The Things That Matter Most When Buying a Car

Buying a car can be a confusing and stressful process at the best of times. That’s just the way it is. But there are some things you need to make sure that you get right when you’re buying a car because these are the things that simply matter more than all the rest. We’re now going to look at some of the things that really do matter most when it comes to buying your next car.

The Comfort it Offers You and Your Passengers

Having the comfort that your passengers need and that you want when you’re behind the wheel is obviously really important. You want to make sure that your passengers are never made to feel uncomfortable in your car, and you will certainly not want to be uncomfortable in your seat when you’re stuck in a traffic jam. So keep this in mind when buying your next car.

The Condition of the Car

The condition of the car is always important when you’re buying used. You don’t want a vehicle that’s going to be in poor shape and always causing you problems. So always look into this stuff in more depth so that you don’t cause yourself more problems than you need to with your next vehicle. DOn’t just look at the surface either because first appearances can be deceptive.

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How it Drives When You Test It

Getting behind the wheel tells you a lot about the vehicle, and you can’t skip the test drive if you want to be sure that this vehicle is going to be the one for you. Driving it is going to be one of those things that tells you whether you should make that purchase or whether you should hold off for a little longer and see what else is on the market.

The Manufacturer

Everyone pays attention to the logo on the front of their car, and that means they get about the manufacturer. Different car makers are better at different things. You might want to go to the Mercedes Dealership if you want some class and sophistication. Or you might want to go to Volvo if you value safety above all else when you’re on the road.

The Warranty

Every good car should have a good warranty to go with it. You should try to make sure that you’re always certain that you’re covered for as long as you can be when you’re buying a new car. You don’t want that warranty to run out and leave you paying for things that should be covered by a decent warranty if you had one. Always ask these questions when buying your car.

When it comes to ticking all the right boxes, these are the things that matter most when you’re buying a car. Without getting these things right, you won’t have a car that’s right for you. You can’t afford to cut corners on any of these things, so you should try to focus on getting the basic things right.

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What You Should Do to Become Safer on the Road

Being safe on the road is one of those things that everyone should be prioritising because in many places, road traffic accidents are on the rise. You can’t take your safety for granted when you’re on the road, but luckily there are plenty of things you can do to become safer on the road right now. We’re going to look at some of the things that you should be trying to do if you want to become safer, so read on.

Navigation Road Vehicle Driving Car Drive

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Stay on Top of Regular Car Maintenance

Car maintenance is something that no one really likes doing, so it’s up to you to force yourself to get this right. There are so many small, regular tasks that you’re going to need to stay on top of. For example, you want good tread on your tyres and the right oil in your engine. You should also let a professional mechanic oversee the regular services your car requires as well.

Manage Stress and Anger on the Road Better

Stress and anger are never good things to be dealing with when you’re in control of a moving vehicle. However, many people find that this is when they’re most stressed and most angry in life. This could be a sign of road rage, so it might be best for you to get help with this so that it doesn’t become something that stops you from driving safely.

Don’t Allow Yourself to Get Distracted

When you’re behind the wheel of your car, nothing should matter more to you than what’s going on in front of you on the road. If you allow yourself to get distracted by your phone or something else going on inside your car, you will eventually pay the price and something could go horribly wrong. That’s not what you want, so aim to eliminate those distractions.

Learn About the Dangers of Drinking and Driving

Everyone should know about why it’s not safe to drink and drive, so why do so many people still do it? You should try to educate yourself further and learn about the gory details regarding why you shouldn’t do it. You don’t want to be hiring a DUI Lawyer when you get caught driving over the limit. The same applies to driving under the influence of drugs or driving when tired.

Combat the Elements

The elements can really damage your ability to drive safely on the road, so it’s in your best interests to make sure that you combat them. This can be done by only driving at the right times. But you can also do things like changing your car’s tyres so that your car can always grip to the road properly in any conditions.

Staying safe on the road doesn’t have to be particularly complicated. Each of these ideas will help you to stay safer than you would otherwise be on the road, and they can all be enacted pretty quickly and easily. You should try to do this as soon as possible because nothing is more important than safety.

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The Hidden Costs of Driving to Watch Out For

Owning a vehicle is rarely inexpensive. While it’s more affordable in some parts of the world than others, it’s still a significant expense, even in the cheapest places. What you might find surprising is that it’s not just the obvious costs that could be hitting you where it hurts. There are also a number of other “hidden” costs that aren’t so noticeable. Nevertheless, they can still eat into your budget and increase the cost of owning a vehicle. Being aware of these costs can help you to manage them and make sure they don’t take you by surprise. Here are some of the top costs that you might forget to think about.

Legal Issues

You might pretend you don’t, but many drivers give in to the temptation to speed. Even if you don’t do it on purpose, you can end up going too fast because you’re not paying attention to your speed. And if you get caught out, you could be faced with a fine or worse, depending on how fast you were driving. Another, even worse, legal issue is the prospect of getting into an accident. If the accident is your fault, it’s obviously going to be costly and could even land you in jail. But even if someone else is at fault, you could end up paying for a car accident lawyer to help cover your costs. As well as driving within the law, it’s smart to practice defensive driving too.

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Parking Costs

A lot of people don’t realize just how much they spend on parking. And it’s not just parking that can be expensive but driving around looking for it too. If you have to pay to park your car every day, the costs can quickly build up. But even if you only occasionally need to pay for parking, it can get expensive. Parking in busy cities and at places like airports could see you paying a lot just for a couple of hours. Then there’s the expense of trying to find somewhere to park, and sitting in heavy traffic while you try to get to a parking spot.


Another cost that you might not consider is the depreciation of your vehicle. Depreciation is the value that your vehicle loses as time goes on.  Once you’ve finished paying it off, you’re unlikely to be able to sell it for anywhere close to what you paid for it. Certain brands tend to hold their value better than others, so you might want to do some research before making your next vehicle purchase. Of course, you don’t have to deal with depreciation if you lease instead of buying.

Road Tolls and Congestion Charges

Some people will also need to consider regular costs for congestion and road tolls. While in some places, the cost of congestion only means sitting in traffic, it’s not true in others. Some major cities have applied congestion charges to try to prevent there being too much traffic. You might also need to pay tolls when going over certain bridges or driving on some roads.

It’s important to consider all of the costs that you might have to pay as the owner of a vehicle. Not all expenses are obvious, and you can easily miss them.

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Understanding The Long Haul Trucking Class

We have automated cars that are making their way onto our streets. However, they are having some slight issues with the software that allows them to drive themselves. Trucks are also being considered in this manner but rather than automation, newer trucks are coming onto the market. They’re getting larger, heavier and even longer. This means that in more ways than one, the trucking industry is changing. New skills will have to be learned and quickly adapted to the new vehicles, and schedule changes. The thing to watch out for is how new vehicles will change trucking routes. No doubt with better technology to navigate and be more precise in maneuvering that drivers with the ability to drive narrower passes and tighter corners will be in high demand. Transitioning from a light truck to a heavy truck is a matter of keeping the fundamentals strong, but learning how to new skills to manage the bigger size.



Anticipating wider turning

The great thing about a smaller truck is that you’re simply able to go around the corner much easier. The longer trucks cannot turn conventionally, and thus this springs up a new cascade of problems. At any truck driving school where you are learning to drive a freight truck that is deemed a long vehicle, it will be for a long haul job nature. This means long hours and driving late into the night to get to where the load needs to arrive. So when you have been awake for a prolonged amount of time, your judgment will be fading. To counteract this, you couple your judgment with a procedure. When a corner is being taken, the school will teach you a wider angle of approach. You essentially turn away from the corner and go back into the corner in a long swooping fashion. The degrees of turning will be different for each vehicle, weight, length and even the quality of the tyres.

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Working in the industries

For the industries of mining, construction, logistics and indeed trucking, there’s a license that you need to be able to drive the long and or heavy vehicles. This class of truck has its own license because the size and weight aren’t just difficult to control, but they are indicative of their purpose. A heavy vehicle will have a many tens of thousands perhaps hundreds of thousands-worth of company goods inside. It’s a lot of potential money to be driving around with. An hr ticket will bound you up toward the front of the career path as passing their school and heavy rig license test will give anyone the professional accreditation that they are skilled in this manner. Thus companies are more likely to hire you as they can trust you to take on more responsibility. You play a key role in the major movements of a business and the success of its growth.

Commanding such a large vehicle is a highly desired skill for companies in the import and export markets. Being able to judge tight corners and turning in a wide but precise circle is one of if not the main trait of a long vehicle driver. Attaining a license to show you are capable in this kind of haulage class, will do wonders for your salary and career prospects.

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Want To Make A Living on The Road? Here Are Some Things You’ll Need To Carefully Consider

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of liberation that comes with being on the open road. When you’re behind the wheel and the highway stretches on into the horizon a warm sense of serenity washes over you. Our forefathers could barely have dreamed of feeling like this; the wind in their hair, natures sprawling vista stretched out all around you and a speed known only to the fastest of land mammals. With this in mind, it may be tempting for accomplished drivers to attempt to monetize their skills. And in the gig economy, there are more opportunities than ever to do so. In an age where it’s easier than ever for car owners to become Uber drivers or Amazon logistics delivery drivers on a self-employed basis, now might seem like the perfect time to quit the rat race, get out from behind that desk, reach out and grab the career freedom you richly deserve. But in order to do so successfully, you’ll need to carefully consider the following…

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In the age of accountability, you need to be unimpeachable

Whether you’re turning your driving talents to driving a taxi or delivering goods you will ultimately be accountable for your own behavior on the road. Passengers or good recipients will likely get the chance to leave you ratings and reviews and these will determine just how much work is available to you in the future. While this is absolutely fair and correct it also means that your behavior on the road needs to be absolutely unimpeachable.

One outbreak of road rage, one coffee cup thrown out the window or one motorist cut up on the freeway could have lasting repercussions on your income.

You won’t always get the freedom you crave

It’s understandable that you might want to get out of the office environment. It’s rarely an environment that’s conducive to good health or happiness. But if you think that every day spent on the road will feel free and liberating with you cruising down sun drenched open roads, think again. You’ll likely spend a lot of time in busy, nose to nose urban traffic hot, sweaty, frustrated and exhausted. If you reign in your expectations you’ll be able to better manage your emotions which will make you a better, safer and more responsible driver.

Invest in your own protection

Never forget that the road is a hazardous place and your car is no longer just your vehicle anymore, it’s your livelihood. You should invest time, effort and capital in ensuring that you are safe and your reputation is protected. This could mean taking breaks to stave off driver fatigue. It could mean investing in a dash cam so that if you’re hit by a negligent driver, you can use an experienced attorney to seek justice with this evidence. Or it can simply mean investing in making sure that your car is as safe, comfortable and efficient as possible since it will now also be your office.

Finally… Never stop working on your skills

No driver can afford to rest on their laurels, least of all one who makes their living on the road. You should always be looking for new ways to improve our skills both as a driver and an entrepreneur. Seek out courses and even online tutorials to ensure that your driving career remains enjoyable, safe and lucrative.

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How Invested Are You In Your Lifelong Driving Career?


The day you first pass your driving test is an exciting time. It grants you freedom, a sense of accomplishment, and the ability to head wherever you want whenever you want, so long as you have the funds to fuel it. When caught up in this excitement, it can be easy to forget that driving isn’t a one-and-done award. It is a personal career, one that will likely last your entire life. This isn’t to say you’ll necessarily find work as a driver, but your personal efforts will always need to be refined, especially as you age, to ensure you stay the most safe road user you can be.

How invested are you in this process? Could you perhaps place a little more effort to ensure you’re the road user you deserve to be – for yourself, your family, your passengers, other road users and of course, your financial ability? For this reason, investing small efforts and payments into this can help you massively in the long term. Consider the following tips:

Driving Refreshment Courses

Many people feel too proud to undergo a driving refreshers course unless forced to via being penalized through driving incorrectly in the past. This can lead people to build bad habits over the decades of their driving experience, and only realize they are bad habits when they contribute to something untoward on the road.

Even then, many people simply rationalize their driving behavior as nothing to criticize. It’s much easier to blame others. Undergoing a driving refreshment course from time to time can help you stay on top of your driving habits, and be called out on them if they need rectification. To relearn proper practice and fill up your holes in road traffic theory, you can become much better driver. Even if you only do this three or four times every five to ten years, you can gain benefit tremendously.

Personal Car Rules

It can often serve you very well to ensure people who travel as your passengers understand your car rules. Most people do not consider vehicle rules past ‘leave my car clean,’ but you might want to be a little more strict than this. It might be you limit anyone from smoking in your vehicle, of talking to you when the road is too busy, or that music and hectic antics are kept to a minimum. It might mean teaching your young children or teenagers how best to behave in your car or you’ll pull over. Almost nothing is more important than your ability to focus on the road, and if anything distracts from that you have the absolute right to require those actions to stop.

Staying Informed

It can be very important to ensure you have the right equipment in your vehicle, or that you’re aware of car and road news. Consider following resources such as My Car Needs This in order to stay an informed driver, because 90% of being a careful driver is having solid awareness in all directions. Resources like this can also help blossom your love for driving, enabling you to become interested in taking these steps in the first place. With that in mind, you can work towards ultimate positive driving health.

With these simple efforts, staying invested in your lifelong driving career will be more than possible.

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As Easy as Changing a Lightbulb! Where DIY on Your Car can Save You Money

If you own a car, you know that things will break or wear out or go out from time to time. However, just a little research can help you avoid having to go to the mechanic when something minor breaks down and needs replacing or repair.

One example is your car’s lights. These can go out from time to time. Or the wipers can go bad, or something else that’s pretty minor but requires attention. Many people will have something go out and will rush to the repair shop right off the bat!  And, while taking care of these things right away is good, one can end up spending more money if they don’t stop to do a little research first. A quick tour of their car and also a glance at their owner’s manual can be a good start.

In addition, the internet is a great resource for finding out both about your car as well as making minor repairs, some of which require no tools! YouTube is one great source for this type of information.

In my car, I had bulbs go out for my rear lights and another bulb in my headlights go out within the last month. Did I go to the repair shop? No.

What I did was, when my rear light went out, I looked up how to change the bulb in my particular model car. Some cars are made so that you do have to go to a repair shop to have things like bulbs replaced. But luckily, YouTube showed me my car’s light bulbs could be replaced by hand, no tools needed. All I had to do was take out the old bulbs, which was very easy, just taking less than a minute. Then, I went to the auto parts store, picked up the bulbs I needed, and I changed them right there in the store’s parking lot in a matter of minutes! And, on top of this, I also looked up what type and number of bulb to get, so when I went into the store, I had the old bulb with me and, combined with the knowledge I’d gotten from the internet, I was able to tell the clerk exactly what I needed.

When one of the bulbs in my headlights went out a few weeks later, I didn’t even need to go to the internet. I just opened the hood, checked to see if the headlight bulbs were as easy to remove as the tail light bulbs, found that they were, and simply removed the worn out bulb. I then went to the auto parts store, bought a new one, and replaced the old one myself, again, in a matter of minutes!

I saved a lot of money, too. If I’d gone to a repair shop, I would have paid much, much more, as labor costs would have been involved. Plus, by doing it myself, I gave myself a little more knowledge about my car.

So, before rushing to the repair shop, do a little research. It’s real easy now, and can save money, too!

Happy motoring!

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