The Fiscal Fight Against Disability Debt

Whether you were born with a disability or have recently been disabled following a recent illness or injury, good money management is of paramount importance. The cost of disabled living can be demanding even for those lucky enough to still be able to carry on with their jobs and careers after their disabilities manifest. If left unchecked, this can lead to a disability debt spiral which can be ruinous to one’s physical and psychological wellbeing. Financial wellness is one of many areas in which the disabled find that they have to work a little harder than their able bodies counterparts, especially when disability insurance claims are rejected or insurers place caps on how much you can earn while claiming. Whether you work on a freelance basis or for an employer, here are some ways in which you can improve your financial health and ease the psychological, emotional and logistical stranglehold that disability debt can have on your life and work…

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Talk to a lawyer if your disability insurance claim is rejected

It can be an extremely dispiriting experience when one’s disability insurance claim is denied. It can even lead the claimant to question whether they are suffering from a bona fide disability. In ,many cases, however, just because a claim has been rejected doesn’t mean that a claimant does not have legitimate grounds for a claim. In most cases it helps to have an attorney check over your claim and / or launch an appeal on your behalf. Check here to see how a dedicated long term disability lawyer can help you. When you know that you can claim that to which you are entitled this can ease the financial pressure on you and contribute enormously to your psychological well-being.

Find ways to save every day

While those in the disabled community face specific expenses and financial difficulties which their able-bodied counterparts do not, sometimes using the good old-fashioned saving techniques available to all of us can make a big difference. Clip coupons, look for voucher codes, take advantage of introductory offers, do free trials and find ways to save on the little things every day. All of these little savings add up to make a big difference by the end of the year!

Remember your tax deductions

Remember that when it comes to your taxes, disabled people may qualify for tax deductions, credits and income exclusions which may ease the burden placed upon you when saving for your taxes. It’s worth hiring an accountant to ensure that you claim for every expense incurred in your professional activities. Indeed, there may be many things which they can help you with that you were not aware that you could claim for. At the very least it behoves you to take a look at the IRS website and see what you may be entitled to.

Managing your debts

Finally, managing your debts is an important aspect of financial wellbeing. The simple truth is that for all but the most privileged of us, living debt-free in the 21st century is an unattainable pipe-dream. Debts can quickly spiral out of control when they all have different interest rates, all come out of your bank on different days of the month and can wreak havoc on your credit rating.

Consolidating your debts makes them much easier to manage as it replaces them with a single monthly payment with a set interest rates. Because a consolidation loan buys out all of your previous debts, it can also seriously boost your credit score!

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Home Uncomforts: Making Working From Home Work For You


There’s a lot to be said for working from home. Not just in the fact that it’s a great way to gain some control over your life (not least minimizing the travel time to the office), but working from home can be a considerably more difficult approach if you are not someone who can thrive in an office environment. The whole working from home scenario can work for you, just as long as you follow a few fundamental approaches…

Finding The Right Career

Usually, the standard career option for those that exclusively work from home revolves around writing in one way or another. But, it’s not just this one route. A lot of people decide to set up a business, especially if they are struggling to make ends meet in a freelance capacity. While selling items out of your home may seem like a lot of effort for little return, there are ways to set up solid businesses via options like the Amazon FBA approach. You can visit this site to get some more information on this. On the other hand, you may have other reasons that you would rather work at home. In which case, there are options for you to work from the comfort of your own home, just as long as you have a decent internet connection.

Learning How To Thrive In Your Environment

Even if you have a job that requires a lot of focus, it can be very difficult for you to maintain this, especially when you work at home, on the couch, or even at the kitchen table. This means that you’ve got to master the art of discipline. Learning how to maintain some sort of focus isn’t just about removing immediate distractions, but about getting into a working frame of mind. The best way for you to do this is to, in effect, treat it as a job. Giving yourself a structure, like the one that’s imposed on a typical 9 to 5 job is one of the most beneficial ways for you to do any work. Because, if you don’t, you’ll find yourself doing a little bit of work now and then, and before you know it, it’s taken you 15 hours to do something that would normally take 7 or 8. This is why you have to impose some sort of structure on yourself because even though you are working at home, the novelty of being at home soon wears off. Not just in the fact that you are bored with your immediate surroundings quickly, but having no one to talk to can be incredibly isolating. This is why you have to set yourself self-imposed boundaries and challenges because this task of getting the work done by a certain time will keep you going.

A lot of people look at working from home as a very luxurious prospect. When in fact, it can be quite the opposite. We all have reasons that we need to work from home, but it can still prove to be a very difficult setup. You can make working from home work for you.


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3 Reasons Why Taking Your Presentation Seriously Can Help You in Life

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None of us likes to feel vain, and we all know — or at least, we all should know — that it’s our character that defines us, not the way we look. Nonetheless, the way we present ourselves isn’t entirely meaningless to the experience we can expect to have while progressing through our lives.

Simply put, if you wear dirty old tracksuits everywhere, all day, don’t comb your hair, and basically reject the very idea of putting in any effort to your appearance, you are not only going to increase the odds that other people will respond badly to you, but you are almost certainly doing significant harm to your own mental health, self-respect, and well-being as well.

Not everyone is going to be a supermodel, but that’s not the point of this. Taking pride and care in your presentation is a matter of what you choose to do with yourself, rather than the hand you’ve been dealt by mother nature.

And don’t think for a moment that presentation only applies to yourself and how you dress. The way you style your home is majorly important, too.

Here are a few reasons why taking presentation seriously can help you in life.

Your immediate environment is a collection of psychological cues. Make them empowering, and you will be empowered

You might think that your home is really just a place where you relax on weekend and evenings, and where you make your morning cup of coffee.

You may think that, but you’d be wrong.

Our homes are in fact an incredibly powerful psychological stage, and the way we decorate and present our homes can have an untold impact on our approach to life, and the way we view ourselves.

Consider this — if you lived in a dark, gloomy house, with very little lighting, natural or otherwise, and the walls were covered in macabre art of people crying and generally looking extremely unhappy with their lives, do you think you would end up developing a sunny, jovial, and happy persona as a result?

On the other hand, if your home was light, well-illuminated, tidied and organised, and filled with motivational and exciting posters from a service such as, don’t you think that would, at the very least, significantly increase the odds that you would feel happy and capable over time?

The way we structure and organise our immediate environments — meaning, really, our homes — has a lot to do with how we feel, and even the types of people we ultimately become. If you match a desire for genuine growth and self-improvement, with a home that’s decorated in an uplifting and empowering style, you exponentially increase the odds that you will be empowered as a result.

Taking care of your presentation reinforces your own sense of self-worth and your own idea that you’re someone worth taking seriously

What is true for our home decor in a more “macro” sense is absolutely true for our own physical presentation in a more micro sense. Whether or not you consider yourself physically attractive or physically unattractive by virtue of birth, you are guaranteed to like, respect, and value yourself less, if you dress in a way that you associate with sloppiness, unattractiveness, and apathy.

Your subconscious mind is an extremely powerful thing, and it responds to things that you might not even be consciously aware of. If, for example, you routinely dress in a way that makes you unhappy, your subconscious mind will end up developing thoughts along the lines of “this isn’t right”, “I’m not happy”, “I guess I’m not worth very much”, and so on.

By making the effort to present yourself in a way that you actually like, and that actually makes you feel like someone who you could take seriously, you can radically shift your own sense of self-worth and your capacity to act positively in the world, overnight.

“Clothes make the man”, dressing professionally often helps improve your office clout

Different jobs and industries have different expectations when it comes to personal appearance. While you may be able to buck these rules from time to time — such as if you’re extremely good at your job, or happen to own the company, for example — you can expect generally to have a much easier time progressing in your career, if you “look the part”.

An old maxim declares that “clothes make the man”. This isn’t true, exactly, but it is certainly the case that what you wear in different settings influences how likely people are to treat you with a level of professional courtesy and respect.

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Want To Start A Business? What’s Stopping You?

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Many people think about starting their own business, but very few people actually follow through and do it. If you’ve been considering starting a business, now could be the time to stop making excuses. Here are just a few of the common excuses that stop people following their entrepreneurial dreams…

‘I can’t afford it’

Starting a business can be expensive and many people can’t afford to pay for it out of their own pocket. It’s for this reason that business loans exist – many successful companies have been started by taking out a business loan and many lenders are willing to give out thousands. There’s also the option of seeking investment, which involves offering shares in profits in exchange for funding from investors. Meanwhile, for those that want to avoid debt or giving away shares, it’s always possible to save up the money in a high interest business savings account. All in all, there are lots of funding for those that can’t afford to start their business.

‘I don’t have the time’

Another common excuse that people make for not starting a business is not having the time. Whilst you may have other commitments to handle, these needn’t get in the way of your business dreams – many people have started businesses whilst raising children and even working full time jobs in order to maintain a steady income in the beginning. Running a business is something that can be done flexibly – you have the power to set your own hours and you can always hire staff to fill in times that you can’t work due to other commitments.

‘I don’t have any business skills’

A lot of entrepreneurs begin with little or no business know-how. Fortunately, it’s something that you can learn on the job. There are plenty of business books, blogs and courses that can help you to develop leadership skills, organisation skills and various other skills. You can also hire advisors to help you with legal, financial and technological elements of your business.

‘I don’t have a business idea’

Alternatively, you may have the business skills but no business model. In these cases, there’s always the option of buying a franchise. This involves starting up a company with an already established brand. You’ll find franchises such as these senior care franchise opportunities advertised online. Franchises can offer more financial security and you won’t have to invest as much money into marketing.

‘I’m worried it will fail’

Your business won’t fail if you’re determined enough to make it succeed. Some people fear the lack of a steady income, but as stated already it’s possible to work another job and run a business. As for your business model, you can always alter it if you think it isn’t working for you. A big part of achieving positive results is thinking positive, so stop thinking the worst and take your shot at starting a business.

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It’s The Small Things You Do That Will Motivate Your Employees



Your employees are not mindless drones, turning up to work each day to keep your company running like clockwork. They are not just the means to an end to build your companies profits. If you treat them as such, they are going to stop caring about what it is they do. They are going to stop caring about your business. And they are going to stop caring about you! In short, they are going to lose motivation, and possibly damage your business as a consequence, through shoddy work and idle gossip about your attitude towards them.

Therefore, you need to be a better boss. You need to care for them more. And by doing so, you will motivate them into being a better employee for you. Now, you could do this by offering a raise in their pay packet or taking them out for expensive meals using your business profits, but such grand gestures are not always needed. You see, it’s the small things you do that will motivate your employees.

It’s about….

Treating them as individuals, remembering their names, and recognising their achievements. It’s about smiling at them and saying hello when they pass you in the corridor. It’s about saying ‘well done’ when they have done something worthwhile. It’s about saying ‘thank you’ to show you are happy with their service to your company. And it’s about letting them know that you see them, not as an ID number, but as a human being who is worthy of praise and recognition.

Inspiring them through your example, passing down your knowledge to your coworkers through the ethos presented by Steve Trautman. It’s about rolling up your sleeves to let your staff know that you aren’t afraid of getting your hands dirty. It’s about showing respect and kindness in the way you respond to your employees and with others. It’s about doing anything that will convince your employees that you are a good and worthy boss, with the respect they gain for you giving them the impetus to be better people themselves, in all aspects of their lives.

Having a sense of fun in the workplace, finding ways make your employees enjoy their day, rather than see it as a 9 to 5 grind. It’s about making time for banter around the drinks fountain. It’s about sending your staff the occasional funny email. It’s about improving their break room to help them let off steam. And it’s about showing your staff that you’re not always Mr. Serious Business, as you have a human (and funny) side too.

Showing you care for them, on a day-to-day basis. It’s about having conversations with them that go beyond work duties. It’s about knowing areas in which they are struggling and trying to help them. It’s about listening to them when they come to you with a problem or a suggestion. It’s about having an holistic approach to your employee’s wellbeing. It’s about being a good and kindly boss who has a heart of compassion, and not a heart of stone.

It’s the small things you do that will motivate your employees, and we have given you a snapshot of what you could be doing today. Let us know if you have any further ideas, through your experience as an employer or an employee. Take care, and thanks for reading!

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Giving Your Side Hustle The Professional Touch

In a digital age, more and more people are choosing to work from home, or run a side hustle or business from their house, so the daily stresses of a commute, office meetings, and dealing with rush hour traffic can be reduced. Whether it’s to make your time more flexible, to spend time with your kids and family, or you just wanted to become your own boss as you make a living; your home-based income can bring you comfort financially and the freedom to do other activities. If you’ve just started running a business from your home environment; it can be a challenge to adjust to your new way of life, and to make the decisions regarding your small company. Therefore, you’ll need to know where, when, and what to invest in so that you get off to a positive start. The following are some ideas and advice for at-home entrepreneurs that are ready for hard work and the success that comes with it.

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A Professional Setup

With a business of any size; it’s vital to get off to a positive start with potential supplier, buyers, and manufacturers if you need to utilize their services and outsource their help. Whatever it is that you’re creating, making, or doing; having strong and trustworthy relationships with companies will help boost your business, and it’ll run smoothly as a result. You might have built upon your contacts with your suppliers or stockists, and now is the time to invest in the marketing side of things or rebranding for an online boost.

Do your research and check out the credentials and reputation on the help you like the look of. You may need to invest time and effort in the areas of your business that are most visible to others. Therefore, you may need to learn how to build WordPress landing pages so that you can create a professional exterior for your side hustle, and attract and retain your fresh visitors. It’s also worth investing some time in your social media; make sure your handles are all the same, and each platform reflects who you are and what you do.

The Right Environment

You’ll need to ensure that you can grow your business from home. Make sure that your office and workspace feel separate from the rest of the house. It’s impossible to concentrate with the hustle and bustle of home life happening in the background. Therefore, you’ll want a space where you can shut the door and work in peace. An outbuilding in the garden is a great way to feel like you’re off to work and remove yourself from the rest of the house. You’ll have a space to fill with only work related items and won’t feel the temptation to do tasks in and around the house. Take a look online for some home office inspiration and get off to a positive start. Invest in equipment, furniture, and software that will ensure the quality of your work is high, and you can produce it efficiently.

If a specific computer, desk space, or software package is going to make you money in the long run; it’s worth the financial investment from the get-go. Start as you mean to go on, and you’ll be successful and happy in the professionalism of your side hustle.

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Make a Living by Writing About What You Know

When you think of writers you probably imagine an author typing away at their latest and greatest novel about a teenage wizard, or maybe you think of a journalist releasing a breaking story. But what you might not know is that the vast majority of writers are creating articles on topics which they are incredibly knowledgeable about, and most people will never read them. These could be manuals for products, content for a travel website or sales copy for an infomercial or a celebrity who needs to talk about the latest movie that they starred in.

What do You Know?

Writing is as important as it’s always been, and we are consuming a huge amount of content every single day, all of which is written by somebody. While it wasn’t possible two decades ago, now you can make a good living writing about any topic that you can imagine, regardless of how niche it is. As long as there are tens of thousands of people who care about that topic, there is an opportunity for you to monetize your knowledge.

The first step is to figure out what you know better than anybody else. For many of us, this will be a hobby or a pastime that we have dedicated many years of our lives to, like paintball or fishing. Writing about a hobby is fantastic because it doesn’t feel like a job and there are also thousands of opportunities because hobbies tend to have a huge following.

Offering Your Services

If you like the comfort and safety that a nine to five job can offer, taking a job writing for an online publication or company can be a great way for you to monetize your wisdom. If you are struggling to find a job with one of these companies, you might consider emailing them and asking them to consider you as a freelance writer. Alternatively, you can sign up to a writing agency like WordAgents or a platform such as Upwork where you can get paid to write.

Creating a Website

However, if you want to earn a better living and have full control over what you create, it might be the perfect time for you to create your website. Magazines are a dying breed that are likely to be gone within our lifetime, but the online magazine or content website is here to stay. By writing down everything that you know down, this can help others, entertain them and make money through selling products or including advertising on your site.

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