Stay Up to Date with SEO: The 4 Rules to Follow

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Search engine optimization helps you get your website noticed. Some people learn about it so they can manage SEO for their own site, while others need SEO knowledge to carry out their work. Whether you try to keep up with SEO for yourself or for your clients, staying up to date often feels like a never-ending task. Things can change rapidly and if you turn away for too long, you can come back to find that nothing is the same. Fortunately, in the online world, it’s not difficult to find plenty of information and opinion pieces. If there’s one problem, it’s wading through it all to find the valuable content. You can use a few methods to keep up with the latest SEO developments.

Join Communities

Online communities are an excellent way to engage with SEO because they allow for two-way conversations. You can just read about what other people have to say, or you could join in and make your own comments too. You can find online communities in a number of places, from Reddit to Quora, Growth Hackers, and Inbound. Of course, you don’t have to engage with only online communities. Although it gives you access to a wide range of opinions if you’re online, there are offline communities and events you might find interesting too. In larger cities and towns, you might find specific groups dedicated to SEO.

Seek Out the Experts

There are always voices of authority you can listen to when you want to seek out information on any subject. These people might be the first ones to hear about important news, or they could be the people offering insightful comments on best practice. When you’re looking for experts to follow, you might find Hubspot authors like Danny DeMichele who can offer expertise from running businesses involving SEO and digital marketing. Many industry experts have blogs you can follow, so you receive emails with their latest updates. You can look for them on social media and other platforms too, or even listen to them speak in person or on podcasts.

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Browse Content Platforms

There are various content platforms that are useful to browse if you’re looking for the latest on SEO. Medium is often used by entrepreneurs and others who want to share interesting opinions, stories and case studies with a wide and varied audience. There’s also Panda, which provides different layouts for organizing the content you want to see. These platforms can be useful to help you discover new things, perhaps showing you content you didn’t know you needed to read.

Be Social Online

Don’t forget the value of being active on social media too. Following the right people and contributing your own voice is a fantastic way to keep up with what’s happening in SEO in real-time. You can be right there when interesting conversations take place, either by watching and learning or by joining in. In addition to following the right people, including useful Twitter lists, knowing which hashtags are useful is helpful too.

Stay up to date on all the latest goings on in SEO by seeking out the voices of authority. They will help you cut through the noise and know what to pay attention to.

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What Key Measures Should Your Business Have In Place?

When it comes to business operations, everyone will have their views and opinions on what works best for them. More often than not, they’re going to be right. Because not every business will have the same requirements or see the same kinds of results. However, despite the individual needs of every business, there are some things that everyone will need to put in place – such as measurements. Every business should look to be able to track their operations as much as possible, but the only way to be able to do this is to measure them. So let’s take a look at some of the key measure that your business might like to have in place to do this.

Website Analytics

One of the most important kinds of measurements that you can put in place, particularly if your business is online, is web analytics. Website analytics can be invaluable to what you’re doing with your business. When you utilize the data you have, you can get really great insights into how your customers behave, how they move around on your site and respond to your content, and how they buy. You can then use these measurements to redefine what you’re doing and make your actions much more relevant to what your customer want.

Data Compliance

From here, you’re then going to want to consider how you deal with your data. Because this is going to be something that you really need to keep safe. You’re going to need to work on GDPR compliance for this. You may even find that it helps you to work with a specialist to make sure that you are compliant with your data and won’t be a risk of doing anything wrong.

Online Security

At the same time, you’re also going to want to take your online security measures seriously. It’s easy to just assume that you’re safe, but until you’re hacked, you will wish that you did take precautions here. This may even be something that your IT services can handle for you. Whether it is something that you have managed externally, or you look to take on yourself, you’re going to want to get something set up before you face an issue.

Social Media Monitoring

Another thing to be thinking about, is your social media. Because if you don’t have social media monitoring in place, you may not be making the most of your social media channels and activity. But thankfully for us all, there are a range of social media monitoring tools that you can put in place to make sure that you’re doing all that you can when it comes to your social media marketing.

Sales Tracking

Finally, you may also want to put some kind of tracking in place when it comes to your sales. Because sales can often be hard to track and measure – but you often need to do this to stay on track. So, to help you out, you’re going to want to take a look at some of the tracking metrics that can actually help you to boost sales too.

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Simple Ways To Increase Business Growth


You’ve gone from strength to strength. You’ve worked on your idea, shaped and moulded it into the business it is today. Unfortunately, things seem to be slowing down just a little lately. If there’s one thing business owners love, it’s business growth. There is a whole host of things you can do to help stimulate growth with your company, but few are as simple as the ideas outlined below.

Increase Your Social Media Activity

If there is one thing that keeps a business thriving, it is loyal customers. Due to the rise in popularity of social media, it may be worth looking at how your competitors are using certain sites to reach new customers. A tried and tested method will save you time and money, and it will ensure you are reaching out to your target audience rather than missing the mark slightly. As you start to gain traction and a loyal following, you will also be able to reach a large number of people overnight. All without doing any of the legwork yourself, just by getting your customers to share your page.

Website optimization

Your website is the hub of your online operations, and it’s where people will find out all about your company. You need it to set a good impression. First of all, you need to make sure that people can find it. This is where SEO companies come in. They help to fine tune your website so that anyone searching for your particular product or service finds your page first. After your potential customers have found your website, you need to make sure they stay there. Enlisting the help of a web page designer to streamline your site could prove an invaluable expense. Not only can they help you make sure that your website is easy to navigate and user-friendly, but they can advise you on the design so that it is also aesthetically pleasing to your target market. All of this together helps to make sure that your website is found and used by the right people, increasing your potential for business and growth.

Specialized software

Sometimes sticking with the tried and trusted just won’t cut it. You need to go out and search for the kind of product that will really boost your company to the next level. This is where specialized software comes in. For every niche and market out there, there is a product or piece of software that will help you to work quicker and more efficiently. For instance, if you worked in a marketing or telesales business, then a Call Tracking System would be invaluable to streamlining and honing your business model. Search around for software that will specifically aid you in your niche. If you can’t find any, speak to your competitors and ask them what software they are using, you might be surprised how willing they are to share information with you.

There you have it, three simple ways to elicit some further business growth. Hopefully, these tips will help you give your company a boost and push you on to the next plateau.

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What Does Digital Really Mean?

Everyone is talking about going digital these days. Many new businesses make an effort to start off as digital companies, while more established businesses try to adjust their way of doing things to keep up. But with so many people talking about “digital” without really explaining it, you could be forgiven for not really understanding what it is. The word seems to be applied to everything and used as an adjective, noun and even a verb. If you want your business to be digital, you need to know what that really means and what you should be doing to get there.

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Defining Digital

Being a digital company can mean different things to different people. Some define it in terms of using lots of technology for a more modern business experience. Others emphasize how being digital allows them to connect with customers in a different way. The dictionary definition of “digital” says that it is, among other things, “involving or related to the use of computer technology”. Unfortunately, most people will tell you it’s not that simple. Digital in the world of business means not just using technology but looking at the way you operate your business to make tech and user-friendliness, as well as forward-thinking values, the default.

Digital Intersecting with Other Disciplines

Digital can exist as a concept on its own, but it’s often paired up with other words too. If you want your business to be digital, you’re likely to need digital creatives, digital advertising experts, and digital branding experts. You’ll find people who are simply digital experts on their own, who might also be able to handle a number of other disciplines too. But you often need to seek out people who specialize in certain areas of digital. People who know about digital advertising understand the best ways to advertise your business on a digital platform.

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Catering to Your Customers

One of the reasons people enthuse about digital so much is that it offers a way to be connected to customers like never before. As people begin to use technology and digital services more and more in their everyday lives, they expect businesses to be providing for them. Digital does more than create a single journey that works for the customer. It aims to be adapting all the time, based on customer input and how they experience and enjoy what they’re being offered. Digital businesses need to be prepared to listen to their customer at all times.

Everything in Real-time

Everything is fast-paced in the digital world. One other thing to pay attention to is that being digital involves automating as much as possible, and letting technology do most of the work. Everything should be able to happen in real-time, feedback should be instantaneous, and digital intelligence should help businesses to stay one step ahead at all times. Digital means being responsive and not making people wait for anything.

It can take a while to really understand what being digital means. Ultimately, you might have to arrive at your own definition if it’s something that interests you.

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Let’s Talk About The Needs Of Online Audiences…

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Most modern businesses now appreciate the importance of the digital marketplace. As such, winning over the online audience is arguably your biggest task. To do this, you must first understand what makes them tick.

Online audiences aren’t overly different from offline demographics. Still, there are several considerations that need to be made before building a marketing strategy. Otherwise, you’ll almost certainly fall into the abyss. Here’s what you must know to ensure that doesn’t happen.

Consumers Turn To Google | In most aspects, different audiences will have unique habits. When it comes to hunting a product or service, though, almost all consumers turn to search engines. Moreover, over 90% click links from the first page of results. As such, ranking highly either in your location or keywords relating to the business should be a top target. Get this right, and web traffic will soar. With more people landing on your site, the hopes of converting a sale look better than ever.

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Consumers Seek Clarity | Many online businesses make the mistake of displaying too much information in a complicated manner. Unless you’re working in an academic arena, audiences want content that is easy to digest. Videos are great, and experts at can handle those needs. Visual content is simpler, clearer, and open to a wider audience. Besides, it’s far easier to keep their attention to the end. This is especially crucial to remember when you target a global audience. Otherwise, the non-English natives will choose a more accommodating competitor.

Consumers Need Trust | Without trust, your business will struggle to gain converted sales even if the products offer great value. It’s vital that you understand the situations regarding potential hacks and security threats. Ultimately, prevention is the best form of protection, which is why it’s better to conduct your research now rather than later. On a separate note, if you intend to hire freelancers or contractors, it’s imperative that they can be trusted. After all, those people are representing your business.

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Consumers Judge Actions | If you thought that providing a good business service was enough, you were sorely mistaken. Online audiences care about a whole host of factors. Upgrading your customer care game should be considered essential. You can find out about virtual assistants at while adding FAQs and a fair returns policy will help. Combine this with an active support of charities and economical business activities, and the rewards will soon come. Ignore those elements, and some clients will look for alternative solutions.

Consumers Love Interaction | Most people use the internet, particularly social media, on a daily basis. However, most of them dedicate the bulk of their time to a very select number of companies. If you can become one of them, your business will always be fresh in their minds. Participating in the conversation is the ideal way to show personality, and it provides insight into their demands too. As long as you live to serve their needs, there’s no reason that they’ll ever take their custom elsewhere. With a loyal following behind you, the whole venture looks brighter than ever.

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Invite, Inform, Intrigue: The Three I’s That Make the Perfect Business Website

If you didn’t already know that you need to take your business online, then take this as your warning: get with the times and take your business online! More to the point, get with the times and make sure your business not only has a website but has a website that is inviting, informative and intriguing. For advice on how to achieve these three I’s on your business website, make sure to read on.

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Making your business’s website inviting

The first I that you should be focussing on when it comes to your business’s website is inviting: simply, your website must be inviting because, if it isn’t, nobody will want to stick around long enough on it to learn anything about your business. So, make sure it is inviting!

The first thing that you should do when seeking to induce an inviting feel on your website is to treat it like your own home. You want guests to your home to feel invited and welcome whenever they step through your front doors, right? Well, you should be translating this desire to your business’s website. More to the point, you should be translating the desire on your part to have guests in your home feel invited and welcome as soon as they enter your home onto your site: you should want the traffic that is led to your site, through or for whatever reason, to feel welcome as soon as they click on to it. And, the best way to do this is to ensure that your website’s home page, generally the first page that is seen on a site, is in no way outdated or hard to navigate. You see, if your site’s home page looks as if it has come straight out of the 1990s, or if it is hard to get to grips with or use in general, then there will be no inviting feel to it. And, with this lack of an inviting feel comes an increased desire on the part of the traffic that has come to your site to leave it just as quickly as they accessed it. And, if the rest of the site follows suit after a bad home page, then you can be sure that whomever it is that has logged on to your site will not be staying around on it for too long. So, make sure you are working closely with website application development companies to ensure that your whole website is as up-to-date and as easy to use as possible. By doing so you would be able to be sure that your website is as inviting as it can possibly be.

And something else that you should be doing in order to induce an inviting feel on your website is to put as many faces to as many names as you can — and yes, this means putting a face to your own name, too! You see, when a consumer who is scouring your business’s site for information on it can see evidence of who it is they are dealing with, especially you, the boss, they are more likely yo feel invited and welcome, and thus they are more likely to bring you their custom. So, make sure photographs and even small personal bios of you and your team are uploaded to your site. Just hope that when it comes to photo day that you’re having a good hair day!

Making business’s website informative

Once you’ve reeled potential customers in with your inviting website, it’s time to start solidifying them as fully fledged customers. And, the best way to do this is to make sure your website is as informative as it can be — and that is why informative is the next I to be covered.

Being informative is something your website simply needs to be and simply needs to be taking seriously. Now, this could mean hiring a professional in the field of writing, such as a freelance copywriter, in order to write up your website a bio for all those who access the site to see — by doing so you would be able to be sure that the writing would be informative, straight to the point and, most importantly, error free. Or, this could mean making a live-chat feature available on your site in order to allow the potential customers who access your site the chance to gain real-time and active information whenever they access your site — by doing so you would be able to be sure that no customer will leave your site without finding out exactly what it is they need to find out.

You see, if your site isn’t informative and doesn’t provide your potential customers with the information they need to be turned into fully fledged customers, how is this going to happen? And, if this doesn’t happen, where are your customers going to be coming from in this ever-changing, technology-driven world of business that we live in today?

Making your business’s website intriguing

The third I, intriguing, is just as important as the two that came before it. Yes, it is important to make sure your customers feel invited when they access your site. And yes, it’s even more important that they leave it with all the information they need from it. But, making your site intriguing is important because that is what keeps your customers on the site while they are on it — and that time is the most precious time of all.

To keep your site intriguing, the first thing that you should be doing is becoming well versed on what is done to achieve that. To do this, try reading popular blogs or other websites created by the other businesses in your market. By doing so you would be able to see what works and what doesn’t in regards to enticing customer attention and, more importantly, keeping this attention intrigued. Something else that you could try is actually asking your customers what it is about your site that is, one, already intriguing, and two, what can be done to it to make it more so. You see, customer feedback is the best kind of feedback you can receive on your business, in all parts of it, so you should have no qualms in asking for it in relation to your site. Something else that you could try, or maybe even should try given the direction the world of the Internet has taken in recent times, is blogging. You should do so because when a business’s website has a blogging area the possibilities are endless as to what sort of information can be found and stored there, and guest bloggers could even be tasked with the job of writing blog posts for you that will speak directly to the audience you are targeting. Or, something else that you should be trying is making sure your business’s website always features links to the news and posts of the day to show your business to be forthcoming and to be one that always has its finger on the pulse of the latest trends.

So, as you can see, when you make your website inviting, informative and intriguing you give it the best chance possible of drawing in and keeping potential customers and then ultimately turning them into fully fledged customers. So, make sure to remember the three I’s above, and make sure to make your business’s website the best site in town (or in your market, at least)!

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Stepping Up Your Sales Patter: Techniques To Get The Tills Ringing

When you run a business, there is one simple goal: to make money by selling products or services. Whatever type of company you run, the ultimate aim is to generate as much profit as possible. If you aren’t making money, the business won’t be sustainable, even if you’ve got a loyal client base or you’re attracting rave reviews online. To maximize your margins, it’s always beneficial to keep costs low, but you should also be focused on driving sales. The more money you bring in, the higher the chance of getting into the black. If your sales have stalled or your main aim for the year ahead is to get the tills ringing, here are some techniques to try.

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A website that wows

A growing number of people search for services and products online. Google alone processes more than 40,000 searches per second. With the online market expanding by the day, it has never been more important to get your website right. Your site has the power to be an incredibly effective marketing tool, provided that it looks the part and it delivers everything the client is looking for. If you use a website to sell products, for example, the merchandise you sell should look fantastic on the screen, but the site should also be easy to use. If you have to jump through hoops to add something to your cart and complete the sale, there are customers that are bound to lose interest and go elsewhere. You need to design a website that enables the customer to choose what they want and buy it within seconds. If your site is dated or dull, now is the time to spruce it up, make the content engaging and ensure that it provides a positive, enjoyable experience for potential clients. Make sure the site is relevant to your brand and focus on the visual appeal. A basic template that is stuffed full of text isn’t going to set the world alight. Use video clips, images and short, interesting descriptions to give customers information and encourage them to buy. If you don’t know where to begin, it’s worth having a look around, seeing what your competitors are doing and getting advice from web design experts.

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Phone sales

Although many companies are turning their attention to online marketing techniques, sales calls can still be an effective means of conjuring up business. If you have a sales team, it’s important to consider the way you make calls carefully. Not everybody is keen to chat on the phone, and for some clients, telephone calls can be an inconvenience. Choose the right time to make a call, avoid aggressive sales patter and ensure that every call provides the customer with useful information, which demonstrates what the company is all about and how it could benefit them. It’s incredibly beneficial to provide training if you’re taking on new recruits who have limited experience. Making calls can be daunting, and you want to ensure that everyone you employ has the ability and the confidence to showcase your business in the best light. Work on introducing yourself and the company, make the purpose of the call clear and try and arrange an alternative time to talk if that moment isn’t appropriate for the client. If you make a lot of calls, particularly to other countries, it’s worth looking into hosted VoIP services. This is a means of making calls via an Internet connection, which will save you a huge amount of money. When you are ringing customers, never underestimate the importance of courtesy, and make sure you have the answers to commonly asked questions. If a client isn’t sure what you’re offering and how your business differs to others, you’ll find it much harder to close a deal.

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Social media

Did you know that Facebook alone has more than 3 billion users? Many of us use social media to catch up with friends and family, but it can also be a lucrative marketing platform for businesses. When you use sites like Facebook or apps like Instagram, you may have noticed sponsored posts or been asked to like or share pages or posts. As a business, you can tap this into the growing social media market by using your profile to market your company or by buying advertising space. If you’re selling a clothing range, for example, sites like Instagram are brilliant because they’re focused on images and you can connect the picture directly to the page on your website where the client can buy the items in front of them on their screen. If you’ve got a bar, and you’re planning an event, Facebook is an excellent place to invite people, give them information about buying tickets and drum up some interest. Use analytics to determine which platforms are most suitable for your target market and set up some profiles. Once you’ve got a page, which contains basic information about the business, what you do and how people can get in touch, share it and ask the people who follow you to do the same. Offering incentives, for example, entry into a competition or access to a flash sale, can help to boost the number of shares.

It’s really beneficial to be interactive on social media, so set up a live chat feature and make sure you respond to questions or queries. If you’ve got the app on your phone, you can ensure that you’re connected, no matter where you are. If you sell products or you accept bookings on your website, it’s essential to ensure that your accounts are connected to your website. This makes it really easy for a customer to check out your page and then follow up on a query or find out more. If you’ve got a restaurant, for example, and a client likes the look of a photo of today’s special, they can click on the link to your website, look at your menu and reserve a table in seconds.

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If you’re on a mission to get the cash registers ringing in 2018, it may be time to reconsider or revive your marketing and sales techniques.

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