Staying Healthy This Summer

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Summer is nearly upon us. Maybe you are planning a vacation that you’ve been looking forward to all year, or you want to take some time off work to finally get to the things around the house that you’ve been putting off for so long. Either way, the summer is not only a new season, it is a chance for a fresh start. A lot is said about getting one’s body ready for summer as if the beach or the local pool is some sort of tacitly acknowledged beauty contest were everyone must participate (because they have no choice; the judges are everywhere and always watching) and no one gets a trophy. However, this can quickly seem rather absurd and can easily cause lots of people to avoid those places. The emphasis on the so-called ‘beach body’ reveals a fascination with appearances. Looking good is important, but being healthy is crucial. Here are a few ways of becoming the healthiest you that you can this summer:


  1. Being healthy is all about the sort of lifestyle that you lead. One of the most important things for any person to feel good and look good is getting enough sleep. Researchers from the National Sleep Foundation in the US collated findings from lots of studies and found that adults need to get between seven to nine hours each night. Any more or less will not help you quite as much. Sleep is the time when your body recovers from the pressures that it faces all day long. Failing to give it a chance to catch up is only going to compound the problem. They do not call it beauty sleep for nothing.
  2. Diets are sometimes quite dangerous. Losing weight is a healthy choice for some people but doing it at any cost can actually threaten your health to a greater degree. That is why you should eat foods that are good for you in moderation. It is fine to occasionally have something that you love that is rather calorific, but if you do it too often, it can become a problem. In any case, healthy food does not need to be any less appealing. Sites like can help you find the best products to ensure that your food is both nutritious and good for you at the same time. One particularly good device to invest in is a blender. Put your favorite fruits in with a little of something sweet, and you have a great breakfast which you can have on the go.
  3. Exercise is obviously the third point in the healthy lifestyle trinity. A lot of people dread to think about going to the gym or doing something gratuitously grueling like a marathon. However, exercise can be fun too. If you like dancing, then do it regularly as it is a great way to get a workout without really thinking about it. Besides, if you take up a sport, you will learn a new skill while also doing some exercise. Playing on a team can also help you make friends. By the end of your first season, you will not remember that you started just for the exercise.

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A Happier Lifestyle: Getting Out Of That Rut And Reclaiming Your Strut

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There is no single answer to the perfect lifestyle. We all find ourselves in ruts from time to time, whether that’s due to stress at work, unhappiness at home, or a general sense of unfulfillment in life as a whole. The ironic thing is that it’s always harder to pull yourself out of that rut once you’re in it. Motivation, inspiration, and the desire to change are all things which are hard to come by once your mind is in a bad place.


Nonetheless, all is not lost. There’s always a way to make changes today towards being the happier person that you’ve always wanted to be. Sometimes there isn’t always a quick fix; it’s about making gradual steps towards happiness and improving day by day. If you feel as if you’ve tried everything to get back on your feet but nothing has changed either your mind or your physical life then here are some pieces of advice which might help you get out of that rut and reclaim your strut.


Take better care of your body.

A healthy body is absolutely vital to a happy life, and this isn’t a commercial. It’s something we all know but very few of us fully accept; the state of your body is fragile but also integral to your health and happiness. As a place to start, a healthy diet should obviously be a priority in your life. Eating well will help improve your figure and reduce the risk of health problems in the future, but the food you eat also affects your mind, so this could be the first step towards clearing your mind and functioning more effectively throughout the day on a physical level.


A job that was once exciting but now seems exhausting might suddenly gain a new lease of life in fresh eyes when you take better care of itself, but you’ll know that the problem lies outside of you if it doesn’t. The best way to take a good look at your life and the many aspects of your daily routine is to take care of yourself and get into a happier head space. You’ll not only be happier with the way you look, but you’ll be healthier on a practical level. On the topic of mental health…


Take better care of your mind.

Happiness is in the mind, so it makes sense that the key to finding a lifestyle which makes you happier lies not only in looking at your life on an external level but also in looking at it on an internal level. Your mind will tell you so much about what’s going wrong in your current lifestyle but you have to give yourself time during the day to reflect, recharge and focus on you. Practicing meditation is a great way to achieve this, as we spend our days frantically rushing around and completing so many tasks that we rarely remember to just exist.


Throughout the day, take a few minutes here and there to focus on your breathing, and let your mind roam freely. You need to recharge and reboot if you want to get to the root of what’s holding you back from happiness in life. The key is to fix whatever’s affecting your brain and make changes towards better mental health because this is just as important as maintaining good physical health.


Make a big change.

Often, you might find that your life is lacking because you’re no longer challenging yourself. Our younger years are fast-paced and ever-evolving, and this is why adulthood is such a sharp and unexpected change for so many of us. You were learning a multitude of things every day, going new places, and doing new things, but now you’re stuck in the same job and you feel as if nothing’s changing. However, age shouldn’t stop you from retaining that same energy and desire for newness that you felt when you were younger.


It’s never too late and it’s never too foolish to make a big change in your life. It doesn’t even have to be something you want to do; it could be something which scares you. You could look into real estate abroad and make a new life for yourself in a brand new country. You could move into a brand new industry which always intrigued you but you never had the guts to approach. The point is that there’s no “one way” to live life. We’re all taught to take a rigid and predefined path, but the truth is that we’re all on different paths. If you want to get out of that rut then get out of that rut. It doesn’t matter how you do it; challenge yourself, and keep on challenging yourself so that you find the happiness and vitality you miss from your youth.

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Learn a new skill.

Continuing from previous points, happiness can be found in an active and stimulated brain. When you find yourself in a physical rut, due to the monotonous nature of an endlessly repeating daily routine, it’s likely that your mind founds itself trapped in a rut and your lifestyle no longer seems joyous or fulfilling. Of course, we’re only as trapped as we let ourselves believe we are.


It’s up to you to take control of the reins of your life and start to make moves towards being a happier and more fulfilled person. Learn something new today, and don’t stop learning new things tomorrow. That’s the key to happiness and an interesting life. Never stop forcing your brain to reinvent itself. You don’t have to become a musical genius overnight; learning something different could involve talking to a new person every day and seeing the world through a stranger’s eyes.


Focus on one thing at a time.

There’s an interesting article which highly rates the idea of single-tasking. This, simply put, entails that we should all focus on one thing at a time. Rather than trying to complete a million things each day and doing a half-decent job of each one, you should be challenging yourself to complete a single task really well over a day or a long period of time. You’ll be more productive and pleased with your overall achievements if you narrow your focus in life.

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How To Prepare For Your Trip To India

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If you’re planning on going to India, there are a lot of things you should do in order to properly prepare for the trip.

With this guide, you’ll be able to stay organized and get all the boring things out of the way, so you can focus on having a great time once you’re there.



Where do you want to go?


This is probably one of the hardest things to decide on if you haven’t already thought of exactly where you want to go.

India is packed full of such variety, there are so many things to see, and choosing where you want to go all depends on how much time you have. If you know you’re staying for a while, you have the option to move around a lot more than if you were only staying for a few days.

It’s a good idea to get a guide book as this can recommend areas to stop in, as well as what you can do while you’re there.



Book your transport in advance


A lot of people don’t actually like to book flights and trains in advance because they see it as a restriction, especially if they decide they want to go somewhere else instead, or even stay where they are for a little bit longer than planned.

But it’s very wise to book in advance because the number of people traveling to and from India has increased an awful lot. Even more so by train, as the prices have been dropped a significant amount.

The more popular the train route, the more likely it is to be filled in within a short period of time, so make sure you book before it’s too late.



Book your accommodation


It can be very tempting to wait until you’re in India to get your hotel, because you can try and get a better deal by negotiating rates, but if you’re going to a larger city, it’s best to book your accommodation beforehand, otherwise it may just end up causing you too much hassle. You want to be able to go straight in and find you room after hours of transport, rather than messing around walking the streets trying to find a good offer.

Another benefit from booking online before you arrive is that many companies have deals connected to flights, so you may end up paying a lot less if you book the flight and the hotel together, than if you do it separately. So that’s definitely something you should think about.



Go to your doctor


Your health is always your number one priority when planning a trip overseas. Depending on where you go will also depend on what preventions you should take, so speak to you doctor so you know what kind of injections you will need before going to India. The dates of when you plan on going are also very important, so make sure you have the right information otherwise you may not be getting everything you need.



Get your visa


Anyone who plans of traveling will need a Visa For India unless you’re already a citizen. You will need this before you arrive in the country, otherwise you won’t get in.

If you only plan on staying for under 72 hours, then you can obtain a Transit Visa instead.



What to pack


When you start packing for India, it’s important to consider the country’s dress standards. We all know that certain body parts are covered in India as a form or respect, now whether or not you plan on doing this is entirely your choice – it’s not your culture, so you can wear whatever you want. But having said that, it’s always nice to make an effort and show your respect to other people’s beliefs.

Don’t forget to pack any medication that you take, along with personal care items and money. It’s also a good idea to bring some plug adapters for any electronics you may have.



How to get around when you’re there


If you’re in a big city, then taxis are probably the best way to get around. Not only do they know the best routes to take, but they are extremely cheap too.

If you’re getting a taxi from the airport, you should use a pre-paid service to avoid the risk of being scammed.


Trains are known for being very overcrowded and pretty old. They’re fine for short trips, but you probably won’t want to travel a long distance on them, especially not overnight, because it definitely won’t be the most comfortable night you’ll have.



How to stay healthy when you’re there


Whatever you do, don’t drink the tap water, even if it’s filtered doesn’t mean it’s 100% clean, so it’s just not worth the risk of getting ill. This means ice cubes too, so tell them not to put any in your glass if you’re ordering a drink in a restaurant.


Always have travel insurance when you go abroad. No matter how fit and healthy you are, you can never know what may happen when you’re away, so it’s better to be safe than sorry.



How to stay safe when you’re there


It has been reported that assaults on women in India have increased, but because of this, there are now extra safety precautions that have been made. For example, there are now women-only rooms and floors in big hotels that are offered to any female travelers and guests.


Avoid looking at people for too long, as this can be considered rude, even if you’re smiling. So if you feel eyes on you, don’t feel the need to stare back, just keep on walking in a polite manner.


Do all the research you can about India and the places within it. The more you know about the area, the safer you will be. So familiarize yourself with the local information, as well as the dangers and even scams that take place.


Don’t walk around with your valuables on show, so that means any expensive jewelry or gadgets you may have – keep them hidden; otherwise you will just be asking for trouble.

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DIY Dos and Don’ts

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Got your own personal home project planned out? Ditching handyman services can save you a lot of money, but there are a lot of factors to consider before going DIY. Here are a few do’s and don’ts that will ensure your project goes to plan.


Do buy top quality tools


When it comes to tools you don’t want to be skimping back on cheap fragile tools or outdated second-hand gear. Stick to well-known brands – a Ryobi impact wrench is likely to be far more trialled and tested than a cheap own brand tool from ten years ago. Online reviews and comparison guides can help you to make the right decision.


Don’t buy expensive specialist machinery


Top-end tools for specific uses should be hired, not rented. You’re unlikely to use these machines again so don’t waste your money buying one. Trusted tool hire companies such as United Rentals will often provide brand new models and will keep tools well maintained, so you know you’re getting something good for your money.

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Do paint


Painting is the perfect DIY task for beginners. It doesn’t require too much know-how or licensing. There are some basics that need to be covered, learning to prime and caulk up holes is worthwhile. Painting also does take a fair bit of preparation – everything needs to be moved and covered in sheets to stop it getting splashed. However, the actual painting process is very easy and can be more easily corrected than other DIY tasks.


Don’t play with gas or electrics


Electrical work requires a permit, so leave this to a professional. Other than getting in trouble with a surveyor later down the line, dodgy wiring could cause a fire or put you at risk of electrocution, so don’t do it. Gas work meanwhile also requires a license as could cause a gas leak if done incorrectly – hire a licensed plumber to deal with this.


Do tackle flooring


Flooring may seem like a big job, but it can actually be very easy to install. Floating flooring from companies such as Armstrong is the best option to pursue – whether laminate or hardwood you’ll simply have to snap fit it in and there will generally be instructions from the manufacturer. When sizing up the room, just make sure you leave a little room around the edges as flooring that is too tightly installed can warp.

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Don’t knock down walls


As fun as it may look to swing that sledgehammer, knocking down walls isn’t as easy a task as you may think and getting it wrong could cause the whole house to collapse. It also requires a permit in most cases. A professional construction service will know how loads are transferred and carried and so will be able to carry out the work more safely. This also applies to cut-outs and creating new doors or windows. Always contact your local planning committee first and notify your home insurance company if you have one.

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Beat The Heat At Home This Summer



The summer is a great time of year, especially when the sun starts to crack the flags. But, it’s also an uncomfortable time. There is no doubt that the sun’s rays aren’t always welcome because they can get too hot. When you’re stuck at home, this is a major problem. The good news is that you don’t have to suffer in your own home any longer thanks to these tips.


Here are the tricks of the trade that will help you beat the heat this summer.


Cover The AC Unit


Air conditioning units are lifesavers in the summertime because they keep the cold air flowing. When the mercury hits record temperatures, cold air is the only way to prevent evaporation! But, the problem with an HVAC unit is that they aren’t infallible to the sun either. UV rays can cause as much damage, if not more, to an air conditioner as they lead to overheating. Of course, overheating leads to a broken air con unit, which is almost like the end of the world. By shielding it from the sun, the motor should keep cool and last longer, pumping the cold air out until the temperature drops.


Get It Fixed


Sadly, covering your air con unit won’t be enough to keep it from breaking down. Like all industrial machines, air conditioners suffer from wear and tear, and you will wear it down over the summer. As a result, it’s likely to stop working or at least slow down at some point. When that happens, you need to call an HVAC repair person as soon as possible. Hopefully, they will be able to use their experience and expertise to get it working again. Of course, you could try it alone, but you’re just asking for trouble. Air con units aren’t basic pieces of equipment, which means you might do more damage.


Close The Windows


Opening the windows to let in fresh air is an excellent idea according to conventional wisdom, but it doesn’t work for a number of reasons. The first is that the warm air from outside will negate the cold air from the AC. So, instead of feeling cool and refreshed, you’ll feel clammy and overly hot. Even if you don’t have an AC unit, opening the windows isn’t a good option. By covering them during the hottest part of the day, the drapes will reflect the heat and keep the interior cooler.


Turn Down Appliances


Certain household devices are essential to everyday life. If you think about it, can you survive without a fridge or a washing machine or a dryer? The answer is probably, but life would be so much harder! However, relying on appliances means they give off more heat, particularly the larger items. By turning them down, they use less energy and give off less heat. If you insist on using them, you should try and ration usage to the times when the temperature isn’t as high.


If you’re sick and tired of stewing in sweat at summer, these tips can help.

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What’s Your Next Move? Steering Clear Of A Career Rut

Are you bored of your job? Do you go to work every day knowing exactly how your day will pan out? Do you spend nine hours every day in exactly the same spot doing the same tasks over and over again? It can be very easy to get stuck in a career rut. Many of us are creatures of habit, and being comfortable can give us a sense of reassurance. There’s nothing wrong with staying at the same company or doing the same job for years on end, but many people relish a new challenge, and sometimes, change can bring good things. If you’re anxious about getting stuck in a career rut, here are some moves you may wish to consider.

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Going for a promotion

If you’ve been working hard and there are opportunities at a higher level, why not consider throwing your hat into the ring and trying to secure a promotion? If you’ve got the necessary expertise and skills, and you’ve demonstrated positive attributes during your time at the company, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t express an interest in climbing the ladder. Sometimes, aiming high won’t bring you everything you want, but it’s worth a try. You may get knocked back this time, but that doesn’t mean that the experience won’t be positive. You can learn and make use of feedback, even if it’s negative. It can be hard to take constructive criticism, but it will benefit you in the long-run. If it’s difficult to progress at your current firm, but you want to take that next step, look for vacancies elsewhere. Even if you have great friends at work and you love the office environment, it’s wise to consider other options. You don’t want to let your potential go unfulfilled because you won’t get to see your closest friends every day. Taking risks and putting your name out there can pay off if you’re keen to find that perfect job.

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Going it alone

Would you like more control over your working hours and your salary? Are you tired of working hard for other people and not getting much in return? Are you ambitious? If so, you may be thinking about the possibility of going it alone. There are two main options if you’re considering this career path. You can set up your own business, or you could work as a freelancer. Managing a business involves a lot of hard work, and you’ll have to get out there and bring in business. If you’re a freelancer, you can work with agencies to find suitable contracts, but you’ll still have control over the projects you take on. As a freelancer, you can work with individuals or companies, and you can take on short or long-term projects. More and more businesses are employing freelancers, so there are fewer risks involved than in days gone by. There’s no guarantee of work, and this means that you won’t always have a stable income, but opportunities are becoming increasingly abundant.


If you are thinking of becoming self-employed or setting up a business, there’s a lot to think about. How are you going to fund the venture or ensure that you have enough money to get by and pay the bills? What are the legal restrictions? Is there a market for your business? What are your tax liabilities? Doing your research and drafting in expert help will enable you to gain control of everything from drawing up employment contracts to making sure you’re familiar with contractor ir35 legislation. Flying solo is always a risk, but it can really pay off, especially if you feel that your current job restricts your creativity or flexibility or you feel undervalued by your boss.

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A change of direction

If you’re not doing a job you love, it may be a good idea to consider a change of direction. Have you always wanted to do something or have you recently developed an interest, which has made you question your career choice? Perhaps you want to try something completely different, or you want a job that’s more financially or emotionally rewarding. It’s never too late to change your mind if you don’t enjoy your job. You could retrain, take on further study or simply look out for roles that grab your attention.

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If you are thinking of applying for jobs, do some work on your resume beforehand. Ensure that it’s up to date, and tailor it to each vacancy. Read the job description carefully to make sure that your application is relevant.


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If you’re weighing up your next career move, hopefully, this guide will come in handy. If you don’t enjoy your job, you’re after a new challenge, or you need a change of scenery, biting the bullet and going after something you want may be the best decision you ever make.

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How To Make Clients Turn Up!

Selling a service, be it counseling, personal training or hairdressing, can be a hugely rewarding experience. The service sector is booming and new opportunities are opening up all the time. However, there is one huge source of frustration in the service sector and that is the failure of clients to attend.

The ‘did not attend (DNA)’ or ‘did not show’ client causes huge problems and results in businesses losing a lot of money. If you are just starting out, this is money that you cannot afford to lose! There are many challenges facing new businesses in the service sector already but this does not have to be one of them.

Whilst there will always be some clients that cannot make their appointments due to genuine emergencies, there are others who are simply careless or rude. You cannot avoid DNA clients all together but you can cut down the numbers that your business suffers and save yourself some money.

Make it easy for clients to cancel and re-book

If a client is ill or needs to dash to the hospital with a sick child they do not have the time or energy to call you and have a long conversation about why they are not going to make their appointment.

If you make it very easy for them to book, cancel and re-arrange then you will be kept informed of what they are doing more often. Open up your calendar of appointments so that your clients can access it easily. You still get to control what appointments are available but you do not have to be the only one entering the information!

Remind them of their appointment

Everyone needs a gentle reminder now and then. Set up a schedule of sending out reminder emails the week before the appointment. This gives them plenty of time to confirm their availability. Then send out reminder texts 24 hours before the appointment. You can even ask them to reply with a simple ‘ok’ if they are available to attend. If you do not get an ‘ok’ you can text them again.

If you have reception staff that are free to make some calls, a reminder phone call the day before the appointment works very well too.

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Schedule in regular appointments

If you book a series of appointments at the same time and on the same day, your client will put these in their diary and it will be a regular feature for them. They will make a mental note that every Tuesday lunch time is a personal training session or every Friday evening is a physiotherapy appointment. This prevents them forgetting that they need to attend.

Start charging for missed appointments

This is a controversial area and works for some businesses and not for others. It can make you look as if you are ‘grabbing’ for money rather than eager to provide a great service. If you do go down this road it is essential that you make sure that your client understands that this policy in place. You could offer one DNA appointment for free to show good will.

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Golden Years: Beating the Signs of Getting Old

Getting older is a fact of life that we all have to deal with. But along with advancing years come a whole host of changes – and most of them are a lot less than desirable. Having said that, it doesn’t mean that there aren’t a few things that you can do to beat some of the common signs of aging. So, let’s take a few of these one by one, and we can take a closer look at what you can do about all of these.


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Your Hair Becomes More Brittle


As we get older, our scalps start to become naturally drier, which in turn makes the hair drier too. And when the hair loses its pigment and starts to become grey or white, it also tends to become frizzier too. The best way to restore moisture to the hair is with a good conditioning programme. There are all kinds of leave-in and deep conditioners which can make all the difference. It is also important that you get enough protein in your diet and drink enough water.


You Start Getting Facial Redness


Over time, any sun damage that you accumulate when you are younger starts to all mount up causing blotchy skin and red spots. It is worth taking steps to protect your skin from any further damage by always using a moisturizer with containing an SPF. Many people start suffering from the condition rosacea when they get older, which can be treated with topical antibiotics. There are also a whole host of potential flare-up factors including sun exposure, alcohol, stress, spicy food and hot drinks. Try using gentler skin products and not irritating the skin too much by scrubbing.


You Get Muscle, Joint and Bone Problems


Obviously, your mobility starts to decrease as you get older. There are whole host of muscle, joint and bone problems, meaning that you may require care from Seniors Helping Seniors or a similar organisation. The best way that you can stay healthy for longer in this regard is by exercising on a regular basis, though you need to be careful with what kind of regime you start as you don’t want to aggravate any existing problems. Also, you should eat a well-balanced diet containing plenty of calcium and vitamin D.


Your Skin Starts to Wrinkle


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Another obvious but less than desirable common trait of aging is that your skin starts to wrinkle, particularly in certain areas like around your knees and elbows. You should soothe any dry skin with an effective moisturizer that you continue applying on a regular basis. You can also exfoliate your skin with a cream or brush. Joining a yoga class is another way that you can help tighten up a lot of the skin on your body. This type of exercise also has the natural advantage of or strengthening your joints so it can go a long way to preventing some of the issues we have already talked about.

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Seek the Standard of Life That You Deserve

Everybody has a standard of life that they absolutely should be afforded. Yes, these standards may be relative due to any number of extenuating circumstances. Circumstances such as geographical location, affluence and health, amongst many other things. But, nevertheless, no matter what life you are afforded you deserve it to be of the highest possible standard. Sometimes, however, you have to fight for this standard. Sometimes, you have to seek it yourself. Below are a few instances where you might need to do so, as well as a few ways to do so.

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Due to the medical advances of today everybody deserves to be as healthy as can be. Everybody deserves to be able to feel well and comfortable within themselves at all times. And upon the unfortunate instance of an injury or illness, those stricken deserve to be treated so that they reach the standard of health they deserve again quickly. But it’s up to you, if you are stricken with the plight that is bad health, to seek something that will help you retain the health you once had. One such example is irritable bowel syndrome. This is an all-too-common occurrence in life in which those stricken with it experience a host of uncomfortable scenarios such as cramping, bloating and constipation. And those who are stricken with it are definitely not experiencing the standard of healthy they deserve, which is why they should seek IBS relief. By doing so they would be able to recapture the standard of life that should rightfully be theirs.



Another plight of life that should be fought in order to retain the deserved standard of living is uncleanliness. Everybody deserves to live in a clean environment. Nobody should be forced to live in squalor. And because this is the case you have to keep atop of your home’s cleanliness. You have to ensure you take the trash out at all times. And you have to ensure rubbish removal companies, whether they be private or municipal, are taking this trash away from you. If this doesn’t happen, then you are putting yourself in danger of not attain the standard of cleanliness that you deserve. And another way to fight this is to have professional cleaning take place in your home. That way you could be sure that no potential harmful bacteria, or even pests, would be lurking around your premises. Just lurking and waiting to ruin both your standard of cleanliness and your standard of life!




If you suffer with any of the plights of life. Whether they be health related. Whether they be related to the cleanliness of your environment. Or whether they be anything else at all. Just know you don’t deserve to have to stand for them, and you don’t have to either. You just have to be willing to take a stand against them and fight them with the tools that are on offer. So, go! Go fight the plights and capture, or recapture, the standard of life that you deserve!

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Transforming Your Work Injury Into A Blessing In Disguise

Christine, after her bone surgery, with foam wedge that she discovered for keeping her leg updated, and her medical record, printed in paper, on top (she is checking how much she was charged for it)



Working injuries are unfortunately commonplace. So is the resulting medical complication, loss of working productivity, and general sorry state of affairs that occur after someone becomes injured. Everyone involved, especially the recipient of the injury, has a worse time because of it. This is an unfortunate side effect of our fast-paced culture. Thanks to general stringent safety checks that most businesses are responsible for, there has been a slow decrease of people getting injured every year, but it does happen.

However, as long as the injury isn’t debilitating, there are ways for you to make the most of it. No matter how much time you have off of work in recovery, you can use this period effectively to help you get an advantage in many fields. You’re probably not going to set a new running record, but you can put your mind to use and become a better person of it all.

Who knows, your injuries might make you eligible for some lucrative financial compensation.

Ask Yourself What You Want

First, you need to ask yourself what you want. Have you managed to progress in this direction so far, or have you taken a job that pays the bills and has been comfortable for the past few years? Your injury is a chance to change things. As horrible as experiencing any form of injury is that takes you from work, it might just give you enough mental space to really assess the way your life is proceeding.

Ask Yourself What You Deserve

You’ve obviously been working hard at your career, otherwise, you wouldn’t have become injured. Funny how life’s little ironies turn out. You should really pay credence to the fact that you are brilliant, and give yourself credit for every little working or personal achievement you’ve accomplished so far. You deserve a great future. Ask yourself what you should work even harder to attain, and make goals to attain them. Make the goals realistic, bite-sized, and most importantly, achievable. This will give you the motivation and discipline necessary to turn the plan into action.

Ask Yourself How You’ve Done

Reflecting honestly about what you’ve achieved in the last year, what you wanted to have achieved, and how you can improve will allow you to get a clearer mental picture of where you’re going. You might have found some strengths within that you didn’t know you had. You also might feel that there are a few weaknesses that you don’t want to emulate in the future. Identify these. Most people don’t do this and instead thrive on instinct. It can’t hurt you to have a clear mental picture of who you are and what you want. Instead of hurting your instinct, it will inform it. You’ll be so excited to begin life anew when you’re healed that you’ll barely be able to contain yourself.

Ask Yourself What You Can Do

Injuries help put things in perspective. If you feel like you’ve been shirking a few responsibilities, now is the time to address and plan to resolve them. If you have paperwork issues you’ve been neglecting, see to them now, body and mind willing. Assess your finances, and plan to make them better. If you’re in bad credit, ask yourself why and try not to make the same mistake in future. Want to begin a new business? Develop your idea and research where you’d enter the market. The world is your oyster.

Taking this time to sit back and assess can almost make any injury worthwhile. You’ll be a more valuable person for the attempt.

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