If you are considering a new diet that you’ve never tried before, be it from any source, do your research first! If reading a book about a new diet, read the book completely through, and do further research afterword for confirmation before starting the diet!

Personal example: I heard someone who I greatly respect say that getting wheat out of one’s diet will help them to feel better and to lose weight. This intrigued me, so, when I happened upon a book about the subject of eliminating wheat from one’s diet, I bought the book. The book was well written and researched, and included a very important caveat!

If you eliminate wheat entirely from your diet and stay wheat free for two months or more, and then have wheat reintroduced to your diet, chances are good you will have some really negative reactions, the most common being abdominal cramps and diarrhea for anywhere from 6 to 48 hours afterwords!

Wheat is just about everywhere among the foods we eat. And it can be found in many foods that you wouldn’t expect to find it in. Now, if wheat were as easy to detect as a lit cigarette, then avoiding wheat would be easy. After all, if a lit cigarette somehow made its way into the Thanksgiving turkey or the soup you ordered, you’d know it instantly, certainly before it reached your mouth. But wheat? When the turkey or soup was prepared, it’s quite possible that some bread crumbs might have been added, and guess what? You have possibly two agonizing days ahead!

And according to some other websites that I’d checked out regarding the re exposure and re introduction of wheat into the previously wheat free diet, some people can experience these symptoms and effects as soon as 7 days after going completely wheat free!

Now, you may think that, “Okay , now that I know, I know what to watch out for when I make my meals.” Fine, but what about going to someone else’s house, or a restaurant? And there may be times when there’s no choice but to do this. Say you travel a lot on business. Can you be sure that you won’t be hit while on a plane or during that crucial business meeting? Or have that dream vacation ruined?

I also understand that re introduction of dairy products to the dairy free diet will also have some effects, though not as bad. (Though I could be wrong about this.)

My advice, from a layman’s view, is to do your research, talk to your doctor, and weigh the options, and don’t jump in until you do! My guess is that cutting down on intake of a food group will probably still reap some benefits while keeping you safe from bad reactions in the case of inadvertent re exposure.

The person I mentioned above who I’d heard talking about a wheat free diet did say he wasn’t a zealot and still ate a cookie if he felt he wanted one, which leads me to believe that he, too, is cutting wheat intake down rather than cutting it out completely.

All in moderation.

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