A Kindness out of the Blue

Sometimes, if you pay attention, you may see an act of kindness, just out of the blue. I was witness to such an act and, while I couldn’t help, I was able to compliment the one who did.

Yesterday, I was running an errand and found myself stuck in traffic on a busy street. As I was waiting for the cars to move, I spotted a homeless man across the street. He had a red shopping cart with his items inside. As I slowly crept along with the other cars, I noticed the man was attempting to cross a smaller street. He had started down one of those ramps built into the sidewalk corner to assist the handicapped. There was some kind of grill at the bottom and the wheels of the man’s shopping cart got caught in them and the cart tipped over.

He tried to right the cart but was having a lot of trouble and, seeing this, I wanted to help him but couldn’t.

That was when I saw a young woman walking towards him. She may not even have noticed him at first as I could see she just happened to be walking in his direction. Well, instead of just walking by him, she stopped and took off the pack she was wearing, and helped him right the cart and put his things back into it. She never hesitated once, not even to handle his cart to right it and not even to grab his items and put them back into the cart. It was spontaneous and there was no “gingerly” motions on her part. There was none of that, “Ewww, I don’t really want to handle this homeless man’s cart because of …” showing on her face or in her actions to help, the way there would have been in so many of us. She just grabbed the handle of the cart and helped to right it without hesitation. Once she was done, I saw the man thank her heartily and they both went on their ways.

Well, I was touched by this and really wanted to compliment her on what she did. I saw that she was walking in the same direction as the traffic I was in, and, due to a change in the configuration of the street to a one way section, I was now on the same side of the street as she was with the sidewalk on my driver’s side. As traffic was slowing, I lowered my window and told her it was nice of her to do what she’d done. She smiled when I said this so I know she knew what I was talking about.

It was an unhesitating act of kindness and it impressed me, as it should all of us.

Be kind!

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