The Argument in Favor of Investing in Dental Health

When it comes to investments, few rate health over wealth if one considers the priorities of modern living. It is an enigma why so many will sacrifice their health in the pursuit of wealth, yet without health, one will not enjoy wealth, or not for long.

In maintaining overall health, the role of dental health should not be overlooked. Anyone suffering from poor oral health will quickly realise how dental problems can dramatically reduce the quality of one’s life. One aspect of life directly affected by the state of one’s dental health is eating and nutrition. Figures show that 21 per cent of adults in the UK report experiencing problems eating due to the condition of their teeth. Poor dental health is the direct cause of neglecting oral hygiene and avoiding the professional care and attention provided by a dentist Luton.

Why make the investment in dental health

The time and effort taken to protect one’s dental health should be seen in a similar way as an investment in tomorrow. Yes, professional check-ups carry a cost, but this is a fraction of what one would have to fork out to treat more serious dental problems that arise out of neglecting oral health; replacing missing teeth, for example, or rehabilitating gums back to health. Besides avoiding more expensive dental treatment down the line, investing in dental health offers returns on investment in ways that can’t be easily quantified.

Dental authorities, the Oral Health Foundation for one, consider a healthy mouth as a great personal asset. The reason for this is simple: good oral health holds a number of desirable benefits for a person. Look after one’s teeth and gums, and one can bite and chew with ease and enjoy a varied diet, and then there is the ability to flash an attractive smile to consider.

The day-to-day benefits of smiling are positively overwhelming. The biological process triggered by smiling boosts happiness, smiling looks after heart health by lowering stress levels and strengthening the immune system and studies also show the link between smiling and improved levels of productivity.

Then there is a causal relation between loving one’s smile and healthy self-esteem. Not loving one’s smile, because of the appearance of one’s teeth, can affect how one sees oneself and the confidence one feels. Low self-esteem and low confidence make up a high price to pay for not prioritising oral health.

The transformative effects of smiling are not limited to mental health. By being proactive about one’s dental health, one can avoid many common dental diseases and complications linked to underlying chronic medical conditions. Researchers have found that harmful oral bacteria present in patients with gum disease can make their way into the bloodstream where they can spread to affect vital life organs such as the heart and lungs. A number of worrying conditions have been linked to gum disease including diabetes, pneumonia and certain cancers.

Neglecting oral health will only result in creating problems that will need to be addressed in the future. Spending money on treating problems that could otherwise be avoided can be likened to wasting money and there is no avoiding major dental problems when they make themselves known.

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