3 Ideas To Help Bring Prestige To Your Business


Prestige is a strange concept for a business to aim for, but one that can be incredibly rewarding once it is achieved. Prestige allows your business to be seen as a key player and you, the entrepreneur behind the vision, as an expert in your field. Ultimately, being viewed as a business with prestige does more for your reputation than any marketing or advertising campaign could ever manage– your reputation precedes you, and your standing in your industry is secure.

Prestige, however, is not easy something that you can just make happen. You can’t just update your website or whip up a snappy new logo to encourage people to think of your business as being worthy of prestige– it requires a lot more work than that. To truly find your place as a market leader and a recognized, prestigious business in your industry, you have to think big.

Advertise yourself as an expert

Experts are everywhere in the media; popping up to give their opinion in response to news stories, either in print or on camera. If you want to add an air of prestige to your business, then you need to try and do all you can to appear as one of these experts.

This is easier said than done, but there are ways and means. You can try just sending a letter outlining your experience to your local news station, explaining how you’d be happy to provide a business perspective to any developing events. Alternatively, you can really launch into the big leagues and find yourself an agent, who will network on your behalf. Your business will hugely benefit from being run by “that person on TV”, and even minor appearances can lend a feel of prestige to you — and thus your company — relatively quickly.

Host a conference

Conferences are vital for businesses; they provide an opportunity to connect, to network, to discuss the future of a particular industry. You might have already attended conferences with your business, but there’s no doubt that being the host of a conference gives your business a lot more cachet.

Hosting a conference doesn’t need to be a huge affair that blows your company budget for the next millennium. Small, intimate conferences for businesses local to you can be just as effective, or you can go all out and hire the likes of eCubedEvents.com to plan a conference in conjunction with other businesses in your industry. Big, small, solo or joint effort, being the host of a conference is a surefire way to deliver prestige to your company.

Develop a code of ethics

Part of the definition of prestige is admiration for a particular quality of a person or company, so developing a strong core of ethics for your company is a good way to achieve this.

A solid code of ethics about your business practices, that you advertise and talk about widely, is a great way to improve perception of your business. You may even find it easier to make connections if you develop a reputation as a business that always does the right thing, as other companies will want to be associated with your virtues. It is therefore extremely beneficial to create a specific code of ethics for your company; if you’re not sure where to begin on this, Inc.com has a great guide to developing a code of ethics that works for your company.

In conclusion

If you want to bring prestige to your business, one of the methods above could be the solution for you, helping to increase your business’ reputation and — ultimately — move you closer to your business goals.

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Listen To Your Heart: Start Your Own Business


If you’re a budding entrepreneur, then you have most likely heard about all the reasons as to why you shouldn’t go into business. “It sounds better than what it is!” “It’s too risky!” “You’ll lose money! And sleep! And your social life! And you’ll end up in debt!” And while all of these can be very true – it doesn’t mean it’s going to happen to you. Sure, there’s a big chance, because starting your own business IS very difficult, and CAN be very stressful – but that shouldn’t hold you back from doing something that you believe in.

There are the downfalls, and it’s important you know what they are, but if you chose to only look at them you’ll always have a negative outlook on everything. So you should have a look at all the positive reasons why you should take the risk and go for it.

Here are some examples.

Free time

Now, this doesn’t happen immediately, when you’re first starting up, you will be putting in endless hours for barely any money – if anything at all. But once you’ve passed those hard few chapters and do it correctly, you can start being in charge of your schedule and create that freedom that you think you deserve – whenever you want.

The stories

Whoever you end up crossing paths with, you can guarantee that when they ask that common question about what you do for a living, and you tell them that you own your own business – more questions will follow. It interests people, and their curiosity makes them want to know more, so be prepared to be the storyteller when you socialize.

Tax benefits

When you’re a freelancer (which means you work for yourself), you get to take advantage of the tax perks that are available to you. Most of the time you are able to write off expenses like car payments, phone bills, and travel. So be sure to ask your accountant what benefits you will be entitled to.


When you do something all by yourself, regardless of whether you’ve been able to get success from it yet or not – it’s an amazing feeling. You had something imagined in your head, and you managed to turn it into something real, and not only that, but now you’re able to make yourself a living off it.

The future

When you have a job like a delivery driver or a shop assistant, it’s hard to imagine passing down your career to your loved ones because it’s just not how those things work. But when you work for yourself, you can pass it on to the next generation and leave them with all the incredible things you created yourself.


Because you own your own business, you never have to worry about getting fired or laid off, because you’re your own boss – you have no one to answer to or try and defend your job title to. You run the show.


Networking is an essential thing that has to be done if you want your name getting out there and the chance to meet potential business partners and sponsors. But this is part of the fun – being a social butterfly. Engaging with other people, swapping stories and learning from others that have the experience you don’t yet have.

Becoming a pro

Everyone wants to be the best at what they do, and starting out as an entrepreneur will give you such knowledge that you will be able to use it in your daily life. You will learn so many things that will not only teach you what it means to be a boss, but will also put you in a position where you can be a mentor to others one day, and share all the skills that you have collected along your journey.


Working for yourself can be a struggle because you have to be the one to self-motivate – you don’t have someone else encouraging you or telling you what your weekly targets are – it’s all down to you. This is difficult to begin with, but over time you will establish a determination that can’t be broken, and that’s a very strong skill to have, that will help you along in life forever.

Financial independence

This is one of the reasons that get everyone excited about working for themselves – the financial benefits. Money is independence. Simple. The more money you make, essentially the more freedom you have, and this will also be the drive that pushes you to work harder. Something to remember is that money doesn’t buy happiness, but what it does give you, is a lot more opportunities to find that so-called happiness.

Change the world

A lot of entrepreneurs tend to believe that this is the start to changing the world, and while this sounds a little over the top – just look at Apple and Facebook! So there’s nothing wrong with having a dream that seems impossible, because you may just get there one day. Who knows, you may develop mobile apps and then have your own set of organisations that cater to people from all around the world.

Create jobs

When you start making money and feel like it’s time to grow your business, you may want to hire some helping hands to join you. This is a moment to enjoy, knowing that you are able and responsible for sharing success with potential employees of yours. Your little idea that you once started with, is now not only providing you with an income, but others too.

As you can see, there are tons of reasons why you should follow your heart and start your own business. But finally, ask yourself why you want to do it, as that’s the most important reason of them all. Has this idea been in your head for years, and you’re now finally ready to do something about it? Or do you just feel it’s time for a change in your life, and this is the final push you need? Whatever it may be – you create your own destiny.

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Stay Up to Date with SEO: The 4 Rules to Follow

Optimization Seo Search Engine Gears Browser

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Search engine optimization helps you get your website noticed. Some people learn about it so they can manage SEO for their own site, while others need SEO knowledge to carry out their work. Whether you try to keep up with SEO for yourself or for your clients, staying up to date often feels like a never-ending task. Things can change rapidly and if you turn away for too long, you can come back to find that nothing is the same. Fortunately, in the online world, it’s not difficult to find plenty of information and opinion pieces. If there’s one problem, it’s wading through it all to find the valuable content. You can use a few methods to keep up with the latest SEO developments.

Join Communities

Online communities are an excellent way to engage with SEO because they allow for two-way conversations. You can just read about what other people have to say, or you could join in and make your own comments too. You can find online communities in a number of places, from Reddit to Quora, Growth Hackers, and Inbound. Of course, you don’t have to engage with only online communities. Although it gives you access to a wide range of opinions if you’re online, there are offline communities and events you might find interesting too. In larger cities and towns, you might find specific groups dedicated to SEO.

Seek Out the Experts

There are always voices of authority you can listen to when you want to seek out information on any subject. These people might be the first ones to hear about important news, or they could be the people offering insightful comments on best practice. When you’re looking for experts to follow, you might find Hubspot authors like Danny DeMichele who can offer expertise from running businesses involving SEO and digital marketing. Many industry experts have blogs you can follow, so you receive emails with their latest updates. You can look for them on social media and other platforms too, or even listen to them speak in person or on podcasts.

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Browse Content Platforms

There are various content platforms that are useful to browse if you’re looking for the latest on SEO. Medium is often used by entrepreneurs and others who want to share interesting opinions, stories and case studies with a wide and varied audience. There’s also Panda, which provides different layouts for organizing the content you want to see. These platforms can be useful to help you discover new things, perhaps showing you content you didn’t know you needed to read.

Be Social Online

Don’t forget the value of being active on social media too. Following the right people and contributing your own voice is a fantastic way to keep up with what’s happening in SEO in real-time. You can be right there when interesting conversations take place, either by watching and learning or by joining in. In addition to following the right people, including useful Twitter lists, knowing which hashtags are useful is helpful too.

Stay up to date on all the latest goings on in SEO by seeking out the voices of authority. They will help you cut through the noise and know what to pay attention to.

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Don’t Let The Task Of Home Cleaning Burden You

Don’t Let The Task Of Home Cleaning Burden You

Happy home

When you think of home, you shouldn’t be thinking of work to do and stress of keeping everything clean, you should be thinking of somewhere you can go to wind down in comfort. There are many people out there who are too busy to have to worry about the mess, and it can be even more difficult when it comes to living with a family. Not only do you have to worry about your own mess building up, but that of your kids too! When you come home stressed and tired from work, the last thing you want to be doing is tidying up just so you can feel comfortable and welcomed in your own home. It’s not just the effort that you have to put in, either, it’s the whole feel of it. Most people hate cleaning, and it can leave you feeling gross afterward, which makes the whole ordeal so much worse! You shouldn’t have to, and you don’t!

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Hired help

Living that busy lifestyle should help to ensure you have some extra money here and there that you want to invest in a greater quality of life. Often it can be hard to identify what’s going to help make those improvements, as they can take a lot of thought! You should consider investing in cleaning services, as they can take a lot of strain from your shoulders. Not only do you avoid the extra task of cleaning your home, you don’t have to be there while it’s going on! That means you can get home after that long day of work, to a clean and tidy home. Think of how much time that saves you, and how much better you can feel coming home knowing that you don’t have to do anything! All you need to do is book a time and arrange entrance to your home, and you can have it done while you’re at work, or out enjoying yourself!

It’s important to consider that not only do they come equipped with much more experience, but they also have professional equipment that ensures an efficient job. Most cleaning services out there will have your home spotless in the time assigned, and leave you wanting them again! It’s not as expensive as you would expect either, you’ll find it at quite an affordable rate if you’re looking to spend out on a greater life quality!

Better family life

Those out there who work a busy schedule often have it hard when it comes to finding time to spend with family, especially with the extra stress of keeping everything tidy. You don’t have to worry about any of that anymore, and you can keep your stress levels down to a minimum while you wind down and enjoy the time with your partner and/or kids. It’s never good to have too much stress building up in your life, as it can cause you many mental issues while exhausting you at the same time. Don’t let it get to you, let the cleaners look after it!

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Business Costs Don’t Have To Skyrocket

Did you know that on average, business costs rise by around 20 to 30 percent a year? Sometimes this number is even higher, depending on where your business is located and whether you are planning on expanding. Each year business insurance costs will rise by 10 to 20%, the price of transport will increase, and your energy supplier will add an extra 10% onto the cost of your treif. Small businesses are constantly being forced to pay more and more due to increasing expenses, so learning to cut costs wherever possible is more important than ever.

Want to cut your business costs and improve the bottom line? Below are some ideas for ways that you can reduce the risk of your business costs skyrocketing in 2018.

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Be smart about office space

Depending on the commercial situation in your area, you may be able to take advantage and cut your office space costs. The fact is that many office spaces come with an increasing price tag each year, as they become more well-known and more sought after. If this is the case with your office building, it could be time to move. Look for a new premises that offers the same facilities but at a lower price. The less well known the building is, the lower the cost will be.

Outsource don’t hire

Most smaller businesses have slow periods, which means that having a full-time, on-site team may not be conducive. Instead of hiring team members, why not outsource specialist tasks to freelancers? That way you only have to pay for the work that is actually done, instead of paying them a salary on a monthly basis. This step is a crucial one, especially when you only have a small budget to work with.  

Utilize the internet

When it comes to cutting business costs, the internet is a vital tool. The fact is that you can use the internet in various ways to help reduce your business’s spending, it’s just a case of determining what these ways are. How about swapping to using VoIP phones for calls that run via the internet? According to IT specialists Dyrand, these phone systems are affordable, easy to set up and work just as well as regular phones. Plus, they come with a selection of added features that may be beneficial to your business, such as the fact they offer a ‘landline’ that can be taken wherever you go – all that’s needed is an internet connection.

Cut marketing costs

Marketing is often one of the highest costs that a business has to cover. Although marketing is a vital part of building a successful business, the fact is that it doesn’t have to be overly expensive. Far too many companies waste money on expensive marketing that is unnecessary. One of the best ways to cut costs is to utilize social media because social media has fantastic promotional possibilities, and the best thing about it is that it is completely free to use.

The truth is that although your business costs can skyrocket, they don’t have to. Believe it or not, by taking the steps above into account and utilizing then, you can save your business a large sum of money, keeping your finances on track.

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Untangling Those Crossed Communication Wires

Communication is something we could all work on. It’s essential to our relationships, and our overall levels of happiness. As soon as we’re old enough, we’re taught to share and talk things through. In fact, much of our school lives focus on communication.

And, that doesn’t change in the workplace. In fact, many companies rely on teamwork. As such, communication becomes even more crucial. And, as the boss, most of the responsibility here falls on you. If you can’t communicate efficiently, how can you expect your staff to? It’s crucial you set the right example to open communications from the off.

Of course, getting started with excellent communication is far from easy. Why else would so many of us struggle with it? To help you along, we’re going to look at the three main communicative aspects you should focus on.

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The literal

First should be literal communication. As in, how are you going to talk to staff? This may seem basic, but it’s essential. If you have a large office, walking from one side to the other isn’t practical. But, phone lines are expensive and can be unreliable. Not to mention that they’re open to breaches. Which isn’t what you want when communicating sensitive information. Instead, consider a VoIP PBX solution like those offered by https://www.bcainc.com/. This is a private connection which uses internet connections instead of phone lines. What’s more, you can use such solutions to communicate with staff remotely. You may also want to consider how you pass down jobs. You could either delegate tasks in a morning meeting or upload them to staff computers. Consider which would work best, and put a plan in place.

The disagreeable

It also falls to you to help staff communicate their way through disagreements. There are, inevitably, going to be a few along the way. But, proper communication can help everyone move forward and find a middle ground they can work with. If you notice staff disagreements, bring the perpetrators together. Get them to talk things out while you’re present. They’re likely to keep calm with the boss around. As such, they’ll be in the best position to find a solution to whatever it is they disagree about. Brainstorming sessions are always a fantastic option here. They give everyone a say and also help to develop the best ideas. And, you guessed it, they focus on communication.

The emotional

Bear in mind that you also have an emotional responsibility to your employees. If you notice someone isn’t themselves or seems to be struggling, it’s essential to address the matter. This can be difficult, so you may want to refer to guides like this one on entrepreneur.com, which can help you recognize and address problems. Make sure, too, that your staff know they can come to you with emotional issues. Leave your door open, and listen to what your team tell you, even if you don’t think it’s relevant to your business. These people are in your care, so care for them.

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Cutting Out The White Stuff: How Does A Paperless Office Benefit You?

crumpled paper

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There are many articles out there about why you should go paperless. Everyone, from big business to small, is jumping on this bandwagon. So much, so that paper in the office is sure to be a thing of the past relatively soon.

The principal and, undeniably, most important argument for this is environmental. We live in an age where not caring about the planet isn’t an option. With global warming an ever-present threat, many of us are cutting down on plastic and installing solar panels in our homes. And, of course, cutting paper out of our offices. After all, we can’t produce paper without cutting down trees. And, given that trees are essential to a functioning planet, we could do with leaving them where they are.

But, you may be reluctant to jump on the no-paper bandwagon. There’s no shame in admitting that the environmental impacts aren’t enough to sway you. You certainly wouldn’t be alone. But, these aren’t the only benefits of a paperless office. In truth, doing away with the white stuff could make life much easier for you. Here’s how.

Taking the complication out of filing

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Filing cabinets are the bane of any office worker’s existence. You have to go through about ten drawers to find the piece of paper you’re after! And, just when you think you’ve found a system which works, you come up against more issues.  It’s a never-ending problem and one that you could do away with by going paperless. Imagine if you kept all your files on a computer. In one click, you could find anything you needed. By using informative file names, you could just do a quick search. How much time would that save you?

Remote access to information

Remote access is another benefit. By using a cloud service like those offered by many computer consulting services, you and your colleagues can access anything, anywhere.  Forget taking essential files out of the office, or having to wait until the next day. You can work from home with ease, and have access to anything you need. On top of which, colleagues on the road can pull up a file at the click of a button. All it takes is an internet connection. An ability like this could enhance your operations. And, with your competitors turning to the cloud, this could be essential for keeping ahead of the game.

No more cluttered storage cupboard

PxHere Image

Ah, the office storage cupboard. It’s messy no matter how often you try to clean it, and frankly, it’s wasted space. But, consider that everything within that storage space is geared towards a paper-filled office. Go paperless, and you can get rid of paper itself, the paperclips, staples, and so much more. Before you know it, you’ll have a free storage cupboard on your hands. New private office, anyone? Or, you could knock this into your central office space to free up some much-needed room. Either way, it’ll get better use than it ever did in the past.

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