So You’re Out Of College? What Happens Next

Things are pretty different for college graduates than they used to be. It used to be that you’d come out of college and fall straight into a job that you studied for almost immediately. That sort of situation was one that many people’s parents took for granted but now sounds like something out of a fairytale! With a job market that is more and more competitive and more and more graduates coming out of the system all of the time, things have never been so difficult for new college graduates to figure out what to do next. After all, you’ve spent several years working towards a singular goal and then suddenly the world is completely open to you. It’s very easy to feel as though you don’t have any real direction anymore. This is an extremely understandable feeling and one that is shared by a lot of graduates. They feel like there’s no way for them to move forwards and that they’re now just stuck in place. However, that’s not the case. There are always things that you can do in order to get yourself out of that feeling of confusion directionlessness. Of course, that doesn’t mean that it’s always going to be easy, but being able to find a new direction out of college is one of the best ways to avoid falling into some kind of slump that you can’t get out of. Here are just a few things that you can do to give yourself a little bit more purpose when you’re fresh out of college.




One of the reasons that many graduates find it so difficult to get started in their chosen career is because very few companies are willing to hire someone without a decent degree of experience, even if they are fully qualified in that particular field. Because of that it often feels as though you can’t work in your chosen industry until you’ve already spent two or three years doing so. However, there is a way around this. Many companies offer internships that allow you to gain incredibly valuable experience which will offer you the chance to apply for jobs in your chosen field with much more confidence. The one thing to keep in mind is that some of the internships are unpaid, so it’s a good idea to make sure that you have some kind of financial support network in place if that is the case. However, many of them are paid and can be rather competitive. Not only that but a lot of companies even offer full-time positions at the end of the internship as well, since you’ll have an excellent amount of experience with that company by then.




One of the toughest things about graduating college is the fact that there’s a pretty good chance you’ll end up back with your parents. Now, even if you love your parents dearly and you all get along really well, it can feel pretty frustrating to go from living independently for several years to suddenly feeling like a little kid again. If that’s the case for you, then the best option might be to start saving your money in order to finally move out permanently. If you want to do this, then you might have to look for work around your hometown, even if it’s not what you really want to be doing. Whether it’s talking to local businesses or filling in a Walmart application via, you should start applying just about everywhere. Even if you don’t feel like this is the kind of job that you want for the rest of your life, you can at least comfort yourself by knowing exactly what it is that you’re aiming for. Planning for the future is one of the most important skills that any adult can have so it’s a good idea to earn this one as soon as you’re out of college.




Or perhaps you feel like, after four years of hard work, stress, and deadlines, you need to take some time to recharge and reconnect with yourself. This is a totally understandable feeling and one that a lot of graduates can definitely relate to. If you’re feeling that way then why not go traveling for a while. Whether it’s alone or with a group of friends, it’s often the perfect way to shake off all of the pressure that you’ve been so used to for the last several years. Getting away from everything familiar allows you to really connect with who you are and what you want, which means you’ll be able to come back home and really understand what it is that you want to do next! Of course, you might have to work for a while to save the money that you need, unless you’re lucky enough to be able to rely on your parents for support during your travels.


Postgraduate studies


One of the other reasons that so many jobs are so competitive is that there are more and more graduates around than ever before. Because of that, why not go one step further. There are plenty of postgraduate courses available and they are sure to give you that competitive edge when it comes to applying for jobs. Not only that but, if you’re the kind of person who was never happier than when they were at college, this give you the chance to stay in that environment for a little bit longer. Postgraduate study is a very different environment from the typical college experience but it’s one that thousands of people find incredibly fulfilling.


Sure, all of these things come with challenges and difficulties that you’ll have to deal with. But having a clear goal that you can work towards will make the whole thing much easier overall. It’s far easier to push past obstacles when you’re moving toward something that you’re trying to achieve than to feel like you’re trapped with nowhere to go in the first place. Whatever you decide to do, make sure that you fully commit to and push yourself as hard as you can. It’s an incredibly competitive world out there, and you need to be willing to fight for what you want out of life every step of the way.

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Improve Your DIY Skills And Make Money On the Side

If you consider yourself pretty handy, have you ever thought of challenging yourself to be even better at DIY? While many people can clear a drain or put a new lick of paint on the walls, those people who can do more can make themselves stand out from the crowd – and can even make a pretty penny in return, too. Below, we outline a few skills you can learn in your home that’ll improve your own house and be marketable in your community. Learning new skills, a better house, and extra money? Sounds pretty good to us!


Custom Furniture

There’s a lot of people getting into the second-hand furniture game, for three very good reasons: it’s fun, the possibilities are endless, and people are buying. There are so many people buying and upgrading old furniture with a view to selling that you have to make yours stand out. This is where a bit of creativity and advanced finishing skills come in. To step up your final product, take a look at You’ll have the best-looking furniture in the neighborhood!

Technically Difficult Skills

If you have those DIY skills which are technically difficult and take time and advanced tools to complete, then the world is your oyster. Of all the skills that are in demand, none are more desired than metalwork skills. If you know how to weld, then you’ll be able to create unique furnishings and decorations for your home, as well as to fix those that have broken. You’ll want a welder that is suitable for amateurs, but also powerful enough to get the job done, like the Millermatic 211. To see if this is the right one for you, continue reading: With your welding skills, you’ll be able to make a handsome side income by selling what you’re created and as a repairman.

Carpentry Skills

Your carpentry skills can really come into their own in two key areas: the garden, and storage solutions. Both are always in demand. In the garden, you can create things like a new shed, vegetable patches, bird feeders, and children’s play areas. These are the kind of things you can sell, and then there are the projects to improve your home. If you’re feeling particularly ambitious, take a look at creating your own outdoor decking by checking out the projects at If you’re handy with wood, there’ll always be plenty of work in your home and around the neighborhood.

Getting the Word Out

You should be doing your DIY projects for fun, but there’ll also be the opportunity to sell your work. Spread the word around your community and make sure you take photos of your completed projects to show people you meet. It might not be the equivalent of a full-time income, but it might bring in enough to top up your other wage. And remember: the more projects you do, the better your DIY skills will become.

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