Surefire Ways to Live a Long and Happy Life

No matter how positive your aura is, there are times you may feel overwhelmed and beaten down by life. In some instances, it may feel like nothing can cheer you up. However, as human beings, we live life with grit, and no matter what curveballs life throws at us, we overcome it and move forward. In this article, we show you how you can improve the quality of your life by giving you tips to live long and stay happy.

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Do the Things You Love

While this may sound like a cliche statement, doing the things you love is one of the pieces of advice that stand the test of time. Whether you love your career, spending time with friends, or a hobby, immersing yourself in it allows you to live a happy and fulfilling life. Allow yourself to enjoy the process without worrying about outcomes, as worry only reduces the quality of an experience.

Use Your Phone Well

The world is quickly going digital, and you can see it in how people spend their time. Today, the average adult spends approximately four hours a day on their phone.

However, your smartphone can serve your mission towards a long and healthy life. If you use your phone well, you can achieve a happy, healthy life. Your phone can help you stick to a schedule, plan and execute your diet, plan healthy meals and learn new recipes, and learn about exercise as you keep track of your progress.

Learn and Prioritize Self-care

With the current state of affairs, it is possible to get immersed in day-to-day activities and forget that we should take care of some of our personal needs. However, to live a long and healthy life, you need to acknowledge that your body allows you to experience the world, and you need to give back to it. Instead of allowing your body to stay tired and sluggish, you should prioritize self-care. Eat a healthy diet, drink water and exercise, read books and do the things that excite your body and soul. Despite a busy schedule, you should make time for your body.

Make Positive Changes

It is a universal law that we attract what we focus on. But, unfortunately, we lend most of our energy to negative thinking patterns and habits. To start attracting better things into your reality, you need to make some changes in your life. 

Some of the adjustments you can make include spending time with those who matter to you, quitting bad habits such as smoking, drinking, eating junk food, and incorporating exercise into your daily routine. You can also pick up a new hobby or rekindle your love for old hobbies and see how much energy and positivity you can pump into your day.

Bottom Line

Life can get busy and tedious. However, you can incorporate the above tips into your life and make some positive changes. Remember, your body allows you to experience everything around you. Therefore, it is only fair that you make time to adjust and enjoy life as it comes.

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Preparing Teens for the Real World: Life Skills Schools Should Teach in 2021

We think only adults suffered during this period. But teens surely had trouble, too. The pandemic distorted their view of the real world, making it scary instead of exciting. The reopening of schools didn’t help much; many kids continue to stay at home due to the rising COVID-19 cases.

This can make one wonder, “what if another crisis happened again?” While pessimism is the last thing we need right now, we can’t afford another pandemic or any other crisis to catch us by surprise again. Sure, we’ll never be prepared enough for crises, but we don’t have to feel helpless against it.

As such, teens should start learning useful skills in school. And not just cooking and cleaning; rather, skills that will help them keep their lives put together in case outside help isn’t available.

Without further ado, these are the skills schools should start teaching teens in 2021:

1. Basic HVAC Repair and Maintenance

Now that everyone’s staying at home for longer periods, HVAC systems work harder than usual. If the machine suffers a problem, it’s easy to call a repairman. But some HVAC issues require only quick troubleshooting. Calling a pro would’ve been a waste of your money and theirtime.

Likewise, relying on a pro for basic HVAC maintenance is a waste of money. So teens should learn to do it instead. Besides, they’re typically possessive of their spaces. They don’t like it when a stranger comes in, even to repair appliances.

Basic HVAC maintenance is just replacing air filters every three months or so. Onthe other hand, basic repairs can be a little complicated in the start, as it requires an ensemble of tools. But once teens get the hang of it, opening up an HVAC unit and changing its parts will be second nature to them.

2. Cleaning Gutters

A roof replacement is one of the most expensive home repairs ever. But if you maintain your gutters well, you’re less likely to deal with costly roof issues. Hence, schools should begin teaching teens how to clean gutters.

Gutters are often filled with debris during the fall. So the reopening of classes is the perfect time to teach gutter cleaning. Also, teens should learn how to tell if a gutter is already beyond fixing. This will teach them a greater sense of responsibility.

3. Basic Car Repairs

Teens as young as 13 start being interested in driving. By their 16th, they can already have a license. If their car breaks down on their way to school or home, they’d be helpless if they can’t perform basic car repairs.

Teens can learn the following repairs from school, even just by reading books or referring to visual aids:

  • Changing oils
  • Changing a flat tire
  • Changing batteries
  • Changing spark plugs
  • Replacing windshield wipers
  • Replacing air filters
  • Replacing a headlight or tail light
  • Changing brake pads
  • Jumpstarting a car

In addition, teens should know how to use the various tools and equipment for repairing cars. For example, if the tires are out of alignment, a teen should name a durable alignment car lift as the equipment that will fix the problem. Being familiar with car repair tools and equipment allows teens to make smart decisions when maintaining their own autos.

4. Transportation Skills

Just because a teen has a driving license doesn’t mean they should throw commuting out the window. It may seem like common sense is the only skill needed to use public transport, but navigating and safety skills are important, too. When teens are in an unfamiliar place, it won’t be easy to reach their destination without navigation skills. And if they’re riding a cab alone at night, for example, their safety skills can save their lives should a threat faces them.

5. Emotion Regulation Skills

Many Millennial and older Gen Z employees suffer from mental health issues. Their problems worsened during the pandemic. Though the causes of poor mental health vary, we can attribute a common root cause: a lack of emotion regulation skills.

True enough, people from older generations were never taught to be attuned to their emotions. They were seen as unprofessional or “bratty” when they became emotional.Thankfully, millennials are changing that, creating a safer environment for Gen Zs.

So from now, schools should also teach emotion regulation to prevent personality problems due to repressed emotions. This will help teens stay emotionally and mentally healthy if another crisis occurs.

These life skills are essential in living a healthy lifestyle. Remember, health isn’t just about nutrition. It’s also about mental and emotional stability and the ability to run a happy, peaceful household.

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The Importance of Receiving Dental Treatment Throughout Life.

Why are visits to the dental practice important?

Whilst it would be a dream for every human being to have the perfect set of teeth and the most beautiful smile going, this is rarely the case which is why regular dental visits are important. With our time being filled with exciting and mundane things such as work it is all too easy to take our teeth for granted and putting off the visit to the Dentist Brentwood becomes second nature. However, with daily life being so busy it is very easy for our oral hygiene processes at home to deteriorate which in time can cause more serious dental problems. Improving or maintaining a high level of oral hygiene at home is essential and therefore during your dental appointments, you can learn ways to improve the cleaning process which in turn protects your mouth more.

Working on your overall oral hygiene has never been easier. To begin the hygiene appointment the teeth, mouth and gums will all be assessed so that it is understood where what the starting point is. This thorough inspection, which generally only occurs within the dental practice, enables the dental team to find any potential issues which may be starting to occur or are already in place, then tackle the issue using preventative methods so as to avoid further damage. Educating patients on daily home oral care is so important which is why during a check-up or hygiene appointment the patient will be informed of the best methods and equipment to use. Attending regular appointments along with a highly effective oral hygiene process in your daily life ensures that the highest quality of care is being implemented which in turn puts the preventative measures in place.

Dental check-ups, a waste of your hard-earned money?

Without pain or discomfort, it is very easy to gain a false sense of security, this is one of the reasons it is of high importance to keep on top of the appointments. For some people, covering the costs of these appointments may cause concern, which is why we recommend discussing this with your dental team. Your oral health is important as it is strongly connected to your overall health. Your oral health does not need to suffer, discuss your payment options with your dental team today.

The good news is that by attending regular dental check-ups, the need for more extensive and expensive treatments and procedures are greatly reduced along with the overall benefits to your health, you cannot go wrong.

Teamwork and commitment.

From the age of 6 months your dental team will work with you and continue to support you throughout your life. Whether comfortable within the dental practice or suffering from nerves, your dental team will ensure that your experience is as positive as possible and continue to provide as much support as possible throughout each appointment. By working together your smile is kept as safe as possible, as is your overall oral health.

All patients are encouraged to seek further information on anything mentioned in this article from their local dental practice before undergoing any treatments or procedures.

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Positive Changes to Make In Your Life

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The past year and a half has helped many of us reevaluate our lives. The coronavirus and Covid-19 pandemic has placed many of us under stress and has taken us away from the things we love. We’ve got a newfound importance placed on health and wellbeing. We’ve learnt to appreciate the freedom of doing what we want to do. We’ve grown to understand how much we can miss our nearest and dearest. In short, many of us are now trying to change our lives for the better, to make the most of every day. Here are some positive changes you can implement to maximise your life.

Quit Bad Habits

We all have bad health habits of some sort. Some people smoke. Some drink too regularly. Some eat too much sugar. Some eat too many takeaways. Do what you can to cut back on these habits. Quit smoking. Reduce your alcohol intake. Reduce sugar and implement a proper dental care routine. Make healthy meals instead of opting for takeaways, ready meals and other junk food. Having a good base level of health and wellness is important for being able to avoid illness and to live your life to the utmost.

Make Time for Loved Ones

All too many of us dedicate too much of our time to one area of our life. We might spend the majority of our time working and focusing on our careers. We may solely dedicate time to our partner. We might get tied up in a hobby. Instead, you need to learn to better distribute your time to ensure that you get to see enough of all of your loved ones. Seeing family, friends and other important people to us can give us a greater sense of happiness and wellbeing. If you’re tight for time, you can start out with a few extra messages, some phone calls or a video call. If you can, try to arrange visits. Whether that’s a quick cup of tea or a dedicated day out, it will help to put a smile on your face and build stronger bonds with your nearest and dearest.

Pick Up Hobbies

Many of us associate hobbies with children. We think of kids clubs and passing passions. But there’s no reason that adults can’t have hobbies too. Having a hobby or interest can give you something to look forward to. It can give you something to work on and improve. It can introduce you to others with similar interests. It’s altogether a positive addition to your life. So, think of something you’ve wanted to do or try for a while. It could be a team sport. It could be learning a language. It could be learning to play an instrument. It could be arts and crafts, baking, hiking… the list goes on and on.

The options outlined above are just a few suggestions that could implement some positive change in your life. Hopefully, one of them will speak to you and you’ll be able to implement it into your routine!

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The Benefits of Following Your Passion When Choosing Your Career

The Benefits of Following Your Passion When Choosing Your Career

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Few things can be more draining than pursuing a career that you don’t desire. Unfortunately, that is the case for many people in the working world. According to CBS News, 51% of people have careers they have no interest in. For that reason, their work engagement level is based on monthly earnings and other financial benefits. Moreover, a Forbes survey revealed that people wish to exchange their passionless careers for other interests but cannot due to certain factors. Are you stuck in a job you wished you could change? Regardless of your answer, find out what the benefits are when you follow your passion when choosing your career.

Self-motivation remains high

Usually, people perform below expectations when they lack the motivation to do so. Inspiration to work must go beyond your monthly paycheck. Instead, it should be your willingness and commitment to give more of yourself in the job or profession you’re engaged in. Moreover, several research papers support that personal interest in a job is directly linked to performance and turnover. When your career is aligned with your interests, you can set higher professional goals. Experts say doing what you love predisposes you to an inner desire to go above and beyond.

It helps you utilize your best strengths

A CBS survey revealed that persons engaged in their chosen careers tend to be less frustrated. Indeed, it is natural if you do not display great mastery over every assignment. However, the tendency to give off your best strength is highest because of a personal drive to succeed at what you do. For example, if you choose to become a health coach because of your passion for helping people attain their fitness goals, you will most likely succeed and receive greater fulfilment.

It is a psychological drive usually exhibited by individuals who turn their passions into a career. People know they are good at what they do, but the urge to show their best is greatly diminished when in the wrong environment. However, it’s almost impossible to feel frustration over a challenging piece of work in the right environment.

A consistent drive to meet high standards

Have you ever wondered why certain people can meet high standards consistently? Indeed, hard work, determination, commitment, and other personal values contribute to this result. However, many fail to realize that these individuals achieve consistently high standards because of their love for their jobs. Indeed, work is more enjoyable when your passion is closely related to your career choice under the right conditions. For this reason, you can set new and higher goals for yourself and improve your skill-set simultaneously.

Fortunately, you will continue to set, break records and reset higher standards for yourself. That is the joy of linking your passion to your career. Furthermore, consistent standards drive innovation, and if you have employers, you will become a valuable employee. If you own and run a company, that means business growth. Hopefully, you’ll consider these benefits as you decide on your future career path. 

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Compelling Reasons Why You Should Smile More

Compelling Reasons Why You Should Smile More

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Often you may think that smiling is a reflex reaction in response to things that inspire laughter. However, this may be untrue because there are many health benefits of smiling. A beautiful smile begins with beautiful teeth. Beautiful teeth are the sum total of good oral hygiene and some procedures that may advise you to do to ensure yours is a perfect smile. 

Smile To Live Longer

Smiling to live longer may be by far the most compelling reason for you to smile. According to research, smiling associates with living longer because happy people enjoy better health. Smiling can be an intentional choice that boosts your health, mood, and other people’s mood.

Smile To Relieve Stress

These days stress is inevitable at times. It would be best to smile more to avoid being bogged down by life’s daily challenges and stressful things. Smiling will prevent you from looking overwhelmed, worn out and tired. More importantly, it reduces stress. Even a fake smile helps to relieve stress. 

Smile To Feel Positive

It is difficult to think of something negative with a smile on your face. Smiling, whether forced or not, helps you stay positive. It sends positive information to your brain and the rest of your body.

Smile To Elevate Mood

Smiling whenever you feel down will boost your mood positively. This is because smiling activates brain paths that influence your emotions for the better. By smiling, you trick your brain into entering a state of happiness. It triggers neuropeptides’ release essential for improving neural communication and neurotransmitters like dopamine that boost your mood.

Smile To Make Other People Smile

Smiling can be contagious and can light up a room. It can change the mood of others around you positively. Your brain notices and even interprets the facial expressions of others. So you may find that you smile after seeing someone else smile.

Smile To Boost Your Immune System

Smiling improves your general health by boosting your immune system, making it function effectively. In addition, it makes you more relaxed and contributes to the release of neurotransmitters that help improve your immune system’s functioning.

Smile To Lower Blood Pressure

Smiling causes an increase in your heart rate and breathing which can reduce your blood pressure. You can try measuring your blood pressure before and after smiling to see the difference in the monitor’s readings.

Smile To Reduce Pain

Endorphins and serotonin released when you smile act as natural painkillers. These brain chemicals will make you feel good and reduce physical pain.

Smile To Be Attractive

People tend to draw to those who smile and repel those with frowns or scowls on their faces. You may assume someone has positive personality traits because they smile often. In addition to making you look attractive, smiling can make you feel younger. You might not need that facelift after all. Try smiling throughout the day to see the positive changes.


Smiling can have tangible benefits to your health and can even make you look successful. Additionally, smiling gives an impression of confidence and makes you approachable. Try smiling, and you will notice that people react to you differently.

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The Health Benefits of Smiling

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A smile can brighten up anyone’s day, so it maybe isn’t too surprising that smiling can also be great for your health in a variety of interesting ways. Let’s take a look at a few of them now.

Boost your mood

Smiling releases chemicals known as endorphins into the bloodstream. Endorphins are often referred to as happy hormones because they can improve your mood and help you to reach a more positive mindset, so even if you aren’t really feeling it, cracking a smile could just make your day start to feel better.

Lowers pain levels

Another thing that smiling is very good at doing is lowering pain levels. This, again, is down to endorphins, which as well as boosting mood, can also help your body to fight pain without any medical intervention. Laughing is particularly good for this, but even smiling is a great natural painkiller, so don’t be afraid to open up and show those pearly whites.

Boost immune system

If you’re one of those people who hate to smile because you don’t like your teeth, you may want to take a trip to The Smile Spa who can have your teeth looking amazon in no time. Why? Because smiling is able to boost your body’s immune system, and right now with the pandemic and everything, it has never been more important to have a healthy functioning immune system. Smile more and you will feel better for sure.

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Lower your blood pressure

If you have high blood pressure, you may be interested to know that a piece published by  The College of Family Physicians states that laughing, in particular. Can immediately increase oxygen consumption and get your heart rate level up. Once you’re done, your heart rate will get slow down and your blood pressure will be lower. It’s amazing what something so simple as laughing and smiling can do, isn’t it?

Bust stress

Smiling, unsurprisingly, is able to activate your body’s natural stress-relieving response, which is why smiling when you’re having a tough time can really work out for your mental health. Obviously, it’s not the whole answer, but it does help.

Improve relationships

As if all of the above benefits of smiling were not enough, there is also evidence to suggest that people who smile are considered to be more likely by just about everyone, which means people are more likely to gravitate towards you, and since socializing is so vital to good mental health, this is not the frivolous benefit that it might first appear to be.

As you can see, smiling really is amazing. It has so many health benefits that we should all be doing it more. Some people naturally have resting faces that frown, and other hate to show their teeth due to their condition, but you really shouldn’t let these things hold you back because you can get good dental treatment or train yourself to smile more, and by doing so, not only will you be more healthy, but you’ll be more approachable too.

Keep smiling!

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How To Be A Responsible Carer

As we get older in life, our responsibilities change throughout, and sometimes we have to take on the responsibility of caring for others. Not everyone is prepared to care for other people, and it can be a stressful ordeal if it came unexpectedly. For a lot of people, the idea of having to take care of your elderly relatives is inevitable, and only a matter of time, but how do you tackle that when the time comes? It’s not like you’re trained for it, and there’s a lot of emotions involved too. You must know how to handle the situation, and it can be different based on the individual.


Elderly care

When it comes to elderly care, there’s a lot you need to know if you’re going to take on the role of their carer. For example, if a relative is dealing with Alzheimer’s, it can be very difficult for both parties involved. You’ll need to know how to act and treat them daily, and failing to do so can cause a lot of stress. You need to take it upon yourself to understand the whole situation and understand their needs. If they can no longer care for themselves, those needs need to be taken care of by someone else – is that something you can do? 

Making hard decisions

Many people find it very difficult to make time for their elderly parents to care for them, and that comes with difficult decisions. There are carers you can hire to take care of things while you’re not around, but that in itself can be difficult to trust.

Trusting the care of your relatives to another person can be difficult, but making sure their needs are met is very important. Sometimes elderly care homes are the better choice, as they offer many benefits. Living alone without the ability to care for yourself can get lonely, and living in a home where employees care for seniors can remedy that. With peers around, and many employees who are trained in elderly care who are available at all times ensures the safety of your relatives.


You aren’t trained for this, and you still need to have a life of your own outside of all of this, so it’s important to recognize when you’re being pushed too hard. You have to remember your needs are important too, and you still need to be the one to care for them. A lot of people feel guilt when it comes to caring for their relatives, as caring for yourself can feel selfish if you don’t have the time.

Pushing yourself too hard not only impacts your happiness, but it can cause you to feel what’s called caregiver burnout, which will only negatively impact your relationship with your relatives. You must learn when to take a timeout and when you need help with your responsibility.

Not everyone is prepared or able to care for their elderly relatives, and what’s important is making sure they get the proper care, from you or someone else.

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Feeling Low? Seize The New!

There are many methods used to beat those low feelings. A lot of people suffer low moods. From all walks of life. People on different incomes, who do different jobs and live in different places. It doesn’t matter who you are, sometimes you’ll feel low. The key is to act when you feel like it all of the time. If it happens once in a blue moon, you know it’s something you don’t really need to worry about. If you’re feeling like it all of the time, it might be the right time to change something. To focus on something new. You might just need to make a lifestyle change, or you could try something like THC gummies for anxiety and depression. If the problem continues, even after you have tried to fix it, then you need to consider a trip to your local health provider. They can use and suggest all kinds of remedies for treatment. But before it comes to that, these tips can give you a few things you might want to try to shift the low mood permanently.

Move House

Sometimes the scenery gets a little samey. Not just the house, but the area around the house. This is certainly the case if your friends and family have moved away. It might be time for you to consider moving too. It might just be time for you to buy the perfect home, contact Bekins Moving and skip town. Move to a place nearer to the things you cherish and love. Whether it’s a theme park that cheers you up or nearer to friends and family. It might just be that you want to cut down on your commute to work. Moving home is a pretty big commitment so you need to be sure it’s exactly what you want before taking the plunge. Even so, it’s always going to be worth it if it results in extended happiness for you and your family. 


Check Your Lifestyle

Mood is directly impacted by your lifestyle. If your diet is awful, you might want to change it up. Eating more fruit and vegetables, and drinking more water, can directly contribute to a healthier you, and that means a happier you. At the same time you need to make sure that you get the right levels of exercise. Start going for daily walks. Might be before you start work, or maybe afterwards. Then scale up to the odd run. Maybe you join a gym or go cycling, or buy some weights for your home. When you get into it and it becomes normal, you’ll feel much better.

Change Your Job

It’s one of the biggest causes of low mood. If you’re not happy in the job you’re in, it might be time to change. Whether you’re simply looking at moving to another field, or you’re considering setting up your own business. Changing what you do for a living is another large scale commitment but if it leads to you doing something you’ve always wanted it’ll be worth it. You may have to go back to college, meaning you study at night or on weekends. Maybe it means sacrificing your hobby time or time with your family. There’s a lot to think about. It could be as simple as asking your existing boss whether or not there’s scope for you to try something new at the office. A change in job is certainly something which can lead to a happier life…the key is to take your time and not to snatch at a perceived opportunity

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3 Tips to Help You Stay Productive At Home

The pandemic has been around for a while, and many of us have chosen to spend more time staying at home to protect ourselves. Especially in winter months, everyone loves the cozy couch at home instead of the freezing weather outside. While it might be a good time to relax, we can definitely utilize the leisure moments to improve ourselves. After all, we will go back to our normal life eventually. To make the most of our time, we can use the following tips to help us. 

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Read more books

This might sound discouraging as we have been used to staring at our television all day long and watching the unexhausted Netflix shows. However, we also need to push ourselves to study and learn new knowledge through books. The awkward thing in our era is that knowledge becomes so accessible and cheap, but people still want to consume expensive stuff like designer bags or luxury trips. The happiness from materialistic things goes away fastly, but the satisfaction from absorbing and learning from books can be life long.

Moreover, reading books can bring you real relaxation, focus and peace in mind. You don’t have to read difficult and boring books, and even if you choose to read fiction, you can benefit a lot more than watching a TV show.

Start some passive income

Everyone wants some passive income, but you will never get any unless you start to do it. It is extremely easy to set up a YouTube Channel or personal blog. The services are free online, and all you need is to do some research and get yourself started. It is true that earning a passive income is a long term process, and you will not get thousands of followers without continuous effort. However, as long as you step into the industry, you will be exposed to many other opportunities. Sometimes, you will not need many subscribers to earn some income as long as you acquire the right audience.

Meanwhile, you can also learn a new skill to open the source of income. For example, you might think that programming is so difficult and only professionally trained intellectual people can do it. However, you can find coding books and beginner guides online so easily now. Learning some new programming language will open a new door for you, and you don’t have to be an IT expert. As long as you expand your knowledge, you are increasing your personal value, and you might get potential job opportunities.

Keep home clean and comfortable

The condition of our home is a reflection of our life. We need to organize and clean it on a regular basis to ensure that we are in the most comfortable status. In return, a tidy home will bring you good luck and positive influence. In addition to the cleaning and maintenance, we should also replace malfunctioning appliances. For example, a leaking window will cost you a lot on a monthly energy bill, so it is important to replace it with an energy efficient window in time.

Life can be short. When we are enjoying the leisure time at home, we can also encourage ourselves to improve and make progress every day.

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