Winter Weather Woes Are Sure To Cause Havoc With Your Home

It may not feel like it but we’re in the heart of winter right now. The core of the beast, if you will and while people often think of winter as a jolly season filled with fun, it can be quite dangerous too. There might be storms, heavy snowfall, plenty of rain, windy nights and anything else the weather can think to throw at us. The best option here is obviously to wrap up warm, stay in doors and put on a good film until the weather passes. But while you do this, the elements will be taking shots at your home. Will the property that you own withstand the pressure? Can you avoid the damages and what should you do if your house is hit hard in a winter storm? You’ll find all of the answers right here. But, before we get into the fixes let’s look at the common problems that can affect your home in the season of chills.


Flooding Isn’t Fun


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Has your home ever flooded. Usually, this will be due to a burst pipe or a plumbing problem. But on occasion in winter you can get cases of flooding because the rain just won’t let up. Instead it pours, eventually clogging up your soil and making your garden look like a soggy mess. You might think that a messy garden isn’t such a big deal and I certainly agree. Unfortunately, that mess represents a far greater problem that could be developing underneath the surface. This all depends on the density of your soil. If your soil is quite dense below, the water won’t drain away as it should. Instead it will build and build until it floods the surface of your garden. At that point, you could have litres of water pushing against the lower wall of your home. The first sign that you’ll get of this issue will be damp patches on the walls of the basement. If you’re unlucky you might even notice small puddles starting to grow on the floor. Again, it’s not a major concern as long as it stays in the basement. But you’d be surprised how quickly the issue can grow.


Don’t forget that water causes dampness and dampness can lead to rotting. Rotting in turn will attract bugs and beasties and before you know it your home is no longer a nice place to live. There are two options you can take here. Either you can tackle the issue by altering the interior of your home or the exterior. If you opt to alter the exterior you’ll be looking at installing a permeable solution underneath your front and back yard. This will ensure water drains as it should and doesn’t build against your home.


You can also consider getting a water pump for your basement or a humidifier. It depends how severe the issue is. You might have guessed that the difference here is price. If you have more to spend it’s always best to choose the exterior solution. Getting a water pump is effectively covering the problem with a band-aid.


A Holey Roof

Tile Forward Roof Storm Damage Roofing Tiles

Tile Forward Roof Storm Damage Roofing Tiles

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How often do you check the roof of your home? If the answer is as little as possible, you might find that there is already a hole in the roof of your home. Believe it or not, the first time people notice there’s a hole in their roof is when water starts dripping through the ceiling. By this point, the damage will already be quite severe and you’ll be looking at an expensive repair. That’s why it’s always best to get your roof inspected after a big storm. Or, just head up into the attic yourself. Have a nose around and make sure there’s no patches of light shining through where there shouldn’t be.


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Again, a hole in the roof can lead to other problems if it’s not dealt with like damp and mold. The best, horror scenario though would be a bird flying in through the hole and nesting in your attic. Birds love shelter in the winter so if you have a hole in your roof you might get a whole family of them. Or worse, a bat! You might be wondering how much a roof repair will cost for this type of damage. Well, you can find out from Ferguson Roofing or a similar company. In fact, it’s best to compare quotes and prices between a number of specialists. That way you can make sure you’re getting the best service for your money.


Alone In The Dark


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One of the things that I personally hate the most about these months of winter weather is power outages. It could be snow, heavy rain or even a large gust of wind that knocks out the power. It doesn’t matter. They all leave you stumbling around in the dark, searching for a candle like a Victorian time traveler. Obviously, it’s not possible to prevent a power outage. However, what you can do is make sure you’re prepared for the outcome. I always have a fully charged electric lantern by my bed and I recommend that you do the same. You might also want to stock up on candles and you can even take things one step further. You can get an emergency power supply for your home. While expensive, a supply like this can even make sure that your lights stay on through a power cut. How cool is that? It certainly beats spending an evening in the pitch black with a cold dinner doesn’t it? You can have a look online for solutions like this.


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I hope I’ve helped you prepare for the worst events that winter weather can bring. My final tips would be to make sure that you’re keeping your cars tucked up safe and sound in the garage over the winter season. You’d be amazed the damage even the lightest sprinkling of frost can do to a vehicle. So, you certainly don’t want to leave it out when the snow is falling like a large white, wooly blanket over the world.


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Whoops! Don’t Slip Up On Office Health And Safety

It’s easy to just assume that your business is safe, that your employees aren’t in any danger and that you aren’t at risk of legal issues. But that’s not true at all. In fact, unless you are proactive about health and safety in the office there’s a good chance that accidents will happen. You will be exposed to expensive lawsuits, and your business model will be vulnerable. Serious accidents in the office can cost businesses anything up to half a million in damages and that’s not an exaggeration. Last year, big and small companies found themselves inundated with these types of claims. With a little forward thinking this could have been avoided. On this post, we’ll look at some of the main health and safety issues in the office, how to avoid them and any other steps that you could take to make your business safe.


Common Accidents And Injuries


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Arguably the most common accident in the workplace is going to be a slip or trip. For instance, there might have been a wet floor without a sign. An employee could slip here, hurt their ankle or even break their leg. You need to remember that a fall like this can be more dangerous for older workers. Therefore, they will be entitled to a higher payout if the case eventually goes to court. Anything can cause a slip or trip. There might be a loose wire lying over the floor or a damp patch. It could be due to the fact that the area is poorly lit. This is why you want to make sure that you are changing and replacing the bulbs in your office on an annual basis. If you want cheap bulbs for the office check out a site such as


You might also find that accidents occur because equipment has failed to function as it should. This could be something quite small. For instance, a kettle might have a loose wire and if that gets wet an employee could receive a nasty shock. It could also be something larger like your sprinkler system in the office. If you have a fire in the office building, your sprinkler system should put it out immediately. However, sprinkler systems can be damaged due to corrosion. When this happens, they won’t operate as they should and the fire will burn, causing further damage.


You shouldn’t rule out the possibility that the actions of an employee cause an accident. In a case like this you usually won’t be held accountable. Particularly if there was nothing you could have done to prevent the accident. However, the argument could be presented that with further training the employee would not have made the mistake. As such by increasing training for your staff you can reduce issues with health and safety substantially. Have a look at for some great training courses.


Reducing The Risk


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Obviously, there are quite a few things that you can do to reduce the risk of accident in the office besides training your staff. Although further training is certainly advisable and will strengthen your position in a hypothetical court case. You might shy away from this possibility due to the expense involved. However, the cost of training will be nothing compared with the possible amount you could have to pay in damages after an accident. Employees should be able to handle health and safety issues themselves and be able to recognise potential hazards so that they can be dealt with.


You might also want to arrange checks for equipment. Again, you can check out large and small appliances in the office. For instance, if you have a look at a site such as you will see there are specialist inspections for sprinkler systems. You can also arrange a full tagging service for your office. A tagging service is quite simple. A specialist will check any equipment in your office and tag any item that has an issue. By doing this, you can avoid people using the equipment when it is not safe. You can also make sure that it is repaired as soon as possible before any incident occurs.


Many business owners also appoint health and safety officers for their business. A health and safety office has the role of checking the office environment on a regular basis. They will look out for any hazards and ensure that they are dealt with as quickly as possible. This is worth doing as business owners often don’t have the time to complete these checks themselves. Any action taken like this will result in a smaller payout for workers who do have an accident on the premises. Of course, there are a few other preemptive strikes that you can take.


Other Steps


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You may want to think about setting up insurance for your business. If an accident does occur, you want to make sure that it’s not up to you to pay the full extent of the damages. With the right coverage, your insurance company will take care of most of the costs. Obviously, the more claims you get, the higher your premium will rise. However, it can be a good short-term solution if you do have a serious issue with health and safety. This site has great options for health and safety insurance.


You can also arrange services such as workers compensation. In some regions if you have workers compensation an employee cannot sue you for further damages due to loss of work from an injury. As such, there is a cap on how much you could lose due to an accident in the office.


You should also be aware that injuries can be mental as well as physical. It is certainly more difficult to deal with this type of injury because it is a challenge to prepare for it. The best advice we can offer about these types of injuries is to ensure that your employees are able to access emotional support systems. You can use a HR outsourcing service to cover this need. They will keep a check on all your employees and ensure that no serious issue is creeping up on you.


If you take this advice on board, you can avoid the headache of injuries and accidents in your workplace.

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