7 Ways To Bring Your House Together

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When it comes to making your house feel like a home, we all have our own personal style that we like to exude in order to get it feeling that way. That being said, it doesn’t mean that we can’t take inspiration from other sources. Sometimes we need a little nudge in the right direction or for something else to be suggested in order to realise what needs to be done to get us feeling truly at one with the space around us. So what are the recommended things to have around a house to make it feel like you’d never want to leave?




There are so many great plants which can be a welcome addition to any home. It doesn’t matter how much room you do or don’t have – there will always be one to suit your lifestyle. Succulents and cactuses are great for people who are more on-the-go and not home often enough to cater for watering them all the time. If you are looking for a statement plant to go in a lounge or dining room, monstera and zebra plants can really help to bring the room together. Not only are they good for aesthetic purposes, but they’re also fantastic at making your home just that little bit more healthy. It’s been proven that there are certain plants that make you feel happier in your day-to-day running of life, as well as the fact that they naturally purify the air in your home. Surely those are reasons enough to get some – as well as them just looking really cool.


Refurbished Furniture


If you know that something has seen its day in terms of fitting into your home, do both you and it a favour – and refurbish! There is so much waste that is coming out of households due to people simply changing their personal tastes. Tables, chairs and so much more get left out either for somebody else to claim them or to go straight to landfill, but it doesn’t have to be this way. If you have any metal furniture, you can get custom wytelyne powder coating to cover it to any colour that you desire. It’s something that you don’t have to worry about getting right yourself; simply send it off to a recommended company to do and wait for it to be sent back with a new lease of life. It’s especially handy for the bits that you thought were beyond help and have rusted past repair to some extent. Wooden furniture can be painted in all sorts of styles, with chalk paint being the recommended go-to for the inexperienced DIY-er. It doesn’t require for the furniture to be sanded down beforehand, and sticks quite well, adding a shabby-chic look to keep up with the trend.


New Upholstery


There’s a lot that can be said for a new rug and a pair of new curtains. They can add so much to a room that previously wasn’t there before – a lacking of je ne sais quoi. These can be bought relatively cheap, especially if you are buying from a preloved site such as eBay or on a group from Facebook. If you are growing bored with the scheme that you have going on around you, all that needs doing usually is refreshing with new upholstery in order to bring the room back to life. This goes for your sofas, if made of fabric too; giving them a new lease of life from getting them re-upholstered can do wonders for how you feel about your home. The great thing about picking your own fabric to get it done is that it opens up so many doors to you; you can usually only get sofas and curtains in

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A Calming Colour Scheme


A lot of the time, we tend to overdo it and make the rooms that we are trying to relax in way too busy for what we actually need. We want something to take away the stress from us, not overstimulate our senses. Bright colours can seem like a great way to add an energetic flair to your rooms, but if you want to truly sit and relax and make it cosy then going for a muted version of what you already have is a good idea. Don’t think that you are stifling your style by doing this; there are so many ways to get your personality into a room rather than splashing it all over the walls (quite literally). If you can’t deviate from putting a brash pattern or scheme in, try to make a feature wall so that you have somewhere to avert your eyes to when you just want to relax. If you are unsure where to start, cast your eyes to Pinterest or other interior design sites and see what colours they are recommending currently. We’re living in quite a minimalist age at the moment, so it’s best to look at the colours on the walls and how these are used to create the feeling of the room that they are in. Showrooms in stores like IKEA have been designed by top interior specialists who are employed for their colour matching skills, so taking a few hints from a place like this would only be utilising the best free advice that is available to you. It’s a no-brainer when it comes to drawing inspiration and thinking about where to get it from – why would you buy a magazine?


What You Love, All Around You


Our personality can be showed in a variety of ways, but none more so than a reflection of what we love around us in our home. Pictures of friends and family in the rooms that you and your guests most frequent can be a welcome addition, as can framed photos of concerts you have attended, places that you have visited and adored and musicians that you have followed for years. Don’t be afraid to be a bit bold with what you are framing – you can get away with anything. It could be a funny newspaper article, a flower that you have picked and dried or even a tweet that you have liked and had printed out (and yes, it does happen). This is limited to what is going to go on your walls; have what you love all around you. It doesn’t matter where it goes, as long as it makes you happy.


Cushions & Throws


If you have a sofa that has seen better days but you can’t afford to buy new or it’s past being done up, cushions can often do wonderful things. Not only can they be changed as and when to suit a colour scheme that you are trying to achieve, but different prints and patterns can be mixed and matched without being too garish. They add a really homely feel to any environment – who doesn’t love snuggling up in cushions? – and are a really cost-effective way to bring the room together. The same goes for throws; there are so many different types that you can buy, and they’re not just brilliant for decoration but have the additional benefit of being a warm alternative to put over you when the nights are getting colder. They can come in a variety of materials from crocheted wool to fleece, and the mismatch of textures can be quite a comforting sight – fortunately, this mismatch is currently very on trend, so you will also be at the height of interior fashion by doing so.




When we think of lighting in a room, we tend to focus on a big central fixture which provides us with artificial beams. Instead, we should be looking at making our house feel more homely with lots of different sources of light – and in varying shades. This can be done by the addition of lamps and mood lighting dotted around the room. You don’t need a lot of plug sockets for this to work – either get an extension lead or buy battery-operated lamps which work on solar sourced energy or the power pack that’s within them. For most of our working day, if we are working in an office, we are subject to unnatural sources of light. These come from our phones, laptops and what’s hanging above our heads in order to give us the ability to see what we’re doing. However, that’s not to say that it is good for us and our brains. In fact, it can be quite the opposite; migraines, headaches and other symptoms often come on as a result of subjecting yourself to being in light which your brain can’t process. The more natural light that you can get into your home, the better. Be it through curtains being open more, bigger windows being installed or even rooflights being fitted into rooms that require them. You will feel more benefits to your actions as time goes on, especially as the seasons change; Seasonal Affective Disorder can often be cured by adding more light into the home by any means.

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Why Everyone Should Have Their Own Website

Have you ever wondered why people have their own website? Most people are more than content just managing their Facebook accounts. They can share funny articles and memes. They can post their favorite photos, and they can give their friends updates about big events in their lives. So why should anyone want to give up their time and energy with a website as well? There may be more reasons that you think!


Starting A Business

If you want to start up your own business, a website is essential. It helps you to let customers know where you are, what you do, and what your product or service is. It can also be used to contact you. Perhaps you would like to have an online contact form or a live chat service? Most importantly you can post articles, information and images about all the things you sell.

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Many business websites can also handle online purchases. You need a secure website and an online checkout system. These might require additional costs, but they will help your customers purchase safely. The ordering system will then alert you that you have a sale so you can process the order.


Perhaps the best thing about having an online business is that you can trade globally. You might pick a domain name for your website that is the same as your company name. That will probably end in “.com” if you’re in the States. But if you want to sell in the UK or Canada or anywhere else, you might also buy the domain name relevant to that region. UK domain name registration is as easy as any other. You can even register all your preferred domain names with one company if you like.


Say It With A Blog

If you find you’re posting to Facebook and other social media accounts a lot, you might love the idea of having your own blog. As with a business website, you can choose to register your own domain name, making it uniquely yours. And just like every other kind of website, you will need to pay a company to host it for you. There are plenty to choose from, and contracts often last for a year. Consider how much storage you need. Lots of photos and videos will take up more room.

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WordPress is a firm favorite for bloggers because it is often already installed on your domain when you buy it. You can then pick a theme, add a couple of photos or a logo and you’re good to go. The platform is really easy to use. Simply type and post. You can add plugins to help you share your articles across all your social media accounts, so you don’t have to double up the work.


Getting A Job

If you’re not keen to run your own business, but you are serious about pushing your career forward, then use your website to promote yourself. You shouldn’t publically list lots of personal information from your resume, but you can upload your portfolio and samples of your work. If you’re applying for jobs, you should include your website URL and your LinkedIn profile on your application. Potential employers can then see if you’re a fit for their company. You can visually demonstrate your skills and experience – this is perfect if you’re not a wordy type of person!


Organizing An Event

A big event like a wedding or birthday party can be tough to organize. You can use your website to detail the different companies you’re using and to post records of the event. This might include photos and videos. You can add quotes from happy guests and post a big thank you to everyone who helped. It’s a great place to collate everything from the event in one place.

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While you’re planning the event, you can use online survey forms to garner opinions. “Which color do you like?” “Do you like roses or tulips best?” “Should I order this chocolate cake or this fruit sponge?” Visitors to your website can answer the surveys so you can make a decision based on their responses. Again, these posts can all be shared to your social media accounts with a single click.



Of course, websites should be entertaining. Websites can be designed to show off your talents as an entertainer. If you love singing, dancing, or performing, why not set up a website to showcase your skills? YouTube has been a popular video platform, but your own website can be used to promote upcoming gigs and even to sell tickets direct. What will you use your website for?

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Fast Forward: Top Destinations For Next Years Vacation

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The chances are, you’ve already got your summer vacation all wrapped up. You know where you are going, what you are doing, perhaps you may have already had that relaxing two-week break, and you are already back to work, day dreaming of your next escape. This is where I come in. There is nothing wrong with a bit of forward planning, and often, booking in advance can save you a fair bit of money as well. So I thought I would share with you some of the top destinations to consider for next years vacation.


Why not head down under?


Australia may seem like a faraway destination, but it is definitely something you will find on many people’s bucket lists, including yours maybe, so why not allow next year’s vacation to be the time you tick a destination off? Heading down under could be a fantastic holiday and one not to forget. You could stay in the bustling city of Melbourne, voted as one of the best places to live in the world. Maybe you want to swim in the Great Barrier Reef or do a road trip and take in as many sights as possible. Or perhaps you just want to head to Surfers Paradise where you can master your surf technique or try out some other water sports. Whatever takes your fancy, Australia is sure to offer it.


Fancy an opulent vacation next time round?


Maybe you want a vacation that is filled with an opulent lifestyle, never ending shopping experiences, amazing buildings, and even more amazing hotels. Then Dubai is the one for you. Enjoy taking in the sights yourself or book one of the many Dubai tours available to you. Dubai has much to offer for a vacation, and whether you are traveling there as a couple or as a family, you are sure to find something to do to fill your time.


The perfect escape?


Many of us see our vacations as a chance to unwind from the daily grind and really rejuvenate ourselves. So more people consider beach filled islands as the perfect location for their holidays, and perhaps next year you may want to consider The Maldives. With the sea of stars to accompany you at night and blue crystal waters to soak your feet in by day, there really is no further escape from reality than this collection of islands. Furthermore, you could even choose to stay in an overwater villa, offering you, even more, privacy to relax.


Is it all about the food and drink?


Finally, if you find yourself to be a bit of a foodie, then you may want to think about heading to the country that one of the most well-loved culinary options comes from, Italy. Italian food can be some of the world’s most favorite cuisine, with the love of pizza and pasta why not head to the place it originated from and sample it at it’s finest? Italy also has many destinations to see including Rome where you can take in the glorious churches and visit Vatican City or shop to you drop on the streets of Milan, to name a few.


I hope this has offered some inspiration for your next trip.



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