Incredible Products Travelers Don’t Know They Need

To the layman, traveling doesn’t look like hard work. All you have to do is book a bus or a flight and spend the day seeing the sights. Some people don’t even bother with the attractions and laze around on the beach for six months of the year. Yep, it must be really difficult to be a traveler! Okay, so the lifestyle is pretty good, but it isn’t a walk in the park because it can be expensive, uncomfortable, and overwhelming. After all, you’re alone in a foreign country and that is scary. Thankfully, travel products can help and here are the ones to invest in the next time you book a flight.

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Neck Pillow

You see people with them on buses and airplanes and think “you look like a douche”. Maybe they do, but one thing’s for certain: they’re comfortable. Being on a plane or public transport for longer than ten hours is an occupational hazard of seeing the world. Still, it doesn’t get any comfier unless you bring a handful of accessories. A pair of sweats and hoodie combo to keep warm is essential, and so is a neck pillow. If you struggle to sleep, the extra support should help you catch up on your Z’s. It beats counting sheep.

Smart Earplugs

It’s worth mentioning that these are intelligent earplugs, too. Smart technology is taking over and it has gone into the music industry. Now, there is no need to sit next to a crying baby and think “I’m going to murder your child!” If people could read thoughts, they would think less of you for that one. Even better, there’s no reason to pretend you can’t hear two people in the room having a good time. Not only do the soothing sounds help you fall asleep, but they can wake you up also as they include an alarm.

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Budget App

Traveling is about having the experience of a lifetime without splashing the cash. The two seem incompatible yet millions of people do it every year, which is impressive. Maybe you already know how to budget, but you don’t have to do it alone. Thanks to this create pay stubs generator, keeping track of your expenses has never been easier. Those that prefer an app to do the hard work should consider the Mint Budgeting App. Because it syncs with your bank account, the software can create a personalized budget, and it can also show you where you are overspending.

Global Hotspot

Nowadays, travelers don’t need a cell phone with a working SIM thanks to WhatsApp and Facebook. But, you still have to have an internet connection and they aren’t always easy to find. Sure, the hostel or hotel is a solid base, but what about when you are out and about? Anyone that’s sick and tired of going to coffee shops to check their messages should buy a pay-as-you-go global hotspot. That way, you’ll always have a connection and will never be out of the loop.

Are there any essentials to add to the list?

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Don’t Be a Sinking Ship: A Guide to Travelling Around the World in your Boat

There are plenty of people out there who would never even think about buying a boat and this is because they believe that a boat is a bad investment. They also think that a boat investment is like throwing money overboard. Some boats do end up costing quite a bit in repairs, but others don’t as much so it really all comes down to choosing the right one for your needs. There are also many pitfalls that you can avoid to try and cut the cost down as well. All in all, a boat is a brilliant investment if you want to travel the world and your family can have years of enjoyment as a result.

Affordability and Expenditure

Did you know that when you have your very own boat, you can travel as far or as close as you’d like? You can take to the seas and venture out to almost any location. The problem is that you have to make sure that the boat you have is affordable and you also have to make sure that you can afford to run it. Financing is a great option here and there are plenty of dealers who can help you. They can even help you to cut the interest rate down as well!


One of the first things that you would have to consider is the insurance. There are a lot of factors that can come into play here and that includes your boating experience, the cost of your license and more. When you do have your insurance sorted out, you will have to make sure that the insurance covers you if you do happen to travel out of the country as this is one of the many pitfalls that a lot of people experience when owning their first boat.

Boating Tips that will Change the Way You Travel

If you want to make the most out of your boat travel then you have to make sure that you drive at a slower speed so that you can increase your fuel efficiency. You also need to invest in some marine grade lumber as this is one of the best ways for you to make the most out of your purchase. Of course, it’s also very important that you minimise the amount of time that your boat is in the dock and you need to keep your engines maintained as well.

All of this will help you to keep the cost down with your boat and it will also help you to make sure that you are happy with the end result of your purchase in general. All in all, travelling the world on a boat is an experience unlike any other and you would be surprised at how easy it is for you to have the journey of a lifetime without having to worry about a thing. It’s a great experience for the whole family and it is a great way for you to spend the time to focus on yourself as well.

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Finding Inspiration for Your Next Weekend Out

Have you ever sat at home staring at the clock, watching it tick by as you sit on the couch and do virtually nothing? Have you ever left work on a Friday night surrounded by excited coworkers detailing plans, feeling bad because you’ve got nothing lined up and you’re actually looking forward to working again on Monday?

Don’t worry–everyone’s been through similar periods.

Whether it’s a lack of motivation to go out or just being stumped on ideas, we’ve put together a couple of handy tips to help you find inspiration for your next weekend out.

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Explore and Travel

You don’t need to go on holiday to explore what the world has to offer. For example, check out this post at for some good road trip ideas. It’s a cheap and cheerful travel experience that your friends and family can also join in with, and it’s based on exploring and seeing things that you don’t normally experience.

Of course, nothing stops you from actually going on holiday over the weekend either. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with a weekend break and you’d be surprised at how fulfilling and exciting a 2-night trip can be. You’ll need to plan it in advance and there are probably some concerns such as the cost, but even taking a small break to another town every other week is a fantastic way to unwind and relax.

Just take a look at some travel magazines and blogs or act like a tourist and search for things to see in the city. There’s nothing wrong with booking a fancy hotel in the city you live in either. Sure, you could just stay at your home and travel out for the day, but getting to experience the luxury of a hotel is a great way to unwind and experience something new.

Look for Local Deals

There’s probably a lot going on in your city and surrounding ones, but not everyone knows where to look for inspiration. Thanks to sites like, it’s actually relatively easy to find cheap experiences such as concerts and sports games. It’s a fantastic way to catch up on all the latest events going on around you and you can even pick up some deals to make it an even more enticing idea.

Why not find something interesting and invite your friends to go with you? Whether it’s a sports game with their favourite teams or going to see a singer live, there are many fantastic ideas and it’s easy to inspire yourself if you know where to look.

Just remember that you may need to travel a little to get to an event, but this shouldn’t put you off. A slightly-longer bus journey or even asking a friend to drive shouldn’t be a huge problem and it’s generally worth the added effort, especially if you get to experience something new and exciting.


So to conclude, if you’re willing to look around there are plenty of places to search for inspiration. These are just two ideas that are guaranteed to work, but everyone has their own interests and ways of looking for inspiration for a weekend out.

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How To Prepare For A True “On The Road” Experience


Have you read On The Road by Jack Kerouac? It’s one of those literary rites of passage for so many people wanting to discover who they are by traversing the length and breadth of America, and is arguably where Route 66 became known as the pinnacle of American road travel. That book had some very unsafe methods of going around America, but if you plan on going around the world via road, it’s definitely easier nowadays, but there are some practicalities you need to bear in mind.

Pick The Right Car

Back in the era of On The Road, cars were built to last, but they weren’t very practical, and were very difficult to drive. At least now, if you’re planning on making an epic road trip, you can rent a car that is practical in terms of the journey, but also can store your luggage. Chryslers are a decent bench mark to aim for in terms of size, and there are many Chrysler dealerships around. But when it comes to picking a suitable car, you need to think of all the practicalities concerned, namely, how many people are travelling, how much luggage there will be, and, can you sleep in the car or not? There will be times when you might end up stuck somewhere in the middle of the night, and you will need to hunker down for some rest, so consider something comfortable, as well as practical.

Prepare Your Entertainment

For lots of budding travellers, the open road might be all that you need to keep you alert and awake. For others, 200 miles of the same view, no matter how inspiring it is, can pave the way for tiredness and sluggishness behind the wheel. So it’s always important to pick some entertainment, and preload some onto your phone or tablet. There are plenty of travelers podcasts, or you might even want to get an audio version of On The Road, in keeping with the theme! But plenty of music will never go a miss, and depending on what part of the world you’re driving through, it may be beneficial to get some music native to that country, so you can get a richer experience of the landscape you are travelling through.

Fuel Up Whenever You Can!

Granted, there are apps you can download now that will show you the nearest filling stations to your location, but if there are hundreds of miles between one station and the next, not only is it practical for you to fill up, but it’s beneficial to keep your tank topped off, because you never know if the next filling station is out of order! It could be very stressful journey if the warning light comes on and your next station is 40 miles away, it could be a photo finish!

And, in addition to these, making sure you are well rested is vital, because every time you get behind the wheel, you need to make sure you’re focused and ready for a long journey. To have an authentic On The Road-type experience, by its very definition, means flying by the seat of your pants and operating with very little, but this is impractical, and this isn’t safe!

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Travelling Around The World

Travelling is so exciting, and with the new year in full swing, it’s time to start your travelling plans. How many of you reading this have always dreamt of just being able to go and travel the world? And how many of you know people who have just packed up and gone backpacking? Well, it should be a few of you. Getting out there and exploring the world is just so popular now, it isn’t even that expensive either! There’s so much more going on out there than the town you’re living in, this year is the year of exploring it. Here’s how you can get your travelling around the world dreams started.

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Where To Go

There are so many beautiful places in the world for you to go. All of them are waiting the be explored. You need to try and come up with a plan of where you’d like to go, and in what order you’d like to do it in. Just like shopping in the supermarket, you need to be methodical. There’s no point flying from one end of the earth to the other when you could do it in an order that makes sense. For example. If you really want to go to America, Hong Kong, and Australia, you wouldn’t go to Hong Kong, to America, to Australia. Not only will the flights be incredibly expensive, you’ll also be wasting a lot of time flying. Once you’ve created your list, put them in order and start checking for flights! A really popular destination that you should put on your bucket list is the Thailand.


This might be the one thing holding you back. Money is always going to be tight when you’re going travelling. A lot of people save for years and years to be able to do it. But all you need to do is start being a little frugal with yourself. The more you cut back on, the more likely it is you’re going to go sooner. If you want to just pack up your things and go now, you could always look into a short-term loan. All you’d have to do is make sure you’re doing a bit of work along the way to help pay it back. If you’re struggling to sort a loan, there are short term loans for poor credit. If you’re only going travelling for two or three months, this might be a really good option. The minimum payments won’t be too much, so as long as you have some money aside to pay them back, it’ll be the boost you needed to be on that plane in no time. You can easily go back into work and pay it off when you return home.

When To Go

You need to be pretty sensible with your decision here. There are some countries that have really bad weather at this time of year, such as Thailand. You’ll end up spending most of your days under an umbrella. You want to pick the right time of year to match all the different climates. All you need to do is a bit of googling to find out.

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Tie Up Loose Ends Prior To A Traveling Adventure

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Have you been struck down by itchy feet now that 2018 has emerged? If you have and your feeling a little perplexed as to how to make your dream of a traveling adventure a reality, you need to take a step back and assess whether you are in a position to take a jaunt overseas. With the responsibilities of modern life, it can be hard to see how you can take a break from work, sever family ties for a little while and embark on a traveling feat of a lifetime. However, you can. It simply takes some planning and preparation.


If you’ve been working in the same desk job for a few years and you feel that your professional life is becoming a tad stale, a sabbatical may be the best option for you. Make enquiries with your boss and see if he or she will grant you some unpaid leave. Seeing your enthusiasm for your travel adventures may result in the company you work for offering to keep your job open for you for six months or so. If after that time you are still gallivanting around the world, you may find your role has been offered to somebody else.


Just because you own your own little patch of bricks and mortar doesn’t mean you have to be chained to it forever. You have to think outside the box and work out a way to make your asset work for you while you are away.

First and foremost you need to make your humble abode safe while you’re gone. Install a security system and make your trusted neighbors aware that you will be out of the country for a few months. Give them your contact details and ask them to check on the house every so often.

If you’re tempted to let out your pad while you’re halfway across the globe, employ the services of an agent to look after the maintenance duties and act as the landlord. They’ll take a small cut of the rent, but at least you won’t have to fly back from Costa Rica or call plumbers from Malaysia if the washing machine breaks down. You will be able to travel knowing that you have a monthly sum coming into your account that you can ration on your travels. It could be the difference between a hostel and a hotel.


With young kids in tow, traveling probably isn’t the wisest or easiest option (although it has been done.) You should plan one last foray of adventure with your other half before starting a family or after the kids have grown up a little bit. Toddlers and babies on long-haul flights don’t tend to be the perfect combination. Other family members should support your thirst for travel and will look forward to the presents you bring back!

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Heading off on a travel adventure needn’t be seen as reckless or selfish. You are simply trying to quench your wanderlust thirst, and you are doing so in a responsible way, sorting out your job prospects and making money from your largest asset. Choose your destinations, set a budget, make a plan and enjoy your trip of a lifetime.

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Why Visit Thailand?


Thailand is a country in the southwest of Asia which in recent years has seen a huge surge of interest and activity. It is a coastal country which sits next to Laos and boasts stunning views, amazing experiences and a lively nightlife.

Whether you decide to stay in a youth hostel, small hotel or JW Marriott Khao Lak Resort– this is certainly a country everyone should visit at least once in their lifetime.

But why?

Friendly People

The people of Thailand are open, optimistic and incredibly friendly. As soon as you step out of the airport and into a Tuk Tuk, you’ll be welcomed with open arms into this magical country, and you’ll never want to leave.

It’s Cheap

The great thing about Thailand is that you can choose whether you want to stay in luxury, or live amongst the people. This is why this is a very popular destination for backpackers from all around the globe. If you ever run out of money you will always be able to find a bit of work to keep you going during your stay over there.

Amazing Culture

the culture in this stunning country is second to none, 95% of the residents in Thailand are Buddhist. This means that they believe in the balance of life and peace, which is likely why everyone is so friendly. You will be able to see a whole new way of life with everyone you meet, visit some stunning temples in the mountains and see the way these people dress in their day to day lives.


Thailand is a great place for anyone who wants to go backpacking because there are tonnes of islands to see, people to meet and things to experience. You can stay in a hostel and spend the days travelling by boat to the different islands of the country to experience and soak up every ounce of culture from this place.

Great Adventures

If you love nothing more than to wake up in the morning and set off somewhere new, then Thailand is a perfect place to visit. You will be able to take part on many different activities: from snorkelling, to canoeing with wild monkeys, swimming with sharks and even bathing in waterfalls. If you love the outdoors, this is the perfect place for you.

Thai Food

If you want cheap, simple and health food, then Thai food is the best you can get. These people know how to make the most out of the ingredients they have to hand.


You can see anything from exotic birds, wild monkeys, snakes and wild variants in this country. If you love animals, this is a great place to visit because you will always be close to the wildlife.

Dream Beaches

Everyone loves a day at the beach, and the beaches in Thailand are like no other. Relax on the white sand and enjoy watching the world go by. There’s no need to over think it, just book your tickets and get going!

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