Stuck In A Rut? Broaden Your Career Horizons!

Not everyone is blessed with a career they love and enjoy every single day. In fact, for the vast majority of people, working is a means to an end – primarily earning money. Naturally, a lifestyle like this can often lead to thoughts of being stuck in a rut and trapped doing something you would rather not. But does it have to be like this?


The truth is that taking control of your career again can have a dramatic impact on your success. And the beauty of broadening your career horizons is that it doesn’t matter how old you are – there is always time to make a change. Let’s take a look at a few things you can do to get out of that rut and start treating work as an enjoyable thing to do, rather than a necessity.



Reframe your prospects


First of all, stop thinking that you are stuck in a rut, and better things will start to happen. At the moment, you are probably writing you own narrative and considering too few alternatives to your current situation. Reframe your objectives as broad as possible, and you might start to see a lot more potential to move on and try new things. And open your mind to the possibility of a different future, too – it’s the first step in the process, and a simple – yet vitally important – one.


Get talking


One great way of overcoming your limited objectives is to get out there and start networking with other people in your industry. It will open your eyes to what is possible, even with a limited skill set. And if you do have gaps in your knowledge, talking to others either online or in person at networking events – will point you in the right direction.


Get coaching


If you can make a change in your own life, why not consider teaching others to do the same? According to the course on ICF coaching at Animas, there is a lot of opportunities out there in the world of coaching. If you are good with people, have some marketing skills, and believe in the power of transformation, you should always start by transforming yourself. But your processes for getting to a new place can also be beneficial to others, and nothing is stopping you from teaching others how to do it.


Go freelance


Tired of working for a boss that doesn’t appreciate what you do, or pay you enough money?> If so, why not consider becoming your own boss and developing a freelance career. If you have skills to offer small businesses or local organisations, you can put them to good use. Again, you will need some basic marketing skills and be confident enough to pitch for a new client. But, anyone with a particular skill set will always be needed by others, and as you develop your business, you can often raise your prices, charge more, and become an industry authority.


OK, so there you have it – I hope that you can see that just because you are stuck in a rut now, it doesn’t have to last forever.

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Quick and Easy Ways To Boost Your Income

Unless you’re one of the lucky few who has all the disposable income you could ask for, you’re probably always on the hunt for opportunities to have a little bit extra cash in your wallet. However, although there is undoubtedly a lot of money in this world it’s not always the easiest thing to grab your fair share of it. However, with a bit of creative thinking and a dash of hard work, you might be surprised how easy it is to give your bank balance a top up. Here are a few ideas to get you started.


Rent Out a Room


You probably have a space in your room that is worth hundreds of dollars each month, and it’s just sitting there empty! If you have a spare room, look at renting it out to a lodger. If you live in an area that is in any way popular you should have no problem finding someone to take the room. And of course, who you decide to rent your room to is completely up to you. You might find a lodger that you get on really well with and have a big chunk of your monthly rent/mortgage payment taken care of at the same time.


Being the Help


People always need help – you can be that help and bring in some much needed cash. If you’ve ever Googled ‘how much should cleaning cost’, you’ll know that it can a healthily profitable business: not so expensive that people shy away from using cleaners, but expensive enough to make it worth your while. Even working as a cleaner just a few hours a week can bring in hundreds of dollars each month. Elsewhere, you can ‘be the help’ by becoming a part-time Uber driver – you’ll be able to set your own hours and do it as and when needed.


Use Your Talents


If you’re a talented and/or knowledgeable, why not put your skills to good use and make money at the same time? For instance, if you’re a talented cook then you can turn your home into a temporary restaurant and host travellers to your area to a meal prepared by a local (you!) using sites such as or Alternatively, if you’ve lived in your city for a long time and know it inside out, you can become a tour guide and share everything you know with visitors. Finally, creative folks should take a look at and post their skills for others to buy.


Sell Your Belongings


Practically everybody has belongings in their home that they’re simply hoarding because they don’t want to throw them away. But those unused belongings can bring in plenty of money – the average home has something like $1000 of sellable belongings. Go through the home, make the tough calls about what should stay and what should go, then get to selling them either online or at a market. You’ll clear space and bring in money – win win!

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Crashing Into The World Of Construction

What Is The Construction Industry?


The construction industry is mainly concerned with the construction of buildings and engineering projects. These projects include highways and utility systems. This sector covers quite a broad range of jobs. From carpenters carrying out repair work to plumbers and electricians doing new work and alterations, construction is a big industry. Being in the construction industry is all about maintaining, repairing, and fitting. It can be in a variety of different materials from stone and copper to metal and wood.


Why Work In The Construction Industry?


As of March 2017, the average hourly earnings for construction workers was $28.55 for 38.8 hours of work a week. This is higher than the average American worker earns, which is $24.57 according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. So the wages are above average, and if you are a construction manager or an electrician you could be earning a lot more than this too.


The money isn’t the only benefit of working in construction. Not many other jobs allow their workers to see such immediate and tangible proof of all their hard work. Building hospitals and roads are hard work but at the end of it, you have something concrete to show for it. Which allows for job satisfaction. In other sectors you can feel like a cog in a wheel, never really sure of the impact you’re actually having.


Another benefit of working in this industry is that it supports the economy. The construction industry provides jobs and a huge injection of funds into communities. Working in this sector you will be helping to create an infrastructure which massively strengthens the country.


Construction is also great work for those who get bored easily. You’ll be working on different projects all the time and getting to know new teams. This is great for sharing knowledge and staying interested. Construction is also a skill which is valued all over the world, so you could potentially travel abroad and continue to work.


What Training Will You Need?


This largely depends on what area of construction you’re getting into. Here are three popular areas, and the training you’ll need to get into them:


Welding requirements usually include a high school diploma. You’ll also have to complete a welding test, this is usually set by an employer. This is important because your new employer has to see that you can wield welding materials like the ones found here, Some employers will also require you have obtained a degree from a technical school offering training too.


To become a carpenter or joiner you need to undergo training too. This training includes basic construction skills, wood operations, usually a diploma and some evidence of site carpentry. If you can master both joinery and carpentry you’ll be a useful asset.


A site manager earns the most money out of any construction job. So it follows that they have to undergo some training and have a lot of experience. A bachelor’s degree in construction management is essential as is some real world experience, and sometimes even a Master’s Degree is necessary.

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All The World’s A Stage: How To Be More Than A Mere Player

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Stand up comedy is a lot of fun to watch but if you ask most people, they would probably say that they could never do it. It may be because they do not think they are generally funny people and would struggle to write jokes, let alone tell them. Others would probably demure because the idea of doing anything on a stage scares them. The idea of strangers looking back at you expectantly, waiting to be entertained, is for some a nightmare. However, the facts remains that people do stand up comedy and many of them claim to enjoy it. What is it about these people that enables them to do it? Is it a pathological sense of self-worth that propels them to implicitly suggest that what they have to say is worth listening to? Maybe it is something as sad as their not being able to do anything else. Besides, stand up comics sometimes say that they too get nervous. The difference may be that they know how to utilise that feeling and make it work for them. The fundamental aspect of something like stand up, or acting, or any kind of performance, is confidence. The performer is demanding attention and the consequence of that is that they will be expected to warrant that attention. If they do not prove that they are worth spending time on, they will lose their audience, and they deserve to until they improve.

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The odd thing about people who claim that they could never do any type of performance is that they do it everyday. When you go to work, you are performing professionally. If your performance fails and you seem to have a disregard for your company or your customers you will likely lose your job. Another common performance that people indulge in is the one they adopt when talking with children. You sometimes cannot be as honest with children as you would with adults and it is incumbent upon you to pretend to answer a toy phone for instance, because failing to do so would hurt their feelings. Everybody assumes different roles at different moments, and they switch between them all the time. Even the way we speak changes depending on our interlocutor. The discipline of sociolinguistics is dedicated to it.


There are lots of situations in life where you do not just need to behave in a certain way, you have to think about how to present yourself to your best advantage. One important example is in trying to find a job. Everybody needs to do something and to succeed, everybody needs to prove that they are the best at a particular role. To secure employment, you have to demonstrate your value to your potential employer. The first stage in this process is writing a concise, convincing CV or resume. This is the first thing that the HR department will see and if they do not find that it holds their interest, you have no chance of even securing an interview. Once you get an interview, a different, more personal sort of performance is required. The people interviewing you are trying to assess whether you would be a good fit with their organisation. The way they are going to get this information depends less on what you say than you might expect. Their first impression of you will be important, as will your body language throughout the conversation. If you are visibly nervous, they may not acknowledge it, but you can be sure that they noticed. A study conducted by Albert Mehrabian once famously found that what we say accounts for only 7% of what we communicate. Whether this is true or not is another matter, but the point remains that non verbal communication plays a big role in how we are perceived. If interviews are something that you struggle with, you may want to consider interview coaching. The best advice, when faced with a weakness, is to seek out the help of experts.

Photo by David Davies


Once you have found a job, you may think that you can take a break from pretending and be yourself. However, that is not really the case. In 1969, Laurence J. Peter wrote a book that surmised that in a hierarchy like a corporation, people will rise to their level of incompetence. A person who is good at their job gets promoted. This will happen every time they find they can still do the better job until they get promoted to a job they cannot do. Peter suggests that to stay in a job that suits you, you should pretend to be incompetent at it.
In a world where you seemingly always have to pretend to succeed, the path to success is being smart and learning what you do badly, and improving on it.

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Work Issues That Can Hold Your Career Back if You Let Them

Everyone wants to advance their career and become the best person they can be in their work life. However, there are some things that can hold you back and stop you from getting the most from your career. That’s not a position you want to find yourself in, so you should try to make sure that you are aware of the things that could hold you back if you’re not careful. Read on if you want to see exactly what I mean.


Not Enough Talented People Around You


It’s not only your own talents that matter when it comes to advancing in your career. You will also be reliant on the team of people that surrounds you. These days, many jobs are highly collaborative, and for you to do well, the team as a whole also has to do well. If the people around you are not up to scratch and can’t do a good job, you could be held back by them. So, try to make sure that you work for a company full of talented people who will be able to push you on and challenge you each and every day at work.

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A Lack of New Training Opportunities


Training opportunities can be really important because no one knows it all. If you want to advance in your career, you will have to learn new things and obtain new skills. This is true for everyone. However, actually making that happen is often easier said than done. When your employer is not giving you enough training opportunities, you probably won’t have the time or the financing to pursue your own training. Talk to your boss about this and see if there is any way in which they can provide you with extra training. After all, it will be good for them if you have more and better skills.


Injuries or Health Problems


If you do a job that is risky or dangerous in some way, it’s up to your employer to protect you and offer a safe working environment. If they don’t do that, you could get hurt. And when that happens, your career could be held back because you will have to take time out. Firms like Hasner Law can assist you with getting compensation. This might help you improve the quality of medical care you receive, and you can then get back to work faster and start advancing your career once more.


An Unfair Management Structure


Some businesses are run more like friendship groups than companies. It’s often who knows the boss and who has a way in with him or her that matters more than anything else. When the management structure is unfair like this, it can often hold talented people back who don’t have a way to get their foot in the door. Yes, it’s unfair and unjust, but what can you do about it? Once it’s been made clear that contacts and connections matter more than talent or performance, you should assess your position. It might be worth pursuing a job at a different company that’s run in a fairer way.

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Construction Is A High Risk Industry: Make Sure You’re Keeping Your Employees Safe

It’s hardly surprising that the construction industry is one that is considered to be a relatively high risk. After all, you’re far more likely to suffer some form of injury on a construction site than you are working behind a desk in an office. Of course, that’s not to say that employers don’t have a responsibility to ensure the safety of all of their employees, no matter what environment they’re working in. However, employers working within high-risk industries like construction have a far greater responsibility to ensure that nothing happens to their employees, simply by virtue of the increased likelihood of injury or accident in the workplace. Of course, for many employers, it can be difficult to know exactly what to do to make sure that their employees are as safe as possible. With that in mind, here are a few things that every employer within the construction industry should be doing in order to guarantee the safety of their workers.

Providing training

The safety of any workplace must always start with your employees. It’s important that the people working on your construction site are always conducting themselves in the safest, most responsible manner possible. Beyond just assume that they have at least some degree of common sense, the best way to ensure that this happens is to provide your staff with adequate training. This includes basic health and safety training, but it should also involve specific training for any dedicated pieces of equipment that they are going to be using. Not only that but you should make sure to offer refresher courses for staff at regular periods. New pieces of technology appear frequently, and it can be incredibly dangerous to assume that your staff as more information and training than they actually do.

Meeting standards

When it comes to construction and engineering environments, risks and dangers go far beyond just individual safety. You’re going to be in an environment where the level of risks extend beyond both your workers but also beyond the period where they’re actually working. Mistakes made months ago can have a potentially deadly impact on people working on the same site later on. Because of this, it’s important to use resources like to make sure that your site and workers are always meeting the right standards. It might seem like red tape, but that red tape can potentially save a lot of lives.

Regular environmental inspections

The safety of your workers should be something of an ongoing process. You should make sure that you’re taking care to conduct regular inspections to ensure the safety of the working environment. Not only that but you should have tools and equipment regularly inspected as well. Faulty equipment is a significant cause of many workplace accidents and the kinds of equipment that is used on a construction site mean that those kinds of accidents can have some truly dire consequences. Make sure that you’re not leaving it too long between these inspections. They might take up time you’d rather was spent on something else, but an accident is going to be a much bigger waste of time than an inspection ever would.

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Changing Your Life… Through Your Career

It can be a big struggle to move your career forward when you are stuck in a dead-end job and have been for as long as you can remember. Even for those that are fresh out of college are told to get a job with perks and to make sure you get a good pension. The focus has been on doing that, and it’s hardly a surprise with the unstable economy, and we all need to feel like we are secure in our jobs, even if it is one that we don’t necessarily love. What can we do to change this?



The safety in having a comfy office job speaks for itself. You have a pension, an average salary, and the same sandwich for lunch every day. The monotony can be depressing for some, and for others, they don’t seem to know any better. And it’s a dangerous pattern to get caught in. This is why a lot of people are now choosing to run their own businesses, but the perils of running a company that comprises of one employee, yourself, can mean that you are biting off more than you can possibly chew. The baptism of fire of throwing yourself into running your own business is quite a stressful pursuit. But there are so many that are doing it out of necessity, and if you have the means to look for a business that is lucrative and is within your realms of expertise, there is no reason to say why you cannot make a good living out of doing something you care about. But if you choose to run your own business, you need to be prepared for financial difficulties in the early stages, which is why it is best to save up some money before starting.

Many people prefer to run their own little businesses or be self-employed because they have a lot more freedom in how they run their life. It is much less stressful, and they can apply the brakes if it is all getting too much. This is why the public sector is an approach that appeals to many workers; it is a fine balance of the attitudes of a more relaxed workplace combined with the benefits and security that people need. The public sector, which includes areas such as the Federal Government, has benefits and salaries that are very appealing to the casual observer. They have insurance coverage options like life insurance, which is peace of mind for those who have dependents. But for all the perks you may think that the jobs themselves can be dull and revolve around the office, which is not the case. The options are wide-ranging.

As people strive to find a job that provides some meaning to their life while also giving them some security, it is a scenario where you may be forgiven for thinking that you can only have it one way or the other. Either have the perks and be miserable, or be happy but without support, and the options available to you are far from miserable. So make sure you do something you care about.

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