The ABC Of IT Protection

If you have landed on this article then it is likely that you are beginning your search for data racks and you need a bit of help regarding what to look for. First and foremost, it is important to be reminded of the fact that selecting the right server cabinets is something which is highly important because you need to ensure that your equipment is stored in a secure place and that it is in the right environment in order to operate to its optimum level. Luckily for you, finding the best server racks is as easy as A, B, C – literally. When on the lookout the three things that you need to consider are accessibility, brand and cost. These are the most important factors which will guarantee you sever rack shopping success.

First and foremost, accessibility is highly important and this relates to several different concepts that you need to look out for when shopping for a server rack. First and foremost, it is advisable that you opt for a cabinet which is accessible via the use of a key – in other words, go for a rack with a security lock. After all, servers not only tend to be rather costly, but they are likely to be integral to the operation of your business. Therefore you need to ensure that they are in a safe place whereby only those with a key can access. Furthermore, when considering accessibility you also need to think about things such as whether the cabinet you are considering has a space for cables to be accessed through. Moreover, make sure that the tech cabinet or wall mount rack is in a position which is easy for you to access the server from the front as well as the back.

Once you have considered accessibility, you should then contemplate the brand of the server racks you are contemplating. After all, this is one of the best indications as to whether the product you are opting for is of a high quality or not. Before you buy the product in question you should search around online and read reviews and feedback in order to determine as to whether it has a credible reputation. Moreover, if you are considering buying a data rack which is of the same make as the website itself, then the site should have a section dedicated to testimonials which will make this easier for you.

And finally, you need to contemplate the cost of the server racks you are going to purchase. This is the last factor you need to consider, after all, quality is important first and foremost. Nevertheless, because there are so many different data racks available today, this also means the prices of the products are vast as well. Therefore, budget before you begin to shop in order to ensure you don’t spend over your means. Nonetheless, be careful that you are not blinded by a bargain, as mentioned – quality is the most important thing. Consider your costs as a whole when it comes to IT. Managed IT Services are arguably the most important in today’s tech-heavy environment.

All in all, if you contemplate the points mentioned in this article then finding a server rack will be as easy as A, B, C! 

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How To Stay Safe In A Manufacturing Environment

When in the workplace, no one aims to get hurt. Accidents do happen, of course, but it’s not the goal. Sometimes, the problem isn’t that there are no rules, it’s that they are not adhered to in the name of laziness and ease! It sounds terrible, and it is. No manufacturing environment should be worrying about being convenient if it compromises the safety of the workers. A little more time on a task is worth it if it avoids an injury.

If you are working in an environment that has dangerous equipment, fluid, and practices, then you need to adhere to safety protocols as best as possible. It’s not just in your interests; if you are acting safely on the job, you’re going to protect the others around you, too. So, with that in mind, we’ve put together some of the best ways that you can ensure that you stay safe in the workplace.

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  1. Speak up if you see something that isn’t safe. The only way that your supervisors can ensure that everyone in your workplace remains safe is if you speak up when something isn’t right. If there is a spill, alert the right people to clear it. Your supervisor is obliged to keep you safe, but they can only do that if you act as their eyes when they are not there.
  2. Color coding equipment can be one of the best things that you do in a manufacturing environment. You can learn more about how to paint industrial equipment to help you to understand what is used for what. The best thing that you can do is to make it obvious what is dangerous, so come up with a color system that everyone can be trained on.
  3. At all times, people in the workplace should wear the correct safety equipment. From hard hats and boots to jackets and cover-all trousers. This should be checked daily for any damage, and you should always keep it in good condition.
  4. Where you can, prevent any slips and trips. People can have some terrible injuries when they slip in the workplace, and in a manufacturing environment, you need as many people on your side, clearing up as possible.
  5. All exits should be clearly signed and kept empty at all times. You want people to be able to get out in an emergency, not be left behind. If an exit is blocked, you could end up with an awful situation and even deaths on the premises. That shouldn’t be in your hands, and you can prevent it!
  6. If you are lifting heavy boxes or equipment, you should be trained in how to do it properly. Make sure that you request this type of training before you ever lift anything in your workplace. The correct posture can change everything, and it will prevent you from any injuries.

These are only a few suggestions as to how you can stay as safe as possible in the workplace, so look after these suggestions, and you’ll be looking after yourself, too.

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5 Easy Ways To Protect Your Home and Car

Our belongings are precious to us. Whether you have a house, car, jewellery or sentimental things, each holds value to you in some way. However, how would you feel if you lost these items or someone else took them from you? It’s not something that we have to deal with on a day-to-day basis, but being prepared for anything will help make sure you everything is safe and secure should you run into problems. 


Install double glazed windows 

If you have older windows, it could be time for an upgrade. Double or triple glazed windows are not only perfect for lowering your energy bills; they’re also more secure than standard windows. Windows are one of the most common places that opportunists look for when entering a building, and if you have damaged pains or no locks, it could be a prime spot they take advantage of. Upgraded windows can deter unwanted attention, and internal locks mean you can secure your home easily. 

Car alarms and trackers

Many modern vehicles have an alarm system in place. However, if your car was stolen or missing, there is still a significant chance it won’t be found quickly. Car alarms are ideal for creating immediate attention to unwanted opportunists. But if they manage to break in and getaway, a gps car tracker, can identify where it is to help recover it more quickly and hopefully apprehend the perpetrator. 

Using Wi-Fi cameras

CCTV and home cameras have come a long way in recent years. No longer do you need massive systems around your home, and footage is no longer a blurry image that you’ll hopefully be able to make out. Nowadays you can secure your home more effectively with Wi-Fi cameras. These are smaller decides that can be placed around your home and you can access them directly through your cell phone. Some cameras also have features that alert you to movement in your property if you are not there, and you can stream live footage and often talk through the device. 

Peephole camera

Similar to Wi-Fi cameras, this device is specifically designed to act as the peephole in your front door. This is particularly handy if you want to see who’s at the door even if you’re inside the house, and enables you to talk through it in case you don’t feel comfortable opening it. If you get a lot of packages, you can also see delivery attempts to ensure they don’t get taken back to the depot. 

Security lights 

Lights are another simple way to deter unwanted attention. They are also especially useful if you have dark areas around your home that have limited visibility. Installing a security light also makes you aware of any movement around your home or external buildings, even though it might just be the next-door neighbour’s cat! 

These are a few ways to protect your home and belongings, and just by making a few small changes, it’ll help give greater peace of mind, especially when you’re away from your property. 

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Absolutely The Most Essential Ways To Safeguard Your Business 100%

More than just money goes into setting up and running a successful business. In fact, its effort, time, and emotional investment as well. Of course, with so much being involved, protecting your business is always a chief concern for owners and managers. Although, with so many varied factors that can become potential threats, it isn’t the easiest thing to do. Happily, you can find some advice on how to best safeguard the success and longevity of your business below. Read on to find out more. 

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No one wants to believe that their business is vulnerable to crime. However, you can never guarantee that the people that work for you, or that those buying your products will treat your company with the same respect as you do. Sadly, that means on occasion, your business can be a victim of crimes such as theft, vandalism, and even fraud. 

Of course, because each of these issues is so different, they do need a range of preventative strategies to be put in place. For example, if the concerns with theft, you have centre around shoplifting by people in-store, boosting your business’s security is a must. Something that you can do by installing CCTV cameras at key points, as well as investing in security tag readers for all of the exits. Some stores even find it helpful to employ security guards as well, especially if shoplifting has become a significant problem. 

Unfortunately, not all thefts are committed by outsiders in a business. In fact, sometimes, a company can be targeted for this sort of crime from the inside by its own employees. Of course, if you are concerned about internal theft, there are some strategies you can use to minimise the risks and protect your business. 

The first is to install lockers and ask everyone to leave their bags and personal belongings in there. This being an action that reduces the ease of getting stolen items out of the building undetected. Additionally, CCTV cameras in critical positions such as by the tills can help to prevent any mishandling of money or returned goods as well. You may even want to introduce random checks as a way to discourage theft too.


Then there are the issues with cybercrime that you need to defend your business against. Something that can be a serious problem, with so much of everything companies do now being online.

In particular, it’s crucial that you make sure to implement tactics that will help to protect our company from Malware. This being any software that has a malicious intent such as Ransome wear, viruses, and spyware. 

Recently issues with Ransome wear have come to the foreground because many smaller businesses have been targeted. A situation that often involves the freezing of online resources and systems, and the threat to delete them if a ransom isn’t paid. Of course, paying the ransom is nearly always a bad idea as it just perpetuates this form of criminality and could even make your business into a further target. Although, if you do choose to pay, be sure to negotiate your terms with the criminals first. Something that is often possible because they provide details of how to contact them to make the payment! 

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Alternatively, depending on the type of ransomware you are affected with, it may be possible to cleanse your system. Something that you can try and so yourself, although it’s probably a better idea to get your IT company to handle this for you. 

Of course, doing this will only get rid of the Ransome wear and not give you access to any data that is lost. This means that you will need to reboot your system from any backups you have. A situation that means regular server or cloud backups are essential if you are to protect your business from harm. 

Another type of cybercrime that can threaten the safety of a business is fraud, mainly the stealing of customers financial details to use elsewhere. In fact, this can create a double issue because it does not just present a challenge to the trust you have built up with your customers. It can also cause a potential PR nightmare as well. Something that we will discuss in more detail later in the post. 

The good news here is that there are some things you can do to prevent the theft of customer’s financial details in your business. One is to avoid the use of any USB sticks, as then data cannot be downloaded and taken off-site. Additionally, not allowing the use of mobile or smartphones in the workplace can prevent any pictures of financial details being stolen or recorded too. 

Finally, making sure that your IT security is robust as possible is essential because such a threat can also come from outside your business as well as inside. An issue that your IT provider should be able to advise you on. 

PR / complaints 

Effective safeguarding of your company also requires that you pay attention to public relations. That is how the public at large, and particularly your targeted demographic perceive you. After all, if those you are hoping to sell to do not hold your brand in high regard selling enough units will be a real uphill battle. 

With that in mind, there is a range of tactics you need to put in place when it comes to protecting your company’s reputation. One is to do all that you can to encourage positive reviews, especially on independent sites like TrustPilot. The reason being that these are seen as more authentic and so will have a more significant effect on customers buying decisions. 

Happily, doing this isn’t as laborious as it may seem at first. In fact, it is mostly about paying as much detail to the customer’s experience as possible. From when they first step into your business or search for your website all the way through to aftercare. In particular, making sure your buying process is easy and intuitive for your customers is essential. Oh, and being able to guarantee you can provide the products you need, within the time frame they want is important too. Additionally, providing an easily accessible customer service, that is focused around solving any problems is crucial. The reason being it will help you to go above, and beyond customers expectations to not just deliver, but delight as well. 

Mistakes and oversights most definitely come under the banner of PR and complaints as well. Whether they are from clients or employees, mostly because they have the potential to severely impact on the public’s opinion of your business negatively. 

To that end, you must minimise the chances of any mistakes occurring. Something that you can do by having transparent processes and procedures for any possible eventuality. Quality control is another vital aspect of preventing errors and oversights as well. Lastly, making sure you are covered even if things do go wrong is crucial here. After all, you can minimise the likelihood of mistakes but never eliminate them entirely. 

Happily, by investing in products such as Business Insurance from Krywolt if something does go wrong, your company will be protected and covered. Something that means you won’t have to find the money to fight a court case or pay compensation if things do not go in your favour. A situation that could not only damage your business’s reputation but wipeouts its bank account as well, causing further catastrophe and the inability to continue trading. 


Another essential way that you can help to safeguard your business is to make sure you stay ahead of your closest competitors. In fact, without an edge in the marketplace, your business can be left in the dust, even if your product and concept is sound.

Luckily, there are a range of methods you can use to stay ahead of your competition. One of these being to take pains to safeguard your intellectual property. In fact, with the exchange of information being so instantaneous now the spread of ideas happens at lightning speed. Of course, this is excellent news in terms of marketing, but not so useful if you want to stop plagiarism or cheap knock-offs being generated for a quarter of the price in China. 

With that in mind, making sure you protect your intellectual property is vital here. Something that you can do by applying for a copyright or a patent on your product or asset. Additionally, you can further protect your products by branding them in such a way that anyone buying cheap fakes will miss out on the entire experience. This being something that can be surprisingly effective, as, for many customers, the lifestyle that a product represents is just as important as the item itself. 


In summary, if your goal is to protect your business, there are several things you need to consider. The first is safeguarding it against crime and cybercrime. While the second is making sure you maintain a positive public image. Lastly, you need to be able to keep up with your competition. If your business is to be successful and to continue trading over the long term. 

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Construction Site Safety: Encouraging An Adherence To Safety In Staff

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Construction is an industry that is well-known for the hazards it can pose, due to the nature of the work it involves. Big machines, heavy lifting, dangerous environments; it all combines to make construction one of the most challenging industries in the world. 

As a construction company owner, you undoubtedly know all of the above, and will have done all you can to keep your workforce as safe as possible. You’ll have read the safety guidelines, done the research, and gone out of your way to make sure every construction site is as safe as possible; from supplying ear defenders to every member of staff to ensuring you use commercial air scrubbers to making sure workers are breathing clean air to using signage effectively around your sites – you’ve done the work, and your sites will be safer as a result. 

However, even if you are personally dedicated to safety, there is still an additional need to make sure that your staff share this commitment. Below, we’ve provided a few tips on how you can instill a safety-conscious attitude in those who work for you. 

Provide safety training and ongoing refreshers 

Ensuring that all members of staff understand the underlying principles of construction site safety is vital, and this is usually best achieved by providing thorough training to all new hires. However, training should always be continual, with refreshers and updates provided to staff on a regular basis. 

Be rigorous about following the rules yourself 

While you will no doubt do this anyway, it’s still worth mentioning due to how important it is for your workers to see you following safety guidelines. Whenever you are at a site, wear the right equipment and – if necessary – perform all the expected checks that are required. 

Encourage workers to come forward if they see safety practices being broken

Employees should know that if they witness unsafe practices on a construction site you own, they can report this to you. Make it clear to all staff that you just want to know if there is a problem, and that they should always come forward if they are concerned – after all, doing so is important for everyone working on the site. If at all possible, provide a mechanism whereby workers can report concerns anonymously, as this may help to encourage workers to come forward. 

Ask workers to raise issues with discomfort or unhappiness

Similar to the point above, workers should feel empowered to raise any issues they experience while working. If they are uncomfortable, in pain, or are otherwise finding the work troublesome to their well-being, they need to feel empowered to discuss this with upper management so that measures can be taken to try and resolve the problem. 

Involve workers in safety management 

Safety is not an issue that benefits from a “top down” approach – i.e. instructions being issued to workers and then enacted by front line staff who have not had the opportunity to contribute to the discussion. Ideally, safety should be much more inclusive, with members of staff actively involved in the decision-making process. You can ask staff to be involved in safety planning on every site you work on, and encourage regular meetings where workers can discuss existing safety practices and make amendments if necessary.

Be lenient if a staff member break the safety rules for the first time

It is not uncommon for construction company workers to penalize any member of staff who is observed to be working in a way that contravenes safety practices, but this approach can be unnecessarily harsh. While there is a need to take action if a worker continues to infringe upon safety rules, be very lenient in the first instance, focusing on correcting the behavior with additional training.

Reward positive behavior

One of the best ways to encourage an attitude of safety is to provide reward systems for good safety practices. This works particularly well for behaviors relating to safety equipment; if, for example, an employee wears all of their personal protective equipment every day for a week, then they become eligible for a reward of your choosing. 

In conclusion

Safety is something that everyone who works on a construction site needs to see as a paramount importance, and the tips above will help to encourage your employees to share your focus in this area. As a result, you should be able to mitigate many of the hazards associated with owning a construction company, and ensure that you and your workers are able to enjoy an all-around safer, healthier working environment.

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Keep Your Customer-Facing Staff As Safe As Possible

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It’s easy to discount the experience of someone working in retail, or in hospitality as a water or point of sale staff, as it’s a job many people work, and is often considered to be the lowest rung of said industries. But to continue discounting them and consider this work unskilled is patently wrong. An employee working at a cash register will encounter many situations in the course of one day that will require them to exercise their best judgement. Treating them as automatons will only show you your own biases as a manager, and odds are, this perspective will lead your staff turnover to be pretty high.

But it’s not enough to appreciate and care for the experience of those at the front line at your business. It is also essential to keep them as safe as you can. As you can imagine, continual and repeated contact with the public can potentially open them up to a higher statistical likelihood of danger, particularly in places such as liquor stores, where denial of service might be a regular occurence.

With our advice, you’ll keep them as safe as you can:

Allow Them To Refuse Service

It is essential you afford your staff the ability to view a situation and manage it to the degree they are comfortable. When staff face many customers in a day, there’s a chance that at least one of them will cause a problem. Alternatively, in order to enforce certain legal codes, they may have to refuse service completely. Allowing them to do this indiscriminately should they choose to can help them avoid further confrontation with someone who is being disrespectful, or who may be causing trouble.

Cover Them

CCTV integration is excellent in that it can help your staff have video evidence of an issue they might be facing, prove their worthwhile conduct, or even catch those who have bad intentions before they walk into the store. Additionally, with a security team member continually viewing these feeds, they can react to issues that a staff member may not otherwise be able to respond to. Additionally, if you have the chance for it, a panic button under their station could help them alert your security to trouble and will help them become much safer in the event of an incident.

Manage Them Well

It’s not as if the only risks your customer-facing staff face will come from your customers. How you manage them is important. Do they have access to appropriate breaks? Do they have a chair to sit in or are you making them stand in a stationary spot for a 10 hour shift? Do you have a means to allow them to report issues to you confidentially? How do you ensure they are energized and motivated? Can you identify burnout where you see it and how do you progress from there? It’s these questions that make you a better management, and then additionally help you enjoy a better workforce.

With this advice, you are certain to keep your customer-facing staff as safe as possible.

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