What is Search Engine Optimization?

Search engine optimisation (dental SEO) is an important marketing method that needs to be carried out effectively, to make sure that you have a strong online presence. There is no point in having a fantastic dental website if it cannot be found. If someone is looking for a dentist in your area, is experiencing dental issues and wants to find out more about symptoms or treatment, then in this age of digital technology the most likely solution is that they will type their query into the search bar on Google. When they click the search button it is important that your website comes up on the first page of those search results. This is because in these modern and hectic times, over 90% of searchers on Google will only check out the websites which come up on the first page and even then it is most likely that they will only click on the first two or three sites on the list. To make sure that you are one of them, without having to pay large sums of money for Google advertisements, you need to maintain dental SEO. This is a time consuming and ever-changing process, and can be complicated for those who are not trained in information technology so, unless you have a dedicated team member looking after your dental marketing, it is important to consult an experienced dental marketing team who can deal with these issues for you.

It all begins with a good dental website

An award-winning dental marketing team will be able to create a bespoke, modern and attractive website for your practice, and if you already have one, then they can work their magic to update it for you, so that you can make the most out of your online marketing. The website would be developed in such a way, so that when a potential patient reaches your homepage they are immediately encouraged to explore the website further.

All the information with regard to their dental query that they could need should be immediately available, so that they do not have to check out any other websites on the search results page to find out what your competitors may be offering.

The importance of keywords

There are many systems which are used to maintain SEO. The keyword system is vital in ensuring good SEO. This includes finding out which dental terms are searched for most frequently in your geographical vicinity and then using these terms strategically and frequently throughout your website and any other content which is created for your practice. Google robots, which are continuously scanning the world wide web and indexing pages as they are updated, will then recognise these keywords and boost you up the list of those search results. The aim of the process is to make Google recognise that you have all the answers that the patient is looking for.

To help you save time and money and also to help make the most of digital marketing in attracting new patients to your practice, seek the advice and expertise of an experienced dental marketing team and watch how they can help boost the success of your business very soon.

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Are there Benefits to Orthodontics as an Adult? Read On to Find Out

In recent weeks, studies in newspapers have been highlighting that the reason so many humans have overbites is due to our ancestors switching to soft foods, such as bread and pasta. This shift in dental positioning also gave us the ability to pronounce the letter ‘f’. Interesting stuff and a very cool fact.

And while that is all very well and good, overbites, underbites and crossbites are now commonplace in dentistry and, in many instances, can cause havoc with hygiene, pronunciation and confidence. If you are an adult with a pronounced overbite, you may find yourself shying away from parties, meetings and other social interactions for fear of being judged.

Wearing an aligner or other orthodontic appliance may seem like a bit of a burden; however, wearing braces Stoke-on-Trent as an adult has many advantages. The top 5 of which will be discussed here, so enjoy!

Better hygiene

It was mentioned earlier, but a key feature of undertaking any type of orthodontic appliance is better dental hygiene. Teeth that are better aligned are easier to clean, for both you and your dentist. So, wearing aligners from Stoke-on-Trent can reduce the occurrence of cavities and plaque, improving your overall dental health.

Better health

Following on from the first point, if you have misaligned teeth, you are more likely to have hidden areas of plaque in your mouth which you cannot reach and an accumulation of plaque is not just a bad thing for your teeth. It has been linked to cardiovascular disease, cancers and even an increased risk of strokes. So, by undertaking an orthodontic appliance as an adult, you can drastically cut your chances of suffering from such diseases. What is not to like about that?

Improved speech

Okay, yes, having an overbite or a modern tooth arrangement helps with the pronunciation of the letter ‘f’, but if your teeth are crooked, spaced out or crowded, you may have issues pronouncing the sounds ‘th’ or even the letter ‘s’ and that is before other speech impediments, such as lisps, are explored. Straightening your teeth later on in life can help you improve your pronunciation and inflexion. You may sound slightly different than you did before you began the treatment but surely having a straighter smile is worth it.

Improved confidence

They say a person forms an opinion of you in the first 3 seconds that they meet you and one of the things they use to judge you is your teeth. If your teeth are misaligned, it can change how people see you and how you see yourself. Having a straighter smile is not only good for your confidence, but it also increases your chances of being heard in the workplace, getting a promotion and being taken seriously by others.


Wearing an orthodontic piece does not have to equate to metal headwear. Many aligners are now made from clear plastic and of course, lingual options are placed at the back of the teeth, so no one will see them. Perfect!

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Does Invisalign Take Longer than Regular Braces? 5 Myths About this Aligner Debunked

Whether you are having minor surgery or getting a tattoo, the first place you are likely to look for information about either procedure is on the internet.

While the internet is a great source of information on almost every subject, it is also a place where you can read information about procedures and treatments that are not necessarily true.

Nowhere is that more obvious than when you are researching braces and aligners. If you have ever looked into Invisalign online, you may have come across horror stories and incidents of the aligner not working, which will have put you off of the idea of seeking treatment with this aligner.

But are these myths based in fact? And if not, what are some of the most prevalent myths that you are likely to read about Invisalign?

You can straighten your teeth using online aligners for less

There are many providers of ‘do it at home’ aligners, which offer braces and aligners designed from a mould that you take at home of your teeth. And due to the pandemic, more dental professionals like the ones at Clear Braces Direct in London are offering patients initial assessments and check-ups for invisible aligners, but sending them to the patients home to avoid unnecessary interaction.

There is more danger from using DIY aligners and you may run the risk of worsening an underlying orthodontic issue. So always seek an in-person assessment from a dental professional before beginning braces.

Clear aligners are too expensive to afford

Strangely, they aren’t.

Almost every surgery that offers adult orthodontics is able to also offer a payment plan or financing, so you can pay for your aligners or braces monthly rather than in one lump sum. Great!

They don’t work

While they may not work on more complex cases of misalignment, Invisalign is very suited to correcting minor incidents of misalignment and issues such as over, under and crossbites too.

Of course, to ensure that this aligner can treat your orthodontic issue, talk to a dentist or orthodontist before deciding on a suitable course of action.

They take longer than traditional braces

Many people assume that because Invisalign isn’t fitted, it takes longer for the aligner to work than traditional braces.

But when it comes to this aligner, the average treatment time is estimated at 3-6 months, whereas for adults, treatment with regular braces can take up to 3 years.

They can damage the roots of your teeth

While many patients worry that wearing any aligner or brace can damage the roots of their teeth, there is no empirical evidence to support this.

Studies have found that in order for braces and aligners to work best, the patient needs to have teeth that have well developed and non-pathological roots but this is to ensure that the teeth are able to move correctly.

So, no, wearing Invisalign or any orthodontic brace should not damage the roots of your teeth if the treatment is being overseen by a trained Invisalign provider. Great!

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Want Dental Implants Fitted? 5 Advantages of this Restorative Technique

If you have had enough of wearing dentures that move or want to reduce the outbreaks of ulcers and sores that you have in your mouth from wearing a bridge, you will have probably looked into dental implants as a viable treatment for your own personal dental case. It is important to consider hygiene and comfort when looking into any kind of dental treatment, and your dentist can advise you on what may be best for your situation.

Affixed to your jaw, these implants enable your dental team to place false teeth on top of them. And not only do dental implants last a long time, but thanks to the implant itself, they also feel like real teeth. Great!

So, what are some of the other benefits of having dental implants fitted? A well-informed dentist St John’s Wood answers that question below.

Better diet

While seemingly obvious, if you have missing teeth, you are less likely to eat hard foods like raw vegetables and fruits. Unfortunately, these are all the foods that tend to be good for you!

With the security of dental implants, you will be able to eat harder and more nutritious foods, thus leading to a better overall diet.

Better overall health

Okay, so gaps in your teeth can act like magnets for plaque; the surrounding teeth now have a larger part of the crown exposed which, if not brushed correctly, can lead to cavities and plaque accumulation. And, as you may have read before, certain studies have linked excess plaque in the mouth to disorders in the heart and brain and even to increased cancer risk. So, by having dental implants fitted, you reduce these risks drastically, while also protecting your oral health.

Better dental health

Obviously, a big advantage of having oral implants fitted are the benefits that they provide to your oral health. Decreased plaque means a decreased risk of cavities, cardiovascular disease, gum recession and jaw recession. Also, having dental implants fitted prompts the jawbone which has shrunk down, due to the missing tooth or teeth, to regrow. This helps all your natural teeth to stay aligned. Great stuff!

Better speech patterns

Teeth play a large part in how people speak and, should you have missing teeth, it is all too easy for your tongue to move oddly, heightening or creating speech issues. Since an oral implant would not move, you can restore your speech patterns to normal, cutting out any lisps and correcting your pronunciation and inflexion.

Better digestion

Finally, having a set of fully functioning teeth (even if some of them are implants) helps you to break down food and digest it better. Missing teeth often mean that larger chunks of food reach the stomach, causing more frequent issues with acid reflux, indigestion, and heartburn. With implants, the process is a lot smoother, and you may notice that you are now able to throw out those antacids!

Therefore, choosing to have dental implants fitted means choosing to improve your confidence in the long run. So, talk to your dental team today about having dental implants fitted.

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The Role of Dental Implants in Effective and Comfortable Tooth Replacement Therapy

The importance of good oral hygiene

Good oral hygiene is an important part of daily life which needs to be instilled in us from a very young age. Visiting the dentist on a regular basis can make sure that you are looking after your teeth properly and any signs of tooth decay or gum disease, which are the leading causes of tooth loss, can be taken care of early and successfully to help prevent further complications in the future. Tooth loss can be a very difficult situation to find yourself in, resulting in distress, embarrassment, and discomfort. By speaking to a dentist early on as soon as you experience tooth loss, whether this may be as a result of poor oral hygiene or as a result of an accident or injury, you can help reduce your distress and discomfort, but you can also more importantly prevent further issues and damage to your surrounding teeth.

Treating tooth loss

There are many different treatment options available for tooth loss so there is no need to suffer in silence or put up with it in this day and age. Advances in dental technology have seen the introduction and establishment of dental implants in Nottingham over the last few decades. Dental implants have proven to be a popular and effective choice of tooth replacement therapy and it is something that you need to speak to your dentist about to find out whether you are eligible and how it can positively impact your teeth following tooth loss.

To be eligible for dental implants it is important to speak to your dentist as soon as you lose your tooth or teeth because dental implants require that you have sufficient healthy bone for the treatment to be successful. If tooth loss is left unchecked and untreated it can result in bone decay and this may affect your eligibility therefore speak to your dentist today without delay and find out more about why dental implants are such a popular choice of treatment.

What are dental implants and how do they work?

The implant itself is a small titanium component which requires a hole to be drilled where the missing root of your tooth once was and is then inserted directly into the jawbone. When the titanium comes into contact with the bone it results in the direct fusion of the implant to the bone which results in the strength and stability that it is able to provide for the prosthetic of your choice. This is what makes dental implants an effective and popular choice of tooth replacement therapy. The process of successful fusion can require a few weeks as it is a natural process and once your dentist is happy that the implant has successfully fused into the jawbone then an abutment is attached to the implant to which the prosthetic is then joined to. You may choose to have a crown, multiple crowns or a set of dentures attached to the abutment, and this will depend on your requirements and personal preferences and is something that you can discuss with your dentist and come to an agreement on. Speak to your dentist today and find out more about dental implants and how they can help you.

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World Class Transport System: Why Singapore Among the Best In The World

Changi Airport may have fallen from the top spot in the “World’s Best Airports” for 2021, but their public transport system stays on top. In a report by consulting firm McKinsey, in which public transports from 24 cities were compared, Singapore prevailed in most categories. A US-based travel website, Far & Wide, also ranked Singapore’s public transport top in the world.

But the capital city’s public transport system wasn’t always the best. Before it attained world-class status, Singapore only had a small transportation unit within the Public Works Department (PWD). It was the only agency that oversaw the development in public transportation. Back then, there were no trains yet, only buses that worked independently from each other.

In the 1980s, plans for a Mass Transit System (MRT) were introduced, as well as those for major expressways. SMRT, which would be Singapore’s leading public transport operator, was founded in 1987. Since then, Singapore’s transportation system developed, outperforming other countries’ public transport. Until now, it’s still developing, and SMRT continues to improve passengers’ commuting experience.

Below are some facts about Singapore’s public transport that makes it the best:

It’s Affordable

In McKinsey’s report, Singapore clinched the top spot in public transport affordability. Far & Wide praised Singapore for the same reason. Compared with the public transport rates of Madrid ($13) and London ($22), Singapore only charges $10 to its tourists. That’s already for unlimited bus and train rides. Hong Kong, which also charges $10 to tourists, was still outperformed by Singapore. That’s because Hong Kong charges children aged 3 to 11 around $5, while Singapore gives free rides to kids under 0.9 meters tall.

This major step toward affordability was made in 2013. In addition to the $10 fee for tourists, Singapore also discounted the fares for low-wage workers. They now pay 15% less of the regular fare. More than one million passengers benefited from this new scheme.

It’s Efficient and Safe

Singapore’s public transport takes efficiency to a new level. They don’t require their passengers to line up for tickets. Instead, they created EZ-link card, which allows passengers to connect to a public transport app. There, they can plan their trips and view ticketing options.

This incredible efficiency made Singapore’s public transport more sustainable. When you walk into any of their train platforms, you’d never see a single piece of discarded tickets anywhere. Their dependence on technology allowed them to produce less waste, and their passengers more satisfied.

Superb safety is another reason passengers love Singapore’s public transport. You can wait for your train with your phone out, and no one would bother you. That’s why even rich Singaporeans don’t hesitate to commute.

Luxurious Air Travel

Changi Airport is unlike any other. It boasts a 10-story attraction called “Jewel”, which has a hotel, more than 280 shops, and the world’s largest indoor waterfall. It’s

No Increase in Rates During the Pandemic

Under normal circumstances, public transport fares in Singapore should’ve increased by up to 4.4%. But the pandemic happened, so the Public Transport Council (PTC) decided to postpone the fare hike. PTC chairman Richard Magnus noted that the council recognises the exceptional circumstances Singaporeans faced. As such, they considered the impact it will have on commuters, and decided not to increase the fares to ease the commuters’ burden.

In addition, up to 2 million Singaporeans will continue to enjoy concessionary fares. And even though public transport ridership fell during the circuit breaker period, services were maintained at pre-pandemic levels, allowing commuters to travel safely and hassle-free.

The council also funded cleaning regimes to minimize the risks of spreading COVID-19 on public transport. It didn’t result in pre-pandemic ridership levels, but the council said they were expecting government subsidies to make up for their losses. True enough, in 2020, the government was expected to spend nearly $1 billion for renewing and upgrading rail operating assets, and another $1 billion for bus services yearly for the next five years.

Singaporeans are lucky to have competent public transport operators and a council. They continuously find ways to improve their services, even if they’re already considered world-class. They never take shortcuts when it comes to efficiency. When the pandemic ends, it won’t be surprising if travelers flock Singapore the first chance they get. They’d feel safe and well-taken of in any of their public transport vehicles.

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Is It Worth Switching From an Android Phone to Apple?

The iPhone is perhaps one of the most famous and popular smartphone brands in the entire world. At the start of 2021, Apple reached the milestone of having over 1 billion active iPhones and over 1.65 billion Apple devices in use overall. But if you’re still using an Android phone, is it worth going over to Apple and giving it a try for your next smartphone?

Source: https://unsplash.com/photos/4oWSXdeAS2g (CC0)

Apple has great hardware

Despite many of the problems that Apple has had in the past regarding its phones, the hardware still remains solid and for the price you’re paying, you’re definitely getting a phone that is worth it. Apple phones are unique in the sense that they hold value surprisingly well and are always long-lasting. Many people are still using an older generation of iPhone with no issues and performance doesn’t decrease as much over time compared to using a mid-range Android phone. So if you’re looking for a great investment, an Apple phone is well worth it.

There are quirks with using Apple phones

Apple phones have some unique quirks that make them strange to use when you’ve been accustomed to Android for a long time. For example, getting photos off your phone can be a bit of a pain at times because of the format that Apple uses; HEIC. There are guides on the internet such as https://backlightblog.com/iphone-heic-to-jpg that explain how to stop using it or how to switch over to a more accessible format, but it can be a little frustrating for some people. Another quirk for power users is that you can’t really install your own apps as easily, meaning you’ll have to get used to using the App Store for most downloads.

Getting into the Apple ecosystem

One of the things you’ll hear a lot when attempting to switch to an Apple device is the “Apple ecosystem”. This refers to all the Apple-related services such as iCloud and their other devices like iPads, Airpods, and so on. One of the best things about using Apple devices and services is that they all link together to create a seamless experience and some of the features, such as automatic WiFi and mobile connectivity sharing between your devices, are extremely convenient. If you’re looking to invest in more Apple devices in the future, then we’d highly recommend getting an Apple phone.
Whether you’re giving your child a smartphone and aren’t sure what brand to use or you’re looking for a replacement for your old phone, switching to Apple can be a great choice if you’re willing to relearn how to do certain things. If you already have some Apple devices then it’s a great idea to get an iPhone as well since it can pair really well with things like a Macbook, Apple Watch, and so on. However, if you’re not a particularly heavy user of smartphone technology, then you’d be fine with another Android phone if you’re comfortable with it.

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Shocking You with How These Five Random Everyday Things Are Made

Have you ever thought about the things around you and how they are made? Like, the smartphone in your hand now. Do you know who does it? What working conditions do workers find themselves in so you can get your hands on that unit? How about the food you eat and the road you pass on every morning? Who makes those and how hard is it for them to make those?

Have you ever stopped and thought about your job? People complain a lot about their jobs, bosses, and colleagues. What they fail to appreciate, of course, is that some jobs are so much harder than what they do? That, despite the bad co-workers and annoying bosses, they’re still in a far better place. Look at the people working in these jobs and how they are coping with it:

Road Markings

Do you know how road markings are applied? You pass by them every day and yet, completely forget to think about how these are put on the road. It’s through thethermoplastic road marking paint method. This is still the standard of road painting all over the world. Whether you’re in a developing country in Southeast Asia or a highly developed one such as in New York or Chicago, road markings are all the same.

Road workers use a kind of powder paint and hot melt kettle to paint on the road. The kettle is at around 200 degrees Celsius (392 degrees Fahrenheit) to melt the powder. The workers have to work fast to apply the paint evenly. After it cools, the paint becomes the hard polymer line that you see on street and road markings.

Court Transcripts

You have seen stenographers in courtrooms-whether in TV or real life. Have you ever wondered how fast they can type? They can type up to 350 words per minute. The average person types somewhere between 38 and 40 words per minute. In the past, stenographers use shorthand to take note of court proceedings. They keep a personal dictionary of the abbreviation and words they use in the courtroom.

Over time, they began using stenotype machines. They type in syllables and a combination of keys (called chords) rather than letters. Before you can type a word, stenographers have already typed three or more words faster than you. For example, if they will type the word calendar, they will use only three syllables: cal, en, and dar. The normal person will need to hit eight keys to make up that word.

Hard Candies

Do you know that making hard candies may even be more dangerous than blowing glass? Sugar is melted at a very high temperature. The candy makers then transfer that melted sugar to a table to harden it up a little and make it pliable. Once it is a little bit formed, the candy makers will fold and stretch it until they see the desired consistency. This is also when they can start combining colors and building designs.

Making candies is not for someone with weak muscles. It’s a labor of love for handmade candies. Not to mention, workers surely cannot feel their arm and shoulder muscles after their shift. There’s so much twisting and turning going on in making candies.

Skyscraper Cleaning

Skyscrapers glitter and shine from high up above you. Why don’t these look dirty at all? Surely, dirt and dust exist that way up high? Yes, they do, and owners of these high-rise buildings invest heavily in professional cleaners who climb and rappel down the sides of the buildings to clean each and every window there. You’ve probably seen them do it. There’s nothing like being 100-story up to earn a living, right? Yet, most people don’t think about this as they look outside their penthouse windows.

Sushi Mastery

Do you know that those tasty morsels you had in Japan were prepared by someone who studied cutting fish for 20 years? Yes, sushi masters study for decades to earn that title. Universities and colleges don’t just confer these titles on sushi chefs. They have to study under the tutelage of sushi experts and masters themselves. Sushi chefs have superior knife skills because they believe that fish is so delicate that the wrong cut will affect the way it tastes.

These people take their jobs seriously that it’s a little embarrassing not to do your best, too. These are the everyday things that people take for granted. Actual people do these things-someone’s cutting that sushi precisely and someone’s cleaning the window in your high-rise office. You’ll have more appreciation for what you do when you realize how dedicated and passionate most workers are to their jobs.

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