Age Is Only A Number! Giving Yourself New Approaches To Health As You Get Older


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The onset of age comes with many different worries regardless of how young, middle-aged or “old” you are. And as someone once said, it is not how old you are, it is how you are old! A lot of people seem to think that as soon as you hit 35 you need to start thinking about where you want to retire to, and what’s going to happen to your grandkids, but the fact of the matter is that it is not about preparing for the ravages of age, it is about preventing the ravages of age. Here are a couple of simple tips to think about as you get older.


Checking Yourself

It can never be underestimated the importance of examining yourself for irregularities such as lumps or abnormal growths, and this isn’t something that is confined to when you are over 40. This is something you should be doing every time you go in the shower regardless of how old you are, as when you do get older, you are more susceptible to any kinds of diseases, including cancer, which affects one-third of all people in the Western world. So whether you should have a regular breast exam, or you go to a doctor for your prostate check ups, you need to be examining yourself also.



Everybody talks about diets and really it isn’t about “diets” per se, as a diet implies that it is a temporary thing. Instead, if you said it was a “lifestyle change,” that is a lot easier to comprehend. Also, the potential for diabetes and heart disease increases as you get older, so learning good dietary habits when you are younger as opposed to changing your whole way of eating, which is a lot more difficult when you’re older, is something that we need to be teaching our kids and our grandkids. If you’re reading this as someone in your 20s, then swapping one meal a week that consists of a burger and fries to a plate of steamed vegetables and fish is a good starting point.



A lot of people talk about hitting the gym seven days a week in order to fight off belly fat. But in actual fact if you are going to the gym seven days a week you might be putting your body under too much pressure, which can have a stressing effect on your body, ramping up the amount of cortisol, also known as the stress hormone, which can stop you putting on muscle. Instead, going a healthy amount of times to the gym, such as three or four times a week, is sufficient enough. Or if you do not have the time, then either finding hobbies that demand physical activity, or by participating in high intensity interval training, are ways to help keep you fit while making the most of your time.



With the amount of information we are bombarded with, we can easily get overstimulated regardless of our age. So by getting into the habit of putting your phone away for an hour before bedtime, will help you to sleep more soundly. Or if you are into more spiritual pursuits then meditating for 10 minutes in the morning has proven to reduce stress and give long-term heath benefits.

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