Health Advice for Nurses and Other Healthcare Professionals

Working as a nurse or any other healthcare professional can be a tough job. You’re often on your feet all day and can be asked to carry out long shifts of 12 hours or sometimes even more. Staying healthy as a nurse can be difficult, but it’s possible if you know how.

Stay Comfortable on Your Feet

When you’re on your feet all day, it’s often a struggle not to go home with sore feet, legs and a bad back. One of the most important things you can have is a comfortable pair of shoes with plenty of support, which should also be practical for wearing in the workplace.

Balance Moving and Resting

It’s not always easy to find a chance to sit down and rest when working as a nurse, but it’s important to take any opportunities to do so. However, when you are on your feet, it’s better to try to move around, rather than standing still.

Pack Healthy Food

Instead of relying on the cafeteria at work or raiding the vending machine, it can be a smart idea to take lunch, dinner or even breakfast to work with you. That way, you know you have healthy food and snacks ready for you when you get the chance to eat them.

Know How to Survive the Night Shift

Working the night shift can be the hardest thing of all when working in healthcare. However, with a few solid tips, you can survive anything and still remain healthy, with adequate levels of sleep.

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Adopting An Entrepreneurial Lifestyle

So, you’ve got a side hustle, and you’re thinking of taking it full time. But in all that, you want to be sure it’ll pay off. You want to be sure you’ll be dedicated to it. And most of all, you want to be sure both you and the profits are in it for the long haul! And in the modern day and age, and when attention is grabbed easily from marketing niche to the next, it can be hard to achieve longevity. 

Which is why it’s so important to adopt the entrepreneurial lifestyle – and yes, this is a thing! It’s key to making sure you reach your stride in the business world whilst standing on your own two feet. Without further ado, here are a few elements to get you started. 

Pexels Image – CC0 Licence

Keep Eating and Moving

An entrepreneur can get very busy. They can lose a lot of time in their day. And because of this, it’s important to put emphasis on eating right and staying active. You might be stuck at a desk all day for the foreseeable future, and that’s not good for your body! 

So, think about taking on a healthy eating diet – one that packs you up with energy, and puts good portions of fruits, veg, carbs, and protein on your plate. At the same time, be sure to make time to get outside walking, at least 3 times a week. And if you feel like, why not start getting up just a bit early a couple times a week to fit a morning jog in? 

Listen to an Expert

There’s plenty of advice out there. When you’re thinking of becoming an entrepreneur, because you have your own idea for a service and you know you’ve got what it takes to make it big, you’ll need to listen and collect this advice for future purposes! It’s important to take into account the words of people who have made it before you, and there’s always something further to learn the more research you do. 

And thankfully, it’s becoming more and more easy to learn the ins and outs of the entrepreneur’s world. For example, an entrepreneur podcast would ping back a thousand or more search results if you typed it into Google! Listen to them all, at least once, and see which ones fit your style of learning best; be sure to take the host’s personality into account, and see if they ever delve into your niche.

Work Where You Want

Finally, be sure to work where you want. Find a place to settle down in that suits you best, and craft your own little working nest out of it. If you’re going to live the entrepreneurial life, you’re going to need to find comfort in your working conditions, especially if you’re working from home! 

If you’ve got some spare time on your hands, or a side hustle that you think could make you some big money, work to adopt the right lifestyle.

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Making The Most Of Being A “Homepreneur”

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As a way to express ourselves, it can seem that so many people out there are thinking about setting up a freelance business and following that trend of being a “homepreneur” where you set up a business from home. But is this a truly effective way to acquire professional and personal freedom? Let’s break down the trend and see what it can really do for us personally and professionally.

Getting Out More

Working at home means that you are, in one respect, operating with the blinders on. You may not be able to get a proper sense of the industry as a whole at home. In one respect, it’s helpful to stay away from bad influences, but conversely, you need to find the right ways to harness business help wherever possible. Because we can fly blind, especially at the outset, we need to make sure that we are protecting our business as much as possible. Minimizing naivety is crucial. And whether this is through IT protection like Safebit Solutions, or actually getting out there and networking with other entrepreneurs to capture a true sense of what is going on, we certainly need to get out more than we would stay in.

Understanding The Difference Between Your Work Life And Home Life 

One of the most agonizing aspects of working at home is that your work life and your home life are under the same roof. You need to understand the difference between the two, not just for the benefit of how you work but also how the people that live with you can fare better under the constraints. In one respect, you are better off setting up a home office far away from proceedings, but also, you’ve got to learn how to avoid checking those emails at 11 at night. It’s a very hard thing to get right, but one of the key components is all about discipline, in work and outside of it…

Bringing A Sense Of Discipline To Your Work 

Because being at home comes with a plethora of distractions, you’ve got to learn how to focus on the task at hand. It all depends on the time of day in which you work, as well as how many people are at home at the same time. A lot of people fare better by working a more twilight shift. But once you decide how you work best, that is when you will learn how to focus more. It’s always worth setting up some ground rules, especially if you have children.

Minimizing Loneliness

In an emotional sense, working at home by yourself means that you are, for a lot of the time, by yourself. Minimizing loneliness may not be a problem, especially if you’ve got a million things to do and plenty of people to speak to. But also, you’ve got to be aware of how isolating it can be. If you feel yourself getting like this, you work from home with a remote internet connection, so you can shake it up a bit and go somewhere else!

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Must-Have Tools To Improve Freelance Life 100%

The working world has been changing, and there are more people than ever that work from home, or that work as a freelancer. There are rising number of people that are skilled in what they do, but are choosing to work from home with a freelance career. There is a lot of evidence to suggest that when you work from home, you could actually be more productive and efficient, as well as saving time and money. But because things have changed in the way that we work, we need to give ourselves some time to equip ourselves with the kinds of skills and tools that are going to improve freelance life, especially if you’re new to it all. So with that in mind, here are some essential online tools that can help digital nomads improve and be the best that they can be.



If you are someone who tends to have quite a few tabs open on your computer, but can’t get away from it all, because you want to keep them for some point down the line, then you need some tools that are going to help to keep things really organized. You could use a tool like OneTab as a way to declutter, which is a browser extension tool that puts tabs all into a list. You could also use boards on a site like Pinterest, as it means you can bookmark things for later. Can be handy when you need to save client pages, and so on. 

Sharing of files

If you have often been sharing files with clients, for example, graphic artists or photographers will have large files to send to others, then you will want to use a platform that is going to make a massive difference and speed things up a little. You could use a VPN to help you to file share with other clients, as it can mean that you can send things much more quickly as you are using a private network. A VPN can also help to keep data and files secure, which, depending on what kind of freelance work you do, could be of paramount importance for your clients. There are different providers of VPNs to choose from, so make sure you look up something like an Opera free VPN review to see what the pros and cons are. It can be simple to do but it does make a difference.

Time Management

If you are someone who has to balance work and life, as well as someone who does things by the hour, then you need to make sure that you are using your time wisely, as well as tracking how long you spend on certain projects. Software like Toggl can let you keep track of your working hours quite easily, and you can assign out the time for the different clients that you are working for. The software can also generate some weekly or monthly reports, which can be a great way to help you keep track.

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Best Ways To Provide The Best Working Environment

It’s no secret that your work environment has an impact on your productivity, performance and mood when at work. If your employees are stuck in a dark, gloomy office with unpleasant workers then they are at risk of becoming demotivated and left feeling as though the company they work doesn’t care about their wellbeing. 

Photo by Cadeau Maestro from Pexels

Have a look below at some of the ways you can provide the best working environment:

Hire A Team That Gels

As a business owner, you should be able to make decisions that are at times hard. However, you need to be able to make tough decisions and deliver bad news at times. When it comes to your team you have to understand that at some point you will need to look at your team and make changes. Don’t be afraid to get rid of bad employees. A good working environment typically starts with the people that you hire. You should try and make sure that your employees are professional and team players. The same should apply to anyone that already works in your office too, When employees work with bad employees they are more likely to become bad too. 

Provide Good Lighting

Providing the right lighting in the workplace plays an essential part in the performance and attitudes of your employees. It’s important that consider adding natural light into your workspace, not only does it improve the mood of your employees but it also helps their wellbeing, attitude, work performance and focus. It’s surprising to find that nearly fifty per cent of worker claim that they have no natural light provided. If you’re not able to provide natural lighting with windows then there are other options such as specialised light bulbs.

Provide A Comfortable Workspace

This doesn’t just mean thinking about providing a comfy chair for your employees it also means thinking about areas such as lighting. Working equipment, extra facilities, airconditioning such as MTA Australasia and many others. Something else that you ould consider is allowing your employees to choose where they would like to work including providing comfy seating areas, raisable desks and outside spaces. Trusting your employees to manage their own time adds an extra level of comfort and allowing them to customise their workspace makes them feel comfortable and relaxed. 

Encourage Communication

Communication is a powerful resource when used correctly. It’s important to focus on communication and consider it to be a priority for ay business. You should encourage open communication with anything and everything,you could even try having an open door policy where you show that you are open to communication at almost any time (of course, you will have times when you’re in meetings). Not only should you think closely about the communication methods used by yourself, your manager’s and supervisors but also the line of communication for your employees. You want them to feel as though they are able to share any problems without worry. 

These four areas should help you on your way to providing the best working environment for your employees. Do you have any others that you can share in the comments section below? 

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Four Simple Ways You Can Make Your Working Day So Much Easier

Work is inevitable. We all have to do it in order to pay the bills and live a decent life. Some people fire through every single day with very little problems. Others, however, aren’t that lucky. For the majority of people, work ends up being super tedious and awkward to get through. This isn’t the case through the entire day and the entire week, but those slower and more lethargic times do tend to hit. 

Whether running a business or working from home, you should always be looking for ways to be more efficient and more productive. If you’re don’t bother with that, then you’ll probably end up wasting a lot of time working hard when you could have finished, say, an hour or two before. Wouldn’t it be so much nicer on your mind and body if you could get through the working day a lot easier? Of course it would. 

What are the ways, though? What can you do to make the day slightly (or a lot!) easier for yourself? Well, here are four ideas for you to ponder. These can go for any instance – whether you’re running a business, employed by one, or are doing some independent projects:  

Prepare Properly 

You’re always told that you need to have good preparation if you want to succeed. Fail to prepare; prepare to fail – that’s the famous quote, and it still stands today. If you want a less harsh amount of pressure on your shoulders regarding your work, then you should probably plan out how your following day/week is going to pan out. As a responsible working human, you probably have a brief plan of action. Maybe writing it down and making it real can help you to organize yourself a little better. 

It’s also good to get into a routine. When you’re in one, your body and brain become accustomed to it. The first few days might be quite painful, but you’ll get used to it after a little while. After a few weeks, you’ll be wondering why you didn’t do it earlier.  

Be More Energized  

When you’re completely zapped of your energy, it can be very easy to slow down or to switch off completely. Make sure you’ve had enough sleep. Getting into an aforementioned routine might be able to help with that – an evening routine should get you nice and tired; ready for the early morning ahead! 

Be sure to fill your stomach with enough food and water throughout the day, too. It sounds too basic, but so many people around the globe aren’t getting enough nutrients when they are able to!

Upgrade Your Software

If you have old programs on your computer or older equipment, then you’re going to be hampering yourself in terms of your work. If you had a completely new set of programs and high-tech software like a project manager or a virtual data room at your disposal, you’d probably get things done in half the time. 

Don’t Rush Your Work

When you rush, you make mistakes. You also start to panic for some reason – even if you have all day. Slow down a little. Go slowly and think about what you’re actually doing so as to avoid mistakes. If you get the urge to multitask – don’t. Take breaks if you have to. Everyone needs that rest and rehabilitation – even if it’s for twenty minutes or so.  

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Business Leader Aura: Dress Sense, Vocal Etiquette And Posture

Open up a brand new web page or tab and go to YouTube. Then click on the Bloomberg and CNBC channels. These two media outlets are all about finances, business and trade. Many people of all kinds in all industries come onto the shows, and give you their opinion about what is going on in their professional world. For one, don’t listen to what they say just watch how they carry themselves. You know when you’re watching a business leader just by how they act. Subconsciously, they are giving off signals to our own subconsciousness and we immediately begin to trust them more and really take on board what they’re saying. If you are someone who owns a small business or perhaps just wants to look for a new career, then following their example is something you must consider. 

Look the part

Yes, yes, these days the young and budding entrepreneurs think that wearing ‘old fashioned’ clothes is a bore but wearing hoodies and joggers is the new standard. Wrong, for the young and brash wearing clothes you’d probably wake up to go to work is not a big problem, but for someone who wants to be respected automatically, you have to wear a suit. However, it’s not just any old suit you should take off the shelf, a custom suit designed around your body is what’s needed. Take a look at these mens custom suits, and see how the old traditions and the new styles are merging together. The professional tailors will work with you on a one-on-one basis. You give their your trust, and they will take your measurements. They’ll advise you on what kinds of features your suit can have for the vision you’re going for. A tailored suit is able to be spotted from a mile off among CEOs and other c-suite ranks; as well as the media and investors.

A droopy posture

Society really is in such a funny and strange era. Millions upon millions of people are constantly looking down, their necks bent forward, their shoulders caving inward. White collar jobs have increased substantially over the past two decades, so we all have a similar posture. It’s kind of concave almost as if there’s a gravity vortex in the middle of our chest. A droopy posture such as this, does not give people confidence in someone. It’s kind of weak and small. The simple fact of the matter is, for a business leader or professional looking to show confidence in their actions, broad shoulders, a straight back, a slightly puffed chest and proper width between the toes of your feet must be donned.

Confidence in conversation

Showing passion in your voice can constitute a constant shifting of tone and pitch. However, the art of holding a conversation is also a mark of a confident business leader. Conversation etiquette is something we have almost forgotten in society but in professional circles it is anything but. Take the time to listen to the other party, try not to interrupt and making engaging eye contact.

Business leaders carry themselves in a different way to normal people. They must dress smartly, behave courteously and look bold and strong to command confidence in any room they walk into. 

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