Safety Concerns of a Worrisome Homeowner: the Best Security Upgrades for Your Home

Home safety has become an extremely important facet of our everyday lives. It may not seem like it, but our homes have plenty of valuables and personal belongings that we can’t bare to see lost. Money might be one issue, but our memorabilia, such as an old clock or watch that’s been passed down from our grandparents, is an invaluable object and we’d be devastated to lose those sentimental items than our money.




As a result, it’s important that we protect our homes from intruders, thieves and burglars—and at whatever cost necessary. There’s no use spending a couple of dollars on a fake security alarm or CCTV camera that doesn’t actually work. Thieves are professionals and they’ll instantly be able to distinguish a fake from something real, so don’t expect something cheap to deter them. In fact, if they spot that you’ve cheaped out on proper security, it means you’ve got something to hide and they’ll most likely target your home over another.


To help you with your security concerns, here are some of the best security upgrades that you can buy for your money. Some might be simple upgrades, while others might require you to replace parts of your home. Either way, these products will be worth their cost as premium home security measures.


Security Windows


Your windows serve as an easy access point for burglars. They don’t care that they’re going to make a mess, they’re just going to do a smash and grab. They’ll break your windows with whatever tools they have on hand, or they’ll kick down your doors if they have to. Unfortunately, there isn’t much you can do once they’ve broken in—unless you prevent it in the first place.


These security window screens are perfect for people who are worried about their homes being broken into. Any security-grade window will be resistant to smashing, slamming and even cutting. Unless the thieves have professional tools to cut through the material, they’ve got no chance of breaking in—not even if they shoot at it with a gun.




Home Security Systems


Let’s be honest, a camera isn’t going to do any good on its own. You might have an easier time finding the perpetrator after the deed is done, but that doesn’t mean you’ve prevented the crime and you’re still going to be without your belongings. As a result, you need a security system that’s capable of alerting the local authorities. You also need it to have a loud screeching sound so that it alerts not only the burglars but the neighbours around you. If you have a neighbourhood watch, then they’ll be more than happy to call the police as well, or potentially distract the thieves long enough for the police to arrive.
However, it’s never a bad idea to have CCTV cameras (that actually work) as both a deterrent and as a means of finding the thieves if they do escape. You’ll need to find the best locations to put a CCTV camera, and you can also hook it up to a WiFi device so you can monitor it even from your phone.

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PC Gaming Tech Just Got Serious: Here’s Why

For years, pundits have been prophesying the death of PC gaming. It’s too expensive, they said, and with the rise of mobile platforms, there simply isn’t a market for it anymore. And for a time, it appeared as if they were right. PC sales plunged, and continue to do so, and mobile form factors, like tablets and phones, took off.


Wikimedia Commons


But in 2016, things looked a little less rosy in the mobile space than most imagine. We reached “peak smartphone” meaning that the market was mostly saturated, and tablet sales actually fell slightly. Meanwhile, the PC, long considered to be dead, was actually going through something of a renaissance. We saw the rise and mainstream adoption of some fabulous PC gaming technologies, including things like Adaptive Sync, high refresh rates, 4K and low-APIs, all making the experience on PC far superior to any other platform, including the consoles. PC gaming is the Rolls-Royce of gaming, and although console owners would never admit it, something to which they aspire.




According to CNET, PC games sales are expected to reach a whopping $29 billion dollars this year, eclipsing the $28 billion worth of video game sales in the console market. And if the trends are correct, that gap will continue to widen further. It seems as if we’re looking at the end of the era in which people play certain games on certain platforms, as this list of PC games like Clash of Clans makes clear. People want to be able to access players across platforms, including the PC, in order to play with their friends online and to have the experience of their choosing. Why should users be forced to play a game on their tiny mobile screen, just because it’s a “mobile game” when they have an enormous gaming monitor sitting in their study? And why should people who shell out for VR systems be cut off from the rest of the gaming community in special VR areas? This isn’t what gamers want, and the industry is listening.




The problem for developers at the moment is the proliferation of the many ways in which people can play games. Just a few years ago, there were consoles and PCs. But now there’s VR, streaming TV devices like the Steam Machine and Nvidia’s new console, as well as all the mobile devices you can imagine.


Brian Blau, a researcher from the research giant, Gartner, says that this has played into the PC’s hands. He points out that often the only way to play the latest titles at high fidelity is to play them on the PC. The PC isn’t limited by size or space, unlike tablets, and so there’s physically more room for the high-end components to run games like The Witcher 3 and Ashes of the Singularity.




The PC is also the only platform on which to have a pleasant VR experience. Consoles simply don’t have the horsepower to deliver what we might call “presence” in virtual reality. It all means that PC gaming is getting serious again, and we might be about to go full circle, from PC to console and back to PC.

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How You Can Stay As “Cool As A Cucumber” In Your Home This Summer

Summer may seem like a far distant memory, but we all know how quickly time can fly by. So there is no surprise that many people are thinking ahead to those warmer summer months. The chance to feel the warmth on your skin once more and leave your home without a raincoat or an umbrella. However, as much as summer can be a lovely time of the year, it can also be just as tortuous as the cold winter months due to the heat. Especially when you don’t take precautions. This is why now is the ideal time to get your home prepared for the summer season, keeping you, your friends and family as cool as a cucumber. Here are some of the ways you can do that.




Consider an air conditioning system in your home


Many of us will naturally have a heating system placed in our homes, but not many consider something to keep it cool. This is where you could invest in an air conditioning system. This will help circulate colder air throughout your home no matter what time of the day it is. It works especially well if you happen to live in a place that has high humidity. However, these systems can take some time to install and also have a cost, so now could be the perfect time to prepare in advance.


Invest in new bed sheets


It is always a good idea to seasonally change your bedding and sheets. After all, we would all like to remain cozy and warm during the winter, but you don’t need that extra layering during the summer months. It might also be worth investing in a more breathable material for your bed sheets like cotton, helping to keep your body temperature regulated throughout the night. Of course, you may also want to switch the bedding more often, so ensure you have a few options on hand. Now is a great time to invest because of all the discounts in the stores.


Add blinds or curtains to your windows


The sun shining through your window is bound to make that room feel like a furnace. So if you haven’t already I would consider adding blinds or curtains in your home ready for the summer season. After the sun has risen, it would be advisable to then draw those curtains or shut the blinds to avoid the sun using the window as a way of warming the room up.


Consider purchasing an outdoor grill


Finally, while there are so many good deals out there, you may want to buy yourself an outdoor grill for the garden. Cooking during the summer can add unnecessary heat to your home via the oven or any gas appliances you could be using. When the weather is warm, it’s the ideal opportunity to cook outside and dine alfresco. Enabling your house to feel fresh and allowing you to enjoy the summer months. It is also considered as a healthier way of cooking meats and vegetables.
I hope this will help you make the necessary investments and changes in your home before summer arrives. It will be here before we know it.

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Age Is Only A Number! Giving Yourself New Approaches To Health As You Get Older


Image from Pixabay


The onset of age comes with many different worries regardless of how young, middle-aged or “old” you are. And as someone once said, it is not how old you are, it is how you are old! A lot of people seem to think that as soon as you hit 35 you need to start thinking about where you want to retire to, and what’s going to happen to your grandkids, but the fact of the matter is that it is not about preparing for the ravages of age, it is about preventing the ravages of age. Here are a couple of simple tips to think about as you get older.


Checking Yourself

It can never be underestimated the importance of examining yourself for irregularities such as lumps or abnormal growths, and this isn’t something that is confined to when you are over 40. This is something you should be doing every time you go in the shower regardless of how old you are, as when you do get older, you are more susceptible to any kinds of diseases, including cancer, which affects one-third of all people in the Western world. So whether you should have a regular breast exam, or you go to a doctor for your prostate check ups, you need to be examining yourself also.



Everybody talks about diets and really it isn’t about “diets” per se, as a diet implies that it is a temporary thing. Instead, if you said it was a “lifestyle change,” that is a lot easier to comprehend. Also, the potential for diabetes and heart disease increases as you get older, so learning good dietary habits when you are younger as opposed to changing your whole way of eating, which is a lot more difficult when you’re older, is something that we need to be teaching our kids and our grandkids. If you’re reading this as someone in your 20s, then swapping one meal a week that consists of a burger and fries to a plate of steamed vegetables and fish is a good starting point.



A lot of people talk about hitting the gym seven days a week in order to fight off belly fat. But in actual fact if you are going to the gym seven days a week you might be putting your body under too much pressure, which can have a stressing effect on your body, ramping up the amount of cortisol, also known as the stress hormone, which can stop you putting on muscle. Instead, going a healthy amount of times to the gym, such as three or four times a week, is sufficient enough. Or if you do not have the time, then either finding hobbies that demand physical activity, or by participating in high intensity interval training, are ways to help keep you fit while making the most of your time.



With the amount of information we are bombarded with, we can easily get overstimulated regardless of our age. So by getting into the habit of putting your phone away for an hour before bedtime, will help you to sleep more soundly. Or if you are into more spiritual pursuits then meditating for 10 minutes in the morning has proven to reduce stress and give long-term heath benefits.

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Making The Most Out Of Your Creativity

Working is a weird thing. Some of us end up in jobs we love that give meaning and fulfillment to our working life while constantly applying a sense of accomplishment.


For others, it’s just a sense of clocking in, and clocking out.


It depends on who you are, to be honest. If you’re fulfilled by completing tasks, any job may suit you. But if you aren’t, you’ll struggle until you finally stumble across a role that is right for you. Stumbling through life isn’t perhaps the best thing to do – we all need plans!


Look to your talents and interests to propel you through life. That applies to your working career as well. Relying on our talents can create an unprecedented interest in our jobs and will naturally make us happier – if you’re good at something, you should do it.


This time around, the focus is on creativity. If you have an imagination or interests – it’s likely that you have an underlying creative talent. It might be writing, teaching, speaking, drawing or painting – but it will definitely be there. If you know what it is, you should charge forth.



For instance, if you’re good at design, joining an advertising agency might be a great move for you. You’ll get to do what you’re good at while getting paid by clients. It’s win-win, and while some projects may be a lot less inspirational or unique than you may hope, it is still a job that uses your talents! What’s more, design can take you into a role as your own boss – you could create graphics for clients on a freelance basis or even hawk your designs to buyers. Using new tech like 3D printers is a great way to jump ahead of the curve and forge your own path by selling your own, unique goods. How much does a 3D printer cost? Well, it’s whatever you’re willing to pay to succeed with it! Cost is relative here.


If you’ve got an ear for sound, there are plenty of roles across a scope of industries – you could get work with a record label producing artists or even a role at a firm that creates radio adverts. Audio editing is a real skill and like design you might even find you can do it from home.


The final method is the most classic. Art can take you into the hands of a design firm or an advertising agency, but like the other two subjects – you can be your own boss. If you’re actually any good at art, you could find yourself displaying it at a gallery or getting commissioned for a piece.


You’ve still got to put the work in on all these fronts. Creativity is going to rely on you selling your abilities, a lot – so you’ve got market yourself soundly. If you get yourself out there, you’ll find the opportunities to use your skills and talents for an enjoyable career that may take you far!

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Back To Basics: Could You Survive Without Your Everyday Comforts?


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Now and then, the idea of a holiday pops into your head. But, holidays are expensive, so they’re usually just ruled out. But, what if you could get traveling, without paying anything at all? Or, at least very little. And, of course, you can! You just need to be willing to drop your modern essentials and get back to basics! Imagine spending a week in the wilderness, without any electronics or other distractions. Just you and nature. If this doesn’t appeal to you now, then you’ll probably not be interested in this post. But, if you like the sound of it, you should read on.


Pitching a tent and lighting a fire aren’t hard tasks by themselves. With the right tools and know-how, you can do these tasks in minutes. Camping gets hard when bad weather and unpleasant conditions take hold. So, it’s important to be prepared.


You should always look up the climate and weather of the place you plan to travel to. These will dictate the clothing that you take with you. When it comes to warmth, it’s much better to take too much than too little. But, you’ll still have to travel light, so it’s a good idea to make sure that you’re not taking too much. Try carrying your bag on a long walk, before going. If it’s too much now, it’ll be far too much when you’re hungry and tired.


Next, you need to consider food. If you’re a first-timer, it’s a bad idea to assume that you’ll be able to find food. Instead, you should take enough food to last the whole trip. The best foods to take into areas like this are dehydrated ones. They won’t turn bad and are light. You just need water to cook them, too. Of course, you’ll also need to be able to light a fire. But, a small stove could be a good backup, in case of bad weather.


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A minor injury at home is nothing. You can bandage cuts and let pulls rest. But, out in the wild, you have to do more. Minor wounds can become infected, making them much worse. And, you probably won’t have a chance to put your feet up. It’s incredibly important to take the best ifak kit or first aid kit that you can. They will have everything you need to deal with more injuries, without having to lug around a huge medical back. This is an area that far too many people ignore. Small injuries will ruin your trip and could even be life-threatening if they’re not looked after. You can take a basic first aid course if you want to be extra prepared. This will give you a chance to practice using medical tools, before an emergency.
Hopefully, this will help you to decide if you have what it takes to get yourself out in the wilderness, camping under the stars. If not, then you might need a little more persuasion. Look at countries you’d like to visit, and then look at their countryside. This should inspire even the least outdoorsy person that camping is a good idea!

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