Thrive As A Small Fish In A Big Pond

Running a small business, you might think that you’re not going to have to deal with the same major issues that large companies face. But actually, you will. You’ll still be facing high levels of competition, you could still be hit with lawsuits, and you might still encounter disasters that leave you dead on the market. You’re not immune to trouble like this because your business is small and feisty. If anything issues such as these could be worse because you might not be able to handle the financial costs. That’s why you need to take the time to prepare, following in the footsteps of larger companies.


So, what steps do big businesses take to protect themselves?


Seeking Legal Advice

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Most business owners hire at least one legal advisor for their company, and you should do the same. Now, we know what you’re thinking. There’s no way you can fit a legal support service into your business budget. That’s understandable because legal services are expensive. But you’ll find it a lot easier to deal with financially if you outsource. Through outsourcing, you can get the service you need without the typical heavy costs.


Don’t forget a legal advisor will only be useful when things go wrong. Thus, it makes very little sense to pay for a full service.


Getting A Helping Hand

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Big and small businesses all rely on technology, and your company will be no different. Large businesses spend a lot of money from their budget making sure that their tech is updated and working effectively. By doing this, they can avoid potential crashes that could lead to a long period of disaster recovery. With outsourced IT support, you can do exactly the same. Outsourced IT pros won’t just protect your computer network. They’ll set it up the right way, so you never run into issues.


One of the main dangers for businesses is a hack. Don’t think that small businesses escape the danger of hacking. A hacker might assume that a small company has less cyber security and therefore is an easier target. You can’t afford to prove them right.


Only The Best

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Finally, whether it’s marketing, accounting or management, you should be looking for the best company on the market to provide the service you need. You might think you’re saving money by choosing a cheaper service but in the long run, it’s going to cost you a lot more. Particularly, if their quality of service costs you more customers than it gains.


An example of this would be marketing. There are specialist marketers available that big businesses always use because they deliver a quality service like no other. Obviously, if the price is too high, you might not be able to afford the exact same type of promotional campaign. The important thing is that you don’t start trying to save money for the sake of it. It will come back to bite you when you realise that the marketing is too boring and mundane to attract any new customers.


Take this advice, and you will survive as a little fish in a big pond, even if there sharks in the water.

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5 Situations in Life When You Need a Lawyer

For most people, lawyers are scary people who have the power to completely ruin your life or life you from the gutter. They are powerful individuals that have the tenacity to argue their way through anything in front of a judge, and they can be your most helpful ally or your worst enemy depending on your situation. There are many situations in life that require the help of a legal professional, but to give you an idea of the most common reasons, here are five examples of when you’ll need a lawyer in life.

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Personal Disputes


If you and your partner have broken up and you need to reach a mutual understanding when it comes to assets, then you need the help of a lawyer. When it comes to personal disputes, it’s essential that you hire someone who has experience in these matters. Most lawyers specialise in particular fields because the law is a vast and complicated subject, meaning it’s very hard to know every single nuance about how it works. For instance, ASB Law is one such law firm that specialises in personal disputes such as divorce and could be your saving grace when it comes to splitting property, deciding child custody arrangements and financial support.


Losing Your Job


If you feel that you’ve been discriminated at work or have lost your job unfairly, then you can consult a lawyer for help. However, much like personal disputes, it requires a lawyer who understands this section of the law. Unlike civil disputes, you can be sure that your opposition will also have a lawyer ready, so be prepared for a battle if you want to get your job back or seek compensation.


Driving Under the Influence


DUI charges are very serious and there’s usually no way around the consequences if you are caught. You can, however, reduce the penalty so you don’t have to go to jail or lose your license. The amount your charges can be reduced by depend on your circumstances and your lawyer’s expertise, and if you’re lucky you could get away with just a fine.


Car Accidents


No one likes to be in a car accident, but it’s one of the many situations you could get into that require the use of a lawyer. The first service you should be contacting is, in fact, a lawyer and not your insurance company. If you’re in a car crash that involves several other people, then you can be sure that they too will have legal representation that will be all over you, and the best defence is to fight fire with fire.


No one likes to talk about the death of a family member or loved one, but it’s an inevitability that you have to take care of. There will be many disputes and many legal matters that have to be fixed, meaning it’s essential that you have the right legal representative to help you through a tough time. Your first Will should be set up as soon as you have a child to inherit all of your assets, and it should be amended whenever a life-changing situation occurs.

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