4 Tips to Find a Hobby That You’ll Love

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Everyone needs a hobby, even if it’s just to keep busy on lazy Saturday afternoons. Of course, this ain’t the only reason for finding hobbies. They are great for mental and physical wellbeing, and they can also help you find a group of like-minded people who can become brand new friends. Finding new hobbies can be tricky, though, especially as an adult. You’re never sure what’s really right for you. If you’re looking for something new to drive headfirst into, here are four tips to help you find a hobby you’ll love. 

Do Your Research 

There are so many options for you to choose that picking a new hobby can feel a little overwhelming. It needn’t be like this, though. You can whittle down potential hobbies by doing your research. Consider what appeals to you, what you’re already good at (or at least enjoy doing), and go from there. This should prevent you from wasting time on a hobby that just isn’t right for you, saving any frustrations or unnecessary spending. 

Get the Gear 

Do you really need the gear? Well, this depends on the type of hobby. You can do some hobbies without the gear at all, like writing or even getting into fitness. However, many hobbies will demand at least basic gear. If you’re developing a passion for fishing, electric fishing reels are an excellent accessory to add to your kit. You might not want to spend too much in case the hobby doesn’t stick, but investing in suitable gear will make your life easier and ensure you actually enjoy the new hobby you’re trying out. 

Find Online Communities 

The internet can have a bad reputation for misinformation, toxic encounters, and scammers. However, there is also plenty to enjoy on the internet, especially if you’re looking for advice about a new hobby. Whether you want to know which is the best camera for beginners or are unsure how to use epoxy resin products to the best effect, you will find someone, somewhere who can tell you everything you need to know. All the information you need is often just a click away, so make the most of it, and make friends with people on the other side of the world. 

Don’t Settle For One Thing 

The sunk cost fallacy is something that often impacts many people when they get into new hobbies. They put so much time into something that they feel the need to see it through to the end. This doesn’t always work, though. If you want to give yourself the best chance of succeeding with a new hobby, don’t be afraid to try a few things. This will give you something else to fall back on, or it could even give you so much to do that you never stop being busy. 

Give It Time to Bloom
Not all hobbies take overnight, and while you might not feel great about it at first, giving it time to bloom will mean you give your new hobby a chance. Finding the perfect new hobby is all about patience, and you need to accept that you won’t be perfect straight away. Learning is all part of the fun, too, so embrace the experience and enjoy yourself, whatever you choose to do.

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Making Epoxy Resin Products? Here Are Some Helpful Tips


One of the fun hobbies you might want to take up during the pandemic is epoxy resin crafting and selling. If you have been at home for the last year scrolling through social media you have likely seen videos of people making epoxy resin tables and other items for their homes. 

As a fun hobby as well as a money making opportunity it can be a great idea to try your hand at this craft this winter and see if you can get some income alongside your job. 

Today we want to show you a few of the things you need to think about when starting epoxy resin crafting to give you some help along the way. 

Choose good quality products 

It is incredibly important if you are to start crafting with resin that you use the best quality products you can. Resin is a unique tool for crafting and it can create some beautiful designs, but you need to invest in a good one to get the result you want. Choose a good resin as well as good quality pigments to make the most of your crafting. 

Have fun with colour 

Colour is a huge part of epoxy resin crafting and you will notice that many videos of people making epoxy tables and crafts have the most stunning colours that have a metallic feel. Invest in good pigment powders and don’t be afraid to mix and match colours to create something unique and beautiful. You can test your colour combinations in a mini mould before you try a full craft and start to build yourself a little colour recipe book with different combinations written down. 

Use a good release agent 

One of the biggest problems newcomers face when creating with something such as resin is getting it away from the mould once you are done. The best way to negate this problem and ensure smooth removal when you have dried your resin is to use good quality rubber molding release agents. Using a spray such as these will just add that element of greasing needed to help you along the way. 

Use a heat gun 

It is so important when you are working with resin that you use a heat gun on it when wet to get rid of air bubbles. When mixing resin and pouring it it is all too easy to end up with air bubbles in your piece and these bubbles get in the way and disrupt the design of your resin piece. By using a heat gun on freshly poured resin you will be able to avoid the issue of air bubbles and end up with a smooth and professional looking product. If you don’t have access to a heat gun you can also use a hairdryer for a similar effect. 

Sand and wax 

When working with resin you still need to do work when you have finished pouring the resin. Once dried, now is the time to sand and polish your piece to bring out that beautiful shine and make the piece picture perfect! 

Resin crafting is a brilliant thing to try this year to make some money and you may even one day be able to make a small business from these works.

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