3 Critical Mistakes That Are Harming Efficiency at Your Business

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High efficiency levels are something that all companies need to achieve today. After all, if your business is not operating efficiently, it means that you are not using your time to best effect, and ultimately this is going to impact your bottom line. The problem is that a lot of companies are making errors that are having a negative impact on their efficiency levels without them even realising it. So, let’s take a look at some of the mistakes you need to avoid:

Doing everything in-house

There is only one place to begin, and this is with trying to handle everything in-house. It is understandable. It is your company and you do not want to relinquish any control. However, by maintaining this approach and refusing to outsource, you could be doing your business a lot more harm than you realise. You can find more information on outsourcing the right way at realbusiness.co.uk. After all, at the moment, it is likely that you are simply spending a lot of time on activities that are not directly related to your core activities. This time would be better spent on doing what you do best and focusing on your products and services, rather than being tied up with the likes of bookkeeping and accounting.

Failing to embrace the latest technologies

It seems that a day does not go by without new tech being released onto the market that can benefit businesses. It can be frustrating in one sense: you feel like as soon as you invest, there is something else on the market. Nonetheless, you cannot remain stagnant in today’s ever changing business world, so it’s important to continually assess the tech that is out there and ensure you implement anything that will result in efficiencies for your business. You can find out more about this at DataServ.com. Their revolutionary OCR software can enable you to spot trends in any type of documents – be it images or PDF files – with easy by converting them into readable and searchable data. This is something that could reap huge results for a lot of businesses.

Holding onto each and every customer

You need to realise when it is better to let go. Yes, getting rid of a customer can be frightening. After all, this person is bringing in money to your business, and customers are valuable. But, you need to ask whether that customer is really making you any money? If they are problematic and you are spending an excessive amount of time on them, you could be losing money. Your time will be better spent looking for new customers to bring in instead.

If you are making any of the errors that have been mentioned above, it is important to take the necessary steps to put them right. If you do, you are bound to notice instant improvements to your business, and these improvements will only get bigger and more significant over time. Ultimately, it will result in things running smoothly, quality improving, and more money in your back pocket!

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3 Incredibly Useful Monitoring Systems

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Monitoring systems can help us to keep track of the various things happening in our lives. They can ensure that we are safe and help us to save money. Here are three types of monitoring systems that are vital and that everyone should use.


There are few things as important as your home security. You should feel safe to sleep at night and not have worry about being burgled or people breaking into your home. With that in mind, you should have some kind of monitoring system for your home security. This might come in the form of cameras that monitor the exterior of your home or an automated light that turns on around your house to deter unwanted visitors. The footage captured by the security system can help to find the criminals who were in your house and having visible cameras can help to put off potential thieves in the first place. A security system is especially important if you live in a large property or have land of some kind. This is because you can’t keep an eye on all of it at all times, so having a monitoring system can help spot crimes and help prevent them, too.


Tyre pressure monitoring systems (TPMS) keep an eye on the pressure of all of your tyres at all times. You might be thinking, why do I need a TPMS? The reason is that the tyres in your car will lose pressure over time, so having a system that monitors this will be a big help. This is because if your tyre has a low pressure, then you can cause damage to your car. This can be expensive and time-consuming. Having your tyres at the correct pressure can also increase the tyre’s lifespan, and this means that they will need replacing far less frequently. This again saves you both time and money. A TPMS is a small device and will have no impact on your driving or how you use your car other than to tell you when you need to add or remove pressure from your tyres. It can save you a lot of money in the long run, and that is why it is such an essential item. You can, of course, buy handheld pressure checkers, but these require you to regularly manually check your tyres.


If you know how much you are spending on your electricity and at what times of day, then you can take steps to reduce this or at the very least understand what you are spending your money on. Electricity monitors come in many shapes and sizes and can be of varying complexity. You can have a monitor that just tells you your current usage, while others allow you to control your electricity to various appliances and rooms from a single place. Both are useful tools, but the later allows for more control. It does, however, require more work to be done on your house to allow for this kind of control. With this in mind, it is worth considering which is the best fit for you.

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If You Love to Work With Your Hands, These Are the Jobs For You

Some people simply can’t do the kind of work that keeps you chained to a desk, staring at a computer screen for hours on end, and there’s nothing wrong with that. There so many proud and reputable professions out there that are based entirely on working with your hands, and you should explore these if you’re looking for a career move that will satisfy your needs. Here are just five of the best jobs that will allow you to work with your hands each day.

Baking and Cooking

Baking and cooking jobs are relatively easy to come by if you’re willing to start at the bottom and work your way up the ladder over a period of years. It’s a surprising lucrative career once it starts to take off and you move into higher positions too. And you’ll most definitely be working with your hands every day of the week.

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Electrical Maintenance

In order to do this job, you will first need to attain the correct levels of training. Electrical maintenance is not for everyone but if you enjoy learning new things and want to carry out a highly skilled job using your hands, it’s definitely a career path that’s worth considering. It’s also a very well paid job to take up; experienced electricians can earn a lot of money and they’re always in demand. If you’re starting out, you’ll probably begin in electrical maintenance before eventually moving on up.

Construction Labouring

The construction industry is always looking for new labourers to come on board and work hard on all kinds of building projects. As a result, good labourer jobs are pretty easy to come by, and there is plenty of choice out there. At tiring work that can put a strain on the body but if you’re up for that, this could be the career that you’re best suited to.


Carpentry is one of the oldest and most highly regarded professions in human history. It’s thanks to carpenters that we’ve had furniture and all kinds of other items that have motored human progress through the ages. These days, carpenters are as in demand as ever as people look for unique and highly crafted furniture for their homes. Carpenters can also do work on repairing furniture that’s broken or damaged in some way.

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Welding is similar to carpentry, except you just switch wood for metal. It’s all about creating metal items by securely joining together multiple pieces of metal. It’s a precise task and requires a very steady hand for the best outcome. It can be a rewarding job too though, because you see the product of your labour right in front of you as soon as you lift up that welding mask and take a closer look at what you’ve done.

It might take some new training and a new interest, but there is nothing stopping you from switching to one these careers and fulfilling your dream to do a hands-on job each day.

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Best Paid Jobs for People with a Biomedical Engineering Degree

If you have always been interested in science and would like to put your biology and chemistry skills into good use, helping people in the future, you can look for career prospects with great work-life balance, and job satisfaction. If you are qualified, and focused on one particular area, you will be able to secure a high starting salary, stable job security, and a rewarding career. Find out more about the best paid biomedical engineering jobs below.

General Biomedical Engineer

“NIAID Vaccine Research Center Lab” by NIAID is licensed under CC BY 2.0

If you are qualified, you can become a biomedical engineer with a starting salary of around $70,000. You might be working for a research hospital, dealing with patients who have rare diseases, provided that you have acls certification. You will need a bachelor or masters degree in biological engineering, and a traditional degree, in chemistry, or mechanical engineering. You will never get bored, and might even change the lives of hundreds of thousands of people suffering from a certain condition.


150616-N-PO203-107 WASHINGTON, (June 16, 2015) Naomi Delgado Cruz, a mechanical engineering senior at the Polytechnic University of Puerto Rico, and physics major Derick Buckles, from Morgan State University, participate in a 10-week summer research program at the Naval Research Laboratory for students from Historically Black Colleges and Universities and Minority Institutions (HBCU/MI). This year, 26 students were selected through a competitive application process to conduct work on research projects currently underway at the Navy’s corporate lab. (U.S. Navy photo by John F. Williams/Released)

“150616-N-PO203-107” by Office of Naval Research is licensed under CC BY 2.0

If you love research, you can start your career in microbiology. Many people with a degree in biomedical engineering spend a few years in this field, so they can understand the different aspects of health care and patients’ needs. You will need to learn more about the disease before you are able to design a cure or a treatment. You might be able to take part in a large-scale study, and transfer your research skills to your future career.

Drug Developer

If you secure a job at a large pharmaceutical company’s research center, you can get a highly paid job working in a team discovering new drugs that will help people with rare or little known conditions. You will need advanced research skills, as well as strong knowledge of evidence based approach, administering trials, and ethics. Drug development is a popular option for biomedical engineering graduates, as it allows them to learn from more experienced team members, and get recognition for inventions and patented drugs.

Research and Development

If you would like to learn more about the industry and get experience in research, you might apply for a job in a large company’s research and development department. You can find a job in any industry; fertilizer or pesticide manufacturers, medical device companies, and health and beauty giants. You can gain experience as a researcher and project manager in any field and later utilize your biomedical engineering knowledge. You can work on your own on developing new projects, and if you have additional qualifications, such as project management, you can find your future career in any industry.

Investing long years in a biomedical engineering qualification is rewarding, no matter which field you are looking for work in. You need to remember that starting in a research team as a newly qualified engineer might be a good option if you don’t have the confidence yet to work on your initiative. You will also need to improve your research and project management skills before you can manage different developments, but as a qualified biomedical engineer, you are going to be paid a high salary, gain recognition, and have the satisfaction of helping people and making thousands’ lives better through your skills and knowledge.

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Dangerous Jobs For Thrillseekers

What do you look for in a job? Flexible hours, good salary, light workload? Or maybe you’re after something a bit more exciting. Maybe you’re looking for a job that will keep you on your toes. There are some jobs out there that do exactly that. They aren’t the kind of jobs that involve sitting around in an office all day. Some of these jobs can land you in real danger every single day, but you’ll get paid a good salary in return. If that sounds like a good deal to you, here are some of the most dangerous jobs in the world.



Fishing doesn’t seem that dangerous, it’s just a load of guys sitting around waiting for a bite. It might be like that when you go fishing in a river, but commercial sea fishing is a different game. It’s so dangerous that there’s even a TV show about the guys that head out to sea to catch all of the fish that we eat. The weather out there gets pretty crazy and it’s so easy for you to be thrown from the ship in a storm. Once that happens, you don’t stand much chance of surviving. There’s also loads of heavy machinery around that can easily cause injury. It’s a tough life living out there, but there’s lots of excitement to be had if you’re up to it.



There are a million ways that you can get hurt on a construction site and it’s made all the more dangerous when people ignore health and safety regulations. If people are operating heavy machinery like cranes without a rig mat from somewhere like http://northernmat.ca/products/rig-mats/, you risk the whole thing toppling and landing on the workers below. There’s the risk of electric shocks, burns from all the nasty chemicals floating around, falling hazards, injuries from heavy lifting. Those are just a few of the plentiful ways that you could do yourself some serious damage on a building site.

Garbage Men


There can’t be that much danger in being a garbage man surely? You just chuck the garbage in the back of the truck and go on your way. What you’ve got to remember though is that there is a lot of heavy crushing machinery back there and if you ever get caught up in it, you’re in big trouble. On top of that, you never know what you’re going to come across in the trash. There could be all sorts of dangerous chemicals or other things lurking in there.



This is a pretty obvious one. When roofers are up there fixing the roof of your house, they risk falling down and injuring themselves. But that isn’t very likely actually. Roofers know the dangers of falling and they take measures to avoid it. The sun is actually a far bigger problem for roofers who might not always realize the danger. Being so high up, especially in the summer, means you’re getting blasted with the sun all the time. It’s very easy to get sunstroke while you’re up there and make yourself incredibly ill.

If you think you could handle these jobs, they pay you well for the danger they put you in.

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Get With The Times: Taking A Traditional Business Online

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It’s a strange time for a lot of well-established business owners. If you’ve been running a small, traditional business for a long time, then you might feel as though the world is moving around you at a pretty overwhelming pace. When you’re in this position is can often be tempting to hide away and retreat to the same old working methods that have seen you in good stead until now. Well, the truth is that, as the song goes “the times, they are a-changin'”. And as the time’s change, you need to be willing to change with them. One of the most important ways in which even the most traditional business can benefit from moving with the times is to get online. Of course, if you’ve never had much experience running an online business then that can often seem a little intimidating, but it really is easier than ever before. Here are a couple of simple things that you can do to get your business online.

You need a website

The most important thing for any business that’s looking to embrace the digital world is a website. No matter how much the internet has changed over the last decade or so, the website is still the central hub of many businesses online presence. Don’t assume that you need the help of expensive professional designers and programmers when it comes to building a website. Sites like http://WebsiteBuilders.com can help you compare and read reviews of various website building tools and services so that you can find one that’s right for you. Making a website has never been so simple, and it really shouldn’t take you more than a couple of days to create something that you can be proud of.

Learn about SEO

If you’re going to take your business online, then you need to make sure that you’re aware of the ways in which you can promote and market it. One of the most important things to learn about is SEO or Search Engine Optimization. That might sound like jargon but it basically just means being able to ensure that your website is always at the top of the results on sites like Google. There are plenty of ways to do this, and it’s best to do as much research as possible. But the important thing to remember is that you need to combine well written, engaging online content, with the kinds of keywords and phrases that your customers are most likely to search when they’re in need of products and services like the ones that your business provides.

You might feel as though all of this is unnecessary and that you’ve never needed these kinds of things in your business before so why should you need them now. However, the truth is that as time goes on, there is less and less room for offline-only businesses. That might not be the ideal situation, but it’s the one we’re faced with. You need to make sure that you’re moving with the times or else you run the risk of your business falling down around you.

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There’s Gold In Them There Hills: Finding Income From Property

As you get older, it becomes clear that to really secure your future and live comfortably, one job might not be enough. Those with real financial smarts look for other ways to find income. A second-job is one of the most time and energy inefficient ways of doing it however and just isn’t healthy for most people. Could property be the answer you’ve been looking for, instead?

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Becoming Mr. (Or Mrs.) Landlord

By far the most common thought when it comes using real estate as a source of income is to buy-to-let a property. It’s an industry as old as time and with more people turning to rental properties rather than buying homes straight-up, it’s a growing field with opportunities still out there for the taking. However, how profitable it is depends on how hands-on you are willing to be with it. You have responsibilities as a landlord that have to be fulfilled somehow. You can take care of maintenance, repair, advertising, and finding tenants yourself at little cost. Or you can choose to partner up with an agency that can do much of the heavy lifting for you. If you go down the latter route, make sure you get a thorough idea of how the agency works, not just in advertising, but the quality of tradesmen they use for repairs and so on.

In the biz

You don’t have to rent out to private individuals, either. Depending on where you are and the increase in new business, you could make more money per square foot by renting out space to business owners, as well. There’s a new industry growing around this as well. If you’re willing to run the building like a business and be thoroughly involved in its upkeep, you could run your own co-working space. Many freelancers and small teams that can’t afford their own property will instead come together to share a single working space. As a property owner, it offers you a broader market to target instead of relying on one income source.

Life’s a beach

The final rental property we’re going to look at is the idea of buying a vacation home. Vacation homes are significantly higher value than most other kinds of property. In time, its worth will likely increase so you can always rely on the fact that you can sell it even if it isn’t making much of a return through rentals. As popular as vacation homes can be, after all, they are largely dependent on the calendar. Most will not make even a fraction of what they earn when it’s “in season” for tourism in that particular location. Then again, there is the added perk of owning your own vacation home to use as you like.

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Good soil from growing

It’s not the most traditional option nowadays, but once upon a time land was most valuable because of the income that could be made from farming. There are still plenty of teams like Ranch Marketing Associates, LLC selling high-quality ranches that could end up being a valuable enterprise in their own right. There are more ways to make money from a ranch than by raising livestock or planting crops, however. You can run businesses on the side such as using it a tourist destination, using it to care for horses or rent them out for rides. If the land is picturesque, then that’s plenty of profit potential there alone. Don’t underestimate the value of good rural land.

Land with value

In general, don’t underestimate the value of land itself. When people think of real estate, they think of buildings, but sometimes the land can be significantly more valuable. If you’re able to get your hands on a large portion of land in the right place, it could be one of the most passive, hands-off forms of income you might ever find. As BWAB says, your mineral rights alone could make you a lot of money from oil and gas companies. Then there are other ways your land might be valuable such as logging offers if you own woodland or selling it to a real estate developer down the line. Of course, it’s not a good idea to buy land based on the speculation it might one day be valuable. It’s better to choose land that already has value, such as a ranch, with the knowledge that the volume of land might provide extra value down the line.

From flip to flip

Flipping houses is a high-risk, high-reward way to invest in real estate. It’s all about purchasing homes at well below market price, developing them, and selling them for a significant profit. Becoming a real estate developer takes a lot of work, so it’s not likely to be a side-gig or an extra source of income as opposed to a particularly lucrative main source of income when you get it right. But you have to know not only how to add value to a property or negotiate. You have to know the market with pinpoint precision, being able to tell which markets are up-and-coming and which potential buyers they best appeal to and how to target them.

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Get those dividends

Most of the examples above demand that you think of real estate not like any other investment, but rather like an asset that you use as a tool to make money or that you improve before selling. However, another way of taking a hands-off, passive income approach to real estate is to use investment platforms like Realty Shares to join up with other investors and developers. Rather than being responsible for the property yourself, you use some knowledge of the market to choose the right investments, often providing capital to a developer, and hoping for a return. Some people see it as a riskier move to make yourself less responsible for the property, but it’s a good option for those who don’t want real estate to take up too much of their time.

There are a lot of ways to supplement or even get your base income from property. Renting might be the most commonly used option, but it’s not the only one. Real estate is a broad market, with plenty of opportunities for enterprising minds. Could it be the revenue stream you’ve been looking for? Could it be where you thrive?

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