Online Marketing Strategies For Those On A Budget

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When it comes to growing your business online, marketing is right at the heart of everything you do, but it can be extremely overwhelming when you go online and see the big gurus and entrepreneurs with the flashy marketing and telling you that you need to have this strategy or this system otherwise you’ll definitely fail.

Not only is it untrue that there’s just one marketing strategy, tool or system that will work for you, but it’s also not necessary for your marketing to be flashy or cost a lot of money. Although it’s always great to be able to invest at higher levels and make your marketing look more professional and polished, but this is not necessary for success, and is only something you should do if it makes practical and financial sense for your business.

In this post, we’re going to share with you some of the top online marketing strategies that you can try out to see which ones are best suited to you, and the great thing about these strategies is that they’re simple enough that anyone can use them, and they really work well no matter what your marketing or start up budget is.


If you have any kind of online business – even if you have an offline business, you should be using the power of blogging to share great content with your audience. If you’ve never blogged before, you may feel a bit overwhelmed with the process, but really the best thing to do is come up with a list of topics that you think your audience would be interested in learning about and then creating some posts in advance around that, once you’ve created some posts in advance so you can schedule them out and remain consistent, since consistency is what contributes to growth.


Creating a podcast show is another great way to reach an audience of people who may be interested in your products and services, and the great thing is you don’t need to come up with new and separate content each time. You can repurpose the blog content or take snippets of each post and then expand on it. Don’t worry about repeating yourself because not everyone consumes content in the same format – some people prefer blogs or videos, whilst others prefer podcasts.


Webinars are a fantastic marketing strategy when done right. They have gotten a bit of a bad rap in recent years because some people have been using them in a very sleazy way and only looking to make sales without delivering any real value. However, if you have a high value product or service such as coaching, copywriting, or even IT Support Services, then you could create a webinar that provides great value around one of these and then pitch your services at the end.

Social Media:

Social media is not about making sales, but building connections and relationships. If you’re able to do this with your audience, then the sales will come, so make sure you’re utilizing the power of social media for marketing your business online.

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Reasons why You need to Start Upgrading your Business Software

If you operate your own business then you will know more than anyone how important it is for you to rely on technology and even software. After all, if you aren’t using software then you are probably doing everything by hand and this can cost you tons of time and it also leaves a lot of room for error as well. If you are not upgrading or updating your software on a regular basis then there is a high chance that this is affecting your business as well, in more ways than you realise.

Multiple Software

If you find that you are using multiple software applications to try and handle your business activity then this is a clear sign that you need to upgrade. Some companies find themselves using one software for their billing, another for their shipping and then a third to manage their inventory. This is the last thing that you need, because believe it or not, you are still managing most of your business by hand. After all, you have to key in and update the data across all three applications and you don’t want this when you have so much going on in the day. When you upgrade your software however, you can easily use a single application to track everything with automatic updates.

Analysing Data

Spreadsheets are ideal because they give you the chance to track data in a huge variety of ways. If you are keeping track of your sales reports, your inventory and even any other bits of information by using spreadsheets however then there is a chance that you are making your data analysis much harder than it needs to be. After all, new software is brought out every single year and if you don’t take the time to really invest in this then you will constantly be stuck in the past.


When you run a business, you have to make sure that the resources you have are both scalable and flexible. If your software is not able to keep up with the needs of your business then it is absolutely not the right solution for you. After all, you may find that you have to continually change platforms and this is not good for you or your team. When you are able to upgrade your software to other versions however, you can then unlock more potential as you see fit. Your software can grow with your company and this is exactly what you need to ensure future success. If you are struggling to find a software that can keep up with the ever-changing needs of your business then check these guys out to see if you can get a custom software created.


The more outdated your software is, the more mistakes you will make. This is the last thing that you need when you are trying to remain professional to your customers. Sure, you may feel a though the solution that you have now is working and you may feel as though it’s easier to stick with it than it is to change but this is never the case and sooner or later it will be the downfall of your company.

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Laptop and no WiFi to Go? How Your Phone Can Help!

Say you’re travelling and you have your laptop with you. But, alas, there’s no WiFi, or you don’t trust the public WiFi at the hotel or eating place you’re at, or you’re just not in an area where a WiFi connection you trust is available.

Well, if you have a smartphone, you probably have a solution!

Your laptop can use your phone’s  cellular signal to access the internet. This is what is called, “tethering“. To use it, you would need to turn on your WiFi on your laptop if it isn’t already on.

Phone on with home screen visible. 6/26/2018

Next, you would most likely go to your phone’s settings. The tethering option may be located under WiFi or connection settings or under advanced settings. Each phone is different. And, your phone may offer different methods of making the connection, either via USB cable or other means, so it’s a good idea to have a cable with you that can physically connect your phone and computer.

Once you have a connection, you’re ready to go! Now, there are some things to note.

First, please don’t think that you can now ditch your internet service at home and use your phone for free internet service!

You see, with tethering, your internet won’t be nearly as fast in many cases, because you’re using your phone’s processor. So, if you have something like a major download you want to do or something that requires a large number of open pages, you may want to skip these until you get to where you can have a safe direct WiFi or cable connection that you trust, like the one you do have at home.

And, it can also count against your phone plan’s data limit as well.

But, if you need WiFi on the fly for simpler web-based tasks, this can really help!

Happy Computing!

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4 Reasons Why Your Online Store Isn’t Making Sales

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After setting yourself up online through your own website or any of the ecommerce sites available to you, it’s time to sit back and wait for those orders to start flooding in. You will sell your products, your customers will be happy, and you can benefit from the profit you are making.


On the other hand, if those orders aren’t coming in, then you have to ask yourself why. Rather than give up and assume your business has failed, it’s time to consider why those sales aren’t taking place.

Here are some of the possible reasons why your customers aren’t buying from you.

  1. Your customers don’t know your store exists

In short, you need to market yourself. Using all of the means available to you online and off, let people know you exist. Promote yourself on social media to all of your social networks. Advertise your business using Facebook Ads. Talk about your business on popular forums. Take out an ad in the classifieds, both online and through traditional media. And stay up to date with SEO, ensuring your online store features prominently within search engine rankings. Your business will never survive without marketing, so push the word out there.  When you start to generate possible customers, concentrate on the next point.

  1. You aren’t following through on your marketing

After marketing your business, you then need to turn any leads you find into customers. Within your website, you can do this through call-to-action buttons, encouraging visitors to ‘buy now’ or ‘click here’ before they scroll away from your website. And with the people you meet online and off, you can further encourage a sale by perfecting your sales pitch. You can improve your prospects with the following solution, dedicated software to help you better understand your customers, finding out about their behaviour and interests, and hopefully, closing that sale. Remember not to rest on your laurels, either. Continue to market your business, even after making sales, to ensure your customers don’t forget about you.

  1. Your website is not doing you any favours

If you have used an ecommerce site such as Shopify, then a lot of the hard work around website design is done for you. On the other hand, if you are selling your product from a website you have created yourself, then you may have more problems. If this is the case, check out this site for further advice on improving your site. You see, simply uploading your store online, on whatever format your store is based on, is not enough. You need to work hard to improve the customer experience, ensuring your site is fun and easy to use.

  1. You are pricing your products too highly (or too low)

Okay, so you want to make a profit, but you shouldn’t price your products too high. If your customers can find something of a similar quality elsewhere, and at a lower price, they are going to choose the cheaper option. On the other hand, if you price your product too low, your customers are going to ask themselves why. They may think your product is defective in some way, and of lower quality. It’s a balancing act we know, but you can alleviate your stress by checking out your competitors and pricing your product to counter what they are offering.

So, if your store is short on sales, don’t despair just yet. Consider the possible reasons why and then make every effort to improve your prospects by following the advice given to you above.

We wish you every success.

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Data Compliance For Businesses The Non-Facebook Way

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Leading corporations should lead the way in the industry. Instead, they set terrible examples for the little people underneath. From Facebook to Uber, dozens of massive corporations have been found guilty of immorally using personal data. By storing it and selling, or leaking it and not telling the public, they have benefited immensely.

SMEs can’t do the same thing because a data audit will happen before you can say Cambridge Analytica. Unfortunately, it’s one rule of them and another for us. The little fish have to make sure they comply, which isn’t easy when the rules are complicated. The good news is this post has a handful of tips for your information.

Outsource With Care

The easiest way to comply is to hire a specialist to take care of your needs. Whether it’s medical or technical, the right company can bear the burden of the responsibility. Take a look at for more. However, telling a select panel that your outsourcer was to blame isn’t an excuse, which is why you need to keep in constant communication. Ask them what they are doing to combat this and how they secure personal info in the first place. Talk to your peers and get recommendations, and never judge solely based on price.

Understand Your Data

One reason businesses are blasé about data is that they don’t understand its importance. After all, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. When there is a lack of understanding, the info isn’t secured as tightly as it should be and a leak occurs. The easiest way to avoid this scenario is to learn about sensitive info. What constitutes safeguarding and what is widely available? Obviously, credit card info needs encrypting, and addresses and phone numbers may fall into this category too. It depends on the settings a user decides on when they land on the site. Always consider their wishes.

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Purge The Server

Not every piece of data is worth keeping. Some of it is old and of no use to the company. Or, it may have nothing to do with what you are trying to accomplish. Still, businesses store them on their servers just in case. Before the storm, that was fine but now it’s a bad move. The last thing you want to do is get into trouble over stats which are useless, so purge them from the servers. Because you understand your stores, it shouldn’t be tricky to figure out what is pointless.

Stay Updated

Things happen, and they do so in different locations around the world. Take the General Data Protection Regulation policies in Europe. In a bid to tighten up how companies handle personal information, the EU has outlined new regulations. American businesses may think this has nothing to do with them, but they’d be wrong. Anyone from Europe who lands on your website has a right to privacy under the GDPR Act. Https:// has more on the impacts. Keep your finger on the pulse by staying updated and adapting to new laws.

Do you think you can navigate these choppy waters without sinking?

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Getting to Grips with Digital Advertising

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Traditionally, advertising has been relatively tangible, with companies investing money into marketing campaigns focused around billboards, posters, leaflets, and other similar advertising methods. However, we are now living in the digital age and increasing numbers of small businesses are focusing their ads where the majority of people’s attention is placed – online. So, in order to get the most out of your campaigns, it’s time to start considering digital advertising. Here are a couple of areas to familiarise yourself with!

Header Bidding

Now, relatively few people tend to have heard of header bidding, but it is something that any savvy small business owner should be aware of and understand. Header bidding (otherwise known as advance bidding or pre-bidding) is a method that ad publishers are making more revenue out of their ad inventory. It is a programmatic technique that allows ad publishers to offer their inventory out to multiple ad exchanges at once. People who want to use their ad space will then bid on it, with the individual or company who make the highest bid taking the ad space. As you can imagine, different ad spaces are worth different sums of cash. Ad spaces that will be seen by higher numbers of people (ads on high traffic websites or blogs, ads on popular Youtube videos, and ads on television) are going to come with a much higher price tag than ads that will be seen by more niche audiences. However, header bidding can see you grab a bargain. If others aren’t paying attention, you could get a decent bid in before the deadline and bag a prime spot for a low price. You just have to be vigilant! You can learn more about header bidding at

Crafting a Presence on Social Media

Chances are that you are familiar with social media. Now, while we may automatically associate social media with the younger generations and think of it as a mere pastime, the truth is that nowadays social media is proving popular with older generations too. Just take a look at how many people are active on different platforms at any given time – most people you know will have a Facebook profile, an Instagram account, and a Twitter account. Well, in order to make profit, you should pay attention to the platforms that the masses are engaging with. Social media could provide you with significant exposure. It’s a place where you can showcase what you have to offer and make a name for yourself. What’s more? It’s free!

These are just two different aspects of digital advertising that you should focus on as a small business owner! It really is time to take to digital platforms in order to benefit your brand as much as possible.

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Update Your Business in Style Right Now

Update Your Business in Style Right Now

There are a lot of things you need to keep in mind when it comes time to update and enhance your business. There are so many wonderful things that play a role in taking your business to the next level. It is important to make sure you do what you can to make the business as great as possible, and this is generally a process you have to make sure you work at. Your business is not going to grow overnight, you need to have an organic process that is going to help with this a lot.

Are you serious about starting your own business? If the answer is yes, you need to make sure you take steps to make it a success. And, one of the best ways of achieving this is to make sure you update your business as much as you possibly can, whether this is in the way the company is presented, or the daily running of the business. These are some of the best ideas you can come up with that will help you to update your business and get the best out of it right now.


It is amazing the sort of impact a rebrand of the business can have on the way the brand is perceived. For many people, it can feel as fresh and exciting as a new company, and this is so important. You want the company to come across well and to provide customers with engagement and interest. The right rebrand can totally transform the business and take everything to a much better place in a professional sense. Think about the different ways you can go about rebranding your business effectively.

Tackle Social Media

It is important to use social media as a tool for helping enhance and advance the business. There are so many different things you can do that will help you to ensure you have made the right moves for the business moving forward. You have to look at some of the best ways of improving things, and having a strong social media presence is one of the best. There are a lot of things that you will need to get right if you are going to ace the world of social media, and you might even consider employing experts to take charge of this for you.


Move to New Offices

You also have to look at other factors that can help you get the right outcome with regards to the running of the business. Moving to new offices can be so important, and will often have a major impact in the direction the business takes. If you are serious about getting the right move for the business, you need to make sure you sort out storage options. A trip to might be the best way forward, as this will allow you to store important items that your new offices might not have the space for. It is an important step to take in order to update your business and can be highly effective.

Fresh Marketing Campaign

If you are going to take your business to the next level you are going to need to make sure you have a fresh marketing campaign. That means modernizing as much as possible, and there will be professionals you can bring in to help with this. Getting the right marketing campaign is something that is going to play a very big role in this process, and that’s why you need to be sure you have the best possible marketing campaign you can. Think about the different forms of modern marketing you can use to ensure this happens, and focus on making sure you promote your company for the modern age.


You have to do as much as you can to ensure that you are moving your business onto a digital platform. There are so many benefits to doing this, not to mention the fact that it makes your job much simpler. But, the fact of the matter is also that it is important for customers to view your business as being more modern. Digitizing is modernizing, and this is essential for any business looking to make its way in the modern world. Think about what you can do to make this better, and how important it is that you digitize as soon as possible.


Reassess Your Business Plan

Often it can be important to reassess your business plan at a later date and see if the company is in line with the values you originally included. It is also sometimes important that you make sure you change the direction of the business plan in order to suit the modern world that little bit more. There are a lot of things you’re going to have to account for when you do this, but it is crucial that you take a look at the business plan as much as you can.

Go Green

Going green is more of a modern consideration for businesses, but this doesn’t detract from its importance to companies. You have to make sure you get with the times and look at what you can do to make sure you have a more eco-friendly business. There are a lot of things that can play a role in the development of the business, but going green is a wonderful way of ensuring you have measures in place to take the company forward. Going green makes you more energy-efficient and environmentally conscious, and helps to make the company more attractive for customers.

There are so many excellent things you have to think about when it comes to updating and improving your company. There are a lot of factors that can combine when it comes to making the right business decisions. And, you need to make sure you focus on the best way of taking your company to the next level. This is why it is so important to understand why you have to make sure you improve the business. As the world changes, your business must adapt and change with it, and this is important for future successes.



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