Dealing With Posture Problems

More people have posture problems than don’t. Some people don’t even realise, as their posture issues may be moderate, but other individuals have severe posture problems that can impact their performance and health. Some of the most common posture issues include a hunched back, a forward head, rounded shoulders, a forward hip tilt and over-pronated feet. If you think about it, you are probably guilty of at least one of these posture issues. You may think it’s no big deal, but the importance of having good posture should never be undervalued. 

Common Problems That Lead People To Purchase Posture Products

We’ve just touched upon some of the most common posture problems; so let’s elaborate on them to see if you’re experiencing any of these issues. If you are, there is no need to panic, as there is alternative medicine available. Drug-free solutions can help you correct your posture without having an adverse impact on your body, as pharmaceutical drugs often do. Everything from natural skin cream to a TENS pain relief machine counts as a form of alternative treatment, so there’s a huge scope of products available. But, do you need to go down this route? A hunchback is a common issue amongst people that work at a desk, as they are hunched over a computer screen and this causes excessive upper back curvature. A DSE online risk assessment should be carried out by any employee to make sure such issues are not prominent in your workplace. 

Over-pronated feet, i.e. when your foot and ankle cave inward, tightens calf muscles and adds stress to the foot. This can be caused by improper footwear, pregnancy and obesity. If someone were to take a photo of you standing sideways, would your ear lobe extend in front of your AC joint? If so, you have a forward head, which can cause strain on your upper back muscles and neck muscles, this is also common in those with desk jobs. Rounded shoulders can occur from an imbalanced exercise routine and again office jobs, which loosens and weakens the muscles. Identifying a forward hip tilt can be more difficult, if you tilt your pelvis forward then back as far as you can and the forward tilt is not as dramatic as the backward one, then you’ve probably got this posture issue. This occurs from not stretching enough and sitting too much.

Get The Help You Need With The Best Posture Corrector
There are many different products available to help you achieve the good posture your body needs. This is so important, as the risks of bad posture are severe, as you are putting your ligaments and muscles in a position where they are not able to work as intended. Long-term effects could include issues with breathing and digestion. One of the most popular products to help with posture is a brace. A posture brace will constrain your shoulders and back into the recommended upright position. One of the great things about this product is the fact that you can wear it under your clothes, so you can use it at work and such like and it doesn’t need to get in the way of your everyday life. There are other solutions available as well, with a lot of people investing in support pillows and mattresses to support the neck, while some people place a pillow between the knees to try and keep the spine neutral during the night. If you work from home or in an office, it may be worth investing in an ergonomic desk chair, as these are designed to prevent the slump that leads to poor posture. If you don’t want to buy a new chair, there are chair support products available.

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The Hidden Stresses Of A House Move

To say that moving day isn’t stressful would be a lie.

If you have ever been through the experience, then moving day stress will be something very familiar to you, we are sure. From trying to cram all of your belongings into boxes to dealing with the household clutter that has been left behind, your stress levels will be bubbling over.

Still, it is possible to make life easier for yourself. By asking people to help you pack, and by hiring the right removalist, many of your moving day worries can be alleviated. 

But then there are those hidden stresses that you might not be expecting. These are the stresses that can hinder and spoil your day. These are the stresses that we discuss below.

#1: Saying goodbye to your old home

We grow attached to our homes. From the rooms that our children have played in, to the areas of home that have marked special celebrations, to simply say goodbye to these things can be difficult. When moving day comes around, and you have finally shut the door for good, you might well start to grieve the house you are leaving behind and start to feel regretful and stressed as a result. Am I doing the right thing, you might ask yourself.

To overcome this stress, it is important to have a positive mindset. It’s easier said than done, we know, but if you can remember why you are moving, then you might be able to replace happier thoughts over sad ones. And besides, you will still be able to retain your happy memories of your old home, so even though a new chapter is about to begin, remember that you aren’t fully closing the door on your old life forever. 

#2: Your children

We mean this in two ways.

For one, your children might get underfoot when you’re trying to pack everything into your car or the removal van. They might unpack your boxes in the hunt for a toy or something to eat, and that will create more work for you. And your workload might also be increased if you then have to carry out extra cleanup work because of your kids. 

Secondly, your children’s emotions could be a source of stress. They might be overly-excited, and this could affect their behavior during the day. Or they could be going through the grieving process themselves, perhaps because they are saying goodbye to their friends as well as their old home. In this situation, they will be stressed, and you will be stressed out trying to manage their emotional needs.

A house move can be tough for all of you, but where your kids are concerned, you can make your life and their lives easier. 

On moving day itself, you might want to send them off to a childminder for a few hours, as this way, you won’t have to cope with overly-excitable or naughty behaviors that could make your life more difficult. 

And when it comes to your children feeling sad, you should engage with them before the move. Perhaps have a goodbye ceremony at home, where you can all come to terms with leaving. And perhaps have a party too, as your children will be able to say goodbye to their friends properly, and collect their contact details. With the emotional aspects of moving dealt with early, it might be that moving day itself is a little easier for both them and you. 

We hope you have a (mostly) stress-free moving day. 

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Changes That'll Free Up Your Time as a Business Owner

When you’re running a business, there are so many things that can start to take over your time and prevent you from focusing on the things that really matter to your business. If you’re serious about making a success of your business, you need to get your time back and stop being bogged down by things that are not really important. Here are some ways to do that.

Stop Checking Your Emails All the Time

We’re all guilty of checking our emails too often and it’s a trap that you should do your best not to fall into. When you spend half your day checking emails, it seems like a never ending task and it takes your attention away from other things that really matter in the office. Of course, you need to stay on top of these communications, but they should never take over your day.

Banish Procrastination

Procrastination is the biggest time killer for professionals in all sorts of industries. When you let it get the better of you, you simply end up spending time doing nothing when you should be getting your business to where you want it to be. If there are certain things that you know distract you and take your mind off the things you should be doing, it’s important to remove those distractions.

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Let Someone Else Take Care of IT

If you’re tired of dealing with IT problems that you don’t even really understand, you should think about using a company like IntelligIS, Inc. By outsourcing your IT needs, you can focus on things that really matter to you and things that you actually understand, which is a key part of this. It’ll save time and improve your approach to IT.

Automate and Make the Most of Technology

There are so many little ways in which you can automate tasks these days. Be sure to make the most of these things and try to show people that not everything has to be done by a human these days. It can be a tough transition for some people, but it saves so much time for you and the rest of the people working for your business, so why not make the most of it?

Trust Your Employees More

Your employees are talented people and many of them just want a chance to show you want they can do. So, rather than running your business as if it’s your baby that you can’t trust with anyone else, you should put a bit more trust in your employees and make sure that you delegate to them rather than doing it all alone.

There are lots of things you can do to free up your time in the office. It might seem like an impossible mission but it really doesn’t need to be. There are people out there who can help and there are things you can change in order to regain some of that lost time, so make the most of the ideas above.

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5 Easy Ways To Protect Your Home and Car

Our belongings are precious to us. Whether you have a house, car, jewellery or sentimental things, each holds value to you in some way. However, how would you feel if you lost these items or someone else took them from you? It’s not something that we have to deal with on a day-to-day basis, but being prepared for anything will help make sure you everything is safe and secure should you run into problems. 


Install double glazed windows 

If you have older windows, it could be time for an upgrade. Double or triple glazed windows are not only perfect for lowering your energy bills; they’re also more secure than standard windows. Windows are one of the most common places that opportunists look for when entering a building, and if you have damaged pains or no locks, it could be a prime spot they take advantage of. Upgraded windows can deter unwanted attention, and internal locks mean you can secure your home easily. 

Car alarms and trackers

Many modern vehicles have an alarm system in place. However, if your car was stolen or missing, there is still a significant chance it won’t be found quickly. Car alarms are ideal for creating immediate attention to unwanted opportunists. But if they manage to break in and getaway, a gps car tracker, can identify where it is to help recover it more quickly and hopefully apprehend the perpetrator. 

Using Wi-Fi cameras

CCTV and home cameras have come a long way in recent years. No longer do you need massive systems around your home, and footage is no longer a blurry image that you’ll hopefully be able to make out. Nowadays you can secure your home more effectively with Wi-Fi cameras. These are smaller decides that can be placed around your home and you can access them directly through your cell phone. Some cameras also have features that alert you to movement in your property if you are not there, and you can stream live footage and often talk through the device. 

Peephole camera

Similar to Wi-Fi cameras, this device is specifically designed to act as the peephole in your front door. This is particularly handy if you want to see who’s at the door even if you’re inside the house, and enables you to talk through it in case you don’t feel comfortable opening it. If you get a lot of packages, you can also see delivery attempts to ensure they don’t get taken back to the depot. 

Security lights 

Lights are another simple way to deter unwanted attention. They are also especially useful if you have dark areas around your home that have limited visibility. Installing a security light also makes you aware of any movement around your home or external buildings, even though it might just be the next-door neighbour’s cat! 

These are a few ways to protect your home and belongings, and just by making a few small changes, it’ll help give greater peace of mind, especially when you’re away from your property. 

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Three Step Remedy to Keep Your Spirits High During the Holidays

Originally posted by Silvernest Team on Nov 28, 2016

Three Step Remedy for the Holidays

The holiday season has arrived once again. While it can be a magical time with colorful lights, festive parties and gift exchange; it also can trigger feelings of grief, loneliness or generalized depression. This is not uncommon as baby boomers get older and become empty nesters, widowers or are long time single. This year, try our three-step remedy to explore your greatest talents and passions, and use them to create community and philanthropy as a great way to enliven the holidays.

Let’s get started!

A little self-exploration is a great way to gain powerful insights, and will naturally inspire you to engage and give. Begin by take an inventory of all the things you love to do. Take a moment to sit down at your table with a piece of paper, a pen and a cup of coffee or tea. Before you start – sit back, close your eyes and settle your mind.

Allow yourself to imagine a perfect sunny Saturday.

You have no chores, no obligations, and four hours to do whatever you want.  Ask yourself, What would I most want to do with this glorious day?” And then wait while various alternatives float to your mind. Write them down.

For some, the answer is as simple as taking a bath or reading a book. Others come up with golfing, taking a hike in Nature, working in the woodshop, or looking for shells on the beach. For others, it is making something artistic, cooking, or going shopping.

The answers you come up with are important, and often require little to no money. These ideas reflect the areas of life that gives you the most comfort and joy (to borrow from a famous Christmas carol). This is important, and can be a foundation of how to expand those things you love into a tool for engaging with others.

If doing something artistic was the top of your list- that is a powerful clue.

  • Explore: how can you expand your love of art into something bigger?
  • Engage: deepen your skills by taking a class. Not only will this sharpen your skills, but also introduce you to others who share the same passions.
  • Give: now, use your art to make small gifts (ornaments, cards, toys) and give them away to friends, a school, or a homeless shelter.

My grandfather was one of the happiest people I knew. He loved people, and would always fill his pockets with hard candy and give out a piece to everyone he met. He was someone who could never sit still and had endless talents. Well into his 90’s, he continued to explore, engage and give. When he could no longer work in his shop, his last years were spent wrapping coat hangers with yarn (keeps the shirts hanging nicely) and gave away hundreds to his children, grandchildren, and staff at his assisted living facility. He was adored, and never was without a smile.

The experience of loneliness is one of the most powerful signals from our bodies to act. There is a big difference between loneliness and depression, although they are often diagnosed as one. Feeling lonely is simply information- time to get out! Try this three-step remedy and see what happens.

Explore your passion more deeply, engage with others who share your interests and then give away our time, talents or gifts to others.

Children do this naturally. They may make pot holders, paint pictures or cut out paper snowflakes and then happily give them away without another thought. ‘Tis the season of sharing, caring and reciprocating. Come on in and join the fun!  What are some of your passions and interests that you have turned into tools to create community and philanthropy? We’d love to hear your stories on our Silvernest Facebook page. Join us and happy holidays!

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3 Dating Misconceptions You Need To Stop Believing

It’s so common to hear people complain about how modern dating is a nightmare and it’s impossible to find somebody that they are compatible with. But a lot of the time, people struggle to find success in their dating life because they believe some of the common misconceptions about dating. There are a lot of things that people get wrong, and it makes it impossible for them to find the right people to date and form successful relationships. These are the common dating misconceptions that you need to stop believing. 

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Online Dating Is Terrible For Real Relationships 

Online dating should, in theory, be great for everybody because you can meet so many new people. But people tend to associate it with casual relationships and they often think that it’s terrible for people that want a real relationship. But that isn’t the case at all and online dating can actually be great. There are so many different dating sites to suit specific types of people so it’s important that you find the right ones. You also need to put time into your bio and come up with something interesting that gives people a sense of your personality. Don’t just write basic things about your interests, write about what kind of person you are and what you are looking for in a relationship. As long as you use it in the right way, online dating can be great. 

Shared Interests Are Essential 

Shared interests and hobbies are good when you first start dating somebody because it gives you something to talk about, but a lot of won’t date somebody if they don’t have much in common. But it’s not shared interests that are important, it’s shared values. That’s why sites like arablounge which match people that share cultures and religions are so good. It doesn’t matter too much if you have different hobbies, but it matters a lot if you fundamentally disagree about important aspects of your lifestyle. Always look for somebody that shares your values, and don’t get too caught up in interests. 

Relationships Solve All Your Problems 

There are so many people that are unhappy in their lives and they think that a relationship will fix it. Then they get into a relationship and they realise that they’re still not happy. Often, they assume that their partner must be the problem and they break it off. But the truth is, relationships won’t fix your personal issues and they will still be there if you start a relationship with somebody, no matter how amazing they are. If you want to be successful with dating, you should spend some time learning how to be happy on your own and dealing with any issues that you have. It’s a bit of a cliche, but you can’t love somebody else unless you love yourself. 

These dating misconceptions are believed by so many people and it ruins their chances of ever forming good relationships. But when you let go of these ideas, you will be far more successful.

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Buying A Drone For Professional Reasons

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When you hear the word drone, you will probably be thinking that they are a big boys toy. Well, you may be right to some degree, but there are lots of great uses for drone technology from a business point of view. If you are someone who has a passion for gadgets, owning your own drone could turn into a lucrative business opportunity for you with a number of areas of business that have a need for this type of technology. 

Drones are exciting! They can fly to reasonable length away from their controllers, they can shoot high-quality pictures and videos which you can look at in a live view either from your controller or from your smartphone. Many come with GPS so you will get greater control over where they are, and some even have the ability to fly themselves to some degree. 

They differ from other remote control flying technologies in the fact that they are a lot more stable. Having four flat rotor blades all working independently of each other means that they are very accurate when it comes to manoeuvring them, and, they can stop still on one spot for any length of time. This makes them ideal for any job that requires aerial photography as you will be able to get a great shot without having to worry about moving the controller around and trying to trigger your camera. 

Drones And The Law

Of course, you will probably have heard a great deal about drones in the news. From many angles, drone technology can be quite controversial. There are a number of safety concerns that center around the use of drones. The most significant of these is using drones near the flight paths of planes. It is against the law to fly a drone near to an airport. There have been many instances now where drones have caused massive disruption, and on one occasion, a London airport was brought to a standstill for 33 hours at a cost of 50 million pounds. The risk to lives when a drone gets too close to a plane is unreal, and as such there are strict laws covering drones and property that everyone who owns one has to adhere too. Even away from airports, there are situations where drones could easily come into contact with planes. For example, many farmers use planes for crop dusting, and these will fly considerably lower than commercial jets do.

You will need to get a license to use your drone, this will ensure that you are registered and understand the restrictions that the aviation authority has set on the flying of drones. 

There is another concern that you should be aware of when getting a drone, and that is the use of them in built-up areas. If you have a camera mounted on your equipment, there are obvious security and privacy concerns and you will need to take these into consideration when using yours. 

Learning To Fly

If you are buying a drone for professional use, then you will certainly want to ensure you know how to fly it first. Drones are obviously very expensive and the last thing that you would want to do is send you new expensive professional piece of equipment hurtling to the ground, to be smashed up. 

One thing that you might want to think about doing is buying a cheaper hobby model to practice on. This will get you used to the basics of flying without the risking a product that will cost a great many times more money. 

You may want to look into getting some flying classes from a drone school. This is a good way to get some expert help and learn all of the tips from the pros. You will learn in a safe environment and in a measured manner. 

What To Look For In A Drone

Shopping for your drone may be a bit of a minefield. You may have heard of some of the top makes and models such as the DGIs. But when it comes down to the nuts and bolts of the issue, you will need to get a good handle on the differences before you part with your cash. 

The distance that a drone can fly to is going to be very relevant to you. Some can only go up to a few hundred metres, which is fine if you only want to do photography and video work of the area that you are stood in, however, if you are needing to take your drone further away, for surveying for example, then you will want something with a range of a couple of kilometres. 

Battery life is going to be a concern, and many people are shocked at how drones don’t stay up in the sky for that long. They require a great deal of battery power to run all of the motors, cameras, and GPS systems, and as such you will generally be looking at the twenty to thirty-minute time span before you will need to bring your drone to the ground to change the battery. Many have an automatic return to base function so that when the battery is low, it doesn’t just drop from the sky. Buy plenty of spare batteries whichever model you go for. Having lots to swap between while you are out will mean that you won’t run out of power!

The next thing that you should check for is the availability of spare parts. There may be times when you do happen to have an accident. A bad wind could knock you off course, or you may misjudge your position. A cracked blade will be enough to ground your drone until it is replaced, so make sure that you can freely buy spares. 

Lastly, and maybe most importantly the camera is of huge significance if you are to use this professionally. Don’t just go by the amount on megapixels the camera has, find out about the lense and if it has features like a zoom. If the camera is not good enough, find out if it is possible to upgrade this.

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