An Egg Recipe for You

I’m sure this is not a new idea, as it was originally introduced to me by my grandmother. When I was a kid, she would make scrambled eggs with pieces of salami thrown in. The pieces were embedded in the eggs and boy, did it taste great!

More recently, my mother made a similar dish for me at times, using bacon bits and pimentos, and it was equally good!

So, I decided to try making it myself, so I can have it whenever I wish. First time I tried, it didn’t go all that well, but not a disaster. I bought some pre sliced salami, which was sliced too thin. Then, I threw in the salami after the eggs were already mostly scrambled, and so the salami wasn’t embedded in the eggs.

Well, after contacting my mother, I followed her advice. I bought the bacon bits she used, made by Hormel. These bacon bits are not the small crunchy ones you throw on salads, though I suppose you can throw these on salads, too.

These are softer and definitely tastier, in different size chunks.

First, I threw these and some pimentos into a skillet first, with the heat on medium. Then, I cracked two eggs into a bowl and beat them first. If you’re concerned about cholesterol, throw out one of the egg yolks before beating them. 

Then, once the eggs were beaten, which didn’t take more than a minute, I poured them into the skillet, over the bacon bits and pimentos, and moved them around with a spatula, mixing the eggs with the bacon bits and pimentos. The eggs cooked in minutes.

I turned off the heat and put the eggs on a plate ready to eat. And boy, were they good! Just like my mother and grandmother made!

And best of all, there can be many variants to this recipe! One can throw in seasonings, different meats or veggies like chives or scallions, or sauces, too!

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Want to SEE who you’re talking to? Try Skype!

Sure, you have access to phones everywhere now, but sometimes you just want to see who you’re talking to!  But if they’re far away or you just cannot get to see them right now, what do you do?

Now, with better computers, laptops and tablets and, I believe, even smartphones, you can download programs that allow you to see who you’re talking to. I have used another messenger service in the past, but it was sometimes unreliable and not so easy to use. This was a few years ago, so improvements may have been made since then.

The one I use and like now, is Skype.

Why Skype?

1. Skype is easy to find and install. All I had to do was google Skype and found the website. It was very easy to set up my account, install the software, and add my contacts. And also easy to use, which may be why it is so popular.

2. Skype is reliable. So far, in my experience, Skype has been very reliable. I don’t believe it has ever crashed on me and the settings are easy to use. I like the fact that you can check you connection, webcam, speakers, and microphone performance as well.

3. Skype updates automatically and with little hassle. Skype updates automatically and these updates have never caused any problems on my computer.

4. Quality of Skype calls is usually quite good. The few problems I’ve had have been due to equipment problems rather than Skype itself.

5. Perhaps best of all, as of this writing, a basic Skype account is free to set up and use!

So, how is a Skype call different? The fact that you can see who you’re talking to, which is really great, when you stop to think about it! Of course, Skype and similar programs have been around for a while now, but I’m still not complacent about Skype. If you skype with someone who is far away, such as family members or friends, seeing them, and they seeing you, is the next best thing to actually visiting them!

A program like Skype also allows you to show things to those you’re speaking with, and vice versa. You just got the latest smartphone and want to show your friend across the country what it looks like. With Skype, you can! If you’re “skyping” using a portable device with WiFi or an extra long Ethernet (Cat-5E) cable, you can show the person you’re skyping with, your new home or that great sunset from your balcony!

Now, like other messenger programs of this type, Skype does require both parties to have Skype accounts, but as I mentioned above, setting up a basic Skype account is easy and free. So getting those family and friends with internet access to sign up can be easy to do.

So, even if you now live far away from friends and family, there’s no excuse for not keeping in touch! Get a Skype account and get your friends and loved ones to do the same! The “virtual visiting” effect is well worth it!

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