How To Make Society Healthier

A society that has the essentials of life in shape is one that can reach its full potential. So what are the essentials in life? They include having clean water, plentiful food, shelter, and, of course, health. Alas, while we’ve more or less eradicated the issues of food, water, and shelter, the health aspect of society remains an issue. It always will, because there are always new health concerns popping up with each generation, usually as a reaction to the lifestyles of the time. For example, in recent years, there has been a huge rise in childhood obesity, which is a result of, among other things, the rise in usage of personal devices and video games.

So how can we overcome these problems? It’s all about education. When it comes to our health, public health officials play an incredibly vital role in helping to educate the public so that serious conditions can be prevented from occurring in the first place. While there is an endless number of health matters in society, health professionals tend to focus on the main dangers, the ones that cause death or severely impair quality of life. Examples of these conditions would be diabetes, heart disease, and strokes, as well as lifestyle conditions such as drug and alcohol abuse. 

It’s the public health officials that help to get the vital information about positive health actions into the public sphere. They also implement policies at a government level, and plan the future of healthcare, among other duties. You can learn more by checking out the infographic below. 

Infographic design by University of Nevada-Reno University of Nevada-Reno

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What Would You Change About Health Care

When it comes to health care, there always always going to be different changes that you may wish you could be able to make. While you may not be able to have any direct impact on the health care system yourself, it’s always a good idea for you to understand where the changes you would make are. Then, you may be able to make a difference combined with other people and over time.

The Availability Of Treatments

To start with, you may find that the availability of treatments is very important to you. Do you have access to what you need? Are reliable and revolutionary treatments available near to you? Are there other options you wish were available? It all matters.

The Access & Cost

Maybe you are concerned about the access to health care in your local area? It may not even be for you, but for others. And when this is the case, it could be that you’re also concerned about the cost and wish you could make changes about that. So keep that in mind.

The Delivery & Service

It could even be down to the service that you get and how health care is delivered. When that’s the case, you may want to understand more about technology is advancing and how it can help. If you’d like to know more about AI and how nurses can integrate this technology, just take a look at the infographic below.

Infographic Design By Regis College

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Your 2020 Cancer Research Update

The last decade was a remarkable one in the scientific effort to overcome cancer, with investigators making a series of high-profile breakthroughs. Not only are we now looking at the prospect of cancer survivors living longer, but also healthier too. New techniques that make use of the body’s immune system can fight off cancer without the need for potentially harmful radiation therapies. 

Pixabay – CC0 License

It’s not all good news, though. While researchers have made tremendous advances, the depth of the technologies they have developed are immense. Things like immunotherapy and CRISPR have a long way to run before we exhaust their potential. 

Here are some updates on cancer to take with you into 2020. 

The Microbiome Plays A More Important Role

Researchers are coming to learn that the state of a person’s gut health is fundamental to their overall wellbeing. We’re not just humans, but rather vessels for colonies of trillions of microbes that live in the gastrointestinal tract. The health of those microbes can determine overall health outcomes, including cancer. 

Research, for instance, shows that the microbiome can influence the response of several chemotherapy drugs. Animal orthotopic models and human trials both reveal that certain bacterial strains living in the gut are powerful immune signals. The higher the concentration of beneficial bacteria, the more likely the body is to sweep away dysfunctional cells that could turn cancerous. 

Already researchers, for instance, have identified a strain of bacteria that could alter the makeup of the human gut microbiome and promote the spread of a type of blood cancer. In the future, they hope to target these microbes with selective antibiotics, wipe them out, and then wait for the body to return to health. 

CAR T Doesn’t Work In Everyone

While CAR T-cells have proven effective in small scale trials and on individual patients, the data from larger studies is less dramatic. While a segment of cancer patients see a total reversal of symptoms on the CAR T protocol, many do not show any improvement at all. 

Researchers believe that the problem here is subtle. They think that the principle of CAR T therapy is correct and that altering the immune system to go after cancer cells is a powerful tool. But they are increasingly coming to realize that they need to tweak the immune system in different ways, depending on the type of cancer the patient has. 

Tumor-infiltrating lymphocyte therapy, for instance, is another approach that managed to kill all tumors in a woman with metastatic breast cancer. However, we’re still waiting for more extensive trials to see whether doctors can repeat the performance of the therapy en masse. 

Liquid Biopsies Are On The Way

Traditional cancer biopsies are invasive and, in some cases, dangerous. The hope is that with liquid biopsies, doctors will be able to improve patient safety.

For those of you who don’t know, a liquid biopsy would essentially be the same as a blood test. Doctors would send a sample to the lab, and then technicians would look for the telltale genetic and chemical markers of cancer.

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Health Advice for Nurses and Other Healthcare Professionals

Working as a nurse or any other healthcare professional can be a tough job. You’re often on your feet all day and can be asked to carry out long shifts of 12 hours or sometimes even more. Staying healthy as a nurse can be difficult, but it’s possible if you know how.

Stay Comfortable on Your Feet

When you’re on your feet all day, it’s often a struggle not to go home with sore feet, legs and a bad back. One of the most important things you can have is a comfortable pair of shoes with plenty of support, which should also be practical for wearing in the workplace.

Balance Moving and Resting

It’s not always easy to find a chance to sit down and rest when working as a nurse, but it’s important to take any opportunities to do so. However, when you are on your feet, it’s better to try to move around, rather than standing still.

Pack Healthy Food

Instead of relying on the cafeteria at work or raiding the vending machine, it can be a smart idea to take lunch, dinner or even breakfast to work with you. That way, you know you have healthy food and snacks ready for you when you get the chance to eat them.

Know How to Survive the Night Shift

Working the night shift can be the hardest thing of all when working in healthcare. However, with a few solid tips, you can survive anything and still remain healthy, with adequate levels of sleep.

Visit Bradley University to learn more

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6 Ways To Keep Your Health In Check

Your health should be an issue that is always a top priority. That is why it is strange that many of us do not actively do things to prevent any health issues occurring. Instead, we do what we need to fix the problems when they arise. Although you cannot prevent all health issues, there are things that you can do to ensure that your body and your immune system are in the best possible condition to fight anything that does come along. Here are a few ways that you can help to keep your health in check:


Regular Medical Checkups

Regular health check-ups with your GP is something that can benefit you. Attending regular check-ups will allow you and your doctor to keep track of your health. They will be able to do simple things, like check your height, weight and blood pressure, to ensure there are no sudden significant changes that could be something to worry about. They can check for any health problems so that treatment can be given at an early stage, which is important when it comes to hereditary family conditions and critical conditions like cancer. Your doctor can also provide you with advice on what you should be doing in terms of diet and exercise if they are concerned that you aren’t doing enough. 

If your health check-up involves a blood test, your doctor will be able to tell you if you are getting enough of the right vitamins. If you are deficient in something, your doctor will be able to prescribe or advise you on what vitamins to take before any adverse side effects can start to take effect. Blood tests are also an excellent way to check for any issues going on with the body and check the function of essential body organs.

Getting regular check-ups is important because they can help prevent health issues, or catch them at a very early stage. Taking the time to go for a check-up regularly, can reduce the amount of time and treatment you may have had to go through if you had got diagnosed at a later date. The frequency at which you should have a medical check-up will vary from person to person, but many people go once or twice a year.

Regular Dental Checkups

It is advised that you visit your dentist every six months for a check-up. Dental check-ups help to keep a record of your teeth and gums so that any problems can be prevented or fixed at an early stage before the problem gets more serious. Having a dental cleaning will help to remove any buildup of plaque from areas you have missed during brushing, which will help to prevent cavities from occurring. They will also give you an x-ray of your teeth and jaw so that they can diagnose any unseen issues with your teeth. Ensure you keep your gums and teeth healthy by regularly visiting your dentist.


Regular Exercise

Regular exercise is something that you are told is important from an early age. It is especially important to make sure that you are making a conscious effort to exercise in the present day as more and more people work office jobs that do not require any physical labour. Although it can be hard to motivate yourself to exercise, regular exercise can have so many benefits for both your physical and mental health. It may not be possible for some people to do intense gym workouts, but doing things to ensure that you are more active can still benefit you. Whether you choose to go on walks or go to gym classes, the important thing is that you are getting active. 

Regular exercise can reduce your risk of having a heart attack, getting type 2 diabetes and some cancers. It can lower your blood pressure, and make you feel better in yourself. There are a whole lot of benefits that make regular exercise worth it. 


A balanced diet

A balanced diet can provide us with all the vitamins and nutrients we need to feel healthy and well. Although we may not be able to get all of the vitamins we need from our diet, consciously making the healthier choice will mean that we are getting most of them. It is easy to buy processed food but eating healthily and incorporating some superfoods into your diet, can give you more energy, a better immune system, make it easier to sleep and enable you to focus for longer. Eating healthy doesn’t mean that you can’t treat yourself every now and then, just that everything should be in moderation. A balanced diet paired with regular exercise can make you feel like a healthier, happier person!


Taking vitamins can be a great top-up to the nutrients you get from your diet, although you should not only rely on vitamins. If you do choose to take vitamins, make sure that you do not exceed the maximum dose.

Vitamin D is often one that people need because during the autumn and winter it can be difficult to get all the vitamin D you need from what you eat and drink, and you cannot rely on the sun, like in the spring and summer, because it is too weak. 

Pregnant women especially benefit from taking vitamins such as folic acid as it can help prevent neural tube defects in the foetus. 

Be well informed

There are many things about the human body and health that science has yet to make discoveries about, but those simple health things that it has, you should try to be informed about. Here are a few useful things to know about:

  • How to check for the signs and symptoms of breast cancer

Breast cancer is one of the most common types of cancer in women, and it can also affect men. Knowing how to check your breasts and making sure you do it regularly, will mean that if you do notice anything that you think is strange, that you can go and get it checked out quickly. Being able to identify abnormalities will increase the likelihood of early diagnosis and successful treatment.

  • Prevention is key when it comes to sexual health

STI vs STD is the question many people ask when we talk about sexual health, but the more important question we should all know the answer to is, how do we prevent ourselves from getting them? One of the ways that most people know about is through the use of a condom. The condom, when used correctly, can act as a barrier to prevent the transmission of bacteria or viruses during sex, preventing you from catching any STIs or STDs. 

The other method of prevention is to ensure that you and your partner(s) get regular sexual health screenings so that you know you have the all-clear, or so you get access to the right treatment for you. 

  • Know your family’s medical history

If possible, you should be aware of your family’s medical history. This will mean that, for certain conditions, you will be able to make yourself aware of any symptoms for hereditary conditions and any ways that you can reduce the risk of you getting the condition. It is also useful knowledge to be able to inform your doctor of.

Sometimes the things we have to do to keep our health in check can feel like a chore, but finding ways that we can make them fun, and doing them for long enough to feel the benefit, will make it worth it in the long run.

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How To Stay Safe In A Manufacturing Environment

When in the workplace, no one aims to get hurt. Accidents do happen, of course, but it’s not the goal. Sometimes, the problem isn’t that there are no rules, it’s that they are not adhered to in the name of laziness and ease! It sounds terrible, and it is. No manufacturing environment should be worrying about being convenient if it compromises the safety of the workers. A little more time on a task is worth it if it avoids an injury.

If you are working in an environment that has dangerous equipment, fluid, and practices, then you need to adhere to safety protocols as best as possible. It’s not just in your interests; if you are acting safely on the job, you’re going to protect the others around you, too. So, with that in mind, we’ve put together some of the best ways that you can ensure that you stay safe in the workplace.

Close-up Photography of a Power Tool

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  1. Speak up if you see something that isn’t safe. The only way that your supervisors can ensure that everyone in your workplace remains safe is if you speak up when something isn’t right. If there is a spill, alert the right people to clear it. Your supervisor is obliged to keep you safe, but they can only do that if you act as their eyes when they are not there.
  2. Color coding equipment can be one of the best things that you do in a manufacturing environment. You can learn more about how to paint industrial equipment to help you to understand what is used for what. The best thing that you can do is to make it obvious what is dangerous, so come up with a color system that everyone can be trained on.
  3. At all times, people in the workplace should wear the correct safety equipment. From hard hats and boots to jackets and cover-all trousers. This should be checked daily for any damage, and you should always keep it in good condition.
  4. Where you can, prevent any slips and trips. People can have some terrible injuries when they slip in the workplace, and in a manufacturing environment, you need as many people on your side, clearing up as possible.
  5. All exits should be clearly signed and kept empty at all times. You want people to be able to get out in an emergency, not be left behind. If an exit is blocked, you could end up with an awful situation and even deaths on the premises. That shouldn’t be in your hands, and you can prevent it!
  6. If you are lifting heavy boxes or equipment, you should be trained in how to do it properly. Make sure that you request this type of training before you ever lift anything in your workplace. The correct posture can change everything, and it will prevent you from any injuries.

These are only a few suggestions as to how you can stay as safe as possible in the workplace, so look after these suggestions, and you’ll be looking after yourself, too.

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Dealing With Posture Problems

More people have posture problems than don’t. Some people don’t even realise, as their posture issues may be moderate, but other individuals have severe posture problems that can impact their performance and health. Some of the most common posture issues include a hunched back, a forward head, rounded shoulders, a forward hip tilt and over-pronated feet. If you think about it, you are probably guilty of at least one of these posture issues. You may think it’s no big deal, but the importance of having good posture should never be undervalued. 

Common Problems That Lead People To Purchase Posture Products

We’ve just touched upon some of the most common posture problems; so let’s elaborate on them to see if you’re experiencing any of these issues. If you are, there is no need to panic, as there is alternative medicine available. Drug-free solutions can help you correct your posture without having an adverse impact on your body, as pharmaceutical drugs often do. Everything from natural skin cream to a TENS pain relief machine counts as a form of alternative treatment, so there’s a huge scope of products available. But, do you need to go down this route? A hunchback is a common issue amongst people that work at a desk, as they are hunched over a computer screen and this causes excessive upper back curvature. A DSE online risk assessment should be carried out by any employee to make sure such issues are not prominent in your workplace. 

Over-pronated feet, i.e. when your foot and ankle cave inward, tightens calf muscles and adds stress to the foot. This can be caused by improper footwear, pregnancy and obesity. If someone were to take a photo of you standing sideways, would your ear lobe extend in front of your AC joint? If so, you have a forward head, which can cause strain on your upper back muscles and neck muscles, this is also common in those with desk jobs. Rounded shoulders can occur from an imbalanced exercise routine and again office jobs, which loosens and weakens the muscles. Identifying a forward hip tilt can be more difficult, if you tilt your pelvis forward then back as far as you can and the forward tilt is not as dramatic as the backward one, then you’ve probably got this posture issue. This occurs from not stretching enough and sitting too much.

Get The Help You Need With The Best Posture Corrector
There are many different products available to help you achieve the good posture your body needs. This is so important, as the risks of bad posture are severe, as you are putting your ligaments and muscles in a position where they are not able to work as intended. Long-term effects could include issues with breathing and digestion. One of the most popular products to help with posture is a brace. A posture brace will constrain your shoulders and back into the recommended upright position. One of the great things about this product is the fact that you can wear it under your clothes, so you can use it at work and such like and it doesn’t need to get in the way of your everyday life. There are other solutions available as well, with a lot of people investing in support pillows and mattresses to support the neck, while some people place a pillow between the knees to try and keep the spine neutral during the night. If you work from home or in an office, it may be worth investing in an ergonomic desk chair, as these are designed to prevent the slump that leads to poor posture. If you don’t want to buy a new chair, there are chair support products available.

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