Cool Ideas To Transform Your Backyard Into A Getaway

We all want our gardens to be a little more livable. But all too often, especially in the winter, they can be uninviting. Here are some ideas to help you transform your drab backyard into a magical getaway.


Add Outdoor Kitchen Space


There’s nothing more annoying in the summer than having to cook in a hot kitchen away from guests and the rest of the party. That’s why so many people are now building kitchens outside. Outdoor kitchens can be expensive, but you don’t have to go all in. If you want, you can opt for a single grill and a couple of gas burners. Adding a refrigerator also helps, especially if you want to keep beer and wine nearby and having a sink makes cleaning up afterward super easy.


Make The Space Private




Another issue with outdoor living is the fact that it’s public. Neighbours can easily peek into your garden while you’re trying to relax or entertain guests. Not to worry: this problem is easily solved with garden walls and fences. An especially beautiful idea is to use lattice fencing and pergolas to close off the space. These let light in but also provide screens to obstruct the prying eyes of your neighbors.


Create A Stunning Patio


When sushi first came to America, people didn’t really know what to do. They tried eating it with knives and forks and didn’t know how much wasabi to use. But over time they learned what to do, and now they’re as proficient as the Japanese.


Wikimedia Commons


A similar thing happened with patios. At the start, they were ugly slabs of concrete, serving no apparent function other than to pave over part of the lawn. But over time, things changed and people began using them in the way the early designers and pioneers intended: as an extension of the house.


To make the patio an extension of your home, invest in patio covers and use planting beds, container gardens, and furniture that can survive the weather to make it more livable.


Always Furnish For Comfort


Comfortable outdoor furniture has really become a thing over the last couple of years. In fact, one is left wondering why the market took so long to realize that people wanted their outdoor furniture to be as comfortable as their indoor furniture. There are now dozens of companies offering furniture made from rattan, a material that can survive the harsh outdoor weather but that is also a lot more comfortable than traditional outdoor furniture materials, like wood and wrought iron.




Synthetic, waterproof fabrics are also now on the market, meaning that whole new types of garden experiences are now available. Reading a book in the backyard can be just like reading a book in your living room, with the added benefit of being surrounded by nature.


Use Outdoor Structures To Define Spaces




Outdoor structures have long been a way to escape the rest of the world. A gazebo, for instance, offers a protected area for outdoor dining and cooking. Pergolas and trellises all create a focal point for outdoor spaces.

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