Measuring the Success of Your Recruitment Drive

Measuring the success of your recruitment efforts is important, whether or not you’re the one who makes the hiring decisions. By looking at your recruitment efforts as a whole and what does or doesn’t work for your company, you can get a good idea of how successful they are.

Here are some ways to measure the success of your recruitment efforts.

Number of qualified resumes received

One way to measure the success of your recruitment efforts is by looking at the number of qualified resumes you’ve received. This can be done by setting up a system that tracks how many resumes are received and then filters down to those that meet the qualifications you’re looking for. If you see that there’s been an increase in the number of qualified resumes, then it’s safe to say that your recruitment efforts are working!

Percentage of candidates interviewed who are offered the job

A common way to measure the success of your recruitment efforts is by looking at the percentage of candidates interviewed who are offered the job. This gives you a sense of how efficient your recruitment process is and how well it’s filtered through candidates. If you’re seeing a high number of offers being made to interviewed candidates, it means that your recruitment process is working well and that you’re attracting good candidates.

Time to fill a position

Time to fill a position is the average time it takes to fill an open position, from when the job is posted until the new employee starts working. This includes both the time it takes to find a qualified candidate and the time it takes to go through the hiring process.

Several factors can affect how long it takes to fill a position. One of the most important factors is how quickly you can find qualified candidates. If there are a lot of qualified candidates available, it will take less time to fill the position. If few qualified candidates are available, it will take longer to fill the position.

The hiring process can also affect how long it takes to fill a position. If the process is slow and bureaucratic, it will take longer to fill the position. If the process is quick and efficient, filling the position will take less time.

Candidate satisfaction ratings

Candidate satisfaction ratings are another way to measure the success of your recruitment efforts. By surveying candidates who have gone through the process, you can see how happy they are with the experience. This gives you a good idea of how well you’re meeting the needs of potential candidates and whether or not they would recommend your company to others.

If you’re seeing high satisfaction ratings from candidates, it means that you’re doing a good job of meeting their needs. If you’re seeing low satisfaction ratings, it means that there’s room for improvement in your recruitment process.

Cost per hire

Cost per hire is a metric used to measure the effectiveness of a company’s recruitment efforts. It is calculated by dividing the total cost of recruitment by the number of hires. This includes the costs of advertising, interviewing, testing, and hiring.

Several factors can affect the cost per hire. One of the most important factors is the type of recruitment campaign used. If a company is using a custom recruitment portal, the cost per hire will be higher than using a general job board. The time it takes to fill a position can also affect the cost per hire. If a company has a slow hiring process, the cost per hire will be higher.

Sources of hires by department or function

There are various ways to measure the sources of hires by department or function. One way is to look at how many candidates were hired from different sources. This can be done by dividing the number of hires by candidates. This will give you a percentage of how many candidates were hired from each source.

Another way to measure the sources of hires by department or function is to look at the number of hires from each source. This can be done by dividing the number of hires by the number of applicants. This will give you a percentage of how many applicants were hired from each source.


No matter which way you choose to measure the success of your recruitment efforts, it’s important to track data over time. This will allow you to see how well your campaigns are working and make necessary changes if needed. Are there any other ways that you would like us to help you measure the success of your recruitment efforts? Let us know in the comments below!

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8 Vital Annual Check Ups For Men

Annual check ups are important for both men and women. While there are some check ups that are specific to men, many of the same tests and screenings apply. 

Photo by Matheus Ferrero on Unsplash

Here Is A List Of Some Of The Most Important Check Ups For Men That Should Never Be Neglected:

Cholesterol Test

One of the most important tests you can get is a cholesterol test. High cholesterol can lead to heart disease and other serious health problems, so it’s essential to ensure your levels are healthy. In addition, a cholesterol test can help you determine your risk for heart disease and other health problems.

Prostate Exam

Another critical checkup for men is a prostate exam. The prostate is a gland that surrounds the male urethra and helps produce semen. Prostate cancer is the most common cancer in American men, so it’s important to get screened regularly for it. In addition, a prostate exam can help identify any problems with the prostate, including cancer.

Testicular Self-Exam

Monthly testicular self-exams are a vital part of detecting testicular cancer early. Testicular cancer is the most common cancer in young men, so it’s essential to be proactive about checking for it. In addition, testicular self-exams are easy to do and only take a few minutes.

Oral Hygiene Checkup

Another critical checkup for men is an oral hygiene checkup. Poor oral hygiene can lead to a number of health problems, including gum disease and even heart disease. An oral hygiene checkup can help you catch any issues with your oral health early before they get worse and determine if you need dental implants.

Blood Sugar Test

Another important checkup for men is a blood sugar test. Diabetes is becoming increasingly common, and it’s essential to catch it early if you do have it. In addition, a blood sugar test can help you determine if you have diabetes and get treatment if necessary.

Screening for Colon Cancer

One of the most important tests for men is a screening for colon cancer. Colorectal cancer is the third leading cause of cancer deaths in American men, so it’s essential to get screened regularly. In addition, screening for colon cancer can help detect the disease early when it’s most treatable.

Vision Test

Regular eye exams are important for everyone, but especially for older men. As men age, their eyesight tends to deteriorate, so it’s important to get regular eye exams to make sure you’re seeing your best. In addition, a vision test can help catch any problems with your vision early, before they get worse.

Mental Health Checkup

Men are much less likely than women to seek help for mental health problems, but that doesn’t mean they don’t exist. Men are just as likely as women to suffer from depression, anxiety, and other mental health problems. Therefore, it’s vital to get a mental health checkup every year to make sure you’re staying healthy mentally.

In Conclusion

By getting annual checkups, you can help to ensure that your health is in the best possible shape. Make sure to talk to your doctor about which checkups are right for you.

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Tips For Looking After Your Dental Health

Looking after your dental health and specifically, your teeth are of paramount importance to your physical health and mental wellbeing. Each of your teeth does many different jobs to help you eat, talk, and even give shape to your face. Having a healthy smile can make you feel better on the inside and the outside and here are some ways to achieve that and help look after your dental health. 

Photo credit; Lesley Juarez from unsplash  

Brush your teeth 

Of course, the most important proactive step you can take is to brush your teeth twice a day with fluoride toothpaste. You should brush your teeth for at least two minutes at a time and ensure that you have brushed every tooth thoroughly. If you need to, set yourself a timer to ensure your brushing isn’t cut short. 

Together with brushing your teeth, you should also floss in between your teeth every day after brushing to help remove any build-up that your toothbrush has not been able to reach. 

Regular dental checkups

The dentist can be a sensitive subject for some however regardless of how you might feel about a trip to the dentist it is a necessary appointment to keep. A dentist will be able to detect any potential problems with your teeth or oral health at the early stages which could prevent you from considerable suffering and expense. The longer dental problems are left untreated the harder they become to fix and the more pain and suffering they are likely to cause. What is more, even when you look after your teeth thoroughly there may still be issues that arise that only a dentist can address. 

Dentists can offer a wide range of treatments from fillings to root canals. They can also perform cosmetic dentistry such as dental implants or teeth whitening, all of which can have a positive effect on your dental health and mental well-being. 

Look at your lifestyle

Your lifestyle choices can also have an effect on your dental health so it is important you are aware of the impact some of your daily choices might have. Firstly, cutting down on sugary foods and drinks will help to prevent tooth decay from occurring. This includes the obvious things such as sweets and fizzy drinks but also limiting fruit juices to one glass a day and being mindful of the fact that foods such as jams, cereals, and dried fruit can also have high sugar content, which should be monitored. 

Alcohol has also been thought to have an adverse effect on your oral hygiene as it can erode the outer surface of the teeth. When this happens the enamel will start to decline and you may need fillings or experience tooth sensitivity. Food and drink with a high acidic content will also contribute to the reduction of enamel and should therefore be limited also. 

Smoking is also known to be bad for your oral health as it will cause yellow staining on your teeth, bad breath, and an increased risk of gum disease.

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Ways to Take Some Responsibilities Off Your Shoulders in the Office

In the office, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed with responsibilities. From handling customer inquiries to completing reports, there always seems to be too much work to do. But don’t worry. Here are some ways you can take some responsibilities off your shoulders.

1. Delegate tasks to other employees.

It’s easy to assume that you have the only expertise necessary for a task. However, everyone in the office possesses some talents. Talk to your employees about their skills – they may even be willing to take on extra work in return for more paid time off or other benefits. Even if employees are assigned tasks outside of their normal duties, they’ll feel valued and appreciated, which will help your office operate more smoothly.

2. Outsource work to freelancers or agencies.

We live in a global economy, where clients expect 24/7 service! Freelancers can easily manage projects for you because they are dedicated to their craft without the distractions of office life. Furthermore, outsourcing allows you to focus on your business instead of your business’s administrative work. For example, is a company that can help you with B2B lead generation. You can also hand off your employee hiring, IT management, marketing and PR tasks, and many more to expert businesses, letting you work more efficiently as they produce high-quality output.

3. Automate tasks and processes with technology.

There is a multitude of apps and tools that can help make life easier in the office: from project management software like Trello, to automation services such as Zapier, there are countless ways you can save yourself time and money. For example, you can use web apps such as Slite to take notes and collaborate with your team on projects.

4. Find time for well-deserved breaks.

It’s all too easy to work overtime without a break or even forgoing personal time in favor of professional pursuits. However, well-deserved breaks will allow you to de-stress and focus on the tasks at hand once more. Everyone needs some time away from work, so plan breaks into your schedule just as you would meetings or events.

5. Make sure all employees are accountable for their work.

Everyone should have a copy of job descriptions that list daily tasks, weekly projects, and monthly quotas. If employees are solely responsible for meeting their own goals, they’ll be more likely to complete them in a timely fashion.

6. Know when to step back from a project.

In some cases, taking some of the responsibility off your shoulders doesn’t actually mean doing less work. In fact, you may need to do more work as a project manager or liaison between different departments. If you feel overwhelmed, know that it’s okay to pass on some responsibilities to others who have more expertise or time to devote to a task.

7. Keep track of everything you need to do and accomplish daily.

Tasks can easily slip through the cracks if you’re not keeping tabs on them, so keep a record of tasks that need to be done in order for your business to run smoothly. Whether you use a spreadsheet or a business app like Slite, make sure to tick off each task as it is completed.

8. Learn to say “no” to tasks that you can no longer accomplish.

If you feel like your plate is full and there’s no more room for responsibilities, it’s okay to tell others that you can no longer take on additional tasks. By saying “no,” you’re not only giving yourself a break but also ensuring that the task can be completed by someone who either has more time to work on it or has better skills and knowledge than can be used for the specific project.

9. Don’t worry too much about minor details.

Have you ever read 60 pages of a report and realized there’s one typo? Avoid such issues by marking your drafts as incomplete if they’re not up to par, then come back to them after you’ve drafted the whole report. Better yet, get someone else to review your work. This is also true for emails, messages, and any other communique that need to be sent out. Once you’ve completed a draft, have at least one other person check over the content before sending it on its way.

10. Don’t spread yourself too thin.

It’s important to devote time to each project, which means focusing on one task at a time to ensure a good quality outcome. If you constantly try to work on multiple things in a short period of time, you run the risk of making more mistakes and having to redo them all.

Remember that delegating your tasks doesn’t mean you’re shirking responsibility – it just means you’re taking advantage of the expertise in your office. This will help everyone in the workplace succeed!

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Improving Your Digital Campaigns with Tested Techniques

These days, without proper promotions, boosting your business is impossible. Marketing is the backbone of any business. Even established companies take their time in constantly improving their advertising techniques to keep their existing market or gather new customers. Given that marketing is a core in business, startups must focus on this aspect to effectively tell their target clients what their brand is all about.

With successful marketing comes solid branding. Once you have established a memorable identity, appealing to audiences and maintaining your client pool will be a breeze. You can use multiple methods to boost your marketing in the digital world. Although utilizing traditional mediums is still essential, you should also tap into new channels, especially those on the web, to get a broader client reach. You must follow specific steps to make your brand known on the web, and below are some of them.

Build Your Online Presence

Without a platform and an audience to appeal to, going through the rest of this checklist is impossible. To improve your digital marketing, you first must establish your online presence and garner customers.

After creating a website and making accounts on various social media platforms, the next thing you should do is publish pictures and blog posts to introduce your brand. Interacting with your clients, like replying to their comments and private messages, will boost your engagement.

Improve Your Website

It’s more likely for your potential clients to voice their queries or check out your brand using your socials since its interface is friendlier. Still, some look at your official website because it signifies your business’s legitimacy.

With this in mind, you need to keep enhancing your company website. You should focus on improving the loading speed, layout, and information to ensure that it can be of excellent help to visitors.

Learn How to Use SEO

Website traffic is vital to a business page. Without traffic brought on by visitors, no one can see the content you upload. The web has thousands of websites, and you must compete with all of them for the people’s attention-something SEO can help you with.

When you know which keywords to use and how to craft SEO-optimized content, you can climb up the rankings in search engines and make your website visible.

Upload Timely and Relevant Content

Like SEO, you also must be consistent with your uploads. No one wants to read an article from years before, especially if they’re looking for solutions for their current queries.

When you write about recent affairs, you’ll have more visitors since you’ll be one of the many writing about something that still has limited information. Adding pictures to your content and coding them with alt tags will help direct people to your website, effectively enhancing your traffic.

Build Credibility

You can’t close any deals when people look at you and what they see is a sketchy business. Building credibility is one thing that’s great with marketing. When you boost your promotions, you also bare your mission and vision, plus become more transparent.

This part makes it easier for customers to trust you. With great marketing, you increase sales and establish a trustworthy reputation.

Get In-house Talents

While you’re starting, it’s best to try and accomplish the imperative parts of marketing on your own. However, as your operations grow, so will your reach and the number of tasks, making it a must to hire a few other professionals. With in-house talents, you can create promotional materials right away and roll them out in an instant, letting you quickly latch on to trends.

If hiring people is still not within your budget, but you need all hands on deck, you can employ third-party resources. For instance, you can outsource an accounting service and let them handle your books and inventory. You can also choose to work with those just starting in their field to help hone their talents and become their stepping stone in the industry.

Tap into Traditional Mediums

Modern needs require modern solutions, so it’s only fitting to use new techs for present demands. However, it would be best to consider all sides of your consumer spectrum to craft a foolproof digital marketing strategy. Not everyone in your clientele will have constant access to the internet; some might not even have social media accounts.

Granted that they all can use your services or products, you now have to find avenues to reach them besides online channels. For example, you can use electronic billboards along highways or the smaller ones in malls to advertise your brand. Buying ad space in television, magazines, radio, and newspapers will also boost your promotions and help you attract clients.

There are different areas in marketing, but what you must focus on at present is your digital platforms. When you can expertly use your channels for your digital marketing, you broaden your reach and enhance overall operations.

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5 Things You’ll Need For A Backcountry Adventure

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When people want a break from everyday life, they’ll go on a vacation somewhere. But, most folks will choose holidays to typical destinations like resorts, city centers, or coastal areas. The thing is, you’re here because you want a different kind of vacation.

What you’d like to do is go on a backcountry adventure and go completely off-grid. If you’ve never been on such a vacation before, the good news is that planning for one isn’t as complicated or scary as it seems. Here’s a few essentials that you’ll need for your future backcountry adventure:

1. Capable Transport

Let’s face it: the last thing you would do is traverse dirt tracks or snowy roads in rural locations in a small compact car. That’s why it makes sense to have the right vehicle before you embark on your journey into the backcountry.

SUVs are the popular choice because they can go off-road yet also offer plenty of comfort and luxury. The price of used SUVs is low enough to be affordable to most people, so obtaining one shouldn’t be an issue financially.

2. Food And Water

Next, you must ensure you have more than enough food and water for the duration of your trip to the backcountry.

Always pack extra things to eat and drink in case of delays or emergencies during your trip. Remember, you can always consume unused food and drink when you return home.

It makes sense to pack food that mostly has a long shelf life, such as packaged or canned goods. Also, take an insulated cooler box with you to keep perishable items with a short shelf life from spoiling.

3. Shelter

You’re unlikely to spend your time sleeping in your SUV or whatever vehicle you plan to take a road trip to the backcountry. With that in mind, it’s a good idea to take the right shelter to use for the duration of your trip.

Consider purchasing a durable, high-quality construction tent that’s simple enough to erect and big enough for your needs. You’ll also need other items like a sleeping bag, mat, and groundsheet.

4. First Aid Kit

No one wants to think about getting injured during a vacation. However, one fact you cannot avoid is that it sometimes happens. For that reason, you should take a first aid kit with you in case of any emergencies.

Whether you purchase a pre-packaged one or you create it yourself, your first aid kit should have all the essential items you need to tend to any minor injuries.

5. Appropriate Clothing And Footwear

Last but not least, you will need to pack suitable clothing and footwear for your vacation to the backcountry. For example, if you’re going to a snow-covered location, you shouldn’t wear shorts and a t-shirt during the day!

Always research the likely weather conditions and temperatures when you wish to go and pack clothing and footwear appropriate to those conditions and temperatures.

Also, pack more items than you need if you need to change your clothing more frequently than anticipated.

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7 Simple Restaurant Renovation Upgrades To Increase Sales

If your restaurant is located in an area where there are several establishments with similar cuisines, it is time to make some changes. Even if you have a regular customer base that loves the food and atmosphere of your restaurant, they may not be coming as often because they can find something very similar somewhere else. You need to give your customers a reason to come back again and again.

See below for seven small renovations you can implement into your restaurant that will help increase sales:

1. Increase Visibility

For some reason, so many restaurant owners fail to realize how vital visibility is when it comes to attracting passers-by or customers who are driving by. They think that the only way people will be able to see their establishment is if they stop the car and get out. However, this isn’t true at all! You can promote your business even more if you make changes to your exterior design.

  • Add a sign along the sidewalk with large lettering that advertises your name
  • Put an awning over the front door for rainy days or summer heatwaves
  • Paint murals on the outside walls of your establishment
  • Include messages or advertisements related to your menu items directly on the windows of your restaurant

2. Organize The Dining Area

If the dining area of your restaurant is in such disarray that you can barely find a seat (let alone a clean one), then it is time to make some changes. Customers will not be happy if they cannot sit down and enjoy their meal when they arrive, especially if there are people waiting around, trying to be seated. Not only that, but think of how uncomfortable the staff feels when they are trying to serve customers while dodging other employees and guests in a cramped dining area.

3. Bring In the Greenery

A lot of restaurateurs forget that there are a number of small, artificial ways they can promote the idea of “green” and freshness in their restaurant. Buy artificial green moss for your windows, which will appear to be growing right on the other side. Add artificial plants for some color and life throughout your establishment.

These are just a couple of ways you can bring nature indoors. Customers love being able to eat their food among plants and flowers because it makes them feel like they’re not in an ordinary restaurant.

4. Improve Lighting

Many restaurateurs make the mistake of thinking that lighting is not an essential part of their restaurant’s design. However, it can play a huge role in determining whether customers will come into your establishment again. When potential customers drive by at night and see that your place is poorly lit with burnt-out bulbs, they will assume you don’t care about your business.

If necessary, install brighter lights around the entrance and sidewalk near the door, so passers-by will be able to see inside your restaurant.

5. Upgrade Kitchen Appliances

Kitchen appliances are often an area where restaurateurs try to cut expenses, especially if they have been in the business for many years and their equipment is still in working order. But, appliances can take a lot of wear and tear over time, which means there will come the point when you need to replace them.

For example, you may need to buy a larger refrigerator since your restaurant is now growing in popularity and has turned into more of an establishment where people come for drinks as well as food. You can keep up with the most recent appliances on the market by asking your suppliers what is most popular right now.

6. Upgrade the Furniture

If your chairs are rickety, the tables are outdated, and your booths look like they came out of a 1970s movie, then you probably won’t see many customers sitting down in your establishment. Customers will feel uneasy sitting in furniture that looks dirty or worn out, especially when there isn’t enough seating for everyone that comes through your door.

7. Fix Your Signage

One of the biggest ways restaurateurs can attract more business is by having a sign that’s easy to see from the street. A lot of people are on the go when they drive, so if your restaurant isn’t easy to find, then you are missing out on lots of potential customers. After all, how do you expect to get people in the door if they don’t see your restaurant from the street?

Renovating your restaurant doesn’t have to be expensive or time-consuming. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by all the changes that need to be made, start with one small change at a time and work your way up. Not only will this help increase sales in your restaurant, but it will also make the environment more comfortable for both customers and employees.

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Looking for Implants? Go to a Private Dentist in Nottingham!

Losing one or more of your teeth can have a major impact on your self-esteem. Aesthetically, your smile isn’t the same when all of your teeth aren’t there, and you know it. It can make you not want to smile freely and be self-conscious when you do. You may choose to avoid the click of a camera, but in this digital age, you know it’s futile. The fact is, having missing teeth can also cause further damage to any remaining natural teeth that you have; your face can lose its structure, and you can develop a shrunken look. The good news is: you can change all of this with dental implants.

What are dental implants?

Dental implants are titanium screws that can be attached to the jawbone, where you have missing teeth. They act as roots for the replacement teeth, and as such, they are firmly fixed in place. The body’s tissue grows over the screws to which replacement teeth of crowns, dentures or bridges may be fixed.

What are the advantages of choosing dental implants?

Dental implants can be a great solution to missing teeth because they act like natural teeth. When you have implants, you won’t need to change your diet. This means that you can continue to go out for lunch with friends, and you won’t need to feel self-conscious about eating nor will you have to worry about smiling as your teeth should look amazing too!

Another benefit of implants is the fact that they are easy to maintain. Simply brush and floss as normal, and visit your private dentist in Nottingham for your routine oral hygiene checkups. If you look after your implants in this way, you could find that they last a lifetime! The advantage of choosing implants for convenience can also include the fact that you won’t need to buy any special cleaners, and you won’t need to remember to remove them at bedtime.

If you still want more advantages, don’t forget that implants can make you look younger. Yes, you read that right! Implants can add structure back into the face if it has developed a shrunken look where teeth are missing. By choosing implants, you could not only have an aesthetically pleasing smile but also a fresh look for your whole face – what’s not to love about that?

Anything else I need to know about dental implants?

Implants can be given under local anaesthetic. When the screws are fitted, you will need temporary replacement teeth attached to them. Once your mouth has healed, you can then return for the permanent replacement teeth to be attached in a couple of months or so.

To find out more, simply book in with your dentist for an initial consultation to find out whether implants are the right treatment for you. Some patients don’t have enough bone density in their jawbone to attach the screws to it. But don’t worry if this is the case as your dentist may also be able to offer a bone graft first.

Whatever your concerns about your smile are, if you have missing teeth, dental implants are well worth a visit to the dentist to see whether you can change your smile for the better. You’ve got this!

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The Importance of Child Dentistry

No child likes being dragged by their parents to see their dentist Harley Street, but as the incidence of childhood tooth decay continues to rise in the UK, it is now more important than ever before that your child attends dental checkups.

Baby teeth

Many adults are unaware but baby teeth are actually significantly thinner than adult teeth. The enamel is at a higher risk of decay, and as children generally are more prone to eating sweets, this can create a storm of potential dental issues.

And while it is easy to assume that due to baby teeth not being permanent their importance is not as high, having them removed early due to decay can be detrimental to the adult teeth that form behind them.

Luckily, there are many ways that a dental professional can protect baby teeth. The use of fluoride sealants in child dentistry creates an additional barrier against the acids and bacteria in the mouth that can cause tooth decay. Hence why it is so important for your child to attend biannual dental checkups.


Many parents are aware that in the UK, dental teams typically assess children for signs of orthodontic issues by the age of 7.

The early prevention of orthodontic issues can have lifelong benefits to the children and their oral and general health. Not only are braces free in the UK for children under the age of 18, but the use of braces is generally considered more tolerable than orthodontic care later in life. And while your child is unlikely to thank you for this when the braces are first fitted, it is almost certain that they will be grateful in their adult years as they would have a healthier mouth and straighter smile.

Fear of dentistry

There has been a wealth of research into why adult patients are phobic of attending dental checkups.

And, not surprisingly, it seems to point towards exposure to poor dental care in the early years of life, particularly under the age of 6. It is also suggested that phobias in adult life may also be due to attending dental checkups when there are more severe issues, such as the need to extract teeth.

This is why many dental teams will recommend that you bring your child to their first dental appointment by the age of 1 or when their first baby tooth has begun to show; whichever is earlier.

This will help them to become more familiar with the procedures that surround dental checkups, the noises and smells of the surgery and, of course, what is involved. If you too are phobic of the dentist it may be wise to have another family member attend the appointment with your child. This is because children instinctively pick up on the energies of the adults that are accompanying them, and if you are phobic, your child is likely to feel very scared and unsure in this new environment.

Moreover, research has shown that early exposure to dental surgeries and dental professionals has a lasting impact. Adults who were exposed to dental surgeries within the first 6 years of their life without issue generally have better oral health in their adult years.

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Dental Implants Improving Health

Teeth allow for chewing and digesting our food as nature intended, but sometimes we lose teeth for a variety of reasons. We may suffer tooth damage or even tooth loss as a result of an accident or poor oral hygiene, which is an area that dentists have become particularly focused on recently. Avoiding tooth loss requires routine maintenance by the patient coupled with regular dental visits. Those visits to the dentist and hygienist are crucial in the maintenance of a patient’s teeth and gums so that teeth are retained.

What we eat and drink

While food and drink are necessary to keep us alive, the wrong diet will affect our teeth adversely, so it is important to discuss diets with your dentist. Not only is our diet the way we stay healthy, but it is also the way that we can keep our mouths healthy. Too many sugary drinks and too much sugar in food will eventually cause problems to develop both for teeth and overall health.

A more natural alternative

Trying to live with lost teeth can be challenging and, depending on the number of teeth lost, could result in a change of diet. How well we can chew affects our digestive system, and it is, therefore, vital that we try to chew our food properly. However, this is difficult if a patient has lost several teeth. Dental science has strived to find a way of replacing teeth that was closer to the way natural teeth work.

A new discovery that changed dentistry

Dental implants Hertfordshire has embraced the technology of the 50s, now giving us the most natural-looking way to replace lost teeth. The advances since the first implant have been phenomenal and have brought relief to millions of people around the world. Many patients can enjoy a more natural tooth replacement that requires the same maintenance as natural teeth.

Procedure of choice

Dental implants have become the procedure of choice wherever possible to replace either a single tooth, several teeth or a mouthful of teeth. The technology is so advanced that it is now possible to support an entire mouthful of teeth by using only four dental implants. Of course, a very thorough and careful examination is required before treatment can begin; this must include a complete medical history of the patient, including all treatments and medication taken over the preceding years.

Precision of modern technology

The latest developments allow for computer-aided guidance when locating the titanium post required to act as the root, which is inserted into the jawbone. This ensures that the replacement tooth is placed in exactly the correct location where the original tooth was located. Design and colouring to match a patient’s existing tooth have been developed over the decades to ensure accuracy.


A dental implant can be treated in the same way as natural teeth, which means regular brushing, flossing and dental visits. Dental implants require the same care and attention that is given to natural teeth and gums to maintain them.

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