3 Good Reasons to Do a Camping Trip Soon

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With more and more of us living in cities and other built-up urban environments, the natural world isn’t necessarily something that plays a prominent role in our everyday lives, as a rule.

Still, there is undeniably something deep within the human psyche that draws us towards the natural world. That must be part of the reason why nature documentaries are so popular, and why so many people are so concerned with environmental issues.

In order to reconnect with nature, many people go on camping trips when the opportunity arises.

If you’ve been thinking about investigating roof boxes for your car, dusting off your tent, getting back to nature and doing a camping trip of your own recently, here are a few reasons why you should go ahead with that plan.

Time spent in nature helps you to reset your body and mind

An incredible number of people in today’s world apparently suffer from disrupted circadian rhythms, and various hormonal and mood issues – not to mention health problems – as a direct result of this.

There are many reasons for this, including the prevalence of bright artificial light in the evenings, and abuse of caffeine, nicotine, and other stimulants.

The interesting thing is, research has shown that when people go camping in nature without artificial lights for a few days, their circadian rhythms are radically reset, and they are brought into much better alignment with the natural cycles of night and day.

Time spent in nature help you to reset your body and your mind in a variety of ways. It helps to get you back to a healthy baseline.

Time spent in nature helps you to radically destress and gain a sense of perspective on things

People who spend more time in nature appear to be healthier, happier, and more stress free, than their counterparts who live in built-up urban settings and spend all their time there.

This has been a consistent finding among researchers of various types.

When you get out in nature, you can see your everyday situation from a different perspective, and can better identify solutions to issues that might have been hidden from you before.

It’s not exactly clear why this is the case, but throughout history, many notable people have reported that walking in nature has been a key for helping to inspire them to come up with solutions for complex problems.

Time spent in nature helps you to experience the wonder of the world at large

There is just something majestic and awe-inspiring about a beautiful natural environment, and the fact that such an environment isn’t the product of human artifice.

When you are spending time out in nature, you put yourself in a position where it’s much easier for you to experience the wonder of the world at large, and to regain some of the childlike sense of enthusiasm and curiosity that we typically lose sight of as we get older.

Nature is something to experience, and not just something to understand. And in order to experience it properly, we have to give up a little bit of our control, and just marvel at the sights and sounds that surround us.

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The Off-Road Road Trip: 4 Things That Can Easily Go Wrong



When you picture a road trip, nothing negative comes to mind. You’re on the open road with the wind blowing through your hair and the tunes blasting out through the speaker. Road trip, baby! Thinking about everything which can go wrong is fruitless. What’s the point in fretting over something which might or might not happen further down the road?

The thing is, it’s not rare for things to pop-up and ruin the experience. All of a sudden, your dream turns into a nightmare as you’re up a proverbial creek without a paddle. While meticulous planning is not an option – you want some freedom – it is wise to consider the pitfalls which will put the brakes on the entire trip.

At least that way you can avoid any nasty and unnecessary surprises. With that in mind, here are four things that aren’t uncommon and how to fix them.

A Driving Record

Let’s face facts – every motorist has done things they aren’t proud of. For the most part, you try and put them behind you and attempt to be a better person. Of course, there are a few black marks on your file which don’t go away. Driving under the influence is one of them because it’s a criminal offense.

If you got a DUI, the last thing on your mind at the time would be a rental. The potential fine and jail time were more pressing matters. Unfortunately, even a slap on the wrists might bring a halt to the journey before you’ve started. Although it’s not impossible to lease a vehicle with a DUI, it’s a lot tougher than in the past.

The rental company might perform a background check of your license and make a judgment call. They don’t want to lose out due to your indiscretions. Your options are to be upfront and to sign a disclaimer form if they demand one. A tip: Enterprise doesn’t check the DMV database and only require a valid license.

The Gas Tank

It’s empty and needs filling up. Worse, you’ve been to the gas station and now it’s making a funny noise. Wait a minute – did you use petrol or diesel? Whoops. Sometimes, the car company won’t tell you what type of gas it uses and that’s a problem. You can make a gut choice, but get it wrong and you’ll have to pay up.

Although it’s an obvious fix, be sure to ask about the tank before leaving. Another important factor is the return policy. Lots of rentals have a full-to-full rule where they provide a full tank of gas and you have to return it in the same condition. This is more serious than it sounds as thriftier road trippers like to calculate the costs to stay on budget.

One option is to pick a car with a full-to-empty plan.


Crashes are pretty common around the world with over six million of them in the US per year on average. Usually, you’re not bothered about an accident as you feel in control behind the wheel. However, this trip, you’re jacked up on adrenaline. Plus, it’s a different model than you drive back home and need to get used to the controls.

The thing you can control is yourself, so stick to the basics. Drive to the speed limit and never lose focus. If you get tired, pull over and switch. That’s one of the perks of having a car full of designated drivers.

Also, always make sure the navigator does their job properly. Because you’re not used to the roads, they should give you detailed instructions. Even if it’s a simple “take the next left,” it lets you concentrate on the most important thing: driving.

No Cell Reception

The point of the trip is to get away from life for a while. You don’t need cell phone reception – it needs you! Except, you need it in case something goes wrong. It’s always nice to have a backup should you get lost or run out of gas in the middle of nowhere.

Speaking of directions, your satellite navigation system might use the internet. Lots of tech-savvy road trippers use a phone and Google Maps combo because it’s easy. Therefore, you’re going to need cell reception to stay on the right track.

You might not think you can mess with Mother Nature, but a signal booster does just that. Alternatively, bring a retro sat nav like a Tom-Tom to pick up the slack if your cell fails.

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Preparing For Road Issues Before They Even Begin


While driving is a special experience for those who enjoy it, we all know that it’s not the most predictable of activities.  Things can happen on the road that you weren’t expecting, and so it’s best to always prepared for them in advance. Remaining a safe and competent driver takes effort and diligence, but is your duty on the road now and always.

Preparing for road issues before they even begin could be considered the height of road intelligence.  Odds are, if you are willing to invest in a high quality vehicle experience such as becoming an Audi owner, you have the foresight necessary to care for all manner of  road considerations.

Some road issues cannot be prevented, but can be prepared for.  With this in mind we would like to give you renewed winter driving advice, just in case you are coming to the roads anew, or simply need a safety refresher.  

With this in mind:

Remain Vigilant

Road safety is never something that is completed.  It will always be appropriate no matter if you give up driving tomorrow, or drive until you’re 90 years old.  The competent driver remains vigilant throughout all they years on the roads. This means ensuring they are alert, awake, and responsive.  

If you feel yourself driving sluggishly, are unaware of road signs in a new area, or feel like your driving has become lazy and sloppy as of late, try to connect to the source of this issue.  It might be you need to sleep more before journey’s, or even take a driving refresher course. While these might seem an inconvenience to your current schedule, it can be extremely worthwhile to prioritize your safety and the safety of others by taking measures like this.  Think that you would enjoy others to do the same and try to lead by example, even quietly.

Inspect Vehicle

No great driver can be great without a car that is functional.  Learn to inspect your car thoroughly.  From tire pressure, to computing issues, to driving pull, it can be essentially important to know exactly what issues are there.  Even if you’re not aware of how to replace or repair the problem, being able to report it accurately can be worthwhile in itself. Over time, this knowledge will give you the tools to predict when a problem will arise through feel and inspection power alone.  This can be essentially important when hoping to drive a functional complete vehicle.

Be A Great Passenger

Remaining a great passenger is your duty.  Learning to drive well means learning to respect those in control of the car.  Do not be the drunken fool in a vehicle during a night out. Do not allow them to drink drive, or help them with the application process in using a DWI accident lawyer to help when they have encountered one on the road. Help your newly qualified friend overcome driving issues or insecurities they might face, and remained supportive, quiet and patient.  This can help any driver stay focused and take control of the conversation as well as the road.

With these tips, you are sure to prepare for road issues before they even begin.

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Long Car Journeys Do Not Need To Be Tough: Here’s How To Get Through Them

Many people are using their weekends now to travel and see different places. It could be to see family that live in different parts of the country, it may be to take weekend breaks or to go on holiday. But spending more time on the roads, can mean that the journeys are becoming harder to handle. So if you have a long car journey ahead, then here are some of the tips to help you get through them.

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Check traffic updates regularly

No one wants to be stuck in a traffic jam of some sort, do they? The type where you don’t move for what feels like hours, adding to your car journey making it even longer than it already needs to be. It is frustrating to say the least, not just for the driver, but for anyone else sat in the car. Checking traffic cams and also looking at reports can help you identify fin there is an issue on your route, and even enable you to plan a new one to avoid it in the first place. Satellite navigation systems are also good at redirecting you away from potential hold ups.

Pack snacks for the journey

A long journey will mean that at some stage you are going to get hungry, so having a good supply of snacks is essential. This is also important if you are travelling with other people in the car, especially children. Getting hungry can make you angry and upset, so having food on hand can help you avoid these emotions.

Have a decent supply of water

It is also essential to have a decent supply of water. It can be tempting to avoid drinking so that you don’t need to stop off for bathroom breaks, but getting dehydrated can affect you in many ways, especially with your concentration. Which is essential when driving. Having water on hand will help you stay on track.

Plan plenty of rest spots

You need to make sure that during a long car journey you plan regular rest stops to ensure that you take a walk around and get some fresh air. Being sat, especially in a driver position for too long, isn’t any good for you at all. This can also help you avoid getting too tired on the road. A rest stop gives you chance to stretch your legs and also go the bathroom. Even getting some food and drink in a service station can break up the journey for all involved.

Don’t drive when tired

Finally, the best advice would be to never drive when you are tired. You need to have full concentration on the road, not just for your safety and the passenger sin your car, but also for the people involved on the road. It is extremely important that you take the rest stops and drive during the day for the best light and energy levels. It can make all of the difference.

Let’s hope these tips help you if you have any long car journeys planned for the future.

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4 Things You Should Avoid If You Want To Stay Safe On The Road

Assuming you want to stay as safe as possible on the road – and who doesn’t, right? There are a few things you really need to avoid. Letting your focus lapse for just a second or two can literally be cataclysmic, so you want to do everything you can to stop this from happening. Below you’ll find 4 things you should avoid if you want to stay safe on the road. Take a look:

  1. Getting Road Rage

You might think that you can’t help getting angry on the road, but road rage can actually be extremely dangerous. Staying calm at all times is a must if you want to improve the way that you drive. When you get angry on the road, you can lose focus, not look where you should be, and take your hands off the road. In the USA, road rage is the leading cause of accidents.

You should avoid driving if you’re already upset, and don’t leave journeys until the last minute so you end up stressed out. Don’t get out of the car to confront other drivers, either. Other drivers might get road rage, and you’ll likely be faced with a situation like this at some point. However, your main aim at this point should be to get out of their way. Don’t play games and irritate them further if they are honking while trying to get past you, for example.


  1. Neglecting Your Vehicle

Car maintenance can be costly and time-consuming, but you’ll spend even more time and money fixing it up if you don’t get into the habit. The main things to check are:

– Oil

– Water

– Electrics

– Tires

Set yourself a schedule that you follow monthly so you know when you need to check what. Keeping your car in great condition is the best way to reduce your risk of having an accident and having to contact a car accident lawyer to help you sort things out.

  1. Driving In Extreme Weather Conditions

Driving in extreme weather conditions should be avoided, but if you have to drive, you’ll need to take extra precautions. Stopping distances increase significantly, your visibility is reduced, and you might not feel as confident on the road. Be very mindful when getting into the car during heavy rain, snow, or ice. Take extra car, drive at a slower pace, and increase the space between you and other cars on the road. Make sure you’re alert and vigilant at all times.

  1. Having Your Phone Somewhere You Can See It

Even if you’re not directly using your phone, having it somewhere you can see it can mean getting distracted by notifications and taking your attention off the road. Even talking on a hands-free device can be distracting while you should be focused on the road. Wait until you are safely parked before picking up your phone at all. If you use your phone as a sat nav, make sure it’s all set up properly before you set off so you don’t have to touch it. You can still get in big trouble for this if you’re caught, and it’s still dangerous.

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The Road Trip Of A Lifetime

Do you ever just get that urge to jump in your car with a couple of things for the day, and just drive anywhere? No? Well, we get why. Sometimes driving is just a nightmare, but that’s usually because you associate driving with going to the worst places, such as work, or sitting in traffic to go and pick the kids up. The nightmare of driving just seems to grow and grow as the years pass. But, what happens if you inject a little fun in your reasoning to go for a drive? Well, you just can’t wait to hop in the car and go and do something. We think road trips are the best thing to do when you’re looking to fill the day with random fun. Because you don’t just need to head to somewhere where you know. You could literally just go on a few twists and turns, and before you know it you could end up somewhere completely magical. So, if you need some more convincing, here’s how we think you can have a road trip of a lifetime.

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Go With The Best People

There’s no point you going on a road trip and being bored out of your brains. You have to make sure you’re going with the right people if you want the right amount of fun. In our eyes, your friends are going to be the best people you can go with. They’ll allow you to let your hair down, create endless fun for the day, and you simply just might not do crazy things like this anymore. Sometimes it’s easy as friends to just meet up every so often to do the same thing, which is usually going to the pub. If you do something a little different like this, it truly will be the road trip of a lifetime, just because of the people you’re doing it with.

Never Let It Be A Fail

When you think of a road trip, you probably imagine songs blasting, laughs flowing, and the odd chime in of a satnav. Wrong. Sometimes you could have this big idea planned out in your head, but everything can go wrong. One thing we’ve noticed that happens a lot when you pile people in to a car, is that the car gets ruined. You should try and get things like all-weather floor mats, seat covers, and definitely have a no sloppy food rules. As soon as people start eating something that has a ton of sauce in it, it just seems to fly all over the car. Only dry foods, and keep drinking drinks without a top on to a minimum. You also need to make sure the car is ready for the road trip. Ensure the tire pressure is right, and there’s enough oil and coolant.

Have A Sense Of Adventure

Finally, you really do need to have a sense of adventure if you’re going to enjoy a road trip. You’ve got to not mind sitting in a car for a couple of hours, and going where the wind takes you. Or, in this case, the sat nav. If you hate going out to places you don’t know, then this definitely is not the idea for you.

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How To Plan For A Family Road Trip

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Planning vacations when you have kids is something that many people would consider a talent in and of itself, and it doesn’t matter whether you’re planning a short trip to visit family in the next state or if you’re flying to the other side of the world, it’s definitely something that is rather stressful – especially the actual traveling part.

However, it’s not all bad and can be made less stressful when you know how to plan ahead for it, and once you have a system in place and actually get used to traveling with your children, then you won’t really notice any major difference between that and traveling on your own.

It’s also a good idea to start traveling with children when they’re as young as possible, because this really helps them get used to it and makes them less likely to be bad or anxious travelers.

The great thing about road trips as a way of traveling with your family is that it offers a setting that can include more home comforts and is less stressful because there’s no waiting around in airports or being crammed into tiny airplane seats with children who are full of energy and losing patience.

In this post, we’ve included some useful tips to help you plan for successful family road trip.

Organize The Mode Of Transport:

Over the years, road trips have gained so much popularity all over the world for their free-spirit approach to travel, but they certainly don’t have to involve being stuck in a small car for days on end with everyone fighting over what music gets played and having to stop for bathroom breaks every hour.

Of course, you may choose to take a road trip in your car, and they can absolutely be comfortable for shorter journeys, but for a bigger vacation-style road trip, then considering an RV or motor home is something a lot of people go for, and they make for a much more comfortable and enjoyable road trip.

Have Safety Checks Carried Out On The Transport:

No matter what kind of travel you do, safety should always come first, so if you’re planning a road trip, then making sure the chosen mode of transport, whether it may a car or RV is currently in good condition that meets the latest safety standards by getting it thoroughly checked before taking off on your road trip.

Have A Clear, But Flexible Plan:

Having a plan when traveling – especially with your family if that includes children is absolutely crucial, even if it’s just for your own sanity, but it’s also important to remember that you simply cannot be in control of every little thing, so having a flexible approach to your plan that leaves room for things to be changed at short notice is key to, not only helping you stay as stress free as possible, but also to having fun, because let’s be honest – vacations are supposed to be fun and not dictated by rigid rules and plans.

Choose Your Route:

The great thing about a road trip is the massive amounts of options you have available for the routes you can take and the things that lie along the way. Of course, you’re not going to be able to see everything in the country, but picking a few landmarks that you really want to visit will help you devise the best possible route. Whether you want to go for a bucket-list road trip across Route 66, or something a bit more low-key, there are certainly no shortage of amazing things to see no matter which route you choose for your road trip.

Anticipate Issues That May Arise:

It’s very rare in general life that everything goes perfectly to plan, and this is even less so the case when traveling, so although we’re certainly not suggesting that you expect bad things to happen, it’s just good sense to be aware of some common issues that may come up when traveling through the country on a road trip.

Stock Up On Supplies:

If you’re traveling in an RV, then you’ll likely have good storage and possibly even cooking facilities, so when you’re traveling from place to place you won’t have to worry about stopping every few hours for fast food. Stocking up on key supplies, such as food, water, and even gas in case you run out is always a good idea to ensure that your road trip goes as smoothly and problem-free as possible.

Get Insurance:

When traveling anywhere, it’s always highly recommended to take out travel insurance, but when going somewhere on a road-trip, then ensuring that you have the correct car insurance or insurance for your RV is crucial, not only from a legal perspective, but for safety reasons. You can discover more about the various types of auto insurance available online.

Bring Entertainment For Children:

Whilst you may be happy simply taking in the beautiful and varied scenery along the way throughout your road trip, children – especially younger ones are not so easily entertained, so making sure you bring plenty to keep them occupied during the trip is a good idea. This can include things like bringing an iPad loaded with their favorite shows and movies, board games you can all play together, or even craft sets and coloring books and will definitely go a long way to ensuring an enjoyable and relaxing road trip for everyone involved.

Bring Your Paperwork:

Simply just having insurance and a contract for your RV is not enough, you need to make sure you have them with you just in case you do get stopped and are asked to prove anything. It could also be a good idea to bring copies of passports and birth certificates as proof of identity if ever needed. Likewise, making sure you have a clean driving record with no outstanding convictions, charges or warrants is something you should absolutely take care of because this could cause major problems during your road trip if you don’t.

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