Hacks To Save On Your Auto Insurance


What is auto insurance?

Auto insurance is essentially a contract that offers protection if you have an accident or your car is stolen. You pay a set premium, and then your insurance company will pay out your losses, as stated in the policy. Auto insurance offers coverage for liability, for example, if you injure others or their property. You’ll also get coverage for medical expenses, for instance, the expense of treating any injuries you sustain. Auto insurance also covers costs associated with damage to your own vehicle or theft. Of course, there are plenty of different auto insurance policies out there, and not all are the same price. To save money on your auto insurance, try the following hacks.

1. Improve your credit rating 

Many auto insurance companies will check your credit rating to determine which kind of policy they can offer you. Supposedly, auto insurance providers view an excellent credit rating as an indication of a responsible person, who is not a risk to insure. Now, this may not be the case in all circumstances; however, improving your credit rating is one way to get yourself a good auto insurance deal. There are a few sites online where you can check your credit rating for free.

2. Look for discounts 

Some Auto Insurance providers offer discounts under certain circumstances, so when you’re looking to bag yourself a good deal, it’s useful to know which discounts are available. Low mileage discounts are available for drivers who habitually keep their mileage average or below average, so if this is you, it’s worth checking if you qualify. Another discount available is a ‘multi-policy discount,’ meaning that you will pay less if you buy another policy from the same provider. The second policy could be life insurance or home insurance, for instance.

3. Compare costs

It’s impossible to save money unless you compare prices first. You might be tempted to renew your current auto insurance policy, but if you don’t shop around, you could be missing out on a better policy elsewhere. There are several handy price comparison websites online which will allow you to suss out the best deals!

4. Increase your deductibles

When you are looking for auto insurance, you can generally pick a deductible that suits you. A deductible means the amount of money it will cost you to get your insurance provider to payout ( if your vehicle is stolen or you’re in an accident). Usually, deductibles range from around $250 to $1500. If you put your deductible up, then you’ll benefit from paying a lower premium.
With plenty of motoring costs to pay out for, you’ll be glad to keep your auto insurance costs down. While you’re at it, look at other ways you can save money on your car expenses. One thing you can do is to use apps like ‘Gas Buddy’ to check the price of fuel stops nearby. When you check the app beforehand, you can find out the cheapest deals and drive on if you’re not happy with the price!

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Keeping Yourself Safer Behind The Wheel


Driving is a pretty simple practice, really. Sure, the first few stages are a little confusing to a novice, but once those tedious little problems are ironed out, everything becomes a lot easier – it’s just like riding a bike! If nobody else was around and you were the only driver on the road, then there would probably be no issues whatsoever, right? That’s not the case, though. There will always be thousands of other road-users around at any given time, so you always have to be vigilant and on your guard.

Get Extra Lessons

Once you’ve passed your driver’s test, you’re good to go. That doesn’t always mean you’ve got all the necessary skills and prowess, though, does it? You just did enough to get past the exam. If you’re not confident enough in your own ability still, or you feel as though you could do with a few extra pointers, then it’s probably wise to take an extra course. These pass plus courses tend to focus on more difficult maneuvers. It’s also good just to have a professional beside you as you continue to build your ability. If you have a higher driving ability, then your chances of causing crashes or being a part of them lower. 

Make Sure Everything’s Good To Go 

You’d think this would be a given, but many people like to head off in their cars without checking anything – ever. If things are looking and feeling a little off, some will just carry on regardless. Don’t do that – it could cause problems for you and everyone around you.

Get Insured And Lawyered Up!

Car insurance is a legal requirement – though you see so many out there driving without any (it’s more than you think!) Third-party insurance is the mandatory type that everybody needs to have, and it’s a selfish, negligent act to drive without it as others will be affected if anything goes south due to your mistake. There are many other kinds of specific insurance policies around – you can visit here for more information if this sounds interesting to you. 

It’s always good to have the right lawyers around just in case you get into any further issues regarding your car. Somebody may press against you, and you could do with an aficionado or two to help you out if you feel anything is unjust. 

Don’t Show Off

For the love of all that is good in this world, please don’t think others will be impressed with how you behave in your car. 

Cut Out Silly Habits 
We all have little habits that we seemingly cannot control. When we’re in harmless situations that have no lasting repercussions, those habits are pretty benign and nothing to worry about. When you’re behind the wheel of a car, however, that’s when things change quite significantly. A lot of people are guilty of having silly driving habits – if you’re one of those kinds of people that can’t help but check their phone or neglect certain safety checks, then you’ll need to make amendments, won’t you? What you might consider to be small issues could end up ruining the lives of many others.

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Crashing The Company Car: What To Do Next

There is nothing scarier than being involved in a road traffic accident. The sensation of losing control of a vehicle in which you are currently sitting is terrifying. Add to that the fact you’ve rolled the company car? Scary stuff. 

Most people will tell you not to panic as the company you work for should have vehicle accident management software for moments like this. They’ll see it wasn’t your fault and they’ll be able to walk you through what to do next. The company will also likely have lawyers to worry about all of this for you and cover you with insurance. However, you need to think about your own legal rep and how to ensure that you’re not taken advantage of if you need help. A lot of information will be thrown at you in the wake of a car accident, and you need to take a step back and give yourself a moment to absorb it. With that in mind, here’s what to do if you’re in a wreck with the company car. 

Close-Up Photo Of Steering Wheel

Image source: Pexels

  • Are You Responsible?

The very first thing to figure out is whether or not you are responsible for this mess. It’s not nice to talk about it, but you need to be present in the investigation. The accident software your company installs in company cars will be a big help, as will dash cam footage. Understand whether this was your negligence or negligence at the hands of the other driver, and you will be just fine. 

  • Insurers

If your company is to blame, as in, they didn’t adequately service the vehicle, they will be answerable to their actions – not you. Yes, you’re responsible for driving, but if you were put in a dangerous situation it’s important to be able to get help and back up with the company insurance. They will be liable for costs, not your personal pocket. 

However, if you are to blame for this accident because of non-work related car use or being illegal with the car, you could lose your job as well as a shot at any compensation. This is not the outcome you want here. 

  • How To Handle It

You should never assume your company will take care of it all for you. Insurers are costly and it makes sense to ensure that you have your own legal help to advise you if there has been an accident. Hiring a personal injury lawyer who is knowledgeable on what to do in these situations is going to be the smartest move you could make. 
It may be difficult to deal with all of this legal headache, but deal with it you must. Get some help from a professional before you get back to driving again. You need physiotherapy to get you on your feet and a therapist for your mental health, too. Car accidents are not a joke. No matter what you do, make sure that you get the best advice possible and protect yourself while you recover.

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What Does A Turbocharged Car Deal Look Like?

Pixabay – CC0 Licence

Owning a car is a necessary yet expensive hazard of being a grown-up. Whether you want to get to and from work as quickly as possible or need space to load the kids, it’s hard to manage without a vehicle. So, finding the best possible deal is a must as the running costs will add up in the long run. Plus, that’s not to mention the breakdown expenses, as well as the fluctuating petrol and tax rates. Yes, you can shop around for an affordable insurance policy once you own a car, but first, it’s about milking the dealer for every penny.

To help you, here are the factors that constitute a turbocharged deal.

High Trade-In Value

The majority of motorists already have a car to use as leverage during the negotiations. And, you should trade-in your vehicle to reduce the upfront price of the car that you want to buy. However, getting the full amount isn’t as simple as asking a dealership for a quote. If they don’t give you a low figure, they’ll add the expenses elsewhere to make back the money. Therefore, it’s essential to watch out for excessive dealer fees or a trumped-up warranty that’s unnecessary. A fantastic tip is to sell your car outright to avoid dealers and their sneaky tricks.

Profit Margin Quotes

Almost every estimate that a buyer gets is based on the listing price that the seller sets. However, a better option is to negotiate a discount based on retail price, which is what the dealer paid for the vehicle. Initially, the reduction might not seem as high if what they paid is more than the listing price. But, keep in mind that the discount applies to any car that is the same make or model, or from the same manufacturer. If the car you want doesn’t have as many “high-end” features, the RP will be lower and the discount will lead to bigger savings.

Practical Perks

Sellers have all kinds of perks that they like to throw in to show that they are going the extra mile. Of course, some of them aren’t applicable to you, and that means you pay more because you don’t get your money’s worth. For example, a longer warranty is more useful than roadside assistance if you already have it with your insurer or bank. A superior protection plan for car owners is about paying less for maintenance and repairs. Although it sounds obvious, motorists will accept add-ons as goodwill gestures regardless. Now, you know that ineligible perks are expensive.

Car Comparisons

You have a vehicle in mind and don’t want to buy another one. Still, it’s worth using another, similar car as leverage. How? By taking elements of the vehicle at a competing lot and using it to lower the price. Does the model you want have more miles on the clock? If so, let the seller know that you’re leaning towards purchasing the alternative listing as the engine is tighter. This should encourage them to reduce the price, even though you had no intention of going with another model.

Do you think you can craft an incredible deal now you know the tricks of the trade?

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Get a Lower Rate on Your Car Insurance


Car insurance is a cost all drivers have to fork out for because unfortunately, it is necessary to protect yourselves and your car. It can be difficult for new drivers and others in high-risk categories to get a good rate on your premium. Here are some simple tips to help you reduce your car insurance as much as possible. 

Shop around

There are plenty of price comparison sites which can help you compare different offers and find the best one for you. Take your time and do your research.

Don’t opt for auto-renewal

Car insurance companies don’t tend to reward loyalty for some reason so you’ll never get a better offer than your first one. They tend to make better deals to lure new customers but you could even end up paying more your second year so it’s a better idea just to change company. Give yourself some flexibility and freedom. 

Add an experienced driver

If you’re a new driver or in a high-risk category due to your age or inexperience, try adding a more responsible driver to your premium. This will help to reduce your rate as they will be considered a safer and more reliable option. Don’t commit “fronting” however and take out the insurance primarily in their name. This is fraud and will punishable by law. Once you have a blip on your car insurance it’ll be very difficult to get a good deal, if any again. 

Tweak your job title

This is a technique used to make you sound like you have more responsibility in your job, without actually lying of course. Some titles carry more weight, whether this is fair or not, and appear more impressive. Compare, “teacher” with “guitar teacher”, for example, or “construction worker” and “builder”. You can change the name without lying about what you do, as it’s very important to be honest about everything on your car insurance application. There are many interesting ways in how your job title can affect your car insurance, in fact, certain jobs are considered higher risk than others and won’t be offered a lower rate. 

Go used

Opting for a used car can reduce your car insurance premium. New cars face a dramatic depreciation as soon as they leave the dealership. They rapidly decrease in value in the first few years. Used cars will have already been through this depreciation process, so you won’t have to pay “gap” insurance which is on the calculated difference between the original price and the depreciated value. 

Avoid accidents
A sure-fire way to get a good deal on your car insurance is by becoming a safer driver. Don’t speed or slam on the brakes, keep that road rage under wraps and stay in control. If the unfortunate does happen to be sure to consult experts in auto body repair such Alan Byer Collision. Have regular checks on your car and keep up your maintenance. This will also save you money on costly repairs in the future.

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Driving Habits We Need To Stop

Ok, so you have been driving for some time, and you think you’re a great driver, right? Well, the chances are, like most people that have been driving for some time, you are probably guilty of many things that, in fact, make you quite a bad driver.

Now, before you get rather angry and think we are throwing out general accusations, don’t worry, the truth is, most of us are bad drivers, and there are many things we all do that are not only stupid, but some of them are dangerous and quite possibly illegal.

In this post, we are going to be looking at a few bad driving habits we all possibly do and why we need to stop them as soon as possible.

Image Credit – Pexels CC0 Licence

Why We Have Driving Habits

The truth is, while many people often see new drivers as the worst drivers on the road, they are generally a lot better than they are given credit for.

If you think back to the times when you were a new driver, you possibly did everything by the book and followed every rule of the road. It seems that things only change as we get more comfortable and confident behind the wheel.

In the next section, we will look at some of those nasty habits we pick up as we become more experienced drivers.


Ok, so the first thing we are going to touch on is speeding. Now, while most of you are possibly thinking that you do not speed, the chances are you are thinking about excessive speed.

While this is more dangerous, it isn’t what we are talking about today. What we are asking is how many of us are guilty of driving 40 in a 30 zone? It seems that if we were all honest, we might find that it’s well over 90% of us. 

While the extra speed may not seem like a lot, what you may not know is that even a few kmph can mean the difference between life and death if we hit somebody in the car.  

Having Your Phone Out In The Car

Another thing nearly all of us are guilty of is doing something with our phones when driving. While in the past it may have been deemed to be ok to use your phone when in the car, long gone are those days, and now we see more and more fatalities on the road, and they are mainly down to your phone.

While we all know that it’s bad enough to talk on the phone when driving, there are some people who still don’t realize the dangers of texting while driving, if you really want to get out of this habit, then you are encouraged to place your phone in the glovebox for the journey, and you should also have on smart driving solutions that stop you from using your phone when in your car.

There are, of course, so many more bad habits that we all have, if this has inspired you to look within and make a few changes, perhaps you will go on to try and shake a few more of those nasty little driving habits that you may have.

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Why Should You Start Cycling to Work?


Considering biking to work? There are so many great reasons why you should- here’s why you need to dust off your bicycle from the shed. 

Health benefits

There’s no denying the health benefits of cycling. It works out your heart and lungs giving you a great cardiovascular workout which improves endurance, and the pedal action also sculpts and tones the glutes, calves and thighs- also the arms and back to a lesser extent. It’s low impact meaning unlike jogging you won’t irritate muscles, joints or ligaments and it’s something that most people can do providing they own a bike. If you’re looking to lose weight, tone up or just improve your fitness levels then hopping on your bike and cycling to and from work is a great option to consider.

Gets your morning off to a good start

The way we start our morning can really impact the way the rest of the day seems to go. Spend your day standing waiting for late buses or on a crowded commuter train then your stress levels will probably be through the roof by the time you get into the office. Hop on your bike and take a relaxed ride to work and you’ll boost endorphins and energise yourself, providing your route isn’t overly challenging. Lots of workplaces encourage cycling to work and will let you shower once you arrive if you’re worried about turning up sweaty, speak to your manager about this. 

Eco benefits

Driving to work of course has negative impacts on the environment, you only need to take a look at any busy area at rush hour to realise just how many cars are on the road and to think of all of the pollution they’re pumping out. By cycling to work you’re doing your small bit to reduce pollution from these journeys, it might not seem much in the grand scheme of things but all any of us can do is be responsible for our own carbon footprint. As more and more people start getting on board with these kinds of things, the joint effort all adds up in a huge way to help the planet. 

A word of warningCycling has so many benefits, but it’s important to weigh up the risks too. If your route involves lots of busy roads at rush hour for example then it might not be the best option for you. It doesn’t take a trucking crash expert to realise that any collision between a bicycle and heavy vehicle is going to have disasterous consequences for the cyclist so do be careful. If it’s still dark when you leave for work your bike will need a light, wear a hi vis jacket and always wear a helmet. If your route seems especially dangerous then maybe consider other options for getting to work instead

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