Want Great Sound? Get a Blue Tooth Speaker!

Hi everyone! I’ve been curious about these portable blue tooth speakers lately. I did have some computer speakers that could be used alone with my mp3 player, but they required an additional plug-in to an electrical wall socket and also weren’t very loud, despite being of otherwise good quality. I had another set that was completely portable that I could also use with my mp3 player. The great points for this set of speakers were that they were very light weight, required neither an additional plug-in to an electrical socket or computer or anything else, and also required no batteries! I would just plug them into my mp3 player and they worked. But they were extremely weak and just being more than about 5 feet away from them meant not really hearing what was playing.

Both sets had some extra wires to contend with and neither set could really fill the room with sound.

I’d seen the portable blue tooth speakers in stores and found most to be quite impressive sound-wise, and have no wires to contend with, but I really wasn’t sure if these speakers would work as well in my place, especially the smaller ones. And many of them are pricey, especially if they are of any size, and many don’t have a battery life of more than 10 hours.

So, a couple of weeks ago, I decided to check them out on Amazon, as I can often find more varieties here than at almost any store, plus with reviews and usually more information, and I found one I liked, with a 24 hour battery life and the ability to connect with non-blue tooth items via an auxiliary audio cable, like the one I sometimes use to connect my mp3 player to my car’s stereo, so I can listen to my playlists on long trips. And it only cost $30!


This is it. And I am very satisfied!

Buttons on top include the power button, volume down, play/pause, volume up, and blue tooth. This area, which goes around the speaker via the top and bottom, is rubberized so the speaker won’t slip easily.

Many portable blue tooth speakers have some sort of rubberized surface, and some are even made to be water-resistant with the outdoors in mind.



And, it is just under 7 inches long!

And light enough to take anywhere! I’ve known people who pair these speakers to their phones and take the speakers with them where ever they go.

And the sound? It is great! Once you connect it via blue tooth to your phone, or computer or other device, you will notice the difference right away! This speaker, despite its small size, will fill the room, and possibly your whole house, with great sound!

So how long will it play? I haven’t yet played it for a really long time, but it’s battery life is rated at 24 hours and the reviews seem to bear this out.

It does come with a micro usb cable which can be used to charge the speaker using a computer or a wall charger with usb ports. You can also use any wall charger with a micro usb plug-in.



But of course, the blue tooth connectivity is the best feature of these speakers, as you don’t need any type of wired connection to use it with another blue tooth capable device! And you can pair many of these speakers with multiple devices, as well. So you can take one of these speakers and play the music files from your laptop through the speaker, and can take the speaker into the bathroom while you shower, or onto the porch or balcony, or into the kitchen, and enjoy great sound!

Do bear in mind, these speakers do have a range and this range varies from speaker to speaker. Mine has a range of 66 feet, which is more than enough for my place, but some have a range of 30 feet, so if you have a mansion, you would want to take this into account.

Also, many of these speakers allow the use of an auxiliary audio cable so you can attach that old, non-blue tooth mp3 player to the speaker and still enjoy great sound!

And, you don’t have to spend a lot to still get a quality speaker. Checking YouTube to see if there are comparisons between the one you are interested in with other well-known brands can help with your research also. So, if you want great sound that you can take with you, think about a blue tooth speaker!

Happy listening!

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