Unique Ways a Smartphone Can Help with Your Life

If you haven’t already got a smartphone then you’re missing out! There’s a surprising amount of uses for the little devices and you’ve probably seen people at home, at work or even on the streets using them almost non-stop.


For starters, you can watch plenty of movies, videos and shows on them thanks to services like Netflix and YouTube being easily accessible from a phone. You can even download apps that can help you with your workout and track your exercise progress. Many phones also have the ability to take beautiful photos and record high-quality videos to share with friends and family. They’re the technology world’s answer to a swiss army knife—a device that can do anything we could ever need.




However, with so much power packed into a small device, you’d be surprised that many people (many even you!) don’t use their phones to their full potential. To give you some ideas of uses that you may have missed, here are some unique ways that a smartphone can enrich your life.


Base Your Job Around Your Phone


Did you know there are dozens of jobs that only require the use of a phone? It’s not customer service either! With the ability to browse social media, type and take pictures, you could essentially run a blogging business or similar content creation job while on the go and from the comfort of your phone.


Travel around the world, take pictures and videos, share them on your website as you go and attract viewers to your blog. You can turn views into ad revenue, or you could even sell your photos as stock images for other companies to use. The only caveat is that if your phone dies, then you’re going to be out of luck! But thankfully, that’s what phone repair services are for and you could always have backup devices.


They Can Make Your Life Safer


Whether it’s medicine reminders or alerts you that you’re approaching a questionable area, smartphones are full of wonderful bits of technology that can make your life safer. You can download apps that actually broadcast your location to a website or service where your friends and family can track you if you chose to let them. This is great to use if you’re worried about getting lost in an area or if you’re being harassed by people and need assistance. Tracking services are also great to activate on your children’s phones in case you’re worried they might get lost when you’re on a shopping trip or at the park.


They’re Changing How Our Brains Work
Researchers have discovered that smartphones have had a positive effect on the way we think. In the past, it was common for us to remember bits of information or write them down onto a loose piece of paper or organiser, such as phone numbers or important dates. With a push of a button on our phones, we can create reminders or search up information with the accessibility of a search engine and find that information on demand. This frees up useless facts and numbers from our brain and instead, we fill our mind with ways to get information instead of storing it.

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