Big Family, Low Costs: Where You Can Save Money

As your family grows, your finances are going to need to stretch further. You might have everything you need to make them happy and comfortable, but you cannot stop saving money each month. Not only is it nice to continue saving for the adventures you have ahead of you, it doesn’t hurt to have emergency funds in case anything happens. Here are a few areas where you can cut down on your expenses to have money for the things that really matter.

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Things like water, electricity, and broadband are not negotiable, but that doesn’t mean they have to cost the earth. The easiest way to save money on these expenses every month is to go green. Start by switching to energy efficient LED bulbs, unplugging all appliances you’re not using, and insulating your home so you don’t need to turn up your thermostat as much. Doing these small things can reduce your energy consumption, saving you money on your bills each month and helping the environment.  Going paperless with your bills can also save you money. Eventually, you might also want to look at green home improvements, such as solar panels and double glazed windows.

New car

Cars break down fairly regularly, which is not good for your savings. However, if your car is experiencing more frequent breakdowns, it’s in your best interests to buy a new one altogether. While you probably didn’t factor in having to fork over the funds for a new vehicle, this doesn’t have to be as expensive as you fear. Obviously, the cheapest way to afford a new car is to buy second hand; you can get amazing deals on a Toyota Yaris direct from a seller, or on a Ford Kuga on Autotrader. If you would prefer to get a new car, then shop around for a good interest rate on car loan; this way, you get a new mode of transport, and you protect your hard-earned savings. As an added bonus; if you keep up with the repayments, this will help you build good credit.

Emergency repairs

Unexpected expenses, such as emergency home repairs, can blow the biggest dent in your savings and leave you back to where you were before you began putting money aside. However, you can take away some of the sting by having some money management plans in place.

Make a list of common seasonal expenses, like property taxes,  insurance, gifts, car repairs, winterization, or vision and dental bills. Then look at your calendar for the past year, along with bank and credit card statements, to see what irregular expenses you paid for with credit. Once you have these variables, you can calculate how much extra money you can afford to set aside in a different account. The next time you need to dip into your savings for a rainy day, you can be pleasantly surprised when you rediscover this emergency account and see how much you have saved. Save more money by doing your own repairs wherever you can.

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Fight Back When Thieves Attack



Owning a house is an amazing experience, especially if you can turn that house into a home. Still, that doesn’t mean that everything will go to plan from the beginning. Unfortunately, there are people in the darkness that want to take your possessions and make them their own. They are called thieves, and they target properties like yours on a daily basis. However, if you sick and tired of being on the wrong end of their actions, you can fight back. Homeowners all over the world should know that they don’t have to lie down, and these are the reasons why.


They Need Darkness


As a novice in the field, you might think that a thief’s biggest asset is their toolbox or knowledge. The truth is that the most valuable weapon in a burglar’s armory is darkness. Almost every thief works in the shadows to avoid detection. As long as there is cover, they can go about their business unnoticed and untroubled. Now that you know this, you can take away the cover of darkness with LED reflector flood lights. As the name suggests, these lights illuminate the outside of the house making it harder to sneak around. Plus, they look great too!



Thieves Are Opportunists


If you watch movies or TV shows, you might think that thieves like to ‘case a joint’ before they make a move. Nothing could be farther from the truth unless you’re dealing with a team of experts. Your common garden variety of burglar sees an opportunity and grabs it with both hands. For example, they might spot an open window that leads into the main house or a plant pot with a key underneath. Some even use ladders left in the garden to gain entry. Quite simply, you can’t afford to give them a chance because they will try their luck.


Burglars Hate CCTV


For the most part, an alarm system doesn’t faze a self-respecting thief. Simply put, they are too knowledgeable and experienced to let a home alarm system take them down. Indeed, homeowners often give them clues which come in handy. What do scare burglars is a circuit television camera system. Nowadays, the quality is so good that these cameras can pick out a thief at a hundred paces, and they know it. Because thieves are mainly opportunists, they can’t take the risk of getting caught. And, a CCTV system raises the chances of that happening by over ten percent. If a real system is too expensive, a dummy one also has its advantages.



They Are Loners


Because they work alone, they don’t understand the bond of your local community. They don’t know that you and your neighbors are friends that look out for one another. Also, they don’t even think that people on the street act in the same way. They assume that you are as alone as them, which shouldn’t be the case. As long as you and the neighbors are cordial, you will always have someone watching your back.


And, they will fight back so that you don’t have to. After all, it’s in their best interests.

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Who Do You Need In The Room Where It Happens?

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When your business starts to reach a certain level of success, you do need to think about your boardroom. Your boardroom is going to be made up of key individuals who will run your business and help you make sure it’s success. It might also include investors who have a financial interest in the continued profitability of your company. So, what should your boardroom look like? That’s an interesting question, and the answer isn’t quite as simple as most people assume.


You might think we’re thinking about the tech in the room or perhaps the actual layout of this, particular the office. While both factors can be important the most crucial aspect of your boardroom is making sure you have the right people sitting in those chairs at the table. Who should have a seat in the room where it happens? First, let’s think about some broad aspects of your boardroom.




Studies and research has shown that the most successful boardrooms are completely diverse. They ideally, you should be fifty percent male and fifty percent female, right down the middle. You may also want to think about recruiting people from different cultures with various belief systems and ideologies. It’s these differences and variations that will ensure your business heads in bold new directions, and that’s exactly what you want. You need to make sure that your business is ready to compete and focusing on diversity will certainly ensure that.


You may want to work to ensure that your business is appealing to different types of people. Focus on this aspect when you are setting up promotions and marketing for a recruitment drive.

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The Best Of The Best


You should not settle for anything less than the best people for your boardroom. To ensure you get this, you need to perform an executive search. Services like this are provided by the top recruitment agencies and can guarantee that you have the ultimate team of staff you need to make your business a hit. These individuals will have excellent track records at other businesses, and they may even have a history of taking companies to the next level.


Remember, for team members like this in an interview they won’t be pitching you, you’ll be pitching them. You’ll need to show them why they should sign on to your company and the benefits it could bring. Ultimately, you will need to prove why your business is the right choice.

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Read To Go The Extra Mile


Finally, the members of your company that make up your boardroom shouldn’t be typical employees. They should be ready, willing and able to go the extra mile for your business every time, each day they come into work. They should constantly be pushing your business in new directions. This is what you should be looking for in the interviews. You need to find the individuals who already have plans and ideas for the ways your business could move forward over the next five years. Find this, and you’ll have the right people at the head table.

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Manufacturers: Are You Doing The Best For Your Factory Teams?



The manufacturing industry is a vital cog in the economy wheels of almost every country. And behind every successful manufacturer, lies a fantastic team of workers who are productive, innovative, and creative. But, given the critical role factory workers play in the success of their companies, are employers doing all they can to support them? Ultimately, if your factory team starts to ‘turn bad’ the impact will affect your profits. With this in mind, here is how manufacturers should approach building – and creating – high-quality factory workers.


Leading from the front


As a manufacturing employer, you have to lead from the front. Hiding away in your office well away from the factory floor or constantly being away on business trips is going to send your workers all the wrong signs. Don’t forget, as a leader, all your actions will trickle down to the workers, and if they view you as aloof and uncaring about the business, why should they have a stake in its success? It’s these subtle little parts of running a business that many people pick up on – and could be the difference between a motivated workforce and a group of individuals who just don’t care.



Instill a positive company culture


Factory work isn’t the most glamorous industry to be in, so instilling a sense of a great company culture can do wonders for motivating your teams. It’s important to work hard on that culture, too – you can end up in dangerous territory if you assume your company will just be a great place to work as if by accident. Weave your values and expectations into the heart of your business, and stick to those principles through thick and thin.


Invest in training


No worker in your company wants to stick around for years on end without any hope of progression. So, while new workers might start off on the factory line or packing departments, most will want to explore a lot more opportunity. As state on their website, thorough training for your employees can result in a skilled workforce that is at the very top of their particular industry. And helping them on the road to being the best is a good reason for them to show you loyalty and commitment for many years to come.



Care and attention


One of the biggest reasons factory workers take time off sick is due to burnout. Production in manufacturing can be a tiring and repetitive job, which leads to serious issues. Quality control can take a dip, as can productivity. And while there might be other issues at play, suggest it is often due to burnout. Make sure your workers are achieving an excellent work-life balance, and never push them too hard. There will be times when you need them to work long hours, of course, especially during periods of high demand. But you have to balance it out by giving them time off in lieu, too, so that everyone can recharge the necessary batteries.


Never forget that your workers could be the difference between success and failure. And looking after the factory floor will lead to loyal, productive staff that stick around for many years to come.

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Tackling The 4 Challenges Of A Growing Business

If you are a business owner, or if you are dreaming of becoming tomorrow’s entrepreneur, you need to be aware of the challenges that a company brings. Besides launching a startup and creating a market for your offering, the biggest obstacles that you will face in your business life are related to a positive event: Business growth. Indeed, business expansion is synonymous with new responsibilities, new tasks, new needs, new customers. While it’s great to grow your business, if you don’t plan growth properly it is likely to turn into a failure.


Finding The Right Talent

Hiring new talent


Business expansion means that you will need to look for new team members. It’s important to work closely with a professional recruiter as finding the right talent for your company can be tricky. More importantly, when you hire someone new, you are not hiring only a set of skills, but an individual. The right skills but the wrong mindset can be just as destructive in an employee than the wrong skills. Therefore it’s important to sit down with an HR expert to explain to them what your company needs and the kind of soft skills and attitude that the right candidate will need.


Embracing The Right Tech And Support

There is no denying it: When you grow your company, your IT needs will also grow. With a large team comes the need for a managed IT solution from certified experts, such as, who can look after your technical system and prevent any costly breakdown. Small companies often try to save cost by embracing a DIY attitude, where the office manager also becomes responsible for the network system. This attitude is, unfortunately, a mistake. Your IT system needs to be constantly monitored to prevent any breakdown and to stay up-to-date. In short, don’t save on cost; use a professional tech support.


Reaching Out To New Customers

Business growth means reaching out to a new market, whether it is a new location or new industry sectors. In other words, it is about reaching out to customers who don’t know you. Most small businesses tend to continue as they’ve always done and hope for the best, reasoning that it’s what generated their current success. It’s a mistake. To reach new customers, you need to research the new market pockets that you are targeting. Who is the new audience group, is the question you need to answer to grow. As a result, you will have to modify your marketing approach to appeal to the new target group.

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Dealing With Big Clients

For small businesses, supplying big clients can be daunting and difficult. Therefore it’s important to develop the right approach. Large organizations face important competition and market expectations, that, as a small supplier, you need to research and understand to become deal-worthy. With these clients, knowledge is power and collecting relevant market data is seen as a deal maker. Additionally, the cost of maintaining a contract with a large client can be very high. Therefore you need to ensure that, as a supplier, you are in a position to deliver large quantities to cut your cost down.

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You Won’t See These Driving Issues In The Movies

Watching movies related to driving and action adventures on the road can be fun, but it’s frustrating once you realize that they could never happen in real life. It can take you out of the moment a little because you start to say ‘well that’s just silly’ and ‘cars don’t fly!’ Still, it’s quite funny to think about some of the worst problems on the road that are completely ignored by Hollywood.


Where’s All The Traffic


If you happened to catch the latest Fast & Furious film, you will have seen Dominic Toretto and his team cruising around New York City on roads that looks suspiciously empty for one of the most popular places in America. In fact, anyone who’s ever been to New York will tell you you’ll be lucky to travel five blocks in fifteen minutes let alone twenty in fifty seconds! But this is a common trait in Hollywood and even in TV shows. The best example were earlier seasons of 24. Since the show ran in real-time, producers knew they’d have to completely ignore traffic in LA. Otherwise, viewers would have spent the whole show watching Bauer honk his horn and yell at the car in front to move.

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Shaken And Then Arrested


Bond wouldn’t be Bond without the classic drink order somewhere present in the film. But viewers will notice that no sooner has he taken a swig he’s back in a car speeding after a bad guy, usually in a fairly populated area of a city. What we’ve never seen is the top spy pulled over for a DUI. Nor have we seen the effects drinking has on driving. Even after a couple, your reaction times are dramatically increased making those tight turns all but impossible. You probably know what to do if you are stopped for DUI, but what would Bond do? We’ll never know because we guarantee it will never happen.


Where Are The Speed Cameras?


The Fast And The Furious wouldn’t have spawned seven sequels if they hadn’t completely abandoned the idea of being arrested for racing and speeding. Fans of the franchise will know that it actually started with a cop going undercover to catch a thief/street racer. Now, they can quite happily speed as much as they like and never have to worry about the cops chasing them. If you tried to speed in a populated area, you’d soon see red white and blue in the mirror.


What Happened To Physics?


Lastly, who hasn’t seen a car fly through the air after going up a particularly steep hill in a movie and wished they could try it with their vehicle? Well, unfortunately, it wouldn’t work. Almost every car you can buy without mods is far too heavy for this type of stunt, and you’d be lucky to get it even a couple of inches off the ground. In fact, they’re pretty much designed to always keep the four wheels firmly on the tarmac. But that will never stop Hollywood showing them taking off like a jet plane.

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Spring Cleaning Can Improve Your Health In Ways You Never Thought

It’s about that time of the year when a complete overall of your home is due. It’s an opportunity to access the state of your house. It’s a chance to inspect your living area from top to bottom, from crevice to cranny. The bright, sunny, long days give your ample time to do all those things you’ve been putting off. But this year, if you follow these steps, your life could improve in more ways than one.

House dust mites 

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Bacteria and asthma


Ever wonder why you’re ill in or out of allergy season? Have you noticed how you might be popping vitamin pills to boost your immune system lately? Static exhaustion can be caused by your living space being filthy. It may not look like it, but neglecting certain parts of your home can lead to detrimental health conditions. Take a closer look at your daily routine, and you’ll notice parts of your home don’t ever get the proper hygiene attention they should.


Mold in the home can cause asthma and children are most vulnerable again. Any green sticky patches in your bathroom, on window sills and or on the ceiling, might be mold or fungi. Mold problems in your crawlspace are caused by moisture venting into and under your home’s floorboard. That’s a clear sign, that there’s a chink in the armor of your home. Somewhere there is a leak in your home, where moisture seeps in, and your home loses heat at the same time. Call in an expert if you think this might be relatable to you.  

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By using springtime as an opportunity to overhaul your home, your health could improve in ways you’ve never thought before. Since your breathing can improve following the techniques mentioned, stress levels can also decrease; giving you a greater night’s sleep.


Dust mites are known to feed off dead skin cells which the human body sheds in the hundreds of thousands every day. From the excrement of the dust mites, serious health issues can arise. From their action, dust mites also cause asthma, especially in young children. They’re known to be the leading cause, for asthma in the Western world. If your sheets aren’t regularly changed, vacuuming your mattress and bed sheets could solve the health issues dust mites cause.


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The bathroom


How long have you had that body scrub sponge? Sure, you clean after your shower every day, but bacteria can cling onto the microscopic fibers. It may seem like your sponge or scrubber is clean, it probably feels like it too. There comes the point where the fabric becomes so worn out that the fibers become loose, and bacteria digs a hole inside them. It’s recommended that you change your body scrubber every one or two months; however, this can be done quarterly.


Bacteria, insects and mollusks like snails can lurk in your bathroom plumbing. Although it may not smell bad, grime can build to a point where one day your bath or sink will clog for no apparent reason. Pouring bleach down the drains once a month to keep bathroom plumbing clean and healthy.

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