Working On The Road – Tips To Keep On Top Of Things


We all have duties, responsibilities, and an income to find. Some of us have the privilege of working remotely, be that for an office or for our own freelance name. This flexibility allows us to work while traveling, which might be essential to our job. However, despite cloud storage and many other conveniences supporting us in the modern day, you can still find yourself left high and dry if things aren’t working as correctly as you’d hoped. Luckily there are ways around this, ways to ensure you can back up your work and stay the reliable colleague you are.

We’d recommend the following at an absolute minimum:

Back Up Your Files

Unfortunately, we are not in the days where we never have to worry about the security or placement of our files. Even with the most comprehensive and secure cloud storage plan, you can never be 100% certain you can access all of this on the road. Bad WiFi connections, bad 4G connections or even an issue with your cloud client can occur without warning, effectively locking you out of the work you need. This is why it’s always important not only to also save files locally, but on small extra storage spaces. This could be through two USBs and a hard drive. Also, keeping an SSD on hand can be effective, as these have no moving parts and as such are more reliable. You cannot put a price on keeping your files safe, and so while storage spaces can be expensive, they are more than worth it.

Remotely Connect

For studio professionals or even those who need to simply access files from home, it can be a real boon to remotely connect to your desktop when needs be. Either leaving your computer on idle or asking someone at home to wake it up, and knowing ways to remotely connect can help you begin working in another place entirely. It might be that you have all the competencies with your laptop, but you need to access a forgotten Photoshop file before you can be. It might be that you need access to your home security suite. It might be you need to use 2-factor desktop authentication from home to log into a VPN remotely. There are many reasons and benefits for knowing how to do this, so we’d recommend you learn to right away.

Find A Great Data Plan

It’s essential to keep a fantastic data plan, and pay for all it offers. This is because remote workers should never consider WiFi to be the only bastion of their connectivity to the internet. Those connections can often be shoddy or unsafe, and so keeping a plan that allows your mobile device to use unlimited internet access on 4G can truly help you out of a bad situation. It might not be as fast as some WiFi packages, but it’s certainly reliable and with a VPN,can stay secure.

With these tips, you can be sure that working on the road is more of a realistic venture, and before long this could be your new default method of completing your daily tasks.

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Public Transport Is Convenient But It’s Not Always Safe

You would think by now that due to so many people owning their own forms of transport, that public transport would have begun to slowly become a thing of the past. It’s perhaps going to be the last dinosaur that anyone can scoff at and laugh when electric cars also become shuttle services. Perhaps that’s a little ambitious even for the technologically wonderful times we live in right now. So many public transports have another few decades left in it; at least in the current form that it’s in. So for those who don’t have cars, cannot afford a taxi every day, and simply live too far from their work to bicycle every morning, for now, public transport is incredibly convenient. You hear all kinds of stories about what goes on in public transport. Running into goons and horrible abusive people isn’t as common as the hearsay tales might lead you to believe. However, it’s fair to point out that violence is an issue that commuters see and sometimes even experience. It’s not always other passengers that are going to be your biggest threat though.

Riding the fast line

Trams are fantastic forms of transport for those who live in big cities. They have their own grounded rails and lines so they can zigzag through traffic. Because they’re electronically powers, they have great acceleration, and this means that in a crowded city, they can perform short, sharp dashes from one stop to the next. You’re much more likely to beat a red light sitting in a tram than you are a bus. Trams also have their own right of way, which means they get priority movement from all the other road users, be it cyclists, cars, buses, trucks, taxis and horse carriages. You would think that a vehicle the size of a train would be menacing to drivers so they would stay out of the way but unfortunately, sometimes they don’t. Obviously, a heavy vehicle takes time to stop, and many collisions with cars happen at moderate speeds. This can cause passengers to be thrown around the tram, hit their head and face onto metal bars and through windows. If you’re standing up when this occurs, you can fall down and injure yourself further. So best to keep a sharp eye out and have at least on hand holding onto something solid.

Source UK Railway and Road Transport

Bus injury

The thing about buses is, they don’t have seatbelts even though they should. When a driver loses control of such a large vehicle, momentum builds up until you meet an equivalent force to stop it. This is why out of control buses just sweep aside cars they hit like they were children’s toys. Most cities employ bus companies to be their public transport service. When something goes wrong, and you’re seriously hurt by let’s say a cta bus crash, who can you blame for this? An injury lawyer is someone who deals with your personal harm in the judicial sense. Getting hurt is not expressed via word of mouth in a courtroom. The lawyer compiles your cases with doctor reports about the medical condition you were in due to your injuries. They look at the cta bus operator’s reports and spot the signs of negligence and malpractice.

Public transport is still a necessary service that governing authorities must supply to their citizens. However be warned, they’re not always the safest option. Take care of yourself while using them and be aware of both passengers and the transport risks.

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Preparing Your Car for a Long Trip

Modern cars are much less likely to break down, and if you look after yours well and have it serviced regularly, a breakdown is something that you may only very rarely have to deal with. In many ways, this is great. Cars are expensive after all, and we all want them to be reliable and not put us in danger on the road. On the other hand, however, it means that many drivers are completely clueless when it does happen.

Even when driving on quiet local roads that you know well it can be terrifying when your car starts to break down. It might be a slow decline, with warning signs that give you a chance to find a garage or drive home safely. Or it can be a very sudden halt to a standstill at a busy junction. Either way, it can cause panic. You can feel your heart racing as you try to pull in safely without damaging your car further or causing a serious incident on the road.

Worse than this, however, is breaking down miles from home. Your car failing you while you are on a long journey. Coming to a halt when you are meant to be enjoying yourself, miles from home and in an unfamiliar location can be terrifying. You won’t know where to pull in or who to contact, and you’ll be stuck. Perhaps even miles from civilisation. It’s scary. So, it’s always a good idea to try and avoid such a situation. You can do this by checking your car, packing the right equipment and knowing what to look for. Here are some tips to help you.


Safety Checks

Before you start any long journey it’s a good idea to perform some safety checks. Even if your car has had a recent service or MOT, it’s a good idea to perform these checks a week or so before you are due to leave, so that you’ve got time to make any repairs that are needed. Write these down and tick them off as you check:

  •    Check oil levels
  •    Check brake fluid, coolant and screen wash levels
  •    Clean your car, inside and out
  •    Check tire pressure and tread depth, not forgetting the spare
  •    Check lights
  •    Check seat belts
  •    Check all engine lights
  •    Adjust and clean mirrors
  •    Clean wiper blades
  •    Flush radiator
  •    Test brakes and use a car brake bleeding kit if needed
  •    Check horn

Packing Essentials

It’s also important to pack a few essentials just in case anything happens. These include:

  •    Blankets and warm clothes
  •    A torch and emergency light
  •    Hazard warning sign
  •    Car owner’s manual
  •    Water
  •    Toolkit
  •    Chargers
  •    Towing rope
  •    Sun protectors for windows
  •    Spare car key
  •    A funnel in case you need to fill up water
  •    A garbage bag

Last Minute Checks

Then, just as you are about to leave make a few final checks and adjustments:

  •    Adjust your seat position so that you are upright and straight-backed
  •    Adjust mirrors to match
  •    Fill up with fuel
  •    Set heating or air conditioning
  •    A final check of fluid levels, brakes, lights, tires and engine warning lights

Then all you need to do is make sure you drive safely and sensibly to reduce risks and enjoy your trip!

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Going Long Distance? Here’s The Car Hacks You Need

Driving long distance is something very few people enjoy doing. If you’re stuck behind a wheel, in congested traffic and up and down back roads for hours on end, you’re going to get tired and bored very easily. But if you’re sick of experiences like this, you don’t have to put up with them for much longer. It’s time to drive differently.

You might be going on a road trip for fun, you might be travelling for a job, or you’re simply driving to see an old relative of yours. Whatever reason you’re on the road for hours at a time for, there’s some car hacks you can use to make sure you’re as comfortable as possible during the journey. Read on for a couple of the best.


Use Phone Apps

Phone apps are a secret weapon of the driving world, even as insane as that sounds. Seeing as everyone’s got a phone in their pocket these days, but of course you’re not going to pull it out when you’re cruising down a highway because you needed to post something! But if you download some apps before you go, and if you’ve got a phone holder attached to your radio or dashboard, you can easily use these apps whilst behind the wheel.

Something like GasBuddy would be great here, as you never know when you’re going to run out of fuel away from civilisation. Even a rescue with a gas canister could be hours and hours away, and you’ve got that meeting to get to! Browse the stores before you head off to see what would be of use to you.

Get Serviced Before You Go

If your car isn’t used to having to operate for such a long time, you’re going to need to give it a once over yourself at least! There’s quite a few parts of your car that need changing and replacing every 5000 miles or so, and there’s a chance you haven’t taken the time to get the engine oil replaced recently.

So if you’re being as responsible as possible, it’d be a good idea to book into a mechanic for the full works. Head into your local AUTO REPAIR to make sure your car is completely up to the task of those hundreds (and possibly even a thousand or so!) miles you need to go. You won’t have to be worried about the wheel nuts coming loose this way, and you’re sure to have an up to date toolkit in the trunk.

Pack Snacks

If you don’t have plenty of snacks to go along with you, you’re immediately off to a bad start. People can get hungry every hour or so, and having something to nibble on so you’re brain and body are working at peak performance is essential here. Even get yourself a car mini fridge if you’re sick of warming drinks in the holders and melted chocolate all over the seat!

If you’re a long distance driver, remember these tips next time.

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The Ultimate Guide To Buying Property Overseas

When it comes to buying property, no matter where it is you know that the job you have in front of you is going to be a big one. Because property is always the largest purchase that you’ll ever make, so it’s not a decision that you want to take lightly. When you purchase your first property, you’ll always spend a lot of time thinking about where you want to buy, what you want to buy, and how much you’re going to spend. It’s safe to say that there’s a lot that goes into the entire process. But it can be a lot of fun at the same time. Buying your first place is always exciting – nothing ever really tops it. Well, there could be one thing…

Despite being a completely different ball game, buying a property overseas can also be incredibly exciting. Whether you want to bag yourself a vacation home or you just want to invest in an up and coming area, choosing to buy overseas can be a smart idea. But, just like buying in your local area, there’s a lot of thought that needs to go into this. At the same time, you may find that you need to make many more considerations and be a little bit more cautious before you make a decision. However, this isn’t something that you overly need to worry about. We’re going to walk you through all of the considerations you’ll want to make when buying property overseas.

  1. Do Your Research

The very first thing you need to do is some research. And this is crucial. If you want to ensure that you’re getting the right place, you need to find the right area first. Of course, it’s often a good idea to select a few different places rather than jumping right in and picking out one place. That way, you can compare them, weigh up the pros and cons, and then make your final choice.

  1. Consider Local Customs

At the same time, you’re going to want to make sure that you’re looking at any local laws and customers that apply. Luckily you can find a lot of information online like to help you to do this. It’s important that you understand the culture when you are moving overseas, so you don’t make any decisions out of confusion or get anything wrong.

  1. Think About What You Want From The Location

Next, when you’re looking into the different areas, particularly when you visit, you’ll want to ensure that you can pick out the right place based on the amenities. Key considerations like are likely to influence your decision, but it is important that the area you choose offers everything that you need.

  1. Get To Know Different Property Styles

Another thing to keep in mind is the style of property that you want to buy. While it’s often handy to read up on the different styles like, the best way to do this is to actually get out there and explore. Because different cultures have different styles of home. And you may find that you’ll see more of a style when you see it in person.

  1. Speak To An Expert

It’s also a good idea for you to find yourself a property expert in the country too. It is possible for you to do this alone, but it’s always good to know the ins and outs of the local area among other things. When you work with an expert, they can often use their experience to ensure that you are getting the right place, and the best deal for it too.

  1. Know What To Expect

You should also work out what the process is when it comes to buying. Different countries may have different processes like when it comes to signing the agreement. So it’s often a good idea to get a sense of what to expect, so that you know what you’re doing everything right.

  1. Work Out Your Budget

Of course, a bit part of this is working out what you can afford too. Because just like buying property here, you will want to make sure that you can stay on budget. When it comes to costs, you may find that this dictates where you buy as well as what. So make sure that you work out what you can afford and what you can expect to get for your money so that you don’t get disappointed.

  1. Consider A Change Of Lifestyle

Maybe you’re going to want to change your lifestyle a little when you buy overseas too. For some people, moving their full time and getting a new job like is the dream. So think about the lifestyle changes that could work here for you too.

  1. Think About Rental Options

At the same time, if you aren’t planning on being in the property most of the time, you might want to think about renting it out. Choosing the get tenants or vacationers into your property can often mean that you get some money back while the place is not in use, and that it’s kept secure as it’s never left empty for long periods of time.

  1. Get Everything Up And Running

Finally, you’re then going to want to ensure that you have everything up and running. When you are running a vacation home like you’ll want to do this as soon as possible. So make sure you connect with local suppliers for energy and even cleaners or maintenance people to keep your overseas property in a good condition.

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Travel-Focused Jobs That Will Enrich Your Lifestyle

Out of all the jobs in the world that you could take, travel-focused jobs are arguably some of the most inspiring and exciting. This is because a travel-focused job can take you virtually anywhere in the world. One day you might be in a metropolis like London, and another night you could be in the snowy north of Finland. If you love to explore and want to enrich your lifestyle through your career, then here are a few travel-focused career choices to explore.

Source: Pexels

Driving Jobs

While driving a taxi or for a private transport company might not take you far, a truck driving job will. You can search for trucking jobs nearby and you’ll likely come across dozens of jobs that take you across long stretches of highway from city to city or even state to state. It’s perfect for drivers that enjoy long-distance driving and the solitude you get is perfect for listening to podcasts, music or even catching up on an audiobook. Because the drives usually take you to new places that you’ve never been, it gives you some time to explore and soak in new sights, sounds and smells that you haven’t experienced before.

Travel Blogging

A dream job that many aspire to is travel blogging. You essentially go travelling (be it on a plane, hiking or even a road trip) and then you write about your experiences. You take plenty of pictures, you might even record videos and you basically keep your followers up to date on where you go. You essentially get paid to travel around the world and record your findings with some with, humour or even science. Of course, you’ll need to be able to write well and create a following, but this is made much easier thanks to social media. To coincide with travel blogging, you could also take up photography. This gives you an additional source of income and can help inspire you to pick new locations for your travels.

Flight Staff

Flight attendants travel virtually 100% of the time. They spend a lot of their time in different countries and on board planes, meaning they’re always in motion and there is never a dull day. Training to be a flight attendant involves being professional, courteous, safety-focused and adaptable due to the conditions you are placed under. There are plenty of travel and flight benefits involved too, making it a brilliant overall career choice for people that love to be constantly moving from one place to another.

There are plenty of other travel-focused jobs that you could give a try, but these are just three common examples that aren’t necessarily difficult or stressful to achieve. There are other roles such as business CEO or global sales representatives, but they don’t travel as often and it takes a long time before you can reach those kinds of positions in their respective industries. Hopefully, this article has given you some idea of how you can travel yet still make a living and explore the world at the same time.

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Road Trip Hacks for the Ride of Your Life

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There’s nothing like a good old-fashioned road trip to really make you feel alive and ensure that you appreciate the world around you that little bit more. However, you can make that amazing road trip even more amazing with a few simple hacks that will make it the ride of your life.

Here are some of those hacks that will make your next road trip that bit more amazing:

Have Your Car Serviced

AAA says that the vast majority of vehicle breakdowns could be prevented by having the vehicle serviced before heading out on a trip. So, if you do nothing else, be sure to take your car in and have the oil changed and the tires, brakes and battery checked. This will help to ensure that you don’t end up stranded in the middle of nowhere when you should be having a great time exploring the local attractions.

Make a Flexible Plan

One of the best things about going out on the open road is the sense of freedom it brings, which is why you shouldn’t make any strict plans about where you’re going and when. That being said, it does make sense to do a little light planning, so that you have a rough idea of the direction you’re going in and how long you can afford to stop off at all those lovely roadside attractions if you want to make it as far as your planned final destination in the time you have available for you. So plan a little, but allow for the odd whim or the occasional wild night, too.

Forget Researching Your Road Stops

If you want to be truly exhilarated when you’re on the road, don’t go online and look up every single roadside attraction, museum and diner on your route. That will take away the spontaneity of the experience and ruin those amazing discoveries that you make when you’re out on the road, stopping when you feel like it and looking around.  When you don’t research the local attractions, you’re much more likely to stumble on those obscure and unusual sights that make road trips so much more exciting that other trips.

Download the iExit App

If you’re going to be driving on the major interstates and highways along your route, do yourself a real favor and download the iExit app which will let you know about the upcoming exits, gas stations, hotels, attractions and other amenities on your route.

Upgrade Your Stereo

Road trips and great music go hand in hand, so as well as compiling a playlist of all your favorite driving songs and the favorite driving songs as any of your buddies who are coming along with the ride, unless you already have a great car stereo, get on to Stereo Champ and find a new improved model. You’ll have so much more fun singing along as you take in the view when your jams aren’t muffled and you can hear them loud and clear.

Pack Light

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A lot of roadtrippers pack quite heavily because they aren’t restrained by baggage limits. However, it’s far more fun to pack light, so that you have plenty of trunk space to collect little souvenirs along the way. You’ll have so much fun seeking them out, and you’ll enjoy the constant reminders of your best trip ever when you get back home.

Pack Non-Essentials First

While we’re on the subject of packing, it’s a very good idea to pack non-essential items first. Why? Simply because you will need them less often and that means that you won’t have to keep messing up your luggage as you search for them. The items you’ll only need at your final destination should be packed first, with the stuff you’ll be using daily being packed on top for ultimate efficiency.

Take a Gas Card

If you don’t already have a gas card, it makes perfect sense to get one ahead of your road trip because you are going to be burning a lot of rubber and spending a lot of money on gas. If you have a card, you’ll be able to earn lots of points, free fuel, grocery discounts and even cash back on any hotels that you book into and that means you’ll be able to have more fun with your road trip budget than you might otherwise have been able to.


Keeping clean and maintaining a good level of hygiene can be much more difficult when you’re on the road, so the last thing you want is to end up having to clean up or use the bathroom in a restroom that is dirty. If you visit, you can avoid this by checking out the bathrooms on your route that are cleanest and which ones are best avoided. What a relief!

Invest in a Multi-Outlet Adapter

If you’re going to be taking your phone, a GPS, kindle and a whole host of other gadgets and you don’t want you and your road trip buddies to end up fighting over the outlet, then it would be very smart of you to invest in a multi-outlet adapter ahead of your trip, so you can all stay connected all the time.

Take Time to Talk

One of the best things about being on the road is that you have a unique opportunity to mingle with lots of people in lots of parts of the country. You shouldn’t waste this by only speaking to your travel companions, and you should resolve to start a conversation with as many people as you can. Not only will you make lots of new friends, but you’ll get the skinny on the best places to eat, the hidden attractions that visitors don’t know about and the best bars (if you’re not driving). You’ll also get to hear some interesting stories and see more of the culture outside of your own hometown.

These hacks might be simple, but they will make your next road trip the best one of your life if you use them.

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