Home Emergency Handbook!

We all naturally think that our houses are one of the safest places we know. They are places we spend time with family, relax, and do all the things that generally make us happy. But, there are dangers lurking that can really damage the health and wellbeing of you and your family. They can range from minor injuries or threats to life threatening issues that need to be sorted out and isolated immediately. One of these issues may be encouraged when doing DIY, or maybe it manifests itself. Whatever the reason, they need to be carefully sorted. Here are some of the more serious home issues and how you should deal with them.




These days we take electricity and indeed the workings of electricity for granted. It powers many homes across the world and enables us to live life as we know it. But it is deadly. Electric shocks occur every day and they range from damaging to fatal. Electrical issues occur in the home quite often. If you hear a bang stay calm, go to your mains box and check it out. First you need to turn it all off, so throw the mains switch. It’ll likely be a fuse, so just swap it out with new fuse wire. If you haven’t done it before don’t worry, it’s fairly simple. If there is anything else, such as sparking plug sockets, then you need to isolate that exact outlet. It’s a hard job, so you will need to call out emergency electricians. It is always good to get a professional opinion in circumstances like this because if you don’t get it done properly it could shock someone else or cause an electrical fire which are notoriously hard to put out.






CO2 Poisoning


You have likely heard about CO2 poisoning too. The deadly gas is colourless and odourless, and can cause all kinds of nasty symptoms ranging from cold like symptoms, headaches, nausea, to death. It is the silent killer that causes many deaths every single day. It is produced by appliances that burn fossil fuels, so a boiler for example. If you suspect these symptoms then you need to get your boiler or whatever the offending appliance is checked out as soon as possible. In fact, you should get all of your burning appliances serviced once a year. Doing this ensures that they are burning properly and comes with the added bonus of a better working machine which saves energy. You need to be warned if there is excess CO2 in the air however, and the way to do this is by installing CO2 alarms which work like fire alarms and one should be near each burner in your household.


Fire still kills thousands every year and it can come from literally anywhere. Of course you need to have your fire alarms in place so that any generated smoke can be detected. If you see a smaller fire you should tackle it and stop it spreading, this is why you should keep a general fire extinguisher in your home. If the fire is out of control, then call the fire brigade as soon as you can after escaping your house.

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