Thinking of Getting Dental Implants in St Albans for a Fuller, Natural Feeling Smile?

Get your smile back

Far more people than you might initially imagine are living each day with one or more gaps in their smiles where teeth once were. Whether you’ve lost a tooth through injury, decay or natural ageing the best treatment you can choose to regain both the look and function of your smile is dental implants St Albans.

Although dental implants have been widely available to the public for many years now, fewer people are aware of what they are – or how they can help. This is largely due to the popularity and availability of other treatments for lost teeth like bridges, crowns or dentures.

However, where these treatments often fail is in their long-term effects, as they are prone to becoming uncomfortable or ill-fitting over the years. Dental implants do not present the same issues as they are permanently fixed in place which makes them the only really durable solution.

What actually are dental implants?

Dental implants, in principle, replicate the way in which a tooth is embedded inside your jaw through the installation of a titanium-alloy based socket into the gap where you are missing a tooth or teeth. This socket effectively acts as a new root into which a dental implant expert can attach a natural looking and durable prosthesis.

Where dental implants differ from other replacement devices is the fact that they are permanently fused in a position that allows patients to use their new tooth with the same confidence as if the tooth were natural. Because dental implants are a long-lasting solution they are mostly hailed as the most comfortable and natural feeling way to bridge a gap in your mouth.

Additionally, other long-term dental health problems which are faced by those who have untreated gaps in their jaws, such as a loss in speech ability or a decrease in facial bone density, are all addressed through dental implant treatment, as the gap is forever filled on a structural level, which helps alleviate the surrounding areas in your mouth.

How are implants fitted?

Because dental implants are permanent they have to be installed by a qualified dental expert through a complex and specialist dental surgical procedure. Before this can happen, however, a dental implant expert must first determine your eligibility for implants by conducting a thorough examination of your oral health.

Because dental implants are fixed into your bone in all probability permanently, your oral health must be of a certain level before they can be successfully put into place. Providing that a specialist deems you eligible for implant treatment, the installation procedure will then involve drilling a small hole into your exposed jawbone within the gap in your mouth.

The implant expert will then place the titanium-alloy socket into this hole, before then resealing the hole and leaving it to fuse. The natural fusion between the titanium alloy and your bone tissue is fundamental to the success of implant treatment, and once this has happened the practitioner will then reopen the socket and fix a prosthesis in place.

This, once fixed, should never shift out of shape or move from position – which means you can enjoy your new smile to its fullest potential, eat any type of food and speak clearly, without worrying about the implant becoming crooked or uncomfortable as the years go by.

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