Marketing That Makes A Mark On Your Customers


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We live in the modern age. An age which requires speed, speed and more speed. This era of technology and ever more rapid communication is amazing, but it’s also overwhelming for a small business just trying to make it in the world. Still, even the smallest fish in the biggest ocean can make a mark if they understand how the ocean works. It’s all about looking at your specific industry, and seeing which few marketing techniques have actually garnered results from your target audience. Don’t feel overwhelmed by the industry as a whole.


This may all be easier said than done, and I realise that, because your company has most likely already implemented some form of marketing campaign. However, the key is to stand out from the crowd, and, most likely, numerous other businesses within your trade are using similar marketing tactics to you. To be unique, then, you have to think outside the box. You have to look at what your potential customers want and offer it to them in a way which captures them entirely off-guard. Here are some ways you could do that.


Generate some hype.

Of course, there are many different ways to create a buzz around your company. You might do a little networking on the streets, and you could think of a quirky marketing gimmick related to your style of service, in order to appeal to your target audience. Of course, your target audience isn’t just out on the street. A great way to reach them is through the power of social media, and sharing some exciting content on Instagram or Twitter, perhaps with pictures of goods your company offers, could be the way to boost local hype for your business.


Do something personal.

Believe it or not, your potential range of customers don’t actually view themselves as “customers”. These are people, and when they’re purchasing a good or service from businesses within your industry, they don’t see themselves as another cog in your business design; these people see themselves as somebody who needed something, and they went to the best place which seemed to be offering it.


This is the key. You’ve got to stop thinking about your business as an end, and start seeing it through the eyes of your customers; as a means to an end. People don’t care about the company itself. They just want to buy a good or a service from a brand that they can trust, and this is the tricky part. You have to show that you’re different to the other players in the market.


In my opinion, the best way to do that is to do something real. Handwriting a letter to existing customers, for example, shows that a human being has taken time to talk to them specifically. Even sending a quirky, well-designed flyer could re-capture an old customer’s attention, and you could use a Weekend Printing service to do so in a professional, polished manner. People like the personal touch. They might even refer you to their friends if they feel you’re different, and you could offer them rewards for doing so. Think outside the box.


Ensure your team is on the same level.

The most important aspect of a successful marketing campaign is a real campaign, as I’ve said many times. If you want your business to project a driven and motivated image, everybody has to be on the same page. Your employees need to all want the same things for your business. Ensure you hire the right people for the job.

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A Stitch In Time: Home Repairs You Can’t Afford To Put Off

I completely understand the want to put off routine maintenance in your home. After pushing yourself so hard at work, it’s more than reasonable to want to use the rest of your time for some well-deserved R and R. Having said that, there are certain things which can really come back to bite you if you put them off for too long. Here are a few problems you should jump on before they become a full-blown home disaster.

Replace Washing Machine Hoses


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It’s pretty hard to believe, but every year over $170 million’s worth of damage is caused by washing machine hoses failing. If you know it’s been a while, check on your washing machine hoses. Make sure that all the connections are secure, and that there’s a minimum of four inches of clearance between the connection and the back of the washing machine. This reduces the chances of the hose getting any kinks in it. Even the hoses that are labelled as “burst proof” stand the risk of breaking, and they usually fail in a single spot – the coupling. If you notice any issues with your washer’s hose, acting now could mean avoiding a very expensive call to an emergency plumber.

Patch Up Crumbling Masonry

When the mortar in your home’s masonry begins to crumble, it can loosen the position of bricks, and even cause them to fall right out of the wall of chimney. If you’re noticing deep cracks in your home’s mortar, usually accompanied by wasps or bees making their home in the gaps, you need to act! The issue may only be isolated to a single wall, but it’s essential to fix these kinds of issues before they get any worse. Grouting is the best way to make minor repairs. Simply mix up some quality cement, along with sand and lime, and press it into the cracks you have. Just be aware that the mortar you add won’t match the colour of the existing mortar exactly. However, the mixture you use will weather over time, and make for a fairly close match. Larger issues will require the services of a contractor. Whether it’s big or small, cracks in your masonry certainly aren’t something you can afford to ignore.

Secure Loose Rails


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If you’ve got a deck or balcony on your home, and there’s an area of railing that always rocks back and forth when you lean on it, this will need to be repaired as soon as possible. Sure, it may have felt stiff enough the last time you checked. However, the longer it stays in this condition, the more risk there will be of it toppling completely, and causing you or your guest to take a dangerous header off the deck! Screws and nails unfortunately aren’t enough to put this issue to bed. You’ll need to source a special connector which will fully secure the railings to the frame, within the relevant code requirements. Be sure to check and understand any railing codes before diving into a DIY fix.

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Give It Your Best Shot: How Technology Could Help Your Healthcare Firm

There are lots of new technologies available in the medical industry today. Some of them could help you to save money and increase the level of patient care you provide. Considering that, I wanted to highlight some of the best new tech around today. With a bit of luck, learning about these advancements will inspire you to try something new. As we don’t have a free health care system in the US, you have to compete to ensure you make a profit. These concepts should help you to stay ahead of the competition and push your business forwards. At the end of the day, you should always use the latest tech if it’s going to improve the service you provide.




Custom computer systems


Firstly, you should always use a custom computer system for your company. You need something that’s designed to meet your requirements and operate seamlessly. So, now is the time to contact specialists and get the ball rolling. A personalized package is always going to work better than a general release. Industry experts from SimpleGrid Technology help clients to manage and maintain systems of that nature all the time. Indeed, many firms on the market could help to make sure you never experience issues. You just need to perform some online research and find a reputable one as soon as possible. That way, your business will never find itself out of action if there are any computer bugs.


Digital patient records


The use of digital patient records is perhaps the most significant advancement in the last ten years. In the past, you couldn’t treat someone without first calling their doctor and asking for copies of their files. It could take a week or so before you receive the documents, and that wasn’t good enough. The patient’s condition might have deteriorated, and they might have gone elsewhere. Thankfully, that is no longer the case thanks to digital records. These days, you can access patient files without having to leave your workplace or make phone calls. You can even offer online consultations if you think it will help. That’s excellent news because it means you can treat people without worrying about things like allergic reactions.




Google Adwords for marketing


There is no getting away from that fact that you have to spend a lot of money on marketing. You face a lot of competition these days. So, you have to stay at the top of your game to ensure you don’t lose out. Your website is the best promotional tool in your arsenal. For that reason, you must learn to use it to its full advantage. Google Adwords is the single most important service you will use this year. There is no minimum investment, and you can target people all over your local area. It uses an algorithm to identify the most suitable internet users and display your advertising graphics. It’s the best way to attract new patients.
Now you know about some of the technologies that could improve your operation, there is no need to hesitate. Perform as much research as possible and implement their use into your business plan today. Failure to do so could mean you never steal the lion’s share of the market. When all’s said and done, you need to make a profit if you want to succeed into the future. So, now is the best time to take advantage of the latest advancements and techniques.

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Improve Your Life With Simple Tech


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There is no point trying to fight it; the technological world is well and truly here. A such, it is time you embraced tech and opened your eyes to all the weird and wonderful ways technology may improve your day to day life. It is as the saying goes, “if you can’t beat them, join them,” and that is exactly what you should be doing now. Chances are you probably rely on tech more than you realise. You probably don’t wash you dishes in the sink, you use a dishwasher. You probably don’t have puppet shows in your house; you have a television. You probably got sick and tired of those noisy fan blades, and so you got a Dyson. See what we’re talking about. Luckily, the tech world is infinite and so there is something to make everything easier, as you are about to find out.


Robot Cleaners

Yes, the robot has arrived. It may not have eyes and arms and legs and mega-brains, but they are here and this is just the start of it: the cleaner. What they do is clean, but they do it without you needing to waste your time doing the cleaning because they are unmanned bits of kit that use sensors to work their way around your space (let’s say your kitchen) and clean everything off the floor. But you don’t have to be limited to the floor anymore. There are no robotic window cleaners too. These are incredible, especially the Winbot. All you do is put it on the window, hit that go button and let it do its thing, which is cleaning. This may sound lazy, but it is in fact a safer and more efficient way of cleaning your windows, especially when you consider getting the ladder out to clean the third floor windows, or if you live in an apartment block.


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Voice Control Speakers

The Amazon Echo; you have probably seen it over recent months as the backdrop to the Amazon home page. They have been pushing this one hard, but for good reason too. It makes life simpler on so many fronts, and that is because of how well designed it is. Ask it something and it will answer, which may seem like old technology but it’s been revamped in this case. How? Well, it can link up with other bluetooth devices, such as other speakers giving you full voice control while you’re doing the dishes, lets say. Your hands are all wet and soapy, and yet you can still ask what the weather will be like tomorrow or to play your favourite song to get you through the chore you’re stuck with. You could even tell it to play movies if it’s connected with your Amazon-fire. Now that’s pretty cool; lazy, but cool.


Well-being Tracker

No, we’re not talking about those wearable trackers that measure your fitness and food habits and diet and weight loss and all those physical things we concern ourselves with. We are talking about the wearable trackers that measure our emotional well being; your stress levels for example. How these work is pretty simple and yet pretty complex too. They measure certain aspects of your life and report back when it detects stress, allowing you to combat it before it manifests. It will also allow you recognise exactly what the cause of this stress was so that you can avoid in the future or, if unavoidable, learn how to better deal with it. Feel is probably the biggest of these trackers at the moment, but more are hitting the market.



Cable is expensive, and yet cable is becoming more and more irrelevant simply because catch-up is now where it is at. Streaming service have dominated. Netflix now rules Hollywood. So why fork out hundreds of dollars every year to fund something that is in decline and less and less useful, just use the internet. Of course, you are probably thinking that you need some form of television box to access on-demand services, including streaming sites, but that is not the case. You could just use a computer console or, better yet, your laptop. All you need is a wire and you can turn your widescreen TV into a huge monitor. Just go online, check out, order your cable and start enjoying a less expensive and more improved life of great shows and better movies. It’s a total win.



It’s a pretty terrifying world out there and, whether we like to agree or not, even our homes don’t feel as safe as they once did. So why not get yourself some security. There are so many great products out there that help with this side of things; products that link up to your phone and let you know when movement is detected in your house. We’re talking Nest Cam’s. This isn’t just great for letting you know if there has been an intruder (even saving the footage to help the police in case of a break-in) it is also great for checking on your kids and making sure they are okay, and that they made it back from school. They also do a pretty amazing outdoor version that could be worth checking out.



Phones are smarter and cleverer and more incredible than ever, but what they are seriously lacking is battery life. There was a time, at the turn of the millennium, where our Nokia’s would last several months without a recharge, and now phone’s barely last a working day. As such, getting yourself a pocket-sized and portable charger will make life a little easier. It will mean you can use your phone as your SatNav, or talk to those family that live far away for longer. The benefits are amazing, and the kit is inexpensive. Always go for a reputable make though, someone cheap but good, a company like Anker. They are a staple go to for must tech, the kind that offer really decent stuff that will last you a long time to come (and they look slick too).

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