Once in a Lifetime: Some Unique Travel Experiences You Shouldn’t Miss Out On

There are some things that you need to experience first-hand to comprehend how special they are. These are once in a lifetime experiences that you simply can’t afford to miss out on. If you are planning your future travel plans, you should definitely include some of these unique travel experiences. Find out some more information about some of the best below.


Swim in the Blue Lagoon in Iceland


Iceland might not seem like a typical tourist destination, but the island has a surprising amount to offer. It has a few interesting cities, a very unique culture, natural beauty and the Northern Lights. On top of all that, it has the Blue Lagoon. This stunning natural lagoon is open to the public, and you can swim in it whenever you like. Despite the freezing cold surroundings, the water in the lagoon is always warm, and you can make the most of it. It’s a great way to relax and warm up, so don’t miss it. The mineral contents of the water are also said to have its own health benefits, so you have plenty of reasons to seek it out.


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Explore Thailand and Teach There


Not many people know it, but Thailand is one of the most densely populated countries in the world. Despite the country being small on the map, around 66 million people live there. The capital is Bangkok, and it attracts tourists from all over the world throughout the year. But if you want to see a different side to the country and leave a positive legacy there, you should teach English to local children. You can volunteer in Thailand and do this whenever you like. It’s something a little different, and it offers a unique way to see the country.


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Walk in Japan’s Bamboo Forests


Japan has all kinds of natural wonders, as well as the artificial man-made metropolis of Tokyo. But of all the natural sites you must see in Japan, the enchanting Bamboo Forests are among the very best. In fact, they’re breathtaking. The bamboo stalks tower over you so high, and the atmosphere is one of a kind. It’s like a normal forest, but at the same time, it’s completely different and unique. It’s the kind of thing that you really do have to experience for yourself if you want to understand it. Head to Kyoto if you want to find them and walk through them at your own pace.


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Hike Machu Picchu


Up high in the Andes Mountains, you’ll find the abandoned 15th-century citadel known as Machu Picchu. It was only discovered in relatively recent times, and seeing a city made 600 years ago is something you can’t do often. It has been untouched and unspoiled, and now tourists head up the mountain to see it for themselves. It’s something that you should definitely do once in your life because there is quite simply nothing else like it on Earth, so it shouldn’t be missed. You can go up there yourself or join a guided tour if you want more structure and guidance.



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Maintaining the Success That You Worked so Hard to Build

Despite what people might tell you, it’s not easy once you reach the top. We struggle throughout our lives trying to reach a status that we feel comfortable at. It could be a salary that will help us plan our retirement and pay for our house, or it could be a rank that you’ve wanted to achieve since you were young.


Very few people have the power and motivation to reach their dreams. It takes discipline, hard work and a stroke of luck to reach the places you want to be. Unfortunately, it’s a lot harder said than done. Many of us tend to slump off when we’re depressed or feel like we’ve been set back, and as a result, we procrastinate and do nothing to put ourselves back into the driving seat of our lives.


Source: Pexels


Don’t go on autopilot


Living every day as a monotonous grind to pay the bills and put food on the table can get frustrating and even depressing. Sadly, it’s an unavoidable facet of life. No matter how much we struggle to break the mould of a generic worker in a generic industry, it’s difficult to maintain our momentum when we do find success.


The key to reaching a point of success is to cut out procrastination. If you spend the majority of your day without a purpose or aim, then you’re not motivated or trying hard enough to set yourself apart from everyone else. Without someone to motivate you (perhaps your partner or children) then you’re less likely to work hard for their sake as well as yours. When there’s more risk on the line, we tend to work harder to prove our worth.


Surround yourself with the right people


As mentioned previously, it’s important to be involved with the right people who can motivate you to reach your goals and maintain them. Don’t interact with people who are poisonous to your mood, and stay close to family members and friends that consistently support you and your endeavours. Running a successful business takes a lot of mental strength, and you have to put your personal matters aside when dealing with business issues.


But personal help isn’t the only service that will keep you and your business running. A service like Pinder Reaux & Associates can pull your company through frustrating times. For example, if you’re being sued for ridiculous reasons or you want to stamp out an imitator that’s trying to catch customers off your success, then you need the legal help to stop them.


Never lose sight of your goals


Everyone has a reason to get involved with business. Perhaps it was a promise you made to a family member or friends, maybe it’s something you aspired to become when you were young, or maybe you just want to provide for your family for generations to come. Whatever the reason is, you must never lose sight of that motivation.
When you’re in a slump (and you inevitably will be) you have to remember that you’re not alone. Your goals and the support of people around you have assisted in your success, but they can also help you maintain your success as well.

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The Most Common Addictions And How You Can Overcome Them Indefinitely

We live in a modern society where we have more at our fingertips than ever before. Technology, legal highs and ways to block out certain memories are just some of the things we can get addicted to in our daily life. But these common and normal things for today’s world could turn into an addiction if you are not careful. So I thought it was worth highlighting some of the most common addictions and how you can overcome them indefinitely.




Drinking alcohol


Drinking a glass of wine or the tipple of your choice is something many people enjoy doing on a regular basis. They may associate drinking with the end of the working week or choose to enjoy a cheeky glass to help you relax at night. We all have our reasons and levels that we are comfortable with, but drinking can turn into an addiction if you are not careful. Being an alcoholic is an extreme version of the addiction, this is where you can’t even get out of bed without a drink to get you going. Being alcohol dependent is a whole different ball game and possibly more common than we realize because we are less aware of the signs. If you find yourself not being able to pass a Friday night without a drink or not being able to go a day without one, then you may be more dependent than you think and you could be addicted. Try and cut down and consider trying a booze free month to see how you get on. There are plenty of health benefits to stopping drinking for good.


Smoking each day


Smoking is another everyday habit that people partake in, but it is a strong addiction that some people can’t muster up the confidence to give up for go. There are a couple of reasons why smoking is bad for you, one being the harmful chemicals you inhale are the leading cause of fatal diseases that lead to death. However, there are plenty of options to consider when it comes to quitting, so why not try nicotine patches, going cold turkey or even trying vaping with an e-cigarette? There are plenty of e-juice flavors to consider.




Addiction to the internet or your phone


As technology advances and we have more and more available at our fingertips, the rise of internet and smartphone addiction is increasing. Constant, bordering obsessive internet browsing and social media updates that become part of your daily routine can cause irritability, frustration and even affect your life and relationships. If you think you are getting too much internet and technology in your life, try to have moments of time where you are technology free. It’s strangely liberating, and after all, how did they manage all those years ago without the smartphone?






Workaholism is something that is fairly new, but as the rise of the commercial world exceeds so does the expectation employers place on us, and what we place on ourselves. Always wanting to be better than work colleagues, and putting in more hours than you need to be doing are all signs. Try and take a step back from work, and enjoy life outside of the office walls.
I hope this has made you more aware of some of the most common addictions we can all face in our lives.

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Don’t Let Your Garage be a Bore – Update It Today!




We come up with so many ways of improving our homes: we improve the elegance of our living rooms, the beauty of our gardens, the comfort of our bedrooms. But you should never underestimate the power of a stylish garage! Garages have plenty of potential, and should be updated if you have the resources.


Here are some tips for creating a garage that you’ll really want to show off.


Clearing it out


A lot of people I know use their garage for the storage of miscellaneous junk. If something is cluttering up the house, the solutions become “throw it in the garage!” So many modern garages don’t even have cars in them. They’re just there for miscellaneous storage!




When people declutter, they often just throw the clutter into the garage. But the art of decluttering should be applied to your garage! Go through all those dusty items – the rusty tools that’ll break if you use them again, the forgotten children’s toys, the shoes everyone has outgrown. Ignore your nostalgia: throw away what you don’t need. If you think someone else can use it, then give it to someone else. Try offering it to a friend. If you think it may be worth some sweet cash, try selling it on eBay. Read more about selling clutter at http://wikihow.com/.


Style and security


You have to think carefully about the door linking your garage to your house, if you have one. (And if you don’t, you should be looking into installing one – they’re extremely useful if you want to access the garage without having to go outside!) It needs to be extremely secure, because garages are one of the most popular entry point for thieves.




Of course, the garage door itself needs to be sturdy as well as accessible. The importance of having the garage door professionally and properly installed cannot be overstated! You don’t want to get budget work done just to find that your garage door can barely open when the winter freezes are in. Read more about this over at https://rollinggdg.com/.


Extra room


Even when you’ve reduced the clutter in your garage to a minimum, you could be left with a lot of stuff lying around, leaving you not a lot of room to move around. This is why you need to make use of all the dead space in your garage!


A storage system suspended from the ceiling makes use of space you’re not using otherwise. You can build these yourself, with the right equipment! Find out how over at http://familyhandyman.com.




The finishing touches
You’ve cleared out the junk. You’ve ensured style and security. You’ve installed useful storage facilities. What more can be done? There are a few cool tricks that can make your garage feel modern. Epoxy floor paint could be a cool idea. Or a parking sensor that makes actually parking your car in the garage much safer and easier. You could even get a magnetic tool holder that keeps your tools off the workstation! Read more over at http://magnetsource.com/Consumer%20Pages/.

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Learn From Others’ Mistakes! Your First Web Hosting Service

It’s certainly a good thing to learn from your mistakes, but in business it’s much better to learn from the mistakes of others. Far too often, you hear about businesses that have made some kind of poor decision with their web hosting, and end up suffering the numerous and expensive consequences. When you’re first setting up your web host and solution provider, you need to do everything you can to ensure you’re getting a reliable and cost-effective deal. Here, we’ll look at some of the most common mistakes business owners make when setting up their first servers.

Expecting a Cheap or Free Web Host Solution


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Nothing that’s worth having comes free in this world, except a few free WordPress themes! This rule certainly applies to your hosting service, and if someone comes to you offering a hosting deal that’s exceedingly cheap or even free, then you’re almost certain to run into various problems. The host may end up placing third-party ads on your site without your knowledge, you’re likely to have a poor loading speed, and there’s a good chance that the provider will give an extremely poor standard of technical support, or none at all! A free or cheap hosting provider can also have a detrimental impact on your SERP rankings. Google’s crawlers certainly won’t give your site equal importance when you’re running on a poor-quality server. I understand that your capital and other resources may be stretched, but this is one area where you really have to spend money to make money.

Thinking That Shared and Dedicated Hosting are the Same

When presented with the choice between shared and dedicated hosting, a lot of business owners will rush through the decision, believing that the two options are more or less the same. This is wrong. Choose a shared server on the lower end of the spectrum in terms of monthly cost, and you’ll be opening yourself up to all kinds of risks. This is mainly due to the fact that you’ll be sharing the retail space with thousands of other sites. If one of these happens to use maximum resources, or even worse, encounters a virus or some malicious coding, you’re going to feel the sting of it, even though you had nothing to do with the root of the issue! Furthermore, you’re almost guaranteeing that your loading times will be restricted, and occasionally the web host may have to shut the server down during your business hours. These issues, when they come up again and again, can cause your business to hemorrhage money. To avoid this, I strongly recommend going for a dedicated server, or finding a cheaper middle ground like a VPS Server for your hosting solution.

Skimming the Terms and Conditions

It’s 2017 now, and everyone’s more used than ever to scrolling swiftly to the bottom of a window of text and blindly clicking “I agree”. This may not be a big deal when it comes to the latest iTunes update, but when you’re setting up your first web host, skimming through the T’s and C’s can be a recipe for disaster. A lot of hosting firms will only really highlight the points of the agreement they want you to read, not what you should read to make sure you avoid any future issues. Make sure you go through refund policy, the terms of service agreement, the cancellation policy, and similar things. If you need any clarification on what certain terms or sections mean, be sure to contact your provider and ask them. It’s your duty to verify the service description, the deliverables and any related conditions before you put a single penny down.

Failing to be Clear on Bandwidth and Disk Space


Image: Wikimedia


When checking out different hosting services, you’ll find that you have a lot of options in terms of the disk space and bandwidth. If you’re not a techy type, then all the different choices and prices can be a little confusing. However, if you want to make sure your hosting service really works for you, it’s essential to spend some time educating yourself on how these things will affect your hosting experience. For most start-ups, a subscription giving you 50MB of disk space and around 10GB of bandwidth will be more than enough. If you shoot much lower, you’ll encounter all kinds of problems like having to work within transfer limits and recurring downtime.

Forgetting the Basics

I know, entering into a subscription for a hosting service isn’t quite as simple as finding a desk fan on Amazon. However, there are still certain universal protocols which you need to follow every time you’re buying something online. You need to have reliable and regularly accessible contact information, so you can get in touch with the vendor if you encounter any issues. You should make a point to seek out customer testimonials and similar third-party reviews too. It’s also important to look for things like a money back guarantee, and to find out about the level of technical support the provider will offer you.

Ignoring the SEO Implications

Earlier, I touched on how the hosting service you choose can impact where your site appears on its SERPs. A lot of would-be successes choose their hosting service thinking that as long as it has a pretty good uptime guarantee, they’ll have nothing else to worry about. Again, believing this is a massive mistake! Hosting problems such as database connection errors, slow site speeds, and shared hosting with dubious spam sites can all bring down a site’s credibility, both in the eyes of Google’s crawlers and human users. If you have runtime errors that get dragged out, an exceeded bandwidth limit, and internal server errors, you can even end up knocking your site off of Google’s index! You may have the greatest SEO team to ever be assembled at a start-up. However, if you don’t choose a high-quality host, your digital marketing is invariably going to suffer. Don’t let the promise of big savings chase away your prospective leads!

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It’s Not What Employees Know, It’s What They Can Do With Their Knowledge That Counts

Thanks to Google, the world of work is changing fast. It’s no so much about what you know anymore – after all, anybody can log onto a search engine and imbibe a ton of information. Instead, it’s about what you can do with the information you have.


For businesses, this is a crucial distinction. Companies need to focus on recruiting those people who can most effectively use their knowledge in their workplace. Here’s what to look out for.


Trait #1: Action-Oriented


Every team needs a couple of people who always have their heads in books and always want to learn more about the business and the world. The problem is that these types of people aren’t always the most action-oriented – and in the world of business, action counts. According to blogger Ken Sundheim, it’s important that businesses employ people who are willing to take action, even if those actions are risky. Action, he says, can lead to failures, but it can also lead to successes, and help generate new ideas in the company.


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Stagnant employees won’t make your business more money: they’ll just do the minimum to make sure that they take home their paycheck at the end of the month. Action oriented employees will look for new ways to make the company better.


Trait #2: Intelligence


Intelligence isn’t the only reason why people are successful. After all, there are plenty of Ph.D. students who waste their lives in universities, never producing any real value in the world. But it is important for businesses when combined with other personality traits. When approaching recruiters, like Portfolio CBR, it’s okay to be fairly general about your requirements, but not usually intelligence, unless of course, you don’t mind spending long hours micromanaging and proofreading work.


Trait #3: Ambition


Some small businesses are afraid of people with ambition, worrying that they might want to take over the company or set it in a new direction. But it turns out that having ambitious people on your team is actually a good thing. Why? Well, it’s mainly because ambitious people are individuals who want to go places. They want to work hard, move their way up your organization and do a great job, just in case they ever move to another company. Yes, ambitious people might jump ship – but they’re mightily productive while you’ve got them.


Trait #4: Autonomy


Managing people is expensive and a massive drain on your energy, especially if the help that they need is routine. It’s a good idea, therefore, to look for people who display a high degree of autonomy, says Sundheim. Those who are autonomous won’t ask you lots of questions; instead, they’ll move to execute whatever tasks you’ve set them. The people who are most likely to be autonomous are those who have conducted and completed their own projects in the past. Individuals who’ve run their own businesses, for instance, tend to be a safe bet. People who’ve done research projects or who have built products from scratch in the past will also be more able to work by themselves, without significant input.

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Devil In The Details; Perfect Your Business Pitch


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What makes customers buy from a business and what little details will ensure that you lose an important sale in your company? It’s an interesting question and one that you need to be prepared for either as in existing business owner or a new entrepreneur who is thinking about opening a company. It’s true to say that there are lots of little things that will make consumers more or less likely to purchase your products and services. For instance, you need to think about style and presentation. But you also need to look at how your company compares to your competition. If you’re not rising ahead of the other companies on the market, you’re not going to claim the level of demand that you want or need. To examine the issues that affect a sale we’re going to look at examples in specific industries. We’ll start by thinking about companies online and what impacts their sale rates.


Online Impacts




If you’re running a business online, you need to consider the effect of your website and your social network. Both connect together to create at least part of your online business profile. Your online business profile is the tool that you can use to win over new customers online, spread the word about a product or simply build up a buzz. But again, it’s the little details that matter. For instance, did you know that a single picture, link or even keyword on your site could be the difference between a sale and a stumble on the market? We know this due to CRO and AB testing. Conversion rate optimization looks at the different aspects of a site and examines sites that have been popular in the past. Using this data, you can then correct your site to make more of an impact online. You can also use A-B testing. With A-B testing, you run two versions of one site at the same time. Half your customers sees version A of your site will the other sees version B. The difference between the two is often quite small. It could be as simple as the first picture that customers see when they open a site.


Customers are quite fickle, and their buying behavior is affected by seemingly insignificant details. If we keep the focus online, you can also consider the way in which your social media campaign works. Whenever you post something on social media, it is with the end intention of winning a sale. However, even the slightest change in the way you use social media can damage your chances. You have to realize that customers see your social media as part of your brand. If your social media changes, your brand does too. This means that you do need to be careful about your tone and style when posting on networks such as Twitter and Facebook.


In The Real World


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Now let’s think about businesses that need to connect with customers and win them over in the real world. The classic example here would be a restaurant. What are the details that ensure customers regularly book tables Friday night at a restaurant? Obviously, the main information that customers will consider usually comes from the reviews of restaurants, either from professional critics or other customers. It’s quite common for customers to rely on the opinions of others before they commit to a decision themselves. The question is what will be affecting the tone and content of these reviews. The little details do matter here, and presentation is important. Before they even get the main product, they are looking around the eatery. They want to feel at home, and they want to see that there’s an ambiance. That’s why restaurant owners often make sure they have all the little details in place such as table runners and napkin holders before they open. It all plays into the idea of professionalism and a great place to dine.


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You also need to think about your employees. Employees are important in every business and their interaction with customers is crucial. However, it is particularly important in cases where the interaction is part of the product. You have to remember that when people head out for a meal, they want to be greeted warmly by your staff. It’s not just about the food, they want everything to be perfect. Usually, in the restaurant industry, you will find that staff are more than willing to go the extra mile for customers. After all, they are looking for that big tip at the end of the night. But there will always be some members of the team dragging your business down. It is important that you weed these individuals out because they will have an impact on your sales and reception.


Out In The Open


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Then you need to consider that there are little details affecting your sale, even before a client has walked into your business. Yes, we are indeed talking about curb appeal. Similar to a house you have to make sure that the outside of your company is making an impression. Otherwise, no one is going to walk in off the streets. Instead, they are going to whiz straight past waiting for something else to catch their eye. Curb appeal is a crucial part of your business marketing, and you can start by thinking about basic, effective forms of promotions such as prints and signage. These will dress up your building and make sure it is eye-catching. Maintenance is important too, and even from the outside, your business needs to look like it is taken care of and well looked after. If it isn’t then, customers may make similar assumptions about your business and what type of service you might be offering.


Be aware that customers will pick up on the smallest of details when they examine the exterior of your company. It won’t just be what the sign says but how well it has been put up. Do your windows look bright and clear or are they covered in muck? You have to understand that every detail of your business builds to create an impression. This impression determines whether you have just found a new customer or lost an opportunity.

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