The 2 Best And Cheapest Methods Of Entertaining Yourself Online



Entertainment has now become so commonplace that finding a digitized form of it is easier than ever, and what’s more, it won’t cost you much to experience. Finding some of the best content online doesn’t even take a diligent eye anymore either. For the price of an internet connection and a laptop, you have access to a world of entertainment that will leave you laughing, crying, inspired and horrified.


For the frugal person, this is a beautiful boon of the modern digital age. Life online has facilitated many entertainment sources in becoming more competitive, and as a result the cost of admission to these services has plummeted. It’s not difficult to imagine these days just how easy it might be to find the next great piece of content you adore for the minimal cost of a cheap subscription service.


But where are the best places to look to entertain yourself cheaply?


Look no further than these online hubs:




YouTube is becoming more and more of an internet sensation as the years go by. In its early, humble stages, YouTube used to be a place for viral videos and funny cat picture compilations, but now a full culture of YouTube personalities who make their living providing free video entertainment mean that you can easily waste hours watching funny videos without having to pay a single penny.


Not only do amateur ‘video loggers’ make entertaining content, but now many shows place their ‘highlight reels,’ or promotional videos designed to get you watching their shows on YouTube for free. With video game ‘let’s plays,’ music videos and even some rudimentary television shows all being hosted on YouTube these days, YouTube is your one-stop shop if you have no money to place towards entertainment past your internet connection.




If you’re looking for something much more professional, consider getting a cheap $9.99 Netflix subscription. With it, a world of content is at your fingertips. The favorite shows you had as a child, as well as some absolutely stunning original content,  makes Netflix the absolute best de-facto streaming service on the internet.


Shows like The Crown, Stranger Things, and Orange Is The New Black have all won awards for their amazing talent and tight storylines. What’s more is that they release these shows on a staggered schedule, so there is always something intrinsically entertaining to watch and keep you satisfied. What’s more, the new season of Orange Is The New Black is about to air on Netflix; you can find more information about that here – OITNB is heralded as one of Netflix’s most popular shows, and offers hours of hours of already hosted content.


Another benefit of a Netflix subscription is that the service places entire seasons of television shows on at the same time, lending itself to the ‘binge-watching’ format that many people claim is superior to waiting for a show to air week-by-week.


These two methods, combined, can provide you with more entertainment than you could adequately consume in a lifetime, and what’s more, combined they will only cost you £9.99 a month.


Who said life online had downsides?

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