you genuinely dislike the field you work in, then changing to something completely different could be the way to go. This is a bold move, often it will involve starting right from the bottom. This can feel disheartening if you’re moving from a job you previously had respect in due to your skills and experience, but it can be so worth doing. Decide what your end goal will be in your career and work your way up the ranks. The journey might change over time, but at least it gives you something to work towards and an idea of what you’ll need to do to get there. 

Start your own companyOne reason many people can feel frustrated in regular career or job is they feel as though they’re working hard to build someone else’s dream for them. They can feel restricted by the confines of their career and feel their ideas would be better used elsewhere. If this sounds like you, why not start your own business? It can take hard work and dedication to get it off the ground, but once you’re set up you might feel far happier than you ever did working as an employee. You can be creative and think outside of the box, you can do things your way and earn money in a way that’s genuinely meaningful to you. Hire staff to help make your dreams a reality, utilise cloud solutions and all of the tech and software available to you to increase your chances of success.

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Marketing Methods And Helping Your Small Biz Stand Out To Be Successful

When you start a new business, you want to ensure that you do all that you can to ensure that you get the right exposure, engagement, and of course, the right levels of profit and success. But how can you make that happen? Here are some of the things to consider. 

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Join forces in your local community

Your local community could hold the key to your business, and so it may be the time to focus on this area as an alternative method of marketing your business. There is a new trend where people are wanting to shop local and support their local small businesses, so you may wasn’t to join forces within your local community. This is your chance to become the expert in your industry and field locally. You could also sponsor local events as a great way to gain some exposure. This opens up different avenues of marketing such as face to face, as well as word of mouth as you become well known for what your business does. 

Respond to comments and messages 

It may feel like a lot of work, but people have taken the time to comment on your social media, send you messages or get in touch, so it is only right that you respond as quickly as possible. This can work really well through social media as engagement is just as important as sharing the content that you have decided to put out there. This can also humanise your business, and it can be a great way to make you appear reputable to potential new customers. 

Try something new

Maybe you should try something new when it comes to your marketing programme. First of all, focusing on one social media platform could be the ticket, but what about the type of content you choose to share on there? These days social media platforms are more than just a status update or sharing a picture. Platforms now support video, live streaming as well as snippets on things like Facebook or Instagram stories. This could be a great way to advance the type of content you share than just that standard words and pictures. People buy from people, so your new marketing ploy could be to provide a face to the business and to become relatable. After all, people do buy from people. 

Make sure the cost and market is on point

It can be tricky to understand how you can make sure that your costings for the actual products you sell, or the type of services you offer, are on point to ensure that you can maximise the profits and the potential. This is when small business marketing automation software can really come in handy to help you make the right decisions for your small business. 

Run a competition

A competition is an excellent way to build up an audience quickly, and so you may want to consider doing something like this if you are wanting to promote something. This could work well for a new product or service that you have that you want some extra exposure before launch. You could also provide incentive for followers if you manage to get to a certain level. However, ensure you check completion rules for different platforms so that you do things by the book. 

Let’s hope that some of these options help you up your marketing game this month. 

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3 Tips For Your First Year In Business

You are finally up and running and living your long-held dream. You are running your own business, and whilst it feels good, it also feels a little daunting. There is so much to take on, to remember and to juggle and you can see a raft of challenges ahead of you. First thing is first, do not panic. This is all completely normal and you should expect to face a few challenges as you have a lot to learn and there are certain areas worth prioritising. This is why today we want to share with you 3 tips for your first year in business. 

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Learn from your customers

Your customers can help you to shape your entire business, services and products, so you need to do all that you can to learn from them. 

You will probably have carried out some initial market research before you started up to help you to design your business offerings. Do not let that be all that you do, in fact, you need to do so much more of that in your first year.

You should be constantly assessing where your business is coming from and why people are choosing to use you as this will help you to understand how to replicate it and get more leads and customers. You should also be getting customer feedback regularly which will help you to improve your service and products.

Call on the experts when you need them

When you run your own business, you cannot possibly know everything and have the time to do everything, it cannot be done. Which is why we would suggest that you call on the experts when you need them.

Whether you need help setting up your premises or you would like a brand new website and you are not too sure where to start with it, there are plenty of people out there who can help you. Whilst we appreciate that when you are starting up in business your funds might be limited, these can sometimes be worthwhile investments as they can save you so much time and ensure that everything runs smoothly. 

You can even find experts that can really drill down and specialise within your niche, so whether you need SEO for HVAC companies or virtual assistant services for dentists, take a look around and ask for recommendations from others within your industry. 

Get online

Your business’ online presence should be one of the first things that you start to build and this will be an ongoing process throughout your first year and beyond.

Your business will need a well-designed website that really shows off all that you do and encourages people to get in touch with you. 

You should also take some time to set up one or two social media accounts for your business as a way of showcasing your products and services and reaching out to potential customers. This is free to do and can be a very effective way of attracting new customers and spreading the word about your new business.

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