Dealing With The Ticking Alzheimer’s Bomb

It’s never easy when a loved one receives an Alzheimer’s diagnosis. While the disease doesn’t receive as much recognition as it deserves, few other diagnoses can tear a family apart like this.

But, as with any illness, it’s essential to tackle the issue head-on. The chances are that, by the time a medical confirmation is reached, the condition is relatively severe. It may start with small moments of forgetfulness. But, most don’t receive a conclusive diagnosis until things have gone far past that point.

Hopefully, though, your loved one is still lucid enough to express their wishes. Hence, you can ensure you’re giving them the best care, and deal with things the way they want you to. While it will be a difficult time, the aftermath of the diagnosis is crucial. The chances are that you don’t have a great deal of time until things get worse. So, you should consider the following as soon as you can.

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Covering the costs

Sadly, with an illness like this, you need to be practical. So, the first thing you and your loved one should discuss is how you plan to deal with the costs. For the most part, this involves long-term care and even nursing homes down the line. There will inevitably come a stage when it’s no longer feasible for them to live at home. And, by that stage, they won’t be in a position to make sound financial decisions. So, you need to talk about it straight away and learn as much as you can, while you can.

First, ask about medical insurance. If they’re on a specialized plan, find out if it would cover the costs needed. But, if they’re on a standard medicare plan, you may need to look at the supplements like those mentioned by this company here. A standard plan generally only covers some of the doctor’s bills and 100 days of care. Look out for a plan which offers a more long-term solution.

Making difficult decisions

And, of course, that isn’t the only complicated issue. As morbid as it sounds, it’s also worth tackling topics such as power of attorney. This ensures that, when your loved one is no longer able, you, or whoever they choose, can take control of their estate and finances. To ensure that the selected individual sticks to their wishes, encourage them to make a will. Make sure, also, to talk about their desires so that you’re all on the same page.

Spend time together

Technical stuff aside, an Alzheimer’s diagnosis is a time bomb. As it stands, there’s no escaping the explosion. So, it’s also crucial you have fun with the person in question, and make the most of the lucid time they have left. You don’t want to look back at these meetings and wish you had done more. Take them for days out, and encourage them to do things they love. Life is too short, and a diagnosis like this should prove as a stark reminder of that.

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Sage Advice for Growing Old ‘Gracefully’

Growing old is often no easy thing and there are so many people telling how to do it, and how to do it right. In reality, there is no right way to grow old, and different things work for different people. Here are some tips, and things to try, not to grow old gracefully, but making the most of it. With pensions and retirement comes more free time, so you are able to try and do things that you might not have been able to ten or twenty years ago. So make the most of it!

Getting Fit

Staying fit can be difficult to do when you have a full-time job, but being retired means you have time to keep fit and keep active. This is some advice that is always given to you as you grow older, but it is something that everyone should try and do at every age. Using your body will keep it in tip-top condition for years to come, so you are able to do what you what, when you want, well into the future, and who doesn’t want to look good?

Trying New Things

Many people might be old and have lots of habits and ideas that they won’t grow out, but why not challenge yourself to trying something new? Why not try swimming if you haven’t before, or get some adrenaline rushing with a poker game? Perhaps you can try that photography class that you wanted to try when you were younger, or you could become a life drawing model? There are lots of things to get involved with now you have the time, and hopefully some more resources than you did, than when you have a young family to raise. Now you can spend money on yourself, your own interests, and do as you please, without answering anyone.

Covering Your Bases

Now, so much strange advice and propaganda is marketed toward the older generation, and while you don’t have to start planning your own funeral  just yet, it’s good to be smart about these choices. Looking after yourself, and even your partner, can require some difficult decisions and swallowing your pride at times. If you think you might need a medical alert system, like Alert-1 for example, or you  just want to be on the safe side, invest in one. If a mobility scooter or walking stick might be of use to you, get one! There are so many things to make your life easier and safer to live, so if something might be of use to you, there’s no harm in trying it out.

Spending Time With the Family

This is an obvious one, but if you have more time on your hands, this is great time to spend with your family. Appreciating your loved ones is one of the best pastimes out there.


Growing old gracefully can be done in lots of different ways. It’s a time to grow, challenge yourself, and try new things. All the best for the adventures you’re yet to have!

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Taking Away The Object Of Your Stress

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In the USA, stress is becoming one of the biggest health concerns the country has to face. With over 75% of adults experiencing high-levels of stress on a regular basis, it’s easy to see why this is a worry for the government. Impacting educations and careers, it’s a good idea to locate the source of this issue, removing it as soon as you can. To help you out, this post will be exploring some of the most common causes of stress in the modern world.

First, though, it’s a good idea to think about the damage which stress can cause. Being stressed all the time will almost certainly raise your blood pressure, putting your organs under greater pressure than they are supposed to take. Emotionally, depression is often the result of people ignoring their stress. By removing this part of life, you will give yourself the chance to enjoy a world free from anxiety.

Understanding how you’re going to get rid of stress is going to take some very intense introspection. You will need to consider the area which is causing your issues, while also identifying some ways to get rid of it. Below, you can find some examples of the most common stress causes in normal life, along with the ways you can remove them.


  • Money: Most people’s biggest worry in normal life is the money they earn and spend. You will never be able to predict every issue you face and will need to have a good plan in place if you want to avoid this being worrisome. Having a strategy to follow will make it a lot easier to feel confident in yourself.



  • Work: Next up on the list of stressful things, work is something which makes around 80% of people feel anxious, and can be very hard to master. Working in a job you enjoy will take away most of this concern. Like your money, though, a plan for when things go wrong will make it a lot easier to recover from setbacks.



  • School: A lot of people scoff at the idea of students being genuinely busy when they’re going about their work. Of course, though, university life isn’t exactly a bed of roses. The single most effective way to make this easier for yourself is by completing your work as soon as you get it. Deadlines will only be scary when you don’t have time to meet them properly.



  • Your Car: Finally, as the last area to consider, your car is very similar to a ticking time bomb. As you use it, it will slowly degrade and will need to have the odd auto repair here and there to make sure that it stays in good shape. Losing this element of your life will be very hard when you’re relying on it to take you to work.


This post should give you all of the inspiration you need to start removing the stressful areas of your life. A lot of people neglect this sort of work, choosing to live with the issues anxiety can bring. This is a shame, though, as the work you have to do to fix this is very little, and the benefits are so huge.

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Are You Putting Yourself At Risk By Doing These Things Every Day?

Many people don’t realize that the habits they form and do every day can seriously impact their lives – either in a good or a bad way. Most of the time, little habits can seem innocent enough, but in reality they are wasting your precious time on this earth and distracting you from what’s truly important.

Take stock of your life and ask yourself whether you do these things every day. If you do, then it could be time to stop:

Hydrating With Caffeine

Many people start their day off with a cup of coffee, and if studies are anything to go by, a couple of cups in the morning is nothing to be concerned about. In fact, coffee in small amounts has the potential to be good for you. That being said, drinking coffee well into the afternoon can easily disrupt your sleeping pattern – switching to something caffeine free is a better idea. It’s important to remember that lots of other things contain caffeine too, from fizzy drinks to chocolate. Make sure you’re limiting your caffeine intake, or you could find yourself restless and anxious. Drink plenty of water and other non-caffeinated beverages too!


Spending Countless Minutes/Hours Online

Spending too much time online is not good for us. If you work online, then there isn’t much you can do, but you should make an effort to get away from the computer and spend time outdoors if you can. Take regular breaks, and don’t sit in front of the screen for too long. This is another thing that can mess with our natural circadian rhythm, as well as cause untold amounts of stress. Don’t live your life online and make sure you interact with real people instead.

Driving Dangerously

There are many road accidents every day, all over the world. Many of which could have easily been avoided. If you’re casually checking your phone while driving, changing CDs, or taking your eyes off the road at all for any reason, you are driving dangerously. If you’re driving too fast, or even too slow, this is also driving dangerously. Driving without indicating, driving without making sure your car is fit to drive, all of these things amount to dangerous driving. You owe it to yourself and other road users to pay attention at all times, and make sure your car is fit for the road. While there are companies like Morris James Personal injury Group who specialize in helping after an auto accident, you don’t want it to get that far. Make sure you drive safely, and you won’t have to worry. Everybody thinks that it won’t happen to them, until it does.

Getting Up And Going To Bed At Different Times

Another one about your natural body clock and circadian rhythms. If you’re getting up and going to bed at different times, as well as snoozing your alarm, you’re wreaking havoc with your body’s natural rhythm. You should be getting up at very similar times each day, as well as going to bed at very similar times. You’ll get into a natural pattern this way, and you should fall asleep easier and even be able to get up without an alarm. You just need to ensure you’re consistent, and do this on weekends too. You’ll never feel fully rested if you fail to do this. Sleep is crucial, and less than 6 hours a night is as bad as having none at all. We should all be getting at least 7-8, although the actual amount can vary based on factors like age and activity level.

Indulging In Obvious Bad Habits

There are the obvious bad habits, such as drinking and smoking that you should avoid too. Drinking once in a while may not be so bad, but drinking too much too often is a huge risk on your body. Organs already have big jobs to do, without you putting poison into your body on top of this.

Reacting To Situations Without Thinking

When you react to a situation without thinking, you can easily cause more problems for yourself in the long run. For example, a problem with a colleague or even a family member. Do your best to stay mindful at all times, and think before you react.

Ignoring Small Issues Until They Get Worse

Small issues, such as niggling back pain or constant headaches, for example, can get worse until you end up seriously hurting yourself or ending up in hospital. It’s a good idea to have these things seen to as quickly as possible. Even if you think it’s nothing, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

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Awake At Night? The Reasons Stopping Your Slumber

Getting a decent night’s sleep can be difficult for the best of us. But, getting the amount of shut-eye we need is vital to our productivity the following day. Sleep enables our body to recuperate from the day, to rest our minds and should leave us feeling rejuvenated. But often our sleep can be disrupted. Many of us can wake in the night for one reason or another. So I thought I would explore this and discuss some of the reasons that could be keeping you awake at night.

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Work stress

Being stressed because of work can keep you awake at night. Especially if you can’t get away from work due to emails coming through on smart phones. If you have things going on it can cause you to feel worried and keep work on your mind. This could wake you up all at all hours of the night. Wondering what you are going to do and how you are going to fix the issues. If it keeps happening, maybe the best thing to do would be to speak to a manager in work and explain how you are feeling. Adding tiredness into the mix isn’t going to help.

Financial worry

It has been known that worrying about your finances or debt can be one of the major factors of sleep loss amongst adults today. You may be worrying about how you are going to pay your bills, or pay off outstanding debts. Or maybe something has broken down and you just don’t have the money to fix it. Coming up with long-term solutions is important, but often we lose sleep over the short-term issues and this is when something like 1800CarTitle car loan could you get you out of a tight spot. Perhaps you have lost your job recently or generally your finances have taken a bit of a beating. Unfortunately, staying awake at night is doing you no favours. So instead, focus on your efforts to changing this situation once and for all.

Adrenal fatigue

You may not realise you are suffering from this. But Adrenal fatigue is a condition upon where your adrenal glands become tired. This can be due to a whole host of reasons. There are many symptoms, but the lack of sleep could be one of them. Along with your weight fluctuating, a low sex drive and hair loss. If you are suffering from any of the symptoms, then seek some advice from a medical professional.


You may be suffering from back or neck pain. Or any pain in your body for that matter. This could be the reason why you are waking up at night. This could be because you can’t get in a comfortable position. There are many preventative things you can do to make things easier. Taking a long relaxing bath before bed could be one of them. Or seeking advice from a pharmacist who may be able to supply some over the counter pain killers.

Depression or Anxiety

Perhaps you are suffering from depression or anxiety. These are other reasons why you could be waking up in the night. When you feel low, you can feel all alone. This can be heightened at 2 am when all you want to do is sleep, like everyone else in the house may be doing.

Whatever may be keeping you up at night, the best thing to do is find the reason and try and solve it as best you can. We all need our sleep.

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5 Ways To Improve Yourself In Your Spare Time

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As people, we love to grow. From childhood, to teenager, to adult, we grow physically, but as humans we love to grow personally. We are a species that pushes the boundaries to learn new things about the world, each other and the way things work. The digital age has rushed upon us and we are making new discoveries all the time thanks to the developments in technology and the web. It makes sense that while we are developing and improving everything from the mattresses we sleep on, to the televisions we watch, that we want to add ourselves into the mix.

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The human potential can often feel limitless and when you know how to push your own boundaries, you can really harness and maximise your own personal growth. Improving yourself doesn’t just mean within business, although it’s a good place to start and build your confidence. Your personal wellbeing and relationships matter, too, and if you are spending time working on your own development, you can become a happier, more secure individual. We’ve put together five ways you can use your personal time to work on yourself and make improvements in your self-esteem.

  • Learn More. When you are working hard in your career, you can often forget your overall goals or pathway to the top. Take the time to enrol on an Online RN to BSN Degree Program. Doing this in your spare time literally adds to your brainpower and can help you develop into other future roles. This type of development can work with your confidence and self-esteem, as well as make you satisfied with your daily life at work.
  • Read More. Different from the above point, literature isn’t just about self-help and learning. Devour a book a month and challenge yourself to new genres. Expanding your horizons can open up so many doors into conversations with new people, and reading is diving into the imagination of someone else. Appreciate it and embrace it while you learn what you love.
  • Talk More. You don’t have to be the most confident person on the planet to learn a language, but learning a language can unlock different cultures and appreciations for other civilisations across the globe. Opening your mind to new experiences with languages is important and it’s a great way to build your confidence talking to new people.
  • Paint More. Look around your home and make a list of all the decorating changes you could make. The inspiration you find from the world around you can be implemented into your home and you can make as many changes as you like, as it’s your space. Let your creativity ooze out around you!
  • Sleep More. One of the biggest things that people forget is to sleep enough. We need at least six hours sleep a night to function well, so teach yourself to sleep and feel your mental health improving.

Self-improvement starts with you and your own desire to push yourself to the max and once you start on that train, you never have to get off!

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A Guide To Creating The Perfect Bucket List


Have you made your bucket list? The process is simple. Basically, it is a list of everything you want to do before you die. Sounds a little morbid, we know, but as we only have one life to live, the bucket list is a great tool to inspire us to live this life to the fullest. One of the most famous examples is this bucket list created by John Goddard. Sadly, he is no longer with us, but he checked off 109 of his 127 goals. Truly incredible. So what about you?

We can’t tell you what to put on your list. It is entirely dependant on your tastes and lifestyle, so you need to take the time and brainstorm, writing down your ideas on a piece of paper or your computer. Admittedly, it’s difficult to know where to start, so consider the following headings.

New experiences – is there anything you have never done before, but would really like to? This may be playing a particular instrument, taking part in a daredevil activity, or driving a fancy sports car around a race track.

Travel – is there anywhere in the world you would like to visit? From sailing the British Virgin Islands to exploring the Australian outback, think about the places you are desperate to see.

Relationships – for many people, getting married often rates highly on a bucket list, as does having a family and making new friends.

Career – we spend most of our time at work, but this can still feature highly on your list. You may want to progress up the career ladder, make more money, or even change your job and work somewhere that has more meaning to you.

Physical endurance – most of us resolve to spend more time keeping fit at the start of the new year, but your list should be more adventurous. You might want to climb a mountain or take part in a marathon, pushing your endurance to the limits.

Don’t be limited to our examples. As we said, you may have ideas of your own, whether they are big or small in scope. However, making the list is the easy part. Many people’s bucket lists go unfulfilled, for one very simple reason. They aren’t achievable. Items such as ‘going to the moon’ or ‘become a famous movie star’ are possible, but not within most people’s reach. You need to make a list of items you intend to do, rather than a fanciful wish list which is mainly fantasy.  Consider the following:

Be realistic – think big by all means, but choose things you actually intend to do, and not a list of daydreams.

Don’t be vague – writing down items such as ‘getting healthier’ is okay, but it is rather vague. Be specific, and include items of relevance, such as exercise ideas or particular foods you want to try.

List your passions – don’t write down anything because you think you ‘should,’ such as reading every play by Shakespeare or watching the entire directorial works of Ingmar Bergman. You want to be excited by the things on your list, and not be put off from doing them.

Don’t worry if your list changes over time. You can add or take away from it as appropriate. Your life will change, which may mean you won’t be able to do certain things, or you may replace items according to your lifestyle as you get older. It doesn’t matter. The key is ensuring you get to achieve as much as you can over your lifetime, living a life where you can be proud to say “I did that” and be glad about it. The rest of your life begins here. What do you want to do? We wish you every success and happiness.

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