10 Mistakes That Cause Kickstarter Projects To Be Delayed

Crowdfunding can be incredibly thrilling, right?

You’ve been dreaming about something for months, maybe even years, and now you finally have a chance to bring it fruition. And so you carefully put together your Kickstarter campaign, estimating how much it will cost and when you’ll be able to ship it.

Hold on. Don’t take it live yet. There is something you need to know.

A huge number of Kickstarter projects are delayed:

study in 2012 found that a whopping 84% of Kickstarter’s top 50 projects shipped late.

Before you launch your project, you need to know why so many projects ship late so you can know how to avoid those mistakes.

Here are 10 common problems that cause Kickstarter projects to ship late.


#1 – You’re Way Too Confident


Why so many crowdfunding projects get delayed


When you’re in the initial stages of creating a product and preparing for your Kickstarter launch, it’s hard not to be excited. Confident. Thrilled. You’ve seen the early results and know that you’re onto something big. You can already see that this is going to change things.

When you’re in this state of mind, you usually feel incredibly confident. Confident that you can make everything work. Confident that you can get the product to market in time. Confident that you can navigate all the challenges.

But when you actually get into the process of turning your initial idea into a mass-produced reality, you suddenly realize how complex everything is. You have to deal with supply chains and backorders and power outages.

You have to figure out how to ship everything to your backers as well as stay on top of any issues that arise. A single break in any of these links can cause your Kickstarter project to go off the rails. Before you know it, you’re delayed weeks, maybe even months.


#2 – You Didn’t Price Your Rewards Correctly


You might think that pricing is easy.

You simply add up the cost of the materials, assembly fees, and any other obvious fees.

But when productions actually begins, you may find that you didn’t leave enough room for yield losses (example: damaged products that didn’t make it the whole way through the assembly line) or design changes.

When complications arise, you usually only have two options:

  1. Eat the losses
  2. Delay shipment

It’s hard to stomach these types of losses, which is why many creators choose, or more often are forced by their circumstances, to delay their shipments.


#3 – You Sold Way Too Many


Sounds like every creator’s dream, right?

You hoped to sell 1,000 and end up selling 10,000. And while this certainly can be exciting, it almost always leads to significant delays.

Several reasons for this:

  • Problems are discovered when producing initial large batches, which then need to be scrapped, which then eats up money.
  • Supply chain issues arise because you didn’t anticipate the volume of parts needed.

Speaking of his own experiences with Kickstarter, Triggertrap creator Haje Jan Kamps writes:

[Some companies can’t handle] the adequate orders of magnitude: A company that is an expert on designing a product that will be manufactured in a quantity of 30 units at a price point of around £1,000 is not necessarily good for a production run of 1,000 units at £30: They are completely different skill sets.

Ideally, you’ll be able to start a bit smaller and then ramp up as all the problems get ironed out. This will allow you to ship on time.

As CNN noted:

Over and over in our interviews, the same pattern emerged. A team of ambitious but inexperienced creators launched a project that they expected would attract a few hundred backers. It took off, raising vastly more money than they anticipated — and obliterating the original production plans and timeline.

The timeframe you estimated for shipping during your campaign was based on a smaller order volume, it normally takes more time–often a lot more time–to process larger orders. In many cases, the factory you talked to during your initial planning won’t be able to handle the larger order and you’ll lose time finding a new manufacturer.


#4 – You Over Promised


One of the great temptations with crowdfunding is to promise too many features.

You’re excited, and you can’t wait to show people what your product can do. And, you really want to get people on board with your campaign. This often leads to promising way more than you can actually deliver.

It’s far better to start simple and make sure you can deliver.

Start with your core, most powerful features, and then slowly expand over time. With each iteration, you can add in something else. Rather than promising everything at the start, promise one great thing.

Yes it’s cliché, but you can better ensure your Kickstarter success when you underpromise and overdeliver.


#5 – It’s Difficult To Scale Your Prototype


Challenges of Scale when Crowdfunding Successfully


Many prototypes are made in homes. You create your own mold, buy some supplies, and figure out how to do everything yourself. It hardly costs you anything and doesn’t take a crazy amount of time. You then estimate overall costs and delivery time based on your very small efforts.

However, when you start to scale, you realize that there is no way you can mass produce your product using your original process.

Suddenly you need to bring in experts and factories and large suppliers. Costs rise, production time increases, and all your initial estimates go out the window. Your only option becomes delaying shipping.


#6 – You Encounter Cultural Barriers


When you outsource some or all of your production overseas, you may find yourself encountering unexpected barriers.

Communication challenges can cause confusion, different expectations can create tension, and a lack of knowledge about importing and exporting can seriously delay things.

In order to avoid this, do research about the manufacturing process in the specific country your product is being made.

Know what you’re getting into so that you properly estimate the ship date.


#7 – You Underestimate Lead Times For Components


The “lead time” is how long it takes for component manufacturers to actually get the components in your hands. It’s incredibly easy to underestimate how it will take to have components delivered.

When it comes to securing the components, you usually have one of two options: go straight to the manufacturer or use a distributor.

If you’ve done your research and know the lead times involved for you product, you can usually use a manufacturer, which will be much cheaper than going with a distributor.

When you use a distributor, you’ll be able to get the components much more quickly but will end up paying more, which can quickly burn up your cash.


#8 – Your Scope Keeps Getting Bigger


Idea Plotting Crowdfunding Plans and Tips


What happens if you are shooting for $10,000 and end up raising $150,000?

Sounds like a dream, right?

You’ll probably start adding on stretch goals and hire more people to speed things up.

But adding stretch goals means you have more to deliver and hiring more people means you have a bigger staff to manage. Both of these things can end up significantly delaying your product.

Even more, with more options available for your backers, the complexity of your shipping compounds:

For example, when you have customized items for each backer–a common stretch goal perk–and/or multiple different sized rewards that will all be shipped in the same package because then your shipping price may increase unexpectedly beyond your estimates due to things like volumetric/dimensional weight rules that most shipping carriers enforce.


#9 – You Hire The Wrong People


Sometimes you hire people who are completely wrong for a job. You contract a manufacturer who makes big promises, only to completely drop the ball. This happened with the Kreyos Smartwatch, which raised $1.5 million out of a $100,000 goal.

Creator Steve Tan wrote of the manufacturer:

What I don’t understand till now is, with the success of Kreyos, and the amount of money we paid him, why didn’t Pro [CEO of Viewcooper Corp] invest in talent or hiring the right people. The total amount of people working on Kreyos from his end was only around 4 people, some of whom we realized are just working part-time. We wouldn’t have minded him pocketing so much money if he at least delivered something that we can fix for our backers and customers and continue selling for a few more months until we conceptualize a new and improved version.

Tan’s mistake ultimately ended up killing the entire project.


#10 – You Run Out Of Money


Sometimes, despite all your best efforts, you simply run out of money.

You run into massive production problems or encounter cross-cultural assembly issues you never expected. Maybe you discover a design flaw and have to scrap a large batch. You’re only option is to throw money at the problem and try to fix it.

When you have to throw a lot money at problems, there’s a good chance you’ll burn through all your raised funds. In that case, you’ll have to look for outside funding if your project is ever going to ship. The best case scenario is that you get those funds and ship late. The worst case is that you have to scrap your entire project.




Kickstarter is an amazing platform that allows creators to create amazing projects.

However, it’s also a swamp that is full of potential pitfalls. Successfully taking a project from prototype to being shipped takes skill.

  • Do your research.
  • Ask the right questions.
  • Figure out what some projects are delayed and then plan for those types of delays.

In the end, when you do things correctly up front, you’ll be spared innumerable headaches down the road.


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A Life Filled With Love: The Options Of Working With Children

Children are a gift. They’re the future generation, and as adults, we have the opportunity to guide them in the right direction. It’s an amazing feeling and one that manifests in most of our lives when we have children.

But, there’s no reason that those of us who don’t have kids around the place can’t enjoy the experience too. It may be that you don’t have a desire to have children, or that it’s not happened just yet. Whatever the reason, it’s possible to make a difference to future generations without a child of your own. There are plenty of career options out there which involve working with youngsters. As well as being some of the most satisfying jobs available, these are an amazing way to make a difference. To prove the point, we’re going to take a look at some of the top contenders.

Social work

If you want to dedicate your life to the cause, it’s worth looking into social work. If you go down this route, you’ll be working closely with troubled children. You’ll work with kids in their family homes, and those who have been removed from their parent’s care. It can be a harrowing job at times, but satisfaction doesn’t get much better than this. This is a fantastic option if you want to work in close collaboration with many kids. Often, you’ll become the only stable in these children’s lives. As such, it’s crucial you know that this is a job you can stick at.

It’s also important to note that you can’t jump straight into social work. You will need to either do on the job training, or look into something like these msw online programs. This amount of responsibility does require high levels of qualification. But, that might not be a bad thing. During your training, you’ll get a good idea of whether the job suits.

Foster care

If you want to care for kids, but don’t want to give up your job to do so, consider foster care. As a carer, you’ll offer your home to children in care while their social workers seek to find them a family. While all care centers have different foster requirements, the majority are keen for volunteers. To ensure you’re a good fit, you will probably need to attend a day course and undergo extensive checks.

Image Source


And, it’s important to consider whether you’re mentally prepared for a role like this. These children, some of them troubled, are going to come into your home, heart, and life. You need to ensure that you have what it takes to care for them. While not a full-time job, foster placements can really take it out of you if you aren’t prepared.

That said, this can be an amazing experience. Better than helping children is the opportunity to let them into your home. Yours may well be the first loving home these kids ever experience. Few others jobs offer the chance to make such a huge difference.


If you have time to dedicate to the cause, childminding may be worth some consideration. Within this job role, you’ll be taking care of children, either throughout the day or for a few hours at a time. Most parents who use such services do so because of their work commitments, so the times of care will vary.

To become a childminder you’ll need to complete a short course, and get yourself registered. If you want people to put their trust in you, you need to ensure you have a seal of approval! It’s also worth completing a first aid course so that you have the know how if you need it.

Much like with foster care, children will likely come to your home for the duration of your time together. But, you’ll get the relief of knowing that their parents will pick them up at the end of the day. Bear in mind that, while the other jobs mentioned allow you to work with kids of all ages, childminding puts you with children younger than school age. If you think you’d be comfortable with younger kids, give it a go. If not, this may not be the job for you.


Teaching requires extensive studying, which you may not want to undertake. But, that’s not the only school job available. You could opt for a teaching assistant position. This would involve working in the classroom, but with much less pressure. You’ll be there to help the kids, rather than teach them. And, their teacher will always be there to take over if need be. This can be a nice way to build relationships with the students. The teacher isn’t always the most popular person, but teaching assistants go down much better.

Or, if you’re looking for something with less commitment, you could work in the school kitchen. You don’t need to be a top chef to do this, as the meals are all pre-prepared elsewhere. For the most part, you’ll be a friendly face while the kids get their dinner. Bear in mind, though, that your interaction with the children would be minimal. If you want to build close relationships, this may not be the best option.

Image Source



If you want the chance to work with younger kids, it’s worth considering a creche or preschool instead. The work and age group involved won’t be dissimilar to those in childminding, but there’s less pressure here. For one, the care won’t fall on you. In most cases, there will be at least two supervisors a class. Plus, you won’t have to take work home with you.

The best part about this work is that you normally do your training on the job. So, if this sounds like the ideal option for you, you can easily get stuck straight in. Another benefit to this option is that the hours are a stable nine to five, fitting in with those busy parents. So, you can be sure you’ll be earning a set amount each month.

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Putting One Foot In Front Of The Other At Work

When you start a job in a new company, you generally begin with a fresh outlook and an excitement that this job could be it – the one that changes your life. It very well could be. You could start a role and feel like this is the place you were always meant to be and there is a very clear-cut path to the top of the food chain. However, if the job you have begun doesn’t end up that way, and you cannot see how you can progress within your career, then you have a lot of soul-searching to do. Hating your job can mean you spend day in and day out wishing for something bigger and better, but without being able to see what comes next, it can be very difficult to decide on how you handle your next steps.

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You have a number of choices ahead of you when you aren’t happy within your job. You can choose to stay put, stall and be unhappy. You can choose to risk it all and leave your job before you have any other options. You can choose to job hunt and try to balance interviewing with other firms with your current hours. Lastly, you could choose to better in your job by studying up to the next level. Half the problem with those who hate their jobs is that they’ve taken a role that was never meant for them in the first place. Those working in secretarial work may have preferred to be in management or leading a team to success with a project, but never got that far. Those working in the bottom rungs of healthcare may have been desperate to do an online RN MSN course but never got around to it. Working in a job that makes you unhappy as it isn’t your dream job isn’t easy, but there are ways around it. You just have to want to chase those options. There are some steps you can take to leave your current role and scramble up the ladder to success elsewhere, but before you do that you have to have a plan. You need to plan your next career move and this can take some time and thinking.

Image Source

Putting one foot in front of the other at work is not easy. You firstly have to be in a position where you make or break: make it work and air your concerns about your job to your management team, or break away and try something new, effectively starting all over again. No one wants to do that. But how can you plan your next career move? How can you put it out there that you want more, even if that means staying where you are and working on it getting better? We’ve got a five-step plan to help you figure out what you should do next, so the next time you panic about whether you should move forward in your career, you can come back to this post and know you have a solid plan ahead.

Plan Your Day. Before you know whether you want to leave your job, you have to understand what you want to leave your job for. Don’t look at the big picture to start with, look at the smaller one. If the fact is you don’t like the job you are in, work out WHY you don’t like it. Is it the hours? The people? The workplace? The actual role? The way you handle your next move in your career is going to depend on any one of those options. Practice planning out the ideal day at work, and be realistic about it. Think about what you want from your career and go from there.

Image Source

Find Your Happy. Being exhausted and overworked can make you feel miserable. This then taints anything that makes you exhausted and can bring on feelings of resentment toward your job. Find things in your work that make you happy. Do you manage projects through to completion, giving you a sense of achievement? Does your commute make you unhappy? Find out what makes you happy and work on those areas. If you can’t find anything, it’s a sure sign you need to make a move.

Find The Sadness. Work out the things you dislike about your day and try to change those. If you are stuck with a team you don’t enjoy the company of, ask to be transferred to a different department to work on other skills. If your commute is getting you down, discuss the possibility of working from home. The only way you will be able to get your boss understanding why you’re unhappy is to talk about it.

Image Source

Plan Your Decade. That awful question about where you see yourself in five years crops up a lot in job interviews, and if you can think further enough ahead you should be able to see what you want for yourself in the future. If you cannot see a time where you are going to be happy in the job you currently are in, you need to take steps now and move on. You don’t want to be sat at the same desk for 10 years only to decide that you made a huge mistake.

Make Your Move. Life is a game of chess, and making the moves you make can see you back to the start, or checkmating the King. Once you’ve decided exactly what it is you want from life, you can make your move across the board and start doing what you want to do. Feeling stuck in a job doesn’t mean you have to stay with it, so make your move early enough and do something you truly want to do.

Having a plan for your career isn’t a bad thing. In fact, it’s probably the smartest thing you can do. Don’t waste your time on unhappiness – find your happy and make it your life.

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Your Family & Their Health: Making Those Vital Changes

Everyone has the desire to ensure that they and their family ar as healthy as possible for as long as possible. But knowing how to make this a reality is often something of a challenge. If you have come to realise you could probably be doing more towards this end, then you might want to know what it is that you can do. In this post, we are going to take a look at some of the major changes you can make which are going to dramatically change how you approach the issue of health and happiness in your family forever. You might not have considered some of these changes, and they are not all for everyone – but each one of them is a powerful way to make your family much healthier effectively and swiftly.

Pic Source

Prioritize It


Put simply, one of the best ways to ensure that your family remain as healthy as possible is to make it a priority within the family unit. Only then can you really be sure that your family are going to feel as looked after as possible, so it is essential that you get this right. Knowing how to make health a priority in the family is tricky in itself – but most of all it is just a matter of rearranging how you do things in order to place health at the top. If you find that you probably don’t eat as well as you could, then you could set up a plan to improve that fast. Or if nobody in your family really exercises very much, you might want to set that up as a priority by penciling in some workout sessions in your diary. However you do it, it is only by changing your approach to health that you can hope to make it work better for you.


Get Some Education


You don’t need to work in healthcare to benefit from some medicinal education; those who are concerned about their families might also find that there is much to be gained from taking a masters in nursing education or something similar. When you have at least a basic understanding of medicine and healthcare, you are much more likely to be able to properly look after your family in terms of their health, so this could be an extremely powerful thing to do here. Or it could just be a case of being trained in First Aid; that alone will make you and your family feel much more relaxed around the whole issue of health emergencies, which in turn leads to better practices. Consider getting a little education soon if you are serious about your family keeping strong and healthy.


Talk It Through


The best way to enact any real changes in a family unit is to talk about it as thoroughly as you possibly can. Getting it out in the open is always a powerful way to do this, and it just might be the best things that you do for your family this year. Start to talk about health and how to improve it, and everyone will get on board and change their ways for the better in no time.

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Reviewing Subaru XV: A Luxury Car To Be Counted On

Updates in car safety have long taken the motoring world by storm, but it’s the technology advances and the luxury upgrades that are the game changer. Sure, everyone wants a car that is easy to use and safe to drive, but you can get basic car models that do those things. Throw in some high-tech gadgets, some excellent entertainment and a car that is so clever it parks itself, and you have a luxuriously attractive car. Car enthusiasts the world over flock to car shows and review the biggest and best cars around with the features that the public cry out for, and if there’s one brand that is able to give people what they want it’s Subaru. From the Outback to the Impreza, Subaru have taken the time to update their profile as brand that thrives on luxury every year.

Image Source

New car creation is always an exciting time, and the Subaru brand have year on year brought out new models that are bigger and better than before. The Japanese brand have this year brought out the Subaru XV, an updated all-wheel drive that is a crossover hatch. However, you won’t find reviews that are screaming about the positives of the XV, purely because the way this car has been modelled. It takes a very different approach compared to the rest of the crossover market. The Subaru XV has a car-sized body, so it’s not giant in size like it’s sister Outback, but it has all the underpinnings of an off-roader. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing though, because while the positive reviews aren’t splashed across the world wide web, they are still there and those who have the privilege of driving the XV know there are aspects to be admired. It’s important to remember that the XV is not a standard 4×4, and the styling of the vehicle is very unique. Its roots are from the Impreza range, but don’t be fooled: they are very different vehicles in what they offer. The alloy wheels are a distinctive feature, and the XV stands out because of them.

One of the biggest most talked about features of the XV is the fact that there is a blockbuster entertainment system. The Subaru brand are all about infotainment and the entertainment features of the car itself are high-end in the luxury car market. 8” in-car touchscreens that are enabled for Apple CarPlay and Android use are able to read your texts out loud to you while you drive. Not only this, you can bounce the mapping system of your smartphone to the screen – instant sat nav! This type of interlinking safety with convenience is what draws people to the Subaru brand: they think of more than just the sat-nav! The best bit about the screen at the front of the car? It’s voice-enabled, which means if you need to change your destination or even the radio station you can keep your eyes on the road and ask your car instead. Clever technology is a huge selling point for people – especially those who have children.

Image Source

Speaking of clever technology, the Subaru brand is renowned for its technological safety features, as well as its impressively regular updates on each of its vehicles. The EyeSight technology that has been featured in other cars, like the Subaru Outback, is prominent in the XV. EyeSight will tell you when it’s time to go, so you don’t have to announce to other vehicles that it’s time to keep moving forward. The safety sensors in the XV adjust as you need them to, helping you to keep in control of the car. Combining the tech features with the need for utmost safety is a huge plus with the Subaru XV, and the adaptive cruise control and Vision Assist technology are there to bolster the safety of the car.

The all-wheel drive is the signature of the Subaru brand, and the XV doesn’t miss out on it. The want for a vehicle to have a grip on all surfaces that is consistent, whether on road or off, is highlighted with the XV. One of the biggest reasons people love Subaru, is the ground clearance. It’s obvious on any one of their vehicles, but they sit high and above other brand name cars. The XV has a stunning 220mm ground clearance, which is one of the highest in the small SUV class of vehicles. When you need a car that has all the features of being fashionable but also urban, the Subaru XV should be on the top of your list of considerations. The XV fits nicely between the niche of the of the small and medium SUVs such as the Honda HR-V or the Mazda CX-5.

Image Source

The interiors of the XV are close those that were sported by the Impreza, but there are some touches that ensure these two vehicles stay worlds apart. The orange contrast stitching on the doors, seats and dash is seen in some models in Japan. The dash itself is far more modern it has ever been and that’s due to the sleek style and larger screen on offer. The XV offers a larger interior space to make room for the wider, more comfortable front seats and the larger foot space of the back seats. This makes it a popular choice for families, as there is more space for a car seat. If you love to go on holiday, then the roof rails on the XV have been increased by 15% and are well designed so they won’t stick out like most roof rails on vehicles. The door mirrors on either side are as aerodynamic as ever, and are smooth and functional. Function has been in the mind of Subaru during the design of the XV, and that much is plainly obvious to all who test drive it.

Subaru went to a lot of trouble to ensure their engine offers a smooth and quiet ride. It’s not just the engine either, the impressively big wheels stand at up to 18” and reduce the vibrations of the car as well as road noise. This kind of quiet drive is great for driver concentration and means you don’t have to shout to be heard with the other passengers on board. While we are on the topic of sound, check out the way the windows close on the XV compared to other models. They slow right down just before closing, which makes for a softer close and is an impressive addition to the car overall.

Road Utah Wanderlust Travel Rocks Roadtrip

Image Source

The torsional rigidity has been increased, which means that there is greater handling on the XV. This allows the suspension to do the right job rather than reducing the handling accuracy. When you want to road trip in the XV, you’ll be impressed by the power steering and the handling you have on the vehicle. The X-mode that was on the Forester has been added to the XV, and in doing so, Subaru have managed to adjust the stability control response. This then better suits the conditions that are low-grip. There is also an impressive Hill Descent feature, which you can read about in more detail right here. The Subaru XV is an automatic drive, but that doesn’t mean you cannot switch to manual handling. Taking control on those steep road curves can give you everything you need in power-assisted driving and let you do more on your road trip. Speaking of those sharp curves, the XV directs its power into the outer wheels. Better turning on the road means for safer driving and a sleek interaction with the way the car is handled. It can make it so much easier for you to drive on the road, no matter the terrain, because you are the one in control of the car. Subaru made a name for itself when it comes to off-road handling, and the XV is very well-suited to off-road exploits. It just doesn’t disappoint!

Subaru have always prided themselves a brand that is great value for money, with a fab reseller value on its models. The XV is a very dependable car to own, meaning that while the initial face value of the car is rather steep when buying new or used, the running costs are manageable. The after sales coverage with Subaru, which you can read about here, is very enticing. Overall, the XV by Subaru is a decent car. It’s efficient, practical and luxurious for the model. It has a charming simplicity, and is very much an appealing option for those who want to avoid the open flashiness of the 4×4 counterparts. It has been reimagined for the audience that wants better technology, larger interiors and great car handling. There will always be a market for luxury cars, but for now, the Japanese brand have clearly outdone themselves with a range of vehicles to suit everyone. The XV simply fits beautifully in with the rest!

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Detecting Household Drips: The Three Main Culprits

Pexels Image


We all know the distinct sounds of our homes. We’re aware of their clunks and clanks. We’re familiar with the silent hum of the fridge. Even the gentle ticking of a clock has its place. These are gentle sounds, unique to each home and comforting because of it.

As well as being a comfort, this knowledge of our home’s harmony ensures we recognize strange noises straight away. From sound alone, homeowners can identify problems with electrical appliances and safety breaches. But, we’re not going to focus on those today. Instead, we’re going to look at something else that many homeowners hear before they see – leaks.

Nothing’s worse than the constant drip dripping of an unidentified leak. Worse, these problems can go on for weeks, or even months. Left to their own devices, those drips can do untold damage to your home. If you’ve got a drip that’s doing your head in, it’s past time to consider where it might be coming from. Here are a few of the most common places you might want to check.

Dripping Pipes

Where drips are concerned, pipes are often to blame. Of course, houses have many pipes, so determining whether one is leaking isn’t easy. The good news is, most water meters have a leak indicator. Start your search by looking at the most obvious culprits. Checking your main water pipes is worthwhile. You can usually find these under your sink. If you can’t see anything, don’t hesitate to check your water meter. If there is movement on your leak indicator, turn off valves to narrow down the options. Eventually, this method will lead you straight to the source. Once you’ve found it, don’t hesitate to contact a plumber who can fix the situation.

Plumber Maintenance Repair Plumbing Wrench Pipe

Free Great Picture Image


A Leaking Roof

Missing roof tiles can cause major leaks. Worse, they’re out of view. As such, an issue up top may get to the severe level of causing in-house dripping. Luckily, this is easier to check than the pipes. Your best bet is to head straight for the attic and do a once over. You’ll be able to see severe leaks straight away and trace their path of destruction from there. If the roof is the problem, it’s crucial you contact a roofing contractor who can repair the damage. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking you can sort the inside alone. That drip will soon return if you don’t get to the root of the issue.

Pixabay Image


Lackluster Window Seals

Don’t forget to check your windows. If you have skylights, you’re sure to hear that irritating dripping sound if they start leaking. It might be worth waiting until it rains to determine this issue. When the drip starts, pay a visit to your windows, and give them all a quick once over. If there is a problem, the fix may be as easy as reapplying sealant. Though, the longer you leave this, the more damage that drip can cause. Make sure to get on top of the issue!

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The Holistic Approach To Beating Depression And Anxiety

Depression and anxiety are terrible conditions that affect around 80% of the population at some point during their lives. Indeed, experts believe they probably affect everyone at some point, even if they don’t recognize the symptoms. Most folks end up going to see their doctor and taking prescribed SSRI antidepressants. While that medication tends to alleviate some of the worst parts of depression and anxiety, they don’t solve the problem. That is why it’s often sensible to avoid drugs altogether and look for a natural approach to recovery. With that in mind, people who are suffering at the moment should try some of the ideas in this article. If they do that, individuals should notice an improvement in their mood and outlook on life.

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Spend time with friends


Communication is often an excellent method for alleviating the symptoms of depression and anxiety. Many people spend their days over thinking things, and that can lead to lots of unnecessary stress and worry. Telling some friends about the way they feel can often help sufferers to gain a better perspective. Also, just being around people who care is going to make the situation seem a little better. So, take the time to get in touch with the people who matter most and arrange some time together. Maybe it’s sensible to:


  • Organize a coffee date
  • Book some theater tickets
  • Plan a night out on the town
  • Go for a road trip together

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Eat healthy foods


Doctors and medical professionals always tell depressed and anxious people to improve their diets. In most instances, individuals just need to ensure they’re getting the correct amount of vitamins and minerals. That often involves eating more fruits and vegetables than ever before. It’s possible to make the process easier by following a planned diet. There are many different programs out there, and some are more suitable than others. Just perform some research and ensure the diet provides everything a person might require. Here’s everything you can eat on Cruise Control, one of the most popular diets around today. As readers should notice, there is often a fresh fruit and vegetable theme. Whatever happens, just be sure to avoid:


  • Pizza
  • Fast Food
  • Chocolate (it messes with your mood)
  • Chips
  • Anything with a high-fat content

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Get some exercise


Everyone should try to get more exercise whether people are depressed or not. Still, physical activity can cause a massive release of dopamine in the brain. It also encourages the body to produce adrenalin, which is excellent for depressed and anxious people. So, sufferers just need to create a plan or design a program that suits them. For example, some people love playing team sports. So, those folks could search for local groups online and go along for training. That’s a fantastic idea because it also encourages social interaction. Other people enjoy spending time away from others. In that instance, jogging around the streets in the local area seems appropriate. Just use some common sense.

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As the old saying goes, travel broadens the mind. However, it also helps people to relax and reduce their anxiety levels. That is often the case if they go to places with beautiful scenery and lots of interesting sights. Whether sufferers decide to travel alone or with friends is their decision. The important thing is just to get as far away from home as possible. Maybe book a couple of nights in a hotel somewhere near the coast? People who don’t have a driving license have no reason to worry. There is an excellent public transport system in the US that should enable individuals to reach any destination. Just use Google when planning the trip to discover the most appropriate route.

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Read self-help books


Hundreds of different self-help books reach the market every single year. Some of them are better than others, and so it makes sense to read some online reviews before spending money. Subjects people might like to consider include:



Sites like Amazon and eBay are excellent places to look for the most recent titles. Of course, anyone with an e-reader can save themselves a lot of time and hassle. Indeed, there are even many books people with digital devices can download for free if they search in the right places. Try to implement some of the tips and advice from those books into a daily routine. If they don’t create an improvement, just try something else.

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Do something exciting


The word “exciting” can mean various things to different people. So, it’s wise for the individual to consider how they represent the term. However, the list below will highlight some activities that should fit the bill for most people. Arranging any of these pastimes with friends could help people with depression and anxiety to forget about their issues. Still, it’s a personal choice, and one people should make for themselves.


  • Rock climbing
  • Canoeing
  • Archery
  • White water rafting
  • Bungee jumping
  • Parachuting


Smart people will notice a theme running through all of those suggestions. That’s right; all of those activities tend to take place outdoors! The fresh air should help to lift the mood and make individuals feel better than they did before. However, the adventurous nature of those ideas will also increase adrenaline levels and get the heart pumping.


Whatever happens during the next few weeks, it’s essential that people try to help themselves. As mentioned at the start of this post, medication can reduce the impact of some symptoms. However, it is not going to solve any problems or make individuals feel happy. Anyone who wants to achieve that goal has to think outside of the box and try some of the ideas from this article.


Final depression and anxiety facts:


  1. Anxiety has many variations including social anxiety, panic disorder, and post-traumatic stress disorder.


  1. Depression affects more than fifteen-million adults in the US at any one time.


  1. Anxiety disorders cost the U.S. more than forty-two-billion dollars per year.


Nobody wants to feel down in the dumps all the time, so put this information to good use and turn things around. If there doesn’t seem to be any improvement, book an appointment to see the doctor. Just be sure to ask them about holistic therapies rather than drugs, and they should offer some assistance. Thanks for reading!

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