Reviewing Subaru XV: A Luxury Car To Be Counted On

Updates in car safety have long taken the motoring world by storm, but it’s the technology advances and the luxury upgrades that are the game changer. Sure, everyone wants a car that is easy to use and safe to drive, but you can get basic car models that do those things. Throw in some high-tech gadgets, some excellent entertainment and a car that is so clever it parks itself, and you have a luxuriously attractive car. Car enthusiasts the world over flock to car shows and review the biggest and best cars around with the features that the public cry out for, and if there’s one brand that is able to give people what they want it’s Subaru. From the Outback to the Impreza, Subaru have taken the time to update their profile as brand that thrives on luxury every year.

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New car creation is always an exciting time, and the Subaru brand have year on year brought out new models that are bigger and better than before. The Japanese brand have this year brought out the Subaru XV, an updated all-wheel drive that is a crossover hatch. However, you won’t find reviews that are screaming about the positives of the XV, purely because the way this car has been modelled. It takes a very different approach compared to the rest of the crossover market. The Subaru XV has a car-sized body, so it’s not giant in size like it’s sister Outback, but it has all the underpinnings of an off-roader. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing though, because while the positive reviews aren’t splashed across the world wide web, they are still there and those who have the privilege of driving the XV know there are aspects to be admired. It’s important to remember that the XV is not a standard 4×4, and the styling of the vehicle is very unique. Its roots are from the Impreza range, but don’t be fooled: they are very different vehicles in what they offer. The alloy wheels are a distinctive feature, and the XV stands out because of them.

One of the biggest most talked about features of the XV is the fact that there is a blockbuster entertainment system. The Subaru brand are all about infotainment and the entertainment features of the car itself are high-end in the luxury car market. 8” in-car touchscreens that are enabled for Apple CarPlay and Android use are able to read your texts out loud to you while you drive. Not only this, you can bounce the mapping system of your smartphone to the screen – instant sat nav! This type of interlinking safety with convenience is what draws people to the Subaru brand: they think of more than just the sat-nav! The best bit about the screen at the front of the car? It’s voice-enabled, which means if you need to change your destination or even the radio station you can keep your eyes on the road and ask your car instead. Clever technology is a huge selling point for people – especially those who have children.

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Speaking of clever technology, the Subaru brand is renowned for its technological safety features, as well as its impressively regular updates on each of its vehicles. The EyeSight technology that has been featured in other cars, like the Subaru Outback, is prominent in the XV. EyeSight will tell you when it’s time to go, so you don’t have to announce to other vehicles that it’s time to keep moving forward. The safety sensors in the XV adjust as you need them to, helping you to keep in control of the car. Combining the tech features with the need for utmost safety is a huge plus with the Subaru XV, and the adaptive cruise control and Vision Assist technology are there to bolster the safety of the car.

The all-wheel drive is the signature of the Subaru brand, and the XV doesn’t miss out on it. The want for a vehicle to have a grip on all surfaces that is consistent, whether on road or off, is highlighted with the XV. One of the biggest reasons people love Subaru, is the ground clearance. It’s obvious on any one of their vehicles, but they sit high and above other brand name cars. The XV has a stunning 220mm ground clearance, which is one of the highest in the small SUV class of vehicles. When you need a car that has all the features of being fashionable but also urban, the Subaru XV should be on the top of your list of considerations. The XV fits nicely between the niche of the of the small and medium SUVs such as the Honda HR-V or the Mazda CX-5.

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The interiors of the XV are close those that were sported by the Impreza, but there are some touches that ensure these two vehicles stay worlds apart. The orange contrast stitching on the doors, seats and dash is seen in some models in Japan. The dash itself is far more modern it has ever been and that’s due to the sleek style and larger screen on offer. The XV offers a larger interior space to make room for the wider, more comfortable front seats and the larger foot space of the back seats. This makes it a popular choice for families, as there is more space for a car seat. If you love to go on holiday, then the roof rails on the XV have been increased by 15% and are well designed so they won’t stick out like most roof rails on vehicles. The door mirrors on either side are as aerodynamic as ever, and are smooth and functional. Function has been in the mind of Subaru during the design of the XV, and that much is plainly obvious to all who test drive it.

Subaru went to a lot of trouble to ensure their engine offers a smooth and quiet ride. It’s not just the engine either, the impressively big wheels stand at up to 18” and reduce the vibrations of the car as well as road noise. This kind of quiet drive is great for driver concentration and means you don’t have to shout to be heard with the other passengers on board. While we are on the topic of sound, check out the way the windows close on the XV compared to other models. They slow right down just before closing, which makes for a softer close and is an impressive addition to the car overall.

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The torsional rigidity has been increased, which means that there is greater handling on the XV. This allows the suspension to do the right job rather than reducing the handling accuracy. When you want to road trip in the XV, you’ll be impressed by the power steering and the handling you have on the vehicle. The X-mode that was on the Forester has been added to the XV, and in doing so, Subaru have managed to adjust the stability control response. This then better suits the conditions that are low-grip. There is also an impressive Hill Descent feature, which you can read about in more detail right here. The Subaru XV is an automatic drive, but that doesn’t mean you cannot switch to manual handling. Taking control on those steep road curves can give you everything you need in power-assisted driving and let you do more on your road trip. Speaking of those sharp curves, the XV directs its power into the outer wheels. Better turning on the road means for safer driving and a sleek interaction with the way the car is handled. It can make it so much easier for you to drive on the road, no matter the terrain, because you are the one in control of the car. Subaru made a name for itself when it comes to off-road handling, and the XV is very well-suited to off-road exploits. It just doesn’t disappoint!

Subaru have always prided themselves a brand that is great value for money, with a fab reseller value on its models. The XV is a very dependable car to own, meaning that while the initial face value of the car is rather steep when buying new or used, the running costs are manageable. The after sales coverage with Subaru, which you can read about here, is very enticing. Overall, the XV by Subaru is a decent car. It’s efficient, practical and luxurious for the model. It has a charming simplicity, and is very much an appealing option for those who want to avoid the open flashiness of the 4×4 counterparts. It has been reimagined for the audience that wants better technology, larger interiors and great car handling. There will always be a market for luxury cars, but for now, the Japanese brand have clearly outdone themselves with a range of vehicles to suit everyone. The XV simply fits beautifully in with the rest!

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Autonomous Cars Will Do More Than Just Drive You To Work

Autonomous cars are perhaps the most exciting invention of the 21st century so far. From humble beginnings almost a decade ago, driverless cars have become something that is now discussed in the mainstream and something that practically every major carmaker is working towards right now.



Autonomous cars will do more than just take you to work or bring you home from the pub if you’re drunk: many experts are predicting that they will fundamentally reshape our society, just as the original automobile did. Just think for a second what the world would look like if cars, trucks, and motorcycles had never been invented. Our cities would look very different, that’s for sure. We’d all be crowded into the center to be closer to services. And there wouldn’t be mile after mile of road and parking lot. Perhaps horses would still roam the streets.


The latest predictions from the car industry itself is that we will see autonomous vehicles emerge onto our roads between 2020 and 2025. Tesla thinks that it might be able to get there sooner. And Audi has indicated that it is already at level 3 autonomy and will soon be moving onto level 4. What’s interesting about the current drive to driverless cars is that it doesn’t rely on the usual car model cadence. Instead, the most cutting edge vehicles, like the Tesla Model 3, can be updated wirelessly. In other words, cars are moving towards a platform model where your car can receive new updates like your phone operating system, and customers can enjoy the benefits immediately.

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Will we just have autonomous cars, or will other vehicles also become driverless? The answer to that question appears to be unequivocal “yes.” There are already dozens of prototype vehicles under construction and being trialed in the real world that suggests that autonomy is coming to all categories of vehicle. For instance, there are already flying car prototypes being developed by people like Google founder Larry Page. And other companies, like Daimler, are testing autonomous trucks on US and German roads. The hope is that businesses will be able to buy autonomous fleets by 2025, slashing their wage bills and lowering prices for consumers. We may also see a proliferation of new classes of vehicle, like sidewalk drones which will do everything from clean up the streets to deliver pizzas.

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Will you need to insure your car, truck or motorcycle through Johnson or another company? That’s not clear yet. According to industry experts, it is predicted that insurance will still be required because there is still a risk. Even though autonomous cars are expected to reduce the number of accidents by more than 90 percent, there is still a chance that they will hit pedestrians and cyclists if they step out into the road unexpectedly. As with any technology, there are still risks, but many of those risks can’t be abated by the technology itself. They require pedestrians to make better decisions and observe the road more carefully, something which they are unlikely to do.


The question of who will ultimately cash in on this autonomous extravaganza remains to be seen. This is going to be one of the growth industries of the early 21st century, but it’s not yet clear who will win. The early indications seem to suggest that it won’t be the carmakers themselves (except Tesla possibly). Instead, it looks like it is going to be the people who develop the autonomous software and hardware. Nvidia, the computer graphics chip company, has seen its share price rocket to astronomical levels over the last couple of years or so following its foray into deep learning and the autonomous car market. AMD, though lagging a little behind Nvidia in the car space, is another company which could potentially break into the market and make a lot of money. Its share price has quadrupled over the last 18 months.


What we do know is that incumbent firms are usually unwilling or unable to change. What usually happens is that they don’t change from within so they are disrupted from the outside. When it comes to autonomous cars, the majority of big car makers are making the right noises, but whether they really understand how autonomy will change the market is debatable. Even today, five years after Tesla launched its wireless updates for the Model S, no other major manufacturer has done the same. In other words, it doesn’t appear as if they understand the new paradigm or are able to transition towards it. Thus, we could see some of the big names in the global auto industry fall by the wayside.

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Running Down The Costs of Owning a Car

There are few things more frustrating than seeing large chunks of our monthly salary being spent on a necessity: our car. We need our car, but they can end up costing us a pretty penny, money that we’d much rather spend on the finer things in life, or put straight into the savings pot. If it feels like you’re spending too much of your hard-earned dough on your vehicle, take our tips below. We have four pieces of advice that’ll ensure you’re not spending more money than you have to.


Have the Right Car


If you’ve just bought a car, then it’s too late to take this piece of advice, but for everyone else, are you driving the right car? We tend to have a non-intellectual approach to what car we want to have. When deciding which car to buy, you should think about what will be best for your needs, not what has the most gadgets included or looks the best. For example, if you’re a single person living in an urban area, then you won’t need a big SUV. Buy with your brain, not your ego.


Use It Wisely


If you’re automatically jumping in the car every time you need to go anywhere, then you’re not using it wisely. Instead, consider your options. If you’re driving to work, then why not look at carpooling with someone else. You’ll drive both of you one day; they’ll drive the next. Just by making a small change to your driving habits, you’ll be putting much more money back in your wallet. Also, if you’re driving to and from work each day, do you want to be behind the wheel on the weekend? Use public transport instead: it’s cheaper, more relaxing, and better for the environment too.


Take Care Of It


All cars will have problems at one stage or another. However, you can reduce the likelihood of these faults by keeping your car in tip-top condition. Take your vehicle to an auto repair garage for regular maintenance; they’ll be able to check that everything’s working as it should, and be able to make any mild repairs before they have a chance to become too serious. As well as ensuring that your car runs as smoothly as possible, this will also increase the longevity of your car. There’s no expense quite as big as having to buy a new vehicle just because the old one has died.


Knocking Down Insurance


Insurance is a fact of life when it comes to cars. However, there are ways you keep your insurance costs down. You should keep your vehicle off the road when it’s parked at your home (a secure garage is best), ask if any of the car’s safety features make it eligible for any reductions, and shop around for the best deal. If you like your present insurance company, still negotiate. The worst deals are always for those who auto-renew without asking for further reductions.


There you have it. But don’t forget: it costs nothing to walk from time to time!

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Automobile Talk: Should You Buy Or Lease Your Next Car?

It’s true to say that most people either save money or get into debt to purchase a new car. However, you’ve probably always wondered why some of your friends choose to lease theirs. There must be some advantages, right? Well, today, we’re going to look at some of the pros and cons of both strategies. With a bit of luck, this information will assist you in making better choices in the future. At the end of the day, it all comes down to your outlook and preferences. There are plus and minus points for both ideas as you will learn during the next few minutes.

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The pros of buying a car


There are lots of positive points when it comes to the purchase of a car outright. Firstly, you own the vehicle, and so you can perform any modifications you like. You can change the paint job, add some new safety features, and improve the interior. You also get to take a look at many different models before making your selection. Buyers are free to purchase any vehicle they like from any seller in the country. They could visit their local Cricks Skoda dealer or drive to a different city and check the market there. There are no limitations at all. Sounds perfect, right?


The cons of buying a car


Unfortunately, there are some downsides to purchasing a car for regular use and road trips. You are solely responsible for any repairs that have to take place. That means you never know when you might have to put your hand in your pocket. You are also stuck with the vehicle until you find another buyer. That means if you make the wrong decision, you’ll just have to live with it. On top of that, it’s vital to note that values will always depreciate. So, you’re technically losing money every time you use the car.

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The pros of leasing a car


Renting an automobile will mean you are no longer responsible for repair work. The leasing company will have to handle any services and things like that. You’re also free to swap and change your vehicle when your contract ends. That means you could drive something brand new every year. In most instances, firms that deal with leasing will also include insurance policies in their packages.


The cons of leasing a car


As you might have guessed, there are lots of cons when it comes to hiring a car. According to Gizmodo and other specialists, you might not manage to get the model you wanted. In most situations, you will have to settle for whatever the specialist has in stock at that time. You could also end up having to pay fines and fees if you cause damage to the vehicle. That is the case regardless of the insurance policies in place. Maybe you spill some coffee on one of the seats? Well, you’ll have to pay for that.


Now you have the right information; you should find it much easier to make the right decision. Perhaps you will choose to hire an automobile this summer while you’re saving enough money to buy? That would let you see the coin from both sides and give you an even better insight into the situation. Whatever you decide, we hope you make the right choice for you this year.

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Health Hazards That You Must Start Paying Attention To Immediately

Nothing in this life is more important than health, and most people actively try to adopt positive ideas into their activities. In most cases, though, it’s the avoidance of negative influences that truly has the biggest impact on long-term health aspects.


Here are some of the aspects that you are most likely to have ignored. Ensure that you start paying the necessary attention from this moment on, and your body will be eternally grateful.



Wrong Exercises:


Regular physical activity is something that our bodies crave. But fighting through the pain barrier caused by injuries could actively do more damage than good. If you have joint problems, for example, switching to low-impact sports might be the greatest move you ever make. Alternatively, it may be a simple case of wearing the right attire to provide support for those parts of the body. Either way, ensuring that exercise continues to have a positive impact is key.




All smokers know that cigarettes are bad for their health. However, it’s very easy to ignore those internal problems, especially as they tend to grow over time. Unfortunately, continuing to smoke will reduce the quality and quantity of your life. Quitting at the click of a finger isn’t easy for everyone. Visit for an alternative approach to the challenge. The benefits will start to show immediately, even if it does take a period of time to fully become independent of the habit.


Food Allergies:


Negative elements aren’t limited to items that harm everyone, though. We are all unique, and you must learn to appreciate the way your body reacts to different things. Nutrition is unquestionably at the top of this list, and being tested for intolerances could be the key to a better future. Conversely, if you keep fuelling the body with things it doesn’t like, and life will become far less comfortable. Worse still, it could enable a minor problem to grow into something more serious. Dealing it with it immediately is the only solution.

Peanut Nuts Food



Home Risks:


Your home is your castle, and it should keep you safe at all times. Those sentiments shouldn’t only concern stopping burglaries, though. Even if you work long hours, you spend far too much time at home to let it cause health problems. Damp, leaks and other issues can cause major long-term problems. Meanwhile, you can learn about the dangers of asbestos at Even if the upshot means home improvements are needed, the reward of greater health will vindicate the investment.




OK, so driving itself isn’t a major problem. However, driving when your body isn’t fit for function could send your chances of having a crash through the roof. We all know the dangers of drink driving, but tiredness can be equally damaging. Similarly, if you need eyeglasses, you must wear them at all times behind the wheel. Sadly, it only takes one slow reaction to change your life forever. Take responsibility for your actions, and you’ll be far safer on the road. Let’s face it; it’ll probably boost your enjoyment too.

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Swerving the Plights of Being a Car Owner

As a car owner, you will probably be able to attest to the fact that although you wouldn’t be able to live without your car, it doesn’t half cause you a lot of trouble sometimes. You can probably attest to the fact that it is forever burning a hole in your pocket. You can probably even attest to the fact that it angers you from time to time. But, however annoying these plights of car ownership may be, there are always ways to swerve them. Read on to find out how.



Get more out of your petrol and diesel


The biggest bane of your car owning and driving life is probably the fact that you are seemingly forever at the gas station. You probably feel as if you are constantly refueling, and shedding out on fuel whilst you do so. However, you can swerve the plight that is filling up your tank far too frequently by simply doing things to get more out of your petrol and diesel. These kinds of fuel saving tips include trying not to drive in the rush hour, closing the windows (when it’s cool enough to do so) and removing any roof rack you may on top your vehicle. Once you do these sorts of things, you’ll be amazed at just how little you have to go to the petrol station. Once you do these sorts of things, you may even find that the weekly trip to the petrol station turns into a bi-weekly trip.

Auto Refuel Petrol Stations Petrol Gas Pump Gas

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Get the cheapest insurance quote possible


That time when your car insurance is up for renewal is one of the most stressful times of the year, right? It’s a time when the pressure is on to find insurance before your current one runs out. It’s a time where endless amounts of form filling takes place, which each form asking the exact the same questions: your name, your address, your average annual driving tendencies. It’s a time when insurance companies will inundate you with calls, emails and messages as they try to lure you into their corner. And it’s a time when a shed load of money goes out. But the latter, the fact that a lot of money is spent on insurance, need not necessarily be a plight any longer. Getting a cheap insurance quote that is exactly the right amount of insurance coverage for your car is easier than it may seem. You just have to be willing to put your homework in and try out various companies. You just have to know not to ignore local and regional insurance companies just because you’d prefer to use one of the ‘big boys’. And you must never accept a quote that is offered to you just like that; you should attempt to haggle it down on the phone. For more advice on how to cut down on your car insurance the next time it is up for renewal, click here.

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There are many more plights of being a car owner; one is having to deal with bouts of road rage. However, advice on how to deal with that one safely is best left for another time and another article. For now, just focus on doing all you can to cut down on those trips to the gas station and to cut down on the expenses you pay out for car insurance.

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Road Rage: Dealing With It Safely

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There is nothing better than driving on the open road, the beautiful scenery ahead and the wind in your hair. All seems fine until you notice the person in front is driving at ten miles an hour, or you see somebody talking on their cell phone. Suddenly your calm and serenity disappear, replaced by feelings of frustration as you angrily beep your horn at the other road user. Welcome to road rage, one of the biggest dangers on the road today.

Road rage is a curious thing. No matter how calm and friendly a person is in everyday life, once behind the wheel of the car, there can be a transformation of Jekyll and Hyde proportions. The smallest event can make a person angry, and if those feelings are not dealt with, what happens next could prove costly and life threatening.

It is likely you have experienced some form of road rage in your life. Whether you have found yourself shouting at other people from behind the wheel, or been the victim of somebody else’s wrath, it is important to protect yourself and the lives of others on the road.

Therefore, consider the following advice that could prove life saving.

Controlling yourself

Road rage generally comes from feelings of stress. Driving can be pleasurable, but sometimes other drivers or pedestrians can aggravate the negative feelings we have circling through our unconsciousness. Therefore, you need to alleviate your stress by doing some of the following:

Listen to relaxing music that will calm your nerves.

If you know you need to be somewhere at a certain time, set off early, so you’re not stressed through being in a rush.

Think before you act. Another driver may annoy you, but should you beep your horn in anger or drive irresponsibly in vengeance, you could cause an accident and be at risk of having your license taken away from you.

Pull over to the side of the road and let yourself calm down.

Remember other people can be irresponsible, it’s a common fact of life. Accept it, take some deep breaths and carry on.

Protecting yourself

When it comes to others causing road rage against you, there is the need to look after yourself. Consider the following.

Purchase a dash cam that can record the actions of the driver. Should you be involved in an accident, the footage can support you should you hire the services of a car accident lawyer, and is invaluable when dealing with insurance companies.

It is important you don’t make matters worse by copying their action and fueling their anger further.

Avoid eye contact with an offending driver as you may make their behavior worse. Ignore them, and carry on with your journey.

If the car behind is tailgating you, let it pass. Once they are out of your way, you can continue safely.

Finally, be a safe driver. Should you drive responsibly, there is less reason for other drivers to get angry at you.

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