Careers For People Who Love Sports

If you’re going to spend your time working at a job, it may as well be related to something that you love, right? Too many people disconnect their passion from their work — they think that a job is something you’re not supposed to enjoy. Of course, it can be that way, but that doesn’t mean that it should be. It’s worthwhile taking the time to find a job you love, and your passion is a good place to start looking. If your passion is sport, then read on, where we outline a few sports-related careers that any fanatic would love to have as their job.


Down the Coaching Route

OK, so there’s every chance that you won’t quite make it as a professional athlete. Even if you were far and away the best athlete in your school, the chances are still tiny! But that doesn’t mean that you can’t be involved with the best of the best. They say that those who can’t do, teach — so teach. There’s much fun and satisfaction to be had in coaching, whether it be working with youngsters trying to find their way or the top-end professionals. Give it a go: you might just find that you find your life’s work.

Keeping Up With Fitness

The great thing about sports is that it covers a wide range of activities. It’s not just professional games; it’s the individual, the gym membership, the quest to be better. If this latter point is one of the reasons why you love sports, then why not look at becoming a personal trainer? You’ll work with people to help them to achieve their fitness goals, whatever they may be. It can be a well-paying gig, but you won’t be in it for the money. The satisfaction of knowing that you helped someone become the best version of themselves will be enough.

Around the Big Games

But of course, it gets no better than the top-end, professional sports. When there’s a big game rolling around, the buzz is intoxicating: this is where people who love the excitement of sports want to be. While it’s unlikely you’ll end up on the field (though becoming an official could be one way…), there are other ways to be involved. One is to make the most of Pay Per Head 24/7 Bookmaking Services, and become a sports betting agent. Another is to become a reporter for the game, either by writing a report or making videos outside the ground.

Behind the Scenes

But let’s say you don’t want to exist on the fringes of the big game, but somewhere in the fire itself. One route is to get involved in the behind the scenes planning and organization. You might not have thought of it, but there’s much that goes into organizing a large game! You could work in logistics, hospitality, security, television, or anything else. So long as you’re to be found somewhere within the stadium on match day, you’re not going to have too many complaints.

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The Jobs You Might Not Have Thought About

When you ask children what they want to be when they grow up, they will all probably say the same traditional jobs. They will usually mention becoming a teacher, doctor, hairdresser, or vet. Even though these jobs are traditionally very popular, they aren’t the only ones out there. In fact, there are so many great jobs out there that not many people think about when they are deciding on their career.

Do you think it’s time for a new career? How about one of these fantastic jobs that you might not have thought about.

Professional Driver

Do you love going for long drives at the weekend? If so, then a career behind the wheel might be a great option for you. There are lots of truck firms, such as CRST, that are always on the lookout for both full-time and freelance drivers. As part of this kind of work, you will be able to enjoy driving all around the country and discovering new places. Of course, driving trucks isn’t the only kind of driving work, though, as you will also be able to become a limousine driver or a courier for a small local firm.


Tour Guide

If you love traveling, then becoming a tour guide could be a great way to earn some money. This is an especially great opportunity if you have a in-depth knowledge of a specific city or tourist hotspot. You will be able to set up in that location and offer guides to all of the visitors and tourists. This is the perfect job for anyone who wants to be self-employed. Don’t worry if you don’t fancy becoming a freelance tour guide, though, as many travel firms also hire guides on a full-time basis.


Doulas are becoming very popular and are helping many women bring their babies into the world. A doula is basically a midwife with a much more holistic view and method of childbirth. They help women come up with the best birth plan that meets all of their needs and wants, and will also be with them through every step of labour. If you love babies, then this is a great job option for you!



Do you love experimenting in the kitchen? If so, then you might have already considered becoming a chef or a baker. But how about becoming a brewer and making new beers? The beer industry is booming at the minute, so going into this industry could prove to be very profitable indeed. If you already know a thing or two about beer and brewing, you could always set up your own company. Alternatively, why not apply to one of the thousands of breweries that now operate across the country.

Driving Instructor

Another possible career opportunity for those who love to drive would be to become a driving instructor. Then you will get to pass on all of your knowledge and wisdom to those who are just starting their driving career.

So, which of these cool jobs will you go for?

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Is It Time To Start Working For Yourself?

In life, it’s always going to be important for you to like what you do. Working isn’t always easy, but it doesn’t have to be terrible. Nor should you hate it! While we all know that we have to work, you should also recognize that you spend a long time working. So you really owe it to yourself to be able to love what you do and make the most of your working years. Yet, when you’re stuck in a job that you hate, you can’t always do that. And so, it’s in your best interest to find a career that you’re going to love doing, and that you find rewarding. One way to do that is to work for yourself and create your dream career. Let’s take a look at how you can do that.

  1. Choosing What To Do

So the first thing for you to do here, is to decide what you’re going to do. Are you going to take your current job freelance? Are you going to write or consult or create an online product? Think about what skills you have, and what you can do to create a successful business.

  1. Creating A Website

When you’ve worked out what you’re going to do, then you need to set up a website. And it’s crucial that you set something up professional that you can use to showcase what you’re doing and get interest in your business.

  1. Marketing Yourself

The next thing that you need to do here, is make sure that you’re promoting your business and what you do. Because if you want to drum up business, for whatever it is that you do, you need to be marketing. So think about some of the tactics you can use, such as the top 7 advertising strategies, to do this. Make sure that you’re on top of your marketing, if you want to succeed.

  1. Managing Well

But there’s also something that you need to keep in mind – and that’s time management! Because you may find that you either are all over the place and struggle to stay organized, or that you’re just working too much. Neither option is good for you. Instead, you need to be managing your time well. So be sure to create a routine that will help you to be productive.

  1. Setting Goals

And finally, when you work for yourself, it’s so important for you to be able to keep yourself motivated and on track. Because that’s the thing about self-employment – the flexibility can be a bit too good! But when you incentivize yourself, you may feel as if you can work hard, put the time in, and get to where you want to be. Setting goals for what you want to achieve can help you to do exactly that. So be sure to have an idea of what you’re working for, and set some actionable steps in place to do exactly that.

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7 Key Steps To Making A Career Change

When it comes to your career, you may not find yourself on the right track to begin with. And that’s natural. Because when you leave school, you may feel as if you’re on the right track. You may think you know what you want. But, it’s not always easy for you to think about what kind of work or job or career will suit you for the rest of your life. But then as you get older and you start to find yourself unfulfilled with work. And we all spend a lot of time working, so it’s important for you to make sure that you find a job that’s fulfilling and that you love. Yet when you’ve started out on a certain path, you may feel as if you cannot make a change. But you can.

However, when it comes to making that change, you need to think about what you want to do and how you’re going to make the leap. Anything is possible, but it does take a lot of work. But if you know that you really want to make a better career for yourself or do something that you love, then you will want to commit to this. And the good thing is, it can be easy when you get started and enjoyable! This is how you’re going to do it.

  1. Decide What You Don’t Like

To start with, something that you may feel helps you here, is to decide what is making you unhappy or what you do not like about in your current career. Sometimes, it’s easier to start out by pinpointing what you don’t like and why you’re not happy, so that you can then start to work out what you do.

  1. Understand What You Do

And then, when you’ve worked out what you don’t like, it’s so important for you to then pinpoint what you like and what you want to do career wise. First of all, you’ll want to think about whether or not you have any passions to pursue. Sometimes it’s easier for people to know  what they are passionate about, but if you don’t it’s time to start digging out to work out what you love and what you might like to do.

  1. Do Your Research

Then, you need to start to do your research. Get online and take a look at some of the career options that are available to you. Think about what kind of roles there are and what you might like to do. Also have a look at what skills and experience you may need to move into that particular career, because that’s what you need to work on next.

  1. Top Up What You Know

But then also, at this stage you may realize that you need really look to top up your knowledge, skills, or qualifications. Maybe you need to look at doing some studies in the evening to do this? And if so, you might want to look out for well known brand schools or educational establishments to study with? It’s important for you to learn what you need to and get the right qualifications, so make sure that this is a priority.

  1. Get Some Experience

And then, you may need to get some more experience under your belt. Do you need to get an internship or do some work for free? Think about how you can start to make waves in the industry and build up your CV so that you’re ready to make a move.

  1. Network

You may then find that the next thing you need to do here, is to start networking. Because when you’re moving into a new industry, it’s so important for you to think about meeting people and looking for new opportunities. And it might be something that you’re weary of or worried about, but when you start networking, you’ll soon find your feet and get comfortable. And this could be the step that gets you going places.

  1. Make The First Step

And then, you’re going to want to think about making the very first step towards your new career. This can look different to different people. But essentially, you want to make sure that you are getting the ball rolling. For some, that may be sending out applications and going to interviews. Or it may be to build a portfolio and start building up a bit of business for yourself. But you have to get started and make it your dream career a reality.

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What Are The Benefits of a Home Based Career?

Working from home, it’s the dream for many. You get to stay in your cosy surroundings with your pet, constant access to the kettle and don’t need to deal with annoying colleagues or a boss breathing down your neck – bliss. But there are many more reasons to consider working from home than just these, here are a few to think about if you’re debating a home based job.


Saves you time

Working eight hours a day is pretty standard, and if someone asks us how many hours a week we work, most of us would answer ‘forty’ without a second thought. However, along with those forty hours a week, think of the amount of time you spend commuting, and getting ready for your job? How much time do you spend sorting out your work bag, ironing your uniform and packing your lunch? It’s time that really adds up and if you sit and tot it up, you might be surprised that you give far more to work than what you realise. Working from home saves you time in a big way. There are no special clothes you need to wear and you don’t have to present yourself in a certain way. For men, this might mean saving time shaving every morning, or for women, applying makeup. There’s no need to pack up a lunch ahead of time, you can simply grab something quick and easy from your kitchen with no fuss. Importantly, there’s no commute. You don’t have to spend time physically getting to and from work which means you have more time in your day to get other things done. When you work from home, unlike getting paid an hourly wage you’ll usually be paid instead for the work that you do. This means that if you focus and get everything done you can have it done in a shorter time and frees up the rest of your day for other things. In most standard employee environments, you might find yourself clock watching where you’ve finished your tasks for the day but can’t get up and leave until the time ticks past 5pm.

Saves you money

Just cutting out a commute can save you money, if you’re driving to work each day, getting the bus or hopping on the train, this can really add up. You can save money on lunches, coffee and all of the other things that add up when you’re out of the house for the day. None of us want to spend money just to go to work and earn money, but unfortunately it can be the case. There are some costs you’ll need to consider, for example in most cases you’ll need to buy a computer and whatever software or equipment you need to earn your money. But this is yours to keep then.

Gives you flexibility

One of the best things about working from home is the flexibility it can bring. Whether you’re contracted to a company, working as a freelancer or running your own business, you’re generally in charge of how your day looks – providing the work gets done. If you run your own business, you can even get yourself into a position where it runs without you but still turns a profit, you can do this by outsourcing the various elements to third-party companies. There are risks to avoid in doing this, but it’s generally a great way to run a business without the expense or effort of setting everything up yourself. Flexibility it good as it enables you to work your job around your life, rather than the other way around. It means you can earn money around other commitments (such as parenting) and enables you to work to your own ‘spikes’ of motivation/ creativity. If you naturally work better in the evening for example, then a standard 9-5 job isn’t going to allow you to make the most of that.

Makes you happier

For all of the above reasons, working from home will make you happier – research proves it. If it’s something you’re able to do, and are fed up of your set working hours at the office then speak to your employer – many are now getting onboard with the benefits. Otherwise, consider setting up your own business, going freelance or finding a company that employs remote workers.

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As A Boss, It’s Wise To Make Things Easier For Yourself


If you’re the owner of a business, no matter how large or small, you’ve likely noticed that you have plenty of things to do. The life of a boss is a busy one, and they must not only be technically proficient, but a leader, someone who can look to the future. They must also be someone who can read accounts, keep customers happy, continue to stay updated with the times, understand what makes good branding and promotion, and how to engage repeat business.

A boss must also ensure they know how to treat people, but also see the best in people, and to hire people worth trusting. This responsibility alone could take up many business instruction manuals, and we know that because it has. So, we have confirmed that the leaders of business have plenty to do, just in case you weren’t 100% certain about this statement validity. We might define ourselves in this role as suffering with the weight of all these responsibilities. But does taking on more tasks make you a better boss? Or does it just limit how flexible and attentive you can be?

Well, it depends how you balance your workday. As a boss, it’s wise to make things easier for yourself. So long as you are able to take care of the following advice, this needn’t feel like you’re skirting your responsibilities:

Outsource Well

When running a business, particularly a small business, you’re simply never going to be able to take care of all the duties you need to take care of in one fell swoop. You will need to outsource, but it’s important to outsource the most appropriate responsibilities. For example, utilizing master data management could save you plenty of time when arranging the informational architecture of your business. Outsourcing can also help you balance your books perfectly in the early days with the specialist use of an accountant.

Some responsibilities might also just be worthwhile no matter how large you grow as a business. In the early days, you might simply clean your office yourself each day. But investing in the cost of a cleaning service can truly ensure that employees come to work bright and early, refreshed and satisfied with their surroundings. Outsourcing well can be worth its weight in gold, and truly take the weight from your shoulders. Just be sure to keep referring to the most appropriate professional services from the offset, because you never know quite what could be useful.

Delegate Authority

No business works if you find it difficult to delegate authority correctly. The sentiment ‘if you want a job doing right, do it yourself’ might be true when you’re huffing and puffing about how no one has taken the trash out back home, but at work, you need to sustain a thoroughly collaborative and communicative environment. For example, a public official cannot run their office unless they trust their team to enact their orders and policy decisions.

If you trust the job to others, you’d be surprised as to how much your employees try to respond in kind by achieving well within their role. It’s better to give your staff more freedom than less. We might think of giving our support staff some creative control in how they deal with a situation instead of being bound to a script when answering calls. We might give our hired graphic design contact to contribute some of their own designs (well compensated) as well as the main job you have hired them for. This might help you come to a new direction none of your expert staff had attained, but is thoroughly suitable. On the small scale, it might be trusting your trainee salon worker to give a haircut to a regular and prove what you have taught them, or perhaps upgrading an assistant chef to another, more complex kitchen station.

The more you can automate progress while also ensuring that important authority is given to enact positive changes, you will notice your team flourishing under this kind of trust, and you will likely feel your leadership becoming more competent.

Habits Of A CEO

When trying to figure out how to demonstrate solid leadership qualities, it’s tempting to do a quick Google search. This is no doubt where you’ll start to come across many ‘habits of a CEO’ advisory posts that are both vague and somewhat useful at the same time. So let us construct the ultimate advice in this vein to help you avoid that kind of search.

CEO’s read. Not just about business, but about a range of other topics. Autobiographies and biographies of those that inspire them. Side reading around the trends of the industry, and how to understand various factors in the long term. Books that detail large business cases that failed, or perhaps those that came from nothing to massive success. Reading should be an essential part of your day, not just for the content you absorb, but the cognitive development it promotes.

Keeping yourself in good shape will also help your mind throughout the day, and it will help you express the stress you’re not doubt going to feel. Meditation can help you reflect and feel more present, which in turn allows your subconscious mind work in your favor throughout the day. Eating well will also grant you more energy, helping you better navigate those long hours of the day.

These habits might seem like just simple tidbits of advice, but often, that which makes your day easier is how you make your responsibilities feel easier. It’s amazing how a massive presentation at noon can feel much less scary when you’ve had a light jog, healthy breakfast and meditative time to come to your mind in the morning. Sometimes, it’s the fundamental human needs that can make our job easier for ourselves.

With these tips, you are not only sure to get rid of the unusual and boring dead weight of being a boss, but feel more and more present in your job.

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A Natural Caregiver: Finding A Fulfilling Future

It can take a lot to feel fulfilled in life, and you might find it a challenge to know what steps to take in order to get to your happy place. However, it’s worth starting with how you spend your time the most, so that you can put your focus towards bettering that time, and improving your life. Most people spend the majority of their week in a working environment. And, if their job or career doesn’t fulfill them, it can lead to long term unhappiness, and even a range of health issues. Therefore, it’s crucial to your mental and physical health, to ensure that you’re as happy as possible in your workplace (most of the time; there will always be challenging days).

If you’re a natural caregiver, or nurturer, there are an array of options for you regarding your career and future choices. If you love providing care to others, just think how satisfying a job would be, if you were paid to do so during your working week. Surely it’s worth thinking about the different areas that you could utilize your natural skills and develop a career that you love? The following are some areas to consider if you want to head into a long term career, where providing care to the public, is top of the priority list.

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Infant Care

I you love nothing more than being surrounded by the youngest people on the planet, and they bring you joy; it’s worth looking into a career where babies and toddlers are those you look after the most. Perhaps you’re already a nurse, but want to specialize in caring for infants; research into neonatal dnp programs and ways to gain the qualifications needed, to make your dream a reality. If a hospital environment isn’t for you; you could consider becoming a nanny so that looking after a little one’s welfare is what you get paid for. There’s always work with social services too; finding foster and adoptive parents for babies and toddlers in need will be a rewarding way to earn your income.

Kids And Teens

Obviously, the nurturing process has only just begun with infants; kids and teenagers need just as much, if not, more, care as they grow-up. Look into how to get into teaching young minds so that you can guide them through their most influential years. There are so many teaching and teaching assistant opportunities out there. It’s about finding your subject, skills, and niche, and figuring out the sort of environment in which you’d be most happy. You can even go overseas to teach, so that could be another element of life you’re fulfilling.

Those Who Are Vulnerable

There are all sorts of vulnerable people; from children through to adults. And, they all need very specific and different kinds of care. Whether you look into counselling, medicine, or various therapies; your skills can provide those in need with healing, recovery, and recuperation. Again, social work, and care in the community, is a great way to meet and help a variety of people. And don’t forget about charities; there are always openings to help with a great cause.

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