The Summer Wash: Easy Ways to Make Your House Sparkle

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Summer makes everything look fresh and bright, and you’ve probably spent some time on spring cleaning your home already. Have a look around your street, and it seems like people are treating themselves to the same luxury; driveways are washed to perfection, flower beds are popping up in every garden, and somehow, every neighbor has turned into an experienced gardener.


Spend a bit of time on the outside of your home this summer. You’re guaranteed to spend more time out there, enjoying its clean look and planning its next garden expansion for next season.


The Exterior


The first step to a home that sparkles in the sun is to clean it thoroughly. It’s not something you need to do a lot, but a proper wash at the beginning of every summer should become a habit. How you wash it depends on how dirty your house is, and you’d want to avoid reaching for the pressure washer unless you have some serious build-up of dirt. Read a pressure washer rental review here to make up your mind.


When it’s merely a layer of dust that needs to be washed off, your garden hose will do just fine. Remember that a house made of brick or delicate wood will prefer you not to use a pressure washer – an ordinary garden hose is a better option, although it will take a bit longer.


You don’t need to think about soap or other detergents unless you’re battling mold – in that case, you should head to the store and get a specialty cleaner for this. Otherwise, secure all windows and doors, send your pets and children inside, and start to spray at a downwards angle. Keep the water moving and avoid lingering too much at one spot to prevent any damage.


It’s important to treat a pressure washer with caution as it is a dangerous tool; directing it at someone is going to cause them a lot of pain, so handle it with the same caution you would with any other potentially harmful tool.


The Deck


If you have a lovely little deck to enjoy your dinners on this summer, you better get it clean and ready for BBQs and get-togethers. The pressure washer or garden hose will do wonders here too – but keep in mind that hard pressure could damage the wood if it is particularly old. Allow it to dry completely before using it, and read up on this article to make it more inviting and colorful.


This is also a good time to clean the grill after standing alone for the entire winter. Find a degreasing detergent made for cleaning grills and make sure you remove any rust that may have appeared over winter. Remember to clean the outside of the grill, too, if you want it to look its best for your BBQ parties.


You need to be ready to pull your sleeves up if you want to your home look shiny and new this summer. After it’s all been thoroughly cleaned and scrubbed, and any loose panels or planks have been taken care of, you can start to think about adding a bit of color to your garden and let it outshine your neighbors.

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