Interview Woes: The Issues That Could Hinder Your Chances Of Success

Changing your career or going for a promotion is not an easy prospect to overcome. It’s easy to put too much pressure on yourself and sometimes those pressures can turn into issues that can hinder your chances of interview success. We all know that new jobs, promotions or a change of career entirely can be a great way to improve our lifestyle and even increase our income. Which is why I thought I would share with you the issues that can stop you acing the interview to hopefully help you to succeed.



Anxiety symptoms


Heading to an interview can cause you to feel anxious. The symptoms include you feeling sick with nerves, have a build up of nervous energy and could even cause you to panic and over think the situation. However, the best advice is to recognise how you feel and try to distract yourself. Before the interview take some time out to enjoy your favourite music or even indulge in a nice hot shower or bath and take your time getting ready for the interview. You want to appear confident and cool as a cucumber.


Sweaty hands


Sweaty hands can not just be a sign of nerves, but can also be off-putting for anyone shaking your hand. Which evidently is very possible in an interview environment. Thankfully articles like 10 Healthy Ways to Dry and Balance Sweaty Hands can offer some solid advice on how to overcome this situation. It’s better to take hold of the situation than to suffer with it and hinder your interview success.


Being too over-confident


Being overconfident is not an attractive quality, and certainly can be a reason that you get a job or fail to secure it. We can all have times in our lives where we feel like we are the ideal candidate for the job, and often come across like we have already been successful without even having the go ahead. But overconfidence is good in some circumstances and not in others. Try and appear confident in your demeanor, and confident in your ability, without appearing condescending.


Not preparing enough


Preparation is key to success. But yet so many people fail to prepare for an interview and this can hugely hinder your chances of securing the job. This is why it’s important to begin your preparation right before you even apply for the job. Your resume is important as is your covering letter to obtain the job in the first place. It is then vital to research the company you are looking to work for as well as practicing potential questions you may be asked.


Forgetting your manners


Don’t forget your manners when it comes to the interview. Manners cost nothing but can make a huge difference to how you appear to your potential new employer. Simply saying please and thank you or even thanking the interviewer for their time can go along way to helping you secure the job. It is definitely something more employers are looking out for.


I hope this helps you if you have an important interview lined up soon.

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5 Tips for Getting a Personal Loan

There are many times in life when you need to borrow money. Whether you’re a child asking a parent for pocket money, an adult getting a mortgage for a first home or you just fancy treating yourself to a new car. There are plenty of reasons you may need a personal loan, but you shouldn’t settle for any loan. Like many other things, loans come with terms and conditions, so you need to make sure you’re doing the right thing before signing on the dotted line. Here are some tips for finding a personal loan.


Don’t Agree to the First One You See

If you’re approved for one loan, the chances are that you’ll be approved for others. You need to shop around when it comes to loans, because different lenders will have different interest rates. You don’t want to be paying 30% interest when you could be paying 10%. It’s also important to read the fine print. Will you be charged if you miss a payment? Are you entitled to any payment breaks should you lose your job? Find a loan that suits your needs and you’re less likely to have to worry about it in the future.


Check with Your Bank

Banks often offer their best rates to their existing current account holders. It’s worth checking with your bank to see if you’re entitled to better rates than advertised on their website or adverts. If not, other banks may offer you a better deal if you’re willing to switch your current account to them. Some banks also offer a cash incentive for switching online. For example, you can get a title loan online only. Do a few searches and see what offers you can find. Yes, you may have to change your bank details which can be a bit of a hassle, but it’s worth it if you save a significant amount of money.



Early Repayment Charges

You never know what’s around the corner. Although you may not think it possible to repay your loan early, you may come into inheritance money or win the lottery. You may even land yourself a better job with a significant pay rise. The point is, there are often times when people want to repay their loans early and find themselves faced with outrageous charges. Before taking out any loans, keep their early repayment charges in mind.


Your Credit Rating

If you have a bad history with credit, it may be more difficult for you to find a loan. Although you may be approved for a loan, you’ll probably find that the APR is high. If you have some time before applying for a loan, use it to boost your credit rating. Make sure you’ve done all the little things like, being placed on the electoral roll and using a credit card to show you can make payments when needed. You’re also able to make comments on your credit report. So, if there’s something on your report that seems unfair, adding a comment to explain it could go down well with lenders.

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Potent Natural Indigestion Remedies

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Indigestion – that uncomfortable bloated, burning feeling that so often comes on after eating a heavy meal or during pregnancy – can be pretty unpleasant to say the least, especially when it comes on suddenly and you aren’t prepared to deal with it. Luckily, there are lots of effective natural indigestion remedies available, many of which you may well be able to rustle up in the kitchen at a pinch.


Here are some of the most potent natural remedies for indigestion I know of:


Seed Blend


Next time you get an attack of indigestion, if you have a well-stocked pantry, head to the kitchen and combine a teaspoon each of anise, caraway, fennel and dill seeds. Spend a few minutes slowly chewing on them, and they will help you to expel the excess gas that’s causing your so much discomfort, from your body.


Chamomile Tea


You’re probably aware of chamomile tea’s relaxing qualities, but did you know that it can also be used to settle a dyspeptic tummy too? The trick is to steep your chamomile tea for 10-15 minutes before drinking.


Honey and Vinegar


If you know that certain foods are likely to give you indigestion, then it’s never a bad idea to drink a warm glass of water mixed with a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar and the same amount of honey first. In most cases, this will stop indigestion from coming on – just make sure you drink it no more than 3 minutes before you eat.




Making an infusion using calendula flower and hot water might help to ease the worst symptoms of indigestion because the flower is a known anti-inflammatory with stomach settling properties. That is why it is used in Caruso’s liver detox supplements, which can also be used for indigestion. You can buy calendula flower tea online and at most well-stocked health stores.


Baking Soda


It doesn’t exactly taste pleasant, but mixing a teaspoon of baking soda into a warm glass of water with, perhaps a drop or two of lemon juice will quickly neutralize stomach acids and have you feeling your normal self again almost immediately.


Crystallized Ginger


Crystallized ginger is a real treat, and if you have indigestion, you don’t have to feel bad about indulging your sweet tooth with it because ginger is great for stimulating digestion and settling the stomach. It’s also pretty good at relieving morning sickness for any of you pregnant ladies out there!




Bitter beers aren’t to everyone’s taste, but if you’re suffering from indigestion and your spouse has some in the fridge, drinking half a bottle will help to stimulate your digestion, due to its rich hops content. It’s important that you do only drink half a bottle/glass as drinking more could make the problem worse!




If you don’t have any indigestion remedies to hand, it might sound odd, but making very specific movements can also do the trick. For example, bending over and rocking back and forth can help to move trapped gas, and some people have even found relief from performing a somersault, although I’m not sure I’d recommend that!

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Anxiety Disorders: What Exactly Are They?

Anxiety is a health problem that we hear a lot about these days but people often don’t understand what it is. The online world is full of people discussing their anxiety disorders and an equal number of people that dispute them. The reason there is so much argument around the issue is that people are trying to simplify it too much because they don’t fully understand what anxiety disorders are. Most people tend to make the mistake of thinking that having an anxiety disorder just means being nervous all of the time about everything but the reality is, there are a lot of different types of anxiety disorders, often caused by high stress levels. They affect everybody in their own way. The best way to understand the problem is to educate yourself about the different types of anxiety disorder. This can be followed up by researching possible treatments and remedies, such as kratom, but be sure to consult your doctor first before trying any treatments or remedies as the doctor can help with pinpointing the problem and treating it safely. Information on kratom can be found at Other remedies can also be researched online as well. 


General Anxiety Disorder

This is what most people are thinking of when they hear about people with an anxiety condition. People that have experienced extended periods of feeling anxious are likely to have general anxiety disorder. These feelings aren’t caused by anything in particular so people that have this condition often feel helpless because it seems as though there is no way to stop them. If you are diagnosed with general anxiety disorder, your symptoms can cover a wide range of things and all patients react in their own way so you should never discount somebody’s experience or claim that they are exaggerating their symptoms.

Panic Disorder

Panic disorder is a more obvious anxiety condition and the symptoms are usually the same in most people. As its name suggests, panic disorder primarily manifests itself in the form of panic attacks. As feelings of anxiety build and build, they eventually come to a head during a panic attack. They aren’t triggered by specific events and can happen at any time. This means that if you have panic disorder you will be constantly on edge about having an attack and this fear in itself can lead to more attacks so if you don’t see a doctor for treatment it can quickly spiral out of control.


PTSD is more well-known but people don’t usually consider it an anxiety disorder. There are plenty of veterans PTSD resources out there because most of us recognize PTSD as an issue that affects the military. However, it can affect anybody that has witnessed or been a part of a traumatic event. The effects of PTSD can be very damaging as they cause you to experience flashbacks and nightmares that seem incredibly real.

Obsessive Compulsive Disorders

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder is another condition that people might not necessarily think of as an anxiety disorder. You often hear people saying that they’re a bit OCD. It’s a throwaway comment and they might not mean anything by it but keeping a tidy house doesn’t mean that you have OCD. It’s a serious medical condition that can completely rule people’s lives. The obsessive aspect usually comes in the form of negative thoughts or urges that you cannot stop from coming. The compulsive aspect is what most people are familiar with; OCD sufferers will often find that there are actions that they feel that they must repeat over and over and if they don’t it causes them serious distress.

Now that you know a bit more about anxiety disorders, you can be more understanding around people that have them.  

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10-Minute Solutions For Stress

We’ve all been there. You feel like you’ve got too much on your plate all the time. Stress is something that affects us all, but it can cause people to react in different ways. Some people thrive on stress, others let it overpower them. There are so many causes of stress, and myriad ways to deal with it. Next time you’re feeling stressed, try these simple 10-minute solutions for size.


Talk it out

Have you got thoughts whizzing around in your head? Do you feel like you’re going to burst? Do you need advice or simply want to offload? If so, don’t bottle everything up. Call a friend or pop and see your sister or your mom. Even a 5-minute rant can do you a power of good. It’s beneficial to get things out and to express yourself. If you don’t feel comfortable talking to people you know, consider seeing a therapist once a week or every few months. It’s good to have an outlet if you are feeling like things are getting on top of you.

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Tidy up

There’s nothing more annoying than walking into your office in the morning to see a massive pile of papers or arriving home to a living room packed to the rafters. Take a moment to tidy up, clear everything away, and start afresh. Try and get into the habit of filing papers, and keeping pens and other stationery bits in a container, and keep your desk surface as clear as possible. At home, do a quick tidy up before you go to bed and use solutions like a shoe storage rack, boxes and crates, a shelving unit and clothes rails to keep things in order. Nobody wants to spend time tidying when they’re tired, or they’ve got a to-do list as long as their arm, but you’ll feel so much better after a bit of decluttering.

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Exercise is one of the best natural remedies for stress. Even if you’ve only got a few minutes to spare, doing some stretches or going for a quick walk around the block will help to boost your mood and clear your mind.

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If you’re having one of those days, laughter is the best medicine. When you’ve got a break, call that friend who never fails to give you the giggles or watch some funny clips on your phone. Laughing triggers a series of processes within your body, which are proven to lift your spirits.

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Do you feel like you’re running around like a headless chicken? Are you struggling to hear yourself think? Are people asking you to do things left, right, and center? If you need a break, take 10 minutes, stretch your legs and focus on breathing deeply. Take deep breaths in and then exhale. This will help to lower your heart rate and make you feel less anxious. Some people also find meditation really helpful. If you haven’t been to classes before, you can follow guided meditations using apps or online videos.  

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If stress is getting to you, try these simple solutions. You may not find every one effective, but there may be some that are just the tonic.

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