Why Driving Drowsy Is Just as Bad as Driving Drunk

We’ve probably all heard about driving drunk. Your reactions are a lot slower, you feel more inclined to take risks, and you simply can’t focus if you try to drive while under the influence of alcohol. Not only that, but you’re likely to be caught by the authorities and be fined as well as given a criminal record. If you want to avoid this at all costs, then you simply stop drinking and control your alcohol intake. We all know it’s a bad thing that you shouldn’t do, but did you know that driving while tired is actually just as dangerous?

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Think about your drowsy self


When you’re sleepy, what happens? The first thing that you’ll notice is that your eyes become heavy and they may occasionally shut. As a driver, your most important tool is your pair of eyes. Without them, you can’t see anything in front of you. You won’t be able to spot the red light, you won’t see the oncoming truck, and you won’t see that cyclist that’s losing control of his bike and swerving into you. The last thing you want is to get on the phone to a car accident personal injury attorney during your morning commute, so why would you want to drive drowsy again?


Another effect of being sleepy is that you’re fatigued. Even if you are able to keep your eyes open, your entire body becomes slow and you won’t be able to pay attention to anything around you—including the road. You essentially become a dangerous threat on the road that is both unpredictable and unavoidable. This is exactly the same as what you’d feel if you tried to drive while under the influence. Unfortunately, there is no quick way to tell if someone is drowsy. To determine if a driver is drunk or not, police often use a test to check for alcohol in someone’s breath. Unless the driver has heavy eyes and is falling asleep, then there’s really no way to tell if someone is tired or not. It’s also hard to determine if someone was tired or not at a crash scene, making it even more difficult to identify.


Signs that you’re tired


So we’ve already gone through two symptoms of drowsiness: heavy eyes and fatigue. However, there are some more subtle signs that you should keep in mind as well. If you’re frequently blink while you drive, then it could be an indication that your eyes are starting to become heavy. If you find yourself daydreaming a lot as well, then it could be because your mind isn’t focusing very well and you’re losing track of what you’re doing. Yawning is also a common indication of drowsiness.


If you find yourself suffering any of those above symptoms, then take a moment to relax. Stop your car as soon as possible in a safe place and take a brief nap. It’s better to arrive at your destination in once piece a little later than schedule than not arrive at all. Driving while drunk and sleepy carry the same risks and symptoms, so the next time you want to force yourself into work while sleepy, consider drinking a couple more cups of coffee and taking a brief nap before you get in the car.

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The Eyes Have It

When it come to our health, there are certain parts of our bodies that we take great to look after. We brush our teeth daily, use mouthwash, and visit the dentist regularly. Unfortunately, not everyone takes as good care of their eyes as they do their mouths. But our eyes are so important! So read on to find out how you can look after them better and ensure that they are as healthy as possible for as long as possible.


One of the most dreaded conditions that you get to get in your eyes is conjunctivitis. This is a bacterial condition that results in sticky, itchy eyes, that can sometimes be hard to open when you have been asleep. It’s also a very infectious condition, which means it’s vital if you suspect you have this that you stay at home and minimise contact with anyone else until it is passed.

Most case of conjunctivitis can be treated at home with over the counter eye drops, and removing the discharge with cotton wool soaked in warm water. Of course, as it is so infectious you must use different pads for each eye, and for every time that you do it.

If the infection is not clearing up on its own, it can also be useful to get some antibiotic from you doctor, that can help.

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Another bacterial infection that we need to watch for around the eye areas is hordeolum, more commonly known as a stye. This results from the Staphylococcus bacteria getting into or around the eye area and results in a lump known as an abscess.

These can be quite painful, especially if the rub against the eye when you blink. Treatment is again usually done at home, with a compress of a hot flannel applied to the area for 5 minutes regularly until the dye burst and goes down.

Contacts lenses

Of course, using good quality contact lenses, and cleaning them properly is also an important part of eye care. As contact lenses make direct contact with your eye, they need to be clean and sanitary when you put them in.


You can do this by always washing your hands before you touch them or your eyes. As well as rinsing them properly with the correct solution. Also never rinse them in water, as this contains many bacteria that could cause damage to the eye. Similarly, don’t swim in them either for this reason. Some people are even known to pit their lenses in the mouth to clean them, something else that should be avoided at all costs.

Dry and tired eyes

With so many of us using computers all day every day, dry and tired eyes can be a very common problem. But what can we do about it? Well, first of all, it’s essential to take regular breaks from screen work to allow you eyes to rest.

Also, you can use over the counter eye drops to relieve tired and dry eyes. You may even consider using a gel eye mask that you place in the freezer to chill, to help you relax them in the evening.

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The Downside To Different Cultures

Experiencing different cultures is one of the main benefits to travel. Nothing beats getting out and seeing a way of life different from your own. While some people chase the sun, others stroll around the streets and speak to locals. It’s the best way to spread your wings and see the world from a different angle.

But, it would be naive to think that experiencing different cultures will be all plain sailing. Travelers face a variety of setbacks, from language barriers to risks to their safety. Those safety risks are what we’re going to focus on. In some destinations, it’s necessary to take armed guards wherever you go. You might encounter tourist targeting thieves, or even open yourself up to kidnapping. But, those aren’t the only  risks. Different cultures have different hygiene standards, and these could be a problem, too. But, you shouldn’t let fears for your safety stop you seeing the places you want to see. There’s no reason you can’t stay safe in dangerous places. All you need to do is follow these steps.



If you’ve chosen to visit a location that’s considered ‘dangerous,’ it’s important you know where you can and can’t go. In many destinations, like Brazil, the dangerous areas are near to heavy tourist areas. Wandering down a side-road is all it would take to find yourself in trouble. The best thing you can do to avoid that eventuality is to research before you leave. Find out which areas pose the biggest threat to your safety, and pre-plan routes which take you around them. If there’s something you really want to see in dangerous areas, find out the safest ways to travel. It might be that you need to alert guards to your presence or avoid acting in a certain way.


It’s also essential to know what risks you’re exposing yourself to. Read recent news articles about the area to find out. Are you opening yourself to kidnapping? Or, perhaps the risk is less violent, and more to do with the environment itself. Different countries have different laws about pollution and dangerous chemicals. Excessive amounts of pollution could expose you to benzene and other harmful chemicals. If you do suffer while you’re away, it’s important you file a benzene lawsuit and get the medical treatment you need. But, avoiding the situation is the best way forward. There may also be different hygiene standards for water. All these things are easy to discover beforehand.

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Once you know the risks, you can buy equipment to help keep you safe. In some areas, a face mask may be necessary to reduce your intake of chemicals. Or, you may want to stock up on a water filters to ensure you can drink from taps, etc. This gear is cheap to buy but could save your life. It’s also worth taking a first-aid kit wherever you go. Having basic medical supplies will make a huge difference.

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Fads Driving You Supplemental?

The world of fad diets and hard to understand medical research is growing fast. More and more people are being sucked into methods to lose weight or get fit and healthy which they don’t truly understand. Some of these methods work. But, a lot of them don’t. And, this is a shame. Instead, you should be focusing on the important parts of your diet, not the parts which someone has made up. To help you with this, this post will be going through some of the best ways to ensure that you always have the right balance of nutrients in your body. So, now, you just have to start eating right.


Cod liver oil has long been seen as a superfood. This simple chemical is packed with great benefits, like Omega 3 and vitamin D. Your body needs vitamin D in order to absorb minerals like calcium and zinc. Without it, your body will find it hard to function correctly. Usually, you will find this sort of supplement in the form of a capsule. This capsule will contain a small amount of the liquid, enabling you to ingest it without tasting it. Having this in your diet is seen as essential if you want to be healthy. Cod liver oil provides benefits like better eyesight, improved concentration, and more alertness.


Next, it’s time to think about the bones in your body. A lot of people assume that their bones are unchanging once they have fully grown. But, like the rest of your body, your bones are constantly in need of minor repair. To complete this work, your body needs calcium which is a mineral found in a lot of different products. For example, you find high levels of calcium in both milk and marble, even though they are completely different. If you have a condition like osteoporosis, calcium becomes even more important. In this sort of case, people will usually take supplements to help them get what they need. When choosing something like this, you should look for the risks that come with them. Products like AlgaeCal have had a lot of research done on them. And, you won’t find many AlgaeCal side effects warnings online. But, of course, you should always contact a doctor before you start using something like this. They may be able to provide you with further help. And, they could even help you choose the right product.


The last supplement on this list is any that contain vitamin C. This vitamin is essential to your body’s health and healing. It is used by the body to protect and keep cells healthy. And, it’s used to help you heal wounds. Along with this, vitamin C is responsible for a lot of the functions of your body. Without the right amount of it, people will find themselves with scurvy which is very unpleasant. Foods like oranges, strawberries, and guavas are rich in vitamin C. So, it’s worth munching them down.


Hopefully, this post will inspire you to start working harder on the supplements you take. It’s important to know exactly what you’re taking. And, it’s pointless to take other supplements if you don’t have the most basic needs under control.

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The Sleep Problems You Didn’t Know You Had

Sleep is essential, there is no getting around it. It’s so essential in fact that we spend at least a third of our life doing it. That’s, even more, time than we spend watching TV! However, not everyone gets a good night’s rest every night, and this may be because they suffer from one of the sleep problems below. Read on to find out more.


Insomnia is perhaps one of the cruelest sleep problems that there is. It’s when you are tired, but no matter what you do you just can’t get to sleep. Insomniacs may struggle to get 3-4 hours of sleep a night, and this can go on for weeks, not just days.

Obviously, this has a major effect on the quality of their life, as both their physical and mental well-being is put in jeopardy by not sleeping enough. But is there anything that can be done about it?

Well, insomniacs will probably tell you that either isn’t much. But, there are some things that can make it more bearable. Things like doing a favored activity during the long night to take your mind away from rumination over your problems.



The opposite to insomnia, hypersomnia is when you sleep too much. On average an adult should sleep between 7 and 9 hours a night. This will differ from person to person, so as long as you are within this boundary, you are OK. However, some folks can easily sleep up to 12-13 hours a night.


The reasons for this aren’t always immediately apparent, but it can be caused by some underlying medical conditions like thyroid problems and depression. So it is always worth getting them checked out, before embarking on treatment recommended by doctors.

Disturbed sleep

Disturbed sleep can also be problematic for those looking to be refreshed when morning comes, and it has many causes. One of which may be that the mattress you have is the wrong firmness for you. Causing your body to move around or in the night to get comfortable which is likely to wake you up.


To deal with this spend some time to find the right way to sleep, and match your mattress to your sleep position, as this can solve the problem.

However, if your lack of sleep caused by another issue such as your partner having night terrors or restless leg syndrome, it may be better to get them seen by a medical professional. As they can offer some help in reducing these issues. Obviously, until then it can also be a good idea for you if you sleep separately for at least some of the week.

Sleep Apnea

Lastly, a problem that is gaining more recognition now is sleep apnea. This is when you stop breathing when you are asleep for a short amount of time.


It can be caused by an obstruction in the airway, or by an issue in the brain. To help the former sleep masks are used to ensure oxygen is being fed into the body. In the latter case, surgery is usually the key to the issue.

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Revealed: The Strange Reasons You’re Not Losing Weight

One of the signs of healthiness is maintaining a healthy weight. Too many people are obese or sitting at an unhealthy weight. You try and try to lose those pesky pounds, but it feels like nothing is working.

Well, if you’re not losing weight, it could be down to one of these weird reasons:

You’re Gaining Muscle

One of the main reasons you’re not losing weight is because you’re looking at your weighing scales too much and reading them in the wrong way. Let’s say you’re 50kg, and you start doing lots of exercises, and you step on the scales after a month, and you’re still at 50kg. In your mind, those scales are telling you you’re not losing weight. However, this could simply be an illusion. What could happen is that you’ve actually lost a lot of body fat, and gained a lot of muscle. As a result, you look healthier, you have more muscle tone, which adds weight and cancels out the fat you’ve lost. In essence, you have lost weight. You’ve lost fat, you just gained muscle, and this isn’t a bad thing at all. Instead, you should try to measure your body fat percentage rather than your weight. This will give you a better indicator of how you’re doing.

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You’re Targeting The Wrong Fat

Believe it or not, but there are multiple types of fat within our body. Sometimes, the reason for your lack of weight loss is simply due to targeting the wrong fat. What you need to do, is get yourself on a diet and do exercise that targets the right fat, which is known as abnormal fat. These are the fat cells that grow in your body and cause you to gain weight and be unhealthy. There are plenty of diets out there like the HCG diet that focus on abnormal fat. Over the years there have been people wondering does the HCG diet really work? And there is some science to back it up. However, the main thing for you to think about is that you eat foods and do exercise that targets the abnormal fat cells in your body. In essence, eat less saturated fat, do workouts that boost your metabolism and help you burn loads of calories, and you’ll start to see a difference.

You’re Too Stressed Out

Stress seems to be the cause of almost everything bad these days. Would you believe it, it’s also a reason you’re not losing weight. There’s simple science behind this theory, and it’s easily proved. When you’re stressed, your body produces a chemical which is linked to fat storage. Essentially, this chemical makes it easy for your body to store fat, which makes it harder to lose weight. So, if you’re stressed, then there’s an abundance of this chemical, which makes things even worse. Try and get rid of your stress and then see how easier it is to lose weight.

Hopefully, this has helped some of you realize why your weight loss isn’t going as planned. Now, you can see these strange reasons and work on preventing the from scuppering your health goals.

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Common Health Issues In Young Babies

The early days of life are magical but are also fraught with anxiety for many young parents. Young babies and children are vulnerable and their health needs to be protected.

It is important to recognize that you do not have all the answers nor are you expected to have them. You must learn to recognize when it is appropriate to deal with an issue yourself and when you should get some help.

Here are some of the most common health issues that babies and young children face in their early years.

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Teething problems

All babies will have some discomfort when their teeth break through the gum. The baby can become distressed, drool a lot and seem to want to bite everything. Sometimes it is possible to see a tiny tooth breaking through the surface of the gum just when your baby starts to get fractious. It is important not confuse this with something more serious. Teething does not cause babies to have a high fever so you should always seek medical attention if your baby is feverish.

There are lots of teething products on the market but some are potentially harmful. If you feel that your baby has been injured by them you should find a good lawyer.

Oral thrush

Oral thrush is a fungal infection that is commonly seen in babies. It is caused by a fungus called Candida. We all have it in our mouths and digestive tracts but its growth is usually kept in check by bacteria and our own immune system.

In babies, the immune system is not fully developed and so there can be an overgrowth of Candida. Babies can also get an infection in the diaper area at the same time.

You first notice that something is wrong when your baby has cracked skin in the corners of the mouth but the classic symptom is whitish patches on the lips, tongue, or inside the cheeks. It can look a little like cottage cheese and it is not easily wiped away. It can make babies feel uncomfortable when they are sucking and can disrupt breastfeeding. It should always be checked out by a doctor.

Infections in general

All babies get infections as they are being exposed to bacteria and viruses for the first time. Their immune systems are still developing and do not work properly. All infections must be checked out by a doctor because they can lead to severe health problems.

Ear infections are extremely common in babies and young children and are very painful. They are usually caused by a virus and the infection travels from the throat into the inner ear. The inflammation causes the pain and can even cause the ear drum to bulge.

Your baby will be very distressed and may even try to touch the affected area. You must see a doctor who will advise you on what to do.

Gastro-enteric infections are also common in babies and they may suffer from vomiting and diarrhea. In babies, this can lead to dehydration very rapidly and so a doctor should be consulted immediately.

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