Why Businesses Are Going Green

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The environment has become a bigger and bigger talking point over the past few decades, and an increasing number of businesses are taking the hint. It seems that almost every brand in the world is exhibiting the fact that they’re “going green”, and as you’ve probably figured, it’s not always out of the goodness of the CEO’s heart! Here are some of the key motivating factors that are prompting businesses to be more environmentally friendly.

Great PR

The most obvious reason that pushes businesses towards a greener way of doing things is it’s a great method to help their PR. Any brand that makes a big point of how environmentally friendly they are can gain the sympathy and loyalty of like-minded customers. More and more, we’re seeing companies that are making green changes, like recycling and reducing their waste, using recycled materials in their manufacturing, and applying processes that are better for the environment. Additionally, many companies are making large, public donations to environmental causes, like conserving endangered species, or setting up sustainable farming projects in developing countries. Whether the higher-ups at these brands care that much about the planet or not is always debatable, but the pressure from consumers is certainly having a positive effect!

Major Savings

Companies that make a point to reduce their energy consumption, and make their processes easier on the environment, not only help the planet, but also themselves in the form of reduced expenses. If you were to tell a modern farmer about how much agriculture is straining the world’s water supply, many of them would be liable to shrug it off. On the other hand, if you offered a way to check your irrigation water usage, and save a small fortune on your water bills, they’ll be much more interested! Large manufacturing firms are jumping on this bandwagon more than any other niche, due to the huge amount of carbon emissions they typically have to produce. For these companies, billions of dollars can be saved each year by investing in eco-friendly changes within the organization. Even smaller businesses, which may be struggling to keep their profit margins up, can have greatly reduced energy costs, simply by using energy-saving light bulbs and turning off computers when they’re not in use.

Government Incentives

We may be hearing about it more now, but the biggest shift towards green business occurred in the wake of the recession in the late nineties. The Obama administration’s economic stimulus plan provided a range of incentives for businesses to be more environmentally friendly in the form of tax credits, which freed up more of their capital. While Trump has promised to roll back a lot of Obama’s green policies, there are still various tax credits available to businesses that show eco-friendly practices, such as using solar power, or using hybrid or fully electric vehicles for their fleets and outsourced logistics. The immediate future of these incentives is uncertain, with the leader of the free world taking a lot of the environmental pressure off. However, it’s very unlikely that we’ll see green government incentives totally disappear.

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These Incredible Careers Will Give You A Sense Of Purpose

There are so many choices when deciding what you want to be in life. It can be hard to narrow it down to one particular option. But, if you want a career where you get the sense that you’re changing the world or making a difference that does narrow the board down a little. Here are some of the best careers that will give you an incredible sense of purpose.


Teach Me Something


Yes, it’s true being a teacher might be hard work, but it’s also incredibly rewarding. You can impart knowledge onto the next generation and help shape the new world of students who will soon become adults. You can work with the little ones just as they are starting to grow or help kids through their teenage years. It’s entirely up to you.


Incredibly Close, Impossibly Far


Or, how about heading to a country where people are really in need? You can work a charity officer in some of the most dire places across the continent of Africa or the middle-east. There, you can help build houses, provide water supplies or even teach English skills. There are so many jobs available out there, at least one is guaranteed to match your skill set.


Delivering New Life


As a midwife, you’ll be delivering babies into the world. You’ll be there when the miracle happens, and it will be your responsibility to make sure the baby is delivered safely. This is one of the most incredible experiences in life, and you’ll see hundreds of births through your career. You can learn more about this in the infographic below.


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Go Green With These 3 Business Ideas

Being eco-friendly is more than just a trend, it’s something everyone should aspire to be. By everyone, I mean individuals and businesses alike. Keeping that in mind, here are some green business ideas you might find interesting:

Organic Food Food Fresh Healthy Nutritious Organic

Organic Food Fresh Healthy Nutritious Organic

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Organic Catering Business

When people think about green business ideas, they tend to focus on things revolving around recycling or renewable energy. However, what you forget is that a lot of damage is done to the environment in the food industry. Companies are making processed foods in huge factories that are pumping out gallons of toxic fumes every day. What you could do is start an organic catering business that brings eco-friendly food to whoever wants it. The focus will be on using ingredients and processes that harm the environment as little as possible. You source your ingredients from local farms and pick locally grown vegetables, etc. All the meat you sell is organic and free-range, making it far better for the environment. Nothing is packaged in plastic tubs that are bad for the environment either. Everything is contained in recyclable containers that are biodegradable and good for planet earth. You can make money by catering to many different people, mainly, you should work the events scene. I can guarantee you’ll find plenty of corporate events looking for organic caterers to enhance the reputation of said event. People will be eager to pay for your catering service because they know it makes them look a lot better if they’re going organic and getting their food from an eco-friendly business. This is great as it puts non-eco-friendly caterers out of business while filling your pockets full of cash.


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Metal Recycling Business

A metal recycling business can be very profitable. This is down to a list of various factors. For one, there is a huge demand for the recycled metal. Manufacturing companies are looking for it all over the world. It’s cheaper for them, which means they’ll be keen to spend their money. Secondly, it’s an idea where you can pretty much take something that’s worth nothing, and turn it into a valuable resource. Scrap metal is pretty much free, you can find it for free, head to various scrap yards and pick it up for free, there’s never really any cost to getting your hands on these materials. What this means is that you save loads of money on procurement costs. The only things you’ll have to purchase are items that will help you like scales for a scrap yard and the machines needed to recycle the metal. With limited ongoing costs, it means the potential for profits is so much higher. Plus, there is an abundance of scrap metal everywhere. 90% of the things people throw away will contain scrap metal of some kind. It won’t be hard to get your hands on, and you can recycle loads of it for big bucks. Such a great green business idea.


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Bicycle Business

In truth, this business idea revolves around two key concepts; a business where people can hire bikes, while also being a place where you repair bikes. But, it’s a lot easier to just call it a bicycle business for the time being. It’s a great idea, as bikes are a way for people to directly contribute to helping the environment. If more people can cycle, then fewer people will be in vehicles that give off carbon emissions. It’s simple, and there are many big cities around the world with cycling initiatives and locations within the city where people can rent bikes supplied by the government. However, this doesn’t happen everywhere, and even when it is available a lot of the bikes are hard to ride, or there are none left. With your business, you can provide people with bikes that they can cycle around the city for a day instead of driving their car or getting public transport. Alternatively, you could operate a service that’s the same as a car rental business, only with bikes. People can rent a bike for a few days and return it once they’re finished. Plus, with your repairs service, you can help people get back on broken bikes. Too many people don’t cycle because they don’t have a working bike. Their old one is just sitting in their garage collect dust and rusting over. With your repair shop, you can breathe new life into an old bike and help the environment.


Fancy going green and making lots of money at the same time? Then try out any of these three business ideas.  

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Money For Nothing

It is litigious age, just as it has always been. But today, we’re facing more lawsuits than ever before – and especially in the United States, where – get this – 70% of the world’s lawyers live. SEVENTY PERCENT! To put that into some context, America only has 5% of the world’s population (It also has 25% of the world’s prison population! Every day is a school day…). In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the most comical and ridiculous lawsuits of years gone by, and also highlight some of the surprising ways you yourself can be sued if you’re not too careful (or horribly unlucky!)


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Don’t Pay Attention, Get Rich


This will either make your blood boil or, if you’re prone to absent-mindedness, make you exciting at the prospect of future revenue. There is a woman out there (I don’t know what to be sued, so won’t mention names), who lives in Georgia, who walked into a ladder as she was sending a text, got injured, and then sued the company responsible for the ladder for $175,000. She didn’t get everything she wanted…just $161,000! Apparently, having your head in your phone and not looking to see the clearly marked signs saying “there is work happening here” is enough to bring a big pay day!


Trying to Make Money, Lose Money


There’s another case, one of a postman who is delivering an invoice to a person at their home. He trips up over a curb in the front garden of the person’s house. He’s mildly injured. But he’s able to sue. You know why? Because in his hand was a business document, and because the homeowner didn’t have home business insurance, wasn’t covered for the injuries. The man has to pay out of his own pocket, for a postman tripping up. Let that sink in.


Keeping You Alert


Remember the ridiculous lawsuit from a few decades back, the one about a woman suing McDonald’s because she spilled hot coffee on herself? Well, those type of things never really go away (she won, after all!). Last year it was Starbucks’ time to feel the heat of their coffee, because they were subject to two “I can’t believe it” lawsuits. The first one said…something…about their being too much steamed milk in their latte (the complaint is unclear). The other was a lawsuit to do with – get this – Starbucks putting too much ice…in their iced coffee. A victory for the little guy against an evil corporation, or another example of a legal system that has too much money (and time!).


Printing Money

Some people just want to watch the world burn. I’m not going to type his name, because by all accounts he is a serial abuser of the courts system. Anyway, this man sued a person he had bought a printer from off Craigslist several years prior for… $30,000. It’s apparently because the printer broke down and the seller was in breach of contract. For the record: the printer cost $40…six years ago. Even if he loses, the guy he has sued has already paid $12,000 in legal fees!

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Spreading The Green Gene: Getting More People To Be Sustainable

In case anyone hasn’t realised, we are indeed suffering some of a crisis with our environment. Essentially, if we’re not dedicated to changing our ways, we won’t have much of one left. Yet there are still a lot of sceptics out there, as well as people who simply can’t be bothered to put in the effort. Yet there are more, still, that do care, and those are the ones we can help to support. The more effective we make it for those who want to live sustainably to do so, the more visibility the movement gets.


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Hold your businesses accountable

Corporate social responsibility is a term that has been making the rounds and picking up traction. People are getting familiar with the fact that businesses that benefit from our society should play a bigger role in supporting them as well. Whether you’re a customer or an employee, you should consider bringing up some of the ways businesses can tackle their own environmental practices. There are a lot of ways they can go green, after all, and a lot of them are going to actually help them save money. Make it clear you and plenty others care about the sustainability of the business, but make it a suggestion rather than a demand. Make it seem that you’re offering the solution you are.


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Make way for bicycles

The more we can promote alternative forms of transport than cars, the better. If you run a business or you play any key role in it, then you can incentivize public or physical transport like walking or cycling with rewards like an additional break. Anyone can also look into making requests and creating petitions to get things like cycle shelters installed in public places, too. If you have to drive a car, then make sure you’re sharing the road with anyone cycling. Despite the increased risk to cyclists over the risk to drivers, many car owners refuse to acknowledge that the responsibility of sharing should rightfully belong a lot more to them.


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Talk about it

Everyone has an access to some sort of influence. If people ask you recommendations of purchases, you can tell them to use sustainable retailers and why exactly. You can get in touch with local government and lobby for greener practices in public services, as well as raising awareness. If you have children at school, that can give you the perfect opportunity to get in touch with the educational environment and ask them if they’re talking about green living, too. On a national level, look at your priorities in voting and make sure your choices align with those most important. Where the value of saving the world ranks on your list is obviously up to you, but it shouldn’t be neglected for other views.

You can’t directly change the actions of how people live their lives. Trying to do so will just make people more liable to ignore. What you can do if use every ounce of influence you have around them. Change the culture and you can change the people.

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