Don’t Let Your Work Damage Your Health

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Are there hidden dangers in your workplace? Even if you don’t work in bomb disposal or on a fishing trawler, your job may still be having negative effects on your health. Here are a few ways that you can spot the dangers and lower the risks.


Be attentive with health and safety


If you work on a building site, it’s likely everyone will be strictly ordered to wear a hard hat and a hi-vis at all times. However, in some jobs the equipment may be there – and it may be recommended that you use it in a job contract – and yet most people won’t wear it because no boss is strictly enforcing it.


This can sometimes be the case when handling various chemicals such as industrial cleaning fluids. If special gloves are available, be safe and use them.


If you believe your workplace hasn’t got effective health and safety measures in place, you can always contact the HSE and they will be able to send in an inspector to see if health and safety laws are being broken. If you know that laws are being broken, you may even be able to file a lawsuit against your employer (especially so if you have already been poisoned by chemicals in the workplace). Be aware that your employer may not always be aware of certain hidden dangers (e.g. asbestos on the roof, broken safety equipment).

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Reduce stress


Work related stress is thought to be one of the biggest causes of heart failure. By raising blood pressure, stress puts more strain on the heart. Clots are also more likely to form due to an excessive build-up of white blood cells in the arteries. The stress hormone cortisol meanwhile has many other negative effects on our body such as muscles strain, aging of the skin, infertility and inability to sleep properly.


The best remedy for stress in such a situation is to find a new job, although of course this isn’t always possible. Some people may be addicted to work as they try to chase a promotion, resulting in the excessive stress. In some cases, a job’s pay may make it hard to leave without having to sacrifice a certain lifestyle. Often small steps can be made to make work less stressful, whether it’s working fewer hours, taking on less responsibility or simply going on a break. In all cases, you should talk to your employer, or a counselor if you feel your employer may be the reason for your stress.


Beware of ill colleagues


Whilst generally not a major danger to our health, most of us will catch illnesses and infections off of our colleagues. This could be prevented if everybody stayed at home when sick, but many of us guilty of going into the office when we feel unwell, either due to the pressure of the job or a need to receive full pay. If somebody else is seriously ill and you’re worried about it, it’s worth telling your employer who then may be able to send that staff member home. No employer wants their entire workforce getting sick.


Give yourself recovery time


Many of us can do damage to our health simply by returning to work to early after a major illness or accident. For example, someone with a broken ankle may decide to return to their job as a waiter before the recommended period and cause extra damage to their foot. Often putting strain on an injury before the recommended recovery period is over can result in lasting damage. It’s common for those in manual labour jobs to permanently do their back in due to lifting a heavy object with a recovering back injury. Listen to the doctor and stay away from work until you’re well enough. There are certain methods that may allow you to recover faster, but you should always clarify these with a medical professional first.


Avoid repetitive strain injuries


Some injuries can be done through doing the same action day in, day out. These don’t just apply to manual labour jobs, sitting at a desk and staring at a screen has all kinds of bad long-term effects such as damaging posture, damaging vision and damaging muscles in the waist from constant sitting down. Taking a break from the screen and stretching your legs throughout the day can help lessen this damage. There are also methods such as buying a stand up desk, as well as special exercises behind a desk (or deskercises).

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Running Down The Costs of Owning a Car

There are few things more frustrating than seeing large chunks of our monthly salary being spent on a necessity: our car. We need our car, but they can end up costing us a pretty penny, money that we’d much rather spend on the finer things in life, or put straight into the savings pot. If it feels like you’re spending too much of your hard-earned dough on your vehicle, take our tips below. We have four pieces of advice that’ll ensure you’re not spending more money than you have to.


Have the Right Car


If you’ve just bought a car, then it’s too late to take this piece of advice, but for everyone else, are you driving the right car? We tend to have a non-intellectual approach to what car we want to have. When deciding which car to buy, you should think about what will be best for your needs, not what has the most gadgets included or looks the best. For example, if you’re a single person living in an urban area, then you won’t need a big SUV. Buy with your brain, not your ego.


Use It Wisely


If you’re automatically jumping in the car every time you need to go anywhere, then you’re not using it wisely. Instead, consider your options. If you’re driving to work, then why not look at carpooling with someone else. You’ll drive both of you one day; they’ll drive the next. Just by making a small change to your driving habits, you’ll be putting much more money back in your wallet. Also, if you’re driving to and from work each day, do you want to be behind the wheel on the weekend? Use public transport instead: it’s cheaper, more relaxing, and better for the environment too.


Take Care Of It


All cars will have problems at one stage or another. However, you can reduce the likelihood of these faults by keeping your car in tip-top condition. Take your vehicle to an auto repair garage for regular maintenance; they’ll be able to check that everything’s working as it should, and be able to make any mild repairs before they have a chance to become too serious. As well as ensuring that your car runs as smoothly as possible, this will also increase the longevity of your car. There’s no expense quite as big as having to buy a new vehicle just because the old one has died.


Knocking Down Insurance


Insurance is a fact of life when it comes to cars. However, there are ways you keep your insurance costs down. You should keep your vehicle off the road when it’s parked at your home (a secure garage is best), ask if any of the car’s safety features make it eligible for any reductions, and shop around for the best deal. If you like your present insurance company, still negotiate. The worst deals are always for those who auto-renew without asking for further reductions.


There you have it. But don’t forget: it costs nothing to walk from time to time!

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Kick-start Huge Life Improvements with These Major Changes

Are you happy with your life right now? Sometimes you can get this feeling that it’s time for a change, but you don’t know what it is yet. You want to improve your life in some way, and it might not matter yet just how you might do it. However, if you think a major change is in order, you should probably spend some time considering the best way to make an adjustment in your life. While making small changes slowly is one way to change your life, sometimes it’s a big and sweeping change that works best. If you’re not sure what that change might be yet, try the following options.

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Change Jobs (or Even Careers)


Your job (or your career if you think you have one) is a huge part of your life. Even if you don’t want to be defined by what you do for money, it is what you spend a lot of your time doing. Looking for a new job or maybe even changing your career path altogether can give your life a proper shake up. Doing the same thing day-in and day-out can get you down, but changing employers or trying something different can really improve things. If you’re not ready to move on, though, consider whether you can make any improvements in your current job.

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Find Somewhere New to Live


Moving into a new home is a major change which can take you on a few different paths. You could stay relatively close to your own home, so you live in a similar environment. But maybe you want to move further out of town, to the suburbs or even into a more rural area. Some people even think about making a major move to start a new life. The choice to buy a new home could have a significant effect on your life. Perhaps your current one is too small, or it’s not in a convenient location. Maybe it’s time for you and your partner to have your first real home together. There are many reasons to buy a home and improve your life.

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Get Back to Education


Going back to school isn’t something that appeals to everyone. Many people have nightmarish memories of school, from elementary all the way to college. Subjecting yourself to structured education again might be the last thing you want to do. But experiencing education as an adult can be very different, and there are lots of options. You can choose to do anything from a short diploma course to a degree. And you can study many things online so you can do them in your own time.


Start a New Hobby


It might not seem like a major change, but picking up a new hobby can change your life a lot. It can lead to new friends and relationships, new skills, and new experiences. The most life-changing hobbies are often the ones that get you out and meeting people, as well as trying exciting things you’ve never tried before.


If you feel like your life might be stagnant, a major change could help to kick-start it again.

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The Silent Revolution In LED Lighting

When you think of the big technological breakthroughs of the digital era, what do you think of? Perhaps the invention of the internet, cloud computing or artificial intelligence.


But while these technologies are no doubt impressive, there’s arguably been an equally important technological revolution going on right under our noses, yet few people have even noticed it.



LED lights were once fabulously expensive. But today, because of improvements in production technology and scale, the costs of producing them has come down by many orders of magnitude. In fact, they’re now so cheap that they rarely cost more than 50 percent more than standard fluorescent lights. That might sound like a lot, but remember than  lights use about a tenth of the energy of standard lights and last ten times longer!


Increasing Uses For LED Lights


LED lights have made it into all kinds of new applications you would never have thought of. Not only are they being installed in the home, but they’re also being used in business settings to not only cut costs but drive profits. Tom Sawyer Construction LED canopy lights are a type of lighting used by gas stations. Like other companies in the industry, Tom Sawyer has moved towards LED lighting for a number of reasons. But the main reason is that customers prefer LED lighting. Gas stations that use LEDs typically go on to make more profit than those that don’t.



One of the reasons for this might be the fact that LED lights are able to more accurately reproduce white light than many standard lights. This, in turn, helps make colors appear more natural and vibrant, especially at night.


LEDs are also being used increasingly in agriculture. Before LEDs, the idea of having an indoor farm was laughable. Futurists experimented with the notion of “vertical farming,” where plants were layered on top of each other in giant factories, helping save on space, water, and fertilizer. But it was only really a dream until the emergence of LEDs. The reason it couldn’t work before was that providing the plants with light was both too expensive and too hot. Old forms of lighting, including incandescent and fluorescent, aren’t actually very efficient at converting energy into light. For a standard bulb, only around 10 percent of the total energy that reaches the filament gets turned into photons. The rest is just wasted heat. That wasted heat is annoying for most people since it increases their energy bills, but for vertical farms, it’s a huge problem: temperatures from all the lighting needed to keep the plants alive might kill them.

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With LEDs, however, more than 90 percent of the energy they receive gets turned into light. And so the same problems don’t occur. In fact, light from LEDs is so cheap, we’re currently seeing an explosion in the number of indoor farms operating profitably, especially in the Far East.


LEDs are here to stay. They’re finding their ways into all sorts of applications and making new business models possible. Only the future will tell what they’ll do next.

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The Summer Wash: Easy Ways to Make Your House Sparkle

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Summer makes everything look fresh and bright, and you’ve probably spent some time on spring cleaning your home already. Have a look around your street, and it seems like people are treating themselves to the same luxury; driveways are washed to perfection, flower beds are popping up in every garden, and somehow, every neighbor has turned into an experienced gardener.


Spend a bit of time on the outside of your home this summer. You’re guaranteed to spend more time out there, enjoying its clean look and planning its next garden expansion for next season.


The Exterior


The first step to a home that sparkles in the sun is to clean it thoroughly. It’s not something you need to do a lot, but a proper wash at the beginning of every summer should become a habit. How you wash it depends on how dirty your house is, and you’d want to avoid reaching for the pressure washer unless you have some serious build-up of dirt. Read a pressure washer rental review here to make up your mind.


When it’s merely a layer of dust that needs to be washed off, your garden hose will do just fine. Remember that a house made of brick or delicate wood will prefer you not to use a pressure washer – an ordinary garden hose is a better option, although it will take a bit longer.


You don’t need to think about soap or other detergents unless you’re battling mold – in that case, you should head to the store and get a specialty cleaner for this. Otherwise, secure all windows and doors, send your pets and children inside, and start to spray at a downwards angle. Keep the water moving and avoid lingering too much at one spot to prevent any damage.


It’s important to treat a pressure washer with caution as it is a dangerous tool; directing it at someone is going to cause them a lot of pain, so handle it with the same caution you would with any other potentially harmful tool.


The Deck


If you have a lovely little deck to enjoy your dinners on this summer, you better get it clean and ready for BBQs and get-togethers. The pressure washer or garden hose will do wonders here too – but keep in mind that hard pressure could damage the wood if it is particularly old. Allow it to dry completely before using it, and read up on this article to make it more inviting and colorful.


This is also a good time to clean the grill after standing alone for the entire winter. Find a degreasing detergent made for cleaning grills and make sure you remove any rust that may have appeared over winter. Remember to clean the outside of the grill, too, if you want it to look its best for your BBQ parties.


You need to be ready to pull your sleeves up if you want to your home look shiny and new this summer. After it’s all been thoroughly cleaned and scrubbed, and any loose panels or planks have been taken care of, you can start to think about adding a bit of color to your garden and let it outshine your neighbors.

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Does Your Healthcare Business Give Its Patients The Best?

Of all the kinds of business that you can get into as a first-time entrepreneur, the realm of healthcare has to be one of the most nail-biting. After all, in this industry, you have people’s lives on the line, and that means that you simply cannot afford to put a single step wrong. It is extra important that you practice business in a vigilant and, above all, a caring manner, so that you can ensure you are giving your patients the best possible treatment and overall experience. But how can you be sure that you are really doing that? Well, following these steps is likely to be a strong way to start.

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Hire Only The Best


There is probably no other industry in which the quality of the employees themselves is such a hugely important factor. No matter what, you need to be sure that you are only hiring the very best for your healthcare business. The importance of this is outlined nicely here: The quality of the staff dictates to a large degree what the experience of the patients will be, and we are concerned with ensuring that this is as good as possible. One good idea is to make sure that your recruitment process is as complete and arduous as possible. You want it to be hard to get a job in your establishment, but easy to lose one – meaning that you don’t allow employees to remain after major failings. This is the only way to ensure that you are giving your patients the very best.


Follow All Relevant Guidelines


When you start to research for your new business, you might at some point be struck by how many laws, rules and guidelines there are which you need to abide by. It is, of course, important that an industry such as healthcare has so many regulations, as it ensures that patients are looked after, kept safe and that they receive the best possible treatment as often as possible. But for you, it means that you need to pay particularly close attention to how your business is behaving at all times. Many business owners find that this is too much for one person, which is where partners like come in. They can help you understand what steps you need to take to remain legal and provide great care. With that understanding, your business is more likely to flourish, and your patients will appreciate it too.

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Practice Open Communication

What else do patients want from you? As it happens, one of the most commonly cited aspects of healthcare which people hope for is open communication between the healthcare provider and the patient. The more open and honest you are as a business, the more likely it is that your patients will feel genuinely looked after – and that is the ultimate goal that you are going for here. Achieving this is a matter of training your employees well in the art of bedside manner, but it also lies in the way that you communicate as a business – whether electronically, in person or over the phone. Get this right, and you are most of the way there.

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