Running Down The Costs of Owning a Car

There are few things more frustrating than seeing large chunks of our monthly salary being spent on a necessity: our car. We need our car, but they can end up costing us a pretty penny, money that we’d much rather spend on the finer things in life, or put straight into the savings pot. If it feels like you’re spending too much of your hard-earned dough on your vehicle, take our tips below. We have four pieces of advice that’ll ensure you’re not spending more money than you have to.


Have the Right Car


If you’ve just bought a car, then it’s too late to take this piece of advice, but for everyone else, are you driving the right car? We tend to have a non-intellectual approach to what car we want to have. When deciding which car to buy, you should think about what will be best for your needs, not what has the most gadgets included or looks the best. For example, if you’re a single person living in an urban area, then you won’t need a big SUV. Buy with your brain, not your ego.


Use It Wisely


If you’re automatically jumping in the car every time you need to go anywhere, then you’re not using it wisely. Instead, consider your options. If you’re driving to work, then why not look at carpooling with someone else. You’ll drive both of you one day; they’ll drive the next. Just by making a small change to your driving habits, you’ll be putting much more money back in your wallet. Also, if you’re driving to and from work each day, do you want to be behind the wheel on the weekend? Use public transport instead: it’s cheaper, more relaxing, and better for the environment too.


Take Care Of It


All cars will have problems at one stage or another. However, you can reduce the likelihood of these faults by keeping your car in tip-top condition. Take your vehicle to an auto repair garage for regular maintenance; they’ll be able to check that everything’s working as it should, and be able to make any mild repairs before they have a chance to become too serious. As well as ensuring that your car runs as smoothly as possible, this will also increase the longevity of your car. There’s no expense quite as big as having to buy a new vehicle just because the old one has died.


Knocking Down Insurance


Insurance is a fact of life when it comes to cars. However, there are ways you keep your insurance costs down. You should keep your vehicle off the road when it’s parked at your home (a secure garage is best), ask if any of the car’s safety features make it eligible for any reductions, and shop around for the best deal. If you like your present insurance company, still negotiate. The worst deals are always for those who auto-renew without asking for further reductions.


There you have it. But don’t forget: it costs nothing to walk from time to time!

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