The Pitfalls Of Doing It All

Humans are limited. It’s not a malicious thing to say, it’s a cold, hard fact. We have boundless energy and endless potential, but we are limited. We start businesses with stars in our eyes rather than realities in our minds, and it’s for this reason that half of all businesses fail. It’s one thing to have an idea but when you are spending time ensuring that your idea is perfect and nothing else, then a business will collapse. Being a small business owner means taking on a lot of the tasks of your business yourself in the early days, and it’s an exhausting cross that you promise to bear because the early days never last. Or so you tell yourself.

The thing is, many small business owners try to take on far too much and they do not ask anyone for help. Which is a big problem. Having a ‘doing it all yourself’ mentality is a bold one, an admirable one, but it isn’t one that is going to sustain your company for long. Being a leader doesn’t mean doing it all, it means seeing where you can thrive and seeing where you are weak. When you can identify your weaknesses, you can capitalise on them. Being weak when dealing with IT systems means outsourcing to managed IT services. Having a weakness in marketing means outsourcing to a freelancer or a specialist company. Ask yourself how you are focusing in your business and whether you are doing the right thing with your tasks. Are you doing things because you have an interest in them or are you doing things because you feel you have to?

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If you are rubbish at managing finances, then surely making a point of managing finances for your business is an idea that just isn’t sustainable? Outsourcing to a finance company or an accountant isn’t a weakness. Instead, you’ve identified what you are not strong at and you’re bringing in someone who can do it for you. Trying to do it all yourself is only going to sacrifice quality in your business and make it hard for you to push your company to success. Investors and other companies want to see you do well, they want to bask in your successes. They don’t want to see you flapping around trying to be the best when you are unable to do more than the minimum.

Your business growth is crucial for your continued profitability and you cannot hope to grow a company when you are bad at the tasks that are necessary for success. You spend time hiring staff who are experts in their field for the pure reason that you are not an expert. Own that fact and show yourself how good you can be. There’s no need to worry about business failure if you are concentrating on what you CAN do, while asking others to do the things that you cannot. It’s a trait of a good business owner to be honest – be honest with yourself and do what you can do. Success will follow.

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Motorcycles Can Be Better Than Cars: Here’s Why

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There are over eight million registered motorcycles in the US. That may sound rather impressive, but pales in comparison to the number of car drivers: 263 million.

Going on the numbers, then, it’s fair to say that motorcycles deserve a little more love. Perhaps you are a motorcyclist who has yet to discover their passion; or maybe you just don’t know how very beneficial motorcycles can be. Read on and you’ll discover why two wheels might just be better than four…

#1 – Fuel economy

Motorcycles have truly fantastic fuel economy, especially when compared to cars. Some motorcycles offer an MPG rating of over 150, which is truly impressive, and would save you a small fortune over the course of a year.

#2 – Motorcycles are better for the environment

Due in no small part to their enhanced fuel economy, motorcycles are generally considered to be better for the environment. While they still primarily use fossil fuels, they at least use less than their four-wheeled counterparts.

#3 – The potential for better focus

If you have a problem with being distracted while driving, then a motorcycle might be just what you need. When you’re riding a motorcycle, you’re not going to be looking at your phone or engaged in a lively conversation with a passenger; you’re going to be focused on the road, 99.9% of the time.

#4 – The feeling

Riding a motorcycle is undoubtedly more involved than driving a car. You’ll feel the movement more, enjoy the road beneath the wheels, lean into and enjoy the bends. Driving a car can be good fun, but riding a motorcycle is all the more exhilarating.

#5 – Ease of road use

Have you ever been sat in a traffic jam and watched, furious, as a motorcycle slinks between the cars and skips through the traffic? Most motorists have, and while it’s irritating, it’s also something that you could do. If you’re fed up of sitting in traffic, there’s no doubt that you’ll be able to keep moving more with a motorcycle. Furthermore, this behavior is completely above board, so feel free to ignore any angry motorists who are envious of your newfound freedom!

#6 – Motorcycles are simpler machines

Cars are getting more and more complicated every year, with thousands of electrical components that even the most competent of amateur mechanics may struggle with. In contrast, motorcycles are blissfully simple, so you could manage plenty of the vehicle management yourself. All you need is parts from the likes of Solo Moto and a few lessons in motorcycle maintenance, and you should be able to manage well from there.

In conclusion

While motorcycles are unable to replace a large family car for everyday use, there’s no doubt they have their benefits for solo errands, travel, and pleasure trips. As the above shows, motorcycles have plenty to offer to the average road user, so they’re definitely worth at least considering the next time you assess your transport options.

Do you think you might be tempted to give motorcycles a try?

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Easy Self Care for Entrepreneurs

You would be hard pressed to find a business owner who would disagree if you said starting a business takes up all your time. When you launch a business, and as you put your energy into growing it, it feels like you need to use every available hour of the day to increase your chances of success. While you might be thriving on the effort you’re putting into your work, spending all your time working isn’t a good idea. You need to look after yourself if you want to be healthy enough to run your business. A plan for self-care helps you stay on track.

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Get the Right Business Support

If you’re a solopreneur, you’ll be doing pretty much everything yourself, by definition. However, even someone single-handedly running a business can get help in the right places. The right support for tasks both big and small will stop you taking on too much. You might start off outsourcing some of your work to freelancers. As your business grows, you might require some supportive computer services for your office, and some permanent employees. No one can do everything entirely alone, so you should look for business services that can support you on your journey, from mentors to contractors.

Give Yourself a Routine

How often do you find yourself burning the midnight oil? While you sometimes need to work a late night or two, it’s not healthy to do it all the time. Being in control of your schedule is great too, but if your days are all over the place, it might not be doing a lot for your health. Setting up a routine for yourself could be what you need. You get to decide when you do what, but you can craft a routine that helps you meet your goals and stay on track each day. The good news is, you could work from noon to 8 pm if you wanted to, and fit everything else around your work.

Healthy Diet and Exercise

Busy entrepreneurs have a tendency to forget to look after themselves while they’re working. If you’ve ever looked up from your desk to realize you haven’t moved for five hours or eaten all day, you might need to give your habits a rethink. Eating healthily and getting plenty of exercise are both important if you want to take care of yourself. A good routine can help with these things because you can schedule your exercise and healthy meals every day.

Don’t Cut Yourself Off

Being an entrepreneur can be lonely. Even if you’re communicating with clients or people you work with, it’s not the same as socializing. Your business might need your attention, but it’s important not to neglect your social life. Getting out and meeting people is essential. It stops you getting lonely, and if you work at home, it makes sure you leave the house occasionally too.

Self care is often something you need to work at. Not everyone realizes that they need to take better care of themselves, so think about whether you’re looking out for your own needs.

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Selling Online When The Very Site Of Websites Gives You The Fear

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Do computers frighten you? Does the very sight of them send shivers down your spine? For those of us who didn’t grow up with computers, these small plastic boxes can seem like black magic. What kind of madness is this? And, who would risk of using it?

Quite a lot of people, it seems. While you’re stuck in the past, the rest of the world is growing and expanding. And, it’s all thanks to the internet. The computers you were convinced were evil are helping the lives of millions of each day. They’re also helping to expand businesses across the globe. And, if you want to keep up, you need to find a way to do the same.

It may seem daunting, but selling online is now a prerequisite to success. And, to help you get a grip on it, we’re going to look at three ways to get your head around this.

Limit your learning

The first thing you need to do is limit your learning. In case you hadn’t guessed, the world wide web has a pretty broad reach. As such, it’s impossible to get a grip on every little aspect. And, in trying to do so, you’ll only set yourself back. Instead, you should limit your learning to what you need to know. In truth, selling online doesn’t require a wealth of information. You’ll only need to visit and understand a handful of sites to make this work. You may also need to know some basic HTML (don’t worry about what it is for now), but that’s easy enough when you set your mind to it. Take your lessons one step at a time, and make sure not to get bogged down with unnecessary websites.

Find your platform

At some point during your learning, you may find that every e-commerce store needs a platform. This is software from which you build your selling site. Most platforms also promise to make your life easier by streamlining your processes. In short; they’ll keep all your information in one place. To make sure you get this right, it’s worth doing an ecommerce platform comparison which can lead you to the best options in the field. Once you’re working with a company, you can rest easy that they’ll help you with the stuff you don’t understand.

Study social media

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you may have heard of a little thing called social media. Well, this is also essential for your success. That said, for those who have never used them, sites like Twitter can seem like a whole other world. While studying social media may sound strange, it’ll go a considerable way towards helping you here. You can learn to use sites like these in the same way you learn anything. All you need to do is research and read up on how they work. A quick search in an engine like Google is sure to lead to you to a wealth of information in this field.

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3 Pitfalls Your Construction Company Needs To Avoid

Hint: Don’t hire Homer Simpson!  (image)

If you own a construction company, you want to do all you can to ensure success. Any mistakes you make can be costly, to both your bank balance and your reputation. In this article, we will list three of the reasons why construction companies risk failure and will offer a few tips to help you avoid the pitfalls that may occur.

  1. Not staying within budget

When taking on any project, you need to calculate the funds needed for a project. Not only do you need building materials, but you also need to remember such things as insurance costs and hiring labour. Then there are the unexpected costs, accounting for natural disasters, and hidden issues within a building that may need to be dealt with before work begins.

Tip: Make a checklist of everything you need before a project, and calculate your costs. You overlook anything at your peril, as you don’t want to let your client or contractor down. Double and triple check any estimates, and let your client know if any changes have to be made. Not only are you working with your own funds, but you also have to fall in line with the client’s budget too, so make open communication a priority so you both know the costs involved. There will be a delay if the client runs out of money, and you will lose face if you have to ask for more money than would normally be expected.

  1. Using outdated or faulty equipment

You can’t complete a job without the requisite tools and machinery needed. You are responsible for both the safety of your employees and the building you are working on. If any employee is injured during the project, or the building doesn’t meet health and safety regulations because of your equipment, you may face legal action.A construction defect lawyer in Colorado can be used against you if their client finds probable cause that your company is responsible for a fault that resulted from using outdated tools. Similarly, a workplace injury lawyer would be used if an employee is injured. These can cost the company far more than the price of good-quality tools.

Tip: A workman is only good as his tools, or so the saying goes, so replace older equipment with something new, safer, and more reliable. Go to a reputable source, as while you may be able to buy equipment cheaply, how reliable will it be? Whether you use a local supplier or use international websites such as, only buy the tools and protective equipment that is accredited and known for their safety. Keep an eye on industry magazines and journals too, as sourcing reviews of particular pieces of equipment will help you make a viable purchase.

  1. Hiring unreliable workers

You can’t complete the project by yourself, so you will need to hire a decent workforce or subcontract it to another firm to get the work done. Hire the wrong people at your peril. Underqualified staff will perform shoddy work, and disreputable firms will tarnish your good reputation.

Tip: While it may be cost-effective to hire cheap labour, you want to spare no expense when it comes to  finding the best people for the job. Vet the workers you hire, and take up references from the people they have worked with in the past. When subcontracting to other firms, only use those who have a good reputation. Talking to other people within the industry will give you a good idea on which firms are trustworthy, and which ones you should avoid like the proverbial plague.


To stand above the competition and win those valuable contracts, you do need to heed the advice above. Avoid those pitfalls, and you stand a greater chance of success.

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Is Your Business A Well-Oiled Machine? How To Get The Cogs Turning

In business, there are few things that are more important than efficiency. As a company director, you want to be in charge of a well-oiled machine that works seamlessly 24 hours a day. Getting to the stage where all the cogs are working in harmony isn’t easy, but it is possible. If you’re eager to increase efficiency, save money and improve your business in the months and years ahead, this guide should prove useful.

Making the most of technology

Technology can make or break a business. If it is used properly, modern technology can save businesses time and money, it can enable companies to offer a wider range of services, and it can improve the way a business works immeasurably. The trouble is that there’s always a possibility of a technical hitch. If you have an office, a studio or a factory equipped with all the mod cons, make sure you’re taking full advantage of the capabilities of the technology and that you take steps to minimize the risk of downtime and disruptions. Provide training for members of staff, invest in round the clock IT support and learn about the potential of each program, gadget or machine. There’s no point in having new-fangled technology if you don’t know how to use it to benefit your workforce or your business. It’s worth taking time to get to grips with new innovations and to learn how to use them to make a positive difference.

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Creating a motivated team

Most successful bosses are reliant on a team. No matter how many people you employ, it always pays to have a motivated team around you. If morale is low or your employees have no interest or passion in what the business is all about, you’re not going to achieve the results you want. It makes sense to incentivize work and to invest time and effort in ensuring your workforce feels valued. If you love your job, you’re going to try harder. As the leader, it’s your job to do everything possible to ensure that you’re getting the best out of every individual.

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Setting clear goals

A lack of clarity is one of the most common causes of inefficiency. If you’re starting a new project, it should be your aim to ensure that every person understands their role and they have a clear idea of the intended outcome. If your employees are confused about what the project entails, or they don’t know when the deadlines are, this could slow you down and increase the risk of mistakes. If you take the time to outline exactly what’s going on at what time, every person can go away from that meeting knowing what they need to do.

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As a business owner, you probably dream of overseeing an empire that runs like clockwork. Of course, running a company isn’t always plain sailing, but there are steps you can take to try and improve efficiency and eliminate problems. Hopefully, this guide will help you to ensure that all the cogs are turning in the right direction.  

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What Are Your Options When Times Are Tough?

When you first had this big dream to go into business for yourself and create something special, you may not have really thought about what will happen if it doesn’t work out. Because, really, nobody wants to start something believing that they might fail. And that’s really not the best way to begin your business. However, it can be a real possibility that you will face hard times. Because most businesses do – especially in the first few years. So, you have to know both how to handle it and survive it. Tough times put strain on your resources, energy, and emotions. But by knowing what options you have to get through this, you should find that you can get through it. So, let’s consider what you can do.

Cut Costs

One of the first things that you’re going to want to consider doing, is cutting costs. This can seem like a move for a lot of people, and in some cases it will be. But, if you’re not really making the money you need, and your overheads are really high anyway, then it’s always the first port of call. Sometimes, it’s only going to be a temporary measure, which can make you feel much better about things. Either way, by reducing the amount of money that goes out, it will make whatever comes in look more favorable.

Invest More

From here, another financial option is to invest more. Perhaps you’re still in your growth period, and you know that in X amount of time your efforts are going to pay off. But for now, you need a bridge. When that’s the case, you’re going to want to invest. This can also be an option for when you have growth plans, but you can’t fund them yourself. Finding an investor could be the one thing that gets you out of a sticky situation.

Change Direction

Another option is to change direction. Because if one avenue just isn’t working for you, it doesn’t mean another won’t. But to do this, you’re going to need strategic help. With a consultant and great advice, some someone such as, it can happen. Changing your business can be hard work, but it’s not impossible. So you just have to work on a better approach and you could find that things finally fall into place.

Push Harder

Then, you may also want to think about just pushing harder with what you’re doing. Because you may just need an aggressive marketing strategy as points out. With something more persistent and affective in place, you may be able to turn things around.

Admit Defeat

But at the same time, you may also have to admit that you can’t overly bounce back from where you are now. If you’ve worked through each of the options above, or you can’t afford to do so, then there may not be another other option for you than to admit defeat – even though it’s not what you want. This can be a bitter pill to swallow. But sometimes, when things don’t work out, it’s not really the end, but the start of something new.

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How To Move Forward In Life

It can often feel like your life has come to a grinding halt at some point. You might be going, coming home and eating, going to sleep, and repeating. It can be this daily life cycle that often makes you feel as though your life has stopped dead in its tracks. There are other areas of life that you might be falling behind in that others aren’t that can leave you feeling pretty rubbish as well. But before you let your life carry on this way any longer, we’ve put together a few ways in which you can pick up the pace, sort yourself out, and make life enjoyable again.

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Social Life

Your social life plays a big part in how happy you are in life. But if you’re so tired and consumed from work, it is often hard to get the motivation to actually go out and have one. But a booming social life is the key to happiness. You need your friends around you to keep you sane, and keep you distracted from the normal stresses of life. Before you let work and other things consume you, plan a get together with friends once a week. It could be for some drinks, food, or even just go round one another’s houses to have a good gossip. It is this distraction that breaks up the week and makes you feel as though you’re actually leading a life outside of work.

Money Situation

Your money situation is something that really can bring your life to a grinding halt. If you let it get bad enough, you’ll often find it controls you more than anything else can. So many people across the world get themselves into a sticky situation, so it is important to make sure you don’t feel alone, or as though you’re a bad person. For one reason or another it does just happen sometimes. All you need to do is focus on getting out of it sooner rather than later. A lot of people turn to debt consolidation loans to try and help them in this area. It brings your debt into one monthly payment, and helps to make things more manageable. Just visit companies such as if you’re looking for more information. But the main thing you need to do is be strict with yourself. If you’ve got credit card debt, cut up your card so you can’t be tempted to use it. This is the most common way for people to get into debt. It is easy enough to feel as though it is money you don’t have to pay back, but it’ll creep up on you.

Lifestyle Changes

It is often the lifestyle changes we make that leave us feeling how we do. Even from the things we eat. If your diet is full of high fatty and sugary foods, you’re going to feel bogged down in every walk of life. Try switching to a healthier diet for just three days of the week, and see how that affects you. Slowly increase the amount of days and before you know it you’ll feel so much better.

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Staying Safe on the Highway

Sometimes, highway driving is unavoidable. Sometimes, highways are the only conceivable route to take in order to get to a destination on time. In fact, sometimes, highways are the only route to take in order to get to a destination at all. Yes, highway driving is sometimes unavoidable, and this means that you will probably have to drive on a highway at some point in your life as a driver. But, you can take the stress out of doing so by simply ensuring that you know how to stay safe upon the highway and to know what to do if things go wrong. A Denver truck accident lawyer firm advises that knowing what to do in the case of an accident is very important.  Should you become injured as a result as a result of a truck crash, it’s important that you know what your rights are and how to go about claiming compensation. An injury attorney, especially one that specializes in traffic and accident cases, can give provide advice in this area. To find more information on that very matter, make sure to read on.

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Make sure that you watch and monitor your speed

Watching and monitoring your speed whilst driving on a highway road is one of the most important things for you to be doing if you want to stay safe, so make sure you do it! And yes, this might sound like a bit of a no-brainer, but you’d be surprised at just how easy it is to lose a track of your speed on the highway and just how many speed-related accidents there are annually on our highways, so make sure you are monitoring your speed at all times. Specifically, make sure you are sticking to the speed limit of the stretch of highway that you are driving on at ALL times.

Ensure to maintain a safe distance between you and the vehicle in front

Ensuring that there is a safe distance between you and the vehicle you are immediately following is pivotal if you want to stay safe on the highway. It is pivotal because this space could be the difference between you hitting the car in front of you upon having to break suddenly, and you managing to stop safely before a hit takes place.

For advice on how to maintain a safe following distance, make sure to head here.

Be mindful of heavy duty vehicles

Heavy duty vehicles, such as vans, tractors, trailers and trucks, always have been and always will be a mainstay of the highways. They are a mainstay because highways offer them, or specifically their drivers, the chance to transport products en masse easily and in the quickest time possible. So, if you enter on a highway thinking or hoping not to see a heavy-duty vehicle, then think and hope again because they WILL be there.

So, it’s not about hoping not to see a truck, for instance, but it is about doing all you can to avoid being hit by a truck. To do this you should be mindful of the truck’s existence, first and foremost, because deviating into its lane without knowing that it is there will put both you and the truck’s driver in immediate trouble. You should also try to give the truck as much space as possible, even when you are in a separate lane to it. You should try to stay out of its blind spot whenever you can. You should pass slowing moving trucks (or, specifically, tractors) with extra care. And, lastly, you should always bare the size of the truck in mind.

Driving on the highway is worth it, there is no denying that. But, highway driving is only worth it if it is made as safe as possible. So, make sure your next bout of highway driving is as safe as can be!

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