Seriously? My Own Website Can Help Me Find A New Job?

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Finding a new job is never simple. In fact, it is one of the most complex and frustrating things any adult can go through. Firstly, you have to beat the competition to an interview, and then you have to impress during said interview. Finally, you have hope that no one is better qualified. It can take weeks and months to secure a new position the old-fashioned way, so why not try a new age method? Yes, your own website can be a great help, and here are the reasons why.


It Makes A First Impression


As soon as an employer comes across the site, they will make a judgement. And, if it’s a positive one, it will stick in their minds like mussels stick to rocks. Think of a website like an artist’s canvas where you have the freedom to express yourself how you please. All you have to do is express yourself in a creative and unique way and the employer won’t be able to say no. So, start with a quality web design company because the looks matter. Plus, you don’t want a site that is similar to thousands of others on the internet. After all, how is that unique? Then, pick your best pieces of work which you think shows off your talent. A tip: always go for a variety of different genres and styles.



Better Than A Resume


When you think about it, a resume is a lot of words on a page. There is no way to know whether the words mean a candidate is the best fit for the company, yet that’s how businesses think. Sure, a great CV will get you through the door and into an interview, but a great site will get you the job. Because the website hosts all of your work, you can show a potential employer what they will get if they choose you. Employers love this as it lowers the risk of hiring someone who isn’t for the role. All you have to do is give them the URL and wait for a phone call.


Networking Potential


The savvy among you will notice that the first two steps need you to be on a firm’s radar from the beginning. That is to say; you need to find a way to get them to your site as they won’t stumble across it out of luck. Or will they? Thanks to social media platforms like LinkedIn, employers are seeking out employees more often than ever before. As you can network and show off your skills, there is no need to go running to job sites and job agencies. What you should do is create an excellent profile and converse with any interested parties. Indeed, you never know when one will offer you the position of your dreams.



Also, don’t forget that it shows employers that you are a modern job seeker. Searching for jobs isn’t the same, and you have to demonstrate that you understand the process to stand out from the crowd.

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Tech Teachings For The Modern Entrepreneur



Technology is the heartbeat of modern business, and there’s no doubt that your company already embraces it in many different aspects. However, the digital environment has evolved at a rapid rate. Subsequently, if you aren’t progressing alongside it, your entire venture could soon be left behind. Worse still, it can open the door for your competitors to capitalise.


Education is the key to sustained success. By developing new skills and incorporating new ideas, you won’t just see short-time improvements. Perhaps more importantly, you’ll be preparing yourself for an even better future.


Given the importance of tech facilities in modern business, overlooking those obvious benefits simply isn’t an option. Here are three valuable lessons that will make your venture stronger than ever in this digital age.


Get Your Head In The Cloud


Cloud computing is an area of the digital landscape that you will at least know about. After all, the major tech companies are continually marketing the benefits to consumers. However, personal gains are far from being the greatest. Quite frankly, it’s a technology that could revolutionise your entire business operation.


At its best, cloud computing can increase security, reduce overheads, and add flexibility. The increased organisation and collaboration can take efficiency to an even greater level. Then again, as with most tech features, simply installing those facilities isn’t enough. Learn to get the most out of them, and your company will have a huge edge over its competitors.


Modern business is heading increasingly towards cloud-based interactions. If you don’t jump on board now, you will regret it in the future.



Get Programmed For Success   


As an entrepreneur, you should always want to be in control of your business operations. Given the significance that computers play in those daily activities, tightening your grip over this aspect is key.  


Playing a more active role in the running of your computer systems brings many benefits. Raspberry Pi systems are the perfect learning platform for newbie programmers. The Pi Hut boasts a number of products to help you throughout that learning curve. Once you’ve mastered this field, you’ll have far more control over those vital aspects.   


Not only will this save you money, but it’ll allow you to restore systems when a fault surfaces too. Not bad, eh?


Get Ready To Boost The Customer Experience


Most modern businesses now sell items online. If yours doesn’t, then fixing this issue should be one of the first items on your agenda. But your bid to provide the consumer with what they need shouldn’t stop there.


Understanding consumer habits, trends, and fears is vital. Customer management software allows you to do this while building a stronger connection with the consumer. Ultimately, this should give you the best chance of increasing conversions and long-term loyalty in one fell swoop. If that doesn’t lead you to greater success in business, nothing will.


The customers will essentially decide whether your company succeeds or fails. Use the tools needed to gain a deeper appreciation of their needs, and you will not go wrong.

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Investing in the Future of Your Website

Your website is much like any other investment you could make. You have to put money into it in order to get something out of it. Whether it’s the cost of web hosting, the cost of hiring a designer or even how much you’ll need to pay for advertising, money will always be involved. However, that also means that you’re expecting some kind of return on your investment.


If you want to create a profitable website, then you have to invest money in order for it to become popular enough to generate revenue. To do this, you need to invest in the correct people and services in order to get your business started.

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Whether it’s paying Twitter to handle your social media advertisements or going for a pay per click agency, there’s several different types of online advertisement that will help you give your website a lot of exposure. For starters, let’s talk about pay-per-click. Essentially, you give a website such as Google a budget and for placing your website at the top of their search results. Each time someone clicks your websites through those links, Google charges you for that click. It’s a traditional form of online advertisement, but it’s still widely used due to its cost-effectiveness and low upkeep. The other method is targeted advertising and is generally more expensive, but you’re more likely to get returning visitors because your website is only advertised to people who have an interest in your content.




Unless you’re a talented writer with a lot to say, you’re most likely going to have to hire a freelancer writer or two in order to fill your website with content. You can do this by contacting writers directly, but the alternate option is to contact an outsourcing service that has a lot of in-house writers. You simply give them your ideas, your criteria, and then you’re delivered an article to your exact specifications without any fuss. You can then post these on your website to fill it with original and informative content that will bring more attention to your website.

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In all honesty, the content of a website matters way more than the actual design, making design a much lower priority. However, that doesn’t mean you can get away with making your website look terrible or defaulting to a stock template. You need to hire designers if you want to get an original website that looks great, is responsive and ticks all of the boxes of a great website. This can get expensive so it’s recommended you have this to last when investing in a new website.


Lastly, the biggest investment of all is probably your time. Whether it’s time juggling emails with freelancers or time spent managing your website and adding your own content, you’re going to be spending a considerable chunk of each day growing your website in order to make it profitable in the future. If you had all the time in the world you could probably create a fantastic website from scratch. Sadly, the world doesn’t work that way and you’ll have to make do with hiring freelancers and spending your own precious time.

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Gaming PC’s: Value For Money?

Gaming is a darn expensive hobby.


The new Playstation 4 Pro is going to set you back about four hundred dollars, with the Playstation VR not far behind that. A 4K television set capable of displaying the full power of the PS4 Pro will cost near one thousand dollars and the controllers and games are sixty bucks a piece.



That’s money that could frankly, be put to much better use – especially when you consider the five to seven year life span of games consoles.


The gaming PC is a whole different beast. For the same price as the Playstation 4 Pro, you can get a system that is arguably more powerful and you won’t need an expensive television to go with it if you choose a good monitor and there are a lot of points to consider to find the best gaming monitor.


So, is a gaming PC worth the investment? Well – it really does depend.


While the outlay on a system like the PS4 might seem initially cheaper, that could be false over its lifetime if you upgrade or buy new controllers. However, if you enjoy games that are exclusive to Playstation like Bloodborne or Infamous Second Son – then there is no question at all – the console is the choice for you as these games are unavailable on the PC. Remember that there are a number of games exclusive to PC – such as Civilization


If you aren’t fussed about console exclusives, then go right ahead with the PC. Steam and GoG have plenty of sales throughout the year meaning you can pick up good games for low prices often enough to make it worth it in the long run. Console games do go on sale, but not often enough.



A thousand dollars of gaming PC can also run games at a higher level than the PS4. You’ll experience better draw distances, better graphics and better visuals.


Of course, PC games are customizable through user produced mods as well – so you have to take that into account as a deeper and more customizable experience might be worth more for you!


While PC’s have made huge strides in terms of size and portability over the past number of years, the consoles still hold the trump card in terms of accessibility. If you want to play on your existing TV downstairs, a console might work for you. That being said, a good PC case might be just as portable. It depends on the options available for you but you might not be able to beat a console for pure ease. A console is easier to play with friends in the first instance as well while a PC will require a bit more setup and care.


If you’re inclined to spend time and effort, the PC will work wonders for you. If you want to get up and go with an option then the PS4 and Xbox One consoles may be better. All in all though, dollar by dollar – the PC wins through and is better value in terms of performance.

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Lowering Your Business Bills? It’s All In The Technology

Business expenses can mount up pretty quickly, and sometimes it can feel like you’re in the business of solely signing check after check. When will it end? When will it end?! Alas, most probably never – but, there are ways you can lower your bills. It’s all about using technology to make your business more efficient. If you – and your company – have been living in the dark ages of old, then read on and you might just find ways to improve your business profits.




Up in the Clouds


Hard Drives and other traditional storage types aren’t necessarily expensive by themselves, but they can cause high costs – and massive headaches – down the line if they were to fail. Why? Because when a hard drive breaks, you’re not just paying to replace the broken piece of kit: you’re paying to replace all the information that was stored on them. This can set your company back, right back to the beginning if you’re still developing. By moving to a cloud storage, you’ll be getting inexpensive, reliable storage that absolutely will not fail you. If you’re technology is damaged, then no worries, because your important data is still out there, online.


Transitioning to Digital


In this day and age, there’s little reason to use old ways of doing things. They’re often more expensive, less reliable, and produce huge amounts of waste. VoIP and business phone solutions can cut down the cost of a telephone line and calls, which can be significant if you’re constantly on the phones with clients – and the calls can be taken from a wide range of mediums, which mean you’re more likely to be reached. Also, moving all your paper documents to digital, and using digital screens rather than printing each page can be a money saver when spread over a long period.


Upgrading Your Systems


Sometimes you have to spend money to make money. If you’re using outdated technology, then there’s every chance that you’re losing valuable manpower hours as staff wait for things to load, the computer runs slowly, or you have a computer not capable of running the latest time saving apps. Giving your technological infrastructure a much needed boost and you’ll notice productivity increase. It might not exactly lower the bills, but it’ll bring extra revenue – which is even better.


Working from Afar


Having staff on site can be a costly business. There are rooms to heat, tea and coffee to provide, and so on. In many cases, people are able to telecommute, and are definitely able to if they work exclusively online. There are many apps available for meetings should they be required, also. Cutting down on the amount of hours people spend in the office has other benefits too, such as making people work more productively and boosting employee morale.




What Have You Already Got?


Before you splash out on new technology, have a look to see what you’ve already got. Many people buy one item (say, a printer) for a single job, not knowing that it can do many other tasks too (print; copy, scan, etc).

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Compute This: What Computers Can Do For Your Business

Computers are doing it all for our businesses right now in this day and age, and they have improved how everything operates in business. Technology is never going to stop advancing, so we’ve only got more of the same to look forward to. However, if you’re not using computers in your business – you’re going to be at a huge disadvantage against major competitors in your area who are using them.


As we said – computers are doing it all for our businesses right now. Let’s take a closer look.


Computers can run software, and the ways that different types of software can help businesses is a list that frankly, will never end. Software can help business manage files, data, and documents on a basic level and on a more advanced level it can allow communication and creation. Computers also stored data in an effective way, and you’ll find it easier to search than a creaking old filing cabinet. Computers can help your business run on its own two feet. With computers and their software you can create promotional material, you can also prepare tax statements and manage your finances. Computers give us so much that previously would have been outsourced to a third party. Isn’t that quite the money saver?



Speaking of saving money, technology and computers are constantly making services more affordable. Computing power allows for your work to be done faster and of course, more efficiently. This may mean that your business might hire fewer staff saving you money on your staff payroll. Networked systems can also allow you to share files, meaning that you won’t need file storage and copiers to share documents. Of course, computing technology can speed up your business as well – ordering business items, communication, customer service, and other areas can be fully digitized, meaning you’ll be completing these tasks faster and to a higher standard thanks to computers.


Thankfully, learning about computers isn’t rocket science – there’s plenty of advice on offer for you if you’re unsure. If you’re far too busy to handle this, then consider a hiring managed IT services. The benefits of bringing your business into the 21st century far outweighs the cost of upgrading. There’s enough nonsense in business today, so cut it out with computing.


The internet also offers amazing tools for business. A company website can help generate sales and boost your profits. Operating online allows your stores to be accessed from customers dotted all over the globe at any time you wish – so store hours no longer need to factor. Of course, you can promote your business to people with the help of social media where you can speak to your customers and create content that will lure new patrons in. There are even cloud storage solutions, so you can store your files online and access them from anywhere in the world.


Computing gives us so many options, so it’s easy to see why businesses that refuse to upgrade get left behind. There’s plenty of help available so get moving!

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Getting The Most Out Of The Cloud?


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Ever since the birth of the cloud, the niche has been flooded with all kinds of great platforms. Like many business owners, you may be planning to use one of these platforms for all or part of your business infrastructure. While I agree that cloud platforms can be a great tool for many businesses, some can be pretty complex and difficult to wrap your head around. Here are my best tips for getting the most out of it.

Set a Static IP to the VM

With its default settings, many cloud platforms will assign your virtual machine and IP taken from a pool. Unfortunately, this doesn’t guarantee that you’ll get the same IP if the VM happens to be de-assigned from the platform’s infrastructure. To make things a little easier, you may want to ensure that the VM you’re using gets the same address every single time it’s turned on. You can do this by setting up a virtual network through the web portal. Then, open the platform’s console and enter certain commands. Usually, when creating VMs on your platform, they should be assigned their own cloud service unless you’re planning to load balance one or more virtual machine.

Make Sure You’re Equipped

As you’re probably already aware, the basic service of any given cloud platform isn’t the be-all and end-all of everything it can offer. Within most good cloud platforms, there’s a whole store’s worth of add-ons and auxiliary apps which add a range of great functions to the existing apparatus. Have a quick look around the platform’s store right now, and you’ll get a taste of what I mean. You can find apps that give you industry-grade image processing capabilities, give you easier channels for monitoring Azure when you’re using it for running a web app, and add-ons to make the process of sharing images much more seamless. The platform in its bare bones may seem like enough for you, but chances are your competitors are already using a wider range of add-ons for their benefit. Be sure to hit the marketplace soon and check out your options.

De-Allocate Unused Resources


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While cloud platforms like Azure and IBM certainly have a lot of potential as tools, they share the one drawback that anything else with a practical use has: they cost money! Though Azure and other good platforms are certainly worth the investment, you may need to ensure every penny you invest is working for you, and there are various ways you can save money on the platform. For example, to make sure you’re not paying for any VMs while you’re not using them, be sure to open the web management portal and set the status of the VMs to stopped. Just remember to give anyone access to these settings who may need it when you’re out of the office. Remember that shutting down VMs from the OS won’t de-allocate any resources from the fabric.

Take these tips on board, and you’ll have a great experience with the cloud from the very start!

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